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All Questions page 120

Name Something That Might Hit Your Windshield While Driving.
Name A Large Animal That Many People Are Afraid Of.
Name Something A Bracelet Might Be Made Of. (Be More Specific Than Metal)
Name Something A Chef Can’t Wait To Do After A Long Day At Work.
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Get Booed Off The Stage.
Name Something Wonder Woman Might Do In The Talent Portion Of A Beauty Pageant.
Why Would Frankenstein Be A Better Date Than Dracula.
Name A Topic That Men Like To Know Lots Of Trivia About.
Name Something You Might See Smoke Coming Out Of.
Name Something That Easily Goes Bad In Your Refrigerator.
Name A Place Where Many Reunions Happen.
Name A Cable Network That Shows Movies.
Name A Kind Of Sauce People Dip Chicken Nuggets In.
Name A Place A Parent Hides Presents So Children Won’t FInd Them.
Name Something Birds Do That A Human Would Look Ridiculous Doing.
Name Something Kids Ask For, That Moms Have A Hard TIme Saying No To.
Name Something That You Do Everyday That Is More A Favor To Your Partner, Than It Is For You.
If Teenagers Were In Charge Of The Remote Control, Name The TV Channel That Would Be On All The Time.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Accidentally Put In Your Garbage Disposal.
Name A Section Of The Newspaper That Might Be Thicker On A Saturday Morning.
Name Something You Might Buy That’s Made In Japan.
Name A TV Show That Takes Place In A Hospital.
Name Someone Bugs Bunny Might Invite To His Birthday Party.
Name A Place You Might See A Skeleton.
Name A Magazine Or Tabloid Whose Headlines You Don’t Always Believe.
Name Something You Might Find In A Magician’s Sleeve Or Hat.
Name A Job Where You Might Wear An Apron.
Name Something A Hollywood Leading Man Needs.
Name Something That Might Be Rented For A Wedding.
On A Hot Summer Day, What Water Source Might You Use To Cool Off?
Name Something You Can Do Faster In The Ocean Than In A Lake.
Name An Activity People Like To Do In The Summer.
Name A Good Food To Throw In A Food Fight.
Name Something People Want, Even Though It Makes Life More Stressful.
Name A Piece Of Information Required For A College Application.
Name Something In Your House You Might Only Use In Case Of An Emergency.
Name The Most Difficult Part Of Learning To Drive.
Other Than A Good Voice, Name Something A Person Needs In Order To Win American Idol.
Name Something A Groom Would Want On Hand The Day Of His Wedding.
Name Something You See On A Person’s Skin More Often In Summer Than Winter.
Name Something You Do With Your Face That Might Lead To Wrinkles.
Name Something Associated With Rosie O’Donnell.
What Is A Reason You Would Move Away From Your Home Town?
Tell Me Something That Annoys You When It’s Visible On Your Black Dress Shirt.
Name A Household Item That Children Turn Into A Toy.
Name Something You Did As A Kid That You’d Be Too Chicken To Try As An Adult.
Name A Job Where You Might Use A Pole.
In Which State Would You Be Most Surprised To See A Palm Tree?
Tell Me A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Self.”
Name Something That’s Done To An Egg, That Also Describes Your Brain After A Long Day.
Name Something You Associate With Charlie Chaplin.
Name The Age When A Kid Stops Believing In The Easter Bunny. (Numeric Only)
If A Candy Is Colored Green, What Flavor Might It Be?
Name A Piece Of Info That May Be Revealed On Someone’s Coffee Mug.
Name A School Supply Kids Are Always Running Out Of.
Name A Food That Can Be Pickled.
Name A Nickname For Your Mate That Implies They’re Sweet.
Name Something You’d See On The Set Of A TV Cooking Show.
Name The First Thing Travelers Do When Their Plane Touches The Ground. Be Specific.
Name Something You’re Always A Bit Uneasy About Throwing Away Because Of Its Sharp Edges.
Name Something You’d See On A Coffee Table.
What Might Your Date Do That Tells You They Are Extremely Bored?
Name A Reason Why Your Date Might Not Invite You Inside.
Name Something Women Start Doing Differently When They’re Pregnant.
Name Something You Might Study If You Attend Cooking School.
Name The Worst Job For Someone With Allergies.
Name Something You Often Wait A Long TIme For At A Restaurant.
Name A Bad Occupation For Someone Who Doesn’t Like Kids.
Name Something A Biker Dude Would Look Silly Riding.
Name A Reason Why You Would Rather Shop Online For Holiday Gifts.
Other Than Credit Or Debit Card, Name A Type Of Card People Keep In Their Wallets.
Name A Place Where Only Someone With No Conscience Would Smoke.
If Children Ran The World, Which Vegetables Would They Ban Forever?
Name A Holiday That Most People Don’t Get Off From Work.
Name Something You Don’t Want Your Upstairs Neighbors To Have.
Name Something You Associate With The Movie “Gone With The Wind.”
Who Would Be The First Friend Mickey Mouse Would Request If He Joined Facebook?
Name Something Italy Is Known For. (Be More Specific Than Food)
Which Part Of A Car Would Most Likely Need To Be Replaced After An Accident?
Besides A Bar, Name A Place Where You Can See People Drinking Beer.
After A Wild Party, Name Something You Might Forget To Do Before Bed.
Name Something Specific A First-Time Camper Might Have A Hard Time Doing.
In The Movies, How Can Vampires Be Killed?
Name A Way To Travel From One Continent To Another.
If A Person Were Wearing A Cowboy Hat, What Job Might You Assume They Have?
Name Something Women Often Compliment Their Friends On.
Tell Me A Reason Why You May Leave Work Early.
Which Movie Would You Have To Be Paid A Million Dollars To Ever Watch Again?
Name Something A Clown Has To Put On Before He Goes To Work. (Clothes Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name A Reason, Other Than Hard Work, That Your Boss Would Give You A Raise.
Which Part Is Often Missing From the Box Of An Old Board Game?
Name The Last Place You’d Want To Be When Your Child Has A Tantrum.
Name Someone A Child Wants To Grow Up And Be Like.
In A Kid’s Eyes, What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing A Parent Can Do?
Name A Type Of Lawn Ornament.
Name The First Thing You Wash In The Shower.
Name Something That Might Hurt After Playing Video Games For Hours.
Name Something That Would Be Nice To Have On Vacation, But Is Too Hard To Pack.
In A Romantic Moment, Whose Name Might Your Partner Accidentally Call You That Would Ruin Everything?
Other Than Shaking Hands, Name A Greeting That’s Used Somewhere Around The World.
What Would You Never Want To Wear When Meeting The Queen Of England?
Name A Part Of Your Bicycle That Would Be Hard To Ride Without.
Name An Animal That People Tend To Have Phobias Towards.
Name Something You Might Find In An Ambulance.
Name Something They Might Put In A Beer Commercial To Grab A Man’s Attention.
Name Something A Woman Wouldn’t Want To Hear That Her Husband Had Lost.
Name Something People Hate To Do In A Disagreement.
Name Someone Who Should Know CPR.
What Should You Do For A New Baby, But Never For A New Neighbor?
Name Something A Mom Would Be Really Embarrassed To Have Their Child Do In Front Of Grandma.
Name Something You Can Find Out About A Person From Their (Bank) Check.
Name A Song Everyone Knows The Words To.
Name A One-Word Phrase That Many Toddlers Repeat All Day.
Tell Me Something That’s Appropriate To Wear To Certain Parties, But Not To An Office Party.
Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Casino.
Name Something Specific You Might Buy At A Jewelry Store.
Some People Can Roll Their Tongues. Name Another Talent That Some People Can Do With Their Faces, But Others Can’t.
Name Something People Eat Shredded.
Name A Fabric That Would Make Terrible Bed Sheets.
Name Something You Look For Both When Buying Fireworks And A Car.
Where Do People Usually Wear Sandals?
Name Something You Use For Your Garden That You Wouldn’t Use On Your Houseplants.
Name A Form Of Nonverbal Communication That Is Important In Dating.
Name A Reason For Getting A New Haircut.
