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All Questions page 124

Name Something You Hate About Amusement Parks.
Name Something You Keep Plugged In Even When It’s Not In Use.
Name A Specific Dessert That’s Sold At Fast Food Restaurants.
Name Something You Take Into Account When You’re Choosing Which Song To Sing For Karaoke.
Name A U.S. City That Most People Around The World Have Heard Of.
Name An Appliance That Can Last Longer Than Some Marriages.
They Say Two Heads Are Better Than One. But If You Had Two Heads, What’s Something You’d Spend More M
Name A Life Event That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Reached Adulthood.
Name An Animal That Can Stay With One Partner Its Whole Life.
Name An Animal That Can Be Taught To “Speak.”
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Be Crawling On The Ground. (“LOOKING FOR SOMETHING” IS NOT AN ANSWER, BE MORE SPECIFIC)
Name Something That Action Movie Stars Always Jump Off Of.
Name A Person A Woman Meets With On Her Wedding Day, But Would Never Kiss.
Name A Type Of Fruit Tree People Might Have In Their Yard.
Name A Good Bedtime Snack.
Name An Animal That Has A Bushy Tail.
Name Something That Has A Disposable Version.
Name An Exercise That You’d Have A Hard Time Doing 10 Of.
Name An Occupation You’d Love For Your Neighbors To Have Just In Case You Were In A Bind.
Name Something That Looks Like A Human Being From A Distance.
Name A Piece Of Personal Info That You’d Never List On Facebook.
Name Something A Vendor Might Sell At A Sporting Event.
Name Something You Might Find On A Deserted Island.
Name Something A Mail Carrier Needs In Order To Do Their Job.
When You’re Feeling Tired In The Middle Of The Day, Name Something You Do To Wake Yourself Up.
Name A Rule About Dating That A Teen Might Not Agree With Their Parents On.
Why Might You Get No Invitation For A Wedding You Expected To Be Invited To?
Name A Food People Eat When They Visit New Orleans.
Name Something That Gets Pulled Around In A Sled.
Name Something A Kid Might Use To Slide Down The Stairs.
Name Something You Might See In A Dark Alley.
What Would You See More Of In A Movie That Takes Place In Texas Than In New York?
Name A Career Or Source Of Income That Makes Getting Into Heaven A “Long Shot.”
Name A Reason Someone Might Rub Something On Their Body.
Name A Way That You Might Get Into Your Car If You Locked The Keys Inside.
Name Something You Do More Of When You’re Sick.
Name Something That People Associate With Washington DC.
Name A Type Of Greeting Card That Is Probably Full Of Exclamation Points (More Specific Than “Congratulations.”).
What Should A Man Do If He Wants His Wife To Feel More Affectionate Toward Him?
Name A Place Where You’ve Seen Lawyers Advertise.
Name A Country That Starts With The Letter “B.”
Name Something Silver In Sci-Fi Movies.
Name An Organization That Kids Join.
Name A Reason You’d Write A Check Instead Of Using Cash Or A Credit Card.
Name Something Specific A Divorced Man Might Have To Learn How To Do When Living By Himself.
Name Something Associated With A High School Graduation.
Name A Noise That You Wish You Could Adjust The Volume On, But Can’t.
Name A Place Where You Often See People With Luggage.
How Can You Tell That A Letter Was Written By Someone Who Hates To Waste Paper?
Name Something That Might Accidentally Get Caught In A Paper Shredder.
Name Something People Look At For Predictions About The Future.
Name A House Pet That Wouldn’t Allow To Sleep At The Foot Of Your Bed.
At The Olympics, Name Something You Might See On At Athlete’s Uniform.
What Might A Person Dislike That Makes It Hard To Enjoy Valentine’s Day?
What Can You Do At A Drive-In Movie That You Can’t Get Away With At A Regular Theater?
Name A Good Homemade Holiday Present.
What Do People Do To Zoo Animals That It’s Rude To Do To Other People?
Name Something People Do Differently Than Animals.
Name A Place Where You See People Holding Signs.
Name Something The Audience Would Do At A Rock Concert But Never At A Classical Music Concert.
Name Something You Did Too Much Of In College.
Name Something Uncomfortable That The Bride Or Groom May Take Off At The End Of The Night.
Who Taught You To Drive?
Name A U.S. State That Has A Lot Of Wide Open Spaces.
Name Something Every Tight Rope Walker Needs To Do Their Job.
Name A Special Type Of Bagel Shops Sell Before Thanksgiving Or Christmas.
Name An Important Number People Often Memorize.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Have To Get Used To Kids Being Afraid Of You.
Name Something A Gardener Does A Lot Of On The Job.
Name Something You Wish You Could Get Rid Of After Christmas.
Name Something People Stop For On Their Way To Work.
Name A Place Where You Could See A Lot Of Fit People.
Name A Way To Cross A River.
Horses And Camels Do It, But Name A 4-Legged Animal That Can’t Give Rides.
Name Something You Associate With Bill Gates.
Name A Word Grooms Say They’ll Do At The Altar, But Probably Never Say After The Wedding.
Name Something You’re More Likely To Pay For With A Credit Card Than Cash.
Name An Ingredient In Eggnog.
Tell Me How Often You Wash Your Car.
If You Were Turned Into A Pig, Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To.
Name Something You Might Stop To Get On The Way To Work.
Name Something People Play Catch With. (BALL IS NOT AN ANSWER, BE MORE SPECIFIC)
Name The Age At Which A Person Starts To Feel Old.
What Can You Find Out By Reading The Tags On Articles Of Clothing?
Name A Reason Why A Married Woman Might Not Wear Her Wedding Ring.
Name An Activity Kids Usually Do With Their Grandparents Rather Than Parents.
Name Something People Know About Fire Hydrants.
Name Something A Pro Athlete Probably Owns A Lot Of.
Name A Hygienic Act That Kids Must Be Reminded To Do.
Name Something You Do While Watching A Movie That You Would Probably Never Do While Watching A Play.
Name A John Travolta Film That Bombed.
Tell Me Something You Know About Chicken Pox.
Name Something Noisy In Your Kitchen.
Name Something Specific You Could Offer To Do When Attending A Dinner Party At A Friend’s House.
Name An Object A Skinny Person Might Be Compared To.
Name Something That Would Keep You Up At Night If You Lived Next To It.
Name An Item You Wouldn’t Buy Online Because You Need To See It In Real Life.
Name A Type Of Product Sold On TV Infomercials.
Which Sesame Street Characters Are Most Likely Uncomfortable In Their Costumes?
If You Were Confronted By A Bear, Name Something You Could Do To Scare Him Off.
Name A Candy, Or Kind Of Candy, That Sticks In Your Teeth.
Where In Your House Might You Find Something Labeled Poisonous?
We Asked 100 Single Guys: Name Something In Your House That You’ve Gone At Least A Month Without Washing.
Name A Reason Your Mother-In-Law Might Refuse To Stay At Your House.
If People Suddenly Had Lie Detector Screens On Their Foreheads, What Profession Would Change The Most?
Name A Famous Alien.
Name A Reason Why Expecting Parents Might Not Want To Have Twins.
Name Something That A Couple Should Spend An Hour Without Each Night.
Name Something People Do To The Windows In Their Home.
Tell Me The First Thing A Very Responsible Person Would Do After Winning The Lottery.
Name Something You Associate With The TV Show “All In The Family.”
Name Something That Would Make A Person Think Their Husband Is Turning Into Santa Claus.
Name Something Dogs Probably Hate For Their Owners To Put On Them.
Name A Piece Of Safety Advice That Parents Give Their Children Before Going Outside.
What Would You Do On A Cruise That You Wouldn’t Do In A Canoe?
Name A Daring Vacation Activity That Might Land Somebody In The Hospital.
Name A Female-Dominated Job In Hollywood.
Name Something Halle Berry Is Known For.
Name Something That A Teacher Needs In Order To Grade Students’ Work.
Name Something A Student Would Hate To Run Out Of While Taking A Test.
What Is A Good Pet For A Child Who’s Too Young To Care For A Dog?
