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All Questions page 118

Name A Hobby That Some People Can Make A Job Out Of.
Name Something That Comes Out After It’s Been Raining.
What Do Tourists Ride In Or On, That Makes Them Stand Out?
What Might You Bring To The Stadium If You Wanted To Be Featured On The Jumbo Tron Screen?
Name Something You Often Feel Sleepy While Doing.
Name A Fruit That You Often Find On Or In Pancakes.
If you Were Married To A Pirate, What Might You Often Receive For A Gift?
Name An Expression That Ends With The Word “House.”
Name A Specific Food That Someone With High Cholesterol Might Give Up.
Name A Morning Stop That Many Adults Make First, Before Going In To Work.
Name Something A Celebrity Hopes Won’t Happen While Onstage To Accept An Award.
Name A Place In Your Car That You Are Likely To Find Something That’s Gone Missing.
Name Something Many Women Regularly Buy For Their Husbands, But Men Don’t Buy For Their Wives (More Specific Than Clothes).
Besides The Blade, Name Something You’d Find On A Swiss Army Knife.
Name Something People Proudly Share On Facebook.
Name A Household Chore That A Kid Would Find Fun, But An Adult Would Put Off.
Name A Reason Why A Dog Barks.
What Might An Adult Wear That Has Their Name On It?
Name A Fruit That’s Hard To Eat Without Getting Messy.
Name Something Celebrities Do Differently From Most Parents, With Their Children.
Name A Sport In Which Participants Use A Specific Kind Of Headwear.
Name Something A Person Running From The Law Might Not Put On Their Social Networking Site.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Get To Use A 2-Way Radio.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Date To Talk Too Much About.
Name Something A Woman Might Have A Hard Time Doing In Her Last Month Of Pregnancy.
Name A Word People Yell At The TV While Watching A Football Game.
Name A Reason Your Bathroom Is Better Than An Outhouse.
Name Something That It’s Hard To Do While Listening To Music.
Name A Dessert That’s Sold In Plastic Packages.
Name Something Specific A Married Couple Might Take Turns Doing.
What Do People Do That Could Get Them Kicked Out Of A Museum?
Name A Food You’ll Never See Someone On A Diet Eating.
Name A Type Of Dance People Do In A Dance Competition.
Name Something People Do To Save Energy Around The House.
If You Were Out Of Town And Forgot To Pack A Change Of Clothes, What Would You Do?
Name A U.S. City That Probably Has More Young People Than Elderly.
Name Something A Slob Might Never Clean.
Name Something A Fan Might Collect From Their Favorite Singer.
Name Something Embarrassing That Happens To People At The Airport.
At Which Type Of Place Would You Be Surprised To See A Neon Sign Hanging In The Window?
Name A Place That You’d Visit More Often If It Wasn’t So Crowded There.
Name Something A Parent Might Put A Lock Or Gate On Once Their Baby Learns To Walk.
Name A Hot Place Where You’d Never Expect To See People Eating Ice Cream.
Other Than Gambling, What Do Casinos Have Inside To Get Customers To Stick Around?
Which State Do You Think Of First When You Think Of The South?
Name Something That Some People Plan For Months, And Others Do Spur Of The Minute.
Tell Me A Type Of Work Vehicle, That’s Often Seen As A Children’s Toy.
Name Something You Carry With You Just In Case, But Hate To Get Stuck Carrying.
Name Something A Babysitter Hopes The Kids Will Be Doing While She’s There.
Early In Dating Someone, Name Something You Shouldn’t Do Repeatedly Unless The Feelings Are Mutual.
Name An Event That Most People Look Forward To Each Week.
Name A Way You Might Be Able To Tell Your Baby Is Really An Alien.
Aside From Animals, Name Something People Hunt For.
What Occupation Might Someone Have That Makes You Think They’d Have A Flair For Romance.
Name A Type Of Footwear That You Couldn’t Wear While Bowling.
Name A Food Or Beverage You Associate With England.
Name Something Men Probably Lie About Most.
Name A Place Where A Mom Might Go When She Says,”I Need Peace And Quiet.”
Tell Me A Reason You Like To Shop Online.
Name Something That A Stalker And A Detective Both Do.
Name An Animal That You Can Ride At The Circus.
Name Something Every College Freshman Will Spend Money On.
Name Something You Do In A Booth.
Name A Household Chore That You Do Less Frequently Because It’s Barely Noticeable When It’s Done.
Name Something That’s Often Served With Cheese At A Party.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Less Productive Than Usual At Work.
Name Something A Child Might Never Do If They Weren’t Forced To.
Name Something Both A Logger And A Rockstar Wear.
Name The First Animal You Think Of When You Picture A Farm.
Name Something A Magician Might Make Disappear.
What Might You See On The Side Of the Road?
Name Something People Drink To Keep Them Awake.
Whose Car Would A Thief Be Unlikely To Steal?
Other Than Acting, Name A Profession That Celebrity Actors Might Take Up.
Name A Muscle That A Bodybuilder Would Show Off.
Name Something A School Wastebasket Is Probably Full Of.
What Kind Of Gift Would You Get Somebody That Spends A Lot Of Time At The Beach?
Name Something You Might Get A Chunk Of In Your Spaghetti Sauce.
Name Something People Eat With Crackers.
Name Something You Do In Front Of A Mirror You Wouldn’t Want Anyone To See.
Name A Fear Parents Have For Their Child, When She Moves Out Of The House.
Name Something Millionaires Might Shop For Just For Fun.
Name An Instance When You Fake A Smile.