Name A Card Game That’s Easy To Learn.
Name Something People Put In A Holiday Centerpiece.
Name Something Children Like To Practice A Lot When They’re First Learning It.
Tell Me An Excuse That You Give To Turn Down Someone Who’s Hitting On You.
Name Something You Need Experience With, In Order To Work As A Secretary.
Name Someplace A Thief Might Look For Money In Your House.
Name A Good Occupation For Someone Who Wants To Change The World.
Name Something A Burglar Would Hate To See.
Name A City Where You Would Expect To Find Beautiful People.
Name Something In Your Kitchen That You Rarely Run Out Of.
Name A Homemade Gift People Enjoy Receiving.
Unlike A Horse, Name An Animal That You’d Never Describe As “Pretty.”
Which Imaginary Holiday Character Would You Least Like To Have On Your Relay Race Team?
What Might A High Schooler Hide In Her Folder?
If You Spent A Productive Day On The Computer, Name Something Specific You Might Be Working On.
Name Something People Associate With A Wolfman.
Name A Famous Boxing Movie.
Name Something A Person Might Fall Out Of.
Name A Job That Leaves No Room For Mistakes.
Name A Drink That You Put Chocolate Into.
Name A Common Name For Baby Girls Today.
Name Something That You Might Buy Used Rather Than New.
Name Something You’d Take Outside With You On A Very Warm Day.
Name A Popular Kid’s Costume, That An Adult Is Unlikely To Wear.
Name One Thing You Would Find In Every Baby’s Nursery.
Name Something That A Scientist Has A Lot Of.
Name Something People Use To Make Their Hair Big.
Some Couples Dress Alike. Name Something Else Couples Start To Match Up After They’ve Been Together A While.
Name A Piece Of Information That You’d See Included On A Movie Poster.
Name Something That Is Often Left Behind In Hotel Rooms.
Name Something That You Would Start Doing If You Landed Your Own Reality Show.
Name Something You Don’t Want To Happen To You While Riding The Elevator.
Tell Me A Pet That Lives A Long Time.
Tell Me Something Women Do To Make Themselves Look Thinner.
Name Something An Adult Has To Wear To Work That Would Be Strange For A Kid To Wear To School.
Name Something A Woman Might Give Up When She Has Children.
At What Age Do Kids Learn To Tie Their Own Shoelaces?
Name A Way You Can Travel Cross-Country Without Getting On An Airplane.
Name A Number That You Find Out By Reading A House Listing.
Even After You’ve Seen And Touched It, Name A Fruit That You Have A Hard Time Knowing Is Ripe.
Name Something People Might Add To Jell-O When Mixing It Up.
Name A Reason You’d Avoid An Acquaintance In The Grocery Store
Tell Me Something You Like To Eat With Coffee.
Name Something That People Associate With Yoga.
Name Something Specific You Plan That Could Be Ruined By Rain.
Name Something People Put In Iced Tea.
Name An Activity Women Might Do Together Get A Break From Their Partners.
Tell Me Something That Makes Your Cheeks Red.
Other Than Birds, Name An Animal That Makes A Pretty Sound.
Name A Famous Person Who Has Way Too Much Money.
Name Something Wives Are Always Nagging Their Husbands To Do.
What Might A Hitchiker Take With Him, In Order To Seem Less Dangerous?
If Santa Had A Blog, What Might He Complain About?
Name Something A Dog Gets Excited At The Sight Of.
Name A Place Where You’re Often Cold, But You Can’t Put On A Blanket.
What Activity Makes Some People Carsick If They Do It On A Long Ride?
Name Something You Do For Your Pets, But Not For Your Plants.
Name Something Embarrassing That Might Happen On Your First Fishing Trip.
Name A Movie About Fatherhood.
Other Than Best Smile, What Nominations Do You Find In A High School Yearbook?
Name A Reason Somebody Would Participate In A Fashion Makeover Show.
Name A Reason Why A Woman Travels Without Her Husband.
Tell Me Something You’d Want To Know About A Babysitter Before Trusting Her With Your Children
If A Student Wanted To Become President Of The United States, Name A Subject They Might Want To Study.
Name A Critter Whose Bite Could Send Someone To The Hospital.
Name A Common Reason For A Teenager To Be Grounded.
Name Something About A Person That You Might Say Is “Smooth.”
Name Something A Child Can’t Wait Until They’re An Adult To Do.
Name Something You Might Find In A Police Car.
Name Something You Might Wear In A Lab.
Name Something You Should Not Do While Driving.
Name Something You’d Be Excited About Doing In Your New Pool (More Specific Than Just Swimming).
Name Something You Do When You Run Out Of Clean Underwear.
Name A Decision That Adults Are Terrified To Make For The First Time.
If A Drummer Lost His Drum Sticks, What Could He Use Instead?
If You Were Stranded With Other People On An Island, Which Useful Occupations Would You Want Them To Have?
Name An Item You’re Always Afraid You’ll Forget When Going Out Of Town.
Name Something That Might Make Front Page News In A Small Town, But Not In A Big City.
How Do You Know When You’ve Had Too Much Coffee?
If Your Date Ran Outside To Answer His Phone, Who Might You Guess Was Calling?
Name Something That Gets Fired.
Name A Place A Spy Might Look To Find Your Important Papers.
Name A Reason Why A Teen Would Be Kicked Out Of The House.
What Would You Put In A Time Capsule To Represent Life Today?
Name Something A Person Should Remove Before Laying Out To Get A Tan.
Name Something That You’d Hate For Your Kid To Get A Hold Of And Use For Coloring.
What Might A Witness To A Crime Be Asked To Remember In Court (More Specific Than Looks)?
Name Something You Do To Get Rid Of A Headache.
Name Something Associated With Billy Crystal.
Where Do You Go To Blow Off Steam After A Fight With Your Partner?
Name Something You Might See At A School Carnival.
Name A Reason Why Kids Like Summer.
Name Something People Often Order Their Hamburgers Without.
Name A Term Or Phrase That Starts With The Word “Break.”
Name Something Sparkly A Tap Dancer Might Wear.
Name A Party Game Your Grandma Would Never Agree To Play.
At A Restaurant, Which Part Of The Meal Is Often Shared?
Name A Reason Why You Look Bad When You Have A Cold.
Name A Type Of Book That You Look Something Up In.
Name A Movie Genre.
Besides Carpet, Name Something You Vacuum.
Name Something You Can Do To Get Rid Of Rodents In The Home.
What Might A Person Working At A Fast Food Drive-Thru Window Complain About?
What Is The Most Valuable Thing People Carry In Their Wallets?
Name Something You’d Re-evaluate About Your Life After Winning The Lottery.
Name The Section Of A Bookstore That You Have Spent The Most Time In.
Name Something That Gets Delayed.
Name A Current TV Show That Families Might Watch Together.
Name A Type Of Business Or Place That Charges Late Fees.
In What State Would You Like To Retire?
Name A Reality TV Show In Which Contestants Get Eliminated.
Name A Food That You Might Use To Garnish A Beverage.
Name A Fruit Or Vegetable That Seems To Go Bad Quickly.
What Might A Man Have That Would Cause His Ego To Be Huge?
What Might The Bride Do That Makes It Obvious She’s Reluctant To Get Married?
Name Something Parents Ask The Babysitter When They Call To Check In.
Name Something That Flashes.
Tell Me Something You See Your Co-Workers Do At The Holiday Party, But Not In The Office.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something You’d Love To See A Woman Do More Of Than You On A Date.
What Might A Person Do To Calm Their Nerves Before A First Date?
Name A Tall U.S. President.
Name Something A Model Wouldn’t Want To Have Happen To Her Before A Photo Shoot.
What Might You Bring To The Ballpark To Make Yourself Comfortable While Watching A Game?
Name A Food You Might Serve With Champagne.
Name Something A High School Student Does The Night Before The First Day Of School.
Name Something Most People Say They Want To Do In Their Lifetime.
Other Than A Paycheck, Name Something Good About Having A Job.
Name Something That Might Spoil A Snow Skiing Trip.
