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All Questions page 117

Where In Your House Might You Hide A Christmas Gift?
Tell Me A Phrase Used For Getting Fired, That Sounds Like It Would Hurt.
During Your Morning Routine, Name Something You’d Hate To Discover Wasn’t Working.
Name A Fruit That’s Often Served In A Bowl.
Name A Traffic Sign That You Wouldn’t See On The Freeway.
Name A Highly Respected Occupation That Deserves A Higher Salary Than They Earn.
Name Something The President And Vice-President Should Have In Common.
Other Than Getting Hurt, Name A Reason Why Kids Cry.
Name A Public Place Where You’re Likely To Catch A Cold Or Flu Bug.
Name Something People Fight Over On A Car Ride.
Where Might A Pet Lover Think That Their Dog Should Be Allowed?
What Type Of Prize Are Game Show Contestants Most Excited About Winning?
Name Something Most Dads Get On Father’s Day.
When A Teenager Breaks Up, Name A Momento She Might Throw Away.
Name A Bad Habit Most Children Outgrow Before Adulthood.
Name An Animal You Would Not Want To Encounter Hanging From A Tree.
Which Article Of Clothing Must You Try On 100 Of Before Finding One That Fits?
Name A Type Of Club.
Name A Reason Why You Might Return The Sweater You Got For Christmas.
Name Something A Burglar Would Hate To Have In The Car When The Cops Pull Him Over.
Name Something You Leave On At Night.
Name A Vegetable You Don’t See In Soups Very Often.
Name Something A Kid Might Do To Get Out Of Participating In Gym Class.
Name An Olympic Event That You’d Be Too Terrified To Try.
Name Something You Usually Wouldn’t Drink By A Cozy Fire.
Name Something That Lives In Your House, But Doesn’t Pay Rent.
We Asked 100 Single Women? Tell Me A Profession A Guy Could Have That Might Make You Think Twice About Marrying Him.
Tell Me The IQ A Genius Might Have. (Numeric Only)
Name A Place In The House People Don’t Hang Family Pictures.
Name Something You Associate With Richard Simmons.
Name Something Most Kids Put In Their Mouths, Although It Doesn’t Taste Good.
Name Something You Can Wear Every Day To Feel Like A Superhero.
Tell Me Something Nerdy You Had In High School Photos, But Not In Photos Today.
Name Something A Woman Might Say She Needs Before She Accepts A Marriage Proposal.
Name A Place You Would Never Take A Date If You Wanted To Be Romantic.
Name Something A Person Might Be Scared To Do At Their First Swim Lesson.
Name A Way To Tell That Your Boss Is About To Start Yelling.
Why Might You Have To Stop The Car During A Long Car Ride?
Name A Place Where You’d Find Lots Of Celebrities In One Room.
Name Something That Gets Sewn Onto Clothes.
Name An Activity That You Associate With Daredevils.
We Asked 100 Single Women: Name The Biggest Obstacle When It Comes To Meeting Someone.
Name Something About Their Job That People Exaggerate.
Name Something Police Officers Say Through Their Walkie Talkies.
What Might You Pay Extra To Have On Your Rental Car?
Why Might A Cop Who Pulls Someone Over Not Give Them A Ticket?
Name A Type Of Weather Warning That Might Interrupt Your TV Show.
Name Something You Do With A Teddy Bear, But Not A Real Bear.
Name Something People Might Put On Cottage Cheese. (Fruit Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific.)
Name Something You Hope A Vampire Leaves Home When He Goes On A Date.
Tell Me A Decor Item On A Fast Food Restaurant That You Wouldn’t Want On Your House.
We Asked 100 Women In Relationships: Name Someone In Your Life Who Your Partner Might Be A Little Jealous Of.
Name A Piece Of Exercise Equipment That You Might Find In Someone’s House.
Name Something You Ride In Or On That Makes You Dizzy.
Name An Excuse People Use At A Party To Get Away From A Boring Conversation.
Name Something You Would Do If You Heard That Your Favorite Cereal Was Discontinued.
If You Got Stuck In The Desert, What Would You Want To Have With You?
What Type Of Vehicle Might A Family With Lots Of Children Want To Own?
Name Something That Someone Who Gets Dates Has, That Someone Who Doesn’t Get Dates Doesn’t Have.
Name Someone You’d Want In Your Wedding Ceremony Who You’d Hate To Bring On Your Honeymoon.
Name Something That Regular People Go On Talk Shows To Discuss.
Name A Profession Where You Would Have To Wear Earplugs.
Name A Salutation That You Wouldn’t Use To End A Letter To Your Significant Other.
At A Restaurant, What Do Customers Do While Waiting For A Table To Open?
Name A Christmas Gift That You’d Have A Hard Time Wrapping.
Name Something A Woman Might Accuse Her Husband Of Loving More Than Her.
What Do New Parents Wish Their Baby Would Learn To Do Quickly To Make Life Easier?
Name Something You Can Do With A Pumpkin Once Halloween Is Over.
Name Something You Don’t Know How To Work On A Cell Phone.
Which Spooky Halloween Character Would You Hate To Run Into In A Dark Alley?
Name A Place Where You’d Hate To Be In Line On The Day Before Thanksgiving.
What Might You Find Underground, But Fully Alive?
Which Part Of Holiday Preparation Do You Always Put Off Til The Last Minute?
Name An Animal With Sharp Teeth.
Name Someone Who Might Have An Agent.
Name Something A 1950s Housewife Did That Most Married Women Today Don’t.
Name An Animal That People Ride.
Name A City That Starts With “San.”
Name A Reason The Bride And Groom Might Leave The Reception Early.
What Do People Do With Their Cell Phones That’s Annoying?
Name The First Place You’d Look For A Your Lost Piece Of Jewelry.
Name Something You Expect To Find In A Modern Home.
Name Something Parents Can Do To Tell Their Newborn Twins Apart.
Name An Occasion Where People Get Photographs That Make Them Look Better Than In Real Life.
How Much Do You Expect To Spend If You’re Taking A Date Out For A Nice Dinner? Please Round To The Nearest $10.
Tell Me Something You Often See For Sale In The Classified Section.
Name An Activity That Brings You Very Close To Clouds.
Name A Grocery Store Item That You Buy By Weight.
Other Than Sickness, What Excuse Would A Kid Use To Stay Home From School?
Name A Place Where You’d Least Expect To Be Hit On.
Name Something You Look In The Mirror To Do In The Morning.
If You Lived With A Bodybuilder, Name A Word You’d Often Hear Around The House.
If There Was A School For Beauty Queens, Name A Skill That Would Be Taught There.
What About A Man Might Cause His Girlfriend’s Family To Say He’s Not Good Enough For Her?
Name Another Word For Shy.
Name A Place That Often Has Internet Now, But Didn’t 10 Years Ago.
After Getting All Dressed Up, Name A Place You’d Hate To Find That Your Date Was Taking You.
Tell Me A Word You’d Use To Describe Your Job.
Name Something You Got Before Bed As A Kid, That You’d Like To Get Before Bed Now.
Name Something You Keep In Your Car’s Glove Compartment.
Name Some Reasons Why Little Girls Want To Be Princesses.
Name Something Popcorn Is Sometimes Covered With.
When Falling In Love, What Words Might Someone Say To End This Phrase: “I Love You With All My ___”?
Name Something In A Supermarket That You Can’t Buy.
Name A Place Where People Always Seem To Have To Cram Into.
Name A Country Whose Food You Know Better Than Its Language.
Name A Sport That’s Thought Of As “Sophisticated”.
Name A Sport In Which The Athlete Has To Sit On Something.
Name A Warning You Hear On Commercials For New Drugs.
Name Something That Gets Stuck A Lot.
Which Celeb’s Autograph Would Sell For The Most Money?
Where Do Kids Most Dread Going?
Which Animals Are Likely To Be Considered Evil?
Name A Food Parents Are Afraid To Give Their Children Due To Its Messiness.
What Would You Wear To A Job Fair, But Not To A County Fair?
Name Something A Sculptor Might Use To Make A Statue.
Name Something That Women Often Do More Gracefully Than Men.
Name Something People In The 1950s Thought We Would Have By The Year 2000.
Name A Reason Why It’s Better To Sleep With A Teddy Bear Than With Your Partner.
