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All Questions page 104

If James Bond Were A Real Man, Name Something That Probably Would Have Happened To Him By Now.
Name A Fruit Juice That’s Very Bitter.
Name A Celebrity Who You’d Like To Be BFFs With Just So You Could Get The Scoop On Her Personal Life.
Name Something You Might Do To Keep Your House Cool On A Hot Day
When Shopping, Name A Way You Can Tell If Someone Is A Sales Clerk
Name Something You Associate With Jerry Lewis.
Name A Term That Describes Someone Who Comes In At First Place
Name A Complaint A Person Might Have About Their Cable TV Company.
How Could You Tell That Someone’s ID Is Fake?
Name A Place In The World Where People Might Go To Get Married
When Meeting A Blind Date, Name An Accessory You Might Wear So They Know It’s You.
We Asked 100 Women To Fill In The Blank: I’d Notice Right Away If _____ Was Missing From My Purse.
Name A Party Game That You’d Be Surprised To Find At An Adult’s Birthday.
Name A Specific Chore Kids Do In Order To Get An Allowance.
Name Something A Parent Might Scold A Child For Interrupting
If You Were Staying Overnight At A Friend’s And Forgot Your Toothbrush, Name Something You Might Do.
What Must A Town Have To Make It A Popular Winter Destination?
Name Something You Might See Pictured On A Postcard From Alaska.
Name A Place Where You Might See A Bear.
Name A Cartoon Character That Can Fly
Tell Me A Nickname For A Woman Named “Margaret.”
Name Something You Would Not Want To Buy At A Dollar Store.
Name A Place Where You Need An Appointment.
Name A Famous Person Whose Last Name Is Allen
In Today’s World, Name Something That Helps People Stay “Forever Young.”
Name Something That Dogs Are Always Able To Do That People Can Only Do On A Camping Trip.
Name A Skill That Parents Hope Their Children Have By The Time They Buy A Home.
Tell Me Something A Dog Can’t Stand.
Name Something You Tell Someone Is Going To Hurt You More Than Them.
Name Something People Do More Of When They’re Tired
Name A Famous Pirate
Name Something A Cat In A Movie Can Do That A Real-Life Cat Can’
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Whose Name Starts With Little
Tell Me Something You Might Buy For The Prom
Name Something You Started Seeing Less Of Since Cell Phones Became Popular
Name A Popular Flavor Of Sherbet.
Name A City Associated With Organized Crime
Name Something That People Could Watch For Hours.
Name An Organ In The Body That Many People Should Take Better Care Of
Name Something Parents Should Do To Be Sure That Their Kids Have A Safe Halloween.
Name Something People Are Often Trying To Get Out Of Doing.
Past Or Present, Name A TV Judge.
Name An Athlete Who’s Appeared On A Wheaties Box.
Name A Kind Of beam You Wouldn’t Want To Balance On.
We Asked 100 Husbands: Name Something Your Wife Spends More Money On Than You Do.
Tell Me A Game Show That’s Been Around Forever.
Name Something You Might Find An Olive In.
Name Something A Carjacker Would Hate To Discover About The Car He Stole
Name Something About Alaska That Non-Residents Might Romanticize
If You Were Able To See The Future, Name A Way That You’d Be Able To Make A Lot Of Money.
Name Something Embarrassing That You Might Do While Listening To Headphones.
Name Something Specific A Rental Car Company Checks When You Return Your Car.
Name An Announcement That You’d Hate For Your Boss To Overhear You Making
Name A Book Where The Main Hero Is A Kid.
Name An Occupation You’d Be Tempted To Enter If You Liked To Snoop
What Kind Of Food Should Not Be Served At A Wedding?
Tell Me An Excuse That A Tough Guy Might Give If He Were Caught Watching A Soap Opera
Name Another Word For A “Bar” That A Cowboy Might Use
Name A Sport That You Can’t Play Without A Team
If Einstein Failed A Subject In School, What Might It Have Been?
Name An Activity For Which You Might Use Walkie Talkies.
Name Something You Do While Birdwatching That You Might Also Do While Hunting
Name The Worst Thing To Criticize Your Mother-In-Law For
What Might You Want To Bring With You, When Babysitting An Infant Who Cries A Lot?
How Can You Tell The Jewelry Your Partner Gives You Is Made Of Fake Gold?
Name Something That’s More Likely To Happen To You If You’re Hanging Out At A Bar.
Name A Part Of A Doll’s Body That Might Be Movable
At The End Of The Day, Name Something Indiana Jones Might Put Away In His Closet.
What Do You Do When Someone Tells A Joke That’s Not Actually Funny?
Name A Breakfast Item That You Order, But Can Never Finish
Name A Color Baby Clothes Comes in.
Name Something People Often Lose
Name A Dessert That Can Only Be Eaten With A Spoon.Name Something A Man Might Still Do For Woman When They Go Out On A Date
Name An Event That Men Are Usually Not Invited To
Name Something Bad That Might Happen TO A Magician’s Assistant During A Performance.
Name Something That Has Pineapple In It.
Tell Me The First Big Item You Buy When Moving To A New House.
Name Something You Do To Prepare For Out-Of-Town Visitors.
Besides Math, Name The Most Difficult Subject In School
Name A Body Part That Often Gets Broken
Name Something That People Normally Don’t Pay Cash For.
Name Something You Would Be Surprised To Find In A Bachelor’s Bathroom
Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Bankrobber’s Suitcase.
Name The Hardest Position To Play On A Baseball Team
Name Something Our Ancient Ancestors Might Have Danced To Celebrate.
What Would You Have To Learn To Do Before Starring In A John Wayne Movie?
Name Something People Know More About If They Read The Tabloids In The Checkout Line.
Name A Day Of The Year When Most People Call Home.
Name A Big Event That Happens To TV Characters In Order To Up Ratings.
Which Part Of A Newspaper Would A Teenager Likely Read First?
Name Something People Try To Squeeze Into (More Specific Than “Clothes”).
Name Something That Can Be Stuffed.
Name An Actor Who Uses Or Used Their Middle Initial.
If You Were Dating A Real Knight In Shining Armor, Name Something You’d Have Difficulty Doing Together.
Name Something It’s Probably Much Harder To Do In Outer Space Than It Is On Earth.
Name A Game You Need Dice To Play.
What Might A Chef Do While Cooking, That Would Ruin The Whole Dish?
Name Something A Driver Might Do That Would Cause You To Write Down His Car’s License Number.
Tell Me Something That Americans Want To Do While Visiting France.
Name Something A Game Show Host Has To Do, Even On A Day When He Doesn’t Feel Like It.
Name Something People Go To A Professional To Have Cleaned.
Name A Person Or Character Who Is Referred To As “Lady.”
Name A Topic That People Might Whisper About.
Name Something You Never Leave Unlocked. (More Specific Than “Door”.)
Name Something From School That A Kid Might Try To Hide From Their Parents.
Name A Piece Of Information That You Write Down When You’re On Your Way To Meet Your Blind Date.
If Dog Owners Demanded Fido Get A Job, What Job Might He Be Good At?
Which Endearment Would Many Women Be Annoyed To Hear A Stranger Call Them By?
Past Or Present, Name A Famous Magician
Name Something You Do When Your Computer Freezes Up.
If A Groom Was Extremely Nervous About Getting Married, What Might He Do At The Alter?
Name Something That May Include A Meal In The Ticket Price.
Even Though It’s A Beautiful Place To Visit, Name A Reason Why You Might Not Want To Live In Hawaii
What Signs Of Being A “Bad Boy” Might A Woman Be Attracted To?
Name The Best Kind Of Music To Dance To With Someone You Want To Be Close To
Name Something People Wore More Of In The 1800s Than They Do Today
Name A Halloween Costume That Is A Complete Misrepresentation Of The Occupation It Portrays.
If You Could Have Just One Chore That Someone Else Would Always Do For You, What Would It Be? (More Specific Than “Clean.”)