Besides Commercials, Name Something That You Want To Fast Forward Through When Watching A Game Show.
How Many People Should Someone Date Before Settling Down?
Name Something That You Have At Least Ten Of On Your Body.
Name Something That You Have To Clean Up After.
Name A Traffic Violation That Everyone’s Committed At Least Once.
Name Something That People Grind.
What Do Many People Do On The Day After Thanksgiving?
Name Something You Wish People Wouldn’t Do In Your Car.
Name A Circus Performer Who Has To Be In Good Physical Shape.
Name A Reason Why A Person Would Get A Post Office Box.
Name Something Popeye Is Known For Doing.
What Might A Kid Hide Away In His Luggage To Take To Summer Camp?
Name Something You’re Sure To Run Out Of If You Have Teenagers In The House.
Name Something A Criminal Would Ditch If The Feds Were After Him.
Name Something People Leave In Library Books For Others To Find Later.
Name Something On Which People Dance.
Name A Christmas Song That Most People Forget Some Of The Words To.
Name A Fruit That’s Probably Not Often Grown In The United States.
Name Something A Man Asks His Friends For A Second Opinion On.
Name A Specific Condiment That You Would Never Use When Baking Cookies.
Name A Word Or Phrase A Cowboy Might Say While On His Horse.
Name Something A Techie Always Wants The Newest Model Of.
Name A Musical Instrument You’d Never Find In An Orchestra.
Name Something That’s Rarely Offered On Planes Anymore.
Name Something A Lifeguard Would Wear.
Name A Team Sport That Doesn’t Involve A Ball Of Any Kind.
Name Something Your Doctor Tells You To Do More Of.
After Their Parent Has Said No, Name Something A Kid Does To Get What They Want.
Name Something You May Ask Your Husband To Do That You Would Never Ask Your Boss To Do.
Name A Zoo Animal That You’d Be Surprised To Hear That A Kid Was Afraid Of.
Name The Worst Thing For Your Boss To Catch You Doing At Work.
Name A Reason Why A Student Would Sit At The Front Of The Class.
Name A Personal Item An Office Employee Would Keep In Their Desk Drawer.
Name An Item That You Would Put In A Carry On Bag For A Flight.
Name Something People Start To Get By THe Age Of 35.
Name Something That Only Paris Hilton Would Bring On A Camping Trip.
Tell Me An Excuse You Might Use If You Didn’t Return Someone’s Phone Call.
What Do People Do With Their Bikes, To Pretend They’re Riding A Motorcycle?
What Is The Most Important Thing To Do When Planning A Valentine’s Day Date?
Name An Occasion For Which You’d Order A Fancy Cake.
If Your Work Wanted People To Stick Around The Office More, What Should They Bring In?
Name A Public Place Where It’s Easy For A Kid To Get Lost.
Name An Ingredient Used To Make A Hot Dog. (Mean Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name An Occasion That Would Lead You To Have Photo Prints Made Instead Of Just Getting Digital Versions.
Name Something You Might Find Inside A Fishing Boat.
Unlike A Rockstar, Which Type Of Performer Would You Be Uninterested In Going Backstage To See?
Name Something Kids Must Be Forced To Do, But Adults Love Doing.
What Items Would You Never Want To Forget On A Trip To Las Vegas?
Name Something People Put On Spaghetti.
Name A Food That You’d Expect To Eat On Your Italian Vacation.
Name A Fruit That People Eat Dried.
Name Something A Bully Might Steal From His Classmate.
Name Something Dogs Can Do Better Than Humans.
Name Something You Ask A Friend To Take Care Of For You While You’re On Vacation.
Name A TV Couple Whose Marriage You Might Try To Emulate.
Name Something A New Mom Might Miss Being Able To Do.
Name Something That Is Huge In Hollywood.
Name An Activity A Neat-Freak Parent Wouldn’t Want Their Child To Participate In.
Name A Drink That Restaurants Often Give Free Refills Of.
Which Part Of A Parade Do You Look Forward To Most?
Tell Me Something Specific A Brother Might Get In Trouble For Doing To His Sister.
During An Open House, What Can You Peek Inside Of That Would Normally Be Considered Snooping?
Other Than The Game, Name Something People Hope To See At A Sporting Event.
Name A Person, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Being Very Generous.
Where Do Many People Go By Carpool, To Avoid Huge Parking Fees?
While Eating At A Restaurant, Name Something The Waitress Comes Back To The Table To Do.
Name A Reason A Woman Might Wait To Have Children.
Name Something That Might Make You Itch.
Name A Sound Your Body Makes That You Might Not Be Able To Control.
Name Something A Secretary Might Be Asked To Do At Work.
Name Something That Circulates.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Share Even With Your Closest Friend.
Name The Best Kind Of Soup To Eat On A Cold Day.
Tell Me Someone Who Uses A Magic Wand.
Name The Age At Which Life Is Most Stressful.
Besides The Bed, Name Something You And Your Partner Usually Stick To Your Own Sides Of.
If You Had To Be Locked Inside A Building For A Year, Which Place Would You Want It To Be?
Name A Food That You Can Buy Pre-Sliced.
Name Something A Parent Might Put Pressure On Their Grown Child To Do.
Name Something Green-Colored People Might Put On A Sandwich.
Name A Place Where You Sometimes See Public Displays Of Affection.
Name An Animal That Has Claws.
If You Were A Car Owned By A Teenager, What Would Be Your Biggest Complaint?
Complete The Sentence: I Always Know Where My ____ Is/Are.
Name A U.S. City That Has Lots Of People.
Name A Reason Why Santa’s Elves Might Take A Job With The Easter Bunny Instead.
If You Were Invited To Speak At A Roast For Arnold Schwarzenegger, Name Something About Him You Might Make Fun Of.
Name Something Adults Put On Their Sandwich That Children Usually Think Is Gross.
Tell Me Something That Lives In Your Basement.
If You Were Turned Into A Dog, Name Something You Would Have To Learn To Do.
Name Something An Astronaut Would Hate To Forget On A Trip To The Moon.
Name Something Edible Or Non-Edible That Is Shaped Like A Donut.
Name Something Naughty That Children Do While At The Store.
Name Something You Could Do In A Police Car, That You Can’t Do In Most Cars.
Tell Me What Electronic Devices A Tech Savvy Person Might Have.
Name An Article Of Clothing That’s Quick To Get Holes In It.
Name A Reason Why A Kid Becomes Uncomfortable In Their Snowsuit.
Name Something People Always Have To Cut.
Name Something That Both People And Dogs Have, But That’s Usually Longer On A Dog.
Name A Good Excuse If You Forgot To Buy Someone A Birthday Gift.
Name An Instance When It’s Really Important To Make Sure Something Is Spelled Correctly.
Name Something That Usually Offers A Free Trial.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might End Up Married To A Person They Don’t Love.
Early In Dating, Name Something A Person Often Says They’ll Do But Doesn’t.
Name A Small Kitchen Appliance That Is Probably Not In Your Employee Breakroom
Name Something A Ballerina And A Football Player Both Have.
Name Something You Can Do With A DVD But Not When You See A Movie In Theaters.
Name Something You Might Go Without If You Are Working A Lot.
Tell Me The Age At Which You’d Like To Retire.
Name A Reason Why You Shout For Someone From Across The House.
Name Something Actors Do Onstage That They’d Look Strange Doing On A City Street.
Name Something You Have More Of In The House If The Grandkids Are Visiting.
If A Pillow Could Talk, What Would It Complain About?
Name A Business You Would See A Flag Flying In Front Of.
Name A TV Show About Police.
Name A Horror Movie That’s Had A Lot Of Sequels.
Name An Occupation That Many People Fantasize About Having.
Name Something That Would Be Impossible To Do In The Dark.
Name Something You Might Ask A Bathroom Attendant For.
Name Something Said About People Who Live In Los Angeles.
Name Something That A Dog Spends Most Of The Day Doing.
Besides Fred, Name Someone Associated With “The Flintstones.”
Name An Instance When Children Often Complain Something Is Unfair.
Name A Place Where You Often Become Fidgety.
