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All Questions page 122

If You Were Filling In For Santa, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Name Something Distracting That You Shouldn’t Take With You On A Date.
Name Something A Hair Dresser Might Complain About A Customer.
If You Were Stranded On A Tropical Island, Name Something You Might Have To Eat.
Instead Of Get A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After College.
Besides On The Job, Name Another Life Situation Where You’ve Wished You Had Earplugs.
What Line Of Work Should You Get Into If Your Hairstyle Is Stiff And Plastered With Hairspray?
Name Something You Might Use Bricks To Build.
Name Something A Gardener Might Use On The Job.
Name A Company That Uses An Animal In Its Logo.
If You Had No Teeth, Tell Me A Food You Couldn’t Eat Anymore.
Name Something Contagious That Kids Sometimes Catch, But Adults Seldom Do.
Who Or What Would You Not Want To Meet In The Middle Of A Hiking Trail?
Who Might You Pool Money With To Buy Lottery Tickets?
Name A Type Of Business In Which You Might Have To Work Over THe Holidays.
Name Something People Check At Least Once A Day.
Name A Term For Someone Who Isn’t Very Generous.
Which Body Part Might A Pirate Need To Have A Doctor Inspect?
Name Something Specific You Need If You Want To Make Coffee For Your Guests.
Name A Method People Use When Deciding What Lotto Numbers They’re Going To Play.
Name Something Your Dog Might Do That Would Make You Think He Was Part Cat.
Name Something You Would Wan’t To Run Over With Your Lawnmower.
Name Something That Kids Are Bummed To Get, But Is Worse To Get As An Adult.
Besides Maple, Name A Flavor Of Syrup.
Name A Pubic Place Where You Take Off Your Shoes.
Name A Food That You Become Very Thirsty While Eating.
If You Wanted To Impersonate Mary Poppins, What Would You Do?
What Should A Spy Avoid Wearing, If He Doesn’t Want To Be Identified By His Profession?
Name The Worst Kind Of Shoe To Wear In A Marathon.
Name A Reason A Kid Might Get Sent Home From School.
Name A Food You May Find In Someone’s Home Garden.
Other Than Swimsuits, Name Something People Wear To The Beach.
Name A Game That Would Be Inappropriate At A Company Party.
Name A Place On Your Body That Might Be Sore After A Day Of Shoveling.
Name Something College Roommates Might Argue About.
If A Husband Found Out That His Wife Had A Bad Day At Work, Name Something He Might Do To Make Her Feel Better.
Name Something In A Casino That May Give You A Headache.
We Asked 100 Wives: If Your Husband Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Would Turn Him Into A Monster.
Name Something Some People Do By Hand, While Others Use A Machine.
Name Something You Find On A Fast Food Burger.
Instead Of A Horse, Which Animal Is It Hard To Imagine A Cowboy Riding?
Name A Specific Type Of Math Class Offered In High Schools.
Name The Month When TV Networks Start Airing Reruns.
Name Something You Hope That You’re Still Doing When You’re 80.
Name A Modern Device That Older People Have Trouble Using.
Name A Complaint People Might Have About Buying Things Online.
Besides A Book, Tell Me A Good Gift For Someone Who Loves To Read.
Name Something Black That You Associate With Halloween.
Name Something You Wear That Might Be Plaid.
Which Occupation Would You Expect A Guy Named Poindexter To Have?
Name A Food That Gets Bigger When It’s Cooked.
Name Something You Might Wash Everyday.
Name The Best Thing That Is Now Available Digital, But Hasn’t Always Been.
Name Something You Hope Doesn’t Happen When Holding Someone’s Baby.
Tell Me How Fast Most People Drive On The Freeway. (Numeric Only)
What Would A Pirate Need To Do In Order To Look Presentable For A Job Interview?
Name Something That You Shouldn’t Have To Do On Your Birthday.
Name A Reason You Would Not Want To Take Up Fishing.
Name A Specific Chore Kids Do In Order To Get An Allowance.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want Metallica As Your Wedding Band.
Name An Extracurricular Activity That Parents Say Is Good For A Child.
Name Something A Married Couple Saves From Their Wedding Day.
Name A Popular Air Freshener Scent.
Name Something Puppets Are Unable To Do On Their Own.
For What Specific Reason Might You Avoid Mistletoe?
Name A Place Children Are Sent When They Misbehave.
Name Something You Might Hook Up To Your TV.
Name Something Commercial Pilots Can’t Fly Without.
Name Something On A Baby That Might Be Described As “Chubby”.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Have Cake On Your Birthday.
Name A Disadvantage To Living Upstairs From A Restaurant.
Name A Profession Where Neatness Counts.
Name Something Mick Jagger Does A Lot.
Name A Sound That Causes Dogs To Bark.
Name A Type Of Online Site That Asks You To Log In.
Name An Activity People Commonly Take Up After Retirement.
Name A City Associated With Organized Crime.
Name Something A Real Estate Agent Needs To Do His Job.
Name A Creature That Eats Bugs.
Name Something That Might Be On A Toothpick Inside A Fancy Drink.
Name A Place Of Business That You Would Not Return To After Only One Bad Customer Service Experience.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Do On A Rope Bridge.
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Be Really Smart.
Name Something You’d Eat A Lot Of If You Needed To Gain A Quick 10 Pounds.
Name An Occasion That It Would Not Be Fashionable To Arrive Late To.
Name An Animal With A Fluffy Tail.
During Which Month Of Pregnancy Do Couples Announce It?
Tell Me The Age Of The Average Babysitter.
Name Something People Do In An Engagement Photo, That They Don’t Do In A Mug Shot.
Name A Dangerous Hobby You Wouldn’t Want Your Partner To Have.
Name A Way You Might Know Your Neighbors Are On Vacation.
How Can You Tell The Jewelry Your Partner Gives You Is Made Of Fake Gold?
Name A Country With A Very Long Name.
Name A Specific Bowl Game That Takes Place During The Holidays.
Name Something A Kid’s Moustache Is Often Made Of.
If You Wanted To Have Conversation With Someone, Name A Noisy Place You’d Avoid.
Name The Best Part Of The Grocery Store To Pick Up A Date.
Name A Pastime That’s Considered More Respectable Than Watching TV.
Name A Place Where You Would Find An Usher.
Name Something An Airline Passenger Might Find There Isn’t Enough Of On The Plane.
Name Something A Mother-To-Be Might Ask Her Friends’ Advice On Before The Baby Is Born.
Name An Animal That Children Are Excited By At The Zoo.
What Might Someone Leave Out Of A Personals Ad, That Would Make You Think They Were Hiding Something?
When Drawing A Person, Which Specific Part Is The Hardest To Draw Believably?
Name A Type Of Beverage You Are Allowed To Drink While Driving.
Name Something That’s Expensive To Replace If You Lose It.
Finish The Sentence: Hold Your _____.
Name Something That People Have A Desire To Smash.
Name Something A Woman Might Pin To Her Shirt.
Name Something A Pro Athlete Might Do To Prepare For A Game.
If You Played Superman In A Movie, Name Something Specific You’d Have To Wear.
Name A Legendary Creature That Would Be A Huge Hit If Featured At The Zoo.
Name Something Batman Doesn’t Leave The Batcave Without.
Name Something “Human” That People Try To Teach Their Dogs To Do.
Name A Really Big State.
Name A Reason Why It Takes You Forever To Get Out Of The Grocery Store.
Name Someone Who Wears White Gloves.
Name A Breed Of Dog That Would Never Scare Away A Burglar.
Name Another Word For A “Bar” That A Cowboy Might Use.
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Dad For The Holidays.
Unlike Dogs, Name A Type Of Pet That People Don’t Count On To Guard Their House.
Name A Specific Stunt That Most Action Movie Heroes Probably Don’t Do Themselves.
Name Something You’d Put On A Poodle, But Not A Pitbull.
Name Something That You Don’t Want Your Dog To Lick (More Specific Than “You”).