Name A Responsibility That Most Married Couples Share
Name A Breed Of Dog That Would Never Scare Away A Burglar.
Name Something That Causes A Person To Laugh.
Name Something Women Talk About During A “Girls’ Night Out.”
Tell Me A Place In The Newspaper Where You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Name.
Name Something That Every Family Does Immediately When They Win Family Feud
What Event Might Someone Attend Without Their Spouse That Would Make You Think They Broke Up?
Name Something On A Kids’ Playground That Adults Could Use As Exercise Equipment.
Name Someone Specific In A Bank Robber’s Life That he Doesn’t Want To Find Out About His Illegal Activity
If Santa Claus Had To Enter The Witness Protection Program, Name Something He Might Do To Disguise His Appearance.
Name Something In Their Home That An Extremely Organized Person Might Alphabetize.
Name A Complaint People Might Have About Their Teeth
Name A Game Teenagers Play At Parties
Name A Type Of Reservation That Often Gets Lost
Name Something That People Today Probably Wash More Than They Need To.
Name A Coffee Drink People Order While They’re Out, But Can’t Make At Home
Name Something You Lie To Your Boss About.
Name Something Everybody Knows About Turkeys.
Name Something Some People Jump Out Of
Name Something People Do To Their Food That Makes It Unhealthy
If A Health-Nut Ordered A Sandwich, What Ingredient Might They Leave Off?
Name Something A Man Does To Groom Himself
With Eyes Closed, Name Something About A Man’s Mouth That A Woman Kissing Him Could Use To Identify Him.
Name Something A Person Might Be Told To “Hang Up.”
Name Something People Catch.
Name Something You Might Wash Everyday
Name A Reason Why You Might Use Candles.
Name Something In Your Garage That Might Be Mistaken For A Snake In The Dark.
Name Something You Try To Prevent From Getting Flat.
Name A Place Where Hot Dogs Are Often Served.
Name Something A Dog Owner Might Pay Someone To Do To Their Dog?
Tell Me Which Of The 7 Dwarfs Would Have The Hardest Time Finding A Date.
Name Someone, Past Or Present, Who Is Known For Hosting A Children’s Television Program
Past Or Present, Name A U.S. President Who You Wouldn’t Mind Having A Beer With.
Name A Food New York Is Famous For.
With Regard To Dating, Name Something Moms Warn Their Sons To Avoid
In Which Profession Would It Be Easiest To Get Away With Wearing Sweat Pants?
Name The Softest Thing In A Baby’s Room.
Name A Reason You Might Suspect That Your Roommate Is Turning Into A Vampire.
Name A Book That Students Keep On Hand For Reference.
Why Might A Person Only Be Allowed A Limited Number Of Phone Calls?
What Do You Do When Someone Says Hi, But You’re Sure You’ve Never Met Them?
If You Run Into A Bear In The Woods, Name Something You Should Not Do.
How Might A Snowman Lose Some Of Its Accessories?
Name A Place Where You Hate To Get Stuck
Name Something A Friend Should Never Ask About, No Matter How Well They Know You
Tell Me Something About A Couple That Would Lead You To Believe They Spend Too Much Time Together.
What Information About A Woman Might A Man Keep In His Little Black Book?
Name A Famous Aaron? (Erin?)
Name A Letter Of The Alphabet That Is Also A Vitamin?
Name A Cartoon Movie That Features Animals As The Main Characters.
We Asked 100 Wives: What Percent Of The Housework Does Your Husband Do?
How Many Times Does The Average Person Let A Phone Ring Before Answering It? (Numeric Only)
If You Saw Your Love Interest Unexpectedly, Name A Specific Reason You’d Avoid Them.
Other Than Sitting And Watching, Name Something People Do In Front Of The TV.
Name A High School Subject Kids Might Take To Get An Easy “A.”
When Scuba Diving, Name Something You Have To Wear To Make Yourself More Like A Fish.
Tell Me A Special Day That You Wish Lasted Longer Than 24 Hours
Name Something Children Might Get Rewarded For
Name A Reason That A Child Might Get Taken Out For Ice Cream (More Specific Than “Good”).
Tell Me Something That Makes Some Bugs More Annoying Than Others
Name A Reason A Mailman Might Have A Bad Day On His Route
Although Some Consider It Paradise, Name A Downside To Living In Hawaii
Name Something The Stars Eat That You Probably Would Not Find In Middle America.
Name A Reason You Would Go To Grandma’s House For Dinner Instead Of A Restaurant.
Name Something You Can Buy In A Cordless Version
Name Something You Do Right Before Your Picture Is Taken
Name A Famous Roger
What Are Some Reasons That A Racecar Driver Might Lose A Race?
Name Something Gentlemen Used To Do For Ladies That They No Longer Bother With.
If You’re Going To Do Your Own Taxes, Name Something You Probably Need
Name Something That A Person Might Consume Every Morning In Order To Stay Healthy.
Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To If You Were A Zoo Animal
Name Some Things That Annoy You In Public Places Such As Restaurants
What Would The Chatterbox Next To You Keep You From Doing On An Airplane?
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Find That A Frat Party Had None Of
Tell Me Someplace People Might Go Right After Work On Friday
Name A Street That You’ll Find In Almost Every City In America
Name An Article Of Clothing That Is Usually Only Worn By Men
Name A Part Of You That Looks Different When You’re Sick
Name Someone Who You’d Hate To Accidentally Forward A Personal Email To
Name A Place Where A Man Might Be A “Regular Customer.”
Name A Mood-Setter In Your Home That You Pay More Attention To If You Are Trying To Impress A Date.
Name Something A Man Might Do All Day Long If His Wife Let Him
Name A Fact About A New Boyfriend That A Woman Might Wait To Tell Her Parents.
Name Something That A Very Tall Person Might Hit Their Head On In An Unfamiliar House.
Name A Restaurant Job That A Stay-At-Home Parent Does For Free All The Time
Name Someone Specific In Your Life Who Has Tried To Set You Up On A Blind Date.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Outlaw
Name Something Most People Start To Get By The Age Of 35
Name Something In Your House That You Might Hear In The Middle Of the Night And Mistake For A Burglar.
Name Something Found In The Garden Of Eden
Tell Me The Age Of A Woman That Is Too Young To Be Dating A 50 Year Old Man
Name Something You’d Take Camping But Be Arrested For If You Brought It To A Bank.
Name A Thanksgiving Food That Often Comes From A Box Or Can.
In A Conversation With The World’s Most Boring Person, Name A Subject That Would Surely Come Up.
Name Something You Do To Let A Friend Know She Has Food On Her Face.
Name A Food Or Drink That Makes A Sound The First Time Its Container Is Opened.
Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Not Wear His Ordinary Clothes To School.
If Your Purse Was Stolen, Tell Me The One Thing In It That Would Be Hardest To Replace.
Name Something The Average Person Might Have To Do If They Wanted To Be A Sumo Wrestler.
Name Something People Do To Lower Their Temperature When They Have A Fever
What Are 2 Brothers Most Likely To Fight Over?
Name Something People Donate To Charity During The Holidays
Name Something You Might Replace If You Are Remodeling Your Bathroom
Name A Synonym For Marriage That Doesn’t Make It Sound Fun.
Tell me something that you hope is easier to do the second time around.
Name something that the human body has more than 2 of.
Name Something That’s Conducted
Name Something On You That Might Be Tied In A Knot.
Name Something You Hope Your Dentist Has Done Before He Starts His Exam.
Name Something Kids Would Play With Outside In Summer.
Name Something That You Dread Doing After A Break-Up
Which Sesame Street Character Must Get Uncomfortable In Their Costume?
Instead Of Walking, Name A Way To Get Around In Snowy Weather
Name Something Annoying That Some Dogs Do When Greeting You.
Name Something A Co-Worker Might Blame On Not Having Had Their Morning Coffee.
Name A Singer Who Became Famous As A Child
Name A Place You Might See A Balcony
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Car To Bump Into In A Parking Lot.
