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All Questions page 123

Name A Responsibility That Most Married Couples Share.
Name Something Guests Do At A Wedding Reception.
Name Something A Professional Baseball Player Might Have A Nightmare About.
Name Something That’s “As American As Apple Pie.”
Name A Place Where You Often End Up Overeating.
Besides Applauding, Name A Way Someone Might Show Their Appreciation For A Performance.
Name A Real-Life Job Where You’d Encounter Situations As Scary As In The Movies.
Name Something People Might Have To Do At Traffic School.
Name An Activity Kids Do At Day Camp.
Name A Reason Why You’d Wake Your Spouse Up In The Middle Of The Night.
Name Something A Person Might Donate To Charity.
Name An Electronic Gadget That Fits In Your Hand.
Name A Reason You Might Send A Bowl Of Soup Back.
Name Something That Can Be Hard To Resist.
Name A Sitcom That Was Popular In The ’80s.
Name Something That’s Found In Just About Every Desk Drawer.
Name A Reason That A Snake Would Make A Bad Pet.
At Work, Name Something You Stare At All Day.
When You Don’t Have A Pen Or Pencil, Name Something Unconventional You Might Use To Write With.
Name Something Provided In A Waiting Room To Keep You Entertained.
Name An Instance Where Someone With Smelly Feet Would Feel Self-Conscious About Them.
Name An Animal You’d See In The Woods That You Wouldn’t Be Afraid Of.
Name Something People Shouldn’t Do Through Text Message, But Often Do.
Name Something A Truck Driver Must Be Good At.
Name A Bad Way For A Party To End.
Name Something You Do To A Chicken Before You Cook It.
Name Something In Your House You Could Not Live Without.
Name A Minor Ailment You Can’t Stop Your Body From Doing, But Would Dread Having Happen At Your Wedding Ceremony.
Name Something Children Might Get Rewarded For.
Name A Shakespeare Play Which Was Made Into A Movie.
Rockstars May Be Popular With Women, But Name An Instrument That Wouldn’t Land A Guy Any Dates.
If They Offered A Class On Being A Good Neighbor, What Would They Teach?
Besides Hot Dogs, Name Something A Hot Dog Vendor Might Have On His Cart.
If You Were Starting Your Own Business, Tell Me The First Thing You’d Need.
When In A Hurry, What Do You Hope Your Cab Driver Will Do In Traffic Although You’d Never Do It Yourself?
Name Something A Knight Uses.
Name Something Babies And Kittens Have In Common.
Name A Type Of Structure That Is Sometimes Named After Dead People.
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Mail Delivery.
Name An Animal You’d Find In The Forest.
Name A Reason A Mailman Might Have A Bad Day On His Route.
Name A Sound You Hear A Lot Of In A High School Hallway.
Name Something That Teenagers Spend More Time Doing Than Adults.
If Your Cat Learned To Speak, Name Something It Would Ask For.
Name A Profession Where You Get To Wear Boots All Day.
Name A Place That People Try To Sneak Out Of.
Name The First Place A Man Goes After A Tough Day At Work.
Name Someone You Might Call Right After A Car Accident.
Name Something That Kids Fight Over During The Holidays.
What Might A Kid Get In Trouble For Writing On?
Name Something About Airlines That Comedians Like To Make Jokes About.
Name A Sound That You Often Hear In A House With Lots Of Children.
Name Something A Queen Has That The Average Woman Might Envy.
Name Something That Usually Comes Standard On A Luxury Car.
Name Something You Expect To Get On A Hamburger, Even If You Don’t Ask For It.
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who’s Famous For Using A Bow And Arrow.
What Do You Try Hard Not To Do On A Date?
Tell Me An Item Of Clothing That A Mermaid Would Never Need To Shop For.
Name Something People Might Keep In Their Safe At Home.
Name Something People Get Admitted To.
Name Something People Look Forward To All Year Long.
Name A Chore That You Can’t Do For Five Minutes Without Breaking A Sweat.
Name A Sign The Person You’re Talking To Might Be Asleep.
Name A Reason You Might Use The Wrong Bathroom At A Bar.
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Starts With The Letter “L.”
Name Something That Most Supermodels Don’t Have.
Name A Dessert Or Treat That You’d Never Eat With A Fork.
Name Another Pet That You’d Be Surprised To See Your Cat Cuddling With.
In What Condition Should People Never Blog Because They Might Say Something They Regret?
Name The Age When A Supermodel Should Retire.
What Might A Girl Wear For The First Time To Her Junior High Dance?
Name A Job In Which You Need To Dress Well In Order To Succeed.
If Fairy Tales Were Written In Modern Times, Where Might A Princess Meet Her Prince Charming?
Name Something You Do To Your Lawn That You Would Never Do To Your Wall-To-Wall Carpet.
Tell Me A Piece Of Jewelry That Is Round.
Name A Well-Known Phrase That Includes The Word, “Cat.”
Name An Occupation That People Should Be Thanked For Doing.
French Toast Is One Food That Has A Nationality In Its Name. Give Me Another.
Tell Me A Way In Which The Family Dog Can Annoy You.
For How Many Days After New Year’s Does Someone Stick With Their Resolution?
Name Something That Is Probably Irritating About Being Married To A Professional Athlete.
Name Something A School Bus Driver Might Complain About.
Name An Insulting Thing Someone Might Do With A Gift You Sent Them.
What’s The First Thing A Kid Wants To Do When She Gets Home From School?
Name The Room In Your House That’s Used The Least.
Name A Reason You Might Suspect You’re Becoming A Martian.
Name Something People Do While Telling A Lie That Gives Them Away.
Name A Famous Roger.
Name Something You Dreaded Talking To Your Parents About As A Teen, And Still Do.
Name A Profession That Uses Scissors.
Name A Place Where You Don’t Want Front Row Seats.
Name A TV Show You Might Go On If You’re Having Relationship Problems.
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Computers.
If Someone Turned You Upside Down, Name Something That Would Fall Out Of Your Pockets.
Name An Event That Takes Place At A Church.
Name Someone Famous Who Plays The Piano.
Tell Me A Name That’s Common For Cats To Have.
If Dog Owners Demanded Fido Get A Job, What Job Might He Be Good At?
Name Something You Buy To Save Money In The Long Run.
Name A Store That’s Always Open, Even On Christmas Day.
Name A Sea Creature You’d Hate To Run Into While Scuba Diving.
Name Something About Love That Some People Believe In And Others Don’t.
Name A Situation Where You Might Hang Up On An Answering Machine, For Fear Of Saying Something Dumb.
Name Something A Track Coach Might Carry With Him.
Name A Word For A Handsome Man That You’d Feel Funny Saying.
Name Someone You Would Hate To Get In A Fender Bender With.
Name Something You See In A Typical Nativity Scene.
Name A Vegetable People Don’t Snack On Raw.
Name Something In Your Wallet That Might Be Used For An ID.
If You Saw Your Love Interest Unexpectedly, Name A Specific Reason You’d Avoid Them.
Name A Mood-Setter In Your Home That You Pay More Attention To If You Are Trying To Impress A Date.
Tell Me How Many Items They Allow In Most Supermarket Express Lines. (Numeric Only)
Name Something You Can Buy In A Cordless Version.
Name A Reason You Would Go To Grandma’s House For Dinner Instead Of A Restaurant.
What Would The Chatterbox Next To You Keep You From Doing On An Airplane?
Name Something That Almost Anyone Can Cook.
Name Something You Expect To See Inside Every Hotel Room.
Other Than Clothing Store, Name A Type Of Business You Find In A Mall.
Name A Gift A Child May Give To A Teacher For The Holidays.
Name A Sport That Takes Place In The Water.
Name Something A Kid Might Do To Get Out Of Taking A Bath.
Name Something Parents Worry That Their Kids Do Too Much Of.
Name A Reason Why A Teen Might Swear Off Love.
Name The Age Girls Stop Playing With Dolls. (Numeric Only)
Name Something You’re Hoping Is Fake At A Halloween Party Because You’d Be Afraid Of A Real One.
Besides Video Games, Name Another Kind Of Game You Can Play At An Arcade.
Name Something You Really Only Need One Of, But Most Households Have More.
Name A Type Of Bread People Order Sandwiches On At A Deli.