The Mall Is A Convenient Place To Shop, But What Annoys You While You’re There?
Name Something Specific That Kindergarteners Memorize.
Name Something A Couple With A Baby Might Take Turns Doing.
Name Something Parents Limit Their Child’s Intake Of.
Name A College Major That Ends With “Ology.”
Name A Product In Your Bathroom That Is Often Replaced.
Name A Profession That The Joker Would Be Good At If He Decided To Get A Real Job.
Name Something People Try To Guess The Age Of.
Name A Place That Gets Very Crowded On A Hot Summer Day.
Tell Me Something That Gets Announced In The Newspaper.
Name A Situation In Life That You Wish You Had A Pre-Written Speech For.
Name A Place People Smoked In The 1960’s That Would Be Unthinkable To Smoke In Today.
Name An Article Of Clothing Associated With Country Music Singers.
Name Something An Overnight Guest Might Do To Ensure They’d Never Be Invited Back.
Name Something A Woman Might Do For Her First Wedding, That She Probably Wouldn’t Do If She Was Married A Third Time.
Name Something People Associate With The TV Show “Friends.”
Tell Me The Age When You Were In The Best Shape Of Your Life.
Name Something That’s Sometimes Cheaper To Replace, Than Fix.
The Last Time You Were Freaked Out By Something Moving Across Your Floor, What Did It Turn Out To Be?
Name Something That You’d Have More Of, If You Had Less Money.
Name Something You’d Probably Need If You Bought An Elephant.
Name Something Specific Your Mom Is Always Sure To Give You For Christmas.
If A House Plant Could Talk To Its Owners, Name Something It Might Complain About.
Name Something A Person Next To You On A Bus Might Do To Make You Change Seats.
Name Something A Scrawny Adolescent Is Afraid Of In Gym Class.
Name A Man In High Power Who Wears Pants, But You Rarely See Them.
Tell Me An Excuse People Give The Police When Pulled Over For Speeding.
Name Something That Can Be Tossed.
Name A Place People Go To For A Beach Vacation.
Name A Scary Halloween Monster.
Other Than Academics, Why Might A Teen Choose A Certain College?
Name A Public Place Where Everyone Sings Together.
Name Something Humans Wear, But Cats Look Silly In.
Besides A Veterinarian, Which Job Requires Working With Animals?
Name Something That’s Sold In The Checkout Line.
Name Something A Child Does In The Bathtub That An Adult Would Not.
Tell Me A Word That Might Follow “No” On The Sign On A Store Window.
Other Than A Medical/Dental Office, Name A Place That Almost Always Has A Waiting Area.
Name A Place You Go, Where You Like To Shower Right Afterward.
Name Something Risky That People Do All The Time.
When You Buy A New Picture Frame, What Is Usually In The Picture That It Comes With?
Name An Occasion A Woman Might Buy A New Outfit For.
What Do People Bring Back As A Souvenir From Las Vegas?
After A Date, Name A Reason Why You Might Not Call The Person Right Away.
Name A US City That Most People Around The World Have Heard Of.
Name Something Found In Your Backyard That Kids Might Keep As A Pet.
Besides Food, Name Something You See In Every Supermarket.
What Might A Friend Do While Driving That Makes You Car Sick?
Give Me Another Term For “Mother.”
Name Something Specific You Would Try To Hide If You Were In A Police Line-Up.
What’s The Maximum Number Of Days You Might Keep An Overdue Video?
Name A Part Of The Turkey.
Name A Holiday When A Lot Of Cards Are Sent.
Name A Material That People Cover Their Floors With.
Name Something You Hope Your Neighbors Keep Under Control.
Name Something That Can Be Described As “Lumpy.”
Name Something Specific That A Superhero Would Be Useless Without.
What Is The Most Important Thing To Remember To Do Before Work?
Name A Kitchen Tool Mr Potato Head Would Avoid.
Name Something That Might Cause A Loud “Bang.”
If They Offered A Class On How To Be A Rock Star, Name Something They Might Teach You How To Do.
Name Someone You Wouldn’t List As A Reference When Applying For A Job.
Name An Item Of Clothing That Would Make You Laugh To See E.T. Wear.
Name Something You Do To The Products At A Grocery Store, But Not At A Clothing Store.
Name Something People Wear That Often Makes Funny Tan Lines Around It.
Name A Part Of The Body Some People Have Surgically Removed.
Name Something That People Associate With New Orleans.
Name A Popular Magazine With A One-Word Title.
What Nervous Tick Might A Student Do Subconsciously While Taking An Exam?
Tell Me Something You’re Glad Is Prohibited On Most Airlines.
Name A Place That Sends You A Bill.
Name A Food That You Often Burn Your Tongue While Eating.
Name Something You Might Find In A Suitcase That Would Tell You It Belonged To A Surgeon.
Tell Me Something People Do To Avoid Conversation With Their Partner.
Name A Hobby You’d Be Surprised To See Arnold Schwarzenegger Take Up.
Name Someplace You Only Go To Because You Have To.
We Asked 100 Women: If You’re Underdressed For A Party, What Can You Put On Quickly To Look Dressed Up?
What Might A Family Be Doing That Causes Them To Be In The Same Room Together?
Name A Kind Of Soup That Most Restaurants Serve.
Name Something That Gets Checked When You Go To The Doctor’s Office.
Which Woman, Best Known For Her Intelligence, Would You Be Suprised To See Jump Out Of A Birthday Cake For Hugh Hefner?
Tell Me A Nickname For Patricia.
Name Something People Do The Night Before, So They Don’t Have To Do It Before Work.
Name A Type Of Business Where The Employees Sometimes Have An Attitude.
Name A Place That Will Always Be Open On New Year’s Eve.
Name A Place You Wouldn’t Mind Working At If You Didn’t Have A Sense Of Smell.
Name A Place That Begins With The Word “South.”
Name A Job Where A Person Has To Be Good With Math.
Name A Color Leaves Turn In The Fall.
How Many Days After Christmas Do You Leave Your Christmas Tree Up?
Name Someone Who Always Has Advice To Give You.
Name An Occupation In Which You Have To Be Good At Making Small Talk.
Name An Emotion That People Have A Hard Time Hiding From Their Face.
Name A Sign That The Person You’re Talking To Is Drunk.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want To Split A Hotel Room With Someone.
Name Something You See At A Bullfight.
Name Something That A Yoga Instructor Does Not Have For Breakfast Very Often.
Name Something People Associate With The 1960s.
Name Something Almost Every Romance Movie Has.
Name Something A School Cafeteria Worker Needs To Do Their Job.
How Do You React When You See Someone You Haven’t Seen In A Long Time?
What Remedies Does A Person Try When Hungover?
What Actor Would Also Be A Good Game Show Host?
On A Really Hot Day, Name Something You Might Be Tempted To Wear Out In Public.
Name The Occupation Of A Person Who Knows Their City Like The Back Of Their Hand.
Name A Reason An Actor Would Refuse A Role.
Name A Holiday That People Often Get Married On.
Name A Food That Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Flavor.
Name A Famous Elizabeth.
Name An Everyday Activity That Would Be Harder To Do On Stilts.
Name Something You’d Say In Person, Rather Than In A Text Message.
Name Something A Bartender Might Remember About One Of His Customers.
Name An Occupation That Begins With The Letter “A.”
Name An Ingredient You Find In Most Italian Food.
Name Something People Hope They’ve Done By Their 25th High School Reunion.
Name Something That Can Be In Your Refrigerator For 6 Months, But You Would Still Eat It.
Name A Type Of Business That Claims It Can Finish Your Job In One Hour.
Name A Way A Person Gets Around If They Don’t Have A Car.
Name Something Teens Skip Out Of School To Do.
Name A Place Where You’d Hate For The Person Behind You To Be Kicking Your Seat.
Name A Type Of Cookie People Make At Christmas Time.
Name Something That Happens To An Old Car That Makes The Owner Finally Get Rid Of It.
Name A Product That Is Normally Referred To By A Brand Name.
Name Someone With A Famous Tomb.
Name Something Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Look Funny Wearing.