Name Something Specific That A Person In The Army Has To Do Each Morning.
Name Something Girls Usually Aren’t Allowed To Wear Until They’re Older.
Name A Food You Can Cook Without The Recipe.
Name Something You Mix With Water Before Drinking.
How Many Years Is A Long Time To Be At The Same Job?
Name A Food That’s On The Menu Of Almost Any Restaurant.
Name The Sexiest Piece Of Clothing That A Woman Can Wear In Public.
Name Something That A Woman Might Curl.
Name A Famous Saint.
Name Something You’d Have More Time To Do If You Were In Jail.
What Might A Driver Fail To Do That Could Cause An Accident?
Name Something A Damsel In Distress Does In Movies, That A Real Woman Would Never Do While Being Chased.
Who In Your Life Might You Look Up On The Internet?
Other Than Bad Vision, Name A Reason Why Someone Might Wear Glasses.
Name A Slow-Moving Vehicle That You Hate To Get Stuck Behind.
Name Something A Boy Might Give His Prom Date Upon Picking Her Up.
Name Something You Should Always Keep Secret, Even From Your Partner.
Name Something You Might Do With Your Days Off Around Christmas.
What Is Something In Your House That Needs To Be Replaced Regularly?
Name Something An Experienced Parent Does Automatically When They Pick Up A Crying Baby.
Name An American City That Has Its Own Accent.
What’s The First Thing You Do After Getting Your Christmas Tree Into The House?
What Might Your Companion Do On A Road Trip That Would Make It A Disaster?
What Happens To A Couch That Lets You Know It’s Time To Get Rid Of It?
Name Something That New Orleans Wouldn’t Be The Same Without.
Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To If You Were A Zoo Animal.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do While You’re Driving.
Tell Me The Average Temperature In Fahrenheit At Which People Set Their Thermostat.(Numeric Only)
Name Something You’ve Been Told Not To Run Away From, Because It’ll Only Make Things Worse.
Other Than TV, Name Something People Watch.
Name Something That’s Decided Ahead Of Time When Going On A Date.
Name Something Parents Always Seem To Be Buying For Their Kids.
Name Something People Donate To The Red Cross.
Name A Part Of A Car That You Hope Is Covered By A Warranty.
Name A Gambling Game Where You Bet On A Certain Number Coming Up.
Name Something That’s Sometimes Stuffed In Ravioli. (Meat Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something Kids Might Have To Wait For Before They Can Open Gifts On Christmas Morning.
Name Another Word Or Phrase People Use To Say Good-Bye.
Name Another Word For “Fake”.
Name An Activity That May Cause Your Ears To Pop.
Name A Job Where Employees Wear Polo Shirts As Their Uniforms.
Name A Valuable Possession That You Can’t Bring With You On A Road Trip.
Name Something People Do To Pass The Time At A Bus Stop.
Name Something You’d Hate To Be Chased By.
Name Something People Associate With Ancient Egypt.
Name Something People Do In Sand That They Don’t Do In Snow.
Name A Term That Starts With The Word “Final.”
Name Something You Hope Won’t Happen When You Eat A Very Spicy Dish.
Name Something About Your Current Job, That’s Better Than Your Former Job.
Name A Pet Some People Have That You’d Be Too Afraid To Own.
Name A Worry A Groom Might Have As He Stands At The Wedding Altar.
When Researching Their Family Tree, What Are People Happy To Find Out About Their Ancestors?
Name A Sports Uniform That Many Men Look Sexy In.
Tell Me Something People Do To Pass The Time On A Long Road Trip.
Tell Me Something About A Man’s Looks That Makes Him Seem Dangerous.
How Can You Tell When A Politician Is Lying?
Name A Popular Sport That’s Played With Little Or No Padding.
Name Something People Want A View Of From Their Hotel Window.
Name A Bird That Can’t Fly.
Other Than Santa, Name A Character Who Stars In A Christmas Show.
Name Something You See A Candidate Doing In TV Campaign Commercials.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Be At Greater Risk Of Having A Hernia.
Name Something Every Good Joke Needs.
Name A Place Where They Should Have Public Bathrooms, But Don’t.
Name Something A Bride Leaves The Reception With That She Didn’t Have When She Got There.
Name An Animal You’re Sometimes Allowed To Pet At The Zoo.
Name An Occupation That Might Get Tired Of Wearing The Same Thing Every Day.
Name A Part Of Table Manners That Most People Learn From Their Parents.
Name A Term Or Phrase That Starts With The Word “Broken.”
Name A Flavor That Kid’s Toothpaste Comes In, But Adult’s Doesn’t.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Ends With “Bone.”
Name Something In Your Car That Doesn’t Work Until The Key Is In The Ignition.
Name An Occupational Hazard For A Cowboy.
Who Is The First Person A Man Goes To If He’s Considering Proposing?
Name A Reason You Might Be Driving More Cautiously Than Normal.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do While Swimming.
Name Something Kids Try To Get As Much Of As Their Parents Will Let Them Have.
Tell Me Something You Wouldn’t Want To Do While In The Front Row At Church.
Name An Occasion For Which Regular People Might Rent A Limousine.
Tell Me A Reason Why Your Phone Conversation Might End Suddenly.
Name Something That, Once Wet, Takes Forever To Dry.
Tell Me Something You Like To Guess About Other People.
Name Something Scary You Wouldn’t Want To Find Under Your Bed.
Name A Phrase Parents Use To Make Their Kids Feel Better About Losing.
Past Or Present, Name A Famous Character Who’d Have To Remove Their Mask Before A Date.
Name A Material That Coffee Mugs Shouldn’t Be Made Out Of.
Name Something Photographers Commonly Take Pictures Of.
At A Nightclub, Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Be Doing When The Music Suddenly Stopped.
Name A Button On Your TV Remote That Your Husband Will Probably Wear Out One Day.
Name Something A Daring Carnival Performer Might Put In His Mouth.
Name Something Specific An Elvis Impersonator Might Have To Do On A Job Interview.
Name A Type Of Critter That Scares You When You Find It In Your House.
Name Something That Needs To Be Shiny If You Want To Impress People At The Bowling Alley.
Name Something You Avoid If You Don’t Like To Hear Your Own Voice.
Name Something That’s Hard To Wash Off Your Hands, Even With Soap.
Tell Me The First Thing You Remember Spending A Lot Of Money On.
Name A Sport You Don’t Need To Be In Shape To Play.
Without Ever Seeing It, How Can You Tell There’s A Mouse In The House?
Name A TV Personality Whose Spouse Probably Never Gets A Word In At Home.
Name Something You Do To Calm Yourself After Becoming Very Angry.
Where Would You Look First If Your Child Was Lost In The Department Store?
Name Something That A Long Distance Couple Does To Stay Close.
Other Than Himself, Name Something A Man Cleans Before A Big Date (More Specific Than “House”).
Name Something A Celebrity Has That Would Make Them Stand Out If They Lived In Your Home Town.
Name A Cosmetic Brand That You Bet Was Named After A Real Person.
Name A Famous Billy (Or Billie.)
Name Something Teens Are Excited To Do For The First Time, But Adults Are Tired Of Doing.
Other Than Teeth, Name Something People Use A Toothbrush To Clean.
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Famous Who Wears A Top Hat.
Name A Food That Usually Tastes So-So, But Tastes Fantastic Once Fried.
Name Something That Gets Picked Up.
Name Something That Gets Caught In A Moustache.
Name Something We All Have At Home That You Can Use To Make A Kids Halloween Costume.
Which Activity Can A Mother Do With Her Daughters That She Can’t Do With Her Sons?
Tell Me A Quality That’s Important For Your Mate To Have, But Not So Important For Your Roommate To Have.
Name A Song That Has The Word “Christmas” In The Title.
Name A Type Of Debt That Causes People Great Stress.
Name A Way To Save Money On Groceries.
Name A Word That Moms Say To Their Children Many Times A Day.
Name An Activity That You Might Wear Goggles While Doing.
Name Something People Put On Salad To Make It Taste Better.
Name Something A Kid Might Look Forward To When Starting A New School Year.
What Did 1950s Families Do Together, That Families Today Rarely Do?
Name Something You Would Allow The House Sitter To Use While At Your Place.
Name Something That Has Pipes.
Name A Place Where The Owner Would Be Upset If You Entered, But Didn’t Buy Anything.
