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All Questions page 121

Name A Reason A Teenaged Boy Would Have For Wearing A Suit.
If A Child Were Raised By Squirrels Name Something He’d Be Good At.
Name A Red Colored Frozen Yogurt Topping.
Name Something You Associate With Mickey Mouse.
Name Something You’d Probably Find In A Baby’s Bedroom.
Name Something People Buy, And Then Don’t Know How To Use.
Name A Reason You Might Not Leave The House For An Entire Day.
Name A Country That Was Involved In World War II.
Name A Celebrity Who Could Teach A High School Dance Class.
Name An Animal That A Person With Large Teeth Resemble.
If You Went Out With Santa Claus, What Might You Do On Your First Date?
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Afraid of Dogs.
Name A Professional That Charges You For Advice.
Name Something That A Secretary Never Wants To Run Out Of At The Office.
Name A Character In The Wizard Of Oz That Would Require The Most Elaborate Costume.
Name Something You Might Find On A Miniature Golf Course.
If You’re A Parent, Name Something You Take Into Account When Moving.
Name Something That Some People Are Paid To Chase After.
Name Something A Kid Might Bury In The Backyard.
Name Something That Takes A Long Time To Dry After It Gets Wet. (Clothes Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name A Sign Your Girlfriend Might Be Turning Into A Mermaid.
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Be Annoyed That The Weather Is Nice.
Name Something You Do When Looking In The Mirror That You’d Hate To Be Caught Doing If It Was A 2-Way Mirror.
Other Than Your Family Members, From Whom Would You Accept Criticism?
Name Something That’s Included When You Go On A Cruise.
Name Something A Chauvinist Might Try To Claim That Men Are Better At.
Name A Fish That Tastes Good Grilled.
Complete This Sentence. The Key To A Successful Marriage Is ____ing Together.
Name Someone In Your Life Who You Have A Hard Time Saying “No” To.
Name Something Associated With Jiminy Cricket.
Past Or Present, Name A Presidential Couple Whose Dinner Conversations You’d Love To Eavesdrop On.
Name A Specific Food Or Drink Moms Tell Their Kids To Consume So They Grow “Big And Strong”.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Tony.
Name A Person In Your Life Who It Would Be Unwise To Live With.
Name A State People Visit During The Winter.
Name Something You’d Hate To Forget On A Ski Trip.
Name A Beverage You Get Re-Filled For Free At Many Restaurants.
Name Something A Little Girl Needs To Look Like A Princess.
Name A Board Game That You Wouldn’t Play If You Only Had An Hour.
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About A Bar They’re At.
Name A Breakfast Food You Could Prepare Using Just One Hand.
Name Something You Eat By The Handful. (Be Specific Candy Is Not An Answer.)
If You Could Have A Movie Star Narrate Your Life, Whose Voice Would You Choose?
Name A City Where You Would Expect To Pay A Lot For A Hotel.
Which Sport At The Olympics Would The Average Person Off The Street Be Most Competitive At?
Name Something You Hope That The People You’re Housesitting For Have In Their Home.
Name A Summer Picnic Food That Will Make Your Face Messy.
Name Something You Might Find Under A Rock.
Name A Job From Which You Would Come Home Smelling Really Good.
If You Asked A Six-Year-Old, Name Something They’d Tell You About The Moon.
Name A Place You See A Lot Of Green Grass.
Name A Breed Of Dog That Everyone Has Heard Of.
Name Something Adults Buy That Can Be Very Small Or Very Large.
Name Something That Love Gets Compared To In Pop Songs.
In An 8 Hour Work Day, How Many Hours Does The Average Person Spend Working.
Name Something You’d Expect To See In A Boardroom Meeting.
Name A Famous Store In New York City.
What Do College Students Do That Annoys Their Professors The Most?
Name A Type Of Cheese (Not A Brand) People Like In A Salad.
Name Something You’d See In An Office’s Kitchen Area.
Name Something You Need In Order To Make A Garden.
Name Something You See At A WWE Match You’d Never See At A High School Wresting Match.
In One Word, What’s The Best Thing About Being Married?
Name Something You Might Do On A Date In The Park.
Name A Job Where You’d Need Great Vision.
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Participate In Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day.
Name A Profession That Requires Really Good Balance.
Name An Activity You Wouldn’t Want To Do In The Rain.
What Animal Would You See At A Farm, But Never Consider Keeping For A Pet?
Name Something That Gets Described As Festive.
Name A Reason Why A Child Can’t Wait To Grow Up.
Name Something You Need To Bake A Cake.
Name Something That You Write Out By Hand, Instead Of Type.
What Worldly Topic Would You Be Surprised To Learn That Britney Spears And Jessica Simpson Talk About When They’re Alone.
Name A Scent You’d Smell In A Barn.
Name Something Sister Borrow From Their Brothers.
Instead Of Having A Shouting Match Name Another Tactic A Person Might Use To Win A Disagreement.
Name Something That Would Keep You From Snuggling Up To Your Spouse In Bed.
What Might A Financial Expert Tell You To Put Your Money Into?
If You Boil You Veggies Too Long, Name Something They Lose.
If A Woman Was To Marry Tarzan, Name Something She Would Have To Get Used To.
Name Something A Man With Very Little Hair Does To Make It Look Like He Has More.
Name Something You Should Always Carry Extra Of When Flying By Plane.
Name Something People Brag About.
Name A Synonym For Marriage That Doesn’t Make It Sound Fun.
Name A Part Of Grooming That You’d Spend More Time On Before A Big Date.
Name A Celebrity Who Is Often Photographed Off-Screen With Children.
Name A Place Where It Would Be Rude To Laugh.
What Might A Wash Machine Do That Would Make You Get Rid Of It.
Name A Piece Of A Kid’s Play Equipment That Adults Would Probably Hurt Themselves Using.
How Can You Tell That A Dog Is Still A Puppy?
Name Another Word For “Tired.”
Name Something You Might Pay Extra For When You Get Your Car Washed.
Name Something A Teen Might Need Their Parent’s Permission To Do Before They’re 18.
Name Someplace Where They Sell Cotton Candy.
Name Something A Craft Lover Would Have A Lot Of.
Name A Famous Movie Monster You Might See In A Black And White Film.
Name Something The Indians Taught To The Pilgrims.
Name Something The President Might Say Is Too Long.
Name Something You See The Ground Littered With After The Carnival Has Move On (More Specific Than “Trash”).
What Might You Find Out About A House That Would Make You Back Out Of Buying It.
Name Something People Turn On Just Before They Get In Bed.
Name Something About Her Infant That A New Mother Talks About Often.
Name Something That’s Sold At An Airport Gift Shop.
Name Something A Baby Spends A Lot Of Time Doing.
Name A TV Show About An Island.
Name Something On Everyone’s Driver’s License.
If The North Pole Gave Guided Tours, What Specifically Would Be On The Tour?
Name A Prop You May Hold In An ‘Olde Time’ Photograph At The Fair.
Name A Place Where You See More Cops Than In A Jail.
Tell Me Something You’ve Accidentally Dropped In The Toilet.
Name A Cartoon Character Who’s Always Getting Hurt.
Tell Me A Piece Of Information that Your Neighbors Are More Likely To Know About You Than Your Coworkers Are.
Where Do You Get Money That Can’t Be Used To Buy Anything In The Real World?
Name A Characteristic Of A Pub That You Wouldn’t Want For Your Home.
Name Something That A Woman Might Wear In Bright Colors.
Name An Animal That A Two-Timing Boyfriend Gets Compared To.
Name Something You Might Ask A House Sitter To Do While Staying At Your Place.
Name Something Talk Show Hosts Do During A Commerical Break.
Name A Winter Activity That Makes You Sweat.
Name Something Teenagers Stress Out About.
Name Something Tourists See While Visiting Italy.
Name Something You Buy In A Larger Size If You Have A Large Family.
Name A Profession Where You Might Be Bitten By A Dog.
Name Something A Movie Star’s Kid Might Get As A Birthday Present.
Name Something Teenagers Do That They’ll Kick Themselves For Later In Life.
