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All Questions page 116

Name a room in your house that’s only clean when you know company’s coming.
Name Something People Associate With California.
Name A Country That Usually Does Well In The Soccer World Cup.
Name A Place Where Many People Go Once A Week.
Name A Reason Why You Might Run Out Of Candy Before Trick Or Treat Has Ended.
Name Something No Christmas Party Should Be Without.
Name Something That Breaks Easily Without Its Case.
Name A Fruit That’s Delicious To Eat, But Hard To Break Into.
Name A Real Occupation A Little Kid Might Idolize Like A Superhero.
Instead Of The Phone, What Method Of Getting In Touch Is Rarely Used To Ask Someone On A Date?
Name Something You Would Rather See “Live” Than On Television.
Name Something Specific You’d Teach Your Dog To Do, If You Wanted Him To Be Famous.
Name A Fruit Tree People Might Have Growing In Their Backyard.
Name A Material That’s Often Used In Sexy Clothing.
Name A Place Where Many People Meet Their Future Spouse.
Name Something That Ends With The Word “Box.”
Name The Piece Of Clothing That You Wash Least Often.
Name An Animal That’s Not Loved By Many People.
Name Something Kids Bring Into A Swimming Pool With Them.
Name Something Kids Hate To Do.
If Your Pizza Was Delivered Very Late, What Would you Expect In Order To Make Up For It?
Name A Beverage That People Often Carry Around With Them.
Name Something A Younger Brother Wants To Do Just Like His Older Brother.
Where Can You Safely See Animals that Are Usually Dangerous?
Name The Worst Food You Can Eat If You’re On A Diet. (Desserts Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
If You Went On A Camping Trip By Yourself, What Might You Spend The Week Doing?
Name A Reason Your Parents Might Sell The House They’ve Lived In For Many Years.
Name A Requirement For Someone Who Wants To Be In A Boy Band.
How Many Pairs Of Pants Does The Average Man Own?
Name Something You Bring With You To A Sporting Event.
Why Would Someone Want To Be Employee Of The Week, But Not Student Of The Week?
Name A Food People Are Allergic To.
Other Than Pizza, Name A Food That Has Melted Cheese On It.
We Asked 100 Women: When You Should Be Focusing On Romance, Name Something Your Mind Is Often Distracted By Instead?
Without Seeing Him, Name A Way You Can Tell The President Has Just Arrived.
Name Something An Employee Might Ask Their Boss For.
Tell Me Something That Comes With A Remote Control.
Name A Country You’d Hate To Win A Trip To.
Name Somewhere You Can Get Water.
What Would A Zoo Need If They Were Keeping King Kong?
Name Something You’d Do If You Were Staying The Night At A Friend’s And Forgot Your Toothbrush.
Name Something Dogs And Some Toddlers Both Do.
Name Something Your Parents Look For In Your Date, Although You May Not.
Parents Shout And Yell At Football Games. But, At Which Of Your Child’s Activities Or Events Would It Be Inappropriate To Cheer Loudly?
Name Something In A House That A Spoiled Kid Might Have Their Own Of.
Name Something A Male Rock Star Might Do To Make Himself Look More Rebellious.
Name Something Specific A Husband Might Compliment His Wife On Just To Make Her Feel Good.
Tell Me A Sign That It’s Time To Enroll Your Dog In Obedience School.
Name Something That Most Kids Want To Have Their Own Of.
Name Something That Growls.
Other Than Movie Tickets, Name Something A Crowded Movie Theatre Might Run Out Of.
We Asked 100 Women: Name A Gift That You’d Always Be Happy To Get From Your Partner.
What Kind Of Message Do People Usually Put Into A Bottle?
Besides “Family Feud”, Name A TV Show With “Family” In Its Title.
Name An Occupation That Adult Men Still Dream About Having.
Name An Age At Which People Don’t Want To Get Any Older.
Name A Seafood That’s Messy To Eat.
Name A Toy That Might Be Operated By Remote.
Name Something That Has A Trunk.
Name Something Embarrassing That Students Get Caught Doing In Class.
Name Something You Wear That’s Invisible.
Name Something Specific A Kid Might Do Inside On A Rainy Day To Keep From Being Bored.
Name Something Kids Are Told Will Happen If They Eat All Their Vegetables.
Name Something People Do In Musicals, But Never In Real Life.
Name An Occasion Where People Often Wear White.
Name Something Every Bullfighter Needs.
If Someone Has Taken Their Karaoke Hobby Too Far, What Might They Begin Doing?
Name Something You’re Advised Not To Do With A Microwave.
Name Something You’re Likely To Overspend On If You Live In An Expensive City.
Name Something People Sometimes Bang On When It’s Not Working.
Name An Animal That Can Be A Nuisance In Your Yard.
Name Something A Doctor Might Ask A Patient To Do During A Checkup.
Name A Rowdy Star Who Might Benefit From Going To Charm School.
What’s The First Thing A Husband Does When He Finds Out His Wife Is Pregnant?
Name Something You Would Give Your Valentine If You Wanted To Break Up With Them.
Name Something You Can Get In Extra Large.
Name A Profession In Which You Might Drive A Van.
Name Some Places Where You Are Not Allowed To Make Noise.
Name Something A Person Sitting Next To You On A Plane Might Do To Make You Think They’re Afraid Of Flying.
Name A Celebrity Who Was Proven Not Guilty, But Probably Is.
Tell Me Something You Might Lie To A Friend About.
What Type Of Doctor Are People Most Reluctant To Visit?
Name Something You’d Never Do To A Stray Dog You Just Met.
Name Something People Use Bumper Stickers To Show Support For.
What Do People Do To Avoid Getting Parking Tickets?
Name Something Men Stand Around At Many Parties.
As Newlyweds, Name Something You And Your Spouse Disagreed About How To Do.
Name A Public Place Where Only The World’s Least Romantic Guy Would Propose To Someone.
If A Hotel Went Out Of Business, What Specific Items Would You Find For Sale?
Instead Of A Car, Name Another Clunker At Your House That You’d Like To Trade In When It Gets Old.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Expect A Vegas Showgirl To Wear To Work.
Name Something A Wrestler Would Probably Never Wear During A Match.
Name Something That’s Only Worn Once, But You Never Get Rid Of It.
What Would You Do If Your Suit Was Wrinkly And Your Iron Broke Right Before A Job Interview?
Name A Place Where Employees Might Spend A Whole Day Mowing The Lawn.
When Spring Comes, Name Something You’re Excited To See The First One Of.
Name Something That Only A Very Inattentive Driver Would Forget To Do While Driving.
Name A Food That Usually Comes With A Particular Sauce.
Name Something That Must Be Maintained Or It Will Fall Apart.
Other Than Turn Letters, Name Something Vanna Must Get Tired Of Doing During A Wheel Of Fortune Game.
Name A Profession Where You’d Often Say “Good Job” To Someone.
Name Something You’d Shout At A Pirate To Get Him To Notice You Romantically.
Name Something A Child Prodigy May Learn To Do At A Young Age.
Which Website Could You Not Go A Day Without Visiting?
Tell Me Something You Must Teach A New Puppy Not To Do.
Name A Job In Which You’re Expected To Be A Good Role Model.
Name A Color That Cars Seldom Come In.
While On A Carnival Ride, What Would You Hate To See The Carnival Worker Do?
Name A Type Of Animal That Can Be Found On A Cereal Box.