How Much Does The Average Supermodel Weigh? (Numeric Only)
Name A Reason Why A Restaurant Might Have A Very Long Wait.
Name Something Kids Do To Cool Off In Summer, That You Wish You Could Do Too.
Name Something That Gets Described As Cheesy.
Name An Activity People Used To Do Without Knowing It Was Unhealthy.
Which Country Might An American Woman Fantasize About Finding Romance In?
Tell Me Something People Save Up Money For.
Name A TV Show Past Or Present That Has A Woman’s Name In The Title.
Name The Best Gift You Could Bring To Someone Who Has A Cold.
Name A Place Where A Man Wears A Suit And Tie.
Name Something A Smoker May Do To Hide Their Habit Before Going In For A Kiss.
Name A Hobby Better Suited For Country Living Than City Living.
What’s The Scariest Thing About Hiking Through The Desert?
Name A Place With A Drive-Thru.
Name An Occupation Whose Title Ends With “Agent”.
Name Something That Fitting Room Attendants Probably Get Sick Of Customers Doing.
What Foods Do You Always “Double Check” Before Putting In Your Cart At The Supermarket?
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Get Their Hair Cut.
Name A Comic Book Bad Guy.
In Which Cities Do Most Movies Take Place?
What’s The Messiest Thing You Eat At A Baseball Game?
Name A Place Where You Might Be Given A Ticket.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Do Just Before Running A Marathon.
Name A Party Food That Guests Eat With Their Hands.
Name Another Word That A Cool Guy Might Use For “Car.”
Name An Activity A Teenage Boy Might Get Into Just To Meet Girls.
Name A Public Place Where The Bathrooms Are Often Disgusting.
Name Something People Worry About Today That They Didn’t Worry About 20 Years Ago.
Name Something That Might Be Happening At School, That Makes A Kid Want To Stay Home That Day.
If Your Husband Could Get One Quality From James Bond, What Would You Want It To Be?
Name A Sound That You’d Often Hear If You Lived Next To An Amusement Park.
Name A Word That Kids Never Want To Hear The Teacher Say.
Name A Type Of Professional Who Could Not Get Away With Having Dirty Hands.
Name Something You Have To Wear In Order To Be Let In To Some Restaurants.
Name Something That Gets Activated By Water.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Embarrassed About Your Luggage.
Name A Hobby Or Activity In Which You’d Love To Get Lessons From A Pro.
Name Something You’d Never Buy Without Seeing It In Real Life First.
Which Flavor Of Ice Cream Do Shops Probably Sell Most Of?
Name A Job In Which You Might Be Asked To Wear Something Other Than A Suit For Your Interview.
Name Something A Magician Might Wish He Could Make Disappear Permanently.
What Might A Mobster Do That Gets Him Kicked Out Of “The Family”?
Tell Me A Place Where You Might Accidentally Walk Off With A Pen.
Name Something That Adults Might Bribe A Child Into Doing.
Name Something You Might Find On A Person’s Arm.
Name Something That’s Usually More Expensive To Buy In A Tourist City.
What Farm Animal Would You Not Want To Pet?
Name Something That Tastes Better Plain Than Fruit-Flavored.
Name A Sport That Is Not Exciting To Watch On TV.
Name A Reason You May Quickly Go On An Unscheduled Vacation.
Name A Part Of Her Body That A Woman Takes Especially Good Care Of.
Tell Me Something You’re More Likely To Find In A Hotel Than In A Motel.
Name Something A Visiting Alien Would Say Is A Huge Problem On Earth.
Instead Of Lemonade, What Drink Could Make A Lot Of Money If Sold At A Roadside Stand?
Name Something That Kids Always Lose During The Winter.
Name A Kid’s Movie That Most Adults Have Seen Too.
Name Something People Do In Public That You Wish They Wouldn’t.
What Do You Do At The First Sign Of Sickness To Try And Prevent It From Getting Worse?
Name Something Most Everyone Knows About The Beatles.
If Cinderella Went To A Therapist, What Might She Complain About?
Name A Beverage That You Wouldn’t Drink Right Before Bed.
Name Something You See That Lets You Know An Election Is Coming Up.
Name A Time When You Exchange Gifts.
We Asked 100 Single Men: What Would You Love For A Woman To Love As Much As You Do?
If A Woman Had A Wish List For What She Wants In A Partner, What Might Be On It?
Name A U.S. City With Very Aggressive Drivers.
Name Something Specific That Many Women Look For In A Man’s Appearance.
Where Do You Hear People Say “Good Luck”?
Name A Food That You Often Find At Buffet Restaurants.
Name A Type Of Insurance That Employers Don’t Provide.
Name Something That Might Be Canceled During A Blizzard.
If You Commuted To Work By Jet Pack, Name Something Dangerous That Could Happen. Be Specific.
Tell Me The Age At Which Young People Think They Have It All Figured Out.
Name Something A Couple Shouldn’t Do Until They’ve Known Each Other For A Long Time.
Name A Foreign Language A Large Corporation May Require Its Employees To Learn.
We Asked 100 Women: Name A Place Where You See Lots Of Handsome Men.
Name Something That’s Hard To Guess About A Woman You’re Just Meeting.
Name Something You Might Stop To Do When Driving Across The Country.
Name Something Inside An Apartment That Would Prevent People From Renting It.
In The Movies, Name A Specific Place A Damsel In Distress Might Get Trapped Or Face Danger.
Besides A Loaf Of Bread, Name Something You Might Buy In The Bread Section Of The Supermarket.
Name A Phrase That Has The Word “Milk” In It.
If You Were An Earth Tour Guide, Which Landmarks Would You Show To An Alien?
Name A Place Where They Play The Radio Softly.
Name A Reason Why Your Partner Calls You At Work.
Name A Place Where Many Kids Have Their Birthday Parties.
Name Something A Doctor Might Wear While Examining A Patient.
What Are A Couch Potato’s Favorite Hobbies?
Name Something You Can Find Out About A Plane Flight Just By Looking At An Airport Monitor.
Name Something Saturday Night Live Is Known For.
Name A Celebrity Who Spends More Time In Commercials Than On The Big Screen.
Name The Person You Trust Most In Your Life.
Name A Flavor Shot That You Wouldn’t Want In Your Coffee.
Name Something Bugs Bunny Does In All His Cartoons.
Name Something In The Office That Drives People Crazy When It Isn’t Working.
Name A Food You Might See A Chef Flipping.
Tell Me A Movie With The Word ‘Dirty’ In It’s Title.
Name One Of Bugs Bunny’s Pals.
If You Were In A Forest Camping Out, Name A Sound That Might Keep You Up All Night.
Name Something People Associate With The Jolly Green Giant.
Name A Creature That Sucks Blood.
Name Something A Kid In High School Could Do That Would Get Him Labeled As A “Nerd.”
Name Something Many People Do At The Same Time Every Day.
Instead Of Money, What Might Santa Give His Reindeer As Pay?
Name A Famous Woman Named Sally.
Name Something A Writer Uses At Work.
What Might A Date Do In The First 5 Minutes That Tells You They Have Bad Manners?
If A Fashion Designer Were Inspired By Football Players, What New “Style” Might They Encourage?
Tell Me A Popular Type Of Homemade Candy Served During The Holidays.
Name Something A Nice Hotel Might Have In Its Lobby.
Name A Type Of Product That’s Often Advertised In Magazines.
Without Yelling, How Does A Mime Defend His Position In An Argument?
Name Something A Man Might Do In The Beginning Of A Relationship That He Won’t Do After About A Year.
What Beverage Might The Bride Be Afraid To Drink In Her Gown Before The Wedding?
Name Something People Do In Their Car That Distracts Them.
Name Something Specific You Suggest Doing To Get Your Crush To Come Over To Your House.
Name A Christmas Item So Tacky Even Mrs. Claus Wouldn’t Wear It.
Name A Job Where You Wouldn’t Want To Take Your Work Home With You.
Name A Word For Someone Who Never Does Anything Wrong.
Name Something Women Did To Their Hair In The 80s, But They Don’t Do Anymore.
Name Something Skydivers Do Before Jumping Out Of The Airplane.
Name An Animal Shape You Often See In A Box Of Animal Crackers.
Name Something You Might Add In An E-Mail That Is Not A Word.