Name Something People Associate With Thanksgiving.
Name Something That Might Take Place In A Large Tent.
Name A Popular New Year’s Resolution
Name A Place Where The Average Person Wouldn’t Last A Day.
Name A Job That A Clumsy Person Would Be Fired From Immediately.
Name The Vegetable That Tastes The Worst When it Comes From A Can.
Name Something You See In Every Star Wars Movie.
Name A U.S. City That Starts With The Letter “P.”
Tell Me The Longest You’ve Ever Gone Without Eating.
Other Than Work, Name Something You Often Find Yourself Talking To Co-Workers About.
Name Something A Parent Criticizes Their Child For Doing Too Fast.
Name A Kind Of Boat That Doesn’t Have An Engine.
Name Something You Might Put On Top Of A Salad.
Name Something A New Mom Spends A Lot Of Time Doing.
If Your Body Aches, Tell Me What A Possible Cause Might Be.
Name A Place In Your House That You Don’t Bother Decorating
Name An Activity You Might Do While On A Hawaiian Honeymoon.
For What Reason Might You Suspect That The Person You’re Dating Is In The Mob?
If A Person Doesn’t Cook Well, Which Thanksgiving Food Might They Buy Intead Of Bake?
Name A Piece of Protective Gear That Only A Real Klutz Would Consider Wearing While Walking.
Name Something Risky That Most People Do At Least Once In Their Lifetimes.
Tell Me A Good Reason To Attend Your Company Holiday Party.
Name A Small Creature Who Can Be Very Noisy.
Name Something You Might See In A High School Shop Class. (Tools Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
What Kid Of Nut Butter Could You Use If You Were Allergic To Peanuts?
Name Something You’d Put On Your Table When Having A Dinner Party.
Name Something That Gets Thrown.
Name Something You Imagine Cavemen Gave Their Girlfriends.
Name Something Your Partner Might Do First Thing In The Morning That Wakes You Up.
Name Something That Even Adults Hate To Share.
Name Someone Dorothy Met In The Land Of Oz.
Name Something That Women Carry More Often That Men Do.
Tell Me Something That Makes You Mad When You’re Watching TV.
Name A Topping You’d Put On Both A Pizza And A Taco.
Name A Movie Featuring A Horse.
Tell Me Something That You’d Prefer To Do With Strangers Rather Than Family.
Name Someone Who Has/Had Many Followers.
Name A Vegetable That Tastes Better When Cooked.
If You Were The Costume Designer For A Western Movie, Which Clothing Piece Would You Buy Lots Of?
Name Something People Owned Dozen’s Of In The ’80s That Would Now Be Considered Outdated.
If A Restaurant Had The Same Rules As Your Kitchen, What Would Customers Need To Do For Themselves?
Other Than For A TV, Name Somthing You’d Love To Be Able To Control From A Remote While In Bed.
What Would A Knight Hate To Forget To Bring Into Battle?
Name A Part Of Puberty That Ends A Child Actor’s Career.
Name Something People Put Peanut Butter On.
Name An Aging Rocker Who’s Probably Not The Lady’s Man He Once Was.
What Would You Name Your Child If He/She Was Born On Christmas?
Name Something A Kid Might Take With Him To Summer Camp.
Why Might Someone Have A Weekday Off Of Work?
Which Famous Award Would You Most Like To Win?
Name Something You Associate With A Full Moon.
Name Something Specific A Stunt Double Probably Envies About The Actor He Replaces.
Name Something A Detective Might Find At A Murder Scene That Would Make Him Suspect The Killer Was A Farmer.
Name Something You Could Tell About A Person If You Took Their Car For A Spin.
Name An Animal That You Wouldn’t Want To Escape From The Zoo.
Name A Type Of Fruit You’d Find A In A Still Life Painting Of A Fruit Bowl.
Name Something That Dinosaurs Do In Movies That You Bet They Never Really Did.
Name A Big Event In A Couple’s Life.
Name Something Cheap You Could Buy At A Cafe Besides A Cup Of Coffee.
Name Something That A Real Cheapskate Might Charge Their Houseguests For Using.
Name Something You Bring To A Party Even If The Host Doesn’t Ask You To Bring Anything.
Other Than A Type Of Food, Name A Spanish Word That Most People Know.
Name Something You’re Disappointed To Realize You’re Out Of When You Get Up In The Morning.
Name Something You Put On When You’re At Home And Cold.
Name An Activity That Could Be Rained Out.
Name Something You See At The Front Of Every Classroom.
Name Something Annoying That Happens In Summer Months That A Person Might Forget About During A Long Winter.
Name Something Sherlock Holmes Probably Never Leaves Home Without.
Name How Many Gallons Of Gas It Takes To Fill Up A Small Car. (Numeric Only)
Name Something That Has Speakers.
Name An Instrument A Classical Musician Might Play.
Besides A Coat, Name Something You Might Find Hanging On A Coat Rack.
Name An Herb People Cook With.
Name Something A Police Detective Might Use At A Crime Scene.
Name Something That Has An Arch.
Besides Basketball, Name Something Michael Jordan Might List On His Resume.
Name A Phrase That’s Said In Commercials To Get You To Buy The Product Right Away..
Name Something A Person Wearing Tight Pants Might Have Difficulty Doing. (Be More Specific Than Move)
Name Something You Can Do In An Online Meeting That You Shouldn’t In A Face To Face Work Meeting.
Name Something You’d Do If You Were Invisible.
Tell Me Something That A Person In Their 30s Buys That is Better Quality Than They Bought In Their 20s.
Name Something Specific You’d Be Surprised To Find A Sub Shop Didn’t Have.
Name A Room In Your Home That Guest See Most Often.
Name Something Roommates Might Share.
Other Than Rain, Name A Reason A Person Might Close The Top Of Their Convertible.
Besides Drinking It, Name Something People Use Water For.
Tell Me Something That Children Dare One Another To Do For Money.
Name A Singer Whose Voice You Love To Hear In Christmas Music.
Name An Old Occupation That Would Be Bad For Someone Who Hates Physical Contact With Others.
Name Something A Little Boy Might Put On When He’s Trying To Dress Up Like His Daddy.
Unlike The Chicken Breast or Leg, Name A Fast-Food Chicken Order That Doesn’t Name A Part Of The Chicken’s Body.
Besides Fabric, Name Something You Could Buy In A Fabric Store.
Name Something A Businessman Likes To Keep Short.
Name A Sports Term That Ends With -Off.
Name Something That People Keep Money Inside Of.
Name A Hobby Whose Participants Are Often Called “-Geeks”.
Name A Place Where People Might Walk Around Barefoot.
Name Something You Close At Nighttime.
Name A Downside To Taking A Romantic Walk On The Beach.
Name Something Specific You Look At In A Photograph Of Yourself To Decide If You Like It Or Not.
Name Something Parents Always Seem To Have To Remind Their Kids To Do.
Name Something You Might Need To Make A Smoothie.
Name Something That Doesn’t Have To Be The Characteristic Of A President But It Usually Is.
Besides “Big”, Name A Movie With The Word “Big” In The Title.
Which Fears, Both Adult And Childish, Do Men Have But Pretend Not To Have.
Name An Article Of Clothing That’s Often Made Of Leather.
Many Occupations Are Associated With A Work Vehicle. Which Vehicle Would It Be A Bad Sign To See In Your Driveway?
If A Jaguar Is A Good Mascot For A Sports Car, What Animal Would Be A Fitting Model Name For A School Bus?
Men Only: How Much Time Per Day Do You Spend In Front Of The Mirror?
Name Someone You’d Be Mortified To Have As Your Restaurant Waiter On A First Date.
Name A Mythology Character Most People Know.
Name A Type Of Product That Gets Tested On Mice.
Name A Reason Why It’s Hard To Talk To An Attractive Person At A Party.
Name An Event To Which A Man Might Wear A Tuxedo?
Name Something That Is Annoying To Carry While Going For A Jog.
Name A Place Perfect Strangers Sit Next To Each Other.
Name Something You Associate With The Character “The Road Runner.”
Name Things That You Should Not Do In A Job Interview.