Name Something A Man Does That Gets Him In The Doghouse With His Wife.
Where Do People Usually Seek Parenting Advice?
Name A Bird You Would Never Think Of Eating.
If You Went On A Date With The Most Boring Person In The World, Where Might They Take You?
What Type Of Establishment Should Never Have A Drive-Thru Window?
Grandma’s As Sweet As Pie…But Tell Me Something Your Grandma Probably Cheats At.
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Wouldn’t Wear To Bed.
Name Something That Starts With “B” That People Look For In A Partner.
Name An Instrument You’d Be Surprised To See Played In A Rock Band.
Name A Type Of Professional About Which People Say: Once You Find A Good One, You’ll Never Go Somewhere Else.
We Asked 100 Single Men: Name A Place You Go When You Want To Pick Up Women.
Name something people lose on a roller coaster.
If Santa Retired, Which Of His Possessions Might He Sell?
Name something flashy that movie spies always have. Be specific.
Name Something A Drive-Thru Worker Might Forget To Give You That Would Be Annoying.
Name Something A Teen Might Get Into Trouble For Doing In The Family Photo.
Name something castles have to prevent intruders from entering.
Name a comedian who loves to use filthy language.
Name something most people store in the garage.
Name a bad habit associated more with men than women.
Name something you might add milk to in the morning.
Name A Fairy-Tale Character Who Makes An Appearance In Shrek.
Name Something A Beauty Queen Wears During A Pageant.
What do you buy at the airport gate because you can’t bring it through security?
Name a breakfast food that’s hard to cook just right.
Name a cartoon movie that makes you cry even as an adult.
Name Something It’s Easier To Do If Your Tall Than If Your Short.
Name A Type Of Person Who Might Wear Sunglasses Most Of The Day.
Name Something You Need For Wrapping A Gift.
Tell Me An Animal You Associate With India.
On Thanksgiving Day, Name A Specific Job That You Have The Same Person Do Each Year.
Name Something, Real Or Imaginary, That Might Frighten A Little Kid.
Name The Worst Thing That Can Happen In The Snow.
Name Something A Babysitter Might Have A Hard Time Getting The Kids To Do.
Name Something A Woman Might Do To Get Ready For A Date That She Wouldn’t If She Was Just Going Out With Friends.
Name A Kind Of Seed People Like To Eat.
Name A Part Of His Body A Skinny Guy Might Want To Exercise To Build Up.
Tell Me How Much You Would Pay A Kid To Mow Your Lawn.
What’s The Best Place To Be When Your Car Breaks Down?
Name The Worst Place To Find A Hair.
Name Something People Balance.
Who Is The First Person You’d Tell If You Got A Date?
Name Something People Hide So A Stranger Can’t Find It.
Name Something Every Tightrope Walker Needs To Do Their Job.
Name Something College Students Get Together To Do.
Name Something You Hope Doesn’t Happen When Holding Someones Baby.
Name Something You Outgrow.
Name Something You Might Need To Reserve Months In Advance.
Name An Ingredient A Baker Would Hate To Be Allergic To.
Name Something You Find At Amusement Parks (Rides Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name A Reason The Mail You Send Might Not Get Delivered.
Name Something A Teenage Girl’s Parents Would Hope That Her Boyfriend Didn’t Have.
Name A Place Where You Can See Teachers Relaxing.
We Asked 100 Unmarried Couples: Where Does Your Partner Sleep When You Stay At Your Parents’ House?
Name Something An Adolescent Might Not Want To Get, For Fear Of Looking Nerdy.
Name Something That Can Be Either Temporary Or Permanent.
Name A Cartoon Character Who Has Trouble Pronouncing Words.
Why Would Someone Work At A Job Where They Don’t Receive Much Pay?
Name Something A Woman Treats Better Than She Treats Her Husband.
If An Elvis Impersonator Had A Rummage Sale, What Would You Expect To Find There?
Name A Reason Why A Workplace Might Not Have Their Annual Christmas Party.
With Eight Arms, Name Something An Octopus Would Be Good At.
Name A Reason Why Most Store Bought Cakes Aren’t As Good As Homemade.
Name Something In A Wallet That Cannot Be Replaced.
After A Family Dinner, Name Something Your Family Might Stay Up Late Doing.
What Can Some Birds Do That Other Birds Can’t?
Where Might A Child Have To Sit During A Time Out?
Name Something You Did In Elementary School Gym Class, But You Probably Couldn’t Do Anymore.
Name A Food Served In An Elementary School Cafeteria
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Get A Good Night Of Sleep While Staying At Someone Else’s House.
Name Something For Which People Pay Extra In Order To Get A Certain Brand Name.
Name an article of clothing that only a neat-freak would iron.
Name a celebrity who you’re pretty sure has had plastic surgery.
Name a fruit that can get bruised.
What would you need if you wanted to dress as Rocky Balboa for Halloween?
Name something you do at work, although you know you’re not supposed to.
Name something that people like to show off.
Name something some people blast the volume on.
Name something given to both spoiled dogs and spoiled children.
Name a safety device that older cars didn’t have.
Name something a family uses in their home a robot family wouldn’t need.
Name Something On TV That Causes People To Yell At Their Screens.
Name a type of candy that sounds like something you’d dig up from the ground.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Cowboy.
Name a vehicle that you can hear coming before you see it.
Name Something You See On A Christmas Wreath.
Name a kitchen item that a man generally does not own until he is married.
Name a kitchen item that might be used to make lava in a volcano model.
Name something a parent might limit their child’s time using.
Name an excuse someone might give to get ahead of you in the checkout line.
Name something in nature that you wouldn’t want to cuddle up next to.
Name something that a doctor better not be afraid of.
Name a type of hat that you don’t see many people wear in real life.
Tell me a way to say hi in another language.
What might a woman brag that her husband is better at than most?
Without uniform how can you tell that someone is in the military?
Name something the parent of a baby is constantly listening for.
Name a way to get down from a tall building.
Name something you’d be surprised to hear that a celebrity did for herself.
If you’re driving in the middle of nowhere, what animal might you see crossing the street?
Name a reason why a man might seem too immature to date.
Name a musical instrument thats difficult to play.
When its cold outside, name something you dream about doing on a sunny beach.
Name something people supposedly do differently than animals.
Name the most stressful job to have on a cruise ship.
Tell me something specific that a barber must get sick of doing.
Name an activity that’d be hard to do by candlelight.
What grade were you in school when you developed your first crush?
Besides dishes and utensils, what else do you need to host a fancy dinner party?
If you got to be fearless for one day, name the first thing you’d try.
If there were no clean plates, what might you eat over?
Name a place in the house where only a real tv-lover would put a television.
Name a word grooms say they’ll do at the alter, but probably never say after the wedding.
How old were you when you babysat for the first time?
Name an article of clothing that children are always losing.
Name something found at the bottom of the ocean.
Name a body part that swells on a pregnant woman.
Name a place where people wear very little clothing during the winter.
Name a drink you get at a cafe that most people can’t make at home.
Name A Chore People Had To Do During Colonial Times That We Don’t Do Any More.
Which festive holiday was more fun when you were a kid?
Name a game in which small children have an advantage over adults.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Many Men Think Women Look Attractive In.
Which Animal Has The Best Chance Of Winning At The Hurdles?
Name a something specific a person might do during an argument that makes their partner really angry.