Name A Section Of The Newspaper That Doesn’t Contain Much News.
Name An Occupation That Involves Lifting Boxes.
Name A Material That An Expensive Piece Of Clothing Might Be Made Of.
Name Something About The Holidays That Is A Source Of Stress.
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute For Christmas.
Name Something Tasty That’s Used To Decorate Christmas Cookies. Be Specific.
Name An Occasion For Which Men Buy Gifts For Their Wives.
Name Something That A Kid In Kindergarten Does That A High School Student Would Feel Funny Doing.
Another Name Santa Goes By.
Name Of One Of Santa’s Reindeer.
What Are You Always Disappointed To Find In Your Christmas Stocking?
Name A Snack You Might See Sitting Out During The Winter Holidays.
Name Something People Use To Decorate Their House For Christmas.
Name The Person You Spend The Most Money On At Christmas Time.
Besides Toys, Name Something A Kid Might Receive At Christmas.
Name A Video Game System People Are Buying For The Holidays.
Name A Place A Kid Might Store Their Toys.
If Christmas Were In July, Name A Holiday Symbol That Wouldn’t Exist.
Name Something That Might Really Annoy Santa When He Comes To Your House.
Name A Department Store Where People Shop During The Holidays.
Name Someone Specific You Send A Holiday Card To.
Name The Most Stressful Holiday.
Name A Place On Your Tax Form Where You’d Better Not Make A Typo.
Name Something That Only A Person Who Really Loves Christmas Would Do As Early As October.
Name Something You Can Use To Get Your Car Out Of The Snow.
What Might A Secretary Do On Her Computer, Instead Of Work?
Name Something Moms Tell Their Kids To Do Before Eating Dinner.
Instead Of Getting Married, What Do Celebrities Do To Prove Their Love?
Name A Place That A Teenager Might Try To Sneak Into.
Name Something A Flight Attendant Points Out During The Safety Speech.
What Hobby Or Activity Could Cause A Man To Have Missing Teeth?
Name A Place Where You Don’t Like To Step Food When You’re On A Diet.
As A Kid, What Did You Think The Tooth Fairy Was Using Your Teeth For?
Which Show Might You See A Man On That Would Cause You To Cancel Your Date With Him Immediately?
Name A Reason Why People Return Something They’ve Bought.
Tell Me Something That Would Get You Thrown Out Of Most Bars.
Other Than Gambling, What “Addiction” Might Someone Who Constantly Goes To Vegas Have?
Name Something You Buy That Becomes Outdated Very Quickly.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Want Their Phone Number Listed In The Phone Book.
Name Something That Often Looks Better In Advertised Pictures Than In Real Life.
Name A Clothing Trend From The 1980s That Has Come Back In Style.
Name Something Many Teens Want To Do Before Their Parents Think They Are Ready.
Name Something That’s Different, In Different Regions Of A Country.
Name A US City That’s Known For A Certain Kind Of Music.
We Asked 100 Women: Which Would Your Mom Most Want You To Have In A Partner?
Name An Occasion For Which You Might Buy Someone An Expensive Gift.
Name A Holiday That People Don’t Throw A Party For.
Name Something You Might Wear To A Restaurant That Only Served Cereal.
What’s A Term Used To Describe Someone Who Is Very Careful With Money?
Name A Food That Kids Want Their Own Of, But Can’t Finish The Whole Thing.
Name A Type Of Fundraiser That’s Common Among High School Students.
Why Might You Ask To Be Moved To A Different Room In Your Hotel?
Name Something A Spoilsport Does, That Ruins A Board Game.
Name A Reason Why A Babysitter Might Swear Never To Come Back.
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Call A Date The Next Day, Even Though You Like Them.
Name Something That Might Be Colored Green On St. Patrick’s Day.
Name A Topic That You Shouldn’t Talk Too Long About During A Job Interview.
Besides A Big Dinner, Name A Tradition People Have During The Thanksgiving Week.
Tell Me Something That Might Be Described As Loaded.
Name Something It Would Be Rude Not To Do When Being Introduced To A Stranger.
Name A Big Expense That Some Parents Plan For Years In Advance.
What Specific Item Would You Need In Order To Dress As Superman For Halloween?
Which Job Do Pet Owners Probably Most Hate Doing For Their Pet?
In Which Profession Do People Burn The Most Calories?
If You Were Married To A Mobster, What Would You Want Him To Keep Out Of The House?
Tell Me Something About Santa Claus That Would Give You The Creeps If You’d Never Heard Of Him.
Besides Food, Name Something You Buy At A Supermarket.
How Can You Tell That The Person Next To You Is A Nervous Flyer?
Name Something That Causes People To Change Seats At The Movies.
Instead Of Blue, What Color Might The Sky Be On A Tropical Island?
How Old Were You When You Had Your First Real Crush?
Name A Reason Why Santa Might Not Let Someone Sit On His Lap.
Name Something You Find At Every Small Town Fair.
Name An Expense From A Business Trip That Your Employer Probably Wouldn’t Reimburse.
Tell Me A Good Score When Playing 18 Holes Of Golf. (Numeric Only)
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Might Not Wear On A Hot Day.
Name A Food Often Served At Kid’s Birthdays.
Name Somebody So Rich That Their Last Name Is Synonymous With Wealth.
Name Something That Can Be Pumped.
Which Famous Painter Would You Ask To Paint Your Portrait?
Name Something That Might Happen If You Eat While Driving.
Name Something That’s Often Exaggerated In News Reports.
Name A Life Event That People Often Have A Rummage Sale After.
Name Something On An Old House That Might Start Falling Off.
When Your Husband Gets Home After A Long Day Of Work, What Is He Ready To Do?
Name A Type Of Map.
Name Something Of Yours That Your Partner Might Have A Key For.
Name Something You See Warning Signs About At The Ocean, But Not At A Swimming Pool.
Name Something You’d See More Of In New York City Than Just About Anywhere Else.
Name A Country That Is Known For Their Beer
Where Might You Hear A Countdown?
Name Something People Cut Back On.
What Food Might You Eat If You Didn’t Feel Like Chewing?
Name A Kid’s Game That Would Be Fun To Play As An Adult.
Name Something On Your Body That Keeps Growing, Even When You’re 80.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do With A Friend Because It Could Ruin Your Relationship.
What Is The First Thing You Would Do After A Fender Bender?
Name A City That Is Considered A Fashion Capital.
Name A Place That Gets Booked Up Before The Holidays.
Name A Food On A Fast-Food Menu That Isn’t Fried.
Tell Me Something You Might See When You Travel By Ship.
Name An Activity People Get Addicted To.
Tell Me Something On A Woman’s Body That’s Considered Prettier When Long.
Name Something A Teen Wouldn’t Be Able To Go Without For A Day.
Name A Sign That A Couple Should Not Get Married.
What Does Las Vegas Have More Of Per Capita Than Any Other City?
Before They’ve Turned 21, Where Might A Young Person Hang Out On Friday Night?
We Asked 100 Men: What Is The Best Place To Have A Bachelor Party?
Name A Job That People Associate With Being Very Intelligent.
Name A Job In Which You Might Get Called In During Your Off Time.
Which Cartoon Character Would Make A Good Athlete If They Were Real?
Name Something A Germ-O-Phobe Would Refuse To Do On A Date.
Name A Public Place Where A Celeb Would Hate To Be Caught By Paparazzi.
Without Using Chemicals, Name A Way You Can Keep Cats From Playing In Your Flowerbed.
Name Something You Can Do At Bedtime That Would Make You Feel Like A Kid Again.
Name The Best Way To Relax After A Hard Day At Work.
What Might A Nerd Listen To On The Radio?
Name Something That’s Easy To Change.
Name A Food One Should Avoid While On A First Date With A Neat-Freak.
Name Something That Happens To Most People, But Not To Santa Claus.
Name Something Rude People Do While Smoking.
Name Something A Cat Does To Let You Know She’s Hungry.
When Driving On The Highway, Name An Annoying Thing That Another Drive Might Do To You.
Past Or Present, Name A TV Show For People Looking To Become Famous.
Name A Place Where People Tell Ghost Stories.
Name A Line You’d Hate To Get Out Of, If You Had To Use The Bathroom.
What Was The Worst Part Of Attending Summer Camp?
Tell Me Something That Hangs.
Name Something You Do On Friday Night, That You Don’t Do On A Week Night.