Name A Type Of Shoe That Would Be Hard For A Tightrope Walker To Perform In.
Name Something That Can Make A Person Suddenly Think Of Their Partner.
Name the worst thing for a circus performer to be afraid of.
Name A Food That’s Often Served With Wine
What Would A Car Thief Hate To Find In The Backseat Of The Car He’d Just Stolen?
Name Something You’d Worry About If You Were To Host A Dinner Party For Your In-Laws
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Adopt A Fake Name
If Santa Had A Twitter Account, Who Might Be An Avid Follower Of It?
Name Something Scientists Wear In The Lab
Name A City Where You Would Expect To Pay A Lot For A Hotel.
Name Something That Lives In A Cave
Name Something You’re Not Supposed To Do While Filling Your Gas Tank.
Name Something A Child Says When They Do Something Wrong
Name Something That Is Smaller In Europe Than In The US.
Name Something A Woman Might Wear To Appear More Professional.
Name Something You Do After Getting A Bad Haircut
Name Something You’re Told To Turn Off Before An Airplane Takes Flight
Name A Reason Why A Restaurant Might Refuse Service To Someone
Name A Reason Why You Might Offer Your Bus Seat To Someone Else.
Something About A Person That Cosmetic Surgery Can’t Fix.
Name Something A Man With Very Little Hair Does To Make It Look Like He Has More
Tell Me A Reason People Get Married
Name A Type of Greeting Card That You See A Lot Of In The Spring.
Name An Event In Your Life Where You’d Be Unhappy If No One Showed.
Name A Romantic Gift For A Woman That Her 2-Year-Old Might Be Jealous Of.
What Do People Miss Most About College Once They Get A Job?
Name Something Kids Might Try To Get Away With At A Sleepover
Name A Sport That Should Be Part Of The Olympics, But Isn’t.
Name Something You’re More Likely To See In Australian Than Elsewhare.
If You Boil You Veggies Too Long, Name Something They Lose.
Besides Syrup, Name Something Kids Love To Put On Their Pancakes.
Name An Occupation That People Consider Caring.
Name Something You Associate With Old McDonald. (Be More Specific Than Animals)
Name A Food With Cheese That’s A Childhood Favorite.
What Might An Obsessed Lover Do That Causes His Partner To Break Up With Him?
Tell me a boy’s name that starts with “Ch”.
Name Something You Need To Have Along For An Effective Grocery Store Trip.
Name A Gift You’d Be Likely To Get As A House Warming Present From Your New Neighbors.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something You Do On A First Date, That You Wouldn’t Do A Year Into A The Relationship.
Name Something That Would Be Harder To Do If You Lived In Los Angeles.
What Might Your Teenager Do While Borrowing Your Car That Would Break Your Trust?
Name Something That Used To Take Up Shelf Space In Your House, But Can Now Be Stored Electronically.
Name Something Valuable That A Baseball Fan Might Collect
Name Something That’s Made With Bananas.
If You Were Pretending To Be Pregnant, Name Something You Might Stuff Under Your Shirt.
At The Theater,What Do You Do If The Movie Stinks Within The First 10 Minutes?
Name Something That Can Be Spoiled.
If you were to write a memoir,name a specific topic that would come up a lot.
If you heard a thump in the night,which cleaning tool might you grab for protection?
Tell me a good reason to attend your company holiday party.
Name something a kid might bury in the backyard.
If a restaurant had the same rules as your kitchen,what would customers need to do for themselves?
If there were a college for magicians,name a trick that you’re sure would be taught on day one.
If the North Pole gave guided tours,what specifically would be on the tour?
We asked 100 Married Women: Name something that your husband does that causes him to be too distracted to listen.
Where do you get money that can’t be used to buy anything in the real world?
Which doctor do people hate to see?
Name a specific chore that you cannot do without making a lot of noise.
Name something that women carry more often than men do.
Where in your office would make a good place to hide from your boss.
Name someone who is more popular dead than when they were alive.
Name something a new Mom spends a lot of time doing.
Name the loudest animal in the zoo
Name a reason why a person who has a car would call a cab.
Name something that some people are paid to chase after.
Tell me something that you’d prefer to do with strangers rather than family.
Name a reason why a person might be annoyed that the weather is nice.
Other than cowboy,name a profession you often see in cowboy movies.
Name the last thing you’d want to happen to you in the airport.
Name something a chauvinist might try to claim that men are better at.
Name something you might find in a suitcase that would tell you it belongs to Elton John.
Name a specific food or drink moms tell their kids to consume so they grow “Big and Strong”.
Name someone you have a very hard time saying no to.
Name something you imagine cavemen gave their girlfriends.
Name something modern a homemaker from 100 years ago would have loved to have in the kitchen.
What Do Bosses Let Slide On Fridays?
Name A Comic Book Hero That Wears A Red, White And Blue Costume.
Name A Beverage You Get Re-Filled For Free At Many Restaurants
Name Something Batman Doesn’t Leave The Batcave Without.
What Are Some Non-Living Thing That You Might See Flying In The Sky?
Name A Specific Type Of Math Class Offered In High Schools.
Name Something You Hope That You’re Still Doing When You’re 80.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Tony
Which Body Part Might A Pirate Need To Have A Doctor Inspect?
Name Something A Person Might Buy To Go With Their Motorcycle.
Name Something A High School Student Might Join In Order To Become More Popular.
Name Something That An Overprotective Parent Might Forbid Their Teen From Doing.
Name A Reason You Might Not Leave The House For An Entire Day.
Name Something Black That You Associate With Halloween.
Name A Professional That Charges You For Advice.
Name Something Distracting That You Shouldn’t Take With You On A Date.
Which Word Do You Dread Hearing At The Dentist’s Office?
During A Party, Name A Part Of Your House Where You Wouldn’t Want To Find Guests Hanging Out.
Name A Job That People Did More 100 Years Ago Than Today.
Which subject would most elementary school kids say is their favorite?
Complete This Sentence. The Key To A Successful Marriage Is ____ing Together.
Name a common item that’s shaped like a bear.
Name A Term For Someone Who Isn’t Very Generous.
Name Something People Put In Front Of Their House To Deter Burglars.
Name A Vacation Spot That A Person With A Fear Of Heights Would Dread.
What Are You Advised To To Do When You’re Nervous About Speaking In Front A Crowd?
Name Something You’re More Likely To See In Australia Than Elsewhere.
Name Something “Human” That People Try To Teach Their Dogs To Do.
Name Something “Fake” That You Might Give To The Person Hitting On You In A Bar.
Who Might You Pool Money With To Buy Lottery Tickets?
Name Something You Have To Get A Picture With During A Vacation To Los Angeles.
Name A Type Of Vehicle Where You Usually Sit In The Back.
Name A Place An Animal Might Take A Bath, But You Never Would.
In Action Movies, Name Something The Hero Is Always Trying To Get His Hands On.
Name A Date When You Shouldn’t Break Up With Someone.
Name Something That Kids Are Bummed To Get, But Is Worse To Get As An Adult.
Name A Complaint People Might Have About Buying Things Online.
Name Something You See The Ground Littered With After The Carnival Has Move On (More Specific Than “Trash”).
Name Something That A Pill Bottle Warning Might Tell You Not To Do.
Name A TV Show About An Island.
Name Something You Would Do If A Dog Was Chasing You.
Name A Device That You Keep In Your Bathroom For Grooming Purposes.
Name Something You’d See In An Office’s Kitchen Area.
Name Something People Associat With Thanksgiving.
Name A Profession Where You Might Be Bitten By A Dog.
Name An Animal That Walks On 4 Legs, But Can’t Give Rides.
Name A Summer Picnic Food That Will Make Your Face Messy.
Name A Type Of Food That Could Most Easily Be Turned Into A Heart-Shape For Valentine’s Day.
Name A Scent You’d Smell In A Barn
Name A Common Mistake People Make When Taking Pictures.