While at the wedding, name a way you can tell the marriage won’t last
Name something that a couple often does once the kids have all moved out.
Name an accent that many Americans consider sexy.
Which bad work trait would be hard to detect while interviewing someone?
Name something most parents would let their teen experiment with.
Name a sport whose athletes you’d least like to get in a fight with.
Name something tourists point up at.
Name a food almost everyone knows how to make.
What do parents do as part of their children’s bedtime routine?
What should a man dress as if he wants to get a lot of dates on Halloween?
Name a day when kids get a lot of candy
Name something kids are taught about Abe Lincoln.
Name a reason why your kid’s teacher might call from school.
Name something that’s legal for a police officer to do, but not for anyone else.
Name something a child might sleep with.
What do people do more on the 4th of July than on the 5th of July?
Name a U.S. City known for having great weather.
Why might a door-to-door salesperson skip a particular house?
Name a reason somebody would wear a hat all the time.
Name something you always have with you so you don’t get lost.
Name a city that is best known for its nightlife.
Name something you might pay someone to do while you’re away on vacation.
Name someone other than family and friends that you would confide in.
Name A Gift That Adults Often Give To Each Other, That Would Be Weird To Give A Kid.
Name a milestone for most teenagers.
Name a place where a woman would hate for her husband to be when she went into labor.
Name something of yours that you’d be angry to find a partner had snooped into.
At what age might a man have a midlife crisis?
Tell me something that waddles.
Tell me something you avoid when you are sick.
Name a number that’s associated with being lucky or unlucky.
Other than letter and punctuation keys, which computer key would you not want to type a report without?
Name something you imagine you’d see all over if you went to Australia.
What do you find out about a person right away on an online dating site, but much later if you meet in real life?
Name a weather condition that might cause you to have wacky hair.
Name something that can go wrong during a first kiss with someone.
Which orchestra instrument would be most effective if you wanted to wake someone up?
If adults had fights like toddlers do, what might your spouse do the next time you disagreed?
Name an animal that’s associated with being dirty.
Name a personality trait you hope people use when talking about you.
What do people eat in the hospital
What does a child do more of once they become a teenager?
Name something a woman might take home from her best friend’s wedding.
What everyday activity burns the most calories?
Name an occasion for which people return to their hometown.
Name something you might see at a crime scene.
Name Something You Do To An Item Before Giving It As A Gift.
Name something children often catch
Name an animal a lion likes to eat.
Why might someone’s phone number be unlisted?
Name something women wear that becomes uncomfortable after a while.
Instead of a schoolbus, how might a wealthy kid get to school?
Name a physical characteristic that aliens are said to have.
Being in hot water is one way of saying you’re in trouble, name another.
Name a game that a barfly would be a little too good at.
Name a magazine you see at supermarket checkoutstands.
Name a game adults play at a BBQ party.
Name the thing that a teen girl would be most upset to find her mom had snooped through.
Name the best food to put on a mousetrap.
Name something you may be asked at the bank if you forgot your ID.
Name a task that requires you to use a ladder.
Other than haircare, name something that must be difficcult for someone with extremely long hair.
Other Than Family And Friends, Name A Person You Give A Gift Or Tip To During The Holidays.
Other than Christmas, name a word thats almost in every Christmas song.
Other than boxing, name a sport in which you’re likely to see athletes fighting.
On a resume, what might a person claim they can do quickly?
What do you see at a rodeo?
Name something about rapunzel’s hair she might’ve worried about.
Past or present, name a famous tennis player.
Past or present, name a famous TV dad.
Name something you might find in a hospital.
Name something your parents would criticize you for not having.
Name something you’d find in a submarine sandwich.
Name somewhere you might stop on the way to work.
Name something you’d be afraid to do by yourself.
Name something you worry about on a sleepless night.
Name something you try to avoid doing when posing for a photo.
Name something you try to get rid of that always seems to come back.
Name something you’d find in a school lost-and-found box.
Name Something You Can Choose About Your Potato Chips.
Name something you call your parents for.
Name something you might take with you on an african safari.
Name Something You Would Hate To Go On A Road Trip Without.
Name something you hate for a public bathroom to be out of.
Name Something You Find In A Little Boy’s Pocket.
Name something you do more of when someones taking a home video of you.
Name something you do ahead of time when company is coming to stay.
Name something you can never find when you need it.
Name Something You Pour On Top Of Food.
Name something you need in order to get a great job.
Name something you might skip when you are sick.
Name something you might see at the olympics.
Name something you might find on top of a tall office building.
Name something that an unhappily married couple may no longer do together.
Name Something That Would Be Really Hard To Do Without A Thumb.
Name something you put on top of ice cream.
Name Something You Put On A Bee Sting.
Name Something You Probably Would See In New York’s Central Park.
Name something that kids think is endless.
Name something that works better if it has a driver.
Name something that happens to old jeans, that some people consider stylish.
Name something that grows without being watered.
Name Something That Gets Saved.
Name something your child knows about you that you hope she’s not telling strangers.
Name something you call your best buddy that you’d never call your girlfriend.
Name something that people want to do early in life, if possible.
Name something that melts.
Name something some people make for their baby, instead of buying it.
Name something politicians do to make themselves seem like average people.
Name something with an expiration date that goes bad before you use it all.
Name something wild that audience members do at a rock concert, but not a symphony.
Name something that’s filled with candy.
Name something that a mobster family needs.
Name something specific on a plane that you wish was bigger.
Name something specific a teen might do that shows they’re rebelling.
Name something specific a man often compliments a woman on when trying to pick her up.
Name something some people wear while mowing the lawn, but you wouldn’t.
Name something people talk about often although it’s boring to listen to.
Name something specific you are likely to be awakened by when sleeping outside.
Name something specific people eat a lot of in England.
Name Something Specific You Would Not Eat If You Were On A Diet.
Name something people want to be fair, but it usually isn’t.
Name something people promise to their partners.
Name something people make with apples in fall.
Name something people do while watching fireworks.
Name Something People Do To Let You Know They’re Bored.
Name something people do the day before a vacation.
Name something parents wish their children would do instead of playing video games.
Name something parents wouldn’t want to find under their child’s bed.
Name something many people are afraid to do alone.
Name something people associate with the tv show “60 minutes.”
Name Something People Fear That Comes Out At Night.
Name Something Overpriced That Some People Buy Every Day.
Name something or someone you’d see at a nightclub.
Name something or someone that has fangs.
Name Something On Their Body That A Person Might Want To Get Rid Of.
Name something people do for their teeth right before a dentist appointment, but not otherwise.
Name something of her husband’s that a woman might wear.
Name something of her mom’s that a kid might wear.
Name something on an elephant that’s much bigger than on a human
Name something in the house that you shouldn’t leave on when you go out.
Name something more difficult to do when driving a car with stick shift.
Name something most kids are afraid to try, but then realize it’s no big deal after doing it.
Name something most people get paid to do, but parents do for free.
Name something most people probably don’t consume enough of.
Name something in your house that has numbers on it.
Name something in your house that might get broken during a wild party.
Name something in your life that you wish had come with instructions.
Name something kids do with bad test papers.
Name a sport that parents would worry about their child participating in.
Name a substance of which animals make homes.
Name something guests do at a wedding.
Name something in your house that can be dangerous if it’s left on too long.
Name a house pet that you wouldn’t let sleep at the end of your bed.
Name something you see printed on a sign outside someone’s home.
Other than a car, on what can you find a horn?