Other Than The Game Itself, Name A Reason People Love Going To Baseball Games.
Name Something That You Try To Keep While Playing Poker.
Name Somewhere You Would Look, If You Wanted To Find A Spider.
Name Something You Would Need If You Were Putting On A Rock Concert.
What’s The Best Excuse To Use If You Want To Avoid Helping Your Roommate Move?
What Did You Do As A Baby, That You’re Glad You Don’t Do In Public Anymore?
Name A Song That Has A Dance To Go With It.
Name Something Women Put In Their Hair.
Name A Piece Of Info On Your Driver’s License That Changes By The Time You Get It Renewed.
Name A Vegetable That Starts With The Word ‘Sweet.’
If You Got Access To A Police Car, What’s The First Thing You’d Want To Do?
Name A TV Couple, Past Or Present, Who Seemed To Have A Perfect Marriage.
Name Something Many Women Like To Make Red And Shiny.
Tell Me Something A Grandma Passes On To Her Grandchildren.
Name A Smell That You Associate With Fall.
Name Something That Gets Better With Age.
How Can You Tell Immediately That An E-Mail Is Spam?
Why Might You Go Into A Bank?
Name A Drink People Serve With Brunch.
Tell Me The First Thing You’d Want To Improve If You Ran The Country.
Name Something About You That A Person Might Discover Through Facebook.
To Avoid Admitting That Your Crush Isn’t Interested, What Excuse Do You Give Them For Not Calling?
Name Something That Makes An Otherwise Average Person Seem Very Attractive.
Name Something Professional Poker Players Do, That Nobody Does When Your Family Plays Cards.
Besides Funerals, Name An Occasion Where A Person Might Wear Black.
Name A Fact About A Man That Would Keep You From Setting Him Up With Your Friend.
Name A Food That Kids Eat More Of Than Adults.
Tell Me A First Name That Many U.S. Presidents Have Had.
In Dollars, Name The Amount Most People Tip Their Beautician.
Where Do You Go, Specifically, To Find Peace And Quiet?
Name A Drink That Can Be Brightly Colored.
If You Were Creating The Perfect Small Town, Name A Type Of Business You’d Probably Have At Least One Of.
Thanks To Her Umbrella, Name Something Mary Poppins Will Never Need To Use.
Name A Christmas Decoration That Was Once Alive.
At A Wedding, What Do Women Do To Avoid Catching The Bouquet?
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Want To Sit In The Smoking Section.
Name Something You Consume That Has Letters Or Words Printed On It.
Tell Me Something Many Senior Citizens Today Continue Doing As They Age.
Name A Day That Many People Have A Hard Time Waiting For.
Name A Reason Why Someone May Pay A Higher Amount For Car Insurance.
What Might You Do At A Party, That You’d Regret The Next Day?
What Kind Of Fruit Comes In A Can?
Name A Reason Why A Court Case Might Get Dismissed.
Name Something You Might Get Charged Extra For In Your Cell Phone Bill.
Name Something You’d Find In A Punk Rocker’s Bedroom.
Name An Occupation Where People Rarely Wear Their Uniform After Work.
What Might You Do After Eating Dinner?
Name Something People Used To Leave At Home, But Now Carry Everywhere With Them.
Name Something An Adolescent Might Keep Doing Even Though They Are Too Old For It.
Name A Drink That A Restaurant Would Never Give Free Refills Of.
Name Something That The Average Household Has Exactly Two Of.
What Set Of Numbers Do You Have Memorized?
Name A Question That Gets Asked On Just About Every First Date.
Name Something Most Americans Do While Visiting Europe.
Name Something That Goes “Round And Round”.
Name A Beverage That Stains Your Teeth.
During An Argument, What Might A Teen Do That Makes Their Parents Really Angry?
Tell Me Something In Your House That Beeps When It’s Finished Doing Its Job.
Name Something You Get At The Dentist That Almost Makes The Trip Worthwhile.
Name A Personal Task That You’re Not Really Supposed To Do From Your Work Computer.
Name A Profession In Which Someone Might Flirt With You Just To Get A Favor Done.
What Might The Sign On A Bear’s Cage Ask You Not To Do?
Name An Occupation That Requires You To Constantly Wash Your Hands.
At What Age Do People Usually Learn To Play Their First Musical Instrument?
Name A Job Kids Say They’ll Have, But Few Even Try For As Adults.
Name Something People Put In Their Ears.
Name Something That People Try To Get Out Of.
What Might You See On Your Date To Make You Suspect He’s An Escaped Convict?
Name A Job That Mostly Involves Interviewing People.
Tell Me Something You Have Paid Too Much For.
We Asked 100 Men: Name Something A Woman Should Do If She’s Trying To Pick Up A Date.
Where Might A Man Take You On A First Date That Would Keep Him From Getting A Second Date?
Name An Event For Which People Light Candles.
What Might You Find Out About A Date That Would Make You Fear He Was Much Younger Than You Thought?
Which Luxuries Are People Least Willing To Give Up When Having To Go On A Budget?
Name A Place Where Strangers Sleep In Rooms Near One Another.
Name A Reason Why Another Driver May Flash Their Headlights At You.
Name Something A Rockstar And A Superhero Both Wear.
Name Something A Beautiful Woman Probably Gets Tired Of Being Asked.
Name Something For Which Many People Hate To Shop.
Name A Beverage You’d Never Serve To Frosty The Snowman.
Name Something People Keep Money In.
Name Something A Parent Tries, To Get Their Baby To Sleep.
Name Something A Beautiful Woman Might Flirt With Someone In Order To Get.
What Would Be Covered In A Course Called Newborn Baby 101?
Name Something You Have To Share, Whether At Work Or Home.
Name A Place Where You’ve Gotten Gum Stuck.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want The Co-Worker Next To You To Do Non-Stop.
Name A Specific Part Of The Body That A Muscle Man Would Beef Up.
Name A Sport You Would Choose If You Wanted To Be On The Ice.
Name A Public Place That You Can Almost Never Park Right In Front Of.
Name Something A Person Might Be Photographed Doing If They Weren’t Ready For The Picture.
At An Outdoor Winter Wedding, What Might The Bride Have On Under Her Gown?
Name Something For Which People Shop Around Before Buying.
Name A Kind Of Doctor.
Tell Me Something About A Woman That Would Make Men Fall In Love With her.
Name A Reason Why A Party Might End Suddenly.
Name A Meal That Most People Can Make Without A Recipe.
What Is Something Your Spouse Does To Prevent You From Sleeping?
Tell Me Something A Bad Golfer Often Runs Out Of.
Name Something You Didn’t Have To Worry About When You Were A Kid.
What Is The Best Gift For Your Boss To Give You Around The Holidays?
Instead Of Saying A Word, What Would You Be Surprised To Hear A Baby Do The First Time She “Communicated”?
Unlike Age Or Weight, Name A Number That You’d Be Surprised For Someone To Offer Before A Blind Date.
Name Something In Your Daily Routine You Could Still Do Even If You’re Wearing A Strait Jacket.
Name Someone Who Has Taken Care Of You When You Were Sick.
Name Something A Radio DJ Does More Often Than Most People.
Name A Junk Drawer Item That You Can Never Find When You Need It.
Name Something That Might Come In Your Drink, If You Order A Fancy Cocktail.
What Do Most People Love About The Holidays?
Name A Household Supply That You Don’t Want To Be Out Of When You Need It.
Name Something That’s Usually Overpriced In A Tourist Area.
Name A Reason Why You Might Go A Whole Day Without Watching TV.
Name An Event Where You Get More Pictures Taken In One Day, Than During The Rest Of The Year.
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About Their Hotel Room.
Name Something You Would Buy At The Supermarket That You Wouldn’t Eat As Is.
Name A Popular TV Christmas Special.
If You Drew Homer Simpson’s Name In A Secret Santa Exchange, What Would You Buy Him?
Name Something You Might Receive In A Gift Basket.
Tell Me A Color That Looks Bad On Many People.
What Complaints Do People Make About The Christmas Holiday?
What Do You Need To See, In Order To Feel Like The Holidays Are Coming?
Name A Place Where You’d Least Expect To See A Superhero.
We Asked 100 Husbands! Name Someone In Your Wife’s Life That You Hope She Isn’t Telling All About Your Relationship.