Name A Word Or Phrase You Might Use When Addressing Royalty.
Name Something About Which Friends Say, “Keep Looking. You Can Do Better.”
Name An Ingredient That Tacos Would Be No Good Without.
What Do You Do When Your Stomach Growls?
Name Something You’d Buy For Your Daughter’s Barbie Doll, But Probably Not For Your Daughter.
Name Something That You Write Out By Hand, Instead Of Type.
Name An Expression Little Kids Use When They Have To Go To The Bathroom.
Name Something A Baby Spends A Lot Of Time Doing.
Name Something A Teen Might Need Their Parent’s Permission To Do Before They’re 18.
Where Do People Go After They Leave Church Service?
Name Something On Their Bodies That People Color In Black.
Instead Of Having A Shouting Match Name Another Tactic A Person Might Use To Win A Disagreement
Tell Me How You Know That Your Friend Is On A Diet.
Name Something That’s Supposed To Be Funny, But Rarely Is.
Name Something Donald Trump Probably Keeps With Him At All Times.
Name Something That Both A Detective And A Camper Use.
Name A Place In The House Where Frightened Children Go During A Thunderstorm.
Name An Instance When Parents Are Likely To Ask Their Children If They Need To Use The Bathroom.
What Might Someone Promise To Do If They Wanted To Be Elected President?
Name The Age That Women Stop Dying Their Hair And Just Decide To Let It Go Grey (Numeric Only).
In An 8 Hour Work Day, How Many Hours Does The Average Person Spend Working.
Name a A Synonym For Marriage That Doesn’t Make It Sound Fun
Name A Mean Prank Kids Play On Halloween
Name Something People Do To Their Body That Other People Think Is Crazy.
Name Something Mom Tells Her Kids To Do Before Dinner
Name Something In A Beach Bag, That’s Not In Most Purses.
Name Something You Have To Buy For A Wedding
Name Something Talk Show Hosts Do During A Commerical Break.
What Might You Do For A Gift If You’re Short On Cash?
Name Something People Pass Out For Trick-Or-Treat, That A Child May Be Disappointed To Get.
Name Something People Look For When Choosing A Diamond.
Name A Reason Why You’d Get Blindfolded.
Name A Prop You Would See In An Indiana Jones Movie.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Find That A Superhero Couldn’t Do.
Name A Gameshow That Has Been Around Forever.
Name Something That’s Served At Room Temperature.
Name A Type Of TV Show You’d Be Surprised To See A Man Watching.
What Would A Cowboy Do To Cheer Up When He’s Had A Bad Day?
If You Were Turned Into A Bee, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
What Was The Last Item On Which You Spent At Least $500?
Name A Car That Old People Like To Own
Name The Age That A Boy First Becomes Interested In Girls.
Name A Number That People Consider Lucky
If You Loan A Car To A Friend Name Something You Hope They Don’t Do.
When Doing Laundry For The First Time, Name Something A Single Guy Might Screw Up
How do you let your partner know that youre thinking of them while your out of town
Name A Piece Of furniture That’s Too big To Fit In A VW Bug
Name Something A Guy Might Have To remove From A New Dress Shirt Before Wearing It
If “Meat Loaf Surprise” was listed on a menu,what might be surprising about it
Name An Activity That’s Good To Do In Moderation, But Not All The Time
Name an object that some stomachs are compared to
Name Something You Can Do With A Pumpkin
Name A Reason You’d Write A Check Instead Of Using Cash Or A Credit Card.
Name Something From Home You Miss While Staying In A Hotel
Name a food they serve at the circus
Name Something Everybody knows About Dr. Seuss
According To Fairly Tales, name A Way To Meet Prince Charming
Name Something That You’d Be Asked To Stop Doing In A Movie Theater
Name Something Children Climb On That Makes Their Parents Worry.
What Do People Keep In Their Basement
Name A Famous “Johnson”
Give Me A Name Used For A Person Who Talks A Lot
Name something people often lose
Name Something About A Cats Life That People May Envy
Name A Scary Halloween Figure
Name Something That Men Join
What skill might you need on your resume in order to get hired by Santa
What Would You Have To Learn To Do Before Starring In A John Wayne Movie
Besides Tennis, Name Something People Associate With Andre Agassi
Name an occupation that thers a shortage of in the United States
Name Something A Person Might Do Differently Around Their Partner Once They’re Married
Name An Occupation That You Could Show Off At A High School Reunion.
Name Someone Who Always Has Advice To Give You
Name The Least Private Room In Your House
If Women Designed The Perfect Man, Name A Trait He Might Have
Name A Public Place Where It’s OK To Yell
Name Something A Person Pushes That Has Wheels
Name Something You Do To The Products At The Grocery Store, But Not At A Clothing Store
Of What Material Would You Expect To Queen Of England’s Sheets To Be Made?
Name A Food You eat At Thanksgiving, but Not During The Rest Of The Year
Name Something You Can Wear Every Day To Feel Like A Superhero
Name Something People Do During Flu Season To Avoid Getting Sick
What Would You Expect To See In The Audience Of A Romance Movie?
Name A Medical Instrument That A Doctor Uses
Name Something A Woman Might Want Her Husband To Quit Doing Before They Have Children
Name Somebody So Rich That Their Name Is Synonymous With Wealth
Name A Reason Why A Plane May Be Delayed
Name An Attribute Of A High School Cheerleader That Could Help Her Become President Of The United States
Name Something Many Men Refuse To Ask For Help With
Name The Most Romantic Place To Go On A First Date
Name Something That Runs, But Doesn’t Have Legs
In A Classroom, How Can YOU Tell A Teacher Is A Substitute
Name A Famous James Who Many Women Consider Handsome
Which Part Of His Santa Costume Would A Mall Santa Be Humiliated To Lose While Working
Tell Me A Situation That Makes Just About Everyone Nervous
Name A Place In Your House That You Hardly Go Into
Name An Occupation That There’s A Shortage Of In The United States
Name Something You Buy In Preparation For Halloween
Besides A Professional Cyclist, Name A Job That Involves Bicycle Riding
Name Something You Might Buy To go with Your New Pool Table
Name Something Chubby That’s Cute On A Baby, But Not On An Adult
Which Person In A School Building Is Likely To Get The Biggest Ego
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Don’t Wash Every Time You Wear It
What Are Some Things That People Wore In The 80S That Are Now Out Of Fashion
Name Something You See In A Jail Cell
Name Things People Do Before Thanksgiving Day
Name A Favor You Hate Having To Ask friends For
Name Something Most Answer Machines Messages Ask You To Do
Name A Chain Restaurant That Would Never Be Asked To Cater A Fancy Party
Name Something A Teen I More Likely To Do To Their Appearance Then Their Parents Are
If You Were Out Of Town And Forgot To Pack A Change Of Clothes, What Would You Do?
Name A Place In Your Car That You Are Likely To Find Something That’s Gone Missing
Name something People Drink To Keep Them Awake
Name A Classical Music Composer That Most Know About
Name Something A Stalker And A Detective Both Do
Name A Type Of Weather Warning That Might Interupt Your TV Show
Name Something Women Often Compliment Their Friends On
Name Something People dye A Different Color
Which Hobby Should A Man Take Up If He Wants To Meet Women
Name An Occupation In which You’d Get To Use A Two Way Radio
Name A Type Of Shoe That Women Own At Least One Of
What Do Family Feud Contestants Do After Their Relative Has Given A Bad Answer
How Can You Tell That A Letter Was Written By Someone Who Hates To Waste Paper?
Name An event That Most People Look Forward To Each Week
Name Something A Person Running From The Law Might Not Put On Their Social Networking Site
Name A fruit That’s Hard To Eat Without Getting Messy
Name Something That Some People Plan For Months, And Others Do Spur Of The Moment
If Your Date Is Paying For The Meal, Name Something You Shouldn’t Do
Name A Reason Why A Person might Prefer To Travel By Cruise Ship.