Name Something In Your Car That Can Be Truned On And Off.
What Might A Rockstar Do At A Concert Hall That Prevents Him From Getting Hired Again?
Name A Reason Why A Couple Decides To Move In Together.
Name Someone Specific Who You Wouldn’t Want Viewing Your Facebook Page.
Name Something A Cowboy Probably Leaves At Home For A Job Interview.
Name Something Men In Fairy Tales Fight Against, That Real Men Don’t.
Name A Sign You’re At A Really Cheap Birthday Party.
If A Mouse Pad Was A Place Where Bachelor Mice Lived, What Would You Likely Find Inside?
Name A Place You’d Be Surprised To See A New Dad On The Day Of His Child’s Birth.
Name An Animal That’s Black-And-White.
Name Something You Should Never Wear As The Guest At Someone’s Wedding.
Name An Alcoholic Beverage That’s Also A Woman’s Name.
What Are The Most Popular Types Of Flowers Used In Weddings?
Name A Movie Or TV Show That Has The Word ‘Diary/Diaries’ In The Title.
Name Something You’re Likely To Find At A Fall Harvest Fair.
Name Something That Young Children Memorize.
Name An Event You Might Have A Lot Of Leftovers From.
Name An Occasion That Dracula Is Almost Always Dressed For.
Name Something A Hobo Does To Pass His Time While Ridin’ The Rails.
What Time Is The Earliest You’re Willing To Wake Up On A Saturday?
Name A Place Where You Find Yourself Watching The Clock.
Name Something A Child Might Carry Along Everywhere
Name The Age At Which People Stop Borrowing Money From Their Parents.
Name Something You Might Stay In And Do On A Rainy Day.
Name something that can be wavy
Name a button on a stereo people might adjust
Name something you find at a carnival that comes on a stick
Name something you associate with Groundhog Day
Name Something That Has A Clock On It.
Name something a person uses when they paint
Name something you might lie about in a job interview
Name A Winter Olympic Sport
Name something every newspaper has printed at the top of its front page
Name something you need to play Trivial Pursuit
Name a souvenir a tourist might bring home from Hollywood
Name something people do under mistletoe
Name something women wear that has straps
Name something that lives in a cave
Name something a vendor might sell at a sporting event
Name a reason why a kid might be moved to the front of the class
Name a fairy tale character who you wish would show up in your life
Name A Person, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Famous For Having Red Hair.
Name something always kept in a medicine cabinet
Name something that crawls
Name something people do while at church
Name something kids might look forward to at school in the month of December
Name a reason why married couples stay together even though they’re no longer in love
Name a phrase that has the word “milk” in it
Name a reason you might suspect the person you’re talking to is Dracula
If your car could talk, name something it might ask for
Name a famous Lisa
Name something people can break
Name a part of a superhero’s costume that you’d never get away with wearing to work
Name something you’d need if you’re making apple pie
Name something a kid gets a ride in that an adult would look ridiculous inside
Name something that’s usually required to rent an automobile
Name something you see in a jail cell
Name something associated with the movie “The Sound of Music”
Name something a man might pay extra for at a barber shop
Name Something That A Person Who Dislikes Technology Might Not Have.
If You Could Choose Your Neighbors, Which Traits Would You Look For?
At What Place Would You Not Want To Be Seated Next To Someone With An Annoying Laugh?
Name something a man with very little hair does to make it look like he has more
Name a food that you’d never cook on a hot day
Name An Activity That Boys Do In A Tree House.
Name A Fictional Detective Who Makes Spy Work Look Like A Lot Of Fun.
Name Something A Child Asks For Just To Delay His Bedtime.
Besides Watching It, Name Something That People Do In Front Of The Television.
Tell Me Something About A Boy’s Appearance That Might Make His Date’s Father Disapprove Of Him.
Where Might A Man Be Required To Wear A Suit?
Which Former President Would Look Funniest Wearing A Dress?
What Do You Think A High School Mascot Wears Under Their Costume?
Name Something You Are Embarrassed To Do In Front Of People At The Gym.
Name Something Your Spouse Might Get Mad At You For Doing Too Much.
Name Something You’d Put In A Breakfast Burrito.
Tell Me Something You Might Find Behind The Clerk’s Counter In A Convenience Store.
Name A President Who Has Had Lots Of Places Named After Him.
Name A Food That’s Often Served As The Main Course At Weddings.
What Might A Man Refuse To Do Early In A Relationship That Would Make His New Girlfriend Suspect He Was Married?
Name Something You Try To Avoid Hitting While Sledding Down A Hill.
Name Something You’d Be Shocked To See Falling From The Sky.
Name A Place Where Most Americans Go At Least Once For Vacation.
Name Something You Hope For, But Can’t Count On, When Going On Vacation.
Name Something Specific A Student Might Do In Order To Become The Teacher’s Pet.
Tell Me Something Co-Workers Talk About On Their Lunch Break.
Name Something A Magician Needs In Order To Do His Magic.
Name Something A Driver Is Unlikely To Do If A Police Car Is Nearby.
Name Someone Who’s Famous For Giving Advice.
Tell Me A City In Which You’d Never Be Bored.
Name Something You’d Hate To Be Without When The Cops Pull You Over.
If Santa Showed Up At Your Work Holiday Party, What Might Your Co-Workers Request For Christmas?
Name A Place Where People Go Just For The Air Conditioning On A Hot Day.
Name Something Annoying A Person Might Do At An Atm When Theres A Long Line Behind Them.
Name Something A Women Changes That Her Husband May Not Notice.