Name A Button You’d Find On A Video Camera.
Name Something People Do When They’ve Lost Their Temper.
What Might You See In A Personals Ad That Would Make You Think It Was Placed By Superman?
Why Might Someone Who Doesn’t Like Reading Go To The Library?
Name Something In Your House You Wish Were Just A Little Bit Bigger.
Name Something That Has A Tip.
Name A Profession Where An Engaged Woman Might Remove Her Extravagant Ring Before Work.
What Might A Mail Carrier Keep On Hand To Deal With Unfriendly Dogs?
Name A Movie About Baseball Players.
What Might You Find Out About A Man That Would Make You Think He Wasn’t Ready To Commit?
Name A Baby Farm Animal That A Child Would Probably Want To Keep As A Pet.
Name A Subject That – At One Time In Your Life – You Couldn’t Stop Talking About.
Name A Fact About A New Boyfriend That A Woman Might Wait To Tell Her Parents.
Name A High School Subject Kids Might Take To Get An Easy “A.”
Name Something You Might Do After A Bad Restaurant Experience.
Name A Piece Of Information That Can Be Found On A Prescription Bottle.
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who Always Tells The Truth.
Name Something Little Boys Love To Build Models Of.
Name Something You See Cheerleaders Do That Would Look Strange To See People Doing Otherwise.
Name A Place On Your Body That You Can’t Scratch When It Itches.
Name Something People Know More About If They Read The Tabloids In The Checkout Line.
Name A Food That Can Be Molded Into A Shape.
We Asked 100 Husbands: Name Something Your Wife Spends More Money On Than You Do.
Name Something You Might Bring To Your Kid’s High School Football Game.
Name Something A King Would Hate To Be Without.
Name Something You Might Find At An Oasis.
If There Was An Award For “Loudest In The Zoo,” Which Animal Would Win It?
Name A Word That Begins With “Uni-.”
Name Something You See A Lot Of In The Summer.
Name A Board Game People Give As A Holiday Gift.
Tell Me An Emotion That Gets Stronger After You Have Children.
Name A Flower That Comes In Different Colors.
Name Something Karaoke Singers Use For Help, But A Real Singer Shouldn’t Need.
Name A Reason Why Some TV Commercials Are More Irritating Than Others.
Name A Movie Theater Food That Gets Stuck In Your Teeth. Be Specific!
Name Something Of Yours That A Snoop Might Try To Get Access To.
Name Something Found In The Garden Of Eden.
Name Something You Do Right Before Your Picture Is Taken.
Name A Movie That Wasn’t Nearly As Good As The Book.
Name A Type Of TV Commercial That’s Usually Targeted At Men.
Name A Woman In A Man’s Life Who His Wife Might Not Get Along With.
Name A Word That You’d Probably See In A Vacation Brochure For Hawaii.
Name Something People Put On The Outside Of Their Car.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Find That A Frat Party Had None Of.
Name A Household Appliance You Would Actually Enjoy Receiving As A Gift.
If You Were Friends With Nancy Drew, What Might You Buy For Her Birthday?
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Had A Personal Assistant, Name Something They’d Be Asked To Do.
Name A Part Of You That Looks Different When You’re Sick.
Name Something Specific A Woman Looks At When She First Meets A Man On A Blind Date.
Name Something From The Ocean That You’d Never Find On A Restaurant Menu.
Name Someone Who You’d Hate To Accidentally Forward A Personal Email To.
Name A Word That Starts With “F” That Best Describes Your Cat.
Besides Eat, Name Something A Person Might Do On Their Lunch Hour.
Name Something That You Don’t Want Your Dog To Chew On Over The Holidays.
Name A Sauce You Put On Meat.
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That She Might Lend Out And Not Get Back.
Name A Reason That A Child Might Get Taken Out For Ice Cream (More Specific Than “Good”).
Name Something You Shouldn’t Have For Lunch Right Before A Driving Test.
Name An Expression With The Word “Kick” In It.
Name A Vehicle That Has A Loud Engine.
Name Something A Divorced Person Might Do With Their Wedding Ring.
Name An Accessory That Might Be Sold With A James Bond Action Figure.
What Might You Hear In A Weather Forecast That Would Keep You From Going Outside?
Name A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Jump.”
Name A Way That You Wish Your Life Was More Like Your Cat’s Life.
Name A Way That People Spoil Their Pets.
What Did 100 Wives Say Their Husbands “Always Think They’re Right About” In An Argument?
Name Something That A Very Tall Person Might Hit Their Head On In An Unfamiliar House.
Name Something That Gets Delivered By Trucks.
Name An Act Of High School Rebellion That You Can’t Imagine A Kindergartener Doing.
Name An Occasion Where Parents Force Their Child To Wear A Certain Outfit.
Name Something You Might Do After Your House Has Been Robbed.
Name Something You’d Hate To Realize Is Out Of Batteries When You’re On A Trip.
Name Something You Keep In Your Pocket Or Purse “Just In Case.”
Name A Specific Smell From A Diner In The Morning That Makes You Want To Go In.
Name Something You’d Never Wear To Work Out At The Gym.
Name A School Supply That You Haven’t Used Since You Were Young.
Other Than Sitting And Watching, Name Something People Do In Front Of The TV.
Name A Fruit People Put In Cakes.
Name Something That Might Cause A Real Life Family Feud Among Neighbors.
What Might Happen To Cause A Rock Concert To End Abruptly?
Name Santa’s Biggest Problem.
Name A Sport Where The Players Have Very Little Clothing.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Outlaw.
Name A Sport In Which The Athletes Don’t Wear A Lot Of Clothes.
Name Something You Might See At A Church Gift Shop.
Name Something People Lie About In An Internet Chatroom.
Duct Tape Can Fix A Lot Of Things, But Name An Expensive Item That It Would Probably Be Useless To Fix.
Name A Complaint A Person Might Have About Their Cable TV Company.
Name Something You Might See In Someone’s Backyard That Would Tell You They Had Kids.
If You’re Going To Do Your Own Taxes, Name Something You Probably Need.
Tell Me The Worst Thing To Have Break If You’re Stuck In Bed On Doctor’s Orders.
In The Bible, Name A Creature Noah Would Have Had The Hardest Time Capturing Two Of For His Ark.
Name An Activity Some Men Do With Their Buddies Where Wives Aren’t Invited.
Name Something Gentlemen Used To Do For Ladies That They No Longer Bother With.
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Cheers.”
Name Something You’d Find At The Center Of Fancy Chocolates.
Tell Me Something You Would Let Your Dog Do, But Not Your Child.
Name Something A Political Contest And A Football Game Have In Common.
Name A Place Where A Man Might Be A “Regular Customer.”
Name Something That Gets Delivered To Your Door.
Name Something Noah Might Have Worried About During His Voyage On The Ark.
Name Something That Would Be Hard To Steal From A Hotel Room.
Name A Specific Quality That Would Make Your Buddy A Bad Wing Man.
Name Something That A Person Might Consume Every Morning In Order To Stay Healthy.
Name Something People Go To That Might Be Sold Out.
Name Something People Don’t Like To Start.
Tell Me The Latest Hour You Could Drink Coffee Without It Affecting Your Ability To Fall Asleep.
Name Something That A Person Might Change Many Times Throughout Their Life.
Name Some Things That Annoy You In Public Places Such As Restaurants.
Name Something People Do With Their Dogs That They Don’t Do With A Pet Goldfish.
Tell Me Something You Put In An Emergency Road Kit.
What Square Object In Your Home Could You Not Live Without?
Name Someone Bart Simpson Would Block From Becoming His Friend On Facebook.
Name Something That Might Get You To Watch A New TV Show.
Name A Game Teenagers Play At Parties.
Name Something Toddlers Carry Around With Them All The Time.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were Making Pancakes.
What Might A Celebrity Do That Causes People To Criticize Him?
Name Something You Would Do In Front Of Children, But Would Be Embarrassed To Do In Front Of Other Adults.
If You Were Going Rock Climbing, Name Something You’d Want To Bring With You.
Name Something That Your Spouse Has Accused You Of “Stealing.”
What Might You Do To Avoid Being Approached By A Pushy Salesperson At A Car Lot?
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Lose On The Dance Floor.
Name Something Specific That Can Smell Like Cinnamon (More Specific Than “Sweets.”)