Name Something A Rockstar’s Dressing Room Is Probably Full Of.
Name A Food People Associate With The South.
Tell Me A Profession That Works Long Hours.
Name An Expression People Often Say That Ends With The Word “Up.”
If You Were Going To Fill In For James Bond, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Which Question Do You Think Is Asked The Most At A High School Reunion?
Name Something That Gets Knocked Over When Its Really Windy.
If Someone Asked You To Do An Impression Of A Cat, Name Something You Might Do.
Name A Family Tradition People Might Have For Winter Holidays.
When Traveling Overseas, Tell Me The Ideal Amount Of Time To Be Away From Home.
Name Something You Know About Shaquille O’Neal.
Tell Me Something Fast-Food Employees Always Give You Too Much Of.
Name A Fruit Put In Margaritas.
Name Something A College Student Might Hide Before His Parents Came To Visit.
Name A Cartoon Character That Can Fly.
Name Something A Housekeeper Uses As Part Of Her Job.
Name Something People Add To Oatmeal
Name Something That Might Break A Couple Up If They Disagreed About It.
Name Something You Might Do On Vacation In Florida.
Name The Worst Place You Could Have A Sneezing Fit.
Name A Popular Elvis Presley Movie.
Name Something That Has Bubbles In It.
Name Something At A Restaurant That Might Keep Getting Refilled.
Name The Worst Kind Of Footwear To Run A Marathon In.
Name Something A Rock Musician Might Do During A Concert That Would Look Funny For A Classical Musician To Do.
Name Someone Who You Wish Didn’t Have Your Address.
On A Scale From 1-10, How Happy Do You Hope Your Ex Is With Their Life?
What Kinds Of Clothes And Accessories Would You Find In The Closet Of A Truck Driver?
Name Something That Gets In Your Eye And Irritates It.
Name Something That Every Movie Theatre, Fancy Or Not, Has.
Name Something That Might Be Grape-Flavored.
Name A Cartoon Character Whose Head You Might Find At The Top Of A Pez Dispenser.
On Thanksgiving, Name Something Snooki Might Say She’s Thankful For.
Name Something That It Is Harder To Do When You Have Too Many Roommates.
Name Something People Imagine They’d See On Every Street In Hollywood.
Name A Country To Which American Jobs Are Being Outsourced.
What Can You Consult For Directions When You’re Lost?
Name Something That Costs Twice As Much As It Is Worth.
Name A Word That Begins With “Comp.”
Name Something A Child Might Cry Over Losing.
Name Something That Politicians Would Be Better Off Without.
Name Something Your Physician Asks That Would Be Strange To Ask A Person Who You Just Met.
Name Something Women Talk About During A “Girls’ Night Out.”
Name Something A Bird Watcher Carries With Them.
Name Something A Knight Needs For A Jousting Match.
Name A Food That’s Noisy When People Eat It.
If You Could Be A Rockstar For One Night, What’s The First Thing You’d Want To Do?
Name Something That Might Be Orange-Flavored.
Name A Book You’d Like To Get As A Gift.
Name A Fruit That You Might Accidentally Swallow The Seeds Of.
Name Something A Man Does To Groom Himself.
Name A Job Where You Could Claim Disability If You Lost Your Voice.
Name The Hardest Position To Play On A Baseball Team.
Name Something You Need In Order To Go Sledding.
Besides Books, Name Something That’s Sold In A Bookstore.
While Driving, Name Something You Have To Keep An Eye On.
Name An Activity For Which You Might Use Walkie Talkies.
Name Someone Whose Orders Should Be Followed.
If You Were Turned Into A Bird, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Who Would You Call First If Your Car Broke Down On The Side Of The Road?
Name A Coffee Drink People Order While They’re Out, But Can’t Make At Home.
Name Something A Couple Might Worry About Having Less Of Once They Have Children.
Tell Me A Reason You’d Hate To Run Into Your Boss At The Beach.
Besides Coke, Name Another Kind Of Soda.
Name A Magazine Teenagers Buy.
What Christmas “Gift” Can You Give Someone, Without Going Shopping?
Tell Me A Food That Has “Hot” In Its Name.
Name The Month With The Nicest Weather.
Name Something People Do With A Deck Of Cards.
Name A Movie That Has Become A “Cult Classic”.
Name Something A Camper Does While Camping That He Wouldn’t Do At Home.
Name An Actor Who Uses Or Used Their Middle Initial.
Name A Part Of The Body That’s Often Sore After Exercise.
What Is The First Thing People Do If They Encounter A Bear In The Woods?
Name An Object That Kids Pretend Is A Telephone.
Name Something That Goes Up And Down.
Name A Nursery Rhyme That Has The Word “Little” In The Title.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Look Like The Grim Reaper.
Name One Thing About Yourself That You Wish Would Stay The Same As You Age.
Tell Me Something That Americans Want To Do While Visiting France.
Name Something You Squeeze Before You Buy It.
What Signs Of Being A “Bad Boy” Might A Woman Be Attracted To?
Tell Me An Excuse That A Tough Guy Might Give If He Were Caught Watching A Soap Opera.
Name Something That Has An Alarm.
Name Something A Cat Would Probably Do If It Felt Threatened.
Name Something Little Boys Can’t Wait To Grow Up And Do.
What Does A Model Need In Order To Be Successful?
When Wading In A Lake, Tell Me Something You Feel Against Your Feet.
Name Something That Can Get Tangled.
Name An Expensive Item That’s Often Marked Way Down At A Pre-Christmas Sale.
Name A Type Of Band.
Tell Me A Sign You Might See Posted At A Park.
Other Than Cotton, Name A Material Many Clothes Are Made Out Of.
Name Something People Cover When It Rains.
Name A Fruit You Might Find In A Pastry.
Name Something A Bachelor Might Buy For His Bedroom To Make It More Romantic.
Name A Food That Dogs Love Just As Much As Humans Do. (Meat Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something That Is Personalized.
If A Health-Nut Ordered A Sandwich, What Ingredient Might They Leave Off?
Name Something Shampoo Commercials Claim Their Shampoo Does For Hair.
What Would The Guinness Award Winner For Longest Fingernails Have Trouble Doing?
Besides A Bird, Name An Animal That Has Claws.
Name Something Some People Jump Out Of.
Name A Character That Shows Up In Every Church Christmas Play.
If You Were Offered A Magic Carpet Ride, Name Something You’d Want To Add To It To Make Your Trip More Comfortable.
Name Something That President Obama Has A Lot Of.
Name Something A Boy Scout Wouldn’t Need To Start A Fire, But You Do.
Name A Fact That Most Residents Don’t Know About Their Own State.
During A Long Distance Bus Trip, Name Something You’d Be Disappointed To Learn That The Bus Didn’t Have.
Name Something A Boy Might Wear That Is Likely To Get Him Kicked Out Of Prep School.
Who Do Many Celebrities Thank After A Win At An Awards Show?
Name Something Teens Think They Understand Long Before They Really Do.
Name A Thanksgiving Item Children Make At School.
Name Something Red In The Pizza Parlor Of A Mafia Movie.
Name A Breakfast Item That You’d Find On The Menu Of A Fancy Restaurant, But Not Your Local Diner.
Name A Place Where It’d Be In Bad Taste To Hit On Someone.
Name Something You May Do If You Were Trying To Woo A Cowboy.
Name The Age When Youngsters Really Start Rebelling Against Their Parents.
Name Something You’d Learn To Do In Your First Swim Class.
Name Something You Are Always Tempted To Steal From The Doctor’s Office.
Name A Jelly Bean Flavor.
Name Another Word For Lying That Makes It Sound More Innocent.
Name An Animal That Lives On Both Land And Water.
If There Were Prizes For Good Boyfriends, What Categories Would They Be Rated On?
Name Something People Do To Their Hair That Makes Them Look Silly.
Name Something You Want A Beach To Have.
Name Something You Would Rent, But Probably Not Buy.
Name An Appliance You Avoid Using When People Are Sleeping.