Name An Animal That You Wouldn’t Want To Be Told You Eat Like.
Name Something That You Find In Both A Bank And Jail.
Name A Breakfast Food That’s Not Really Food Until Its Cooked.
Name An Object Grownups Keep From Their Childhood.
What Do You Find Out About A Person When You Meet For The First Time?
What Might A Kid Bring Home That Would Cause Their Mom To Say, “Get That Out Of Here!” (More Specific Than Animal”)
Name A Popular Topic Of A Blog Aimed At Women.
Name An Excuse That People Give For Leaving A Boring Party Early.
Name Something Rambo Would Look Silly Wearing Into Combat.
To Stay Undercover, What Might A Criminal Have That’s Fake?
Name A Reason A Model May Be Told Not To Smile.
If You Lived On A Farm, What Loud Noise Might Interrupt Your Sleep?
Tell Me A Rebel Who Many Women Adore.
On A Business Trip, What Would You Be Happy To Find That Your Hotel Had?
When A Celebrity Is Spotted In Public, Name Something They Probably Hate For Fans To Do.
Name Something Many Parents Want Their Kids Home At A Certain Time For.
Name Something A Hotel Might Do For Guests As Part Of A Romantic Getaway Package.
Other Than A School, Name A Place Where You Find Lockers.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Have An Audience.
Name A Question You’d Ask Someone Before Loaning Them Your Car.
Name A Place Where It’s Easy To Feel Like An Outsider.
Name Something You Would Pack For Your Stay At A Hotel Made Of Ice.
Why Might Someone Prefer Online Dating Over Meeting In A Bar?
Name Something That A Businesswoman Must Always Wear To Work.
Name A Shakespeare Character Who Most People Have Heard Of.
What’s The Messiest Thing To Clean Up After The Christmas Holiday?
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Not Want His Wife To Have A Girl’s Night Out.
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Wake Up Early In The Morning.
Name Something Moms Are Desperate For.
Name Something That Chili May Come With Or Without.
Tell Me A Specific Part Of Your Body That You Never Worry About Getting Fat.
Name A Decoration You Might Find Inside A Mexican Restaurant.
Name Something You’re Supposed To Do With Both Hands, But People Often Use Just One.
Name Something You Would Hate To Find Under Your Bed.
Name A Day Of The Year That Some People Don’t Want To Spend Alone.
Name Something Special A Restaurant Might Do On Certain Nights In Order To Draw In Customers.
How Many Hours Of Sleep Does The Average Person Need In Order To Wake Up Refreshed?
Name An Occupation That You’d Be In Trouble If You Disrespected.
Name A Noise Your Neighbor Might Complain About If You Were Hosting A New Year’s Party.
Before Visiting A New City, Name Something For Which You Might Get A Recommendation.
Name Something A Man Might Do At The Gym To Impress A Woman.
Name a part of the body where men have more hair than women
Name something Halle Berry is known for
Besides Mickey, name a character you’re likely to find on a t-shirt at Disneyland
Name a reason a mailman might have a bad day on his route
Name a problem someone with braces might have
Name something some people buy that others rent
Name an animal that has large eyes
Name a food that kids often refuse to eat the crust from
Name a famous Johnson
Name a game played at a kid’s party
Name Something Washington D.C. Has A Lot Of.
Tell me something you might skip doing if you’re running late for work
Name an appetizer served at an Italian restaurant
Name something a person might do if they found a wallet full of money
Name something they do at a bar that lets you know it’s about to close
Tell me something you worry about when it starts raining unexpectedly
Name a reason why a couple might live in 2 different cities
Name a complaint a woman might have about her cat that she would also have about her husband
Name a reason a married couple might sleep in separate beds
How can you tell that 2 people are on a first date
Name a good place to go for a date without spending money
If you were pretending to be pregnant, name something you might stuff under your shirt
Name a place where you might get asked to dance
Name a holiday you might get dressed up for
Name the age when a kid might go to his first school dance
What’s the first question a person would ask after being dumped
We asked 100 women: Name something you feel uncomfortable wearing in public, when you feel you have 10 pounds to lose
Name something specific a divorced man might have to learn how to do when living by himself
We asked 100 men: Name something about a beautiful woman that could make her unattractive
Name something a pregnant woman gets asked about a lot
Name Something A Kid Picks Up From School.
Name something couples exchange when they get married
Real or fictional, name a woman that a mugger might be afraid of
Name a lie a woman might tell a man to let him know she’s not interested in him
Name something Madonna has that the average woman might envy
Name the hardest musical instrument to learn how to play
When people give up smoking, name another habit they may pick up
Name something a king has that the average person doesn’t
Name a reason why someone might call you in the middle of the night
Name something a person might do with chewing gum that other people think is rude
Name a bug that people actually like
If you have an unexpected knock on the door, name one thing you do before answering
Name something kids do during a long car trip to keep from getting bored
Name something you buy that has instructions printed in several languages
Besides “Best Picture,” name a category they give Oscars for
Name Something You Put In Your Mouth But Do Not Swallow.
Other Than Halloween, Name A Reason Why You Might Wear A Costume.
Name A Reason Why It’s Hard To Slow Dance With A Ghost.
Name something that would make you self-conscious if you were starring in a movie about ballet
Name a term you’d use for someone who has a lot of money
Name A Time When You Should Not Send A Text Message To Your Love Interest.
Name A Topic Most Men Can’t Stand, But Many Women Could Discuss For Hours.
Name A Word That You Might See Before Or After The Word “Wax”.
Name An Unhealthy Ingredient You Often See In Kids’ Cereals.