Name Something That People Try To Squeeze Themselves Into.
Name A Chain Store That’s Put A Lot Of Mom And Pop Stores Out Of Business.
Name Something That Left Handed People Need To Use A Special Version Of.
What Do People Start Having More Of In Their Car Once They Have Kids?
Name A Type Of Party That’s Bound To Get A Little Out Of Hand.
Name A Famous Tower.
Which Endearment Would Many Women Be Annoyed To Hear A Stranger Call Them By?
Name A Movie That Is Based On A True Story.
Name Something Associated With Princess Leia.
Name Something A Shy Man Might Wear To Hide His Face.
If You Were Staying Overnight At A Friend’s And Forgot Your Toothbrush, Name Something You Might Do.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Probably Go Through A Lot Of Sunscreen.
Name Something Everybody Knows About Turkeys.
Name Something At A Rock Concert That You Don’t Pay To See, But See Anyway.
Name A Drink That Tastes Disgusting When It’s Warm.
We Asked 100 Wives: Name A Place In The House Where Your Husband Spends More Time Than You Do.
Name A Profession Where You Might Be Called A Shark.
Name A Company Which Sends Out Special Holiday Catalog.
Tell Me A Place Where You Feel The Need To Get Up And Stretch Your Legs.
Name Something That You Would Buy At A Bakery For Christmas.
Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Bankrobber’s Suitcase.
Name An Organ In The Body That Many People Should Take Better Care Of.
Name How Many People Can Ride Comfortably In The Back Of A Limo. (Numeric Only)
Name Something Associated With John Travolta.
Tell Me The Average Number Of Keys The Average Person Carries Around With Them (Numeric Only).
If Apple Pie Lost Its Title As The Food Defining America, What Dessert Might Take Its Place?
Name Something You Might Do To Keep Your House Cool On A Hot Day.
Name Something Students Use In Math Class.
Name A Good Occupation For Someone Who Likes To Be The Center Of Attention.
Name Something People Do On Spring Break, But Not On An Ordinary Vacation.
Name An Activity For Which People Wear Boots.
Name Something That Only A Nosy Person Would Look Through.
Name Something That Is Known For Producing A Lot Of Offspring.
Name Something People Do With Both Hands.
Name A Movie Involving An Elephant.
What Event Might Someone Attend Without Their Spouse That Would Make You Think They Broke Up?
Name Something You’d Find At Most Amusement Parks. (More Specific Than “Rides.”)
Name Something People Use Pins For.
Name A Snack That’s Served At Any Party.
Tell Me A Place In The Newspaper Where You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Name.
In A Romantic Movie, What Event Often Happens At The Movie’s Finale?
Name A Reason Why A Student Might Be Moved To The Front Of The Class.
Name A Specific Sound That Has Woken You Up Before You Felt Ready To Be Awake.
Name Something That’s More Likely To Happen To You If You’re Hanging Out At A Bar.
Name Something Donald Duck Does That Most Ducks Don’t.
Besides Books, Name Something People Read.
Name Something People Usually Keep From High School.
Name Something That Superstitious People Believe Will Bring Bad Luck.
Name A Restaurant Job That A Stay-At-Home Parent Does For Free All The Time.
Name Something Most People Start To Get By The Age Of 35.
Tell Me Something A Cab Driver Gets Sick Of His Passengers Doing.
Name Something You Might Pay Extra For When Renting A Car.
In Today’s World, Name Something That Helps People Stay “Forever Young.”
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than Humans Do.
Name Something That Plugs Into Your Computer.
Name Something That Tastes Good With Mustard.
Name Something A Teen Can Do For Longer Amounts Of Time Than Their Parents.
Name A Part Of A Doll’s Body That Might Be Movable.
Name Something People Decorate With In Winter To Get In The Holiday Spirit.
Besides Tomatoes, Name Something You Sometimes Find In Spaghetti Sauce.
Name Something That A Circus Performer’s Parents Would Cringe At Seeing Him Perform.
Name A Reason You’d Go By A Nickname Instead Of Your Full Name.
Name A Piece Of Information That You Write Down When You’re On Your Way To Meet Your Blind Date.
Name A Shakesphere Character Who Most People Have Heard Of.
What Do You Do When Someone Tells A Joke That’s Not Actually Funny?
Name Something You’re Likely To Be Complimented On When Someone Is Flirting With You.
When Shopping, Name A Way You Can Tell If Someone Is A Sales Clerk.
Name Something A Magician Might Remove From Audience Members Without Them Ever Knowing It Was Gone.
We Asked 100 Single Ladies: Name Something A Guy Should Always Do First Before Asking You On A Date.
Name Something Specific You’d Wear If You Wanted To Impersonate A Woman.
Name Something You Can Buy In The Paper Products Aisle At The Supermarket.
Name Something Specific Farmers Grow In Their Fields.
Past Or Present, Name A U.S. President Who You Wouldn’t Mind Having A Beer With.
Name Something About Alaska That Non-Residents Might Romanticize.
Name Your Favorite Type Of Girl Scout Cookie.
Name A Sign That You Television Is Over 40 Years Old.
Name Something You Take A Deep Breath Before Looking At.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something Your Partner Will Never Do As Well As Mom.
If A Restaurant Was Going Bankrupt, Name Something They Might Stop Giving Away Free.
Name A Thanksgiving Leftover That Would Be Hard To Get Into A Sandwich.
Even Though It’s A Beautiful Place To Visit, Name A Reason Why You Might Not Want To Live In Hawaii
Name Something That A Game Show Host And A Good Teacher Have In Common.
Name A Reason You Might Be Glad To Put On A Few Pounds.
Name A Beverage That’s Not Sweet.
Name A Famous Doctor (Real Or Imaginary, Living Or Dead) You Would Not Want To Operate On You.
Name Something That Might Be Described As “Strong.”
Name A Specific Food That’s Hard To Cook Well, Without Burning.
Name Something That People Today Probably Wash More Than They Need To.
Tell Me The Age Of A Woman That Is Too Young To Be Dating A 50 Year Old Man.
Name Something A Patient In A Hospital Might Have Trouble Doing On His Own.
Name Something A Person Does To Warm Up Their Hands.
Other Than Sleep, Name Something You Do While Lying Down.
How Could You Tell That Someone’s ID Is Fake?
Name A Way You Might Be Able To Tell What Someone Just Had For Lunch.
Name Someone You Wish Wouldn’t Call So Often.
Name Something That You Could See On An Alaskan Cruise That You Probably Wouldn’t See On A Caribbean Cruise.
What Would A Beauty-Obsessed Person Take Longer To Do?
Name A Type Of Fish A Restaurant Might Feature As “Catch Of The Day.”
Name The Hardest Musical Instrument To Learn How To Play.
Name The Magazine Cover You’d Most Like To Appear On.
Name Something People Do On Ice.
What Might A Poker Player Do To Make Bluffing Easier?
Besides A Camera, What Should You Pack For A Trip To The Rainforest?
What’s The First Thing A Teen Would Do After Getting Her Braces Off?
Name An Accessory That Some People Want In A Designer Brand.
Name Someone You Might Tip At A Hotel.
Name Something In Your House That You Might Hear In The Middle Of the Night And Mistake For A Burglar.
Name A Type Of Sandwich You’d Expect To See In New York City.
Name An Activity That Involves A Paddle.
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Starts With The Letter “T.”
Name A Type Of Sauce That You’d Never Put On Pasta.
Name A Fruit That Starts With The Letter “P.”
Tell Me The Worst Part About Going To The Beach.
Name A Reason Why Parents Say That Childhood Is Better Than Adulthood.
Past Or Present, Name A TV Judge.
Name A Hairstyle That Starts With “B.”
Name A Band Instrument That Requires A Player With A Good Set Of Lungs.
Name Something Teens Should Have To Promise Never To Do Before Getting A Cell Phone.
Name A Food You Wouldn’t Eat With A Fork.
Besides Sleep, Name Something You’d Rather Do With The Time You Spend Commuting To And From Work.
Tell Me A Smell Most People Hate.
Name A Type Of Business That’s Convenient To Have In Your Neighborhood.
What Do You Do When Someone Says Hi, But You’re Sure You’ve Never Met Them?