Name A Reason Why Basements Are Often Less Cozy Than The Rest Of A House.
Name Something Your Husband Would Like To Get Rid Of.
Name Something Every Newlywed Hopes Their Mother-In-Law Will Be Like.
Name A Celebrity Who You’d Like To Be BFFs With Just So You Could Get The Scoop On Her Personal Life.
Name Something That Can Be Romantic To Ride On With A Partner.
Name A Sport That A Tough Guy Might Think Is Wimpy.
What Might A Teenager Do That Causes Their Parents To Forbid Them From Using The Family Car?
Name Something Pregnant Women Do A Lot Of When They’re In Labor.
Name Something You Can Buy At A Rock Concert.
Name A Famous Pirate.
How Can You Tell One Car Apart From Another Of The Same Model And Year?
Name A Gift That Works Well As A Stocking Stuffer.
Name Something Baseball Players Do While They’re In The Dugout.
Name An Occupation Where You Work In A Studio.
Name Something A Person Uses To Wipe Their Mouth With.
Name Something That Causes Your Spouse To Snore Worse Than Usual.
Name Something That Has Pineapple In It.
Name Something A Pet Might Do To Its Owner’s Shoes.
Name Someplace People Go To Help Them Think.
Besides The Star, Name Someone That Might Ride In A Rock Star’s Tour Bus.
Name A Car That Old People Like To Own.
Name Something Associated With Donald Trump.
Name Something You Can’t Do Until You’re A Certain Age.
Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Not Wear His Ordinary Clothes To School.
Name Something About Winnie The Pooh That Is Different From Real Bears.
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That’s Not In A Man’s Wallet.
Name Something The Average Person Might Have To Do If They Wanted To Be A Sumo Wrestler.
Name Something People Do To Cure An Aching Back.
Name Something You Wave In The Air.
Name A Person Who’s Last Name Is “Johnson.”
Name Something You Hope Your Dentist Has Done Before He Starts His Exam.
Name Something That Would Be Harder To Do If You Lived In Los Angeles.
Name Something You Use In The Bathtub, That You’d Look Silly Bringing Into A Jacuzzi
What Might You Do On Family Feud, That Makes Your Family Upset With You?
Besides Spaghetti, Name A Type Of Pasta.
Name A Color You See A Lot Of In Mobster Movies.
Name The Author Living Or Dead Who Writes The Scariest Stories.
Name Someone Who Might Work At A Mansion.
Name A Job Many Husbands Pretend They Don’t Know How To Do, Just To Get Out Of Doing It.
Name Something You’d Hate To Land In After Skydiving.
Name An Animal At The Zoo You Can Recognize Just By It’s Sound.
What Are Some Things That People Send By Email That They Used To Send Through The Mail?
If You Had A Box In The Attic Labeled “Wedding,” Name Something That Would Be In It.
Name A Product Door-To-Door Salesmen Used To Sell.
Name Something People Do After They’ve Eaten Too Much.
Name Something You Started Seeing Less Of Since Cell Phones Became Popular
Name A Food That You Rinse Off Of A Dish Immediately Or It Becomes Hard As A Rock.
Name A Place Where You Might See A Bear.
Name Something Kids Like To Throw At Each Other.
If There Was A Fire At The Zoo, Name An Animal A Fireman Would Have Trouble Carrying Out By Himself.
Name One Of The Gifts From The Song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”
Besides The Ball, Name Something You Need To Play Soccer.
Name Something Kids Use For Fun, But Adults Use For Exercise.
Name A Sound That Gives You A Headache If You Hear It For Too Long.
Name A Gift That A Very Practical Woman Would Not Be Impressed By Receiving From A Man.
Name Something That Supermodels Would Rather Do Without.
Name Something Cartoon Villains Are Always Doing That Lets You Know They’re Bad.
Name A Type Of Repairman You Might Call To Your House In An Emergency.
What Do People Use To Keep Their Place In A Book If They Don’t Have A Bookmark?
If You Were Going To Be A Contestant On Jeopardy, Name A Specific Subject Area You’d Want To Memorize Beforehand.
Name Something That’s More Important To A Teenager Than To An Adult.
Name Something People Do While They’re Waiting For The Doctor.
Name Something You Need Coins To Use.
Name A Movie Star You Would Invite For Thanksgiving Dinner.
What Food Should A Movie Star Avoid Eating Before Doing A Love Scene?
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Doctor To Forget Before Operating On You.
Name Something That Your Boyfriend Does That Makes You Question Why You’re Still With Him.
Name Something Associated With E.T.
Name Something A Teacher Might Make Students Do During An Emergency Drill.
Name A Food Item A Restaurant Might Offer As “All-You-Can-Eat.”
Name Something You Order At McDonald’s That You’d Never Order At A Fancy French Restaurant.
Name A Specific Place Where Parents Go To Get Away From The Kids For A While.
If Your License Has Expired, How Do You Get To The DMV To Renew It?
What Might You Encounter On The Freeway That Would Make You Pull Off For A While?
Name Something That Celebrities And Young Children Have In Common.
What Kind Of A Weather Event Makes The Front Page Of The News?
If Santa Claus Had To Enter The Witness Protection Program, Name Something He Might Do To Disguise His Appearance.
Tell Me A Nickname For A Woman Named “Margaret.”
Name Something A Parent Might Do To Help Their Baby Fall Asleep.
Name Something You Might Find An Olive In.
Name An Animal In A Pet Store That Probably Wouldn’t Attack Someone.
Name Something You See On The Set Of Every Game Show.
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Make You Tell Them They’re Turning Into A Squirrel.
Name Something Of Her Child’s That A Mom Would Save Forever.
Name Something That Goes Well With Pizza.
Name Something That A Germophobe Would Hate To Share.
Name Something About Which People Always Want To Give You Their Opinion.
Name Someplace A Child Goes That Might Be Traumatic The First Time.
In Order To Solve A Crime, What Does An Investigator Need To Find?
Name Something A Kid Might Want Help Doing On A Snowy Day.
Name An Item You’d Expect To Find In A Bathroom Cabinet.
Name Someone Who Might Be On Your Roof.
Name Something You Might Find In A Person’s Shopping Cart If They’re Planning A Romantic Dinner.
Name A Sign That You Might Be Turning Into A Dog.
Name Something A Game Show Host Has To Do, Even On A Day When He Doesn’t Feel Like It.
Name Someone Who Might Make A Speech At A Wedding.
Name Something A Teenage Boy Might Ask His Dad For.
Name Something You Do Constantly When You Have A Cold.
What Might You Want To Bring With You, When Babysitting An Infant Who Cries A Lot?
Name Something Associated With The Movie “The Sound Of Music.”
Name Something You’d Be Nervous To Do As An Actress For Fear That You’d Wind Up On A Tabloid.
Tell Me A Way That A Babysitter Knows The Parents Are Nervous About Leaving.
Name Something Found On The Bottom Of A Shoe.
Name A Good Occupation For A Woman Who Was Head Cheerleader.
What Kind Of Athlete Would Have An Unfair Advantage In A Roller Derby?
Name Something People Associate With An Undertaker.
Name An Occasion Where You Might Send Out Invitations.
Name A Sign You Might See Posted In A Restaurant.
Name Something That Gets Rolled Out.
Name Something You Might Adjust When You Get Into A Rental Car.
Name Something You Buy To Go With A Guitar.
Name A Reason Why You Might Use Candles.
Name Something People Eat With Chili.
Name An Ingredient In A Casserole.
Name A Place Where You Might See Lots Of Minivans In The Parking Lot.
Name Something People Do To Help Them Stay Awake When They Are Tired.
Besides A Ring, Name Something Specific A Girl Might Give Back To Her Boyfriend When She Dumps Him.
At What Age Does It Become Embarrassing To Still Live With Your Parents (Numeric Only)?
Where Do Many People Go To Get Advice On Love?
Name An Occupation Where People Are Paid To Tell Others What To Do (More Specific Than Boss).
Which North Pole Resident Is Most Likely To Become Jealous Of Santa’s Power?