Name Something That Can Be Bumpy.
Name Something That Makes The News Every Time Madonna Does It.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Use If It Has A Hole In It.
Name Something That Probably Annoys A Librarian.
Name Something You Would Not Have For Breakfast If You Were On A Diet.
Name The Person Who Taught You How To Dance.
Name An Issue That Every Politician Is Asked About Their Stance On.
If A Bowling Alley Had A “Going Out Of Business” Sale, Name Something You Could Buy.
Name A Famous Person With Russell In Their Name
Name The Person You Spend The Most Money On For Their Holiday Gifts.
Name Something You Need To Make S’mores.
Name Something In The Home That Women Use More Often Than Men.
Name A Word That You Can’t Get Through A Football Game Without Hearing.
Name Something That A Kid Might Be Caught Lying About.
Name Something A Ballet Dancer Has That Most People Do Not.
Name An Occupation Someone Might Have Where They’d Often Get Asked For Their Autograph.
Men And Women Might Be More Equal Today, But Name Something That Most Women Still Do More Of In Most Relationships.
Name A Type Of Food That You Eat Slices Of.
Name A Reason A Husband Might Send His Wife Flowers.
Name Something You Might See At A Bus Stop.
Why Do Parents Thing Of Celebrities As Bad Role Models For Their Kids?
Besides A Newspaper, Name Something You Might Buy At A Newsstand.
Name A Place Where You May Have To Wear A Nametag.
Name A Profession That Would Help You Be Good At Solving Crossword Puzzles.
Tell Me Something That You Hope Is Easier To Do The Second Time Around.
Name Something In A Hotel Room That’s Smaller Than Usual.
Name A Food That Comes In Packs of Six Or More.
Name A Mountain Range Known For Skiing.
Name A Place That’s Known For Its Wine.
Name A Downside To Being The Youngest Child In The Big Family.
Name A Place Where You See A Scale.
Name A Kind Of beam You Wouldn’t Want To Balance On.
Tell Me How Much Money A Man Expects To Spend On A Date. (Use Money Format $0.00)
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Being Tall.
What Must A Town Have To Make It A Popular Winter Destination?
Tell Me Something Your Body Can’t Live Without.
Name Something You Might Do On A First Date That Ruins It.
Name Something You Can’t Wear To Work At An Office Job.
Name An Animal Mentioned In The Song “12 Days Of Christmas”.
Name A City You Recognize Just By Seeing A Photo.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Nervous While Driving.
What Would Be The Best Thing About Having An Actress For A Mother?
Give Me A Rock Band With A One-Word Name.
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who’s Known For Being A Fast Runner.
Name A Class That Most Students Take In College But Not High School
Name Something People Associate With Niagara Falls.
Name Something People Are Often Trying To Get Out Of Doing.
Other Than A Shopping Center, Name A Place Where You See Long Lines Around The Holidays.
Name A Food New York Is Famous For.
Name An Activity That You Wear Comfortable Shoes For.
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Grandma On.
Name An Expensive Food That You Wouldn’t Serve At A Kid’s Birthday Party.
Name A Fruit Juice That’s Very Bitter.
Name A Famous Howard.
What Might An Obsessed Lover Do That Causes His Partner To Break Up With Him?
Name Something Specific Inside Your Car That You Might Ask The Car Wash Guys To Clean.
Name Something Specific You Might Borrow From Your Coworker’s Desk That You’re Least Likely To Return.
Name The Last Thing You Read On The Internet That You Wish You Hadn’t.
Name The First Thing You Do After Getting Off An Airplane.
Name A Romantic Gift For A Woman That Her 2-Year-Old Might Be Jealous Of.
Name A Specific Item In Your House That’s Too Big To Throw Away In The Trash Can.
Name A Word People Use To Describe Someone Who’s In A Bad Mood.
What Gesture Might Your Date Do Often To Let You Know Things Are Going Well?
Name A Type Of Business Where You Might Encounter A Pushy Salesperson.
Name A Specific Event That People Create A Photo Album For.
Name A Food On A School Cafeteria Menu That Parents Would Get Rid Of.
Name A Pet You Might Keep In A Cage.
When A Teenager Breaks Up, Name A Memento She Might Throw Away.
Name A Flavor They Put In Sparkling Water.
Name Something Only A Boy With Sisters Would Know A Lot About. (More Specific Than “Girls”.)
Name Something That You Make Sure You Have Enough Of For Your House Guests.
Name Something You Need To Play Scrabble.
Name A Phrase You Only Hear On An Infomercial.
Name A Tool Most People Have Around The House.
Name An Invention That Has Made Parents’ Jobs Much Easier.
Name Something A Girl Wants As A Gift Most Guys Would Never Want.
If A Witch Was Looking For A Date, Which Creepy Bachelors Would She Call First?
Name Another Way Of Saying That A Woman Is Pregnant.
Name The Worst Event To Show Up Late To.
Name Something In A House That Gets Child-Proofed.
Name Something Parents Say To Get Their Kids To Eat Their Vegetables.
Name Something People Know About Big Bird.
Name A High School Class Or Program That Should Never Have Its Funding Cut.
Tell Me A Symbol Used To Represent Love.
In What Profession Might Someone Have Their Legs Insured?
Tell Me Something You Know About Koala Bears.
Name The Month When The Weather Starts To Warm Up.
Name Something You Can Snap.
What Might A Man Want To Buy That Reminds Him Of His Youth?
Name The Month When You Start To Get The Most Anxious For Summer.
Name Something You Might Buy That Has Instructions Printed In Several Languages.
Name Something You Couldn’t Do If You Didn’t Have Any Fingers.
If You Were A Sleepwalker, Name Something You’d Avoid Buying A House Near.
Name A Sport Where You Might Crash Into Something.
Name A Job In Which You Might Smell Like Chlorine.
Tell Me The Youngest Age When Someone Should Get Married.
Name An Animal A Caveman Might Hunt.
Name A Complaint Someone Might Have About A Movie Theater Concession Stand.
Name Something A Priest Wears.
If A Person Didn’t Want To Have Surgery, What Might They Use To Give The Illusion Of A Facelift?
Other Than Spy, Name A Good Job If You Like To Gather Info On People.
What’s The Worst Thing About Passing By A Construction Site?
Name Something A Boy Might Have When He’s 18 That He Didn’t Have When He Was 12.
Name A Reason Someone’s Hair Might Be Messed Up.
Name Something Specific You’d Find In A Fruitcake.
Name Something You Might See On A Shelf In Someone’s Living Room.
Name The Most Annoying Thing About The Holidays.
Name Something That Might Stain Your Shirt Red. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
What Do Thieves Most Commonly Steal?
What Percent Of Your Bill Do You Tip A Waitress?
Name A Popular Brand Of Men’s Underwear.
Name Something That’s An Essential Part Of A Great Saturday Morning.
Name Something You’re Pleasantly Surprised To Find In Your Chocolate Chip Cookie.
Name Something You Might Be Looking At If You’re Caught Laughing By Yourself.
If Santa Got The Flu On Christmas Eve, Who Might He Ask To Fill In For Him?
Name Something That Makes A Startling Sound.
If You’re Parked Next To Someone With The Same Car As You, Name Something You Look At To Tell You Which Is Yours.
If A Kid Tried To Drive A Semi-Truck, Name Something It’d Be Hard For Him To Reach.
What’s The Fastest Speed Most People’s Cars Can Go. (Numeric Only)
Name Something You Can Learn To Do From A Videotape.
Name Something You Might See In A Playpen.
Name Something People Have Painted On Their Car To Make It Flashier.
What Kind Of Doctor Should Never Ask You To Undress?
Tell Me Something You Might Wear While Biking.
Name Something That Alarmists Warn Will Take Over The World.
Name Something A Person Might See In The Ocean That Would Cause Them To Get Excited.
Name An Instance When You Turn Up The Volume On Your Phone’s Ringer.
What Might You Find On A Milk Carton?
Besides Lemonade, Name Something A Kid Needs To Set Up A Lemonade Stand.
Name An Event Included On Most Families’ Home Videos.