Name Something A Job Ad Should Tell You About The Job.
Name Something You Wear That Covers Your Ears.
Name Something A Male Rockstar Might Do To Make Himself Look More Rebellious.
Name A Place That, Once You Enter, It’s Hard To Leave.
Name An Animal You Could Recognize Just By Its Nose.
Name Something A Child Would Say Is Too Short.
Name An Instance In Which You’d Hear Applause.
Name Someone You Might Call If You Thought Your House Was Haunted.
When You Were A Little Kid, Where Did You Think Babies Came From.
Name A Type Of Wave That You Can’t Ride On.
Name Something You Do To Prepare For Out-Of-Town Visitors.
Name Something You Do At The Library.
Name A Way In Which Sitcom Characters Are Typically Different From Real People.
Name A Type Of Vehicle That’s Noisier Than The Average Car.
Name Something People Do In Hawaii That They Don’t Do In Alaska In The Winter.
If They Offered A Class On How To Be A Rockstar, Name Something They Might Teach You How To Do.
Name The Most Romantic Place To Go On A First Date.
Name A Type Of Business That Does Best During The Summer.
Name Something A Romantic Man Would Hate For The Woman He’s Serenading To Do While He’s Singing.
Name Someone Who Might Wear A Lab Coat.
Name Something You Might See Next To The Cash Register At A Restaurant.
In Which Profession Would It Be Easiest To Get Away With Wearing Sweat Pants?
Name A Person Or Character Who Is Referred To As “Lady.”
Name Something A Person Might Change After Breaking Up With A Partner.
Name A Common Item That’s Shaped Like A Bear.
Name Something You Need In Order To Be Happy.
Besides Food, Name Something You’d Bring To A Barbecue.
Name Something Charlie Brown Likes To Do.
Name Something That Might Be Advertised On The Bulletin Board At A College.
Name A Sound You’d Hear At A Boxing Match.
Name Something Football Players Wear For Protection.
Name Something Referred To As “Foul.”
What Kind Of Pet Would You Be Surprised To Know A Macho Guy Owned?
Name The Worst Dish At Thanksgiving Dinner.
Name Something Comforting You Do When You Are Sick.
Name Something You Pay Another Person To Do To You That You Wouldn’t Want To Hire An Amateur To Do.
Name A Place Where You Wish Smoking Was Forbidden.
Name Something Everybody In The Office Does When The Boss Comes In.
What Day Of The Week Do You Watch The Most TV?
Name A Job That Allows You To Work With Plants All Day.
Besides A Hospital, Name Another Place A Nurse Might Get A Job.
Name Something You See On Every Late Night Talk Show.
Name A Day Of The Year Which Is Celebrated With A Parade.
Name A Specific Activity That You Wouldn’t Bother Fixing Your Hair Before Doing.
Why Would Someone Wear A Wig If They’re Not Bald?
Name A Snack With The Word “Stick” In It.
Who Would Most Kindergarteners Say Is The Smartest Person In The World? Be Specific.
Name Something That You’d Find In A First-Aid Kit Specially Made For The Tropics.
Name Something About Mickey Mouse That’s Different From Most Mice.
Name A Skill That People Often Exaggerate On Their Resumes.
Name Something An Audience Might Do If They Don’t Like The Performance They’re Seeing.
Name A Reality TV Show That’s Probably Not 100% Real.
Name An Animal You’d Be Able To Identify By Its Ears Alone.
Name The First Thing Climbers Do When They Reach The Top Of Mt. Everest.
What Age Do Kids Think Is Really Old, But Adults Think Is Pretty Young?
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Miami Vice.”
Name Something That Spies In Moves Always Carry.
Fill In This Blank: I’ll Never Forget My First _____.
Name Something You Use To Decorate A Snowman.
Name Something You’d Never Want To Fall Asleep While Doing.
How Many Days Does A Container Of Ice Cream Last In Your Freezer.
Name A Noise That People Can’t Prevent Themselves From Making.
We Asked 100 Parents: Name Something Your Kids Are Always Asking For.
Name The Best Place To Be When The Clock Strikes 12 On New Year’s.
Name Something That Parents Keep Out Of Reach From Their Children.
If Your Cat Placed A Personals Ad, What Might It List As One Of Its Interests?
Name An Occupation That Should Only Be Done By Very Smart People.
Name An Animal That Has A Long Tongue.
Name A Type Of Bill Nearly Every Adult Has To Pay.
Name Something A Person Might Lose When They’re Stressed Out.
Name Something You Use To Decorate Your Face For Halloween.
At A Restaurant, What Do You Do If Your Meal Doesn’t Taste Very Good.
Name Something A Doctor Might Check During A Routine Exam.
Name Something Real Cowboys Do That A Country Singer Has Probably Never Done In His Life.
Name A Job In A Hospital That A Person Who Hates The Sight Of Blood Could Still Perform.
Name Something A Pirate Has To Take Off Before He Goes To Bed.
Name An Article Of Clothing Some Women Try To Wear As Tight As Possible.
Name Something You’re Told To Turn Off Before An Airplane Takes Flight.
Name A Place Where Beverages Are Always Overpriced.
Name A Beverage Served At Fancy Restaurants. (Alcohol Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name A Way You Can Tell That Someone Was Just At The Beach.
Name Something A Kindergarten Teacher Wears To Work That A Banker Never Would.
Name Something A Baby Doesn’t Have That Most Adults Do.
Name A Type Of Shoe That Would Be Hard For A Tightrope Walker To Perform In.
Name Something Tarzan Might Do That Could Get Him Thrown Out Of A Nice Restaurant.
Name A Specific Place That You Were Nervous To Walk Into For The First Time.
Name A Cheap Snack You Might Serve At A Party.
Name Something Daring That A Person Might Do On Their 18th Birthday.
To Get A Pro Football Player’s Salary, Name A Bad Part Of His Job That You’d Put Up With.
Name Something You Might Learn How To Do In The Boy Scouts.
People Give Baths To Their Dogs, But Name A Pet That You Would Never Bathe.
Tell Me Something In The House That Your Husband Rarely Touches.
Name Something That Could Go Wrong On School Picture Day.
Tell Me A Nut That Doesn’t Have The Word “Nut” In Its Name.
Name A Pasta Dish That Ends With The Letter “I.”
Name Something That Starts At The Press Of A Button.
Name Something With Wheels That You’d Like To Be Pushed Around On.
Name Something A Lifeguard Might Yell At A Person For Doing At The Beach.
Name Something That Makes Traveling To A Foreign Country More Difficult Than Traveling To A Different State.
Name An Instrument You’d Never See In A Marching Band.
Name Something Kids Can Do To Celebrate The New Year.
Name A Topic People Disagree About.
Name Something That Comes In A Lot Of Flavors.
Tell Me Something A Backseat Driver Would Complain About.
Name Something Young Boys Do To A Girl They Like, But An Adult Man Would Never Do.
Name A Tool That Makes A Lot Of Noise When It’s In Use.
Name An Article Of Clothing That You’d Only Wear Inside If You Were Freezing.
Name A Celebrity Who Has Been Knighted And Given The Title “Sir.”
Name A Sign That A Person Stayed Up All Night.
Name A Way That Characters Die On A Soap Opera.
Name Something Even A Kindergartener Knows About Dinosaurs.
Name Something A Raccoon And A Burglar Might Have In Common.
Name Something That’s Usually Painted Red.
Name An Occupation Where You’re Not Sure If The Workers Really Like You, Or If They’re Just Doing Their Job. (More Specific Than “Sales.”)
What Is Will Smith’s Best Movie?
Name A Word That Begins With “Co-.”
Name An Occupation That’s Associated With Being Brave.
Name A Place Where You See A Lot Of Mirrors.
Name Something That Might Have Fins.
What Might Another Car Do On The Freeway That Annoys You?
Name A Complaint That A Bodybuilder’s Wife Might Have About Him.
Name An Occasion Where You May Be Jealous Of The Guest Of Honor.
Name A Public Place Where You Take Off Your Shoes.
Name One Thing Which Might Tell Someone That Fall Is In The Air.
Name Something That Might Crash.
Name A Famous U.S. General.
If Your Dog Learned To Speak, What Would Be Its First Word?
Name Something That A Person Who Is Cursed With A Conscience Might Feel Guilty About Doing.