Name A Day Of The Year When Most People Call Home.
With Eyes Closed, Name Something About A Man’s Mouth That A Woman Kissing Him Could Use To Identify Him.
Name A Situation Where You Wouldn’t Want Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder.
In Action Movies, Name Something The Hero Is Always Trying To Get His Hands On.
Name A Place Where You Might See Lots Of Police Officers.
Name Something In Your Home You Probably Turn On Every Day.
Name Something Most People Try At Least Once In Their Life.
Name Something A Cowboy Wears That’s Made Of Leather.
Besides White Christmas, Name A Song On Big Crosby’s White Christmas Album.
Name A Chore People Do Most Often.
What Do Fast-Food Employees Have To Do, That 5-Star Waitstaff Don’t?
Name Something People Keep Near Their Favorite Easy Chair.
Name A Place That You Need An ID To Enter.
Name Something A Small Town May Lack.
Name A Noise That Causes Your Dog To Bark When He Hears It On TV.
What Are Some Non-Living Thing That You Might See Flying In The Sky?
Name Something “Fake” That You Might Give To The Person Hitting On You In A Bar.
Name A Job That Ends With The Word “Guard.”
Name Something That You Have To Do Sometimes That Billionaire Has Probably Never Done.
Tell Me An Article Of Clothing That People Who Live In Warm Climates Are Likely To Have Several Of.
Name An Indoor Activity You Spend Much More Time Doing In Winter.
What Are You Advised To To Do When You’re Nervous About Speaking In Front A Crowd?
Name Someone Who Has To Wash Their Hands Frequently.
Name Something You Wish You Had In Your Backyard.
Name Something You Might Buy For A Golfer.
Name A Vacation Spot That A Person With A Fear Of Heights Would Dread.
Name Something Car Companies Offer In Order To Lure In Buyers.
Name A Book You Carry Around To Impress Someone Else.
Tell Me A Fictional Character That Would Have Been On Santa’s “Naughty” List.
Name Something Construction Workers Wear.
Name A Part Of The Body That Starts With The Letter “B.”
Name Something You Expect To See When You Watch The Academy Awards.
What Type Of Product Has Commercials That Make You Want What They’re Selling?
Name Something In Your Car That Can Be Turned On And Off.
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Whose Name Starts With Little.
With Regard To Dating, Name Something Moms Warn Their Sons To Avoid.
We Asked 100 Women: Where Do You Wish Your Partner Was More Willing To Go With You?
Name Something You Try To Avoid Getting Sand In While At The Beach.
Name A Reason You Might Look Forward To November.
Name A Reason A Policeman Might Say He Had A Bad Day On The Job.
Name Something Specific People Put Salsa On.
Name Another Stringed Instrument That A Guitarist Would Probably Be Good At Right Away.
Name A Food That It’s Hard To Keep Your Face Clean While Eating.
Name Something That People Are Bound To Do In Las Vegas.
Name Something Associated With A Princess In A Renaissance Movie.
Complete This Sentence. I Could Never Date Someone Who ___s Too Much.
Name Something You Might Find In The Godfather’s Basement.
Tell Me A Reason You Exit The Freeway.
Name A Complaint People Might Have About Their Teeth.
Name A Book Where The Main Hero Is A Kid.
Name Something You’d Find On The Cover Of A Novel.
Name A Sport Whose Athletes Wear Hats.
What Would You Have To Learn To Do Before Starring In A John Wayne Movie?
Name Something You Can Do In A Van That You Can’t Do In A Sports Car.
Tell Me Something That Kids Ride With Ease, But An Adult Would Be Afraid To Ride.
Name A Halloween Costume That Is A Complete Misrepresentation Of The Occupation It Portrays.
Name A Specific Food You Can Get At Almost Every Restaurant.
Name A Word That People Use To Avoid Swearing.
Name Something A Parent Might Scold A Child For Interrupting.
Name Something Grandma Might Knit For You As A Gift.
Name Something For Which A Mermaid May Be Jealous Of Barbie.
Name A Way A Kid Might Get Around Town.
Name Something Our Ancient Ancestors Might Have Danced To Celebrate.
Name Something You’ll Find On The Breakfast Menu, No Matter What Kind Of Restaurant You’re At.
If Your Car Could Talk, Name Something It Might Complain About.
Name The Part Of A Wedding That The Bride And Groom Might Do More Out Of Tradition Than Choice.
Name Something A Flight Attendant Sees Everyday.
Name A Room In The House People Like To Read.
When You’ve Had A Bad Day, Name Something You’re Told To Do To Make You Feel Better.
If Santa’s Reindeer Couldn’t Fly On Christmas Eve, What Mode Of Transportation Might He Use Instead?
What’s A Job Out Of Work Actors Do?
Name Something A Plane Can’t Fly Without.
On A Dating Website, What Activity Do People Often List As A Pastime?
Name A Place In The House Where Frightened Children Go During A Thunderstorm.
Why Might A Person Only Be Allowed A Limited Number Of Phone Calls?
Name A Book That Students Keep On Hand For Reference.
Name A Place Where It’d Be Rude For A Man To Go Without Wearing A Suit/Tuxedo.
Name Something That’s Supposed To Be Funny, But Rarely Is.
Name A Type Of Food That Could Most Easily Be Turned Into A Heart-Shape For Valentine’s Day.
Tell Me The Number Of People Who Can Ride Comfortably In A Van. (Numeric Only)
Name A Place Where It’s Usually Not OK To Wear Jeans.
Name Something That Kids Can Use In A Pool To Help Them Float.
Name Something You’d Buy For Your Daughter’s Barbie Doll, But Probably Not For Your Daughter.
What Sport Would Become Disastrous If The Regular Ball Was Replaced With A Bowling Ball?
Name A Gift That Most Women Like To Get.
Name Something Hawaiians Do To Celebrate Winter.
Name Something Teenagers Did In The 50’s.
While Looking For A New Home, What Would You Be Surprised To Find That A House Didn’t Have?
Name Something You Do At Least Twice In The Course Of A Long Car Ride With Family.
Name Something You’d Find In A Boy’s High School Gym Locker Room.
Name Something On Their Bodies That People Color In Black.
Name An Expression Little Kids Use When They Have To Go To The Bathroom.
Name A Specific Item That A Man Carries Around That He Might Secretly Wish He Could Just Put In A Purse.
Name The Age That Women Stop Dying Their Hair And Just Decide To Let It Go Grey (Numeric Only).
Name A Reason Why It’s Harder To Get Out Of Bed On Some Days Than On Others.
What Might A Flower Gardener Name His Daughter?
Name Something That Happens To The Furniture Of A Person Who Owns Pets.
Name Something Besides Food And Drinks That You Can Buy At Starbucks.
Name A Game Show That Gives Away A Lot Of Money.
Name An Animal That Walks On 4 Legs, But Can’t Give Rides.
Tell Me Something At A Beach That Begins With “S.”
Name Something A Family Might Do On Vacation At A Winter Lodge.
Name Something That Needs To Be Fed.
Name A Vegetable That Has An Unmistakable Smell When Cooking.
Name Something You Expect To See In A Martial Arts Movie.
Name A Subject You Count On Your Partner To Give You Advice On.
Tell Me Something That Is Plugged Into An Outlet In A Hotel Room.
Name A Christmas Story That A Parent Might Read To Their Child.
Name A Place Where Hot Dogs Are Often Served.
Name Something In Their Home That An Extremely Organized Person Might Alphabetize.
Name Something You Cut With Scissors.
Name Something Embarrassing That You Might Do While Listening To Headphones.
Besides Exercise, Name Something A Person Might Do At A Fancy Health Club.
If Superman Got Old Like The Rest Of Us, Name A Sign That It Might Be Time For Him To Retire.
Name A Place Where People Are Asked To Rise.
Name Something That Can Be Stuffed.
Name Something That Both A Detective And A Camper Use.
For Which Occasion Would You Hate To Forget To Buy A Gift?