If Aliens Landed In New York, What Would They Think Earth Cities Had A Lot Of?
Name An Actor With A Good Sense Of Humor.
Name A Household Chore That Is Easier For Tall People.
Name A Sound You’d Hate To Hear While In The Shower.
For Which Items Do People Wait In Long Lines To Purchase At The Holidays?
Name A Personality Trait You Associate With Someone Who Refuses To Be Called By A Nickname.
If You Broke Your Foot, Name Something You’d Use To Help You Get Around.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were Going To Slay A Dragon.
Name Something You’d Find In The Sunday Newspaper That You Wouldn’t See During The Week.
What Might A Dog Have To Do In Order To Get A Treat?
What Might A Child Do At An Amusement Park That Their Parent Wouldn’t Do?
What Might A Person Join In The Hope Of Meeting A Love Interest?
Name A Monster Who Fell In Love With A Beautiful Woman.
If You Asked A Five-Year-Old, Name Something They’d Tell You About The Moon.
Name A Reason Why Someone Who Went Sailing Might Say They Had A Bad Time.
How Would Your Friends Begin Greeting You If You Became A Royal Family Member.
Name Something You Do At A Club To Let A Cutie Know That You Are Interested.
Romantics Say All You Need Is Love, But Name Something Else That Every Couple Needs.
Name A Kind Of Place Where You Might See A Porta-Potty.
Which Part Of The Body Can Be Used As A Weapon?
Name A Classic Band Or Singer, Living Or Dead, With A CD You Want For The Holidays.
Name Something That Attracts Flies.
Name A State You WOULDN’T Want To Visit In The Winter.
Name A Hanukkah Item Children Make At School.
Name A Singer Known For Having Lots Of “Soul.”
Name Something You Might Get At A New Year’s Eve Party.
What Would You See Hanging From A Rearview Mirror In A Car?
Name A Rockstar Who Is Old Enough To Be A Grandpa.
Name A Reason A Woman Might Wear A Hat.
Name A Type Of Store Where You Always End Up Spending More Money Than You Planned.
Name A Famous Johnny.
Other Than Their Bedroom, Name Something A Teenager Has That Might Be Messy.
Name Something That Can Ruin A Golfer’s Day.
Name Something A Parent Should No Longer Do For A 5 Year Old Child.
Name Something That Is Rolled.
Name Something People Put On Their Resume But Not Their Facebook Profile.
Name Something People Drink After Dinner.
Besides Alcohol, Name Something A Bartender Might Put In A Drink.
Besides Skis, Name Something An Olympic Skier Needs To Bring To The Race.
Name An Actor Living Or Dead Who Has Run For Political Office.
Name A Beverage They Serve On Airplanes.
Name Something You Can Be An Amateur At.
If It Wasn’t Dangerous, Name An Animal You’d Like To Have As A Pet.
Name A One-Word Term People Use While Playing Cards.
Name An Animal An Actor Might Work With That Would Make Him Nervous.
If You Were Turned Into A Frog, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Instead Of “Girlfriend”, What Phrase Might An Older Man Use When Introducing A Woman To Whom He Isn’t Married?
What Should A Person Always Do Before Leaning In For A Kiss?
Name Something That Someone Might Ask You To Take A Whiff Of.
What Might A Bicyclist Use To Keep Safe At Night?
Tell Me Something A Woman Having A Midlife Crisis Might Buy.
Name Something Somebody Might Do That Would Make Them A Grinch Or A Scrooge.
Name A Movie With A Specific Type Of Bird In The Title.
Name A Characteristic Of Childrens’ Cereal That Adults Are Less Interested In.
Tell Me Something You Can Do With Your Face That’s Considered Sexy.
Name Something For Which It’s OK To Be A Few Minutes Late.
Name A Perk Of Working On A Movie Set.
What Is The Most Fun Thing A Farmer Gets To Ride On?
Name A Place Where The Seats Are Uncomfortable.
Besides 3D, Name Another Gimmick To Get You Into The Theaters.
Where Do Your Unwanted Gifts End Up?
Name Something They Might Teach You How To Do At Vampire School.
Name A Vegetable That Goes Great With Party Dip.
Name A Food Some People Have A Weak Spot For.
Name Something People Usually Travel To Paris To Study.
Which Superhero Has The Coolest Costume?
If You Could Have Any Month Off From Work, Which One Would You Pick?
Name An Event For Which You Might Stay Up Later Than Usual.
If A Woman Chose A Man Like She Chooses Fruits And Vegetables, Name Something She’d Do To Him Before A First Date.
Name Something A Parent Might Do To Encourage Their Child To Eat A New Food.
Tell Me How Much Money A Teenager Spends On A Date.
How Can You Tell That A Family Member Has Picked Up A Phone To Eavesdrop Your Call?
Name A Food Or Drink That Feels Good On A Sore Throat.
Why Would A Person Keep Jeans After They’ve Gotten Holes In Them?
Name Something A Man Might Do In His Sleep That His Wife Might Think Is Cute.
Name A Type Of Performance You Might See On A City Street.
Name A Reason Why A Woman Wouldn’t Want Kids.
Which Wintertime Activity Do You Need To Practice In Order To Be Good At?
Name Something That Squeaks.
Name A Type Of Party You Would Never Invite A Clown To.
What Are Some Actions People Might Take To Be More Earth Friendly?
Who Comes To Mind First When You Hear The Name George.
If You’re Hoping To Take A Man’s Mind Off Of Love, Name A Good Subject To Bring Up.
Name Something Tall People Probably Get Tired Of Being Asked.
Name Something People Do In Order To Feel Safe While Walking At Night.
Other Than A Casino, Where Might Someone Do Their Gambling?
Name A Food That Is Better Homemade Than Store-Bought.
Name Something A Woman Might Do To A Photo Of Her Ex.
Name A Meal That Sometimes Comes With A Bib Even For Adults.
Name An Herb People Either Love Or Hate.
Name Something Couples Like To Do Together On Saturday Mornings.
Name Something A Woman Might Carry In Her Purse That A Man Wouldn’t Carry In His Wallet.
Name An Invention That Has Probably Made People Lazier.
Name A Color Only Punk Rockers Dye Their Hair.
Name A Reason Why Baseball Fans Stand Up During A Game.
Name Something That Is Bubbly.
Name An Insect That People Are NOT Usually Afraid Of.
Name Something A Teacher Probably Looks Forward To As Much As Her Students.
Name Something Associated With Ireland.
What Would Many Adults Say Is The First Priority In Their Life?
Name An Animal You Might See In A City Park.
In One Word, What Do Many People Think Is The Most Important Thing In Life?
Name The Funniest Man In Movies In The Last Decade.
Name An Animal You’d Hate To Cross Paths With In The Woods.
Tell Me Something Most People Check On The Internet.
Name A Profession That An Insensitive Person Should Never Do.
Name A Profession That Allows You To Influence Others.
Name A Type Of Wood That Furniture Is Often Made Out Of.
Name Something Kids Love To Eat For Dessert.
Name A Country You’d Want To Visit Just For The Cuisine.
Name Something A Frustrated Golfer Might Do.
Besides A Mattress, Name Something People Sleep On.
Besides An Iron, Name Something You Might Need In Order To Iron Your Clothes.
Name Something You Get To Choose While Playing A Board Game.
If You Live In A City, Name A Way That You Can Get To Work.
What Might You Find In An Old, Abandoned House?
Name Something You’d Expect To Find In A Celebrity Prison Cell.
What Do You Bring To A Waiting Room, To Pass Time While There?
Name Something People Forget To Do Before The Holidays.
Name Something People Know About Star Trek’s Mr. Spock.
Name An Actress Who Looks Far Younger Than She Is.
Name Something You Associate With Tom Sawyer.
What Souvenir Would You Bring Back From Hawaii?
Name A Kind Of Machine A Secretary Might Use While On The Job.
Tell Me How Many Pairs Of Underwear The Average Man Has. (Numeric Only)
Name A Food With Almost No Calories.
Name Another Term For A Swimsuit.
Name Something Unlucky That Happens To Soap Opera Characters, But Not Real People.