Name Something That’s Often Served With Cheese At A Party
Name Something Most Women Want To Be Successful At
Name Something You’re Pleasantly Surprised To Find In Your Chocolate Chip Cookie
Name Something Embarrassing That Happens To People At The Airport
Name A Game That Involves The Word King
Name Someone in Your Life Who loves You Unconditionally
Name A Desert That’s Sold In Plastic Packages
Name something people worry will happen to a child star
Name A Morning Stop That Many Adults Make first, Before going Into Work
Name Something People Do In Their Front Yards In The Summer
Name A Place Where Only A Person With No Conscience Would Smoke
Name Something A Woman Might Have A Hard Time Doing In Her Last Month Of Pregnancy
Name Something People Let Soak Overnight
Name An Airline You can Fly Almost Anywhere in the US
Name A Food Or Beverage Associated With England
Name A Reminder Of An Ex That You’d Get Rid Of After A Break Up
early In Dating Someone, Name Something You Shouldn’t Do Repeatedly Unless The Feelings Are Mutual
Other Than School, Name A Place Where You Find Lockers
Name Something That Comes After It’s Been Raining
Name A Fruit You Often Find on Or In Pancakes
Name An Age That A Boy Becomes Interested In Girls
Name A Bad Habit Some People Haves When They Are Stressed
Name A Millionaire Who Could Never Be Rich Enough For You To Want To Date Him
Name Something You Might Need In Order To Enter A Childs Treehouse
Name An Alcoholic Beverage That’s Also A Woman’s Name
Name Something A Realtor Suggests You Do, In Order To Sell Your House
Name A Crime Most People Have Done
Name A Room In Your House You Wouldn’t Want Carpeted.
Name A Reason Why A Couple Decides To Move In Together
Name A Place You’d Be Surprised To See A New Dad On The Day Of His Child’s Birth
Name Something A Clown Might Wear Thats Oversized
Name Something People Put In Their Ears
Name The Best Dish To Order At A Mexican Restaurant
Name Something You Find On A Street That The Owner Doesn’t Want Returned
Name A Vegetable You Usually Don’t Find In Chicken Soup
Name Something You Might Stay In And Do On A Rainy Day
Name An event You Might Have A Lot Of Leftovers From
Name something People Eat With Crackers
Name The First Animal You Picture When You Think Of A Farm
Whose car would A Thief Be Unlikely To Steal?
Name Something That Starts With “B” That People Look For In A Partner
Name A Letter That Is Hard To Use In Scrabble
Name an event that cuts into regular television programming
Name a Type Of Vehicle That’s Noisier Than The Average Car.
What Should You Do To Celebrate The First Snowfall?
Name Something A Person Who Dislikes Technology Might Not Have
Name Something A Child Asks For Just To Delay His Bedtime
Name Another Word A Cool Guy Might Use For “Car”
Name An Occassion For Which You Order A Fancy Cake
Name A Reason Why A Stand-up Comedian Might Say He Had A Bad Night
Name Something A doctor Tells You To Do More Of
Name Something That Causes A Person To Laugh
Besides Make Drinks, Name Something Else A Bartender Might Do.
Name Something That Works Better On A Windy Day
Name A Small Kitchen Appliance That A Bachelor May Not Have
Name Something You Would Hate To Be Wearing When Company
Besides A Phone Number, Name A Set Of Numbers Most People Remember
Name Something Kids Look Forward To The Most In The Winter.
Name A Complaint People Have About Shoes With Laces.
name something You Hope For, But Can’t Count On, When Going On Vacation
Name Something You Would Do If You Heard That Your Favorite Cereal Was Discontinued
Name Something Kids Would Play With Outside In Summer
Name A Skill Kids Are Taught So They’re Able to Make Friends
Name An Unhealthy Ingredient You Often See In Kids’ Cereals.
Which Words Do You Dread Hearing At The Dentist’s Office?
Name Something That A Businesswoman Must Always Wear To Work.
Other Than Speeding, Name A Reason A Cop Might Pull You Over.
Name A Day Of The Year That Some People Don’t Want To Spend Alone.
Name Something That’s On Your Dinner Table Every Night That The Dog Won’t Beg For.
Name Something That Is White In Your Refrigerator.
Other Than Halloween, Name A Reason Why You Might Wear A Costume.
Name Something You Put In Your Mouth But Do Not Swallow.
Name An Occupation That A Boy Wouldn’t Want His Girlfriend’s Father To Have.
How Many Dates Should You Go On Before Kissing Someone?
Name Something You Stow Away Most Of The Year, And Take Out During The Holidays.
Name A Sport That Requires Water In Order To Be Played
Name Something Kids Look Forward To The Most In winter
Name Something Specific That’s Sauteed
Tell Me Something Women Would Want Men To wear More Often
Name An Unhealthy Ingredient You Often See In Kids Cereal
Name something Kids Dissect In Science Class
Name An Occupation That You’d be In Trouble If You Disrespected
Name A reason You Wouldn’t recognize Someone At Your High School Reunion
Name An Excuse People Use At A Party To Get Away From A Boring Person.
What Is The Most Common Thing People Get stuck In Their Hair
Name Something A Home Might Have To Make It energy Efficient
Name A Hollywood Man Who would Have No Trouble Getting dates If He Were Single.
name A Talent You Rarely See Women Do Outside A Beauty Pageant
name Something You Put in Your Mouth But don’t Swallow
Food That Has A Hole In The Middle.
Name Something You Wear When You Ride A Bike.
Name Something You Eat That Comes With Sauce
Other Than “Love”, Name A Word That’s in Almost Every Love Song
Name Something You Clean that Only Gets Dirty Again in A Day
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Would Not Like To Have a Man Do For You On a Date.
Name A Hot Place Where You’d Never Expect To See People Eating Ice Cream.
Name An Occupation that a boy Wouldn’t Want His Girlfriend’s Father To Have
Name Something The Police Might Look For When They Search A Suspect’s House.
Tell Me A Fast Food Item That Comes In Sizes Too Big For You To Consume.
Name Something You Never Quite Believed About The Brady Bunch.
Name An Occupation That You Hope Is Great At Their Job 100% Of The Time.
Name A Household Activity That People Wear Gloves While Doing.
Name A Reason Why A Child You Don’t Know Might Come To Your Door.
Name An Exercise You’d Have A Hard Time Doing 10 Of.
Which Sounds Do Children Listen For On Christmas Eve?
Name Something A Woman Might Suggest Her Husband Do To Improve His Appearance.
Name Something A Political Contest And A Football Game Have In Common.
What Would You Be Pleasantly Surprised To Receive On A First Date?
Name A Time When A Man Might Be Extra Caring Toward His Wife
Name Something That’s Hard To Build But Easy To Tear Down.
What Might You Be Afraid Of While Sleeping In A Tent?
If Stuck With No Diapers, What Might A Desperate Parent Use Instead?
Although It Was Nice To Be A Kid, Name A Part Of Childhood You’d Never Want To Go Through Again.
Name Something That causes Yo To Become Friends With Someone You Otherwise wouldn’t Have
Name Something You Put On Your Face, That You’d Never Dream Of Putting On Your Feet.
Name An Animal That Might Live In A Tree
Name Something A Man Might Ask His Dad’s Advice On.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Ends In -Phobia.
Name Something You Would Not Want To Drop Your Wedding Ring Into.
Name Something That’s Essential To Creating A Romantic Atmosphere At Home.
Name Something That Gets Into Your House If You Leave Food Out.
Despite Its Beauty, Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want To Live In Hawaii.
Name Something It Might Be Ok to Lie To A Partner About In Order To Spare Their Feelings.
Name A Coffee Drink That’s Easy To Mispronounce.
Name A Kids Movie that Makes Adults Cry To.
If An Auctioneer Had A Baby, What Might Be Her First Words?
Name Something That The Bride And Groom Do At A Wedding, That Another Guest Should Not.