Name someone specific you’d be nervous about lying to.
Name a skill kids are taught so that they’re able to make friends.
Name something fierce animals have that makes them threatening.
Name something a woman might stop maintaining once she’s in a serious relationship.
After overeating during the holidays, name the first place where you gain weight.
Name something that a teenager starts to do just like her best friend.
Name something obnoxious some people do while chewing.
Name a type of place where you wouldn’t want to be known as a “regular”.
Other than coins or cards, name something people collect.
If There’s A Blizzard Outside, What’s The Best Thing To Spend The Day Inside With?
Name A Garment You’d Probably Find In The Dressing Room For A Pro Wrestling Event.
Name a reason a person might get rid of a pet.
Name a beverage you can buy at a gas station.
Tell me a kind of food that you order out for.
Tell me how much a room at a cheap motel costs. (Use money format $0.00)
Tell me the first thing you’d buy if you won money on a gameshow.
Name a bill where the amount changes every month.
Name an event you always attend, but never enjoy.
Name a country you’d like to live in just for its cuisine.
What do you find out about a hotel ahead of time, when deciding whether to stay there?
Name something that grows on a vine.
Name something kid’s make their parents in nursery school.
Name a type of entertainment provided on a cruise ship.
Name a keepsake that people put in their baby’s scrapbook.
Name something you can do with a pet dog, but not with a pet rock.
Unlike the mustang or the cougar, what slow moving animal would never have a car named after it?
Name an animal with a terrifying bite.
Name a body part that gets clothed in the winter, but stays naked all summer.
Name Something A Person Might Buy To Go With Their Swimming Pool.
Name a reason why someone’s tooth might fall out.
How Much Do You Think A Wedding Should Cost? Number Only Please.
Name a place where it’s always rainy.
Name a food you cook for which you don’t need to read a recipe.
Name something many people do in response to being complimented.
Name a reason you would want to avoid a friend.
Name Something A Chef Might Do To A Dish Before Serving It.
Name an animal you’d see in the desert.
Name something you might plan to do, but then chicken out at the last minute.
Other than your parents, who gave you dating advice when you were a teen?
Name a johnny depp movie that most everyone has seen.
Name a holiday food that nobody likes.
Name something Cher is famous for.
Name something specific a person may change in order to become a celebrity.
Name a reason why people dread going to the dmv.
Name A Place Where You May Have To Stand For A Long Time.
Name something that a divorced person might bring with them into a new relationship.
Tell Me Someone You Might Hire For A Wedding.
What Do You See In Someone’s Mouth When They’re Laughing Hard, That You Don’t Ordinarily See?
Name a type of stone you’d never put in an engagement ring.
Name a place where people 50 years ago dressed up to go, but people today dress casually for.
Name something that can make a comeback.
Name something you might need in order to enter a child’s treehouse.
Name a food that appears on the kid’s menus of most restaurants.
Name a stereotype about teenagers, that’s often untrue.
Posing for wedding photos, what might a bride who is taller than her groom do?
Name something a car insurance company might ask when you call for a quote.
Tell me something a person sees that causes them to scream.
Name a daily activity that’s be hard to do if you broke your arm.
Name a part of good manners that you follow at a restaurant, but not at home.
Name something kids love to eat that adults like, too.
Name a country with a large population.
Name a food that kids eat more of than adults
Name an occasion for which you’d send someone a card.
Name something babies probably dream about.
Name something people do to help them fall asleep at night.
Name A Beverage That You’d Like To See Sold In Vending Machines.
Name something in America that is slowly vanishing.
Name an animal likely to perform tricks.
What can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football game?
Name something that comes in a tube.
What is the first song you learn how to play when playing the piano?
Name something that gets drawn.
Name A Fruit That You Rarely See Made Into Juice.
Name a tool you would use on a potato.
Name something people say they’d love to do, if only they had time.
Name a sour fruit that few people would eat whole.
What might a kid forget to bring to the pool, that would prevent him from being able to swim?
Name a place where school children often go for field trips.
Name a vegetable that isn’t green.
Name a talent that you wish you were better at.
Name something you often have to spell out while speaking to someone over the phone.
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Seeing Their Dentist.
Tell me something you do to make yourself comfortable after you’ve eaten too much.
Name a place where people lay out to get a suntan.
In minutes, how long is your commute to work?
Name an occupation that would never drive a small car.
Name an ingredient that cookies would taste terrible if you forgot to add.
Name something people spend their tax returns on.
Name A Public Place Where There Is Often A Line For The Bathroom.
Name Something Embarrasing That Can Happen If You Laugh Too Hard.
Besides an office, name a specific place you can find a copy machine.
Name something most castles had.
Name something you bring with you everywhere.
Name a way you may show your boss that you are interested in them romantically.
Name an occupation that should be paid much better.
Name something a parent tells their teen “I Never did at your Age.”
Name something you’d want to be sure to do before going up in a hot air balloon.
Name a reason why you’d check out of a hotel early.
Name Something A Man Wouldn’t Want To Have Happen To Him While He’s Giving A Speech.
Name Something A Go-Cart And A Racecar Both Have.
Name something that is more difficult to do with glasses on.
Why might someone ride their bike to work?
What might a library start offering if they really wanted to attract patrons?
Name something that a good mystery movie needs.
Name something a person may leave behind in their seat area after exiting a plane.
Name something in your home that you rarely need to change the batteries in.
Name something that, if bad, can take the fun out of a video game.
Name a website people often visit while they should be working.
How long do you usually wait in a doctor’s room?
Name a way to determine the age of the person on the other end of the phone.
Name something that a regular-sized person could never borrow from an NBA player.
Name something the dentist does to your mouth that keeps you from eating afterward.
Name a famous woman who speaks with an accent to Americans
When in a place of business, how can you identify the boss?
Name a fruit that’s always expensive.
Name a TV show that might do a Parody of “Family Feud”.
Name a job that requires you to make small talk with people.
Name Something That Was Better In The 1950s Than Today.
Why might a child go to bed early without being asked?
Name a reason why someone might send you flowers.
Name something in the ocean that begins with the letter “S”
Name a part of good manners that you follow at a restaurant, but not at home
If A Mannequin Could Speak, What Complaint Might They Make About Their Job?
Name something you may have once worn with a work uniform, but wouldn’t wear for a night on the town.
Name something people put in ice tea.
Name Something You Request When Making Reservations At A Nice Restaurant, But Not At McDonalds.
Name something a person sees that causes them to scream
After getting pulled over, what might a driver do that makes the cops really angry?
Who might a person be with, if both people are dressed identically?
What do you do when reading to kids, but not when reading by yourself?
Name something James Bond would never leave home without
Name Something You Usually Only Drink During The Christmas Holiday.
Name a texting phrase you may use with someone with whom you are romantically involved.
Name something you remember about the tv show MASH M*A*S*H
Name A Profession Where You’d Have To Smile A Lot.
Name a food kids eat more of than adults
Name A Quality People Look For In Their Favorite News Anchor.
Name a piece of exercise clothing that people wear outside the gym
What might be outside a house in order to keep trespassers out?
Tell me something you might find in a nurse’s pocket
Name something babies probably dream about
What was your worst nightmare about?
Name something people do to help them fall asleep at night
Name a way to recognize a tourist
Name a good job for someone who asks a lot of questions
Name a sport in which competitors wear funny-looking shoes.
Name something you love to smell, but would not want to taste.