Name Something That Might Be Ruined If It Had A Scratch On It.
Tell Me Something That Can Momentarily Blind You.
If You Were Dating A Real Knight In Shining Armor, Name Something You’d Have Difficulty Doing Together.
Name Something You’d See On The Back Of A Car.
Name A Word That Begins With “Con.”
Name Another Word For “Courage.”
Name A Way People Try To Stop A Bloody Nose.
Name A Common Mistake People Make When Taking Pictures.
Name Something An Airplane Has That Your Car Doesn’t.
What Is The Most Used Room In Most Homes?
Name Someone Kids Write Letters To.
Name Something About The Brady Bunch That Is Different From Most Families.
Name Something You Spray On Yourself That Would Sting If It Got In Your Eyes.
Name A Place Where A Couple Should Never Fight.
Name Something Cats Hate.
Name Something Associated With David Letterman.
Name A Party Game That You’d Be Surprised To Find At An Adult’s Birthday.
Name A Holiday Song With A Fictional Character.
Name A Type Of Makeup That Most Women Don’t Wear On A Regular Basis.
Besides Clothes, Name Something People Pack In Their Suitcase When Traveling.
Name A Fruit They Put In Ice Cream.
Name A Device That You Keep In Your Bathroom For Grooming Purposes.
Name Something You Might Bite, But Wouldn’t Eat.
Name A Store Or Type Of Store That Sells Expensive Merchandise.
Name Someone Who Owes You A Big Apology.
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Can’t Imagine Having An Audience Laugh Track.
If A Con Man Approached You, What Do You Think He’d Immediately Want To Know?
Name Something A Teenager Has A Lot Of.
Name A Television Star Who Has Successfully Transitioned Into Feature Films.
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That A Man Would Never Ask To Borrow.
Name Something That’s Often Sold At A Swap Meet. (Be More Specific Than Junk Or Stuff)
Name A Word Or Phrase You Might Use When Addressing Royalty.
Name Something A Kid Passes Out To All Of His Classmates.
Name Something That A Pill Bottle Warning Might Tell You Not To Do.
Name A Room In Your Home That’s Hard To Keep Clean.
We Asked 100 Married People: Name The Thing That Your Spouse Most Often Complains About.
Name Someone You Don’t Want To Get A Phone Call From.
Name Something About Which Friends Say, “Keep Looking. You Can Do Better.”
Name A Good Place To Spend The Day When It’s Raining Outside.
Name A Sign That Your Girlfriend Might Be Turning Into A Cat.
At The Beach, Name Something That Might Protect You From Sun.
Name A Type Of Tree That Looks Pretty In The Fall.
Name Something Rude People Do While You’re Trying To Talk To Them On The Phone.
Tell Me How You Know That Your Friend Is On A Diet.
Name Something That Would Be Annoying For Your Roommate To Forget To Do.
Tell Me Something You Hate To Discover That You’re Missing A Piece From.
Name Someplace You Might Expect To Find A Snake.
Name An Instrument That You’d Need To Be Really Coordinated To Play.
Name Something That A Man Teaches His Grandson To Do.
If Someone Is Talking Too Much, What Might You Offer Them In The Hope Of Keeping Them Quiet?
How Many Credit Cards Does The Average Person Have? (Numeric Only)
Where Do People Go After They Leave Church Service?
Tell Me What Kids Hate Most About School.
Name Something That Is Folded.
Name A Reason You Might Wear A Hat.
Name Something You’re Better Off Spending Too Much Money On Than Too Little.
Name Something You Never Leave Unlocked. (More Specific Than “Door”.)
Name Something That Can Stink Up Your Car.
What Might Someone Promise To Do If They Wanted To Be Elected President?
Name A Dessert That’s Made With Fruit.
Name Something You Might Chase If You Were A Dog.
Besides “Biographies,” Which Section Of A Bookstore Would A Memoir About Your Life Belong In?
What Do You Do When Your Stomach Growls?
Name Something That Keeps You From Finishing A Jigsaw Puzzle.
Name Something You Do To Get Rid Of A Song That’s Stuck In Your Head.
Name Something You Can Get From Your Parents, But You Can Change As An Adult.
Name An Ingredient That Tacos Would Be No Good Without.
Name Something That A Waitress On Roller Skates Would Say Is Her Mortal Enemy. (More Specific Than Food/Drinks)
When Sitting Close To A Date, What Clue Might They Give That They Like You?
Name A Place Where You Sit Until Your Name Is Called.
Name An Instance When Parents Are Likely To Ask Their Children If They Need To Use The Bathroom.
Name Something That Makes You Burp.
Besides Coughing, What’s Something You Can’t Stop Yourself From Doing?
Tell Me A Holiday You Can Live Without.
Name Something You Would Do If A Dog Was Chasing You.
Name Something Sisters Borrow From Their Brothers.
Name Something That’s Often Brought Into A Pawn Shop.
Name A Punishment That A Misbehaving Kid Might Get At School.
Name Something That Might Make You Throw Up.
Name A Kind Of Ticket People Wait In Line To Buy.
Name A Term You’d Use For Someone Who Has A Lot Of Money.
When It Gets Chilly Outside, But You Don’t Want To Turn On The Heat, What Do You Do?
Name A Phrase You’d Say To Your Partner That Starts With “You Drive Me __.”
Name A Good Place To Visit For Romantic Getaway.
Tell Me A Movie That Had Way Too Many Sequels.
Name Someone You’d Be Embarrassed To Swear In Front Of.
Name Something People Wore More Of In The 1800s Than They Do Today.
Name Something That You Need Silence In Order To Do.
Other Than Drink Coffee, What Do People Do While At A Cafe.
Name An Event That Men Are Usually Not Invited To.
Name A Type Of Person That Wears A Name Tag.
Name Something Naughty That Children Living In The White House Would Never Be Able To Get Away With.
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Want To Get Tipsy In Front Of.
Name Something You Do When Your Computer Freezes Up.
Name Something You’d Find In A Hearty Stew.
Name Something That People Normally Don’t Pay Cash For.
Name A Movie Character Who Always Wears A Hat.
Name A Cereal That Is Often Use In The Making Of Holiday Treats.
Name Something People Do In The Woods That Probably Annoys The Animals Living There.
Name Something You Associate With Jerry Lewis.
Name A Part Of The House Where You’re Most Likely To Set A Mousetrap.
Name Something A Good Neighborhood Kid Might Do For His Elderly Neighbor.
Name A Comedian Whose Nose Is Larger Than His Talent.
Name A Movie That A Dog Would Love To Watch.
Name Something A Mobster Might Have A Tattoo Of.
Name Something You Associate With Brooklyn.
Name Something A Puppy Likes To Chew On.
Name A Foreign Language That Is Not Usually Offered In High School.
Name A Furry Critter That Kids Keep In Aquariums As Pets.
Name Someone Who Could Show Up In A Will That Would Be A Big Surprise To The Deceased’s Family.
For What Occasion Did Your Partner Last Look Stunning?
Name Something You Associate With Elvis Presley.
Name A Kitchen Appliance That Is Hardest To Clean.
What Topic Would You See In A Women’s Magazine That’s Never In A Men’s Magazine?
Name A Beverage You Might Drink At A Typical Holiday Party.
Name A Feature You Have In Your Car That A Mother Might Like To Have On Her Baby’s Stroller.
Name A Song Made Famous By The Beach Boys.
Name A Place Where You Might See A Lot Of Rats.
Name A Good Material For A Winter Coat.
Name Something People Daydream About.
Name A Flavor Of Pudding.
Why Might A Person Refuse To Remove Their Shoes At A Party?
Name A Place Where It’s Hard To Talk Because Of All The Background Noise.
Tell Me Something You’re Likely To Find At A Hotel Continental Breakfast.
Name Something That People Go Through A Lot Of Obstacles In Order To Get.
Name Something A Housekeeper Should Not Open.
Name Something A Firefighter Needs A Lot Of.
Name Something From Home That You Wish Movie Theaters Had.