When Hosting A Dinner Party What Might You Ask A Friend To Bring.
Tell Me An Invention That Probably Led To People Having Much Less Spare Time.
Name A Halloween Costume That Young Girls Often Wear.
Name A Meal That Sometimes Comes With A Bib Even For Adults.
What Are Some Actions People Might Take To Be More Earth Friendly?
Name Something That Many People Are Afraid To Drive On.
Name A Job In Which You Could Wear Shorts To Work.
Name Something That Gets Sewn Onto Clothes
Name Something You Bring To A Party Even If The Host Doesn’t Ask You To Bring Anything
How Would Your Friends Begin Greeting You If Royal Family Mem
If A Con Man Approached You, What Do You Think He’d Immediately Want To Know?
Name Something You Find More Of At A Sporting Event, Than At A Movie Theater
Name A Word Or Phrase A Cowboy Might Say While On His Horse
Name A Sports Whose Athletes You’d Least Like To Get In A Fight With
Name Something That Only A Person Who Really Loves Christmas Would Do As Early As October.
Something Women Talk About On Girls Night Out
Name Something You Do To Let A Friend Know She Has Food On Her Face
Name A Drink That Many People Love Despite Its Bitter Taste
Name Something A Home Might Have Energy Efficient
What In A Crime Scene Would An Investigator Check For Fingerprints?
Part Of Uniform Clown Hates Putting On
Name A Reason Your Cell Phone Might Stop Working.
name A Sport Or Athletic League Whose Large Athletes You’d Hate To Ride A See-Saw With.
Name A Reason A Couple May Keep A Close Watch On A Calender.
Tell Me A Place Where You Don’t Want To Leave Early
Name Something Many Teens Want To Do Before Their Parents Think They Are Ready.
Name A Job In Which You’d Be Exposed To A Lot Of Germs
Name A Common Household Item That Was A Luxury To Have 50 Years Ago
Name A Job That Many Celebrities Had Before They Were Famous.
Name A Simple Car Game Surprised People Playing For Money
Name Something You Dread Doing After A Snowfall
What Do You Do At The 1st Sign Of Sickness So That It Doesn’t Get Worse
Name A Good Reaon To Live Near In-Laws
How Can You Tell Immediately That An E-Mail Is Spam?
Name Something In Your House That Can Be Set.
Name A Holiday That’s Associated With Candy.
Name Something People Mark On Their Calendars.
Name A State People Visit On A Ski Vacation
Name An Article Of Clothing That Many Men Think Women Look Attractive In
Name Something Kids Often Ask For Before Bed, That Their Parents Refuse
Name Something You Bring To A Tailgate Party
Name Something You Hope That You’re Still Doing When You’re 80
Name A Mode Of Transportation That You See In Big Cities, But Not In Small Towns
Name A Disadvantage To Living Upstairs From A Restaurant
Name Something That Couples Often Get More Than One Of As Wedding Presents.
Name A Character Famous For Selling Cereal.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Hold Off On Getting Married.
Name An Annoying Thing About Pigeons
Name A Reason Why A Workplace Might Not Have Their Annual Christmas Party.
Tell Me Something That Waddles
Name Somewhere That Parents Can’t Wait For Their Kids To Go
Before You See Any Fighting, How Do You Know You’re Watching A Kung Fu Movie?
Name A Reason People Might Put Lawnchairs On The Sidewalk
Name A Reason Somebody Would Wear A Hat All The Time
What Sticks In Your Head Most From An Irritating But Memorable Commercial.
Name Something You Say At The End Of A Date, Even If You Don’t Mean It.
Name A Method Of Communication That Should Not Use Break Up
Soemthing Strapped To Family’s Car On Vacation
If You Sent A Postcard From China, What Would Be Pictured On The Front?
Name A Type Of Product Comes In Teeth Whitening Formula
Name Authority Figure Whose Role Makes It Hard To Imagine Them Letting Loose On A Date
What Might Your Co-Worker Do To Let You Know She Is Very Excited About Christmas?
Name Something In Your Daily Routine You Could Still Do Even If You’re Wearing a Strait Jacket.
Name Something A Child Does To Prove They’re Too Sick For School.
Job Around The House Couple Might Take Turns Doing
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something Your Partner Will Never Do As Well as Mom.
Name Something A Doctor Might Ask A Patient To Do During A Checkup.
Other Than Letter And Punctuation Keys, Which Computer Key Would You Not Want To type A Report Without?
Name An Article Of Clothing Your Husband Often Receives At The Holidays, But Rarely Wants
Name Something Humans Wear, But Cats Look Silly In
Name Something You’d Do At A Family Christmas Party, That You Shouldn’t Do At The Office Christmas Party.
Name Something Your Teen Likes To Wear, But You Hope He’ll Leave Home On Picture Day.
Name A Reason, Other Than Hard Work, That Your Boss Would Give You A Raise
If A Person Doesn’t Cook Well, Which Thanksgiving Food Might They Buy Instead Of Bake?
Name A Trait That’s Essential For A High School Teacher To Have
Somewhere You Might Stop On The Way To Work
Name Something You’d Find In A Punk Rocker’s Bedroom
Name Something You Would Need To Eat A Steak.
Which Food That Gets Stuck In You Teeth Should Be Avoided On A Date?
Name Something That An Overprotective Parent Might Forbid Teen To Do
What Type Of Vehicle Might A Family With Lots Of Children Want To Own?
Who Do You Like To Know Is Available In Case Of Emergency
Name A Type Of Photo That Most People Don’T Smile In
Name A Talent Can’t Be Learned, Born With
Something Rude People Do While Smoking
Name Way To Get Into Car If You Leave Keys Inside
Name Something People In The 1950?s Thought We Would Have By The Year 2000
Something Rich Person Might Have More Of Than They Need
If You Wanted To See Date In Less Clothing, Where Go?
Name Something About Love That Some People Believe In and Others Don’t
Name A Word That Polite People Use Often.
Unlike Coffee, Name A Beverage That You Could Never Make Money Off Selling By The Cup.
Name Something Husbands Will Admit That They Borrow From Their Wives
Name Something That’s Given As A Free Sample In Stores
Which Sesame Street Character Uncomfortable In Their Costume
Name Something You Can Build With Snow
Another Word Or Phrase Means Kiss
Name Something You’D Hate See Your Date Wear To Symphony
Name An Animal That A Pirate Would Most Likely Have On His Ship.
What Do People Do More On The 4th Of July Than On The 5th Of July?
Name Something About A Cartoon Character That Might Be Brightly Colored
How Many Weeks In Advance Do You Decorate For Christmas?
Name A Type Of Contest You Might Enter At A County Fair
What Might A Fan Ask Of Their Favorite Musician For If They Met In Person
What Might You Bring To The Stadium If You Wanted To Be Featured On The Jumbo Tron Screen.
After Having Kids, Name Something That Happens That Interrupts A Couple’s Alone Time At Night.
Instead Of Their First Name, What Might A Parent Shout When Calling For Their Child?
Name An Expense From A Business Trip That Your Employer Probably Wouldn’t Reimburse
Name An Article Of Clothing That Usually Can’t Be Put In The Dryer
Name Something A Father/ Son Might Have The Same
Name A Large Animal That Many People Are Afraid Of
Name An Activity That’d Be Hard To Do By CandleLight
Name A Famous Sight That Tourists Take An Elevator Up To See
Name A Cartoon Pet That’s Smarter Than Its Owner.
What Might A House Have That Makes Trick/ Treaters Afraid Approach
Put In Backyard If You Have Children
Name Something You Imagine You’d See All Over If You Went To Australia
Name Something You Include On A Letter, But Not On An E-Mail.
Why Might A Door-To-Door Salesperson Skip A Particular House?
Name A Sport That You Wouldn’t Play Without Protective Equipment
Name Something That Can Cause A Flat Tire.