Name Something Kids Look Forward To The Most In The Winter.
Name Something You Only Consume When You Go To A Fast Food Restaurant.
Name An Occupation That A Boy Wouldn’t Want His Girlfriend’s Father To Have.
Name Something That No Wedding Ceremony Should Be Without.
Name A Movie Based On A TV Show Or Skit.
Name A Place Where You’d Get A Dirty Look For Falling Asleep.
Name Something You Find Out About A Hotel Ahead Of Time, When Decided Whether To Stay There.
Name Something At A Salon That You Look Silly Having Used On You.
Name A Famous Robert Who Many Women Consider Handsome.
Name Something Your Grandma Might Repair When It Gets Old, But You Just Buy A New One.
Name Something A Dad Would Look Silly Borrowing From His Child At The Bowling Alley.
Other Than Speeding, Name A Reason A Cop Might Pull You Over.
If You Lived In Soap Opera Land, Name Something That Would Happen A Lot More Often.
Name Something That’s On Your Dinner Table Every Night That The Dog Won’t Beg For.
Name A Second Career James Bond Could Have If He Retired From The MI6.
Tell Me Something A Child Might Complain About On A Road Trip.
Who Or What Might Enter A House Without Using The Front Door?
Name Something Everyone Knows About Texas.
Name Something That’s Not Allowed In Some Hotels.
Name A Place Where A Child Might Get Separated From Her Parents.
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Would Not Like To Have A Man Do For You On A Date.
Name Something Kids Dissect In Science Class.
Name A Kid’s Toy Your Parents Might Have Played With That’s Still Around.
If You See Pink Frosting On A Cake, What Flavor Would You Expect It To Be?
What Do People Bring Back As A Souvenir From Disneyworld?
Name A Type Of Crisis That Usually Happens At Least Once In An Action Movie.
Name Something A Home Might Have To Make It Energy Efficient.
Name Something The Jetsons Had, That You’d Love To Have In Your Lifetime.
Other Than “Love”, Name A Word That’s In Almost Every Love Song.
What Are The Most Common Terms Of Endearment Used When A Person Is Talking To Their Partner?
Name A Sport That Requires Water In Order To Be Played.
What Profession Would You Want Your Mate To Have Just Because It’d Be Useful Around The House?
Name Something That’s Usually Fruit-Flavored.
Name Something Dog Owners Probably Wish Their Dogs Never Did.
If Your Blind Date Walked In And You Didn’t Feel A Spark, What Would You Do?
Name A Recreational Activity Traditionally Done In Hot Weather.
Name A Talent You Rarely See Women Do Outside A Beauty Pageant.
Name Something You Eat That Comes With Sauce.
Name Something You’d Hate To Find Had Happened To Your Car While It Was Parked.
What Is The Most Common Thing People Get Stuck In Their Hair?
Name An Odor That’s So Distinct, You Know Right Away What It Is.
What Might You Find Out About A Hotel That Would Prevent You From Staying There?
Instead Of A Veil, What Type Of Headwear Would You Be Surprised To See On A Bride’s Head?
Name A Hollywood Man Who Would Have No Trouble Getting Dates If He Were Single.
Name A Person Who You’d Never Trust To Set You Up On A Blind Date.
Like A Colored Easter Egg, Which Holiday Object Is Fun To Have When It’s Fresh, But Not Fun To Find Months Later.
Name Something People Take Lots Of Photos Of During A Vacation. Be Specific.
Name Something That Causes You To Become Friends With Someone You Otherwise Wouldn’t Have.
Name Something You’d Hate To Lose At The Airport.
Name Something That Happens To An Old Person’s Body, That You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Teen Complaining About.
Name A Reason Why You Might Want To Hide From Someone At Work.
What Do People Pay To Have Guessed At The Carnival?
When Hosting A Dinner Party, What Might You Ask A Friend To Bring?
Name A Coffee Drink That’s Easy To Mispronounce.
After A Cop Pulls You Over, What Might You Do To Try And Avoid A Ticket?
Name Something That The Bride And Groom Do At A Wedding, That Another Guest Should Not.
Which Characteristics Would Make Dracula Sound Attractive In A Personal’s Ad?
Name An Animal That Might Live In A Tree.
Name A Food That Someone Might Use More Than One Hand To Eat.
Name Something That Marilyn Manson Might Have Borrowed From Marilyn Monroe.
Name Something That’s Hard To Get Over.
Other Than Cowboy, Name A Profession You Often See In Cowboy Movies.
What Might Someone Use While Cutting Their Own Hair?
Name A Word Or Phrase That Ends In -Phobia.
Name Something A House Needs In Order To Be Considered A Mansion.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Recognize Someone At Your High School Reunion.
Name Something You Clean That Gets Dirty Again Within A Day.
Name A Messy Food That You Can Tell A Kid Has Been Eating.
Name An Animal Whose Print Looks Natural On Them, But Gaudy When Your Neighbor Wears It.
Name Something A Man Might Ask His Dad’s Advice On.
If An Auctioneer Had A Baby, What Might Be Her First Words?
If Money Isn’t An Object, Who Do People Hire To Help Make Their Lives Easier?
What Do Roommates Fight About Most Often?
What Do Some People Refuse To Go Swimming Without?
Name A State That Many People Live In When They Retire.
Which Color Would You Be Surprised To See A Bride Wearing On Her Wedding Day?
Although It Was Nice To Be A Kid, Name A Part Of Childhood You’d Never Want To Go Through Again.
Name Something People Compete Over.