Which Profession Do You Think Drinks The Most Coffee?
Which Part Of A Child’s Body Is Probably The Germiest?
Name An Occupation You Wouldn’t Expect A Vegetarian To Have.
Name An Instrument That Kids Have Toy Versions Of.
Name Something In A Personal Ad That Would Make You Think It Was Placed By Donald Trump.
Name Something You’d Put In An Ad When Selling Your House.
Name A Movie That Could Be Shown In American History Class.
Name A Kind Of Tree That Would Look Silly To Have As A Christmas Tree.
Name Something People Use To Make Their House Smell Nice.
Name A Bird You’ve Seen Pictures Of More Than You’ve Seen In Real Life.
Name A Food You Would Be Hesitant To Buy Out Of A Vending Machine.
Name A Part of The Body That You’d Have A Hard Time Putting A Cast On If You Broke It.
Name A Phrase That Beings With The Word “Head.”
Name A Small Item You Buy, That You Wouldn’t Write A Check To Pay For.
Name Something You Find At Most Museums.
What Do You Look At To Know What The Weather Will Be Like Tomorrow?
Name Something Specific You’ve Tried To Throw Away That The Trash Collector Won’t Pick Up.
Name Something That Happens In Musicals That We Wish Happened In Real Life?
How Can You Tell That A Teenager Has Been Spending Too Much Time With Her Best Friend?
Name A Job In Which You’d Stand In One Place All Day.
As An Adult, Name Someone Who You’d Like To Prank Phonecall, But Would Never Do It.
If A Fashion Designer Wanted To Make Costumes For Figure Skaters, What Would They Need To Buy?
Name An Item In Your Office That Only Certain People Know How To Use.
Name Something Other Than A Animal Or Human That Has An Eye.
Name A Cable TV Channel That Starts With A ‘C.’
Name A Cliche Phrase Used When Someone Is Breaking Up With A Partner.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were To Invite Friends Over For Movie Night.
Name Something A Diver Might Look For Underwater
What Might A President Have A Hard Time Giving Up Once Their Term Is Over?
Unlike French Fries, Name A Specific Food That You’d Find At An Authentic French Restaurant.
What Part Of A Computer Geek’s Body Gets More Of A “Work Out” Than A Bodybuilder’s?
Name Something People Do After Retirement, That They Didn’t Do When Working.
Name Something A Bachelor Might Turn Inside Out Instead Of Washing.
Tell Me A Word Or Phrase That Ends With “Bell.”
Tell Me Something A Recipe Instructs You To Do, That Sounds Violent.
How Many Of The People You’ve Dated Were You Actually In Love With?
Name A Job In Which You Might Work Until After Midnight.
Name Something A Teen Doesn’t Want Their Parent To Do To Them In Public.
Name A Meal That Someone Who Loves Cheese Would Eat Often.
Name A Type Of Flier You See Hanging On A City Street.
Name An Event Where People Only Speak Positively About The Guest(s).
Name Something People Do On The Day After Thanksgiving.
Name Something You Associate With The Game Show “Family Feud.”
Name A Breakfast Food That You Can Make In 5 Minutes Or Less.
If A Farm Town Had A Talent Contest, What “Talents” Might You FInd There?
When Ordering A Sandwich, Name Something You Might Ask Them To Leave Off.
Name A Famous Person, Living Or Dead, Whose Last Name Is Rogers.
Other Than A Club Or Group, Name Something That People Join.
Name A Thanksgiving Side Dish.
Name A Small Animal That You’d Hate To Find In Your Attic.
Name A Reason You Would Choose To Get An Audio Book Instead of A Printed Book.
Name A Reason Why Someone Else Might Be Driving Your Car.
Name A Complaint You Might Have About An Airline When You Fly Wih Them.
Name Someone Who Has To Do A Lot Of Waving.
What Might A New Parent Be Afraid To Do The First Time With Their Baby?
Tell Me Something You Might Find Under Your Seat At The Movie Theatre.
Name Something You’d Want To Know About City Before Deciding To Move There.
Name Something They Always Show In A Movie Scene Set In Heaven.
Name Something You Might See A Lifeguard Carrying.
Name Something That You’d Be Sad Not To Have On Your Birthday.
Name Someone A Teenager Girl Would Be Mortified To Have Read Their Diary.
Name A Fruit That You Can Buy Dried.
If The Statue Of Liberty Wasn’t Holding A Torch, Name Something Else She Might Hold To Give Off Light.
Tell Me Someone Specific Who’s Often Seen Riding A Horse On Screen.
What Is A Cat’s Idea Of A Real Good Time?
Name A Matter Of Taste That Many Couples Disagree About.
Name Something A Professional Mover Probably Most Hates To Move.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To See A Teenager Wear On A First Date.
Name Something You Might Be Scared Of While Camping.
Name Something Ted Turner Is Known For.
Name A Profession That Requires You To Be In Good Shape.
If You Were Running For President Of The United States, Tell Me An Issue You’d Be Expected To Take A Stand On.
Name An Article Of Clothing That’s Often One-Size-Fits-All.
Name Something That’s Only Used On A Rainy Day.
Name Something A Mom Might Do To Punish Her Child, That A Judge Would Never Do When Punishing A Criminal.
Name Something That Won’t Work Without A Battery.
Name The Ways People Die On Soap Operas.
Name Something That A Repairman Comes Over To Fix.
Name A Bad Reason To Take Up Smoking.
Name Something Mice Hate.
Name Something You Don’t Want To See When Driving On The Freeway.
Name Something People Use To Finish Off A Snowman.
Name Slang Term People Use For Going To Sleep.
Name Something Associated With Spider-Man.
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something A Single Man Does In The Bar That Makes You Call Him A Creep.
Name Something That Is Made Of Straw.
Name Something That Might Be Announced At A Wedding That Would Take Attention Away From The Bride And Groom.
Name A Household Chore That You Do About Once A Week.
Name Something A Person Going On Vacation Might Be Trying To Get Away From.
Name An Item That Gets Smaller Every Time You Use It.
Name Something In Your Freezer That Would Be Hard To Make An Entire Meal Out Of.
Name Something A Young Employee Might Try To Get Away With In The Office.
Name A President Known By His Initials.
Name A Part Of A Car That’s Often Replaced.
Name A Feature That People Pay Extra To Have On Their Car.
Name Something People Look For When Buying A New Pair Of Shoes.
Other Than A Hand-Buzzer, Name Something You’d Be Sure To Buy At A Gag Shop.
Name Something A Mother Might Pass On To Her Daughter.
Name Something Many People Watch On TV, That You Think Is Really Boring.
Name An Animal From The Chinese New Year Calendar.
Name Something You Can Swallow Without Chewing.
Name An Item That Usually Comes With A Lot Of Packaging In The Box.
After A Big Meal, How Long Does It Take Before You Get Hungry Again?
Name Something Kids Do When They Get Home After School.
Name Something You Buy For Your Ears.
Name An Animal You Might Confuse For Your Husband.
Besides Cheese, Name A Food That People Grate.
Name Something Many People Fill Their Pockets With Before Checking Out Of A Hotel.
Name Something You Roll Up Your Sleeves To Do.
Name A School Subject That Students Might Take Because They Think It’s An Easy A.
Name Something A College Student Might Try During His First Year Away From Home.
Name A Reason Why Someone Would Shave Their Head.
Name Something A Teacher Does To Get Her Students’ Attention When The Classroom Is Loud.
Where Do You Need To Be A Member In Order To Enter?
Name Something That Takes About Ten Minutes To Do When You’re Getting Ready In The Morning.
In The Store, Name A Product That You Might Choose Because It’s Soft.
What Would You Hate To See On Your Car When You Get Back?
Name A Reason You’d Hate To Get Stuck Behind A Bus While Driving.
Name Something Vampires Wouldn’t Keep In Their Home That Most People Would.
Name Something People Might Spend Their Tax Refunds On.
Name Something People Blame For Their Bad Mood.
Name Something A Couple Might Do Less Often Once They Have Kids.
Name Something That Returns In Spring.
Tell Me A Word You’d Use To Describe Yourself That Starts With The Letter “S.”