Name Something That Might Frustrate A Person When Using A Pay Phone.
Name Something Women Have Done At A Spa.
Name A Type Of Store You Go To That Always Seems To Be Busy.
What Hobbies Or Interests Would A Zookeeper Leave Off His Resume?
Name Something Annoying About Going To A Laundromat.
Name A Question You Might Ask A Girl You Just Met At A Party.
Name A Sound You’d Hear A Lot Of At The Beach.
Name One Of Life’s Most Overrated Experiences.
Name Something About The Simpsons That Is Unlike Most Families.
Name A Reason Why A Child Might Want To Sleep With Their Parents.
Besides Paint, Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Become A Professional Artist.
Name A Job You May Take To Try To Get A Celebrity To Notice You Romantically.
Name A Type Of Party That You Might Want To Sneak Out Of Early.
Name A Drink That’s Often Served In A Mug.
Name Something Homer Simpson Can’t Live Without.
Where Were You The Last Time You Sat And Waited For Someone And Were Nervous?
Name Something You Associate With Peter Pan.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Forbidden To Bring Your Carry-On Bag Aboard The Plane.
Name Something People Do To Concentrate When They’re Surrounded By Distractions.
Name Something A Bank Robber Might Wear To Disguise Himself.
Name A Form Of Transportation You Wouldn’t Want To Use In A Rain Storm.
Name Something That Has Food In It, But Not On It.
Name Something Associated With Benjamin Franklin.
Name A Type Of Merchandise People Don’t Mind Buying On The Internet.
Name The Most Common Traffic Sign You See While Driving.
Name Some Information That’s Asked Of You Every Time You Fill Out A Form.
Besides Videos, Name Something You Find At The Video Store.
Name Something A Store Might Use To Try To Catch Shoplifters.
What Might A Person Who’s Fed Up With Their Job Begin Doing, That Lets Their Co-Workers Know?
Living Or Dead, Name A Man Named Ted.
Name A Kind Of Hat Men Like To Wear.
We Asked 100 Bachelors: When Approaching A Woman, What Might She Do To Make You Think She’s Uninterested?
Name A Reason You Might Suspect One Of Your Coworkers Stayed Out All Night Partying.
Name Something A Librarian Does While On The Job.
Name A Food That’s More Expensive If You Buy It Pre-Sliced.
Name A Popular Christmas Story For Children.
When Asked A Question That You Can’t Answer, What’s A Good Way To Stall For Time?
Name A Sea Creature That Would Never Fit In Your Home Aquarium.
Besides Ice Cream, Name Something That Might Be Vanilla Flavored.
Name Something You Buy In Bulk, Because You Know You’ll Lose A Few Of Them.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Begins With The Letter “J”.
Name Something Dogs Are Always Sniffing.
Name Something A Single Man Does A Lot More Of Than A Married Man.
Tell Me A Woman Who People Respect For Her Intelligence.
Name A Place Where It’s Better To Go Alone Than With A Friend.
Name Something Associated With Oktoberfest.
Name Something You Need When Setting A Table.
Name Something Your Boss Would Never Ask About.
Besides Swimming, Name A Popular Ocean Activity.
Tell Me Where You Went On Your Most Recent First Date.
Name A Word That You Don’t Want To Hear In The Weather Forecast When You’re About To Travel.
Name Something Babies Have That Grown-Ups Think Is Adorable.
At An Office Party, Name Something You Hope Your Tablemate Doesn’t Talk About All Night.
Name A Present People Give Their Grandmother.
If Dinosaurs Were Alive Today, Name A Reason One Might Make A Bad Pet.
Name Something You Would Hate To Find On The Bottom Of Your Shoe.
Name Something You Would Wear To A Wedding In The Desert.
If A Pirate Had To Get A Job In The Real World, Where Could He Put His Skills To Use?
Name The Person Who You Most Try To Avoid Having An Argument With.
Name A Salad Dressing That Is Usually White.
Name Something On A City Street That People Put Money Into.
Tell Me Something That You’d See At A Church Wedding, But Probably Not A Wedding At A Court House.
Name Something That Annoys You While In Line At The Grocery Store.
Name An Activity You’d Dread Doing If You Lived On The Top Floor Of A Tall Building.
Name A Food That’s Served With Crackers.
Name Something You’d Use More Often If You Had Bad Breath.
Name A Piece Of Paper That You Were Very Nervous To Sign.
Tell Me A Food That Goes From Your Freezer To Your Toaster.
Name A Female Singer Who Has Been Selling Out Concerts For Decades.
If A Celeb Wanted To Hide Her Pregnancy, What Could She Say Was In Her Shirt?
Name A Legal Way You Can Get Tickets To A Show That Has Been Sold Out.
Name A Phone Number That Many People Have On Speed Dial.
What Might A Bad Guy In A Movie Have In His Suitcase?
Name A Sound That Wakes You Up When You Live In The City.
Name Something A Stand-Up Comic Needs.
Name Something You Should Know How To Do Before Getting Married.
Name A Place Where Someone Might Practice Driving For The First Time.
Name A Character Who Is Hired To Perform At A Kid’s Birthday Party.
Name Something That Comedians Like To Make Jokes About.
Name Something That Keeps Drinks Cold.
Name A Piece Of Good News That A Person Might Not Share With Friends Right Away.
What Might Santa Have To Do In Order To Get Into A House With A Small Chimney?
Name A Household Chore Every Maid Should Know How To Do.
Name Something You Complain That Your Boss Is On All Day Long.
Name Something A Doll Might Come With To Make Her Seem Like A Real Baby.
Name Something That People Hang Outside.
Name An Occasion When People Usually Wash Their Hands.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Only An Extremely Modest Person Would Use A Dressing Room To Try On.
Name Something A Man Carries Under His Arm.
Name Something People Take A Shower After
Tell Me How Many Slices You Find On Most Large Pizzas. (Numeric Only)
What Do Some Hotels Charge You For, While Others Offer It For Free?
Name A Place You Keep Photos Of Others, But An Egomaniac Would Keep A Picture Of Themselves.
Name A Vehicle That Would Be Hard To Learn How To Operate.
Name A Way A Student Might Try To Impress A Teacher.
Name A Place Where Teenagers Always Seem To Hang Out In Movies From The 1950s.
What Info Might A Babysitter Want To Know Before Accepting A Job?
Name A Famous Person Whose Last Name Is Stewart.
Name Something Your Barber Asks You To Remove Before They Cut Your Hair.
Name Something Jim Carrey Is Good At Making.
Name A Reason People Give For Why They Haven’t Met Someone To Date.
Besides Fish, Name Something Sold At A Tropical Fish Store.
Name An Excuse Someone Might Give For Why They’re Dancing Badly.
Name Someplace People Put Their Sunglasses When They’re Not Wearing Them.
Name A Reason Some People Don’t Like To Go To The Dentist.
Name Something Batman Might Leave Robin In His Will.
Name A Part Of A Department Store That A Teenage Boy Would Be Embarrassed To Be Seen.
Name A Rock Star Who Is Old Enough To Be A Grandpa.
Name A Word That Means “Stop”.
From What Activity Is A Man Most Likely To Be Late Getting Home?
Besides Food, Name Something That Is Served.
Name Something A Child Brings Home From School, That You Wish He Wouldn’t.
While Camping, What Picturesque Sight Becomes Spooky At Night?
Name A Leftover You Wouldn’t Take From A Restaurant Because It’s No Good On The Second Day.
Name Something You’d See More Of In Canada Than You Would In The United States.
Which Part Of A Clown’s Outfit Might Be Part Of His Routine?
Name A Specific Food You’d Keep In Your Refrigerator Crisper. (Be More Specific Than Fruits/Vegetables)
Name A Food That Grows Underground.
Name Something A Little Boy’s Bedroom Floor Might Be Clutter With (More Specific Than Toys).
If Someone Wanted To Save A Buck, What Might They Order Their New Car Without?
Name A Sport That Requires You To Use The Most Equipment.
Name Something You Might Want To Know About A Movie Before You See It.
Name Something You’d Find In Every Hotel Room.