Name A Dessert You Might Not Serve At A Fancy Dinner Party.
Name An Occasion Where It’d Be Embarrassing To Show Up Empty Handed.
Despite Its Beauty, Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Want To Live In Hawaii.
Other Than Working, Name Something You Could Stop Doing If You Became A Millionaire.
What Do People Miss About Their Youth?
Besides Throwing Them Away, Name Something You Can Do With Old Newspapers.
Name Something A Restaurant Owner Would Hate To Tell Customers They’ve Run Out Of.
Name A Reason You Would Not Want To Live On A Houseboat.
Name Something In Their Yard That People Try To Get Rid Of.
What Might A Kid Take Along If He’s Planning To Run Away From Home?
How Can You Tell Somebody Is Angry At You From Their Text Messages?
Name An Article Of Clothing Worn By Both Men And Women.
Tell Me Something Women Would Want Men To Wear More Often.
Name Something That You Can’t Do In A Home Gym That You Can Do At A Real Gym.
Name Something In The Kitchen That Makes A Huge Mess If It’s Spilled.
Name A Reason You Might Dread Going To A New Year’s Party At A Club.
How Can You Identify A Pizza Delivery Car?
Name Something The Police Might Look For When They Search A Suspect’s House.
Name A Fast Food Restaurant People Would Recognize By Their Sign.
Name A Specific Night Of The Year That You Hope To Be Kissed.
At A Public Pool, What Might You Pay Extra To Rent?
Which Sports Are More Popular In America Than In Other Countries?
Name Something You Would Not Want To Drop Your Wedding Ring Into.
Name Something A Woman Might Suggest Her Husband Do To Improve His Appearance.
What Might A Teen Do In High School, In The Hope Of Getting A College Scholarship?
Name A Kind Of Pants You Can’t Wear To Work.
Name Something You Can Do On Even The Oldest Of Computers.
What Might You Be Afraid Of While Sleeping In A Tent?
Name Something That College Students Get Stolen From Them On Campus.
Name A Time When A Man Might Be Extra Caring Toward His Wife.
Name Something That Gets Into Your House If You Leave Food Out.
Name a word or phrase people use to say that they’re completely in love.
Name a pest you don’t want in your garden.
Name the day of the week movie theaters are most crowded.
Name a sport where it would look silly to wear a helmet.
Name The Most Used Piece Of Furniture In A House.
Name Something You Do In The Summer That You Usually Don’t Do In The Winter.
Name an actor who you think might be able to knock out Mike Tyson.
Name an occasion when you see a lot of people wearing red.
Name something that happens in October.
Other Than Displays Of Affection, Name Something You Wish Couples Wouldn’t Do In Public.
If A Man Is Trying To Get A Date With A Woman, What Might He Do In Order To Woo Her?
Name An Occupation In Which You Might Be In A New City Every Night.
Name Something That’s Hard To Build But Easy To Tear Down.
Name a reason why you might not let someone else drive your car.
Name Something That’s Essential To Creating A Romantic Atmosphere At Home.
Tell Me An Invention That Probably Led To People Having Much Less Spare Time.
Name A Halloween Costume That Young Girls Often Wear.
Name A Reason Why A Salon Might Be Completely Booked.
Where Do You Get Your Christmas Tree From Each Year?
When She’s Run Out Of Money, What Might A Gambler Put On The Table?
Name Something You Put On Your Face, That You’d Never Dream Of Putting On Your Feet.
What Do Most People Hope To Accomplish By The Time They Are 30?
If You Could Choose, What Would Be An Ideal Place To Meet Your Future Mate?
Name Something Some Pets Wear, Although It’s Usually Only Worn By Humans.
Name A Reason Why A Child You Don’t Know Might Come To Your Door.
Name Something Cheesy People Do In Family Portraits.
Name A Famous Dog?
Name Something It Might Be Ok to Lie To A Partner About In Order To Spare Their Feelings.
If Stuck With No Diapers, What Might A Desperate Parent Use Instead?
Name Something That Prevents You From Seeing For Miles.
Name An Occupation That You Hope Is Great At Their Job 100% Of The Time.
Name A Place Where It Would Be Strange To Go If You Didn’t Have Kids.
Name Something Santa Does, That You Wouldn’t Want Your House Guests To Do.
Name Something You Never Quite Believed About The Brady Bunch.
Tell me how many TV sets you might find in the average person’s home.
Name something you associate with the TV show “All In The Family”
He May Forget Their Anniversary, But Name Something A Man Would Never Forget About His Wife.
If A Skeleton Went Trick-Or-Treating, What Might He Request Instead Of Candy?
Name Someone You Shouldn’t Get Into An Argument With Because You Will Lose.
Name A Kid’s Movie That Makes Adults Cry Too.
Name something specific people often eat with coffee.
Name one of Bug’s Bunny’s pals.
Give me a nursery rhyme with the word “old” in the title.
Name a sitcom star who is also a standup comic.
Name Something You Do While Waiting In Line.
Name something parents wish a baby could do for itself.
Name A Vehicle People Drive That Makes Them Feel Like They Own The Road.
Name Something New Parents Have To Agree On Before Their Baby Is Born.
Name something you use everyday but have no idea how it works.
How Can You Let Your Partner Know That You’re Thinking Of Them When You’re Out-Of-Town?
Name A Public Place Where It’s OK To Yell.
What, Specifically, Might Someone Do When They Walk Into Their Own Surprise Party?
Name Something A Figure Skater And A Beauty Queen Have In common.
Name A Prize That You Might Win From A Carnival Game.