Name Someone, Past Or Present, Who Is Known For Hosting A Children’s Television Program.
Name Something People Do To Their Food That Makes It Unhealthy.
Name Something On A Kids’ Playground That Adults Could Use As Exercise Equipment.
Name A Place Where You Hear People Being Paged Over A Loudspeaker.
Tell Me Which Of The 7 Dwarfs Would Have The Hardest Time Finding A Date.
Name Something Cats Have That People Don’t.
Name A Fictional Character With Two Identities.
Name A City In Florida.
Besides Their Kids, Name Something That Might Keep New Parents Awake At Night.
Name An Animal That’s Known For Eating Garbage.
Give Me Another Name That Kids Use For “Father.”
Tell Me Something A Man Teaches His Son To Do.
Name A Person In Your Life That You’d Be Mortified To Call By The Wrong Name.
Which Type Of Professional Would You Least Like To Get Into An Argument With, Because You’d Never Win?
Name Something That Happens To People When They’re Experiencing An Allergic Reaction.
Tell Me Something You Might Buy For The Prom.
Name Something People Trade.
Name Something You Dread Having Done While At Your Dentist Appointment.
Besides Books, Name Something You’d Find In Most School Libraries.
Name Something A Car Can’t Run Without.
Name Something People Try To Squeeze Into (More Specific Than “Clothes”).
Name Something Parents Let Their Kids Do In The Past, That Would Make Them Seem Like Bad Parents Today.
Name A Specific Food That You Associate With The South.
Name A Heavy Animal That A China Shop Owner Wouldn’t Let Into Their Store.
Tell Me Something About A Couple That Would Lead You To Believe They Spend Too Much Time Together.
Tell Me The Age A Man Might Start Losing His Hair. (Numeric Only)
If There Was An Airline Called No Frills Air, Name Something They Might Not Offer Passengers.
What Might A Chef Do While Cooking, That Would Ruin The Whole Dish?
Name A Product People Use On Their Hair.
Name A Rule A Parent Might Have For When Their Child Goes Swimming.
Name An Athlete Who’s Appeared On A Wheaties Box.
Name Something You Might Be Hired To Do For A Wedding.
Name A Reason Kids Give For Not Liking School.
Name Something You Can Buy At A Western Store You Probably Can’t Buy In A Regular Clothes Store.
Name The Worst Thing About Being On Noah’s Ark.
Name A Specific Way People Might Enter A Swimming Pool.
Name A Skill That Parents Hope Their Children Have By The Time They Buy A Home.
Name A Present Most Boys Would Want For The Holidays.
Name Something You Associate With Wall Street.
Name Something That A Guy From Memphis Is Probably Better At Than A Guy From New York City.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Move.
What Happens To Your Body That Lets You Know You’re Getting Old?
Name The Worst Thing About Going To The Drive-In.
Name A Sport That Might Be Played At A Family Reunion.
Name Something You Associate With Betty White.
Where Do Many Kids Think That Babies Come From?
What Information About A Woman Might A Man Keep In His Little Black Book?
Name Something People Associate With Shirley Temple.
What Kind Of Food Should Not Be Served At A Wedding?
Tell Me Something Your Spouse Does That Makes You Suspect They’re Angry At You.
Besides A Waiter, Name A Job At A Restaurant.
What Brand Of Candy Bar Would Make For An Unflattering Nickname?
Name Something You Might Lose As You Get Older.
Name Something Celebrities Do When Their Children Are Born That Most Of Us Don’t Do.
Name Something Parents Should Do To Be Sure That Their Kids Have A Safe Halloween.
What Would You Hate To Live Next To, Because The Noise Would Prevent You From Sleeping?
If You Were Looking To Get Thrown Out Of Army Boot Camp, Name Something Specific You Might Refuse To Do.
Name Something A Criminal Might Do To Avoid Being Recognized In A Police Line-Up.
Name Something You Would Buy A Lot Of When Hosting A New Year’s Party.
Name Something A Surgeon Keeps Nearby When He Operates.
Name A Talent That Can’t Be Learned, But That You Must Be Born With.
Name Something People Catch.
Name Something A Child Might Have At Their 6th Birthday Party, But Not At Their 16th Birthday.
Name Something You Might Accidentally Leave In A Department Store Fitting Room.
Name A Part Of A Boxer’s Body That Might Be Swollen After A Match.
Name Something That May Include A Meal In The Ticket Price.
Name Something You Do After Getting A Bad Haircut.
Name Something You Might Buy At The Airport While Waiting For Your Flight To Take Off.
Name A “Jane” You’ve Seen On TV.
Name Something A Reality Show Is Incomplete Without.
Name A Food That Smells Good When It’s Cooking.
Name Something That Has A Lock On It.
Name A Singer Who Became Famous As A Child.
Tell Me A Girl’s Name That Begins With “S.”
Name A Job Which Is Busiest In The Summer Time.
Name A Movie With The Word “Dr.” In The Title.
Name Something Kids Say They’d Do If They Were An Adult, But That Adults Rarely Do.
Name A Relative You’d Rather Not See During The Holidays.
Name Something That Would Prevent A Person From Becoming A Pilot.
Name Something About Their Past That A Politician Would Hate To Come Out In The News.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Happen When You’re In The Bathtub.
Name A Part On A Car Most People Would Replace Themselves.
Name Something People “Run” For.
Name A Game You Need Dice To Play.
Finish This Sentence: I’d Never Stay In A Hotel That Didn’t Have _____.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Begins With The Word “Mouth.”
Name Something A Friend Should Never Ask About, No Matter How Well They Know You.
Name Someplace You’d Find A Water Fountain.
Name Something That Has The Word “Pop” In It.
Name A Reason Parents Might Want Their Kid To Go To A Particular College.
Name Something You Would Not Want To Buy At A Dollar Store.
Name Something Specific That Doesn’t Get Cleaned Between Flights On An Airplane.
What Might You See Out Your Airplane Window?
Name Something You Associate With The Dallas Cowboys.
Name Something Kids Might Try To Get Away With At A Sleepover.
Name An Animal That You Commonly See At The Circus.
Tell Me How Long In Months A Couple Must Be Dating Before It’s Considered “Serious.”
Tell Me Something You Watch For Out Of Your Plane Window.
What Might You Find Out About A House That Would Make You Back Out Of Buying It?
Name Something Associated With Zorro.
Name Something You Do To Let A Friend Know She Has Food On Her Face.
Name Something You Associate With Old McDonald. (Be More Specific Than Animals)
Name Something A Person Might Read Everyday.
Name Something Babies Need A Lot Of.
Name A Vegetable That Is Not Green.
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Adopt A Fake Name.
At The Grocery Store, Name Something A Kid Is Told Not To Do.
Name Something Pilgrims Wear.
Name A Type Of Pet That People Rarely Take Out Of Their House.
Name A Place Where They Always Keep You Waiting.
As A House Guest, Name Something In The Host’s Bathroom That You Assume You Can Use.
What Thanksgiving Dish Would Do The Least Damage If Thrown At You In A Food Fight?
Name A Food With Cheese That’s A Childhood Favorite.
Name A Phrase That Starts With “Life Is…”.
Tell Me A Place Where It’s Easy To Make Friends.
Name Something You’d Worry About If You Were To Host A Dinner Party For Your In-Laws.
Name Something Oprah Winfrey Has That The Average Woman Admires.
Tell Me How Many Days It Takes A Man To Grow A Beard. (Numeric Only)
Name Something People Subscribe To By Month.
Which Style of Music Would Be Least Effective To Sing When Putting Your Baby To Sleep?
What Would A Car Thief Hate To Find In The Backseat Of The Car He’d Just Stolen?
Name Something That’s Made With Bananas.
Besides Dancing, Name Something People Do On The Dance Floor.
Name Something People Give As A Housewarming Gift.
Which Talk Show Host Would You Like To Have Interview You?
Name Something In Your Kitchen That You’d Use As A Musical Instrument.