What might a kid want to do all day during summer break?
Name something people use to make themselves look younger.
Other than talking, name something you shouldn’t do while eating
Name Something That You Always Forget If You Don’t Write It Down.
Name a non-edible item that people have in their freezers.
Name someplace where you’d see a lot of people gossiping.
Name a food that tastes better when it’s grilled.
Name something you take back home with you from your hotel room.
Name something your child “has to have” and then doesn’t use.
Name something that might be cinnamon flavored.
Name an article of clothing that most people own at least 10 of.
Name a reason why you would buy a convertible?
If you had to live in a department store, which department would be best to live in?
If you forgot your date’s name, what might you call them instead?
Name something permanent on a criminal’s skin that police use to be sure they’ve got their man.
When you want to get off the phone, what reason do you give to hang up?
Name a professional football team that’s named for an animal
Name an event in a celeb’s life that’s big news in a gossip magazine.
Name Something A Patient Might Do That Would Make A Dentist Complain.
Name something a teen dreads talking to their parents about
Name something you hear outside that lets you know it’s springtime.
Name a section that’s listen on most restaurant menus.
Other Than A Shark, Name Something You’d Hate To Encounter While Scuba Diving.
Name something many men refuse to ask for help with.
Name something people wear that only comes in one size
Name a liquid that you’d never take a sip of
Name something children are silent while doing
Name a famous beach.
If You Requested A Hamburger Through A Garbled Drive-Thru Speaker, What Might You End Up With Instead?
Name a profession where you talk to strangers all day.
Name something kids love to eat that adults like too.
If Santa Claus Had A Christmas Party, Name Someone He Might Invite.
Name something associated with a teenage girl’s sleepover
Name Something In A Regular House That Might Be Missing In A Bachelor Pad.
Name a term or phrase with the word “horse” in it.
How can you tell that a teenager has been spending to much time with her best friend?
Name a food that goes well with ketchup.
Name a fish that is canned.
What Are You Most Likely To Flag Down Your Food Server To Ask For?
Name something you shouldn’t do when a cop pulls you over.
Name something you wear that never comes with pockets.
What’s the most memorable night of teenager’s life?
Name something you heat up in the microwave besides leftovers.
Name something you may be required to wear around your neck.
Name something from art class that young children might take a taste of.
If elves were fashion gurus, name something everyone would start wearing.
Name something that happens to people when they get embarrassed.
Name Something Your Toddler May Be Doing If She Is Very Quiet.
What Do You See Inside A Stroller, Other Than A Baby?
Name the worst article of clothing to forget on a ski trip.
Name Something You’d Hate To See The Valet Driver Doing While Inside Your Car.
Name something on a car that lets you know the owner takes a lot of pride in their ride.
Name a section you see in most greeting card stores.
Which Superhero Would You Most Like To Have For A Bodyguard?
Name A Household Item That Can Be Used As A Musical Instrument
Which tattoos must tattoo artists be tired of giving?
Name something people do different for a first date, than for a 20th date.
Who would you find at a high school football game?
Name Something Many Parents Want Their Children To Learn At A Young Age.
Name Something That A Child From A Large Family Never Has To Herself.
Name Something People Swallow Whole.
Tell Me What People Want To Find Out About When They Visit A Psychic.
Name A Place Where You’re Asked To Turn Off Your Cell Phone.
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Like A Photo Of Yourself.
Name Something You Wear That You Can’t Forget To Zip.
What Is The Worst Mode of Getting Home When Carrying A Lot Of Groceries?
Name A Sign Of Aging That Some People Consider Attractive.
Why Might You Fly Home For the Holidays, Instead Of Driving?
Name Something That A Child Often Loses.
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Date To Be Allergic To.
Tell Me Something You Feel Before You Buy It.
Other Than Floats, Name Something People Ride On In Parades.
Name Something That Works By Spinning
Name Something People Do In Their Cars, That You Wouldn’t Want To Be Caught Doing On A Bus.
Name Something Good To Do The Night Before A Big Test.
Name a Comedian Who Probably Doesn’t Write Their Own Jokes.
Tell Me How Much a Beer Costs At A Bar.
Name A Kind Of Bell.
Name Something You Occasionally Do That Causes You To Walk A Lot.
Name Something Specific That Teenage Girls Do Around The Boy They Like.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want A Soap Opera Character For Your Best Friend.
Name A Celebrity Whose Records You Might See At A Country Music Museum.
What Might You Find In A Closet From The 1970s?
Name Something You Find More Of At A Sporting Event, Than At A Movie Theater.
Name A Place That Only The World’s Dumbest Thief Would Try To Rob.
Tell Me A Specific Type Piece Of Clothing That Many Women Stop Wearing After A Certain Age.
When A Couple Breaks Up, What Might One Partner Want Back?
Name Something On The Menu That A Restaurant Might Guarantee Nobody Can Finish.
Name Something Kids Get Away With In Schools Today, That They Wouldn’t Have 50 Years Ago.
Name Something You Unplug When You’re Not Using It.
Tell Me Who Was At The Door The Last Time You Pretended Not To Be Home.
What Makes A Taxi Driver Say He Has Had A Lucky Day?
Name A Famous Gospel Singer.
Name Something Specific You Almost Always Eat Out Of A Bag.
Name A Food That You Keep In The House For A Night When You Don’t Feel Like Cooking.
Name An Article Of Clothing Associated With A Foreign Country.
Name A Place Where Kids Are Instructed To Sit Still.
Name An Advantage Of Renting A Home Versus Owning One.
Name A Subject That Often Comes Up In Family Feud Questions.
Name A Type Of Business That Has A Kid’s Section.
Name Something The Founding Fathers Wore, That Would Look Funny If Worn Today.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Car Navigation System Advise You To Do.
Name Something That Becomes More Active After Dark.
Name A Beauty Secret For Aging Gracefully.
Name Something That Horror Movies Have Made Many People Afraid Of.
Name Someone An Author Dedicates His Book To.
Name A Reason Why Employees Might Get To Go Home Early.
Tell Me Someone Who Charges You For Advice.
Name Something You Can Do To Mess Up When You Take Someone’s Picture.
Name A Sport Many People Think Is Boring.
On An Airplane, What Do you Hope The Person Behind You Avoids Doing?
Name A Way You Can Tell A Person Is Angry.
Name An Expensive Cut Of Beef.
When You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, Name Something That Gets You Up Anyway.
Name A Feature Of Most Parades That Frightens Children.
Name A Fierce Animal That Is Trained And Tame At The Circus.
Name An Article of Clothing That’s Too Sexy For A Woman To Wear To The Office.
Name Something Dogs Like To Tinkle On.
Name Something Dangerous That A Beginning Juggler Shouldn’t Start With.
What Specific Part Of Your Body Is Most Likely To Get Sunburned?
Tell Me Something Your Teenager Washes Less Often Than You Do.
Name Something That You Have Accidentally Sucked Up With A Vacuum Cleaner.
Name Something Co-Workers Talk About Around The Water Cooler?
Name Something That Makes You Feel Better When You’re Having A Bad Day.
If A Man Had A Very Full Beard, What Part Of His Face Might Be Invisible?
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Be Surprised To Find On Someone’s Business Card.
Name Something That You Don’t Wash As Often As You Probably Should.
Name A Famous “Johnson.”
Name Something An Angry Wife Might Throw At Her Husband.