If A Woman Had A Mid-Life Crisis, What Might She Do?
Name A Fruit That You Squeeze To See If It’s Ripe.
What Might A Date Do On Your Answering Machine That Would Keep You From Calling Them Back?
What’s The First Thing You Do When A Cop Pulls You Over?
Name Something That Might Happen To A Soap Opera Character That Would Get Fans Excited.
Which Sounds Do Children Listen For On Christmas Eve?
Name Something That You Can Get For Free At A Casino.
Name Something A Young Man Would Not Want To Talk To A Girlfriend’s Father About.
Other Than Love, Name Something That “Money Can’t Buy”.
Name A Household Activity That People Wear Gloves While Doing.
Name something a woman might have done at a beauty salon she probably couldn’t have done at a barber shop.
Name a reason why a woman might marry an ugly man.
Name something that can happen that would ruin a romantic getaway.
Name Something You’re Not Supposed To Do To A CD.
Name Something From Your Ex That You Might Get Rid Of When Starting A New Relationship.
Name Something Husbands Will Admit That They Borrow From Their Wives.
Name A Place Where You Hate To See Litter.
What Reason Would Most People Give For Why They Drink Coffee?
Name something a woman would be foolish to apply makeup before doing.
Name A Skill That A Person’s Resume Might Claim They’re Better At Than They Really Are.
Name A Specific Part Of The Body That People Try To Tone By Working Out.
If An Alien Gave You A Guided Tour Of Outer Space, What Would Be Must-See Stops?
What Might You See Inside A Bag Of Chips That Would Make You Stop Eating Them?
What Domestic Activity Would You Be Surprised To Find Mrs. Claus Couldn’t Do?
Name Something You Look Forward To Getting In The Mail.
Name A Reason Why A Person Might Prefer To Own A Dog Over A Cat.
How Can You Tell That Somebody Just Got Back From A Camping Trip?
Before A Part-Time Job, Name A Way That Kids Earn Money.
Name A Specific Person You’d Ask To Help You Move If You Were In A Jam.
On A Game Show, Name Something A Host Must Do.
Name A Souvenir People Collect That Has A City’s Name On It.
Where Might You Be If Someone Asks, “Room For One More?”
Name Some Activities People Do On Christmas That They Don’t Do On Other Holidays?
Name A Job That Requires You To Knock On A Stranger’s Door.
Name A Reason Why A Child Might Not Want To Have A Long Last Name.
What Sticks In Your Head Most From An Irritating But Memorable Commercial.
Why Would Someone Like Star Wars, But Not Star Trek?
Name A Reason A Couple May Keep A Close Watch On A Calendar.
Name a state that begins with the letter “I”
What kinds of foods and drinks do people acquire a taste for as they get older?
Name Something A Man Would Miss Most If He Was Stranded Alone On A Deserted Island.
Name something you might need to buy if you worked from home.
Name a card game that takes a long time to play.
After Having Kids, Name Something That Happens That Interrupts A Couple’s Alone Time At Night.
Tell Me Something You Do When You Stay Up Late At Night.
Name A Food People Eat At Baseball Games.
Other Than To Buy Books, Why Might Someone Go To A Bookstore?
How Can You Tell The Person You’re Talking To Is Not Interested In Listening?
Name something people do to start a bottle of ketchup flowing
Name Something Kids Might Use to Help Them Count.
Which Man’s Name Are You Likely To Hear In A Mafia Movie?
Name A Job You Might Have If You Worked At Disneyworld.
How Do You Know That You’re Tuned Into A Country Radio Station?
Name something that has channels
Name a reason why you might not want to marry a pilot
Name Something A Woman Keeps In Her Purse That A Man Might Also Have In His Wallet.
Name something for which you dress up to make a good first impression
Name something people do at a wedding that they would never do at a funeral
Name a vehicle that requires a special license to operate
Name a place people go to discuss their relationship problems
Name something you’d find in a hospital waiting room
What would you name a boy born on Thanksgiving?
Name something a little boy might do that would make you suspect his father is Tarzan
Name something you might do when you make a wish
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Starts With The Letter “K”
Name something associated with Princess Leia
Name A Kind Of Muffin.
Name a place where a noisy person might hear “Shhh!”
Name something a woman does right after a marriage proposal
Name someone a bride asks to be her bridesmaid
Name something a woman might have done at a beauty salon she probably couldn’t get at a barber shop
Name something that people assume a great looking guy will be great at
After how many months of pregnancy does a woman begin to show
Name something you would think your spouse for doing but prosecute a stalker for
In one word, name something that causes many couples to break up
Name the one person who is always tough to choose a gift for
We asked 100 men: If you’re not interested in a woman after 3 dates, how do you let her know?
Early in a relationship, what might someone do to play hard to get?
Name a way a kid might get around town
Which Thanksgiving food are you most likely to regret eating?
Name an animal that you might see at both the circus and the zoo
Name a snack with marshmallows in it
Name an actress on the cutting edge of fashion
Name something a bride worries might happen on her wedding day
What happens to fairy tale princesses, but not to most regular people in love
Name something women do to their hair more often than men do
Name an article of clothing some women try to wear as tight as possible
Name a food that pregnant women supposedly crave
How many times does the average person let a phone ring before answering it? (Numeric Only)
Name A Job Where You Must Keep A Certain Haircut.
Name A Children’s Character Who’s Associated With Being Small.
Name Something Politicians Always Say They’ll Improve.
Name something that’s made of cotton
How Many Dates Should You Go On Before Kissing Someone?
Name a brand of wristwatch sold in every department store.