Which Word Or Phrase Is Often Used As A Magician’s Magic Word(s)?
Name A Movie With A Lot Of Dancing.
Name An Ingredient You Should Probably Like, If You’re Eating At A Mexican Restaurant.
Name A Food That You Wouldn’t Eat If You Had Dentures.
At Which Place Are You Most Likely To See An Adult Being Treated Like A Child?
What Might A Mom Put Her Baby In When Her Arms Are Tired From Carrying Him?
Name A Reason People May Put Lawnchairs On The Sidewalk.
Other Than Wash It, Name Something Many Women Do To Their Skin.
Name An Expense That Goes Up In The Month Of December.
Name A Way A Student Might Get To School.
Name A Specific Kind Of Donut.
Name Something You Wear That You Don’t Need To Replace Even If You Lose A Lot Of Weight.
Name Something That Your Thanksgiving Day Wouldn’t Be Complete Without.
Name Something That Gets Trimmed.
Name Something in Your House That You’d Hate To Find Wasn’t Working.
Name An Item Stores Probably Have A Hard Time Selling After Christmas.
Besides Security, Name Something It Takes A Long Time To Do When Flying Somewhere.
Name A Diet Method That Doesn’t Seem Very Reliable.
What Change Do People Want When Improving Public Schools?
Tell Me Something That Gets Passed Around.
What Do You Look For In A Spouse, That You Also Look For In A Car?
Name Something Women Do While Their Husbands Watch Monday Night Football.
Name An Occasion In Which It’s Important To Make Good Eye Contact.
Name A Traditional Breakfast Food That Would Be Hard To Eat During Your Morning Commute.
Name A Specific Physical Attribute That’s Exaggerated In Caricatures.
Name A Part Of Your Morning Ritual That It’s Hard To Get The Energy To Do.
Name Something Australia Is Known For.
Name The Actor Who Has Taken The Most Diverse Roles.
Name Something That Babies Are Photographed Doing, But Teenagers Are Not.
Who’s The Funniest Member Of The Three Stooges?
Name A Food That Often Comes Free With Your Meal At A Restaurant.
Name A Place Where You Might See People You Know In The Elevator.
Name Something A Woman Calls A Party’s Host To Ask.
Name A Place Where You Hate To Buy Snacks Because Everything Is So Overpriced.
Name Something You Might See At A Public Pool, You’d Never See At A Kid’s Inflatable Pool.
What Do People Do At Sporting Events That They Don’t Do At Broadway Shows?
Name Something You Might Ask A Professional To Install In Your Kitchen.
Name Something Festive That You Might Snack On While Decorating The Christmas Tree.
Name Something That Might Have A Lock Attached To It.
Name Something You Read Online Reviews Of Before Buying It.
Name A Sign Of Their Child Growing Up That Parents May Have A Hard Time Accepting.
How Do You Know, Without Doubt, That Your Jeans Are Too Small?
Name Something Specific That A Kid With Detention Might Be Asked To Clean.
Name Something You Might Know About The Star Wars Character Han Solo.
Name Something A Man Could Have That Might Get Him Labeled A “Bad Boy.”
Name The Most Important Words Said In A Marriage Ceremony.
Where Might A Man Suck In His Gut When An Attractive Woman Passes By?
Name An Animal That You’d Have To Be On A Roof To Make Eye Contact With.
Name Something You Might Study If You Attended Supermodel College.
Name A Type Of Cake You Can Buy At A Bakery.
If Wonder Woman Didn’t Have A Lasso, What Would Her Crime-Fighting Accessory Be?
Name Something That Comes Up At The End Of A Movie.
Besides Clothes, Name Something A Person Might Remove Before Going To Bed.
What Does Your Dentist Warn Will Happen If You Don’t Brush Your Teeth?
Name A Color That Soap Often Comes In.
Name Something That A Lost Cat Probably Misses The Most About Its Home.
Name An Instrument You’d Play To Be Popular.
Name Something Superficial You Obsessed About In High School And Still Care About Today.
Which Of The Seven Dwarfs From Snow White Best Describes Your Significant Other?
Name Something You Pop.
Name A Good Pet To Have If You Live In A Small Apartment.
Name A Reason Why You Might Wake Up Earlier Than You Want To.
How Can A Kid Get A Bully To Stop Picking On Them?
Name A Way You Can Tell A Man Is Wearing A Really Bad Toupee.
Name An Occupation Where Employees May Have To Wear Tuxedos.
Name An Actor Who Has A British Accent.
Name Something That Can Have Antennae.
If You Really Wanted To Get To Know Someone, What Would You Ask Them About?
If You Could Fly To Work Instead Of Drive, Name Something You Could Give Up Worrying About.
Name Something You Want To Do In The Morning Before Talking To Anyone.
Which Kind Of Drink Would Be Least Satisfying If You Were Thirsty After A Workout.
Name A Person Who Might Call You By A Childhood Nickname Even After You’ve Outgrown It.
Name The Average Age A Pro Athlete Retires.
Name A Place Where You Have A Hard Time Hearing The Person You’re With.
Name Something A Restaurant Waiter Doesn’t Want To Do on Their Day Off From Work.
Name Something You Might See In The Sky Only Once Or Twice In Your Lifetime.
Name A Country That Many Americans Dream Of Visiting.
Name Something That Would Be Different In Your House If Your Children Made The Rules.
Name Something You Have To Avoid Running Over While Mowing The Lawn.
Name A TV Show, Past Or Present, That Features High School Kids.
Name A Weather Condition That Best Describes Your Marriage.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Stuck In The House All Day.
Name Another Word For “Winner”.
Name A Reason You’d Avoid Going To A Certain Restaurant Even If Their Food Is Good.
Name A Place Where You Might End Up Dancing With A Stranger.
Name A Type Of Business That Probably Has Very Few Customers During Weekday Afternoons.
Name An Actor Who Earns A Ton Of Money For His Movies.
Name A Type Of Martial Art.
Name Something People Put In Their Tea.
Name A Casino Game Most People Don’t Know All The Rules To.
How Can Somebody Quit Biting Their Nails?
Name Something People Buy To Make Their Car Look Sportier.
Name Something You Could Use More Of In Winter.
Name Something You Dread Doing After A Snowfall.
Name Something A Doctor Asks Every Patient.
Name A Reason A Person Might Say They Had A Lousy Time At A Sporting Event.
Name A Topic That Kids Have Strong Opinions About.
Name A Fruit People Put In Their Cocktails As A Garnish.
Name Something Specific You Call A Plumber To Fix.
Name A Specific Food That A Dieter Might Skip At The Holidays.
Name An Animal You Might See On A Christmas Sweater.
Name Something Most People Don’t Miss About High School.
Name Something In Your Car That Might Distract You While You’re Driving.
Name Something That You Might Accidentally Lose In A Dark Theatre.
In A Fight With Your Partner, Name Something You Might Do To Avoid Losing Your Temper.
Name Something You Would Have Needed In Order To Be Cool In The 1960s.
Name Something A Person On The Witness Stand Is Asked To Do.
Name Something A Germphobe Tries Not To Touch.
How Many Times Per Month Do You Think Most Married Couples Fight?
Name A Profession That Helps People, But From Which People Hate Getting Helped.
Name Something You’d Hate To Notice About Your Clothes Just After You Left The House.
Name A Muscular Celebrity Who Would Probably Have Trouble Finding Clothes In His Size.
Name Something You Always See In Western Movies.
Name Something You Pay To Have Someone Else Paint.
Name Something You Use To Bake A Pumpkin Pie.
Name Something A Macho Man Would Swear He’s Not Good At.
Name Something You Would Eat If You Wanted To Gain Weight.
Name A Section In Most Video Stores.
Besides Santa, Name A Christmas Character That The Holidays Would Be Incomplete Without.
Name A Sport Where The Athletes Have A Lot Of Muscles.
Name Something In The Country That People Love The Smell Of.
Name Something A Football Player Wears On The Field That Would Look Ridiculous On A Tennis Player.
Name Something You’d Hate To See In The Ocean Next To You.