Name Something That Can Make Your Hair Stand Straight Up.
Name A Hobby That Only The Very Wealthy Take Up.
What Would Santa Hate To Forget On Christmas Eve?
Name A Place Where You Get Antsy From Sitting Still Too Long.
How Can You Tell If A Person Just Got Back From A Day At The Beach?
Name Something Children Take Everywhere With Them.
Name Something A Child’s First Bike Has On It That Older Kids Don’t Want.
Name An Ingredient That People Sometimes Forget To Throw In When Cooking From A Recipe.
Name Something A Teacher Can Do To Ruin A Student’s Day.
Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Nurse’s Pocket.
Name Something That Goes Around The World.
What Do You Find Out About A Town By Reading Signs On The Side Of The Road?
Tell Me A Way To Get Exactly What You Want For Your Birthday.
Name A Job In Which An Attractive Person Probably Makes Better Tips.
What Would You Do If A Group Of Holiday Carolers Came To Your Door?
Name Something That Might Make Your Road Trip Stressful.
Name A Job In Which You’d Have An Easy Time Getting Dates.
Name Something You Need To Eat Before It Melts.
Name Something That’s An Important Part Of Every Holiday.
Name Something That Couples Often Get More Than One Of As Wedding Presents.
Name Something That Teens Of Every Generation Have Probably Disagreed With Their Parents About.
Name Something A Person Sitting Next To You At A Bar Might Do To Annoy You.
Tell Me Something You Might Find At A Crime Scene That Could Be A Major Clue.
Name A Piece Of Office Equipment That Never Does What You Want It To Do.
Tell Me How Many Times Most Men Get Their Hair Cut In A Year. (Numeric Only)
What Might You Find In A Briefcase That Would Make You Think It Belonged To A Spy?
Name Something You’d Be Afraid To Stand On The Edge Of.
Name An Article Of Clothing That You’d Only Try On In Front Of Someone With Whom You’re Very Comfortable.
Name Something On A Dining Room Table That Shows You The Host Is Very Wealthy.
What Might You Find Out About A Job That Would Keep You From Accepting It?
Name A Cartoon Character Who Would Never Be Chosen To Narrate A Documentary.
What Might An Actor Do To Make You Not See Their Movies Anymore?
Name A Place That Almost No Parent Would Forbid Their Child From Going.
Name Something That’s Good For Your Heart.
Name Something A Housekeeper Does While Cleaning A Hotel Room.
Name Something We Learn In Kindergarten That’s Still Useful When We Grow Up.
Name A Profession Where It’s Legal To Ride On The Outside Of A Vehicle.
Name Something You Hope A Restaurant Chef Didn’t Do Before Cooking Your Meal.
Name A Time In History That Seems The Most Romantic.
Name An Ice Cream Topping That Every Ice Cream Shop Should Have.
Name An Occupation In Which You’re Either Loved Or Hated.
Which Quality Do You Think A Boss Looks For First When Hiring A New Employee?
What Is Something On Your Body That Shows You’ve Been Hurt?
Name Something A Department Store Might Sell Out Of On A Hot Day.
Name Something Extra You Hate To Find In Your Carrot Cake.
Name Something Invisible Your Co-Workers Would Be Mad At You For Bringing Into The Office.
Name Something A Macho Man Might Brag About When Trying To Pick Up A Woman.
Name An Occupation That Some People Get Into Just For The Money.
Name An Instrument Used In Christmas Music More Than In Pop Music.
Other Than Christmas, Name A Day When Airports Are Really Busy.
What Is Often Pictured On Money?
Name Something That’s Sold At An Auction.
Which Animal’s Communication Sounds A Lot Like Crying?
Name Something You’ve Never Seen in Real Life, But You See At Least 3 Of In Every Action Movie.
Name A Procedure That A Cop Does When Someone Is Arrested.
Name An Activity Kids Do In The Car That They Can Also Do At Home.
Name A Place Where Kids Are Told To Hold An Adult’s Hand.
Name A Dinner Food You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Kid Doesn’t Like.
What Places Are Most likely To Get Tagged With Graffiti?
Where Might You Be If You’re Sitting In A Cramped Spot For A Long Time?
Name Something Spouses Fight About, That Other Roommates Don’t.
Name Something That People Dream Of Winning One Day.
If You’re Serious About Camping, Name Something You Leave At Home.
Name Something That Gets In The Way Of A Couple Having Time To Spend Alone With Each Other.
Name A Job That Used To Be Done By A Person, But Is Now Often Done By A Computer.
Name Someone In Your Life That You Might Need A Recommendation From.
What Do You Think Mrs. Claus Does On Christmas Eve, While Santa’s Out With The Sleigh?
Name Something You’d Never Forget To Do On Christmas Day.
Where Do You Spend Less Time, As The Holidays Approach?
What Might You Find Out About A Man That Would Cause You To Refuse Dating Him?
Name A Car Part That Most Gas Stations Keep In Stock.
Name A Place Where You Wish People Wouldn’t Answer Their Cell Phones.
Name Something You Could Do To Get Kicked Out Of A Movie Theater.
Name A Symptom Of Having A Cold That You Wouldn’t Want To Have While On A Date
Name A State That Begins With The Word “New”
Name Something A Devoted Cheerleader Would Most Certainly Know About Her School
Name Something Less Healthy That Potatoes Get Turned Into
Name Something People Hang At Christmas Time
Name Something People Write About In Their Yearly Christmas Letter To Loved Ones.
Name Something That Never Lasts As Long As People Would Like.
Name Something That Can Make You Look Spooky In Photographs.
While In A Bike Race, What’s The Worst Thing To See Up Ahead?
Name Something That Lives In The Ocean That Most People Wouldn’t Eat
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Like To See A Man Do Because It Expresses His Gentle Side.
Name A Job Where You Get To Play With Dolls All Day.
What’s The First Thing You Do On Christmas Morning?
We Asked 100 Wives: What Household Chore Is Your Husband Most Likely To Complain About Doing?
Tell Me A TV Or Movie Cartoon Character Who’d Attract A Lot Of Stares Walking Down The Street.
Name Something On The Sidewalk That People Try To Avoid Stepping On.
Name Something You Have To Change, Even If You Don’t Want To.
At What Age Do Many People Stop Looking Forward To Their Birthdays?
Where Were You The Last Time Your Legs Fell Asleep From Sitting Too Long?
Name A Specific Complaint That Many People Have About Their Bosses.
Tell Me Something That Is Impossible To Do With Freshly Painted Nails.
Name Something Specific That Piles Up Before You Can Get To It.
Name Something A Teen Might Use To Cover Up Or Get Rid Of A Hickey.
Which Section Of The Department Store Do You Avoid Visiting If You Have A Kid Along?
Name Something That’s Often The Grand Prize In A Sweepstakes.
If Barbie And Ken Broke Up, Which Other Plastic Man Might She Set Her Sights On?
Why Might Someone With A Great Resume Be Rejected For The Job Once They’re In-Person?
Name A Piece Of Information You’re Asked For When You Call To Order Pizza.
Name A Reason Why A College Student’s Parents Might Refuse To Stay Overnight When Visiting.
Name Something You Use While Camping, That You Never Use At Home.
If You Moved To Los Angeles, What Would Be The First Thing You’d Have To Get Used To?
Name A Gift That Most Women Would Be Thrilled To Get For Christmas.
We Asked 100 Married Women: On A Scale From 1-10, How Romantic Is Your Husband?
What Would A Bank Robber Want To Have Plenty Of While Making Her Getaway?
Name A Reason Somebody Might Always Be Looking At The Ground While Walking.
Besides Go On Rides, Name Something People Do At Disneyland.
Name A Reason Why You Might Have A Hard Time Driving Your Rental Car.
Name A College That’s Attended By Very Smart People.
Name An Event That’s Often Held As A Fundraiser.
Name An Occupational Hazard Of Working In A Fast Food Restaurant.
How Many Cups Of Coffee Can You Drink Before You Start To Feel Jittery?
Name Something You Cook On A Griddle.
Name Something Specific About Santa That Causes Children To Be Afraid Of Him At The Mall.
Tell Me The Age At Which Children Start Buying Their Parents Christmas Gifts. (Numeric Only)
Name A Place Where A Teenager Wouldn’t Want To Be Seen With Their Parent.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Wear To The Company Holiday Party.