Name something people leave on their nightstand before going to bed.
Name something you’d do if your upstairs neighbor was being too noisy.
Name Something A Girl In A Pageant Would Know How To Do, But Most Little Girls Wouldn’t.
Name A Complaint People Have About Shoes With Laces.
Tell Me A Fruit With A Name That’s Fun To Say.
Name An Excuse A Game Show Contestant Might Give For Losing.
Name Something On Your Body That You Want To Be Shiny.
Name A Beverage That Is Clear Or Almost Clear In Color.
Name Something Runners Do Right After They Finish A Marathon.
Name A Part Of Your Body That Feels Stuffed Up When You Have A Cold.
Tell Me The Age That Most People Want To Live Until.
Which Words Do You Dread Hearing At The Dentist’s Office?
Name A Kind Of Drink You Wouldn’t Want To Have Spilled On You.
Name Something That You Shouldn’t Scratch.
What Would You Be Annoyed To Find That The Valet Parker Had Cranked Up In Your Car?
Name Something You Use While Carving A Jack-O-Lantern, But Not While Carving A Turkey.
What Part Of Adulthood Might A Kid Be Afraid To Grow Up And Do?
Name A “Street” Term For Money.
On A Road Trip, Name A Noise That Might Keep You From Sleeping.
Name Something A Woman Might Complain That Her Husband Never Wants To Do.
Name Something That Will Make A Person Age Faster.
What Would Make You Leave A Restaurant Before Ordering?
If You Sent A Postcard From China, What Would Be Pictured On The Front?
What Would You Hear On The Radio That Would Make You Turn The Station?
If Your Boss Finds You Sleeping On The Job, What Excuse Might You Give For Having Closed Eyes?
If A Person Is Raised On A Farm, Name Something You Expect Them to Be Better At.
Name Something You Change On Or In Your Car.
Name something a liberated woman might resent having a man do for her
Name a dessert you’d find in every cafeteria
Name a food you’d serve as a main course and use to make sandwiches the next day
Name Something A Grown Woman Might Lie About, But A Young Girl Wouldn’t.
Name A Sport That You Wouldn’t Play Without Protective Equipment.
Name a reason you might look forward to October
Name something a bachelor might buy for his bedroom to make it more romantic
Name an excuse married men give for not wearing a wedding ring
Name something you might do if you smell a really bad odor
Name a store or type of store that sells expensive merchandise
Tell Me A Spot On Your Body You Always Forget To Wash.
Name something parents put far out of a baby’s reach during dinner time.
Aside From Getting Wet, What’s Annoying About A Rainy Day?
Name a way people get rid of mice.
Name a holiday when you’d see a parade
Name A Place You Associate With Palm Trees.
Name Someone You’re Likely To See In A Hospital Delivery Room.
Name A New Year’s TV Host.
Name Something A Telemarketer Must Hate About Their Job.
Name A Spot On The Body That You Like Massaged After A Long Day.
Name Something Couples Do After Dating A While, That Would Be Weird To Do On A First Date.
Name Something A Man Might Do All Day Long If His Wife Let Him.
Name An Event For Which There’s Often Parades.
Name A Kind Of Job Which Is Only Available During The Holiday Season.
Name Something People Find Under Their Sofa Cushions.
Name Something From Home That You Might Miss While On Vacation.
Name A Reason Your Eyes Might Water.
Name A Job You Would Not Want Your Boyfriend To Have.
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Send His Wife Flowers.
If A Bachelor Had To Suddenly Take Care Of A Baby, Name Something He Would Have To Learn How To Do Quickly.
Name A Place Where People Hope Not To Have A Baby Seated Near Them.
Name Something People Mark On Their Calendars.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Miss About Daily Life If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island.
Name An Appliance Most People Have Only One Of.
Name An Animal That Sleeps During The Day And Stays Up At Night.
Tell Me Something You Hate To Wear Too Short.
Besides A Car, Name Something That Has Rubber Tires On It.
Name A Specific Button On A Clock Radio.
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word “Palm.”
Name Something You Associate With Superman.
Name The Very First Thing People Do When They First Wake Up.
Name Something You Hide In Your Car So That A Thief Isn’t Tempted To Break In.
Name The Most Inconsiderate Way To Break Up With Somebody.
Name A Way Tourists Get Around In A City.
Name Something A King Has, But Most Men Don’t Have.
Name A Movie Involving An Elephant
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Vampire.
Name Something You Wear Outside That You Might Take Off When You Go Inside.
Name A Specific Step In Losing Weight That Is Very Hard To Stick To.
Name An Animal Even An Elderly Person Could Outrun.
Name Something That Works Better On A Windy Day.
Name Something Food Might Come Wrapped In.
Name A Present People Give Their Grandfather.
Name Someone Who Probably Wouldn’t Be Invited To Batman’s Birthday.
Name A Form Of Transportation That Makes Very Little Noise
Name Something People Wait In Line For On Hot Days.
Name Something You Spend Less Time Doing When You’re On Vacation.
Name A Small Kitchen Appliance That A Bachelor Might Not Have.
Name Something Adults Always Ask Kids About School.
What’s The Worst Thing To Leave In Your Pants Pockets When They Go Through The Wash?
Tell Me A Person’s First Name That Might Make It Hard To Tell If It’s A Man Or A Woman.
Name Something You Would Never Do At A Funeral.
Name Something Parents Put On Kids Before A Day Of Swimming.
What Kinds Of Tasks Do We Now Handle Online That We Didn’t Use To 10 Years Ago?