Name A Common Pet Name That A Man Might Not Want To Be Called In Front Of His Buddies.
Name A Child Star Who’s Still Attractive.
Name A Reason You Might Not Want To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning.
Name A Sport Where People Wear Helmets.
Name Something In Your Refrigerator That Comes In A Bottle.
Name Something Specific A Considerate Neighbor Wouldn’t Do Too Early In The Morning.
Name A Singing Group That Has A Number In Its Name.
Name Something That Students Compete For In High School.
Name A Famous Department Store That You’d Find In New York City.
At Which Important Occasion Would You Not Want An Auctioneer To Be The Speaker?
Tell Me A Place Robbers Commonly Break Into.
Name Something You Change That Isn’t Physically Visible To Others.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Dread A Snowstorm.
If You Were On TV, What Might You Accidentally Do Out Of Excitement?
Name An Animal You’d See In The Ocean That You’d Probably Wouldn’t See In A Lake.
Name Something A Family Spends A Lot Of Money On When Going On Vacation.
Tell Me A Word You’d Use To Describe Bill Gates.
Name Something You Imagine George W Bush Is Doing In His Retirement.
Name Something Embarrassing Your Parents Might Do During The Holidays.
Name An Olympic Event For Which Athletes Must Be In Tip-Top Shape.
Name An Ingredient That Tends To Take Over The Taste Of Any Dish It’s Used In.
Name A Word That A Customer Service Operator Must Get Tired Of Saying.
If You Wanted To See Your Date In Less Clothing, Where Might You Take Them?
Name A U.S. City That Begins With The Letter “L.”
Tell Me The Number Of Fish You’d Need To Catch To Deem A Fishing Trip A Success.
Name An Occupation That Uses A Shovel.
Name Something That Can Be Described As “Smokey.”
Name Something A Man Makes Sure To Do Before His Wedding.
Name Something Washington, D.C. Has A Lot Of.
Name A Place Where It’s Always Sunny.
Unlike A Sock, Name An Item Of Clothing That Would Be Hard To Accidentally Put On Inside Out.
Name A Movie With Beautiful Landscapes.
At The Video Game Arcade, What Might Your Date Do To Make You Mad?
Name Something You Have Tried To Get Rid Of, But It Always Comes Back.
What Word Might Be Used To Describe Someone Who Rarely Speaks To Others?
Name Something That Can Be Extracted From The Earth That Is Valuable.
If Adults When To Summer Camp, What Aspects Of Their Stay Might They Complain About?
Name A Celebrity Who Is Often Or Always Known By Only One Name.
On A Vacation, Name The First Thing You Remove From Your Suitcase When You Reach Your Destination.
Name Something A Hospital Room Has That Your Room At Home Probably Doesn’t.
Name An Animal People Are Often Compared To When They’re Eating.
Name The Letter In Your Cell Phone Contacts That Contains The Most People.
Name A Food That Most Everyone Likes.
Tell Me Why A Couple Might Both Sit On The Same Side Of The Table Instead Of Across From One Another.
Name A Term Many People Use In Place Of “Grandma.”
Tell Me Something That Other Drivers Might Do To Make A Brand New Driver Really Nervous.
Name A Popular Topping You’d Find At An Ice Cream Bar.
Name Something That Lives In A Cave.
If You Went Back In Time 10,000 Years, Name A Luxury Item You’d Probably Miss.
Name Something You Keep In An Ice Chest. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something You Might Be Asked To Do At The Doctor’s Office.
Instead Of Walking, Name A Way To Get Around In Snowy Weather.
Name A Design You Often See On Socks, But Not On Sneakers.
Name An Animal That Could Probably Beat Carl Lewis In A Race.
Name A Game That You See People Playing In The Park.
Name Something Babies Do That You Would Be Embarrassed To Have Someone See You Do As An Adult.
Name Something A Driver Might Do When He Sees A Police Car.
Tell Me Something That Gets Filled.
Name A City That Is Famous For Its Music Scene.
Name Something That Is Larger In A School Cafeteria Kitchen Than In Your Kitchen.
Name Something A Kid Might Need To Buy Before Starting A New School Year.
You’re Sick Of Telling Ghost Stories. Name A Profession Whose Workers Probably Have Scary Stories To Share.
In A Large Family, What Often Gets Mixed Up With That Of Your Siblings?
Name Something A Doctor Uses To Look Inside Your Body.
Name Something That A School Bully Is Known For Doing.
Name A Downside To Wearing Contact Lenses.
Name A Grocery Store Item That You Often Run Out Of.
Name Something That Makes You Angry When It’s Unreliable.
Name The Worst Thing For A Circus Performer To Be Afraid Of.
Name Something Specific That Might Cause A Person To Faint.
Name Something You Don’t Want To Have Happen During A Moment Of Silence.
Name Something People Associated With Rodney Dangerfield.
Finish This Sentence: “Quit Hogging The _____!”
Complete This Sentence: I Always Talk Too Much When I’m _____.
Name A State Where People Speak With An Accent.
Name Something You Wish Your Dog Could Do For Your During The Day While You’re At Work.
Name Something Shiny On Miss America.
Name Something That People Try To Avoid Doing In An Elevator.
If You Were Stranded On The “Survivor” Island For A Year, Name Something You’d Probably Miss The Most.
Name Something That Might Hang Off The Back Of The Bride And Groom’s Car.
Name An Instrument You Hold Between Your Legs.
Before The Internet, Where Did Most People Find Their Information?
Name Something Many People Did 50 Years Ago That’s Now Considered Unsafe.
Name Something That The Human Body Has More Than 2 Of.
Name An Occasion When People Sing.
Name Something A Person Might Do Too Much Of On A Cruise Ship.
Name Something A Babysitter Shouldn’t Bring Along On The Job.
Besides A Delorean, What Car Would You Use For A Time Machine?
Tell Me The Average Temperature In Fahrenheit At Which People Set Their Thermostat. (Numeric Only)
Past Or Present, Name A Legendary Singer A Lot Of Performers Imitate.
Name A Food Or Drink That Begins With The Word “Hot.”
Name A Type Of Event That Your Ears Might Be Ringing After.
Name Something You Find In Most Board Games.
Name Something A Good Stand-Up Comic Needs A Lot Of.
Name Something A Groom Might Worry About On His Wedding Day.
Name Something Associated With The Movie “The Exorcist.”
Other Than Her Kids, Name Something A Woman Might Blame Her Gray Hair On.
Tell Me Something You Can’t Drive Your Car Without.
Name A Reason Someone Might Complain About Their Roommate.
Name A US State In Which You Might Find A Real-Life Cowboy.
Name A Place Where Even A Celebrity Would Not Get Special Treatment.
Name An Animal That Climbs Trees.
If Your Lawn Mower Broke, Name Something You Might Use To Cut Your Grass.
Name Something That Outdoor Cats Do That Would Cause A Scandal If You Did It.
If You Were To Open “Heartbreak Hotel,” Name Something You’d Offer Your Brokenhearted Guests.
Name A Food That Comes In A Box.
Name A Good Gift For A Lifeguard.
Name Something A Teenager Would Hate To Be The Last Of Their Friends To Do.
Besides Milk, Name Something You’d Offer To Cookie Monster To Go With His Cookies.
Name Something Specific A Child Does To Get On Santa’s Naughty List.
Tell Me An Age When Girls Start Thinking About Boys. (Numeric Only)
Besides Chicken, Name Something You Associate With Kentucky Fried Chicken.
If You Were A Celebrity For A Day, Name A Place Or Event You’d Try To Get Into.
Tell Me A Boy’s Name That Starts With “Ch.”
Name A Type Of Entertainer You Might Find Aboard A Cruise Ship.
Name Something A Movie Director Might Yell Out On The Set.
Name A Spot Where Many People Are Ticklish.
Tell Me Something That You’d Only Bring To A Rock Concert If You’re Starting To Get Old.
Name Something Dogs Do That Makes Them “Man’s Best Friend.”
Name A Holiday You Would Go Out To A Theater To See A Movie On.
Name Something A Wife Would Be Happy To Give Her Husband Some Privacy For.
Tell Me A Public Place Where You Can Find People Singing.
Name Another Word For Restaurant.
