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We asked 100 Married Men: Name something you'd rather do with a female friend than with your husband.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something You Do With Meat Before You Put It On The Grill.
After Finally Moving The Couch For The First Time In Ten Years, Name Something You Might Find Underneath It.
Name Something That Could Be Made Of Gold In A Billionaire’s Bathroom.
Name Something A Pig Might Be Asking For When It Says “Oink Oink”.
Give Me A Word That Comes Before “Band”.
Name Something People Change On A Regular Basis.
Name Something On You Or About You That’s Off-Center.
Name Something A Cowboy Might Ride If He Lost His Horse.
Name Something That’s A Hassle To Lose.
Name Something A Billionaire Has That Might Be As Big As Your House.
At The End Of The Day, Name Something Indiana Jones Might Put Away In His Closet That Most Other People Wouldn’t.
Name Something That Follows The Word “Shark”.
Name The Worst Thing A Child Could Get From Another Child At School.
Name Something You Will Never Throw Away No Matter How Ratty It Gets.
Name Something Into Which A Person Might Take A Plunge.
Name Something You Do To Your Nose.
Name A Piece Of Sporting Equipment That Often Breaks.
Name Something A Stay-At-Home Parent Might Turn On Several Times A Day.
Which Fruit Flavor Makes The Best Candies?
Tell Me Something People Do To Pass The Time When They’re Sick At Home.
Name Something That Some People Like Better When It’s Old.
Tell Me The Last Place You Were When You Lost Your Temper.
Tell Me Something You Flip.
Name Something You Might See On A Table When A Poker Game Is In Progress.
Name Something You Should Never Try To Get Off Of While It’s Moving.
Name Something You Hope Is As Beautiful On The Inside As The Outside.
In Your Life, Name Something Someone Has Thrown At You.
A Song Might Be A Hit. Name Something Else That Might Be A Hit.
Name A Quality Someone Wants In A Mate, But Will Settle For It In A Dog.
Name Something You Don’t Want People To Ask You For.
Name A Fun Place A Person Plans To Have His Funeral So It Will Attract A Big Crowd.
Name Something That A Person Might Try To Dig Up.
Name Something A Soldier Should Always Have With Them.
Name Something You Think Some People Do Way Too Fast.
Name A Place Where Someone Gives Their Car To A Stranger.
Name A Public Place Parents Take Their Children To.
Name Someplace Kids Get Nervous About Going To.
Name Something You Should Throw Out If It Has A Hole In It.
Tell Me A Place You’ve Told A Lie To Save Your Skin.
Name Something Of Yours That Seems To Be Shrinking.
Name An Activity That Requires Using Your Lips.
Name Something That Might Be Made Out Of Rubber.
Name The Last Thing You Bought A Dozen Of Even Though You Didn’t Need That Many.
Name Something That Breaks Out.
Name Something People Hate Giving Up In A Divorce.
Name A Kind Of Dog You’d Be Surprised To See A Chihuahua Pick A Fight With.
Name Something Specific That Wax Is Used For.
Name Something People Hunt For That Doesn’t Require A Gun.
Name A Word That Comes After The Word “Soul”.
Name A Part Of The Local News Broadcast That People Specifically Watch For.
Name The Worst Place To Be Caught In A Lie.
Name Something That Can Happen In A House That Would Make It A Tough Sell.
Name Something Some People Postpone Doing For As Long As Possible.

Name Something A Person Might Slip Into.
If Kids Ran The World, What Would Be The First Thing They’d Get Rid Of?
Name Something That People Are Sometimes Said To Be Under.
Name Something Of Yours That The Dog Thinks Is His.
Like It Or Not, Name A Place People Have To Go.
Name Something That Some People Refrigerate And Some People Don’t.
Name A Type Of Cone.
Name A Place People Go In The Pursuit Of Happiness.
Name The Worst Thing A Person Can Fall Out Of.
Name A Title Of Royalty That Could Be Used As A Name For A Dog.
Name Something You Might Place Both Of Your Hands On At The Same Time.
Name A Kind Of Place Where Parents Are Embarrassed By Their Misbehaving Children.
Name Something A Detective Might Find At A Crime Scene That Would Make Him Suspect The Culprit Was A Farmer.
Name Something Little Kids Stick Down The Toilet That Clogs It.
We Asked 100 Men: The Last Time I Cried In Public Was At _____.
Name Something That’s Big And White.
Name Something In The Countryside That People Love The Smell Of.
Name Something Specific You Make Sure To Clean Before Company Comes Over.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were Planning To Have A Professional Casino Night At Your House.
Name A State Whose People Have A Lot Of Attitude.
What Do You Think Heaven Smells Like?
Name A Place Babies Have Been Born When Mom Can’t Make It To The Hospital Delivery Room In Time.
Name A Fear That People Eventually Grow Out Of.
Name The Worst Place To Accidentally Fall Asleep.
Name Something You Might Take With You When You Go To The Bathroom.
Name Something Specific That’s A Hassle To Replace When You Lose Your Wallet.
Tell Me Someone Who Might Use The Phrase “Put Your Hands In The Air.”
Name A Place Where People Would Notice If You Came In Late.
Name Something That Is Soft, Warm, And Costs Lots Of Money.
Name Something People Swap.
Name Something That Might Be Nipping At Your Toes.
Name Something People Take With Them To The Laundromat.
Name Something That Might Be Referred To As A Dead End.
Name Something Neighbors Exchange With Each Other.
Name Something That Might Ripple.
Pumpkin _____.
Name Something A Person Might Be Serving.
Dogs Understand About Ten Words. Name One Of Those Specific Words.
Name A Lost Item You’d Hate To See Sticking Out Of The Cat’s Litter Box.
Name A Scoring Term Used In A Game Of Bowling.
If A Fish Is Out Of Water, Name Something It Might Be On.
Name Something People Use To Foretell The Future.
Name Something That Looks Better When The Lighting Is Dim.
Tell Me Something A Cowboy Might Get Hit With In A Saloon Fight.