Name Something You Don’t Want To Get In Your Eyes.
Name A Public Place Where It Would Be Easy To Fall Asleep.
Name A Party Of The Body That Gets Mentioned A Lot In Romantic Songs.
Name Something A Woman Sees That Would Make Her Tell Her Husband To Stop The Car.
Name Something A Police Officer Needs A Lot Of.
Name Something That A Person From A Warm Climate Wouldn’t Know How To Do In The Snow.
Where Were You The Last Time You Felt You’d Been Ripped Off?
Other Than Talking, Name Something You Shouldn’t Do While Eating.
Name Something That A Lifeguard Probably Isn’t Allowed To Do On The Job.
Name The Worst Thing To Have To Share With A Sibling.
What Might A Mail Carrier See In Someone’s Yard That Would Prevent Him From Delivering Their Mail?
If Your Boss Was Ebenezer Scrooge, Name Something You Wouldn’t Dare Ask For Around The Holidays.
Which Sports Are You Most Likely To Break An Arm Playing?
What Accent Might An American Pretend To Have In Order To Sound Sexier?
Name Something You Think A Princess May Bring Along On A Date.
Which Profession Is Least Likely To Have A Wild Night Life After Work?
Name Something That People Bounce.
Name Something A Woman Should Know About A Man Before Marrying Him.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Stay Up All Night.
Tell Me A Breakfast Item That Only Tastes Good If It’s Crispy.
Name A Type Of Business That Has Regular Customers.
Name Something That A Person Has A Harder Time Remembering As They Get Old.
What Would You Pat On A Baby’s Body That You Would Never Pat On An Adult You Don’t Know?
Name An Olympic Event That You’d Hate To Wear The Uniform For.
Name A Food That Can Be Lumpy.
Name A 2-Word Phrase That Includes The Word “Secret.”
Name Something That Both Men And Women Use To Get Ready For A Date.
Name A Baby Item You Wouldn’t Want To Buy From A Rummage Sale.
In Which Job Would A Single Person Have An Easy Time Getting Dates?
Name Something You Do More Of When Someone’s Taking A Home Video Of You.
Name A Brand Of Jeans That Most People Know.
Name The First Thing You Would Do If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island.
Name Another Word For A Person’s “Brain.”
What Occupation Might Your Blind Date Say They Have, That Would Make You Guess They Were Attractive?
Name A Type Of Payment That A Parking Meter Doesn’t Usually Accept.
Name An Animal You Can Teach Tricks.
Name A Breakfast Food That Could Just As Easily Be A Dessert.
We Asked 100 Married Men: Name Something Your Wife Can Pick Out For You Because She Knows You So Well.
Name A Specific Type Of Business That Usually Has An ATM Inside.
Name Something A Baby Can’t Do At Her Own Birthday Party.
Name A Place Where You’d Hide Your Mess If Company Arrived Unexpectedly.
Which Baby Product Comes In Male And Female Versions, Though It Wouldn’t Need To?
Name An Article Of Clothing You’d Never Wear At A Fancy Restaurant.
What Might A Professional Athlete Do Just After A Sports Game To Avoid Getting Sore Muscles?
Name A Sound That You Might Hear In The Background Of A Scary Movie.
Name A Reason A College Student Might Not Finish School.
Name A Place In A Small Town Where You’d Probably Always Run Into People You Knew.
Name A Term You’d Look Like A Fool For Not Knowing While Bowling.
Tell Me The Age When Someone Should Start Saving For Their Retirement. (Numeric Only)
Name Something People Do On Christmas Eve.
Why Would Someone Prefer TO Own A Camera Instead Of Camcorder?
Name A Fruit That You Usually Find In A Fruit Salad.
Name An Occupation That You Associate With Having A Positive Attitude.
Name A Food That Doesn’t Need To Be Refrigerated.
Name Something That Happens To A Grown-Up That Makes Them Appreciate Their Parents More.
Name A Reason Why A Child May Not Want To Give A Valentine To Another Child.
Name An Age That Many People Look Forward To.
Name Something The Doctor Begins To Check As You Get Older.
Name A Place Where You Get Very Thirsty.
Name Something That You Would Be Willing To Pay Twice As Much For At A Convenience Store Because You Need It Quickly.
Name An Occasion For Which A Woman Might Buy A New Dress.
Name A Type Of Vehicle That You Can Identify By Its Sound.
Name Something A Person Might Lie To Their Spouse About.
Name Something That Men Might Fight Over In A Bar Room Brawl.
Name One Kitchen Gadget That Even A Single Guy Owns.
Name A Specific Article Of Clothing That Often Comes In Itchy Fabric.
Name A Weather Condition That Often Causes Traffic Jams.
Name Something Every Kid Knows How To Use, But Needs To Be Reminded To Use.
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Has Three Letters In It.
Name Something You Do Sometimes While Driving That You Would Have Never Done While Taking Your Driver’s Test.
Name A Color That’s Usually Included In Packs Of Fruit-Flavored Candy.
What Do Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, And The Tooth Fairy Have In Common?
Name Something You End Up Buying Last Minute When It’s In Your Checkout Line.
Name A Place Where You’d Find Ugly Fluorescent Lights
Name A Type Of Movie You Would Not Want To Watch Alone.
Name Something You’d Be Disappointed To Find Your Computer Came Without.
Name Something You Do Each Day, But You Never See Soap Opera Characters Doing.
Name Something About Which People Read Books To Get Advice.
Name Something That Once Lived But Is Now Extinct.
Name A Hygiene Product That You Hope Your Office Mate Uses Every Day.
Name Someone Whose Office People Are Afraid To Enter.
If One Of The 3 Stooges Got Married, What Action Might Replace A Kiss At The Altar?
Name A Department You’d Find At A Home Improvement Store.
Name Something Specific That Might Be Different When Driving In A Foreign Country.
Tell Me Something You Use At Least 20 Times A Day.
Name A Place Where You Might Be Waited On Hand And Foot.
Name Someone For Whom Their Reputation Means The World.
Which Food Is Most Likely To Make Someone Lose A Tooth?
Name A Cartoon Character Who Never Seems To Get Any Older.
Name Something A Hairdresser Would Have A Hard Time Doing Her Job Without.
Tell Me Something You Over-Did As A Teenager, That You Can Laugh About Today.
Name Something Annoying About A Big City.
Name A Game People Play At Picnics.
Name Something You Might Sign Up For If You Like To Receive Mail.
Which Office Supply Is Most Likely To Cause An Injury?
Why Would Your Spouse Make A Good Private Eye?
Which Color Of Makeup Is Almost Never Flattering?
Tell Me Something You Keep Within Arm’s Reach When You’re Sick.
Name An Occupation Where You’d Hate To Find Out That Your Customer Lived On The 22nd Floor.
Name A Product That People Might Buy Only One Brand Of.
Name Something You’d Hate To Have Happen While Driving A New Car Home.
What Stereotypical Features Might A Nerd Have?
Name Something Gross About A Water Park.
Name A Type Of Vehicle That You’d Hate To Have To Parallel Park.
Tell Me Something A Rich Person Might Have Bigger Than Most People’s.
Name Something You Could Do After A Successful First Date, That Would Prevent You From Getting A Second Date.
Name Some Leisure Activity You Often Spend More Time Doing Than You Originally Expected To.
Name A Type Of Sign That Hangs From A Door.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Be Caught Red-Handed Doing.