Name Something That U.S. Residents Would Have To Replace If Switching To The Metric System.
How Can You Tell That A Book Came From The Library?
Name Something You Eat That Smells Awful, But Tastes Good.
Name An Animal That Communicates With Sounds.
Name A Specific Food That’s Sauteed.
Name Something You Might Find Inside A Thief’s Pocket.
Name Something A Bathroom Attendant Might Offer You.
Name Something You Might Find On Top Of A TV Set.
Name Something A Vegetarian Might Eat At Thanksgiving Dinner.
Name Something That A Dog Competition And A Beauty Pageant Have In Common.
Name A Reason Why Parents Want To Find Out The Sex Of Their Baby.
Tell Me An Occasion After Which You Have To Write Many Thank You Cards.
Name Something Specific Kids Love To Do In The Snow.
Name A Type Of Shoes That You Couldn’t Wear While Bowling.
Instead Of Talking To You, What Might Your Date Do That Lets You Know They’re Not Interested?
Name Something That You Can’t Stop.
Name A Monster Some People Believe Exists Even If There Is No Evidence.
Name Something Offered On Airline Flights That Makes Time Go Quickly.
Name Something People Have That They Always Wish Was Better.
What’s The First Thing You’re Likely To Be Asked About At Your High School Reunion?
Name Something That Might Be Described As Old-Fashioned.
Name Something You’d See In A Movie That Takes Place In The Midwest.
Name Something Santa Probably Does The Other 364 Days A Year.
Name A Way To Communicate When Your Loved One Is Away.
Name A Bad Habit That People Expect Politicians Will Have.
Name A Type Of Debt That A Person Might Have In Their Twenties.
Name A Type Of Make-Up That Most Women Don’t Wear On A Regular Basis.
Name A Hobby That Would Be Ironic For A Firefighter To Have.
Name A Word That’s Probably Said 100 Times At A Wedding.
Name Something You Need Quarters In Order To Use.
Name A Gift You Received In The Past That Seems Really Out Of Style Now.
Name Something You’d Probably Be Grossed Out By If You Went Back In Time 100 Years.
Name Something People Drink A Lot Of In The Winter.
Name Something Associated With The Game Show “Hollywood Squares.”
If Students Ran The Schools, Name Something They Would Probably Get Rid Of.
What Would You Never Expect A Doctor To Have A Problem With?
Instead Of Her Hair, What Might Rapunzel Have Wished That She Had On Hand For Her Prince To Climb?
Name An Object That Some Stomachs Are Compared To.
Tell Me Something That Kids Hate To Have Taken Away From Them. Be Specific.
Name A Print That’s OK On Clothing, But You’d Hate To Have As Wallpaper.
Name Something That It Is Hard To Do On A Steep Hill.
If You Were Going To Dress As A Marilyn Monroe Style Bombshell, What Would You Wear?
Where Were You The Last Time You Heard A Rumor?
Name A Place You’d Go If You Wanted To Score A Date With A Good Driver.
Name Something “Bad” In Society That The News Couldn’t Live Without.
Tell Me An Occupation That Requires You To Learn A Lot Of People’s Names.
In What Situation Might An Adult Not Want To Be Called By Their Childhood Nickname?
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Throw Away A Pair Of Pants.
Name Something The Bride Doesn’t Want To Do The Day Before The Wedding.
Aside From Committing Crimes, Name Something Mobsters Might Do Together.
Instead Of Using The Toilet, Name Something Women Often Do Inside A Public Restroom.
Name Something About A Spy That Might Not Be Real.
Name A Habit Some People Have When They’re Nervous.
Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Not Trick-Or-Treat.
What Would You Be Surprised To Have Happen While Riding A Stationary Bike?
What Might Someone Do That Tells You They’re Showing Off With Their Car?
When You’re Already Running Late, What Do You Hate To See?
Name Something You Do To Remember To Take Your Vitamins.
Name A Place That Single People Travel To For Its Party Atmosphere.
At What Age Should A Young Person Get Their First Job?
Name Something You Associate With A Lion.
Name One Thing That An Impatient Person In A Long Line Might Do To Show That They’re In A Hurry.
Name A Sport That You Could Play In Sandals.
Name Something That’s Hard To Do If You Come In Late To A Movie.
Name Something A Young Woman Wears That Just Wouldn’t Look Right If Her Grandmother Wore It.
Name Something You Can Find In Almost Everyone’s Refrigerator.
Name Something Annoying At The Library.
Name A Mexican Food Made With A Tortilla.
Name Something A Hospital Patient Might Do To Annoy A Nurse.
What’s The Most Wrinkled Thing On You At The Moment?
Name Something A Librarian Would Have At Her Disposal To Defend Herself In A Fight.
Name Something Men Put In Their Shirt Pockets.
Other Than Protecting Their Eyes, Why Might Someone Wear Sunglasses?
Name An Activity That Might Make Your Fingers Tired.
If Your Clothes Dryer Breaks, Name Something You Can Use Instead To Dry Your Clothes In A Hurry.
Name Something You See In A House And Not An Apartment.
Name A Job That’s Still Primarily Held By Women.
Name Something You Might Leave Behind At The Beach.
Tell Me The Age At Which A Kid No Longer Wants To Be Seen With His Parents.
Name A Dance With An Animal’s Name In It.
Santa Says He’s Tired Of Milk And Cookies. What Would You Leave Him Instead?
Name A Place People Go To See Fireworks On New Year’s Eve.
Name Something You Find At A Carnival That Comes On A Stick.
Name Something People See In The Sky That Might Get Mistaken For A UFO.
Name A State Where You Could Go Swimming In The Winter.
Name Something Teachers Are Always Telling Their Students To Do.
Name A Good Gift For A High School Graduate.
Name A Tower You Might Visit On Vacation.
Name Something That You’re Far Away From When You’re On A Cruise.
Name Something People Do In The Water At A Lake.
Name A Movie Character With A Skintight Costume.
Which Movie Should Someone Convicted Of Drug Trafficking Have To Watch In Prison?
Name Something That You Would Order As A Double.
What Might A Man Have In His Bedroom That Tells You He’s Still Re-Living His High School Days?
Name Something A Kid Might Sneak Into A Sleepover Party.
Tell Me Something That Grandpa Would Say “Ain’t What It Used To Be”.
Name Something That Business Travelers Must Get Sick Of.
Name A Reason You May Send Someone A Congratulations Card.
Name A Present Most Girls Would Want For The Holidays.
Name Something You Might Buy For A New Bed.
Name A Dangerous Job You Might Apply For At A Circus.
Name Something A New Couple Does More Often Than A Couple That Has Been Together A While.
Name Something Every Movie Theater Has To Have.
Name Something People Rub For Good Luck.
Name A Game Played At A Kid’s Party.
Other Than Walking, Name Something That People Must Do For Their Pets That Is Hard To Imagine Mickey Doing For Pluto.
Name A Profession That Requires You To Take A Drug Test.
Name Something A Male Bird Does To Attract A Mate, That Most Men Would Never Do.
Name Something Kids Think They Shouldn’t Have To Do.
Other Than Eat Them, Name Something You Do With Your Movie Theater Snacks.
Name Something Specific That Gets Plucked.
Name Something A Mother Consistently Reminds A Child To Do.
Name Something Women Wore In The 1950s.
Name Something Kids Try To Get Away With When They Have A Babysitter.
Name A Preprinted Sign You Can Purchase At A Hardware Store.
Name A Place You’re Not Supposed To Smoke.
Tell Me The Time When Most People Wake Up On The Weekend. (Time Format Only: With AM Or PM Such As 2 PM)
Name Someone In Your Life Who You Hope Never Writes A Tell-All Book.
What Might You Do While Driving That Causes The Person Behind You To Honk?
Besides Dishes, Name Something You Might Put In Your Dishwasher.
Name A Vehicle That Doesn’t Have An Engine.
Name Something Kids Bring Home From School.
Tell Me The Age When Most Kids Learn Their ABC’s.
Name Something A Masseuse Needs.
Name Something Sixteen-Year-Old Girls Might Do At A Slumber Party.