What Might A Daring Thrill Seeker Suggest Do On 1st Date
Name Something That Happens During A Commute And Makes You Late For Work
Which Board Game Is Most Challenging
Name Something A Politician Does When Scandalous News Breaks Out About Them.
In A Spelling Bee, What Might A Kid Ask About A Word Before Spelling It?
Name Something Santa Might Bring With Him To Keep From Getting Lost On Christmas Eve.
Name A Color Some Men Never Wear
Name Something That You Often Have A Hard Time Concentrating On.
Name An Animal That’s Not Loved By Many People
If You’re Driving In The Middle Of No Where, What Animal Might You See Crossing The Street?
Name Something That Builds A Nest
Name Something You’d Hate To Have Happen If You Went Up In A Hot Air Balloon.
Name An Animal That Sleeps During The Day And Stays Up At Night.
Name Something A Woman Would Hate To Have The Same As Someone Else
Name A Job Where You Get To Play With Dolls All Day.
Something People Imagine They Would See On Every Corner In Hollywood
Which Word Or Phrase Is Often Used As A Magician’s Magic Word(s)?
What Have You Done To A Crush You Hope They Never Find Out
What Might Happen To Cause A Rock Concert To End Abruptly?
Name Something That’s Not As Great When In Its Minature Form
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Be Able To Get Away With Breaking The Law.
Name A Type Of Map
Name A Profession That Someone May lie About Having Just To Impress A Guy or Girl.
Name A Meal That Most People Can Make Without A Recipe
Name A Food That Pregnant Women Crave.
Name A Reason Why You’d Get A Blindfold.
Where, Specifically, Would You Most Hate To Find Ants?
What Is The Most Valuable Thing In Wallets?
Name A Piece Of Information That’s On Every Menu
Name Something A Parent Might Limit Their Child’s Time Using
Something You Are Glad Is Prohibited On Most Airlines
Name The Worst Job For Someone With Allergies.
Name An Object Considered To Be Good Luck
Name Something A School Wastebasket Is Probably Full Of.
Name A Fruit That Can Get Bruised
Name Something On Payday You Do After Work
Food Often Served With Wine
Name a Fast Food That’s Often Served As A Main Course At Weddings.
Name A Place Where A Teenager Wouldn’t Want To Be Seen With Their Parent.
Name A Way That You Can Track Down An Old Friend
We Asked 100 Married Women: Name Something You Wish Your Husband Would Be More Helpful With Around The House
Name Something A Batchelor Might Turn Inside Out
Name A Famous Marilyn Monroe “Wannabe”
What Diaper Bag Item Would A Parent Hate To Be Without?
Tell Me An Excuse For Not Going To Work That No One Really Believes
Name A Style Of Music That You’d Be Surprised To Hear That A Teenager Listened To.
Name A Food That Usually Tastes So-So, Fantastic Once Fried
Vegetable That Starts With Word Sweet
Name A Place Where You Often Find An Elevator.
Name Something You Hope A Restaurant Chef Didn’t Do Before Cooking Your Meal.
Name Something A Teen Might Get In Trouble Doing In A Photo
Name Something An Astronaut Has To Go Without When Traveling In Space
Name A Word Or Phrase That A Lifeguard Might Yell
What Are The Advantages Of Having An Air Guitar Rather Than a Real Guitar?
Name A Reason Why A Child You Don’t Know At Your Door
Name Something Of Your That The Dog Likes To Play With.
We Asked 100 Wives: What Does Your Husband See On TV That Guarantees He’ll Stop Flipping Channels?
Name A City That Is Best Known For Its Nightlife
Something Kid Looks Forward To At Beginning Of New School Year
What Ailment Might You Have The Morning After A Wild Party?
Name A Fictional Character Who Makes Spy Work Look Like A Lot Of Fun.
Name Something Kids Must Be Asked Over And Over
Name A Party Game That You’D Be Surprised To See At An Adult’S Birthday
How Can You Tell That A TV Show Is Old Time?
Which Piece Of Technology Would People Have The Hardest Time Giving Up?
Name Something That Action Movie Stars Always Jump Off Of.
Name A Direction You’re Given When Having A Group Photo Taken.
Name A Type Of Candy That Sounds Like Something You’d Dig Up From The Ground
Marriage About To Fail, What Do You Do To Save It
Name A Household Chore That A Kid Would Find Fun, But An Adult Would Put Off
Animal Many Magicians Own
Something People Lie About In Personals
Name Something Many People Probably Lie About In Their Personal Ads
Name Something In Your House That Has Numbers On It.
Name The Electronic Device That You Use Most In A Day
Teen Nervous On 1st Date
Name A Place Where You Need An Appointment
Name A Food That You Might Need Help Removing The Lid From
Name A Part Of Your Morning Ritual That It’s Hard To Get The Energy To Do.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Need To Wear Comfortable Shoes.
If You Met The Real Life Prince Charming, How Would You Know It Was Him?
Other Than Paper, Name Something A Kid Might Scribble On
What Might Authorities Ask To See When You’re Crossing An International Border?
Name Something Used To Make Yourself Smell Better
At The Video Arcade, What Might Your Date Do To Make You Mad
What Might A Poker Player Do To Make Bluffing Easier?
Name A Crime That Most Cops Have Probably Committed Themselves.
What Would Santa Hate To Forget On Christmas Eve?
Name A Phrase That’s Said In Commercials To Get You To Buy The Product Right Away.
Name A Game In Which Small Children Have An Advantage Over Adults
Name A Nursery Rhyme Character With Bad Luck
How Can You Tell That The Person Who Shares Your Room Is Having Trouble Sleeping?
What Do You See In The Mall That Lets You Know Christmas Is Coming?
Name A Weather Condition That Might Cause You To Have Wacky Hair
Other Than Matches, Name Something People Use To Start A Fire.
Name Something From Your Ex That You Might Get Rid Of When Starting A New Relationship.
Name Something You Look Forward To Getting In The Mail.
Where In Your House Might You Find Something Labeled Poisonous?
What Domestic Activity Would You Be Surprised To Find Mrs. Claus Couldn’t Do?
What Everyday Activity Burns The Most Calories?
Name A Food That You Often Burn Your Tongue While Eating.
Name A Meal That Someone Who Loves Cheese Would Eat Often
Name A City Where A Movie Car Chase Never Be Filmed
Name A Way To Tell If You Neighbors Are Home.
Which Magic Trick Would Become Dangerous If The Magician Was A Phony?
Name Something You Might Climb A Tree To Get
Place You Might Go Quickly In Pajamas
If There Was A School For Training Rock Stars, Who Might Be The Principal?
We Asked 100 Women “I’d Notice____Missing From My Purse”
What Do Parents Instruct Their Children To Do While Riding In The Car?
Name Something A Divorced Person Might Do With Their Wedding Ring
Name Something A Hollywood Stunt Person Gets Paid To Do, But Your Teen Would Get Punished For Doing.
Name Something That Comes In A Carton
Name A Famous Set Of Sisters
Name An Item You Wouldn’t Buy Online, See In Real Life
Other Than Teeth, Name Something People Use A Toothbrush To Clean
Other Than Teeth Something People Use Toothbrush To Clean
Name An Article Of Clothing That You’d Only Try On In Front Of Someone With Whom You’re Very Comfortable.
Why Might Parents Wait Until After The Baby Is Born To Give It A Name?
Name Something A Doctor Better Not Be Afraid Of
How Can A Kid Get A Bully To Stop Picking On Them
Name A Way You Can Tell Someone Is A Doctor By Just Looking At Them.
Name A Muscular Celebrity Who Would Probably Have Trouble Finding Clothes In His Size.
Name Something Teens Do To Butter Parents Before Asking A Favor
Name A Book Where The Main Hero Is A Kid
While At The Wedding, Name Away You Can Tell That The Marriage Won’t Last
In The Grocery Store, How Can You Identify A Penny-Pincher?
What’s The First Thing You’re Likely To Be Asked About At Your High School Reunion?
Name Something People Pose In Front Of For Their Christmas Photos.