How Can You Tell If A Movie Is A “Chick Flick”?
Name A Type Of Cookie That Mom Has A Favorite Recipe For.
Name A Reason Why A Car Would Be Pull Over On The Side Of The Road.
Name Someone Who Children Believe In.
Name A Great City To Be In On New Year’s Eve.
Name Something Specific You Might See In Someone’s Shopping Cart To Tell You They’re Having An Italian Dinner.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Starts With “Bi-.”
Name Something You Might Eat On Your Way To Work In The Morning.
Name Something People Put On With A Brush.
Name An Animal That Has Large Eyes.
Tell Me A Promise Politicians Often Make, But Seldom Keep.
Name Something A Travel Agent Asks When You Call To Make An Airline Reservation
We Asked 100 Wives: In Your Husband’s Wildest Dreams, What Attribute Or Skill Would He Be Famous For?
Tell Me The First Thing You’d Do If You Saw Your Ex At A Party.
Name A Stereotype About Jocks That It’s Always True.
Name Something A Fast Food Restaurant Has That A Fancy Restaurant Would Never Have.
Name A Phrase That Has The Word “Penny” In It.
Name A Sport You Associate More With Women Than Men.
Name Something That Has A Numbered Button On It.
Name The First Thing You Do After Receiving A Phone Call From An Unknown Number.
Name Something That’s Ruined If It Gets Scratched.
Name Something The White House Has That The Average House Doesn’t.
Name Something You Might Get Asked When Meeting A New Person In A Chat Room.
Which Types Of Businesses Send Way Too Much Junk Mail?
Tell Me The Room In The House Where You Watch The Most TV.
In What Kind Of Magazine Would You Be Surprised To Find An Article About Politics?
Name A City In Canada.
Name Something You Refill. Be Specific.
What Occupation Might A Man Claim To Have In Order To Get More Dates?
Name The Thing That Bothers You Most About Rainy Days.
Name A Board Game That People Get Very Competitive While Playing.
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Santa.”
Besides A Whoopie Cushion, Name Another Gag Item You’d Buy In A Novelty Store.
Name A Book You’d Be Surprised To See Lindsay Lohan Reading.
Name Something That Might Annoy A Gardener.
Name Something That Makes You Sneeze.
Name Something A Spy Hides Behind While On A Stakeout.
Tell Me The Age When A Kid Might Try To Sneak Into An R-Rated Movie. (Numeric Only)
Name Something That A Person Might Do With A Penny, But Probably Not With A Dollar Bill.
Which Aspect Of Their Life Would You Want To Hear That A Potential Mate Was Most Focused On?
Tell Me The Age When A Boy Has His First Shave. (Numeric Only)
Name Something Teenage Boys Spend A Lot Of Money On.
Name A Building You Can Find On Most College Campuses.
Name Something You See In Every James Bond Movie.
Name A Christmas Activity That Adults Get Just As Excited About As Their Kids Do.
Name The Places Where People Are Most Likely To Catch A Sickness.
Name Something A Monkey Can Do Much Better Than A Human Can.
What Else Could You Put On Cereal If You Ran Out Of Milk?
In What Occupation Might You Wear A Mask?
Name Another Word For “Enemy.”
If You Could Trade Something With Your Boss For One Week, What Would It Be?
Name A Place People Often Hide Their Spare House Key.
If You Traded Places With Superman, Name Something That Might Get On Your Nerves After A While.
Name A Debt That You Wish Would Magically Be Paid Off.
Name An Animal You Would Find In The Ocean But Not In A Pond.
Name Something That Has An Ending.
Name Something You Might See At A Country Western Bar.
Name A Gift A Soon-To-Be-Married Couple Might Register For.
Give Me A Country That Starts With The Letter “S”.
Name Something A Sports Fan Would Love To Receive For Their Birthday.
Name Another Way To Describe Someone Who Is Always Bragging.
Name A Household Chore That Men Are Usually In Charge Of Doing.
How Can You Tell That Someone Has Dyed Their Hair?
Tell Me What Part Of The Body Gets Sore From Working On A Computer All Day.
Name Something A Rookie Police Officer Would Be Embarrassed To Admit He Misplaced.
Name Something You’d Hear Plenty Of Talk About In A Junior High Cafeteria.
If You Could Clone Something In Your Life, Who Or What Would It Be?
Name A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Head.”
We Asked 100 Husbands: Name Something Your Wife Doesn’t Give Herself Enough Credit For.
Name Something Associated With A Mummy.
Name Something You Might See On A Tourist Who Just Came Back From Hawaii.
Name Something You’d See In An Italian Restaurant.
Name The Star Wars Celebrity You’d Most Like To Watch The Films With.
Tell Me The Last Food That You Used Your Finger To Scoop Up The Last Bit Of.
If A Kid Wore A Cape For Halloween Who Might He Be Dressed As? Be Specific.
Name A Very Tall Site That Many Tourists Visit.
Name A Way That A Man’s Voice Might Change When Talking To His Love Interest.
Name Something That Photographers Edit Out Of Portraits.
Name A Specific Article Of Clothing You’d Buy To Work Out In.
If You Could Become Invisible, What Places Would You Sneak Into.
Name Something Specific You Eat That Has A Pit.
Name A Complaint People Have About Being The Youngest Sibling.
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Begins With “D.”
If You Wanted To Act, Who Is The Actor You’d Most Want To Take Acting Lessons From?
Name A Show That Will Probably Keep Playing In Reruns Forever.
Other Than Raise A Hand, What Does A Kindergarner Do When She Knows The Answer?
Other Than Animation, How Can You Be Sure You’re Watching A Disney Movie?
If All The Cheese In The World Suddenly Disappeared, Which Dish Would You Miss The Most?
Name Something The Lawn Mower Might Accidentally Roll Over.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want To Be A Teacher.
Name Something People Want Their New House To Have More Of Than Their Old House.
Name A Famous Skyscraper.
Name Something You Are Happy To Have A Moment To Do When You Are Stopped At A Traffic Light.
When It’s Not Love, Name A Word Used To Describe Strong Romantic Feelings.
Name Something You Might See If You Took A Tour Of The White House.
Name Something You Always Bring Along For A Day Of Fishing.
Name Something Specific You Hate About The Way Other People Eat.
Name An Animal Starts With The Letter “A”.
What Occupation Might You Have If You Are “Digging” On The Job?
Name Something People Do To Cows That The Cows Might Object To.
Name A TV Talk Show Where People Discuss Their Problems.
Name A Complaint You Might Have About The Pizza That Was Just Delivered.
Name A Milestone In A Child’s Life That Would Make Their Parents The Most Nervous.
Other Than Food, Name Something That Babies Like To Put In Their Mouths.
Name Something People Do In An Employee’s Lounge.
Name A Food That Is Round.
Tell Me A Piece Of Information That A High School Girl Can Learn From A Teen Mag, But Not From Her School Books.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Oscar.
If A Person Was Given A Vampire Makeover, What “Beauty Tips” Might She Learn?
Tell Me The Worst Thing About Camping Out.
Name Something That People Go Overboard With During The Holidays.
Name A Place Where A Woman Would Hate To Go Into Labor.
Name A Place Where You Might Patch A Hole.
Name Something That Might Cause A Person’s Cheeks To Be Red.
If A Business Woman Were To Join The Peace Corps, What Might She Expect To Cut Out Of Her Morning Routine?
Name Something People Practice In A Mirror.
Name A Part Of A House That’s Often Colder Than The Rest Of The House.
Name Someplace Couples Went On Dates In The Fifties They Don’t Usually Go Anymore.
Name Something That Might Soothe An Upset Stomach.
If You Lived In An Apartment With Thin Walls, What Might You Hear The Neighbors Doing? (More Specific Than Make Noise)
Name Something That A Famous Singer Has That’s Large.
Name The First Thing A Person Might Do When Getting To The Office In The Morning.
Name Something Kids Make For Their Parents In Nursery School.
Name A Characteristic Of A Man Who Might Be Compared To A Gorilla.
Tell Me A Middle Name That Many Women Have.