Name Something That Siblings Accuse One Another Of “Hogging.”
Name Something That Starts With The Word “French.”
Name A Way To Make Someone Laugh Without Speaking To Them.
Other Than A Bull, Name A Big, Clumsy Animal You Wouldn’t Want In Your China Shop.
Name Something You See A Lot Of When You Look Out The Window On A Long Car Ride.
If You Were In Jail, Who Would You Call To Bail You Out?
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Need To Send A Photo In Order To Be Considered.
Name A Pro Sports Team That’s Named For A Bird.
Name A Food That Made You Nervous The First Time You Ate It.
Which School Grade Would A Teacher Need Most Patience In Order To Teach?
Name A Painful Procedure That A Woman Might Do For The Sake Of Beauty.
What Can You Find Out About A Person By Reading Their Bumper Stickers?
Which Superhero Would You Least Trust To Babysit Your Children?
Tell Me The Most You Would Pay For A Hotel Room At Night. (Money Format Only – Such As $1.00)
Name Something That Can Make You Look Older Than Your Age.
Name A Country Known For Having Beautiful Weather.
We Asked 100 Parents: What Was The Hardest Change To Make When You Had Kids?
Tell Me Something In Your Hotel Room That You’d Be Disgusted To Find Dirty.
Name An Activity For Which People Wear Gloves.
If You Order Pasta At A Restaurant, What Do You Assume It Will Come With?
Which Beverage Would You Be Most Surprised To See Served With A Fancy Meal?
Name Something About Which Couples Usually Have Similar Ideas.
Name Something That You Might Find Around A Pool.
Tell Me A Hairstyle That Nobody Should Attempt After Age 16.
Name A Sport That You’re Likely To Get Cold While Watching.
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Accident Prone.
Name A Slang Expression The Mafia Uses For The Word “Kill.”
What Might Your Partner Be Doing While Talking That Makes Them Hard To Understand?
Name Something You Might Clip Out Of The Newspaper.
Name A Way To Let Someone Know That You Love Them.
Name Something Specific You Cut The Tag Off Of Before Using.
Unlike “Honey Bun”, Name A Breakfast Food That Doesn’t Make A Good Pet Name.
Name Something You Think America Or Americans Waste Money On.
Name A Specific Rule That Kids Might Try To Fool Their Babysitter About.
Name Something A Guy Might Do When He’s With His Girlfriend That His Buddies Might Tease Him About.
Name An Auto Part That People Often Have Replaced.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Begins With The Word “Hot.”
For What Reason Might A Store Refuse To Refund Your Christmas Gift?
Why Might You Re-Read A Book?
Name Something That’s Currently Legal, That People Should Be Banned From Doing While Driving.
Tell Me Someone You Might Address As Sir Or Ma’am.
Besides Ice Cream, Name Something You’d Need If You Were Opening Up An Ice Cream Shop.
Name A Place Where You’d Hate To Get A Case Of The Giggles.
Where Might You Find People Rooting For The Underdog?
Even Though It’s A Beautiful Place To Visit, Name A Reason Why You Might Not Want To Live In Hawaii.
Name Something Specific In A Hotel That Would Be Handy To Have While Camping.
Name Something That Usually Comes In Sets Of 12.
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Don’t Have To Try On Before Buying.
Name An Event A Child Closes Their Eyes For.
Name A Creature That Has A Shell.
Tell Me A Theme Park Someone Might Visit While In Orlando, Florida.
Name Something A Health Nut Would Order Her Lunch Without.
Tell Me The Soap Opera Title That Best Describes Your Love Life.
What Might A Daring Thrill-Seeker Suggest You Do For A First Date?
Name Something That Would Ruin A Wedding If It Was Bad.
Name A Musical Instrument That Sounds Terrible When Someone’s Learning To Play It.
Who In Your Partner’s Life Were You Most Nervous To Meet?
Unlike Poker, What Card Game Would Grown Men Be Unlikely To Play On A Set Night Each Week?
Name Something Inmates Are Often Seen Doing In Prison Movies.
Name A Food That’s Hard To Eat Without Making A Mess.
Tell Me A Specific Part Of The Body That You Wish People Would Stop Tattooing.
Besides Alcohol, Drugs, Or Tobacco, Name Something People Get Addicted To
What Would You Be Surprised To Find In The Vending Machine At Your Gym?
Tell Me A Reason People Give For Wearing Black.
Tell Me Something You Did In High School That You’re Sad To Admit You Still Do At Work.
Name A Reason Why Somebody Would Be Underground.
Name Something You Write A Note To Remind Yourself To Do.
Name A Question That Would Be Rude To Ask A Stranger.
Name An Animal Or Person Who Might Spend Time In A Tree.
Name A Slender Animal That Wouldn’t Make A Very Good Piggy Bank.
Why Would Your Spouse Make A Bad Co-Worker?
Name Something That A Single Person Has More Freedom To Do.
Name Something That Can Be Renewed.
Name Something You See When You Look Up In The City, That You Don’t See In The Country.
What Would You Hate To Learn That You Did After A Couple Of Drinks At The Company Holiday Party?
Name Something That A Person Might Ask To Have Signed.
Name Something You Associate With Fairy Tales.
Name Something Some Women Wear Very Short.
Tell Me Something About Summer That You Look Forward To Most.
Name A Fruit That People Might Add To Jell-O.
We Asked 100 Women: What Might You Get 2 Tickets For In Order To Entice Your Crush Into A Date?
Name A Type Of Workplace That Movies Portray As Fun For Employees.
Aside From Movie Stars, Name A Common Profession For Movie Star Spouses.
Tell Me A Game That Might Be Played On “Guy’s Night.”
Name A Famous TV Show Or Movie That Features A Vampire.
What Is Something A Divorced Couple Will Stop Sharing?
Name A Way To Remove Hair, If You Can Withstand The Pain.
Besides Ice Cream, Name A Food That Can Be Scooped.
Name Something You Might Accidentally Leave On All Night.
Name Something You Use To Make Burritos.
Name A Sign The Man You’re Dating Is A Caveman.
Name A Feature Of Some Cars, That You’d Be Surprised To Find Inside A Bus.
Name A Food That’s Even Better When Paired With Chocolate.
Name Something Football Players Probably Don’t Wear Off The Field.
What Would You Do In A Job Interview That Would Guarantee You Don’t Get The Job?
Name Something You Did At Middle School Dances That You Would Never Do At A Dance Club Now.
If Your Dog Learned To Speak, Name Something He’d Say He Needs More Of.
Tell Me An Occupation That A Blabbermouth Would Fail At.
At A Rock Concert, Name Something People Do When A Song Is Over.
Name Something That You’re More Likely To Have Happen When You Wear High Heels.
Tell Me Something You Look For In A Potential Roommate.
Name Something People Bite On When They’re Nervous.
Name A Word Or Expression That Describes Someone Who’s Inexperienced.
Name A Place Where You Always End Up Spending More Than You Planned.
If Something Is Made Of Glass, What Words Might Be Written On The Sign Next To It?
Name A Classic Video Game.
Name A Reason Why A Woman Wouldn’t Change Her Last Name After Marrying.
Name Another Word Or Phrase For Getting Married.
Name Your Favorite Filling In A Valentine’s Day Chocolate.
Name Something That Might Be Lying On A Teenager’s Floor.
Name Something Gamblers Always Say Before Rolling The Dice.
Name An Advantage Of Having A Fake Christmas Tree.