Name The Place Where You’d Most Hate To Be Stood Up.
Name Something That Might Be Hidden On A Bodyguard’s Body.
Name A Food That Can Be Chocolate-Covered.
Name Something People Do Before Bed That Makes It Hard To Sleep.
Name A Gift You Might Buy If You’re A Secret Santa.
Tell Me A Place You Would Dread Being When Your Laxative Kicks In.
Tell Me Something People Do To Brace Themselves While Getting A Shot.
Name A Type Of Home Maintenance That You’d Be Afraid To Let Your Spouse Do Without Professional Help.
Name Something People Climb.
Name Something A Supermodel Needs To Have Just Right.
Where Might A Child Be Sent If They Are Misbehaving In School?
In Which Occupations Might You “Take Care” Of Someone?
Which Circus Or Sideshow Performer Would Have The Easiest Time Getting Dates?
Which Holiday Crooner Do You Listen To While Putting Up The Tree?
When Asked About Your Weekend, Name A Dull Activity That You Leave Out Mentioning.
Unlike Santa, Name A Holiday Character That Children Wouldn’t Line Up At The Mall To See.
Name Something People Pose In Front Of For Their Christmas Photos.
Name A Christmas Show That Is On TV Every Year.
Name A Valentine’s Day Gift That’s Not Exactly Original.
Name Something A Customer Might Do To Annoy A Waitress.
Besides Lights, Name Something Found On A Christmas Tree.
Name A Pastime Whose Participants Are Tan All Year.
What Might You Put In The Yard If You Had Nosey Neighbors?
Name Something Specific That Takes Longer To Dry, Than To Wash.
Name Something People Try To Avoid Walking Under.
Name Something A Woman Might Lie About On A First Date.
Name Something That You Hate To Get In Your Eyes.
On A Wilderness Camping Trip, Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Freind To Hog.
Name A Place Where You Often Find Money Unexpectedly.
Name A Reason Why A Party’s Host Might Ask A Guest To Leave.
Name A “Bowl” That You Don’t Eat From.
Name A Present That A Woman Probably Wouldn’t Appreciate Receiving From Her Husband.
What Musical Instrument Might Require You To Purchase An Extra Seat For It If You Took It On A Flight?
Tell Me A Type Of Public Place That Always Overuses Their Air Conditioning.
We Asked 100 Married Women: Name A Chore You’d Rather Do Yourself Because You Like It Done A Particular Way.
Name Something Specific You’d Never Buy Without Trying It On.
Name A Job That A Robot Wouldn’t Be Entertaining Enough To Do.
Other Than Raise A Hand, What Does A Kindergartener Do When She Knows The Answer?
Name An Article Of Clothing You Can’t Wash In The Wash Machine.
Name A Vegetable You Would Never Make Juice Out Of.
Name A Country That’s Always Pictured With Green, Rolling Hills.
How Many Women Does An Average Single Man Ask Out Before One Says Yes?
Name A Sport That People Bet On.
Name A Place You’d Expect Even A Tough Guy To Be Crying.
Name Something About His Job That Santa Claus Might Brag About.
Name Something Donald Trump Probably Has On His Christmas List.
Name Something That’s Hard To Find, And Even Harder To Keep.
Name A Physical Sign Of Aging That Many People Work Hard To Prevent.
Name A Typical Holiday Casserole.
Name Something You See In Someone’s Yard As A Holiday Decoration.
Name A Reason Why You Might Get Introduced To Many People At Once.
If Your Company Was Saving Money, Name Something That Might Not Be At The Holiday Party.
Name Something On Which A Person’s Full Name Is Used.
Name Something A Teenager Would Hate To Hear That He Did Just Like His Dad.
Name A Specific Expense That You’d Save On If You Didn’t Have Any Kids.
What Might A Cowboy Be Ridiculed For Being Bad At?
Name Something On Which You Might Need Your Boss’ Signature.
Name Something People Associate With “A Christmas Carol” By Charles Dickens.
Name Something Many Grandpas Have In Common With Santa Claus.
What Day Or Occasion Are You Most Likely To Eat Brunch?
Instead Of A Fish, Name Something You Accidentally Catch While Fishing.
Why Might You Want To Crash Someone’s Wedding?
Name Something That A Man Had Better Not Take Along On His Honeymoon.
Name Something Children Use To Help Them Pull Out A Loose Tooth.
Name An Object That People Often Find Themselves Yelling At.
Name Something A Kid Would Look For In A New House.
Name Something You’d Hate To Forget About A Person You Know.
Name Something That Families Commonly Do While On Vacation.
You Use Cheese To Catch A Mouse, But What Do You Use To Catch A Spouse?
Name A Job In Which You’d Be Exposed To A Lot Of Germs.
No Matter What Your Age, Name Something That Can Make You Feel Like A Kid Again.
Name An Activity That You Must Pass A Test Before Doing.
Name Something That People Time.
Name Something You Wear Indoors But Not Out.
Name Some Things That People Think College Professors Wear.
Name A Complaint Someone Might Have About Camping.
Name A Type Of Cheese That Almost Everyone Has Eaten.
Name A Chore That People May Dance While Doing.
Name A Job You Should Never Apply For If You Don’t Like Waking Up Early.
Name An Item Found In Your Fridge Or Pantry That You Can Use To Clean The Kitchen.
Name A College Major That Might Be Useless When Looking For A Job.
When Traveling In A Foreign Country, Name Something You’d Hate To Forget The Word For.
Name A Figure Of Speech People Use To Describe What Their Heart Is Doing.
Name A Gag Store Item That A Jokester Should Leave Home On A First Date.
Name Something You’d Expect To See A Lot Of In Hawaii.
Name A Place Where People Are Afraid To Go For The First Time.
Name A Complaint A Pregnant Woman Might Have.
Name Something That Might Live In Your House, But You May Never See.
Name A Type Of Party Where Someone Gets Toasted.
Name Something That Even A Very Small Town Usually Has One Of.
Name Something You Do Before You Go On Vacation.
Name A Symptom That Would Cause You To Say, “I Think I’m Coming Down With Something.”
Other Than Love, Name Something That People Marry For.
Tell Me A Food That’s Often Fried.
Name Some Reasons Why You Might Avoid Eating At An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet?
Name Something That Often Happens When You Call A Customer Service Number.
Name A Beverage People Often Have With Brunch.
Name An Occupation You Wouldn’t Want Your Partner To Have Because It’s Way Too Stressful.
Name A Reason You May Get A Tattoo Removed.
Name Something For Which A Police Officer Might Give You A Ticket.
Name Something That You Always Give Your Partner A Kiss Before Doing.
Name A Type Of Exercise For Which People Wear A Specific Type Of Outfit.
Besides Jelly, What Else Goes Well With Peanut Butter?
Name Something People Do While Stuck In An Elevator.
Name A Movie With “Dr.” In The Title.
Name A Place You Don’t Want To See Your Name In The Newspaper.
Name Something A Person Does That Slows Down The Checkout Line At The Supermarket.
What Would You Be Disappointed To Find Out About Your Hotel In Hawaii?
Other Than Gumballs, Name Something Specific You Get Out Of A Gumball Machine.
How Can You Tell A Child And Parent Are Related On The Street?
Name A Good Breakfast For A Cold Morning.
Name Something, Besides A Diaper, You Need To Change A Baby.
What Is Another Name For A Street?
Name A Job You Don’t Want At Rodeo.
Name A Word Besides Love That Implies A Lot Of Romantic Emotion.
Name Something Wavy.
Name Something People See In Egypt.
Name A Place You Go To See Watch Fireworks On New Years.
Name A TV Show That Reflects Donald Trump’s Life.
Name A Profession That Has To Sew.
What Is The Number Of Keys A Person Has?
Name Something People Do To Warm Their Hands.
Name A Famous TV Animal.
Name A State That Starts With W.
Name Something On A Boat That Might Save Your Life.
Name Something A Clown Does With Her Makeup, That You Avoid Doing With Yours.
Name A Rule That’s Often Posted Near A Swimming Pool.
Other Than Drive, Name Something That A Trucker Probably Does More In An Average Day Than You Do.
Name A Reason An Athlete May Retire.
Name A TV Channel That People Pay Extra To Get.
Name Something You Purchase Additionally When You Buy A Home.