If You Were Turned Into A Spider, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
Name Something A Liberated Woman Might Resent Having A Man Do For Her.
Other Than Swimming, Name Something That A Professional Swimmer Would Do More Than The Average Person.
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Eating Healthy
Name Something A Magician Might Make Appear Out Of Thin Air.
Name A Place In Your House That You Would Not Show A First Date.
Name Something A Person Might Be Picky About.
Name A Type Of Dinosaur You Might See In A Museum.
Name Something That Makes A Noise When You Open It.
Name An Animal That’s Associated With Being Sneaky
Unlike A Driver’s License, Name A Card In Your Wallet That Wouldn’t Help You To Buy Alcohol.
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Mom For The Holidays.
Besides Tea, Name Something British People Have At Tea Time.
Name Something On A Stunt Double’s Monthly Budget.
Name A Kitchen Appliance That Most People Use Daily.
Name An Animal Traditionally Associated With Christmas.
Name A Reason The Audience Might Start Booing In A Movie Theater.
Name Something People Put On Waffles.
Name A Great Occupation If You’re Good At Lying.
If They Opened A Store Called “Farmers-R-Us,” Name Something They’d Probably Sell A Lot Of.
Name Something A Married Couple Shares.
Name Something Found At A Little Girl’s Birthday Party.
Name Something Both The Winner And Loser Do After A Game.
Name Something People Donate That Can Save A Life.
Name Something Chickens Do A Lot Of.
Name Something That Moms Want Their Grown Children To Do More.
Name Something You Might Do When You Make A Wish.
Name Something Specific That A Kid Who’s Grounded Can’t Do.
Besides Parking Their Vehicle, Name Something That People Do In Parking Lots.
Tell Me The Age When A Man Might Start Losing A Lot Of Hair.
Name A Reason Why A Restaurant Might Refuse Service To Someone.
Give Me A Male-Dominated Job In Hollywood.
What Might Someone Do While Sleeping That Tells You They’re Having A Nightmare?
Name Something That You Would Need An Oxygen Tank.
Name Something That’s Easier To Do In New York City Than In A Small Town.
Name Something A Teenager Probably Hates To Lend To Their Friends, But Does Anyway.
Name Something Santa Might Bring With Him To Keep From Getting Lost On Christmas Eve.
What Activity Do Truckers Do Daily, That They Couldn’t Do If Driving A School Bus?
Where Might A Person Store Their Old Love Letters?
Name A Reason Why Your Co-Worker Might Wear A Collared Shirt.
We Asked 100 Married Women: What Did Your Husband Buy Himself In The Last Year That You Would Never Spend Money On?
Name Something People Keep That Has Their College Name Or Logo On It.
Tell Me Something You Look For In A Shoe That You Also Look For When Car Shopping.
Name Something You Can Do With Old CDS, Besides Listening To Them.
Name A Popular Wedding Gift.
Name Something You Order At A Seafood Restaurant That Starts With “S”.
Besides Fish, Name Something You See In An Aquarium In Somebody’s Home.
Name An Expression That Has The Word “Spice” In It.
What Do Teenagers Do With Their Families At The Christmas Holiday That They Probably Would Be Embarrassed To Have Known?
Name A Difficult Language To Learn.
Name Something You Might Find In A Tree.
Name A Phrase You Only Hear On An Informercial.
To What Extremes Might You Go In Order To Avoid Contact With A Persistent Former Flame
Name A Household Chore That Doesn’t Get Your Hands Wet.
Name Something A Supermodel Is Better Than You.
Name Something Found In Santa’s Workshop.
Name Something You’d Need if You Wanted To Be A Dancer.
Name A Food That Tastes Good Hot Or Cold.
How Can You Tell That Someone Was Sleeping Before They Answered The Door?
Tell Me Something You Use Regularly That Ends With The Word Machine.
Name A Reason A College Student Would Stay With Their Parents For The Weekend Instead Of Their Own Dorm Room.
Name A Type Of Professional Who People Might Never Call By Their First Name.
Name A Place Where You Don’t Make Eye Contact With Others.
Name Something Kids Do With Their Fingers, That Parents Tell Them Is Rude.
Name Something In Or Around Your House That You Clean Out In Spring.
What Kind Of Music Should Be Outlawed?
Name A Food That Makes You Very Thirsty.
Name An Elevator Button That Doesn’t Have A Number On It.
Name Something A Surgeon Might Wear In The Operating Room.
Name An Athlete, Male Or Female Who’s Become A Sex Symbol.
Name Something A Pregnant Women Is Excited To Do Again After The Baby Is Born.
If Your Partner Is Out-Of-Town, Name Something You Might Sleep With Instead.
Name Something A Church Cannot Be Without.
Name Something You’d Hate To Discover Your Hotel Room Didn’t Have In It.
Name A Kids’ Toy That Dads Like To Play With, Too.
Name Something On Her Body That A Woman Might Try To Cover Up.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Can Be Hard To Get Out Of.
Name Something People Use To Make Great Tasting Popcorn.
Name Something In A Doctor’s Office That A Nurse Uses.
Tell Me Another Word For “Dangerous.”
If You Were In A Fairy Tale Land, Who Might You Run Into?
Name A Company That’s Famous For Making Computers.
Name A Major In College That Will Never Make You Rich.
Name An Advantage Of Owning A Fake Christmas Tree.
Name A Food That Has Layers.
Name A Movie That Has Been Remade.
Name Something Specific That A Biography Usually Tells You About A Person.
Other Than Money, Tell Me Something That A Teenager Still Needs From Their Parents.
What Do Some People Say Was Made Better In The 1960s Than Today?
Name A Late Night Host Who You Don’t Think Is Very Funny.
Name An Item That Is Found In A Health And Hygiene Aisle That Doesn’t Actually Improve Health Or Hygiene.
Name A Bad Place For Your Car To Break Down.
What Might Make An Amusement Park Ride Do That Makes You Decided Not To Ride It?
If A Grown Man Had A Tree House, Name Something He’d Keep In It.
Name Something A Bank Advertises To Get More Customers
Name Something That You Bump
Name Something Associated With A Genie.
What Do You Suppose Donald Trump Does On The Weekends?
Name Something Salons Have That Makes Getting A Haircut Easier Than Doing It At Home.
Name Something You Put Off Doing Until You Absolutely Have To.
Name Something You Might Lie About In A Job Interview.
Name Something Women Have More Of Than Men.
What Makeup Item Can Most Women Not Live Without?
Name Something A Person Might Do At The DMV.
Name Something People Dip In Chocolate.
Name A Job Where You Could Probably Park Anywhere You Wanted.
Name A Profession That You’re Careful To Treat With Respect.
Name A Reason A Married Couple Might Sleep In Separate Beds.
Name An Actor You Associate With Western Movies.
Name Something Germans Are Famous For Making.
What Hobbies Or Interests Would A Zookeeper Leave Off His Resuem
Name Something That’s Done When An Athlete Wins An Olympic Event.
Other Than The Game Itself, What Happens At Pro Sports Games To Keep Fans Excited?
Name Something You’d Hate To Happen If You Were Rushing To The Gate To Catch A Plane.
Name A Place Some Men Have Hair On Their Bodies That Others Don’t.
Name A Food That You Don’t Need To Check The Expiration Date To Know It’s Gone Bad.
Name A Specific Food That Might Cause You Heartburn.
Name Reason Why You Might Not Understand What Someone Is Saying.
Which Foreign Languages Are More Common In American Schools Now Than 20 Years Ago?
Name The First Thing You Might Learn In A Cooking Class.
Name Something Salads Never Come Without.
Name Something Specific About Your Parenting That Your Mother-In-Law Thinks You Should Do Differently.
Name A Type Of Cake That Isn’t Served For Dessert.
If There Was A Gourmet Cafe For Dogs, Which Coffee Flavors Would Likely Be On The Menu?
What Gets Spruced Up On Cable TV Shows?
Tell Me A Reason Why A Baby Cries.
Name A Place Where All Or Most Of The Customers Are Male.
Name Something Your Neighbors Might Be Doing That Could Wake You Up.