Name Something That Happens In The Fall.
Name A Fruit That’s Green When It’s Ripe.
Name Something Associated With Albert Einstein
Name A Food That Would Be Hard To Eat If You Were Missing Your 2 Front Teeth.
Name Something You’d Be Shocked To See A Celebrity Wear On The Red Carpet.
Name Something That Always Happens In Movie Weddings, But Never At A Wedding You’ve Attended.
Besides Phone Number, Name A Set Of Numbers That Most People Must Remember.
Name Something That Comes To Mind When You Think Of Tina Turner.
Name Something In Your Life That Can Cause You To Gain A Few Pounds.
Name A Phrase That Ends With The Word – “Dating”.
Name A Reason Why Someone Would Move To Another Country.
What Might Some Women Love More Than Their Spouse?
Name Someone Who Makes Money Off Of Giving Advice.
Tell Me A Person You Wouldn’t Want To See At Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party.
Name Something You’d Expect To Find On A Pirate’s Ship.
Name Something People Are Often Chased By In Movies.
Name Something An Adult Can Do In A Car That A Kid Can’t.
Name Something That An Adventurous Person Might Try While At The Beach.
Name A Holiday No One Cares About.
Name Something Sold Door-To-Door.
What Would You Use To Get Gum Out Of Your Hair?
What Item That You Wear Year-Round Gets Exceptionally Gaudy During The Holidays?
Name A Good Day-Job For A Magician.
Name A Costume That Would Not Make You Popular At A Halloween Party.
Name A Real Life Person Who’s Famous For Something Courageous They Did.
Name A Male Comedian, Past Or Present, Who’s Known For His Funny Monologues.
Name A Function You Have On Your Telephone, That Your Child Doesn’t Have On Their Tin Can Phone.
If There Was A “Waitressing 101” Class, What Should Every Waitress Learn Not To Do?
Name Something That You’d Never Want Your Mom To Show Your Date.
Name Something That Fast Food Rarely Comes Without.
Name Something You Do In The Morning, Before Anyone Else Is Awake.
Name Something A Politician Does When Scandalous News Breaks Out About Them.
Name A Food That People Get Fed In Romantic Situations.
Name A Drink Or Food That Can Be Eaten Either Hot Or Cold.
Where Might You Find The Word “Caution”?
Name A Spooky Place That People Might Visit Around Halloween.
Name Something They Sell In A Survival Store.
Other Than An Elevator, Where Do You Often Hear Elevator Music?
Name A Type Of Alcohol That Can Quickly Catch Up To You.
Name Something On A Sandwich That Might Be Slimy.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Ride Their Bike To Work.
Other Than Looking Up Numbers, Name Something A Phone Book Gets Used For.
Tell Me The Age Kids Stop Believing In The Tooth Fairy.
Name Something Most Police Officers Carry With Them.
Name A Place Where You Might Be Asked Whether You’re Married.
Name Something Your Spouse Might Want You To Do Differently.
Name A Drink That’s Sometimes Given Out Free At Restaurants.
Name A Place Where You Take A Number Before Being Served.
Name The Worst Thing To Lose While On Vacation.
Which Part Of Your Body Can Be Used To Flirt?
Name A Place Where A Woman Might Not Want Her Partner To Spend Too Much Time.
If You Lived In “Fairy Tale Land,” Name Someone You Might See At The Grocery Store.
Name A Job Which Might Require Someone To Work On Christmas.
Name An Imaginary Creature That You Once Thought Was Real.
Name A Hair Color That Isn’t Natural.
Name An Event That’s A Big Deal In Your Life, Though It Would Never Make The News.
Name A Word Used To Describe Someone Who’s Funny.
What Daily Activity Would The Queen Of England Have Trouble Doing In Her Crown?
Name Something You’d Be Disappointed To Find Your Pizza Was Missing.
Tell Me Something You’d Be Reluctant To Buy From A Rummage Sale.
What Do Parents Most Like To Receive From Their Children?
Name Something Every Party Should Have.
Before CDs, What Did People Listen To Music On?
Name Someone Big Bird Might Invite To His Birthday Party.
Name Something You’d Hope To See At Least One Of During A Trip To Hawaii.
Name Something That Can Cause A Headache.
If You Ordered A Pizza With “The Works”, Name A Topping That You’d Expect.
Name A Place Where You Would See Lots Of Beautiful Women.
Name Something Cats Do Out In The Open That Humans Go Into Another Room To Do.
Name Something That Lives In The Ocean You’d Never Want To See On A Restaurant Menu.
Name Something You Do To Kill Time In An Airport.
In Minutes, How Much Time Do You Spend In Front Of The Mirror Each Morning?
Name A Fruit That Changes Color As It Ripens.
What Is The Best Way To Greet Your Friend Without Speaking?
Name Something In Cars Now That You Can’t Believe People Once Went Without.
Name Something Men Trade In For A New One Once It Gets Old.
Name A Celebrity From Decades Ago, Who’s Still Thought Of As A Style Icon.
Tell Me A Question That Twins Are Often Asked.
Name A Person Who Might Look Deep Into Your Eyes.
Name A Place That You Wouldn’t Want To Go After Having A Few To Drink.
Name Something Men Do Today, But Probably Didn’t Do 50 Years Ago.
Name A Food Or Drink You Can Usually Still Consume A Few Days After Its Expiration Date.
What Might Authorities Ask To See When You’re Crossing An International Border?
Name Something You May Get A Free Sample Of.
What Might A Kid Bring Home That Would Cause Their Mom To Say, “Get That Out Of Here!” (More Specific Than “Animal”.)
What Might A Dog Do That Causes Its Owner To Say “NO!”?
Name Something You’d Find A Lot Of In New York City.
Name Something You Can’t Eat After Getting Braces Put On?
Name A Part Of A Beautician’s Body That Probably Gets Tired By The End Of The Day.
Tell Me Something You Find In The First Few Pages Of Most Magazines.
Name A Specific Reason Why You’d Give Your Waitress A Lousy Tip.
Name An Animal That Some People Think Others Are Crazy For Eating.
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Man With Long Hair.
Name A Reason Why A Mail Carrier Might Refuse To Deliver To Someone’s House.
Name Something Doctors Are Always Telling People To Stop Doing.
Name Your Favorite Flavor Of Campbell’s Soup.
Name A Famous Carrie, Cary, Carey Or Carrey
Name Something You Need To Get A Good Shave.
Name Something Specific Your Partner Did Early In Your Relationship That You Wish They Still Did Now?
Name A Game That Has A Specific Type Of Table.
Name Something You Would Find In A College Student’s Fridge.
Name A Test That People Get Very Nervous About Taking.
If You Were Dating Someone 10 Years Younger, Name Something Specific You Might Have More Experience With.
Name A Reason Why It’s Good To Live Near Your In-Laws.
Name A Type Of Alcohol You Expect Any Bar To Have.
Name A Holiday Food People Plan To Avoid, But End Up Eating Anyway.
What Might You Notice About A Car That Would Make You Suspect It Was Stolen?
Name Something You Should Probably Book Ahead Of Time If You’re Going On Vacation.
Name Something That Usually Happens Before A Sports Game.
Name A Food That You’d Never Eat With Your Bare Hands.
Name Something You Would Change If You Could In Your Life.
Name Something At The Front Of Most Elementary School Classrooms.
What Can Almost Everybody Cook?

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