Name A Reason Why An Airline Ticket Would Be Cheap.
Name A Type Of Pancake.
Name A Part Of The Body That Bends.
Name A Way You Can Tell A Carton Of Milk Has Gone Bad.
Name Something That Has To Be Scanned Separately At Airport Security.
Name Something That Might Make Your Voice Sound Different From The Way It Usually Does.
Name Something You Might Find On Your Lawn That You’d Hate To Find On Your Carpet.
What Might You Want To Have Handy After Eating An Ear Of Corn?
Other Than English, Name A Language That A Businessperson Should Speak Fluently.
Name A Fairy Tale Character With An Unusual Name.
Name A Specific Food With Which People Often Drink Wine.
Name Something A Rapper Might Wear That You’ll Never See Grandpa Wearing.
Name A State Where It Snows.
Name A Specific Reason A Person Might Buy A Satellite TV Dish.
Name A Toy That An Infant Wouldn’t Get Much Use Out Of.
Name A Less Interesting Part Of The Job That The TV Show “Cops” Probably Doesn’t Show.
Name Something People Worry Will Happen To A Child Star.
Name A Kind Of Bagel.
What Would The World’s Least Romantic Husband Give To His Wife For Valentine’s Day?
Other Than Their Music, Name Something Specific About A Band That Makes Them Famous.
Name A Job In Which People Would Know Your Voice Better Than Your Face.
What Might A Child Do At The Zoo?
Name A Kids’ Game That Would Be Fun To Play As An Adult.
Name Something On A Man He Might Wish Was Smaller.
Name Something That Could Happen To A Man That Might Bring Tears To His Eyes.
Name A Profession Where You May Have A Part Of Your Body Insured.
Name A Reason You Might Need To Move Some Furniture.
Name Something A Radio Announcer Shouldn’t Eat While On Air.
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Voting.
Name Something A Teenager Wouldn’t Want Their Parents To Take Away.
Besides Their Music, Name Something The Beatles Were Known For.
Name Something A Man With Hairy Feet Might Be Compared To.
What Do You Check Before Buying Something At The Grocery Store?
Name Something People Pose Next To In A Facebook Photo.
Name A Type Of Mail That Comes On A Regular Schedule.
Name Something That Parents, However Different They Are, Probably Want To Teach Their Children.
Name Something A Dentist Might Give Out On Halloween Instead Of Candy.
Name Something That Is Said To Get Better With Age.
Name Something You Do While Talking On The Phone.
Name Another Word Or Phrase You Tell Someone That Means “Leave.”
Name The Very First Thing People Do When They Wake Up.
Name Something You Can Do Between Courses Of A Large Dinner To Burn Off Calories.
Name A Way People Can Find Out About New Music.
Name Something People Apply For.
Name Something People Associate With Jamaica.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Many Women Think Men Look Handsome In.
Name A Famous Show On PBS.
Name Something You Might See A Gambler Holding.
Name Something A Teen Girl Might Practice Doing Before Her First Date.
Name An Animal That Looks Cuddly, But Would Probably Eat You Alive.
Name An Activity You May Join In High School To Meet Cute Girls.
Name A Hobby You Associate With Macho Men
Name A Rule Parents Have That Teenagers Often Break.
What Do Wives Give Their Husbands When They Say, “Hold This For Me.”
Name Something You Can Do To Your TV With The Remote Control.
Name A Specific Place On A Woman’s Face Where She Might Pluck Hair.
Name Something You Show Off At Your High School Reunion.
Name A Movie That Will Smith Was In.
Tell Me Something That Celebrities Probably Don’t Enjoy Doing.
Name Another Word For A Young Child.
Name An Ache Or Pain That Is More Common Among Adults Than Children.
Name Something People Associate With Jesse Ventura.
Name A Title Someone Might Have In A Church.
Name Something A Gentleman In The Olden Days Would Do For A Woman.
Name An Activity School Teachers Make Their Students Do When They Don’t Feel Like Teaching.
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Prefer To Travel By Cruise Ship.
Name Something People Have In Their Backyard.
If You Were Playing Charades, Name Something You Might Do To Make People Guess You Were A Chicken.
Name An Animal That Schools Have As Their Mascot.
Name A Girl’s Name That Begins With V.
Tell Me Something You’d Hate To Find Out You Share With Your Biggest Enemy.
Name Something You Need If You Want To Go Fishing.
Name Something A Woman Might Cover With Makeup.
Name A Specific Activity A Person Might Do To Get Over A Breakup.
Name Something You Might Need If You Break Your Leg.
Name A Part Of The Body That You Couldn’t Last A Day Without.
Name Something You Usually Throw Out When You Move, Rather Than Move It With You.
Name A Color That’s Always In A Small Box Of Crayons.
Name Something People Wear That’s Adjustable.
Name Something You Might See In A Kid’s Mouth.
Other Than Pimentos, Name Something That Is Sometimes Stuffed In Olives.
Name Someone Whose Job It Is To Make Problems Go Away.
Name An Exercise A Drill Sargeant Makes His Soldiers Do.
Name An Animal Kids Always Want For A Pet, And Parents Always Say No To.
Name Something People Return.
Name Something A Hotel Might Offer For Free.
Name Something You Usually Do Daily, But Might Not Do At All When Sick.
Name Something That Is Taken Into Account When Giving An Employee A Raise.
What’s The Last Thing A Woman Might Put On Before Going Out?
Name Something People Might Do In A Hammock.
Name A Sport That Wealthy People Play.
Name The Most Famous Street In The United States.
Tell Me Something You Might Find On A Bride.
Name Something You Keep Handy In Case Of A Big Winter Storm.
Name Something Associated With Scotland.
Name A Food That Often Gets Stuck In Your Teeth.
Name A Place In Your Neighborhood Where You’d Never Expect To Run Into A Movie Star.
Name Something You’d Be Embarrassed If Your Dog Did To Someone.
Name A Food That Goes Good With A Bowl Of Soup.
Name Something You Might Accidentally Drop Under The Seat Of Your Car.
Name An Occupation Where You Expect To Get Into A Fist Fight.
Tell Me Something You’d Expect Mobster Don Vito Corleone To Do At A Wedding.
Name Something You Might Do To Help You Smell Better.
Name A Country That Makes A Lot Of Wrist Watches.
What Would You Do If You Were Down To Your Last Dollar At The Casino?
Besides Bond Films, Name The Best Movie Starring Sean Connery.
Name A Beverage You Don’t Usually Put In A Mug.
Name Foods That You Need Milk To Cook.
Besides A Plane, Name Something People Take To The Air In.
When You Live With A Roommate, Name Something You Hope They Do Quietly.
Name A Profession That A Lot Of People Don’t Trust.
Name Something A Guy Might Dump His Date For Doing Too Much Of.
Name Something A Woman Would Hate To Have The Same As Someone Else.
Name A Brand Of Car That You’d Expect A Wealthy Person To Drive.
Without Saying Anything, Name A Way People Say Hello.
Name Something You Might See Tied To The Roof Of Someone’s Car.
Name Something That Might Not Be Real In The Photo Of A Supermodel.
Which Part Of A Person’s Life Might Be Embarrassing To Discuss When First Meeting A Date’s Family?
Name Something Fishermen Use For Bait.
Instead Of A Motorcycle, What Would You Be Surprised To See A Tough Guy Riding?
Name A Piece Of Furniture That You May Have To Put Together Yourself.
Name Something Students Are Told To Include In A Book Report.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous “Mother.”
Name Something You’d Hate To Find Out Your House Needed To Have Replaced.
Name A Job That Requires You To Spend A Lot Of Time In The Water.
Name A Form Of Transportation Used By The Police.
Name A Famous “Newton.”
While Camping, Name A Specific Creature You’d Hate To Find In Your Tent.
Name Something You’d Hate To Look Over And See A Psychiatrist Doing While You’re In A Session With Him.
Tell Me Something That Kids Brag About Regarding Their Fathers.
Name Something You’re Likely To See In The Hands Of People At The Racetrack.
Name Something People Do To A Fish From The Lake, But Not To A Pet Fish.