Finish This Sentence: The Best Part Of My Workday Is ___.
Name A State That’s Famous For Its Beaches.
Where Do Movie Monsters Typically Hide?
Besides A Car, Name Something That Runs On Gasoline.
What Should A Clown Avoid Wearing When He’s Not On Duty?
Name Something A Cat Might Have A Nightmare About.
Even Though He’s Normally Jolly, Name A Gripe Santa Claus Might Have About A House He’s Delivering Toys To.
Name A Type Of Shopping That Many People Dislike Doing.
Tell Me Something Specific That Would Be Up For Grabs During A Celebrity Divorce.
Name Something Kids Can’t Learn From A Textbook, But Should Know By Adulthood.
Name Something A Mom Might Do For Her Small Children, But Refuse To Do Once They’re Adults.
Name Something Kids Say They’ll Never Do Like Their Parents.
Name A Topic That People Go To See Motivational Speakers Talk About.
Name Something A Librarian Has Nightmares About.
Name Something You Pick Up Before Leaving A Restaurant.
Who Or What Might You See Pulling A Sleigh?
If Traveling From The Tropics To A Snowy Climate, Name Something You Might Need To Purchase.
Besides Numbers, Name A Button On A Calculator.
Other Than Sports, What Might A Pro Athlete Do To Make Money On The Side?
Name A Famous Mystery Writer.
Name Something Specific That A Person Who Quits Their Office Job Says They Just Couldn’t Do All Day Long.
Name Something Cars Have Today That They Didn’t Have 50 Years Ago.
What Might A Firefighter Do While At The Station With No Fires To Fight?
If You Suddenly Became A Vampire, Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To.
Name A Food You Don’t Have To Chew To Swallow.
Name A Tattoo You’d Likely See On A Young Woman, But Not An Old Biker.
Name Something That Might Ruin A Camping Trip.
Name An Occupation That Might Get Someone Dirty.
Name A Specific Part Of Your Body That You Might Smack Out Of Surprise.
Name A Food Item Served At Most Cafes.
Name Something A 14-Year-Old Girl’s Parents Might Forbid Her To Wear.
Name Something Couples Might Fight About While Planning Their Wedding.
Besides Tuna, Name Something People Put In A Tuna Salad.
Name Something You Might Blame A Headache On.
Name A Piece Of Personal Info That You’d Never Give Out In An Online Dating Ad.
What Do Dentists Advise Their Patients Do To Avoid Cavities?
Name Something Bruce Willis Is Known For.
Name Somewhere That Parents Can’t Wait For Their Kids To Go.
Name A Reason Someone Would Return A Gift.
Name A Professional Who Often Keeps His Clients Waiting.
Name Something A Parent Might Brag That Their Child Has Done Early.
Name Something Little Kids Are Often Afraid Of.
Name A Music Performer Who Goes By One Name.
Name Something Everyone Says They’re Good At When At A Job Interview, Even If It’s A Lie.
Name Something You Might See In The Backseat Of A Car That Would Tell You It Belongs To A Mom.
Name Something A Car Wash Wouldn’t Want To Run Out Of.
Name Something That Comes With Your Clothes When You Pick Them Up From The Dry Cleaners.
Name A Sour Fruit That Is Often Made Sweet.
Name A Product That Might Be Disposable.
After Too Much Time Together, What One Thing Can Get On Your Nerves About Your Partner?
Name An Animal That Can Live In The Cold.
Name A Beverage Served Hot.
Tell Me Something Annoying That Kids Say On A Long Car Trip.
Name Something You See On A Roulette Table.
Name A Mistake People Make When Driving In The Snow.
Name Something The Police Make Note Of On A Traffic Ticket.
What Parts Of A Car Make Sounds?
Name A Vehicle Where Passengers Can Also Stand While Riding.
Name An Animal That You Hear At Night.
For What Reasons Would A Man Take His Spouse Out To Dinner?
Name A Reason A Lifeguard Might Get Fired.
Name Something An Audience Might Do If They Don’t Like A Performance.
Name Something You Wind Up.
Tell Me A Slang Term People Use For An Important Person.
Name Something A Kid Might Try To Get Away With By Telling The Babysitter, “Mom Always Lets Us.”
Name Something People Know About Darth Vader.
Name An Animated Movie About A Princess.
Name Something That Both A Dental Office And A Spa Might Have.
Name Something You Might Find In A Sewing Kit.
If Real Life Were Like Fairy Tales, Name Something You’d Have To Beware Of.
How Many Months Should Go By Before Introducing Your Sweetie To Your Family.
Name The First Thing Someone Does During An Earthquake.
What Reasons Would Prevent You From Becoming A Teacher?
Name A Game You Can Play With Only A Piece Of Paper And A Pencil.
Why Wouldn’t You Want To Be Bothered While On The Computer?
Name Something That You Can Use While Buying Drinks At A Nightclub, But Not At A Lemonade Stand.
If You Ate At A Roadkill Restaurant, What Would You Likely Find On The Menu?
Name A Type Of Book That You Wouldn’t Be Likely To Sit Down And Read For Fun.
Name Something You’d See At A Very Fancy Restaurant You’d Never Expect To See At McDonalds.
Name Something You Associate With Cuba.
Name A Hawaiian Word Most People Know.
Name A Specific Drink That Has Bubbles.
Name A Job A Person Might Apply For At A Supermarket.
Name The Most Hours You’ve Ever Slept In A Day. (Numeric Only)
Name Something That Computers And Sports Cars Have In Common.
Name Something Made From Styrofoam.
Name A Place Where You Hear Applause.
Which Type Of Show Is A Woman More Likely Than A Man To Watch?
Name Something A Man Would Take In His Overnight Bag When Traveling. (Be More Specific Than Clothes)
Name A Food That Often Gets Served At Wedding Receptions.
Name Something People Race.
What Do You Buy When You Want To Get Over A Cold?
Name A Type Of Ball That Is Smaller Than A Baseball.
Name An Animal You’d Probably Never See At A Zoo.
Name Something A Baseball Catcher Might Wear.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Impersonate A Dog.
Name A Place You See A Blinking Light.
Name The One Person Who Is Always Tough To Choose A Gift For.
Name A Type Of Bird You’d Never Keep As A Pet.
Name Something People Know About Ricki Lake.
Name A Product That’s Advertised On Daytime Dramas.
Name Something You Can Do In Both A Bumper Car And A Race Car.
Name Something Students Would Not Want The Teacher To Catch Them Doing.
Name Something Specific A College Student’s Mom Asks About When She Calls.
Name Something That Might Fly Through The Air In An Out-Of-Control Classroom.
Name A Reason You May Have To Cancel A Date.
Name An Activity You Can Do In The Ocean You Can’t Do In A Swimming Pool.
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute Before Thanksgiving.
Name A Way That A Girl Might Think She Could Get Cooties From A Boy.
Other Than Birds, Name An Animal That Builds Nests.
Name Something You Need In Order To Be Popular In High School.
Name A Fast Food Restaurant Kids Love.
Name Someplace People Go Where They Like To Take Their Dog Along.
Name Something That Has Wax.
Name Something A Kid Might Try To Get Away With While A Baby-Sitter Is In Charge.
Name A Way You Might Know Someone Smokes, Even Without Seeing Them Lighting Up.
Name Something About Their Job That A Weather Forecaster Might Complain About.
Name Something Professional Football Players And Professional Wrestlers Have In Common.
Name A Command Dogs Know That You Wouldn’t Bother Giving Your Cat.
Name Something You’d Buy For A Dog That You’d Never Buy For A Cat.
Name An Animal That You Might See At Both The Circus And The Zoo.
Name Something That You Do In Your Kitchen That, If Done In A Restaurant, Probably Would Violate A Health Code.
Name A Holiday You Might Get Dressed Up For.
Name Something People Wear When Going Country-Western Dancing.
Name Something Santa Might Say To A Little Girl Or Boy Sitting On His Knee.
Name Something Every Teacher Needs.
Name An Actor Who Uses Or Used Karate To Fight Bad Guys.

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