Name A TV Show, Past Or Present, That Takes Place In A Hospital
Name Something A Woman Might Stop Maintaining Once She’s In A Serious Relationship
Other Than Sheets, Something On Bed
What Do Some People Look To For Relationship Guidance, That You Don’t Believe In?
Name A Word Grooms Say They’ll Do At The Alter, But Probably Never Say After The Wedding
On Family Feud, Name Something Host Asks Players About
Name A Situation In Which Someone Might Get Crowned.
Name A Specific Sign Of Affection Woman Wants From Husband
Something Woman Do To Show Affection A Man Rarely Does
Something You Hope Vampire Leaves At Home On A Date
What Would You Do If A Group Of Carolers Come To House
Name Something Naughty That Children Do While At The Store
Instead Of A Schoolbus, How Might A Wealthy Kid Get To School?
What Do People Pay To Have Guessed At The Carnival?
What Might Someone Promise To Do If They Wanted Elect President
Name Something People Write About In Their Yearly Christmas Letter To Loved Ones.
Name Something An Elevator Operator Probably Gets Tired Of Saying
Name Something You Do To Get Rid Of A Song That’s Stuck In Your Head.
Which Actress Gets Most Love Letters
Name Something Most Parents Would Let Their Teen Experiment With
Something You Do Differently For Job Interview
Tell Me Something You Hate To Wear Too Short.
Name A Part Of The Body That Gets Mentioned A Lot In Romantic Songs
Something In House That Needs To Be Replaced Regularly
Name Someone You Would Hate To Send Personal Mail
Name A Specific Event People Create Photo Album
Name A Special Occasion For Which Someone Might Go To A Hairdresser
Without The Uniform, How Can You Tell That Someone Is In The Mlitary
Name A Quality That’s Important In A Friend, and Even More Important In A Spouse.
Name A Famous Desert
Name A Common Gag Gift At An “Over The Hill” Birthday Party.
Like A Colored Easter Egg, Which Holiday Object Is Fun To Have When It’s Fresh, But Not Fun To Find Months Later.
Name Something That Happens To People When They Get Embarrassed.
Name Something A Mom Might Tell Her Kid To Shower After Doing
What Might An Actor Do To Make You Not See Their Movies Anymore?
Name A Word Or Phrase That Ends In – Phobia
Name A Type Of Glove That Is Not Used For Warmth
Name A Good Job To Have If You Want To Get A Nice Tan
Name A Place In The House Where Only A Real TV-Lover Would Put A Television
What Might You See In Front Of The Neighbors’ House That Lets You Know They’re Moving?
Name A Kind Of Tree That Would Look Silly To Have As A Christmas Tree.
Name Animal That Makes Pretty Sound
On A Road Trip, Name Something That Might Keep You Awake
Name A Specific Junk Food That You’d Never Want To Give Up
Name Something You Never Cook At Home, But Order When Eating At The Restaurant
Name Something People Put In The Envelope With Their Holiday Cards.
What Sounds Do Children Listen For On Christmas Eve
Name Something You Find Left In The Washer
What Would Be Surprised To Happen Riding Stationary Bike
From What Activity Is A Man Most Likely To Be Late Getting Home From?
Name Something That Gets Pulled Around In A Sled
Name Something People Might Stock Up On Before A Huge Snowstorm
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Afraid Of Heights
Name a Hobby That Would Be Ironic For A Firefighter To Have.
What Might A Restaurant Have Inside It That Would Cause It To Be Closed Down
How Can You Tell That The Person In The Car Next To You Is Listening To Music?
Name Common Mistake People Make When Taking Pictures
Name Something That Could Keep A Family Apart On Christmas
If You Were Stranded With Other People On An Island, Which Useful Occupations Would You Want Them To Have?
What Is The Most Fun Thing A Farmer Gets To Ride On?
Name A Place Where School Children Often Go For Field Trips.
Name Something You Might Leave On All Night
Tell Me Something About Summer That You Look Forward To Most
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress As A Vampire For Halloween.
Name A Coffee Drink That’s Easy To Mispronounce
Why Might Someone Ride Their Bike To Work?
Tell Me Something About Santa Clause That Would Give You The Creeps If You’d Never Heard Of Him.
Name A Reason Why A Woman Calls Her Husband While He’s Out.
Name Something That Would Be Very Messy If You Put It In The Microwave Uncovered
Name A Wedding Gift That The Bride And Groom Can Never Have Too Much Of
Something Women Do More Gracefully Than Men
Who Is A Child’s Most Anticipated Visitor?
Name A Part Of Your Body That Feels Stuffed UP When You Have A Cold.
Name Something A Housekeeper Does Cleaning Hotel Room
Name A Place That Closes Early For A Person To Run Errands After Work.
If You Got To Be Fearless For One Day, Name The First Thing You’d Try
Name Something Not Valid Unless It’s Signed
Besides Dancing, Name Something People Do On The Dance Floor
Where You Would Go Out In Costume Not On Halloween
Name A Talk Show You Might Go On Tell About Disaster Wedding
Name A Talk Show Host Who Many People Respect
Other Than Looking Up Numbers, Name Something A Phone Book Gets Used For
Name An Animal That You Can Ride At The Circus
If An Auctioneer Had A Baby, What Are First Words?
Name A Topic People Might Whisper About.
Something Politician Would Hate To Come Out About Past In News
Name Something You Expect To Find In A Modern Home
What Activity Don’t You Start Doing Until The Water Gets Warm?
Where Do You Need To Be A Member In Order To Enter?
Name Something A Woman Calls A Party’s Host To Ask
Name Something That Smells Really Bad When On Fire
Name A Diet Method That Doesn’t Seem Very Reliable.
Name Something People Cheat On
Name Something You Never Leave Unlocked
Something People Make For Babies Instead Of Buying
If You Could Only Pack A Small Overnight Bag, What Specific Essentials Would Be In It?
What’s The Messiest Thing To Clean Up After The Christmas Holiday?
Name Some Activities People Do On Christmas That They Don’t Do On Other Holidays?
Name a Phrase That Begins With The Word “Double.”
Name Something About A Person That Might Be Described As Funky
Something Bride And Groom Do That Others Should Not At Wedding
Occupation Where You Would Be On Phone All Day
Name Something You Close At Nighttime.
Name A Reason Why Parents Want Know Sex Of Baby
Name A Word Or Phrase Used To Describe Milk That’s Past Its Expiration Date.
Tell Me Something People Do To Brace Themselves While Getting A Shot
Name A Reason Why Big City Bad Place For A Marathon
Name Something You Can Find In Wallets
Name Something A Parent Wants To See Baby Do 1St Time
Name Something That Chili May Come With Or Without.
Something About Current Job Better Than Former Job
What Might Date Do To Make You Think You Have Bad Breath
Name Something A Radio DJ Might Accidentally Do If He Didn’t Know He Was On The Air.
If A Person Is Raised On A Farm, Name Something You Expect Them To Be Better At
Instead Of Money, What Might Santa Give His Reindeer As Pay?
Name Something A Fast Food Restaurant Offers As A Dessert
Name Something Parents Warn Their Children Not To Get Their Fingers Caught In.
Man Do On First Date To Be Husband Material
Name Something That Can Be Inconvenient To Do While Camping.
Name A Place In The Car Where People Hide Their Valuables.
Name Something A Losing Sports Team Does To The Winners To Show Good Sportsmanship
Name Something Of Dad’s That Kids Aren’t Allowed To Use
Name Something Some People Blast The Volume On
How Do You Find Proper Directions If Lost
How Do You Know That You’re Tuned Into A Country Radio Station?
Name A Holiday That Most People Don’t Get Off From Work.
Which Holiday Should We Have Day Off
Name Something Provided In Some Waiting Rooms To Help Pass The Time
Name Something You Mix With Water Before Drinking
In Which Profession Might You Have A Large Assortment of Wigs?
What Do You Do The Night Before A Big Job Interview

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