Name Something A Clumsy Chemist Might Be Missing After A Lab Explosion.
Name A Common Household Item That Was A Luxury To Have 50 Years Ago.
Name A Person Or Place That People Look To For Parenting Advice.
Name The High School Subject Where A Student Gets Assigned The Most Homework.
When Multi-Tasking, What Might A College Student Be Doing At The Same Time As Their Homework?
If Santa Decided To Enter The 21st Century, How Would He Accept Wish Lists Instead Of By Mail?
Name A Fruit You Throw The Outside Away After Eating.
Name Something You CAN’T Have In An Igloo That You Can Have In A Regular House.
Name Something Every Judge Needs To Have.
Name A Job Little Boys Say They Want To Do When They Grow Up.
Name Something Cars Have That Motorcycles Don’t.
Tell Me Another Way To Say That You’re Hugging.
Name Something That Teens Elsewhere In The World Might Do At A Younger Age Than American Teens.
Name Something Man-Made That You Might See In The Sky.
Name Something Specific You Might Buy At A Party Supply Store.
Name Something You Want To Do On The First Warm Day Of Spring.
Name Something Husbands Do Today That They Didn’t Do 50 Years Ago.
Name The Age When A Kid Might Go To His First School Dance. (Numeric Only)
Name Something A Pirate Might Have To Remove Before Going To Bed.
If A Man Goes By The Name “Al,” What Might It Be Short For?
Tell Me Something That A Mob Boss Probably Has A Lot Of.
Name A Mistake You Can Make When Photographing Someone.
Name Something That A Claustrophobic Person Would Never Get Inside Of.
Name Something You Might Study If You Attend Clown College.
Name Something A Person Sees While Driving That Would Cause Them To Slow Down.
You’d Probably Get Away With Taking Pens From Work, But Name Something You’d NEVER Get Away With Stealing At Your Office.
Name A Reason A Person Might Have For Holding A Sign On The Street.
Other Than Matches, Name Something People Use To Start A Fire.
Name A Word Or Phrase Beginning With The Word “Snow.”
Where Might You See People In Swimsuits, Although There Isn’t Water Nearby?
Name A Type Of Bed.
Name A Fruit You Don’t Want To Use In A Food Fight Because It Might Hurt Somebody.
Name A Movie You Walked Out On Or Wish You Had.
Name A Specific Road Sign That Tells You NOT To Do Something.
Name A Boardgame That Even Your Grandparents Probably Played As Children.
What Might A Babysitter Do On The Job That Would Keep You From Hiring Them Again?
Name A Sport That A Sumo Wrestler Is Highly Unlikely To Participate In.
Name Something That’s Harder To Do After Clipping Your Nails.
Name A Way That You Can Tell Someone Has Been Kissing.
Name The First Thing People Do When They Hear That Their In-Laws Are Coming To Visit.
Tell Me Something That’s Hard To Do While Driving In Snow.
Name Something A Guy Might Take With Him To A Poker Game.
Name A Famous Character Who Wins A Woman’s Love Despite His Appearance.
Name The Best Thing About Blizzards.
Name Something A Mother-In-Law Might Send The Newlyweds That Tells Them She’s Itching For Grandchildren.
Name A Part Of Your Body That Falls Asleep And Then Tingles.
Name A Place Where Several Strangers Might Sleep In The Same Room.
Name The Age Most Middle-Aged Men Would Like To Return To. (Numeric Only)
Name A Movie That You’d Expect A Nerd To Be Able To Quote From.
Name An Animal That Might Dig A Hole In Your Yard.
Name A Modern Day Holiday Movie.
Real Or Fake, Name A Famous Blonde.
If Santa’s Elves Got Laid Off, What Complaints Might They Have About Working Conditions At The North Pole?
If A Clown Had A Garage Sale, Name Something You’d Probably See For Sale.
Name A Word That Starts With “Book.”
Name Something Teens And Their Parents Usually Have Different Tastes In.
Name Something That No Graduation Ceremony Should Be Without.
Name Something A Police Officer Would Be Embarrassed To Say They Don’t Know How To Do.
Besides Its Neck, Name Something Else That’s Longer On A Giraffe Than On A Human.
Name Something A Man Does When He Starts Going Bald.
Name Something You Are More Likely To Do On The Weekend Than On A Weekday.
Name Something A Person Asks About When They Call A Restaurant.
Name A Food That’s Made By Mixing Foods Together.
Name Something People Do At A Wedding That They Would Never Do At A Funeral.
Name Something Romantic About Christmas.
Name The Thing You Were Most Nervous About On Your Prom Night.
Name Something In The Grocery Store That’s Probably On The Same Aisle As The Shampoo.
Name Someone Who Batman Would Not Invite To His Wedding.
Name The Month In Which You First Turn Heat On In Your Home.
Where Do You Go In October That Isn’t Open The Rest Of The Year?
Name Something You Don’t Buy Until You’ve Thought About It For A Long Time.
Name A Piece Of Information That’s On Every Menu.
Name A Reason You’d Knock On Your Neighbor’s Door.
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Begins With The Letter “I.”
At A Friend’s House, How Do You Know They Have A Dog Even If He’s Not Around?
Name Something You See In A Movie That Tells You It Takes Place In California.
Name Something A Schoolboy Might Start Doing To Avoid Being Picked On.
Name A Reason You’d Close Your Eyes.
Name Something People Know About Panda Bears.
Name Something You Do To A Piece Of Fruit To See Whether It’s Ripe.
Besides The U.S., Name The Country You’d Most Like To Live In.
Name A Man, Past Or Present, Who’s Famous For Dancing In The Movies.
Name The Worst Movie Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Name Something People Wipe.
Name Something People Might Be Wearing Early In The Morning.
What Might Someone Do In A Job Interview That Would Guarantee They Wouldn’t Get The Job?
Name An Actress Whose Career Would Be Over If Romantic Comedies Stopped Being Made.
Name Someone Whose Theme Song Could Be, “Up All Night, Sleep All Day.”
What Might A Woman Put In Her Hair Before Going On A Date?
When You’re On The Verge Of Tears, Name Something You Do To Stop Yourself From Crying.
Name An Occasion For A Family Photograph.
Name A Place Where You’d Be Mortified If Your Cell Phone Went Off.
Name A Famous Person, Living Or Dead, With The Last Name Of Davis.
Name Something That Your Parents Had Strict Rules About, But Parents Today Often Do Not.
Name Something A Long Distance Trucker Might Need A Lot Of.
Name Something You Imagine A Millionaire Might Wear Around The House.
Name A Pie Filling Often Used During The Holidays.
Name Something People In The 1950s Thought We Would Have By The Year 2010.
Name An Outdoor Smell That You Associate With Summer.
Name A Happy Event That Can Also Be Stressful.
Name A Way That Parents Decide What To Name A Child.
If You Could Stay The Same Age Forever, What Age Would It Be?
Name Something Of Yours That You Only Give Out To Close Friends.
Tell Me A Famous Cartoon Family.
Name A Food Grilled At A Cookout.
Name Something Inconsiderate That People Do While Riding The Bus.
Name Something You Might See On A Sidewalk.
Name A Place People Go To Relax.
In Scary Movies, What Might Be Used To Get Rid Of A Ghost?
When A Family Is Trying To Spend Less, Name An Expense They Might Cut.
Name Something A Baby Has Less Of Than A Grown-Up.
Where Is The Worst Place To Leave Your Dog Unattended?
If Ms. Piggy Had A Son, Name A Way You’d Know That Kermit Was His Dad.
Name Something In Your House That You Wouldn’t Want To Get Stuck Moving By Yourself.
Name A Food Sold In The Dairy Aisle At The Supermarket.
Name Something That’s Made Of Cotton (Be More Specific Than Clothes).
Tell Me That Latest Time It’s Still Okay To Call Someone On The Phone.
Tell Me The First Thing A Newlywed Couple Buys With Their Wedding Money.
Why Might A Rental Car Company Refuse To Rent To Someone?
Name An Occasion When You Don’t Mind Getting Out Of Bed Early.
Name A Quality Of A Man Who’s Considered “Marriage Material.”