Name Something About A Person That Cosmetic Surgery Can’t Fix.
Name An Actor Or Actress Who Commands A High Salary To Be In A Film.
Name Something People Wear To Protect Themselves.
Name A Reason A Casino Dealer Might Complain About Someone At Their Table.
We Asked 100 Women: Name The Item In Your Purse That A Germophobe Would Say Needs To Be Disinfected.
Name Something Specific That People Flip.
Name Something Cowboys Are Good At.
What’s The First Thing New Parents Buy After Finding Out They’re Having A Baby?
Name A Member Of The Celebrity Elite Who Is Famous For No Apparent Reason.
Name An Occasion For Which People Often End Up Overspending.
Name Something That You Dread Doing After A Break-Up.
Name An Occasion That A Man Might Propose To His Girlfriend.
Name A Piece Of Information That Might Be On A Dog’s Tag.
Name Something A Person On A Diet Might Eat For Breakfast.
Name Something That Farmers 100 Years Ago Did By Hand, But Now Do With Machines.
Name Something A Dentist Probably Doesn’t Have.
Why Might Someone Dislike A Family Feud Question?
Name Another Word For “Ugly.”
Name An Animal That’s Usually Not Dangerous, But Many People Are Afraid To Touch.
Name Something Specific You’d Probably See On A Brochure For Las Vegas.
Name A Way People Get To Work In The Morning.
Name Something That Is Smaller In Europe Than In The US.
Name Something Related To Finances That It’s Hard To Explain To A Kid.
Name A Famous Character Who Is Never Seen Without His Mask.
Name Something Grown-Ups Have To Do That Babies Don’t.
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Car To Bump Into In A Parking Lot.
Which Class Do Students Take In College Thinking It Would Be An Easy ‘A’?
Besides Pants, Name An Article Of Clothing That Might Be Made Out Of Denim.
Name A Place Where You Nap Just To Pass The Time.
Name A City With A Lot Of Pollution.
If Your Local Gym Was Run By 5-Year-Olds, What Classes Would You Take Instead Of Pilates?
Name Something That Would Make You Suspicious If Your Date Said He Didn’t Have Any.
What’s The First Symptom You Get When Starting A Cold?
Name Something You Put On Before Going Out Into The Snow.
Name Something People Need Change In Order To Pay For.
Tell Me A Fictional Character Whose Name Includes The World “Little.”
Name Something Every Professional Boxer Needs.
Name A Place You Might See A Balcony.
Name Something In The House That You Might Not Use When People Are Trying To Sleep.
What Might An Overboard Soccer Mom Do At A Game That Causes Her To Be Thrown Out?
Name Something That Kids Play In But An Adult Would Not.
Why Might Someone Refuse To Use A Swimming Pool?
Name Something You’re More Likely To See In Australian Than Elsewhare.
Tell Me Something That Causes Skin To Turn Red.
Name Something Snow White And Cinderella Have In Common.
Which Physical Characteristics Would Tell You That Someone Was Part Alien?
What Kind Of Bread Would Be Horrible For Making A Sandwich?
Name Something That’s Served At Room Temperature.
Name Something You Do To Try And Wake Up Your Leg After It Has Fallen Asleep.
Name A Part Of The Body That Often Itches.
What Do You See At The Olympics That You Might Also See At A Spelling Bee.
Name Someone You Wouldn’t Want To See You Nude.
Name Something A Bankrobber Wants To Get Rid Of Quickly, So It Isn’t Used As Evidence.
Name An Occupation In Which One Spends His Day Cutting.
Name An Occupation In Which People Often Use Their Middle Name Or Initial.
Name Something People Do To Their Body That Other People Think Is Crazy.
Name A Vegetable That They Make Baby Food Out Of.
Name A Popular Christmas Candy.
Name Something Annoying That Cats Do.
If You Were Turned Into A Bee, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Having A White Beard.
Name Something A Husband Might Forget To Take To The Hospital When His Wife Is Having A Baby.
Which Website Would You Go To First If You Want To Find Out More About Something
Name A Reason Why You’d Get Blindfolded.
Name Something People Look For When Choosing A Diamond.
Name An Occupation Where The Workdays Are Made Worse By Nasty Weather.
Name A Prop You Would See In An Indiana Jones Movie.
Name Something Donald Trump Probably Keeps With Him At All Times.
Name Something Parents Photograph Their Baby Doing For The First Time.
Name A Way People Choose The Lottery Numbers They Play.
Name Something Babies And Puppies Have In Common.
Name The Job You Wouldn’t Want To Have If You Worked At The Circus
Name Something A School Might Forbid Students From Wearing.
If Santa Had A Twitter Account, Who Might Be An Avid Follower Of It?
Name A Place Where You Might Have A Friendly Conversation With A Total Stranger.
Name An Animal That Might Pester You On A Camping Trip.
Name A Salad That’s Not Green.
Name Something Associated With The Wizard Of Oz.
Other Than A Canvas, Name Something That You Put Paint On.
Name Something A Bride Worries Might Happen On Her Wedding Day.
Name A City That Has A Lot Of Hotels.
Name Something People Do To Keep Warm In The Winter.
Name Something People Use To Help Them Find A Lost Item.
What Would You Be Surprised To See A Child Do At A Bowling Alley?
What Might A Man Do On A First Date To Make You Suspect He Was An Undercover Cop?
To Feel Safer At Night, Name Something You Would Go To Sleep With.
When You’re Stressed Out, Name The Part Of Your Body Where You Feel It Most.
Name Something That Expands In The Microwave.
Name A Type Of TV Show You’d Be Surprised To See A Man Watching.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Find That A Superhero Couldn’t Do.
Name Something In A Beach Bag, That’s Not In Most Purses.
Name Something A Telemarketer Probably Hates About Their Job.
Name Something You Might See At A Boxing Match That You Wouldn’t See At A Chess Match.
Name Something People Pass Out For Trick-Or-Treat, That A Child May Be Disappointed To Get.
Name A Complaint A Circus Clown Might Have About His Job.
Name Something You’d Take Camping But Be Arrested For If You Brought It To A Bank.
Name Something That Might Be Carved Into A Christmas Ice Sculpture.
Name A Computer Program Or Skill That You Wish You Were Better At.
Name Something People Might Do With A Rental Car That They Wouldn’t Do With Their Own Car.
Tell Me Something A Wife Likes To Hear From Her Husband.
Name Something That Grows On Trees, But Isn’t Fruit.
Tell Me A Reason People Get Married.
Name A Comfort Food That Has Cheese In/On It.
Who Wears A Uniform With Shirt And Pants Of The Same Color?
Name Something You Make For Dinner When You’re Short On Time.
Name An Occupation That People Consider Caring.
Name A Measurement A Man Probably Doesn’t Know About His Wife’s Body.
Name Something People Take Along To Make A Long Car Ride Go Faster.
Name Something That Used To Take Up Shelf Space In Your House, But Can Now Be Stored Electronically.
Name A Tourist Attraction That Offers A Great View.
Besides Utensils, Name Something That’s Already On The Restaurant Table When You Sit Down.
Name Something You Might Change When Moving Into A New House.
Name Something That Could Ruin A Romantic Dinner.
Name A Food You Find Raisins In.
Name Something A First-Time Parent Would Need To Do Before The Baby Was Born.
What Was The Last Item On Which You Spent At Least $500?
At An Awards Show, Name Something Celebs Might Be Doing When The Camera Pans On Them.
Name A Reason A Person Might Complain About A Cup Of Coffee That’s Served To Them.
Name A Gameshow That Has Been Around Forever.
Tell Me A Creature That You’d Hate To Hear In Your Room At Night.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Six Month Old Baby Has Already Learned How To Do.
Name An Animal That Travels In Groups.
Name An Organ People Might Have Removed.
Name Something Important That You’re Careful Not To Misplace When You Move.
What Might You Do For A Gift If You’re Short On Cash?
Name A Candy That Comes In Different Colors.
Name Something Associated With Melanie Griffith.