Name A Reason Why Somebody Might Bring Cookies In To The Office.
Name Something Specific That Causes You To Honk Your Car Horn.
Name Something A Realtor Suggest You Do, In Order To Sell Your House.
We Asked 100 Husbands: Name Something Your Wife Wears That Makes it Hard To See Her Figure.
Name Something At Which People Over-Exert Themselves.
Name Something Some Toy Dolls Do That Make Them Seem Like A Real Baby.
Name Something A Couple Might Take Up Doing Together Once They’ve Retired.
Name A Sound You Wouldn’t Want To Make While Giving A Speech Into A Microphone.
Name Something That’s Straight On Some People, But Not On Others.
Name A Winter Olympic Sport.
Name A Face That You See A Lot On Halloween.
In The Shower, Name Something You’d Hate To Realize You Were Out Of.
Name An Activity That Residents of A Nursing Home Look Forward To.
Name Something A Couple Stops Sharing After They Get Divorced.
Name Something Always Sold In Sets Of Two.
Name Something A Child Might Intentionally Lose In Order To Get Out Of Wearing It.
Name A Type Of Person Who Might Say The Ocean Is Their Second Home.
Name Someone Who You Should Not Lie About Your Age To.
Other Than Swim, Name Something You Can Do In A Body Of Water.
Name A Musical Instrument Parents Hate To Hear Their Kids Try To Play.
Name Something That Kids Are Excited To See At State Fair.
Name A City That’s Known For Having Great Food.
Name Something A Marathon Runner Would Hate To Have Happen During A Race.
Name A Food Or Drink That Interior Decorators Would Use To Describe A Shade Of Brown Wall Paint.
What Do You Not Want To Be Caught In The Middle Of When The Fire Alarm Goes Off At The Office?
Name Something Soldiers Used In Battle A Long Time Ago That They Probably Don’t Use Today.
Name A Smell Typically Associated With Christmas.
Name Something You Might See A Waitress Holding.
Name Something People Stick In Their Ears.
Name An Instance Where It Is Considered Rude To Text On Your Phone.
Name Something That Happens At The Beach That Might Make The Local News.
Name Something That Godzilla Would Crush At Disneyworld.
Name Something Campers Might Take With Them For Emergencies.
Name Something That Many Women Wish Their Husbands Could Talk About.
Name A Place In Their Home That People Hide Money.
Name A Specific Chore That You Cannot Do Without Making A Lot Of Noise.
Name A Specific Place Where You Hated To Run Into A School Bully.
Name Something Your Wife Asks You To Do That Your Mom Also Asks You To Do.
If You Just Ran A Marathon, What Would You Need To Do After The Race Was Over?
Name Someone You Have A Very Hard Time Saying No To.
Name Something Women Do To Their Hair.
Name Something You Associate With Elmer Fudd.
Name Something Men Try To Cover Up.
What Body Is Part Is Most Important For A Star To Maintain?
Name The Loudest Animal In The Zoo.
Name A Reason Why A Person Who Has A Car Would Call A Cab.
Which Doctor Do People Hate To See?
Name Something The World’s Dumbest Bank Robber Might Leave At The Scene Of The Crime.
Name A Fruit That People Drink Juice From In The Morning.
Tell Me How Many Months It Takes Before A Dog Is House Trained.
Other Than Actor, Name An Occupation You’d Fail At If You Had Stage Fright.
Name Something a Man Might Try TO Keep Covered During A First Date.
We Asked 100 Married Women: Name Something Your Husband Does That Causes Him To Be Too Distracted To Listen.
Name Something A Manicurist Needs In Order To Do Her Job.
Name Something You Might See A Picture Of On A Postcard From Hawaii.
Name Someone Who Is More Popular Dead Than When They Were Alive.
Name Something That House Cleaners Clean More Often Than You Do (More Specific Than Room).
Name Something Many People Learned To Do From Their Dad.
Name An Animal Whose Head You Might See On The Wall Of A Hunter’s Den.
Name A Specific Food That Doctors Tell Patients To Cut Down On.
Name A Common Potato Chip Flavor.
Name A Food Or Drink That Makes A Sound The First Time Its Container Is Opened.
Name Something A Supermarket Keeps Refrigerated Or Frozen.
Name Something An Employee Might Be Scolded About That Isn’t Directly Related To Job Performance.
If You Were Designing An Airport, Name Something You’d Make Sure There Was A Lot Of.
If Your Purse Was Stolen, Tell Me The One Thing In It That Would Be Hardest To Replace.
Tell Me A Street Name Found In Almost Every Big City.
Name Someone Whose Phone Calls You Try To Avoid.
Name Something People Serve With Biscuits.
Name Something Kids Would Play With Outside In Summer.
Name Something Couples Do Months In Advance To Prepare For Having A Baby.
Name A Job, Often Depicted On TV, That You’ve Dreamt Of Having Yourself.
Name Something Associated With Fabio.
Name A Musical Instrument That Is Soothing.
Name Something That Can Be Spoiled.
Name Something That Can Make A Person Suddenly Think Of Their Partner.
Name Something A Grown Man Might Be Embarrassed To Admit That He Collects.
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Include In A Personals Ad But Not On A Resume.
Name A Part Of The Body That Most Actors Show Off When Starring In An Action Film.
Name The Article Of Babies’ Clothing That Grown Adults Are Most Shocked By When Seeing Its Tiny Size.
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Get Them Kicked Out Of A Public Swimming Pool.
In A Conversation With The World’s Most Boring Person, Name A Subject That Would Surely Come Up.
Name A Service A Hotel Provides That You With You Had At Your House.
Name A Sport That Should Be Part Of The Olympics, But Isn’t.
If You Want To Read A Book Without Paying For It, Where Might You Spend Way Too Much Time?
Name A Place You Wait Where It Could Be Awkward To Make Too Much Small Talk With Others.
Name A Comic Strip You See In Almost Every Newspaper.
If You Lived On Sesame Street, Which Character Would Get On Your Nerves?
Name A Type Of Professional Who Might Overcharge If You Don’t Know Any Better.
Name Something People Burn In Protest.
Name A Vehicle You’d Hate To See A Man Pull Up In Before He Takes You On A Date.
Name An Event In Your Life Where You’d Be Unhappy If No One Showed.
Name A Nickname For A Skinny Person.
Name A Household Chore That You Do Your Best Thinking While Doing.
Name Something A Zombie Might See A Doctor About.
Name Something A Co-Worker Might Blame On Not Having Had Their Morning Coffee.
Name Something A Woman Might Wear To Appear More Professional.
Who’s An Actor That Hails From Canada,Eh?
Name One Of Santa’s Reindeer.
Name The Worst Part About The Lavatories On Planes.
Where In Your House Do You Look For Something That’s Been Packed Away For Winter?
Besides President, Name A Political Office People Run For.
Name Something About You That Has Not Changed As You’ve Gotten Older.
What Might You Find Inside A Book That Tells You It Was Meant For Children?
Name Something Your Shampoo Promises To Do.
Name A Place Where You Might Find A Prediction About The Future.
What Do People Miss Most About College Once They Get A Job?
Name Something A Truck Driver Might Have To Go Without For A While.
Which Country Would You Want To Become The 51st American State?
Name Something You’d Be Turned Off To Hear Your Date Bragging About.
Name Something People Do To Lower Their Temperature When They Have A Fever.
Name An Appetizer You Might Find Served At A Bar.
Besides Syrup, Name Something Kids Love To Put On Their Pancakes.
Besides Your Plane Ticket, Name Something You Can Spend Money On At An Airport.
How Can You Tell That Your Date Isn’t Interested In The Movie?
Tell Me A Part Of A Bicycle That Would Be Tough To Ride Without.
Name Something That Has To Be Taken Out Every Once In A While.
Name Something You Do At Home, But Not While Staying In A Hotel.
What Might A Bankrobber Wear In Order To Keep His Identity A Secret?
What Are 2 Brothers Most Likely To Fight Over?
Name Something You Might Do If Your Friend Got Bitten By A Snake.
Name A Type Of Photo That Most People Don’t Smile In.
Name Something Some Kids Need To Have In Order To Sleep.
Even In A Tidy House, Name One Place Where There’s Usually Junk Hidden Away.
Name A Type Of TV Show A Man Might Be Embarrassed To Say He Watches A Lot Of.