Name Something An Archaeologist Digs Up.
When Starting A New Job, Name Something You Might Ask Your Co-Workers About.
Tell Me Something A Pet Tries To Get Away With When Its Owner Isn’t Home.
Name A Food You’d See On A Children’s Menu.
Name Something You’d Never Expect To Have Returned If You Lost It At The Store.
Name Something A Man Might Borrow From His Wife, But He’d Never Admit It.
Where Might You Go If You Were Looking For Love?
Name Someplace Where People Get Their Best Reading Done.
Name An Animal That Has A Unique Pattern To Its Fur Or Hide.
Name Something You Would Need To Dress Up Like Santa.
Name Something Boston Is Famous For.
Besides Alcohol, Name Something A Bartender Wouldn’t Want To Run Out Of.
Name A Profession That People Often Say They Were “Called” To Do.
Name Something That People Often Hide.
Besides Lodging Recommendations, Name Something You Can Learn From A Travel Guidebook.
Name Something People Do While The Doctor Gives Them A Shot.
Name A Profession You Shouldn’t Go Into If You Have Bad Aim.
Name A Type Of Hand-Written Sign You See Around The Neighborhood.
Name Something Horses Like To Eat.
Name A Food You’d Avoid If You Had To Cut Down On Salt.
Name Something You Frequently Replace In Your Bathroom.
Name A Chore A Babysitter Might Have To Do On The Job.
If They Did A Show Called “Who Wants To Marry A Billionaire,” Name Someone They Might Get As The Groom.
Name Something That Gets Put Into Or Under Ground.
Tell Me Something That Is Expected From A Teenager, But That An Adult Should Know Better Than To Do.
Name A Fancy Meal That You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Kid Order.
If You Were Accidentally Locked Inside A Janitor’s Closet, Name Something You Could Use To Escape.
Name A Noisy Place Where It Would Be Impossible To Fall Asleep.
What Movie Would You Need Plenty Of Kleenex In Order To Watch?
Name A Type Of Party You Wouldn’t Bring Caviar To.
Now That Phone Booths Are A Thing Of The Past, What Might Clark Kent Go Into To Become Superman?
Name Something That Starts With A “B” That You’ve Been Warned To Stay Away From.
Tell Me Something You’d Hate To Find On The End Of Your Nose.
Tell Me A Pet That’s Not Much Work To Take Care Of.
Name A Place Where It’s Good To Be Tall.
Other Than An Application, Name Something You Sometimes Have To Provide When Applying For A Job.
Name Something That Doesn’t Always Happen In A Baseball Game, But It’s Exciting When It Does.
Name Something You’d Find In A Waitress’ Apron Pouch.
When Ordering Pizza, Name Something Extra You Might Ask For.
Tell Me The Worst Place To Be Kicked Out Of.
Name An Occasion For Which Your Husband Had Better Not Wear Jeans.
Name Something A Bank Robber Would Hate To Be Without.
Name Something You Might Find In A Suitcase That Would Tell You It Belongs To Elton John.
What Are People Likely To Eat, When Trapped On A Desert Island?
Name Something Used That A High School Student Might Buy.
Name Something A Naughty Child Expects To Get From Santa.
Name A Profession Where You Need To Stretch Before Work.
Besides A Fish, Name Something You Might Find At The End Of A Fishing Line.
Tell Me A Food Or Drink That Often Burns The Roof Of Your Mouth.
Name Something People Spend A Lot Of Money On, And It’s Over In A Day.
Name A Clothing Item That Takes Up Too Much Space In Your Closet.
If There’s No Toilet Handy, Name Another Place Where Men Are Perfectly Happy To Tinkle.
Tell Me How Old Is Too Old For A Kid To Be Trick Or Treating At Halloween.
Name Something Associated With Marilyn Monroe.
Name A Specific Task That Hotel Housekeepers Must Get Sick Of Doing.
Name Something You See In Front Yards During The Holidays.
Name Something A Child Does To Prove That They’re Too Sick For School.
What Might A Child Do Early That Makes Her Parents Think She’s Brilliant?
Name A Room In The House Where The Lights Might Be Dimmed.
Name Something You Might Ask Your Waiter For A Bottle Of.
Other Than Bed, Name Something That’s Hard To Get Out Of In The Morning.
Name A Kind Of Worm.
Name An Excuse Married Men Give For Not Wearing A Wedding Ring.
Name Something Specific You’d Need If You Wanted To Be Austin Powers For Halloween.
Name A Fruit That Stains Your Clothes.
Name Something Specific That A Dog Barks At.
Name A Place Where You Get News That’s Not Exactly Reliable.
Name Something That People Try To Squeeze Themselves Into. Be Specific.
Name Something There Is Too Much/Many Of On TV.
Tell Me A Section In A Bookstore You’d Be Embarrassed To Be Found In.
Name Something Friends Ask For Help Doing That You Always Dread.
Tell Me A Dream Job That You Wanted As A Kid, And Still Want Today.
If Someone Says That You’ve “Married Well,” What Do They Mean About Your Spouse?
Name A Talent That It’s Painful To Watch An Amateur Do.
Name Something You Should Always Point Out To A Friend, Even Though It’s Embarrassing.
Name A Command On Your Remote Control That You Wish You Could Use In Your Daily Life.
Name Something You Swear You’re Better At When No One’s Watching.
Name An Instance When A Teenager Would Be Reminded To Use Their Head.
We Asked 100 Wives: Name Something You Have To Tell Your Husband To Put Down.
Tell Me An Occupation That A Guy Nicknamed “Butterfingers” Should Never Take Up.
Name Something A College Student Might Do All Night Instead Of Sleep.
Name Something A Parent Tells Their Kids They Should Care More About.
Name Something You Might Find A Kid “Buried” In.
If A Teen Gets His Moves From Grandpa, What Dance Might He Do At The Prom?
Name A Number You Might Lie To Your Date About.
Name Something A Person Having A Midlife Crisis Might Do.
If They Were Smart, Name A Place That Horror Movie Characters Would Stay Far Away From.
If Animals Talked, Name One That Would Probably Have A Really High Voice.
Name Something You Do For Regular Photos, But Not While Posing For A Driver’s License.
Name A Physical Feature That Makes It Obvious Two People Are Related
Name A Part Of The Job That A Flight Attendant Must Get Sick Of.
Name A Profession Where You’d Receive Lots Of Mail From Strangers.
Other Than A Song, Name Something That Gets Stuck In Your Head.
Where Do Many Teenagers Have Their First Kiss?
Name Something You Have A One In A Million Chance Of Experiencing.
Tell Me An Actor In The History Of Cinema Known For His Slapstick Comedy.
Name Something Specific A Child Might Do In A Store To Make Mom Mad.
Name An Occupation You’d Want Just For The Car.
Name A Command A Dog Knows, But You Wouldn’t Bother Giving To Your Cat.
Name Something Some Women Spend A Lot Of Money On, Just To Look Good.
Name A Word Men Use To Mean “Friend.”
Name Something In An Office That Makes A Lot Of Noise.
Name A Famous Danny.
Name A Type Of Person Who Might Wear Goggles.
Name Something In Your House That Has To Be Changed From Time To Time.
Name An Expense On A Business Trip That The Company Would Be Expected To Reimburse.
Name A Type Of Store You’d Find In Just About All Shopping Malls.
Name Something Flirtatious That A Man Shouldn’t Do While At Work.
If A 10-Year-Old Ran His Own Restaurant, Name Something You Might See On The Menu.
If You Lived On Sesame Street, Name Somebody You Might Be Friends With.
Name Someone Who Knows A Lot About You Because It’s Their Job.
Name Something You’d Find In A Hospital Waiting Room.
Name Something That People Might Be Seen Doing In Their Vehicles As A Rest Area Along The Freeway.
Which Movie Should Only Be Watched On A Giant Screen?
Name Something Christopher Columbus Might Have Worried About During His Voyage To America.
Name A Halloween Costume People Wear If They Don’t Want To Go All Out.
Name Something Who Uses A Gun.
If You Elope To Las Vegas, Name Something You Might Not Have At Your Wedding.