Name Something You Get Right Before Thanksgiving.
Which Christmas Movie Is Played Most Often Over The Holidays?
What Might A Man Ask A Woman Who He’s Trying To Pick Up?
Name Something Everybody Has, But Rich People Have Nicer Ones.
Name Something You’d Get A Dirty Look For Doing In The Movie Theatre.
Name Something Moms Warn Their Children Will Make Them Catch A Cold.
After A Week Of Camping, What Luxury Of Home Are You Most Excited To Have Again?
Name Something You Have An Abundance Of After You Move.
Name An Object That Kids Use Only With Adult Supervision.
What Might A Fan Ask Their Favorite Musician For If They Met In Person?
Name A Halloween Costume Adults Wear To Look Sexy.
If Paris Hilton Went Trick Or Treating, What Might She Request Instead Of Candy?
Name Something You Can’t Buy Without An ID.
Name Something You Wear At The Beach, That You Wouldn’t Wear To The Grocery Store.
Name Something That Can Be Spiked.
Name The Place Where You Met Most Of Your Current Friends.
Name Something A Teen Girl Might Ask Her Mom To Stay Out Of.
Name A School Subject That People Often Become Bad At In Adulthood.
Name A Place From Which You Wouldn’t Want To Drink The Water.
Which Part Of Your Grooming Routine Would Be Easiest To Skip On Doing?
In Movies, Name An Occupation That’s Almost Always Played By Men.
Name An Animal Whose Mouth You Wouldn’t Want To Put Your Hand In.
If You Had To Live At The Zoo, What Type Of Animal Would Be The Easiest To Have As Your Roommate?
Tell Me Another Word Or Phrase That Means “Kiss.”
Name A Piece Of Home Decor That Sometimes Comes With Wild Patterns.
Name A Type Of Glasses That You Don’t Wear All The Time.
Name A Famous Criminal Twosome.
Name A Country American Kids Visit In The Hope Of “Getting Lucky” When They Are In College.
Name A Part Of The Body That Starts To Ache When You Get Old.
If A Wrestler Had A Garage Sale, Name Something You’d Find There.
Name Something Your Mother Said Would Cure Any Ailment.
Name Something In Your House That Rarely Needs Its Battery Changed.
Name A Specific Food That You’d Never Put In The Microwave Without Covering It.
Name Something A Woman Usually Does Herself, But Gets Professionally Done On Her Wedding Day.
If Someone Didn’t Trust The Bank, Where Might They Hide Their Cash?
Tell Me A Specific Place Where The Employees Sometimes Talk Down To You.
Tell Me Something You Need In Order To Win The Lottery.
Name Something Annoying That Happens With Juiceboxes.
How Do Teachers Make Sure Parents Find Out That Their Kid Failed A Test?
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Cell Phones.
Name Something That Often Gets Tied Up.
Why Would A Woman Refuse A Ride In A Convertible?
Name Something Kids Eat That They Aren’t Supposed To.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Forbidden To Ride A Roller Coaster.
If You Become A Millionaire, Which Job Around The House Would You Hire A Professional To Do?
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Answer The Door, Even Though You’re Home.
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than People.
Name A Sport Where Most Of The Athlete’s Face Is Covered By A Mask Or A Helmet.
Other Than Food, Name Something A Vendor Would Sell At A Sporting Event.
Name Something George Washington Wore That A Modern Day President Never Would.
Name Something A Person Can Be Picky About.
Name A Singer Who Inspires Romance.
Name A Famous Doctor You Wouldn’t Want As Your Physician.
Name A Game That Requires You To Psych Someone Out In Order To Win.
Name A Musical Instrument Made Out Of Wood.
Name An Animal Character That Talks In The Movies.
If You Were Forming A Relay Race Team, Which Animals Would You Pick For Teammates?
Name Something A Woman Might Want To Cover Up With Makeup.
Name Something You Might Be Asked To Put On Your Head At A Party.
What Word Would You Use To Describe A Very Attractive Person?
What Is Something You’d Be Embarrassed If Your Dog Did To Someone?
Other Than Growing Vegetables, Name Something A Farmer Probably Does Better Than Most People.
Tell Me Something That Can Fit In Your Hand, But Is Very Expensive.
Name A Good Place To Study.
At A Spookhouse, What Do You Do To Make The Experience Less Scary?
Give A Reason A Person Would Be Afraid To Change Careers.
What Do Politicians Claim To Understand, Though Most Have Never Experienced It?
Name Something You’d Hate To Find Your Date Wearing To The Symphony.
Name A Piece Of Information Listed On A Baseball Scoreboard.
Name Someone Who Works With An “Assistant”.
Tell Me A City Known For Its Ski Resorts.
Name A U.S City That’s A Great Place To People Watch.
Name A Specific Food Or Drink That Vendors Walk Around Selling At Sports Games.
Name Something Specific At The Movie Theatre That’s Gotten Too Expensive.
Name Something That You’d Find More Commonly In France Than In The U.S.
Name A Term For Someone Who Thinks Very Highly Of Himself.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Children To Do As You Do?
Name A Reason Why You Might Suspect That Your Blind Date Is Actually A Robot.
Name The Worst Part About Riding The Bus.
Name Something People Build Models Of.
Name A Job You Would Only Do At Night.
Name A Millionaire Who Could Never Be Rich Enough To Make You Want To Date Him.
Name A Non-Living Thing That Is Made To Look Like A Human, And Often Clothed.
Name Something That Goes Well With A Juicy Steak.
Name A Food That You Can Buy Either Frozen Or Not.
Name A Type Of Key That Wouldn’t Help You Get Into Your House.
Name Something A Person Shouldn’t Try To Change About Their Partner.
Name A Public Place Where Towels Are Provided.
Name A Reason A Young Boy Would Quickly Adopt A Nickname
Name Something A Teen’s Dad Would Ask Her Date When He Came To The Door.
Name Something You Should Always Have Handy In Your Car, In Case Of Emergency.
Name A Float You Might See At The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Name A Word That’s Used To Describe Attractive Women, But Not Attractive Men.
Name Something You Can Build With Wood.
Tell Me Something Rude That People Do In The Checkout Line.
Name Something An Adult Chases Down The Street.
What Might You Find On Your New Car That Would Make You Suspect It’s Not Really New?
Name Something Many People Spend A Lot Of Money On, Just To Impress Others.
Name Something You Would Cook In A Slow Cooker.
Name A Piece Of Clothing You’d See In Romeo And Juliet.
What Might A Woman Try To Keep Dry While At The Waterpark?
What Might A Co-Worker Do To Let You Know She Is Very Excited About Christmas?
Name A Food You Would Never See In A Vending Machine.
Name Something You Know About Dracula.
How Could You Recognize A Figure Skater Off The Ice?
Finish This Sentence: Since I Got Married, I Have More ______.
Name An Occupation That Deals With Keys.
Name The Important Firsts That People Record About A Baby.
What Do You Do When You Want To Sing Along With A Song, But Don’t Know The Words?
Name Something An Athlete Wouldn’t Do The Night Before A Big Game.
Name A Famous Person Who Is Known For The Way Their Mouth Looks.
Name A Noisy Location That You Wouldn’t Want Your House To Be Built Next To.
Name A Food That Would Be Disgusting To Be Fed ‘Romantically’.
What Might You Know About A TV Show, Even If You Don’t Watch It?
Name A Type Of Contest You Might Enter At A County Fair.
Name A Reason You May Dread Going To Your Child’s Parent-Teacher Conference.
Name Something Very Old That You Find At Many Museums.
Name Something You’re Nervous To Do When You Have A Crush On Someone.
Which Food That Gets Stuck In Your Teeth Should Be Avoided On A Date?
Name Something You Might Tell People You Did On A Saturday Night To Cover Up The Fact That You Just Watched TV All Night.
What would you see at the rummage sale of someone was not planning to have more kids?
Name something that might physically happen to your body when you get scared.
If you could describe yourself as a shape, name the shape you would be.
How can you identify someone who really loves the Super Bowl?
Why Might One Bartender Make Better Tips Than Another?
Name a job that a man might get just to be surrounded by female co-workers.
Name a cuddly animal.
Name something a mob daughter might ask her dad to leave home from the wedding.
Name something your teens like to wear, but you hope he’ll leave home on picture day.

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