Name An Event Many People Don’t Like To Attend Without A Date.
Name Something In A Person’s House That’s Left On All Night.
Name An Animal With A Long Tail.
Name Something A Kid Might Not Be Allowed To Go In A Swimming Pool Without.
Name Something Your Spouse Does To Let You Know They’re “In The Mood For Love.”
Name An Activity People Do On Christmas Eve.
Name A Food Many People Have In Their Freezer Right Now.
In Order To Seem Like A “Regular Guy,” Name A Place Where A Politician Might Hang Out.
Name Something That Causes A Person To Laugh.
Name A Flavor Of Potato Chips.
Besides Your Mother, Name A Female Who Told You What To Do While You Were Growing Up.
If You Could Have Just One Chore That Someone Else Would Always Do For You, What Would It Be? (More Specific Than “Clean.”)
Name An Activity That Requires Moving Your Hips.
Name Something People Hate To Find On Their Windshield.
Name Something You Use To Cover Up Bad Smells In Your House.
Besides Math, Name The Most Difficult Subject In School.
In Movie Endings, Name A Place The Main Character Goes To Catch Her Crush Before It’s Too Late.
Name Something Twins Might Always Share.
Name A Color A Teenager Might Dye Her Hair That Would Annoy Her Parents.
Name An Instance When A Parent Might Try To Distract A Child.
We Asked 100 Women To Fill In The Blank: I’d Notice Right Away If _____ Was Missing From My Purse.
Name Something You Might Drive Over That Would Cause A Bumpy Ride.
Name Something You Might Have To Put Up With An At Outdoor Cafe That You Wouldn’t When Eating Indoors.
Name A Canned Food That You’d Never Eat Directly From The Can.
Name Something You Would Be Surprised To Find In A Bachelor’s Bathroom.
Which Olympic Sport Would A Cow Look Most Funny Participating In?
Tell Me A Name You Might Give Your Pet That You’d Hate To Have As Your Name.
Name Something A Person Might Do To A Houseplant To Help It Grow.
What Might You Do Before Bed If You Don’t Want Anything To Wake You Up In The Morning?
Name Something People Do That Ticks Off Animal Activists.
Name Something That Is Different About Writing A Research Paper On A Computer Than On A Typewriter.
Name Something About Hulk Hogan’s Appearance That Is Traditionally Female.
Name A Type Of Sport That Might Be Cancelled Because Of Rain.
Name Something Every Fairy Tale Needs.
Name Something A Nervous Skydiver Might Do To Distract Himself Before A Jump.
Name Something That Would Cause You To Quit Your Job On Your First Day.
Name A Last Minute Problem That Could Make You Late For Work.
Name Something You’d Hate To Have Happen While House-Sitting.
Name Something You Might Need If You’re Eating A Lobster.
Name Something You Would Find In A Weather Forecaster’s Closet.
Name Something A Baby Learns To Do Even Before It Can Talk.
Name A Circus Animal That Looks Better In Costume Than It Does Naturally.
Name Something A Grown Child May Leave In Storage At His Parents’ House.
Name The Time Of Day A Person Is Likely To Take A Nap.
Name A Food That Can be Eaten Directly From Its Container.
Name Something That Kids And Some Adults Both Collect.
Name Something You’d Love To Wake Up To The Smell Of. (More Specific Than “Food.”)
Name A Term Or Phrase With The Word “Control” In It.
Name A Club Bill Gates Probably Belonged To In High School.
Name Something You May Not Be Good At The First Time You Do It.
Name Something People Like To Drink At Bedtime.
Name An Item In Your Home That You’d Need To Reset After Power Had Went Out.
Name A Popular Children’s Food That’s Sold In Cups.
Name Something That Might Be Added To A Rockstar’s Tour Bus That You Wouldn’t Find On A City Bus.
Name Something At Your Company Holiday Party That Could Lead You To Embarrass Yourself.
Name Something A Man Might Still Do For Woman When They Go Out On A Date.
Name A Room That You’d Find In A Mansion, But Not A Regular House.
Name A Dessert That Can Only Be Eaten With A Spoon.
At The End Of A Work Day, Name Something You’re Usually Tired Of.
Name Something A Person Wear On Their Head While Working Out.
Name Something People Do To Make Their Breath Smell Good.
The Me An Occupation In Which It Could Be Disastrous To Fall Asleep On The Job.
On A Bright, Sunny Day, Why Would You Leave The Beach?
Name An Animal People Set Traps For.
Name Something Some People Usually Brush Their Teeth Before Doing.
What Do People Put On Their Desks As Work To Relieve Stress?
Name A Specific Item On The Menu Of An Italian Restaurant.
What Do You Feel Awkward About Asking Someone For?
Name Something Associated With Larry King.
Name A Fun Date Activity That Also Keeps You In Shape.
After A Great First Date, What Might A Person Do That Would Prevent Them From Getting A Second Date?
Besides The Turkey, Name Something You Might Put On A Turkey Sandwich.
Tell Me Something A Woman Be Thrilled Not To Experience During Her Pregnancy.
Name Something That’s Considered Unsportsmanlike Behavior In The Boxing Ring.
Name Someone Specific In A Bank Robber’s Life That he Doesn’t Want To Find Out About His Illegal Activity.
Name Something You Have In Your House That You Also Have In Your Car.
Besides For Work, Tell Me How Many Hours You Spend Using Your Computer In One Day. (Numeric Only Please.)
Name Something You Wear, But Don’t Throw In With Your Laundry.
Name A Former President With A Long Last Name
Name A Type Of Profession Where You’d Be The Most Surprised To See Someone With A Tattoo.
Name A Place Where You Can Always Find A Taxi.
Name Something You See In Horror Movies That Begins With The Letter “B.”
Name A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Open.”
Name A Weather Condition That Is 4 Letters Long.
Name Something Kids Play On In A City Park.
Name A Place Where You Hate To Get Stuck.
If You Go To Sleep With The Windows Open, Name A Sound That Might Wake You Up.
Name An Item You Might See In A Movie Star’s Home That Wouldn’t Be In Yours.
Name Something An Adult Might Take Lessons To Learn How To Do.
Name A Profession You’d Shoot For If You Wanted To Be Famous.
Name Something People In California Might Worry About.
Name Something In Your House That’s Been Passed Down For Generations.
Name Something You Can Only Hear In Your House When Everyone’s Sleeping.
Name A Type Of Item That Might Be Sold Fake By A Street Vendor.
Name Something Specific A Guy Might Take With Him To The Gym.
Name Something A Caveman Might Do To Impress A Cavewoman.
Name Something A Student Has To Do When Running For Class President.
Name An Occupation Whose Workers You Hold To A Higher Driving Standards That Anyone Else.
When You’re Stuck In A Rut, Name An Activity That Can Pull You Out.
Name Something Secretaries Might Be Embarrassed To Say They Don’t Know How To Do.
Name Something A Costume Character May Have To Remove Their Head To Do.
If James Bond Were A Real Man, Name Something That Probably Would Have Happened To Him By Now.
Name Something A Person Might Worry About When Speaking In Front Of A Large Group.
Name An Animal That It’d Be Unflattering To Be Compared To.
Name A Food That Often Gets Burned.
Why Would You Call The Doctor If You’re Not Sick?
Name A Place Where You Would Not Be Allowed To Chew Gum.
Name An Ingredient That You Use In Baking, But Would Not Eat On Its Own.
Name Something Of Yours That You Might Someday Change Its Color.
Name Something Most Doctors Carry With Them On Their Rounds.
Name Something Men Do In The Bathroom That Really Ticks Women Off.
Name Something A Goldfish Might Complain About.
Other Than The U.S., What Country Is Known For Making Films?
Name An Actress Who is Or Was A Model.
If You Ran Into Your Fitness Instructor At The Grocery Store, What Foods Would You Not Want To Have In Your Cart?
Tell Me An Excuse You’d Use To Avoid Singing At A Karaoke Club.
Name A Place Where You See Many More Children Than Adults.
Name A Holiday You Might BBQ On.
Name Something Moms Tell Their Children Not To Climb On.
When You Have A Headache, Name Something It Hurts To Do.
Name Something You’d See A Person Do While Jogging For Exercise, But Never If They Were Being Chased.