Besides Thanksgiving, Name A Holiday You Celebrate With A Lot Of Food.
Name A Specific Item That A Woman Might Not Want To Wear When She’s Pregnant.
Tell Me The Occupation Of Someone Who Might Wear A Headlamp.
Name A Food That You Wish Was Healthy So You Could Eat It Every Day.
Name A Kind Of Place Where You See People Killing Time.
Name Something People Get Trapped In.
If Water Became As Expensive As Gas, Name Something You’d Do A Lot Less Of.
Name A Drink That You Might Stir.
What Do People Do At The Beach That Doesn’t Involve Getting In The Water?
Name Something A Mom Says That Her Kids Pretend Not To Hear.
Name A Phrase On A Traffic Sign That You Could Imagine Seeing On Your In-Laws House.
Which Item Does A Prank Store Likely Sell A Lot Of?
Name An Excuse That Bosses Are Probably Tired Of Hearing From Late Employees.
Name A Reason Why A Celeb Might Refuse To Sign An Autograph.
Name An Exercise High School Gym Teachers Make You Do.
Name Something That Would Be Hard To Do If You Didn’t Have A Mouth.
Name A Dessert That’s Made With Chocolate.
Besides Books, Name Something Else People Might Put On A Bookshelf.
Name A High School Subject That Kids Consider Difficult. Be Specific.
Tell Me A Noise That Birds Make.
Tell Me A Way To Communicate Without Technology.
Name Something Moms Make Their Kids Wear In The Winter.
Name Something People Skip.
Name Something An Office Worker Says They Could Use More Of.
Name Something You Might Find Inside Of A Plastic Egg.
Name A Word That Describes Someone Who Doesn’t Pull Their Own Weight.
Name A Reason A Game Show Host Might Get Fired.
Name A Makeup Women Apply To Their Face.
Name Something Specific That’s Fun To Get In The Mail.
Other Than For A Passenger, Name A Reason A Cab Driver Would Stop The Car.
Name Something Malls Do To Get Shoppers In The Christmas Spirit.
Name Something People Associate With Albert Einstein.
Name A Specific Meat That Would Be Hardest To Eat If You Didn’t Have A Knife.
Name Something People Know About Michael Douglas.
Name Something Associated With Goldie Hawn.
Name A Place That Might Be Dimly Lit.
Name Something That Would Lead You To Suspect That The Person You’ve Just Met Is From Canada.
Name Something Kids Forget When Leaving For School.
Name An Animal You See In The Woods That You Would Be Surprised To See In The City.
Name A Reason Why A Man Would Wax Hair Off Part Of His Body.
Name Something That People Put Behind Their Ears.
If Men Carried Purses, Name Something You’d Find Inside Them.
Name A Food Or Drink You’d Buy If You Were Having A Super Bowl Party.
Name A Profession That Would Require You To Save Someone’s Life.
Name Something That It’s Harder To Do In The Dark.
Name A Celeb Who Should Never Have Taken Up Acting.
Name Something A Man Might Put In His Hair.
Name Someone Who Wears Gloves.
Name Something That’s Dangerous To Do One-Handed.
Name A Bird With Really Long Legs.
Which Of Santa’s Reindeer Have Names That Sound Like Nicknames For A Lady’s Man?
Name Something A Bartender Does With A Customer Who’s Had Too Much To Drink.
Name A Way People Warm Themselves Up When They’re Cold.
Name Something People Need Good Posture To Do.
Name A Type Of Book That You’re Not Expected To Read All Of.
Name Something That Annoys You When You Ride The Bus.
If You Moved To England, Name Something That Would Take Some Getting Used To.
What Do You Do If You’re Eating At A Friend’s House, And Don’t Like The Food?
Name Something A Teenager Might Try To Get Away With When Their Parents Are Out Of Town.
Name Something That Ends With The Word “Code.”
Name A Phrase That A Cool Guy Might Use To Say Hello.
Name Something A Woman Might Wish Her Husband Had More Of.
Name Something People Shouldn’t Leave Inside Their Parked Car.
Name An Image That’s Often Used In Ads At Thanksgiving.
Name A Big Event That Happens To TV Characters In Order To Up Ratings.
Name A Place People Often Keep A Spare Key.
Name Something That Begins With The Word “Great.”
Name A Snack That Goes Great With Coffee.
Name Something People Know About Spiders.
Name Something A Hitchhiker Might Do To Get Noticed.
Name Something A Person Might Do With Chewing Gum That Other People Think Is Rude.
Name Something Grown-Ups Sleep With In Order To Feel Secure.
Name A Unit Of Currency That’s Used In A Foreign Country.
Name Something People Mean To Do In Their Spare Time, But End Up Watching TV Instead.
If Peter Pan Had A Phone, Name Someone He’d Probably Have On Speed Dial.
Name Something You Need To Check For If You’re Buying A Dress Used.
If A Person Is A Driver For A Living What Specific Type Of Vehicle Might He Drive?
What’s The Best thing To Have On The Radio While On Your Morning Commute?
Name The Month Most People Start Shopping For Holiday Presents.
Tell Me A Way You Warm Up Your Hands When They’re Cold.
Name Something You Do When Approached By A Salesperson At A Store.
Name An Expression That Begins With The Word “First.”
Name Something There Are Seven Of.
Name A Business That You Wish Stayed Open Later.
Name A Topic That People Might Whisper About.
What Are Some Milestones That A Baby Reaches In Their First Year?
Name Something That Every Family Does Immediately When They Win Family Feud.
Name Something A Celeb Has To Do Before An Awards Ceremony Starts.
Name A Two-Word Term That Starts With “Secret.”
Name A Place Where Everyone Seems To Be In A Good Mood.
Name Something You Might See At A Cowboy’s Yard Sale.
Name Something People Know About Paul Newman.
Name Something Cats Can Chase All Day.
Name A Type Of Cheese With A Funny Name.
Name Something A Celebrity Might Go On A Talk Show To Promote.
How Many Days Does A Cold Last?
Name Something At A Playground That You’d Never Go On While Queasy.
Name A Place Where You Would Not Want To Get Into An Argument With Your Partner.
Name Someone You Only See Once A Year.
Name A Reason Why Someone’s Voice Might Sound Funny.
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who’s Associated With A Lamb.
Name A Type Of Oil People Never Put On Food.
Name Something A College Student Would Write Down On A Calendar.
Name Something That People Could Watch For Hours.
Name Someone You Would Hire If You Won A Million Dollars.
If You Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Part Of Your Day Would Most Likely Turn You Into A Monster.
Name Something College Freshmen Have To Start Sharing When They Live In The Dorms.
Name Something People Often Lose.
Name Something People Put On Their French Fries.
Name Something A Person Might Do While Eating Breakfast.
Name Something That Can Make An Ordinary Dinner Romantic.
How Might A Snowman Lose Some Of Its Accessories?
Without Seeing Them Steal, Name Something That You’d See A Person Do To Make You Suspicious That They’re Shoplifting.
Name Something Kids Insist On Doing By Themselves Even If It Takes A Long Time.
Name Someone Who Wears White Clothes.
Name Something That Gets Delivered.
Name A Phone Company That Offers Low Long Distance Rates.
Name Something You Might See On A Bedroom Ceiling.
Besides Skiing, Name Something People Enjoy Doing At A Ski Resort.
Name A Specific Part Of Your Body That The Doctor Might Say To Take Better Care Of.
Tell Me Something A Person Might Ask Their Partner To Quit.
Name A Famous Past Or Present Couple Who You’d Hate To Live Next Door To.
Name An Image That Might Appear On Christmas Wrapping Paper.
Name An Activity You’d Never Do Without Wearing A Helmet.
Name Something You’d Need In Order To Play A Game Of Basketball.
Name Something You Need To Grow A Vegetable Garden.
Name A City In The U.S. That People Visit For The Holidays.
Why Might A Person Use Stairs Instead Of The Elevator?
Name A Type Of Reservation That Often Gets Lost.
Name A Game A Family Plays At An Annual Holiday Gathering.
Many Hunters Wear Camouflage In The Woods, Name A Pattern You’d Be Surprised To See A Hunter Wear.