Name Something That Might Happen If You Had Bad Luck On Your Honeymoon.
Tell Me A Way In Which Your Office Is Kind Of Like A “Soap Opera.”
What Would A Cowboy Do To Cheer Up When He’s Had A Bad Day?
Name Something People Do With Pennies.
Which Piece Of Playground Equipment Has Probably Resulted In The Most Injuries?
Which Sesame Street Character Must Get Uncomfortable In Their Costume?
Besides Jewelry, Name Something A Person Might Wear Around Their Neck.
Name Something A Baseball Player Might Be Holding During A Game.
Name Something Parents Think Their Teenage Son Spends Too Much Time Doing.
Name A Patriotic Song.
If Madonna Were To Make A Snowman, Name Something She Might Put On It.
Name An Advantage Of Working At Home.
Give A Word Frankenstein Would Use To Describe Himself In A Personal Ad.
Name A Country That Usually Does Well In The Olympics.
What Does A Businessman Use When Making Speeches, But Pastors Don’t During Their Sermons?
Tell Me The Age When A Girl Should Be Allowed To Start Dating. (Numeric Only)
Name Something That’s Taught In The First Grade.
What Might You Find In Your Food That Belongs To The Cook?
If You Were Pretending To Be Pregnant, Name Something You Might Stuff Under Your Shirt.
Name A Clothing Designer Who’s World Famous.
If Which Profession Do You Often Find People With Wacky Hair?
Name A Food A Restaurant Might Serve At “Happy Hour.”
Name A Really Long Movie.
What Might A Health Inspector Find In A Restaurant That Causes It To Get A Poor Score?
Name Something Scientists Wear In The Lab.
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Partridge Family.”
Name Something Kids Look Forward To.
What, Specifically, Keeps You From Getting A Degree?
Name A Sign That A Tornado Is Coming.
At The Theater, What Do You Do If The Movie Stinks Within The First 10 Minutes?
Name Something The Police Use To Identify A Criminal.
Tell Me A Reason You Might Be Low On Sleep.
Name A Position Played In Baseball Game.
Name An Occupation Where You Often See People With Stiff, Hairsprayed Hair.
Name Something On You That Might Be Tied In A Knot.
Name Something That’s Conducted.
Name Something You Need When You’re Moving.
Name Something A Deejay Needs To Play A Gig.
Name A Toy Parents Have To Put Together.
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Delay Proposing To His Girlfriend.
Name Something You Do To Keep Yourself From Laughing.
Name Something People Dig Up.
Name Something You’re Not Supposed To Do While Filling Your Gas Tank.
Grey Hair On Older Men Is Distinguished. What Happens To Aging Men That Isn’t Distinguished?
If A Movie Was Really Terrible, Name Something You Might Do In The Theater To Pass The Time.
Name A Reason Why You Might Offer Your Bus Seat To Someone Else.
By What Method Might A Woman Make The Announcement That She’s Pregnant?
Name A Kind Of Cat You Probably Wouldn’t Keep As A Pet.
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Addams Family.”
Where Would You Find An Adult Hanging Out,If He Refused To Grow Up?
Name A Specific Occupation Where They Wear Sneakers.
Name Something Stressful That Couples Do Together.
Tell Me Something That Responsible Adults Do On A Regular Basis.
Name Something That Smells Really Bad When On Fire.
Name Something People Know About Richard Nixon.
Besides Lights, Name Something In Your House That Wouldn’t Work If The Electricity Went Out.
Name Something People Keep In Their Car For Emergencies.
Name Something About Babies That Makes You Think Twice About Becoming A Parent.
Name A Door That You’d Hate To Leave Unlocked Accidentally.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something You Do On A First Date, That You Wouldn’t Do A Year Into A The Relationship.
Name Something Specific You Might Wear To Bed If You’re Really Cold.
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear Their Pajamas Outside.
Name A Type of Greeting Card That You See A Lot Of In The Spring.
Besides Photos, Name Something Someone Would Include In Their Scrapbook.
Name A Gift You’d Be Likely To Get As A House Warming Present From Your New Neighbors.
Name Something That’s Expensive Even When It’s In Used Condition.
Name Something You Might Replace If You Are Remodeling Your Bathroom.
Name A Kind Of Pyramid.
Name Something An Employee Sitting In The Cubicle Next To You Might Do That Annoys You.
Name A Job Where You Might Have Your Name On The Front Of Your Shirt.
Name A Thanksgiving Food That Often Comes From A Box Or Can.
Which Item Of Clothing Will You Wear More Than Once Before Washing It?
What Kinds Of Things Might People Lie About At Their High School Reunions?
Name A Place Where Many People Would Feel Uncomfortable Going Without A Date.
Name A Word Or Phrase That’s Often Followed Up With An Exclamation Point.
What Do You Need To Check To Ensure That Your Car Runs Properly?
Name A Habit That Would Be Impossible To Hide From Your Spouse.
If A Groom Was Extremely Nervous About Getting Married, What Might He Do At The Alter?
What Animals Might You See If You Go On An African Safari?
Name Something That You Can Adjust The Volume On.
Name Something A Country Western Singer Sings About, That A Rapper Wouldn’t.
Name Something You’d See If You Were Trapped In A Dungeon.
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment, Which Disney Character’s Name Would Be Hardest To Say With A Straight Face.
We Asked 100 Husbands! Name A Subject Your Wife Likes To Be The Expert On.
Name Something A Baseball Umpire Might Keep In His Locker.
Name Something Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts Both Learn To Do.
Name An Occupation You’d Be Tempted To Enter If You Liked To Snoop.
Name A Reason Why A Baby May Be More Fussy Than Usual.
Tell Me A Reason Why A Kid Would Not Go Swimming All Summer Long.
Name A Sport That You Can’t Play Without A Team.
Name A Kind Of Court.
Name Something Snoopy Does That Your Dog Would Not.
Name A Place In The World Where People Might Go To Get Married.
Name A Controversial American President.
Name A Body Part That Often Gets Broken.
If You Were Turned Into A Dolphin, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Name Something A Telemarketer Tries To Sell You.
Name Something People Say They’ll Have Time To Do Once They’ve Retired.
Name Something You’d Find Washed Up On The Beach.
Name Something An Auto Racer Hopes Won’t Happen To Him During A Race.
If Einstein Failed A Subject In School, What Might It Have Been?
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Run For President.
Name An Occasion Where You’d See People Dancing.
Name Something You Might See In A Hunting Lodge.
Name A Term That Describes Someone Who Comes In At First Place.
Name Something You Use From The Kitchen When You’re Working In The Garage.
Name A Reason A Person Might Prefer To Walk On A Treadmill Instead Of Taking A Walk Outside.
Name An Animal That Has Rough Skin.
Name The Best Place For Single People To Find Each Other.
Name Something You Hope Your Friend Doesn’t Do When House Sitting For You.
Name Something You Try To Prevent From Getting Flat.
Name A Reason You Might Take Your Child Out Of A Movie.
Name A Word Or Short Phrase That Begins With The Word “High.”
Name A College Major That Begins With The Letter “A.”
Tell Me Something You’d Hear On The Radio That Would Lead You To Believe That The Host Is Inexperienced.
Name An Occupation You’d Be Surprised To Find A Criminal Had As Their Day Job.
Name Something People Don’t Want To Do In Front Of Somebody They’re Dating, Until They Get Serious.
Name The Easiest Household Chore.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like A Cowboy.
Name The Softest Thing In A Baby’s Room.
Name A Place People Have A Holiday Dinner.
Name Something You Might See In A Beauty Shop.
Besides Blueberry Name A Kind Of Muffin People Eat At Breakfast.
Name Something People Want For Christmas, That Can’t Be Put In A Box.
Name A Color Baby Clothes Comes In.
Tell Me The First Thing You Do When You Get In Your Car.
Tell Me A Name That Could Be Used For Either A Man Or A Woman.
Name A Specific Skill You’d Have To be Good At To Be A Professional Baseball Player.

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