Name Something Kids Might Tell Santa In A Letter To Him.
Name A Home Appliance That’s Expensive To Replace.
Name Someone Who Might Tell You To Lose Weight.
If You Had To Spend The Night In Your Garage, Name A Critter That You’d Dread An Encounter With.
Name Something That Dogs Are Always Able To Do That People Can Only Do On A Camping Trip.
Name A Instrument That Can Sound Whiny.
Give Me A Person’s First Name That Rhymes With “Silly.”
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Enter An Eating Contest.
Tell Me An Occupation Where You’d Probably Get Recognized In Public All The Time.
Name Something Mickey Gets To Do That Most Mice Don’t.
Name Something You Buy That The Store Wouldn’t Let You Return.
Name A Reason A Woman Might Suspect That The Guy She’s Dating Is In The Military.
If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island, Name Something From Your Bathroom You Wish You Had With You.
Name An Instance Where You Should Respond To A Question Quickly.
Besides A Wedding Gown, Name Another Type Of Gown.
Tell Me For How Long The Average Person Takes A Shower.
Some People Chew On Pens At Work, Name The Office Supply That You’d Be Shocked To Find Someone Chewing On.
Name Something On A Sandwich That Has A Strong Smell.
Name A Type Of Performer You Might See In A Las Vegas Show.
Name A Food That Comes In Sugar-Free Variety.
Give Me A Slang Term You’d Use To Describe A Really Good-Looking Girl.
If Santa’s Reindeer Were Equipped With GPS, What Other ‘After Market’ Car Feature Might The Sleigh Have?
Name A Type Of Stain That You’re More Likely To See On A Child’s Shirt Than On Adult’s
Name A Human Cartoon Character That Has Animals For Friends.
Which Countries Might An American Visit If They Could Only Speak English?
Name A Kitchen Tool Mr. Potato Head Would Avoid.
Name A Sport Where Players Lose Teeth.
Tell Me The Age That A Girl Stops Telling Her Parents Everything (Numeric Only).
Name A Way Children Submit Their Wishlists To Santa.
Name A US City That Some People Are Just Not Cut Out To Live In.
If You Boil Your Veggies Too Long, Name Something They Lose.
Name A Reason Why Kids Might Have A Weekday Off Of School.
Name A Pet That Makes A Good Holiday Gift.
Name Something You Tap.
Name Something You’d See At A Gas Station.
Name Another Word For Toilet.
Name A Date When You Shouldn’t Break Up With Someone.
Name Something People Guess The Weight Or Volume Of In Order To Win A Prize.
What Might An Actor Do To Cure Stage Fright?
Name Something You See Trained Monkeys Doing In Sitcoms And Movies.
Name Something You See Trained Monkey’s Doing In Sitcoms And Movies.
Name Something People Put In Front Of Their House To Deter Burglars.
What Might You Draw On A Picture Of Someone’s Face In Order To Make Them Look Silly?
Name An Animal With Really Long Legs.
Name A Phrase That’s Said In Commercials To Get You To Buy The Product Right Away.
Name A Famous Cartoon Animal That You Wouldn’t Want In Your House If It Was Real.
Name Something People Remove From Their Lawn.
Name Something You Did As A 5-Year-Old That You’d Be Embarrassed To Do Now.
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Kiss Under The Mistletoe.
What Is The Worst Thing To Forget On A Camping Trip?
Name Something That An Overprotective Parent Might Forbid Their Teen From Doing.
Name Something You Might Do To Make Yourself Feel Cozy After Playing In The Snow All Day.
Name Biggest Event In A Teenager’s Life.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Play A Game Of Water Polo.
Name Something You Have To Get A Picture With During A Vacation To Los Angeles.
Name A Job That People Did More 100 Years Ago Than Today.
Name An Activity That Could Be Described As “Wholesome.”
Name Something A High School Student Might Join In Order To Become More Popular.
Name Different Ways To Use Left Over Turkey.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Miss Their Exit While Driving On A Freeway.
Name Something A Child Says When They Do Something Wrong.
Name A Pizza Topping A Vegetarian Would Never Order.
If You Wanted To Marry A Cowboy Where Would You Start Hanging Out?
Name A Class that Parents Enroll Their Kids In Before They Turn 3 Years Old.
Name Something You’re More Likely To See In Australia Than Elsewhere.
Name A Piece Of Information That Post People List In Their Personal’s Ads.
Name A State That Starts With The Letter “N.”
Which Type Of Creatures Is Often The Villain In Fairy Tales?
Name A Profession In Which Rain Can Ruin A Day’s Work.
Name Something A Pizza Delivery Person Hates About Their Job.
Name A Reason Why You Might Stay In A Hotel In Your Own City.
Name A Way You Can Tell A Storm Is Coming.
Name Something Your Mom Told You Was The Key To A Happy Marriage.
Name Something A Celebrity Might Discuss On A Talk Show.
Name Something A Clown Might Be Carrying.
What Might Parents Be Caught Doing That Causes Their Kid To Bust Them For Doing Santa’s Job?
Name Something You Were Afraid To Do For The First Time.
Name Something People Donate To Charity During The Holidays.
Name Something Valuable That A Baseball Fan Might Collect.
When Living In An Apartment, Name Something You Can Often Hear Your Neighbors Doing.
Name A Food That’s Often Served With Wine.
Name Something You’d Buy If You Wanted To Dress Up Like Fidel Castro.
Name A Child Star Who’s Still Famous Today.
Name A Reason You Might Have To Get A Change For A Dollar.
Name A Sauce You Wouldn’t Put On Ice Cream.
Name Something You Do At An Office Holiday Party.
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Instant”.
Name Something A Girl Would Need If She Wanted To Impersonate An Elderly Woman.
Name Something That Shines At Night.
Name A Takeout Food A Family Might Have For Dinner.
Name Something You Wear That You Should Never Spend More Than $20 On.
If You Were To Write A Memoir, Name A Specific Topic That Would Come Up A Lot.
If You Heard A Thump In The Night, Which Cleaning Tool Might You Grab For Protection?
Name An Activity People Like To Do At A Lake.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were Going To Be A Private Eye.
Name An Animal That Weighs A Lot.
Name A Type Of Product That Comes In A Teeth Whitening Formula.
In A Secret Santa Exchange, What “Gifts” Might You Get From An Office Thief?
Name Something You Might Do If You Heard A Burglar In Your House.
Name Something A Kid With A Broken Arm Would Have A Hard TIme Doing At School
Name A Job You’d Have A Hard Time Doing If You Couldn’t Type Well.
Name A Profession That Would Be Most Difficult To Perform While 8 Months Pregnant.
Name A U.S. City That Begins With The Letter “B.”
Name Something Modern A Homemaker From 100 Years Ago Would Have Loved To Have In The Kitchen.
Name A Household Item That You Would Take To A Special Facility To Throw Away.
Name A Movie Character You Would Hate To Be Stuck With In A Broken Elevator.
If There Was A College For Magicians, Name A Trick That You’re Sure Would Be Taught On Day One.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Discover In A Hotel Bed When Checking Into Your Room.
What Do You Do When Having A Bad Hair Day?
Name A Job Title Someone Might Have In A Big Company.
Name Something Every UPS Driver Should Have.
Where Does A Woman Try To Avoid Leaving Lipstick Marks?
Name A Famous Person Whose Last Name Is Allen.
Name An Article Of Clothing A Restaurant Might Require Its Customers To Wear.
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word “Prime.”
If “American Idol” Had An Animal Competition, Which Animal Would Have The Best Chances?
During A Party, Name A Part Of Your House Where You Wouldn’t Want To Find Guests Hanging Out.
In Or Out Of The Dentist’s Chair, Name Something The Dentist Warns Not To Do.
Name A Place An Animal Might Take A Bath, But You Never Would.
Name An Article Of Clothing People Get Fitted For.
Name Something Models And Wrestlers Both Do.
Name The Heaviest Item You Buy At The Supermarket.
Other Than A Belt, Name Something That Can Have A Buckle.
Name A Type Of Vehicle Where You Usually Sit In The Back.
Name A Famous Animal From A Comic Strip.
Which Activity Would A Celeb Least Like To Be Photographed Doing?
Name Something An Amusement Park Has A Lot Of.

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