Name Places Where You Might See Santa.
Besides A Wild Cat, Name Something That “Roars.”
Tell Me Something On TV That People Make Predictions While Watching.
Name An Announcement That You’d Hate For Your Boss To Overhear You Making.
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Starts With The Letter “M.”
Name A Type Of Gymnastic Move Almost Every Kid Knows How To Do.
Tell Me A Talk Show Host Who You Think Should Do A Little Less Talking.
Tell Me A Game Show That’s Been Around Forever.
If You Needed Some Fast Cash, Name A Possession You Might Sell.
Name Something A New Parent Tries To Do While The Baby Is Napping.
Name A Cartoon Movie That Features Animals As The Main Characters.
Name Something You Might Do With Your Fingers But Not Your Toes.
Name Something That’s Given As A Free Sample In Some Stores.
At The End Of The Day, Name Something Indiana Jones Might Put Away In His Closet.
Name Something A Teen Might Take Off Before Going To Grandma’s House For Dinner.
Name A Specific Fruit You Have To Cut Open To Eat.
Name Something A Kid Might Get To Do When Sleeping Over At A Friend’s House That He Doesn’t Do At Home.
Name Something An Impatient Person Might Do While Waiting In Line.
Tell Me How Many Hours A Day A Teenage Girl Talks On The Phone.
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Is Staring At You Over A Holiday Dinner, What Might She Be Telling You With Her Look.
Name Something People Might Buy For Their New Goldfish.
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear A Disguise.
Name Something From School That A Kid Might Try To Hide From Their Parents.
Name A Part Of The Body Where People Sprinkle Powder.
Other Than Stars’ Salaries, Name The Most Expensive Thing That Goes Into Making A Movie.
Name Something You Do While Birdwatching That You Might Also Do While Hunting.
On “Family Feud,” Name Something The Host Asks Players About.
Other Than Nice Houses, Name A Sign That You’re In A Well-To-Do Neighborhood.
Name A Superhero Who Doesn’t Fly.
Tell Me Something You Would See In A Blues Brothers Movie.
We Asked 100 Wives: What Percent Of The Housework Does Your Husband Do?
Name A Place Where You Need An Appointment.
Name An Actor Who Looks Better Bald.
Unlike A Wedding, Name A Social Event That You’d Never Want To Crash.
Name Something People Do While They’re Gambling.
Name Something You Might See In A Museum About The Old West.
Name A Public Place Where You Undress.
Name A Reason You Might Suspect That Your Roommate Is Turning Into A Vampire.
Other Than An Airplane, What Might A Cartoon Character Use To Help Them Fly?
Besides Chocolate Chip, Name A Popular Cookie.
Tell Me Something That Every Country Singer Needs.
Tell Me The Age That Kids Probably Start Using Naughty Language With Their Friends.
Name Something You Might See In A Country Western Music Video.
What Part Of The School Day Might A Kindergartener Look Forward To?
If You Run Into A Bear In The Woods, Name Something You Should Not Do.
Name Something That Kids Make Out Of Paper.
What Might You See In Front Of The Neighbors’ House That Lets You Know They’re Moving?
Name Something Teachers Give Their Students.
If Animals Had Yearly Check-Ups, Name One That Might Be Told To Lose Some Weight.
Name A Phrase On Signs That Starts With The Word “No.”
Name Something On A Baby That Often Looks Big Compared To The Rest Of Their Body.
Name Something People Do When They’ve Lost A Pet.
Name A Place Where A Child Makes Friends.
Name Something A Child Might Do For Or Give Santa.
Name A Job You’d Accept Just To Get Access To The “Company Car.”
Name Something Women Like To Take More Time Doing Than Men Do.
Tell Me Something That Gets Stuffed.
Name A Fruit That Comes In A Can.
Name Something Specific A Dancer Might Wear In An Old Hollywood Musical.
Name A Public Place Where Even An Adult Can Get Lost Easily.
Name A Piece Of Equipment That Was Once Considered Modern Technology, But Few People Even Own Anymore.
Name A U.S. City Where It Snows A Lot During The Holidays.
Name A Specific Food That You Could Still Eat If You Lost All Your Teeth.
Name Something You Might See At The North Pole.
Name A Place That You Wish You Had The Nerve To Go Alone.
Name Someplace That Kids Need Their Parents To Drive Them.
Name Something A Carjacker Would Hate To Discover About The Car He Stole.
Tell Me A Slang Word For “Underwear.”
Name Something A Cat In A Movie Can Do That A Real-Life Cat Can’t.
If Barbie And Ken Broke Up, What Might Barbie Do With All The Extra Time?
Besides Lettuce, Name Something A Restaurant Might Put In A Dinner Salad.
Name A Type Of Business That You Can Smell Before You See It.
Name Something You Do On Christmas And Your Birthday.
Name A Number Associated With A Used Car That You’d Want To Know Before Buying It.
We Asked 100 Married People: What Do You Do With Your Spouse That Reminds You Why You Fell In Love?
Name Something A Person Sits Next To On A Hot Day.
Name A Breakfast Item That You Order, But Can Never Finish.
Name Something A Woman’s Doctor Might Advise Her Not To Wear.
Name Something You Might See In The Sky That Would Make You Say “Ooooh!”
Name A Food You Can Cook On A Campfire.
Name A Complaint A Door-To-Door Salesperson Might Have.
Name Something That Grows Quickly.
Name A Term That Uses The Word “Shot.”
Name Something That People Hope Will Last Forever.
Name A Type Of Footwear That Doesn’t Have Laces.
Name Something You Hear Cops Say In A Police Movie.
Name Something You Might Know Your Partner’s Password For.
Name A Public Place Where You Might Be Spotted Wearing Less Clothing Than Usual.
Name Something Kids Get In Trouble For Throwing.
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Fisherman.
Name Something That A Germaphobe Would Hate To Share.
Name Something A Person Might Be Told To “Hang Up.”
Tell Me A Food That People Often Slurp While Eating.
Name Something Most People Hate About Fall.
Name A Creature That, Until It Moves, You Don’t Know Its Head From Its Tail.
Name Something People Do At A Bar Besides Drink.
What Do A Barber And Butcher Have In Common?
Tell Me The Day Of The Week When You Start Thinking About The Weekend.
Name Something You Might Find Out About A City That Would Make You Change Your Plans To Visit.
Name The Best Place To Pick Up A New Joke.
Name A Part Of Your Car That Can Be Adjusted.
Name Something That Kids Promise Their Parents They’ll Do If They’re Allowed To Borrow The Family Car.
If Doc Were To Examine The Other 6 Dwarfs, Whose Problem Might He Try And Medicate?
Name A Food Served With Melted Butter On It. (Vegetables Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something People Think Rich Folks Do All Day Instead Of Working.
What Words Do Kids Usually Use To Describe Something They Like?
Name Something Associated With The Cartoon Show “The Jetsons.”
Who Was On The Phone The Last Time You Said, “Don’t Call Here Anymore”?
Name Something You Might Worry About While On A Cruise Ship.
Name Something Dogs Are Trained To Find.
Name Something Specific You’d Expect To See In One Of Those “New Age” Stores.
If Fred Flintstone Was Your Neighbor, Name Something You Wouldn’t Ask To Borrow.
Name Something That People With Roommates Do More Of In Their Bedroom Than People Without.
Besides Andy, Name A Character From “The Andy Griffith Show.”
Name Something Bad That Might Happen TO A Magician’s Assistant During A Performance.
Name Something People Claim To Have Seen That Others Think is Crazy.
What Might A Cowboy Have Hidden Under His Hat?
Past Or Present, Name A Famous Singing Duo.
Name An Activity That Is Associated With Retired People.
Name Something A Teacher Might Use To Help Them Teach Their Class.
Name Something That’s Sold By The Pound.
Name An Article Of Clothing You Are Constantly Buying More Of.
Name A Reason Why A Person Would Say They Had A Horrible Cab Driver.
Name A City In Texas.
Name A Gift That A new Mom Is Bound To Get Duplicates Of At A Baby Shower.