Name A Subject That High School Students Dread Studying.
Name Something G.I. Joe Has That Barbie Might Be Attracted To.
Name Something That A Kid Does More Of Over Summer Vacation Than During The School Year.
Besides A Tire, Name Something You Like To Have “Spare” Of.
Besides Skis, Name Something People Use On A Ski Slope.
Name A Reason A Cab Driver Might Say He Had A Bad Day On The Job.
Name Another Word People Use For “Coffee.”
Name Something Children No Longer Do, Once They’ve Stopped Believing In Santa.
Name A Machine You Couldn’t Go Through The Day Without.
Name The First Word Many Children Learn To Spell.
Name Something That’s Made Of Gold.
Name A Good Job To Have If You Want To Meet A Lot Of Women.
Name Something That Probably Happens To Cops More Often In The Movies Than In Real Life.
Besides Pumping Gas, Name Something A Service Station Attendant Might Do For You.
Name Something You Might Find In An Igloo.
Name Something You Say At The End Of A Date, Even If You Don’t Mean It.
Name A Place You’re Likely To Hear Someone Tell A Joke.
What Kind Of Hat Might You Wear On Vacation, But Not At Home?
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Not Buy Popcorn At A Movie Theater.
Name A Brand Of Computer People Are Buying For The Holidays.
Name A Common Baby Shower Gift That Would Be A Disappointment To Get For Any Other Occasion.
Besides Cleaning Teeth, What Else Can You Do With Toothpicks?
Name Something People Put In Plastic Bags.
Name Something That Is Considered A Citizen’s Duty.
Name A Dessert That’s Served Hot.
Name A Sound You Might Hear That Would Make You Suspect Someone Was Breaking Into Your House.
Name A Food That’s Green.
Name Something People Associate With King Kong.
Judging By Magazine Photos, Name Something Celebrities Always Seem To Be Doing.
Name An Advantage To Being Unemployed.
Name A Kid Of Place Where You See People Killing Time.
For How Many Years Do Most People Date Before Getting Married.
Name Something You’d Find In A Martini.
Name A Characteristic Of Wild Animals That Helps Them Hunt More Efficiently Than Humans.
Other Than Goodbye, Name Something People Say When Leaving A Room.
Name A Weapon A Scuba Driver Might Use Underwater.
Name Something You Might Serve A Dinner Guest Before The Main Course.
If A Candy Is Colored Red, Tell Me The Flavor It Might Be.
Name Something That Happens On Every David Letterman Show.
Name A Clothing Brand Name That You Haven’t Seen Since The 1980s.
Name Something You Might See For The First Time In Your Life When You Visit Alaska.
After How Many Months Of Pregnancy Does A Woman Begin To Show?
Name A Reason You Might Suspect The Person You’re Talking To Is A Lumberjack.
Name A Job In Which You Can Make Lots Of Money Without A College Degree.
Name An Occupation Where Part Of Your Job Is Rescuing People.
Name Something Parents Get Tired Of Reminding Their Kids To Do.
Name A Food You Buy Every Time You Grocery Shop.
Candidates Gain Votes By Kissing Babies, But With Whom Should They Avoid Locking Lips?
Tell Me A Phrase That A Cool Guy Would Use To Say Goodbye.
Name Something A Man Might Do At A Bar That He’d Get In Trouble For Doing At Work.
What Movie Makes You Feel Like A Kid?
On A Scale From 1-10, How Good Are Your Dance Moves?
Name A Reason Why Your Stomach Might Hurt.
What Novel Did You Hate Reading In High School?
Name Something You Wish Was Better On Your Computer.
Other Than A Romantic Relationship, Name Something That Only Works If 2 People Are A Good Match.
Name The Last Person You Would Go To For Relationship Advice.
Name Something You May End Up Blowing Your Wad On While Vacationing
Name Something You Show A Ticket In Order To Enter.
Which Pastry Do People Like To Eat In The Morning?
Name A Year You Might Learn About In History Class. (Four Numbers, For Example – 2001)
Name A Popular Dance That A Skeleton Would Look Silly Doing.
Name An Animal At The Circus That Might Go Berserk and Injure Someone.
Name Something That Is Displayed In A Class Case.
Name Something Expensive A Teenager Might Ask His Parents For.
Name A Place On The Body Where You Can Take A Person’s Temperature.
Name Something A Dog Can Get Away With That People Can’t.
Name An Animal Little Boys Use To Frighten Girls.
Name Something A Highway Crew Might Use On A Snowy Road.
What Might You Offer To Someone Who Has Bad Breath?
Name A Food Eaten At Hanukkah.
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Give Someone A Business Card.
Tell Me Something You’d Want To Know About A Babysitter Before Trusting Her With Your Children.
What Is The Most Common Place To Eat A Hot Dog?
Name A Reason A Person Might Complain About A Beer That’s Served To Them.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Left Behind After A Kiss.
Name Something Tourists See In Egypt.
Name Something A TV Might Not Work Without.
Name A US President Who Earned A Lot Of Respect, Even After His Presidency.
Besides The Ears, Where Else Might You See Piercings On Men?
Name A Part Of Your Body That You Wash More Than Once A Day.
Name Something You Could Exercise Without, But You’d Rather Not.
Name A TV Show That People Watch Just To See The Outfits.
Name Something An Alien Would Report Back That Earth Has A Lot Of.
Name Something That Wakes You Up When You’re Staying In A Hotel, But Not At Home.
Name A Sport That You’d Never Want To Play Barefoot.
Instead Of A Wedding Gown, What Might A Rockstar Bride Wear To Her Wedding?
Name Something In A House That Can Make It Look Really Outdated.
Name Something You’d Find On Most Trains.
Name Something A Mom Does For Her Young Child, That She Wouldn’t Do For Her Teenager.
Name A Kind Of House Someone Might Put In Their Back Yard.
Name Something That Changes Immediately The Day After A Person Is Married.
Name Something A Competitive Parent Does At Their Child’s Little League Game.
Name An Occupation You’d Be Great At If You Had 3 Arms.
Name Something Specific Associated With The TV Show, “I Love Lucy.”
Tell Me Something You Need To Get In Order To Make Your Rummage Sale Run Smoothly.
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Approach A Stranger On The Street.
Name A Famous Fitness Guru.
Name A Relationship Problem That Isn’t Fixed By Marrying Someone.
Name Something On A Playground That Would Be The Scariest To Use During A Winter Ice Storm.
Name Something China Is Known For.
Name Something People Keep In Their Kitchen Cupboard.
Name Something A Teenager Would Like A Lot Of.
Name A Side Effect Of Some Medications That Makes You Want To Skip Taking Them.
Name A Character From The Board Game “Clue.”
Name A Musician Who Made Hits For 20 Or More Years.
Name Something That Can Be Made Out Of Alligator.
Name An Animal You Wouldn’t Want To Be Locked In A Cage With.
Name Something An Applicant Is Sure To Be Asked About In A Job Interview.
Name A Food That Would Be Very Messy If You Put It In The Microwave Uncovered.
A Beauty Contestant Always Says She Wishes For World Peace, But What Does She Probably Wish For Really?
Name Something You See In Your Everyday Life That’s Yellow.
Name A Beverage That’s Not Drinkable Until You Add Water To It.
Name A Famous Kevin.
What Time Do You Sleep In Until On A Saturday Morning?
Name Something You Trim.
Name Something You’d Never Buy In White Because It’d Only Get Dirty (More Specific Than “Clothes”).
On A Scale Of 1-10, How Good Are You At Sticking To An Exercise Routine?
Name Something You’d Expect To See In A Barbershop.
Name A Pie Filling That’s Not Made Of Fruit.
What Can You Do While Watching A Movie On Your Couch That You Can’t Do While Watching It On A Plane?
Name Something Stores Do To Help Customers Enjoy Their Holiday Shopping More.
Name Something People Associate With Al Capone.
Name An Animal Some People Say Is As Intelligent As Humans.
What Unclean Act Would You Be Surprised To See A Cook On TV Do?