Name Something People Enjoy Doing Under A Tree.
Name A Reason Why A Child Might Not Want Long Hair.
Name Something That Might Come Out Of Your Nose When You Laugh.
Name Something You Might Build In The Backyard.
Name Someplace You’d Have To Be On Really Good Terms To Invite Your Ex.
Name Something Cindy Crawford Is Known For.
Name A Shade Of Blue (Light And Dark Are Not Answers).
Name Something You Might Ask To Borrow From A Co-Worker.
Tell Me Something A Dog Can’t Stand.
Name A Creature Who Would Be Rich If They Were Paid For All The Work They Seem To Do.
Name Something That Your Opinions Get Stronger About As You Age.
Name A Job In Which You Might Have The Day Off When It Rains Out.
Name A Character Who Found Love And “Lived Happily Ever After.”
Name Something About The Lion In The Wizard Of Oz That’s Different From A Real Lion.
Tell Me Something That Kids Have Too Much Of These Days.
Name A Place Where You’d Hate To Be Seated Near Someone With An Annoying Laugh.
Where Would You Take A Date Who Talks Too Much?
Name Something You Associate With Tinkerbell.
If A Fashion Designer Was Dressing A Farmer, What Would They Need To Buy?
Name Something That People Try To Crack.
Name Something A Parent Has That A Teen Might Envy.
Name An Activity That You Follow A Set Of Steps To Do.
Besides Restaurant Service, For What Other Services On A Cruise Ship Would You Leave A Tip.
Name Something That Probably Got On Jane’s Nerves After She Married Tarzan.
Besides The Players, Name Someone Who Gets Paid To Work At A Baseball Game.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To See If You Looked Out The Window Of An Airplane.
If You Wanted To Sleep In Late, What Might You Do The Night Before To Prevent Getting Woke Up?
Name A Way That You Can Track Down An Old Friend.
Tell Me How Old A Boy Is When He Stops Using His Tree House.
Name A Part Of A Parade That Kids Like More Than Adults.
Name Something That Gets Buzzed.
Tell Me A Color That You Like To Wear, But You Wouldn’t Want To Paint Your House.
Name Something You Might Do After Work On Payday.
If You Hear Your Spouse Say “Oh No” In The Kitchen, Name Something You Would Assume Had Happened.
Name Something That Floats.
Name A Holiday When The Post Office Is Closed.
Name Something Associated With The Devil.
Name Someplace You’d Love To Put Your Feet Up, But You Probably Shouldn’t.
Name Something In An Office Which Might Be Left On Overnight.
Name Something Boy Scouts Are Known For.
Name Something Specific That Teenagers Do That Makes Their Parents Very Angry.
Name Something About Santa’s Christmas Eve Trip That’s Hard To Explain Using Logic.
Tell Me An Instance When You’d Be Told To “Stand Back!”
Name Something About Miss Piggy That’s Different From Most Pigs.
If Santa Wanted To Earn Extra Cash, What Other Occasions Could He Deliver Gifts For?
If Barbie Aged Like The Rest Of Us, Name A Way That She’d Look Different Now.
Besides Pizza, Name Something A Pizza Place Might Serve.
Name A Place Where You Can Find Job Ads Listed.
Name Something A President Probably Has With Him Everywhere He Goes.
Name Something You’d Hate To Forget To Do During A Job Interview.
Name A Cliche People Say About Beauty.
Name A Professional Who You Hate To Call, Because The Bill Is Always Expensive.
Name Something You Hate To See Ahead Of You While Riding A Roller Coaster.
Name Something People Often Leave In Front Of Their House With A “Free” Sign On It.
Name Something You Want To Know When You Run Into A Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years.
A Subject In School That Would Have Helped Santa Do His Job.
Name Something You Might Have To Wait For While On An Airplane.
Name Something A Writer Uses To Work.
Name A Place Where It’d Be Smart For A Lawyer To Advertise.
If Santa’s Got A Tattoo Hidden Under His Red Suit, What Is It Most Likely Of?
Name Something You Might Put On A Cut.
Name A Specific Response Parents Have When Their Child Throws A Tantrum.
Tell Me How Long The Average Person Can Hold Their Breath Before They Turn Blue.
Name Something A Dog Owner Might Pay Someone To Do For Their Dog.
Name Something A Commercial Hints Will Happen If You Buy The Product Advertised.
Name A Sport That Can Only Be Played Outdoors During The Winter.
Name Someone In Her Life Who A Woman Might Have A Crush On.
Name A Word They Use At A Sporting Event That’s Also Used On The Family Feud.
Name Something You Own That Doesn’t Work Well.
Name A Game Played In Gym Class That Doesn’t Seem Like It Offers Much Exercise.
Name Something You Associate With Andy Kaufman.
Name Some Reasons Why Teenagers Want To Get Older.
Name A Type Of Event That Adults Dress Up To Go See, But Kids Would Find Boring.
Name A Famous Aaron (Or Erin).
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Be Able To Retire At 40.
Name An Occupation Where You Might Wear Suspenders.
Name Something You Tell Someone Is Going To Hurt You More Than Them.
Name A Talk Show You Might Go On To Tell About Your Disaster Wedding.
Name The Last Country You’d Want To Win A Trip To.
Besides On Top Of A Flag Pole, Where Else Would You See The American Flag?
Name Something People Carry On Their Shoulders.
Name A Feature TV Sets Have Today That They Didn’t Have 50 Years Ago.
We Asked 100 Wives: Name Something Specific You Wish Your Husband Would Be More Helpful With Around The House.
Name A Popular Flavor Of Sherbet.
Name Someplace You Might Be Where It Would Be Inappropriate To Laugh Out Loud.
Name A Type Of Magazine That You’d Be Surprised To See A Supermodel Browsing Through.
What Do People Wear To Work Now That Would Have Been Considered Too Informal 50 Years Ago?
Name Something You Rent.
When Meeting A Blind Date, Name An Accessory You Might Wear So They Know It’s You.
Name A Food That’s Made From Corn.
Name Something That’s Used To Pave A Driveway.
Name A Specific Kind Of Pepper People Put In Their Food.
Name Something You Might See In A Bathtub.
Name The Most Gentle Farm Animal.
Instead Of A Dollar, What Might A Pirate’s Kid Find Under Her Pillow When She Loses A Tooth?
Name An Animal That Would Be An Appropriate Mascot For A Team Of Marathon Runners.
Name Something You Can Test In The Store Before Buying It.
Name Something That Always Makes You Feel Better When You’re Lonely.
Name A Brand Of Car That’s Made In America.
Name Something That People Often Write On The Back Of Postcards.
Which Extra Piece Of Clothing Might Wear To A Game Of Strip Poker To Delay Taking Off Your Essentials?
Name The Best Kind Of Music To Dance To With Someone You Want To Be Close To.
Name Something People Are Said To “Break.”
Name A Place Where You Might Find A Frog.
What Food Do You Want To Avoid Before Kissing Someone?
Name Something Kids Love To Ride On.
Name Something A Cheerleader Has Lots Of.
Name Something A Mansion Has That Requires Hired Help To Maintain.
Name Something A Man Might Do If He Nicks Himself While Shaving.
Name Something A Driver Might Do That Would Cause You To Write Down His Car’s License Number.
Name Something You Can See At A Kids Birthday Party.
Name A Drink People Put Ice In.
Name Something You Lie To Your Boss About.
Who Was The Worst Oscar Host?
Other Than Fight, What Does A Pro Wrestler Do That A Kid Would Get In Trouble For Copying?
Name A Kind Of Event A Child In A Large Family Might Have To Go To A Lot.
Name Something Most People Bring With Them When They Go To Work.
Name Something That Gets Stripped.
Besides Passengers, Who Might You See At A Subway Station?
Name A Less Than Tasty Food You’d Only Eat If You Were Camping.
Name A Fairy Tale Character Whose Name Would Cause Her To Stand Out In The Real World.
Name Something Specific That Must Be Really Hard For Astronauts To Do While In Space.
Name Something From Childhood That Many People Save.
Where Were You The Last Time You Had A Bit Too Much To Drink.

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