Name A Kind Of Leftover That Doesn’t Taste Quite Right When You Reheat It In The Microwave.
If You Could Pick One Age To Be The Rest Of Your Life, What Age Would That Be? (Numeric Only)
Name A Phrase That A Brunch Server Probably Says A Lot During A Shift.
Name A Way A Student Finds Out It Is A Snow Day.
Tell Me A Name You’d Use To Describe A Woman Working In Someone Else’s Home.
Tell Me A Kind Of Number That Is Associated With You.
Name Something Specific Captain Hook Might Ask For Help With When Getting Dressed.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Person Associated With An Apple.
Tell Me A Reason You Would Demand A Refund From The Dry Cleaners’.
Name Something You Love To See Outside When It’s Turning From Winter To Spring.
Name A Specific Way People Get Rid Of Cockroaches.
What Do Parents Ask Their Kids To Do To Be Safe While Swimming At The Beach?
Name Something Texas Has More Of Than Most Other States.
Name Something You’re Never Supposed To Put In The Microwave.
Name A Fictional Princess.
Name Something You’d See At A Dog Show, But Not At A Beauty Pageant.
Name Something People Do In Their Front Yards In Summer.
Instead Of Clapping, What Might Audience Members At A Wild Rock Concert Do After Each Song?
Name A Good Place To Hang Out If You’re At A Party Where You Don’t Know Anyone.
Name Something People Add To Chex To Make Party Mix.
Name Something You See Smoke Rising Out Of.
Name An Occupation That People Sometimes Do Out Of Their Homes.
Name Something That People Commonly Complain About.
Name Something You Do To A New Piece Of Clothing Before Wearing It.
Name Something You’d Do If You Lost Your Dog.
What Might You Find In A Someone’s Apartment That Would Suggest That They Are A Criminal?
Name A Reason Why Workers Might Go On Strike.
Name A Gift That Often Gets Re-Gifted During The Holiday Season.
Name Something Most Everyone Likes On Their Sandwich.
Name Something You’d Probably Learn At Clown School.
Name Something A Waitress Might Do To Get Back At An Annoying Customer.
Name Something You Need To Make Donuts.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Be Caught In The Middle Of.
How Do People Address A Waitress When They Don’t Know Her Name?
Name Something You Associate With Hulk Hogan.
Name Something Associated With The Mayflower.
Which Aspect Of The First Lady’s Life Do Magazines Usually Write About?
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Starts With The Letter “P.”
Besides Black, Name A Color Of Belt Given In Karate.
Name A Food They Serve At The Circus.
Name Something Many People Probably Lie About In Their Personals Ads.
Name Something Jennifer Lopez Is Known For.
Name Something At Home That People Might Trip Over.
Name Something Used To Make Yourself Smell Better.
Name A Specific Topic Parents Lecture Their Teenagers About.
Name A Food You Would Need To Refrigerate Soon After Buying.
Besides Babies, Name Something You’d See In A Hospital Nursery.
Name Something A Person Might Take From Their Roommate Without Asking.
Besides Riding A Bike, Name Something You’ll Never Forget How To Do Once You Learn.
Tell Me Something You Find In The Frozen Section Of A Grocery Store.
Instead Of Drugs And Gambling, What Could People Be Addicted To That Would Make The World A Better Place?
Name An Actress Who Goes By Three Names.
Besides Milk, Name Something You Buy At The Supermarket That Has An Expiration Date On It.
Name A Place Parents Take Their Children During Summer Break.
Name A Part Of Your Car That Most People Have Heard Of, But They Have No Idea What It Does.
Name One Of The Least Popular Common Holiday Gifts.
Name The Hardest Part Of Babysitting An Infant.
Besides A Mirror, Name Something You Can See Your Reflection In.
Name Something People Keep As A Pet That You Think Is Creepy.
Name Something You Take Home New, That Could Never Come In A Box.
When You Don’t Know The Name Of An Employer, To Whom Do You Address The Cover Letter?
Name A Reason You Would Put Your Daughter In A Pageant.
Name Something You Associate With Porky Pig.
Name A Job That People Will Criticize No Matter What They Do.
Where Might A Cheapskate Take You On A First Date?
Name Something That Might Cause Your House To Get Smoky
Name One Thing Many Christmas Songs Have In Common.
Name Something Annoying A Little Kid Sitting Behind You On Airplane Does.
What Is The Worst Thing To Lose At A Water Park?
Name Something That People Are Said To Have A Talent For.
What Is The Most Effective One-Word Command.
Name Something Kids Must Get Asked About Over And Over.
Name A Place Where An Adolescent Might Be Allowed To Go Without Their Parents.
Name An Occupation Whose Work Is Often Exaggerated In TV And Movies.
Which Zoo Animal Would You Be Most Surprised To See In Your Backyard?
If A Baby Could Talk, Name Something It Might Ask Its Mommy.
Name Something Annoying A Little Kid Sitting Behind You On An Airplane Does.
Name Something Women In The 1950s Commonly Wore, That Women Today Almost Never Do.
Name Something You’d See On A Tow Truck You’d Probably Never See On A Pick-Up Truck.
What Do High School Students Worry That Other Kids Will Make Fun Of Them For?
Name A Way That You Can Identify The School Bully.
Name Something A City Boy Might Have Trouble Getting Used To If He Moved To A Farm.
Name Something That Might Get You Kicked Out Of Your Polling Place On Election Day.
When It’s Below Zero Outside, Name Something You’d Love To Have Waiting For You At Home.
Name A Kind Of Uniform Women Wear That Men Think Is Sexy.
Tell Me Something People Eat With Bacon.
Name A Way A Matador Might Know The Bull He’s Fighting Is Really A Cow.
Name A Job You Should Avoid If You Are A Lousy Driver.
Name Something People Do In A Employee’s Lounge.
Name Something You Hate To Find When You Open Your Freezer.
Name A Term For Someone Who Can Talk Non-Stop
What Would A New Parent Dread Having To Do?
Name A Famous Muppet.
If Kids Ran The School, Name Something They Would Allow Students To Do During Class.
Give A Girl’s Name That Can Be Found On A Calendar.
Name A Specific Food That Has The Word “Cream” In It.
Name Something Kids Bring Home At The End Of The School Year.
We Asked 100 Women: If You Ran Into An Old Boyfriend, What’s The First Thing You’d Ask Him?
Tell Me A 2-Word Phrase That Begins With “White.”
Name A Food You Might See Smeared All Over A Kid’s Face.
Name Something A Parent May Grill Their Daughter’s Date About.
Name A Way You Can Revive Someone Who Just Passed Out.
Name Something With A Ribbon.
Name Something That Is Annoying About Sleeping In The Top Bunk Of A Bunk Bed.
Name The Most Romantic Place To Propose During The Holidays.
During A Flight, Name Something You’d Hate To See Your Pilot Doing Instead Of Flying The Plane.
What Would You Hate To Have Happen When Driving Home In A Brand New Car?
Name A Specific Food From A Gas Station That You’d Eat As A Meal.
Name Somebody You Give A Spare Set Of Your House Keys To.
Name A Type Of Poster A 13-Year-Old Boy Might Have On His Wall.
Name Something A Boxer Would Hate To Forget To Bring To A Match.
Name Something Dogs Hate.
Name Something You Want Your Seat Near When At The Movies.
Name A Word For Someone Who Thinks Very Highly Of Himself.
Name Something You Wear When Riding A Bike.
Name A Movie Star Who Either Gained Or Lost A Lot Of Weight For A Movie Role.
Name A Kind Of Toy Little Boys Play With Today That They Also Played With 50 Years Ago.
Name A Type Of Animal That Can Be Deadly.
Name An Occupation Where You Might Ride A Horse.
Name Something You Stow Away Most Of The Year, And Take Out During The Holidays.
Name An Important Phone Number A Parent Might Write Down For The Babysitter.
Name Something That Most People Do To Their Hair, But Would Probably Not Do To A Hare (Rabbit).
Name Something People Do On The Fourth Of July.
Name A Sign That You’re Turning Into A Lion.
For What Reason Might An Airport Be Particularly Crowded?

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