Name Something You Would Hate To Be Wearing When Company Comes.
Tell Me Something You Look For Under The Couch.
Name A Type Of Injury That People Put Ice On.
Name An Exercise You’d Do A Lot Of If You Were In The Military.
Complete This Sentence: My Spouse Married Me For My ______.
Name A Cable TV Channel That Is Watched Mostly By Kids.
Name A Meal That Doesn’t Cost Much.
Name An Electronic Device You Could Not Live Without.
After The Bills Have Been Paid, Name Something People Do With The Extra Money They’ve Saved.
What Skill Might You Need On Your Resume In Order To Get Hired By Santa?
Name A Sport That You Can Still Play When You’re Out Of Shape.
Tell Me An Item That Takes Up A Lot Of Room In The Refrigerator.
Name A Famous Man Whose Last Name Is Jones.
Which Group Of People In A Person’s Life, Might Have Given Him/Her A Nickname?
Tell Me Something People Talk About On A First Date.
Name Someone A Rich Person Might Hire To Work For Them.
On A First Date, Who Should Your Date Avoid Introducing You To So Soon?
Where Might A Man Sleep If His Wife Is Snoring?
Name Something With A Hole In The Center.
Name A Food That Is Better With Ketchup On It.
Name Something That Many People Are Afraid To Drive On.
Name Something People Own Many Of, But Only Use Their Few Favorites.
Name A Type Of Cookie That Has Something In The Middle.
What Can Students Do To Make Their Teacher Like Them?
Name Something That Might Get Broken At A Child’s Birthday Party.
Name Something You’re Supposed To Do In The First Minute Of An Interview, To Make A Good Impression.
What Might You Do To Get A Good View At A Stadium Concert?
Name A Reason Why A Seat At An NFL Game Might Cost Extra.
Name An Event In Your Life That Your Loved Ones Might Travel To Attend.
Tell Me A Question People Ask Right Away When They Find Out A Woman Is Pregnant.
What Do You Worry About When Bringing A Date To Your Company Holiday Party?
Name A Place That Never Closes.
Name The High School Subject That You Use Least Often Today.
Tell Me A City That’s Probably Full Of More Tourists Than Locals On Any Given Day.
Tell Me An Animal You Might Have As A Pet, But Wouldn’t Put On Your Lap.
Name A Part Of A Magazine That You Don’t Read.
What Do Couples Who Have Been Married A While Talk About The Most?
Name Something That Would Be Inappropriate To Wear To A Wedding.
Name A Reason Why A Couple Might Not Want To Move In Together.
On A Scale From 1-10, How Much Do You Worry About The Future?
What Will A Child Do During A Love Scene In A Movie?
Name Something A Woman’s Perfume Might Smell Like.
Name Something People Wear That Has Their Company Logo On.
At Which Place Would It Be Most Embarrassing To Have Your Date Wear Sweat Pants?
Name Something You See At Most Any Rummage Sale.
Name A Mode Of Transportation That Is Hard To Use While Caring For Children.
Name An Animal That Many Children Want For A Pet, But Seldom Get.
What Might A Man Have On His Body That Some Women Consider A Turn-On And Others Consider A Turn-Off?
Name A Perk That Would Make You Accept A Job, Despite A Lower Salary.
Name A Way That You Wouldn’t Want Your Future Boss To Find Out About You.
Name Something A Groom Would Hate To Lose Before His Wedding Ceremony.
What’s The Worst Thing That Can Happen When You’re Eating Outside?
Name A Food That You Like To Eat On A Very Hot Day.
Name Something Women Take With Them On A Date.
Which article of clothing might you wear if you had a hickey?
Name something a couple might argue about when planning a vacation together
Name something romantic about Christmas
Name something in a woman’s purse that a man would never ask to borrow
To Appear Strong, What Might A Person Avoid Doing After Being Dumped?
Name Something Tarzan Does That You Wouldn’t Want Your Husband To Do.
Name A Type Of Shoe That Most Women Own At Least One Pair Of.
What Is A Good Reason For Not Going To A Wedding?
Other Than A Bar, Name A Place Where It’s Common To Get Hit On.
Name something new dads do immediately after the birth of their baby
Name something people do at the end of a first date
Name something you’d probably never see a mother of a bride wear to her daughter’s wedding
Name something specific women do not like being teased about
Name Something Most Parents Don’t Let A Child Do By Himself Until He’s At Least 10.
Name Something That Can Help An Average Guy To Look More Attractive.
Name a good gift for someone who takes lots of photographs
Name something Frank Sinatra had that made him irresistible to women
Name something specific you have to worry about for an outdoor wedding, but not indoor
What might a secret admirer leave on the doorstep?
Name a musical instrument you’d see in most jazz bands
Name something your boyfriend might do if a guy started hitting on you at a party
Name a business that might be very busy on Valentine’s Day
Name a sign your girlfriend might be turning into a mermaid
Which of the seven dwarfs from Snow White best describes your significant other
Tell me the age when a boy goes on his first date
Name Another Part Of Big Foot That’s Probably Big.
Name something Demi Moore has more experience in than Ashton Kutcher
When going to a wedding, name something you wouldn’t want to leave the house without
Name something people daydream about
Name something a young woman wears that just wouldn’t look right if her grandmother wore it
Name Something Specific You Want To Make Sure Looks Good Before A Big Date.
Name A Smell That’s Common At A Rock Concert.
Name An Occupation That Thinks Their Time Is More Important Than Yours.
Name A Place That Has Aisles.
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Goose”.
Name Something Your Dog Might Do During A Storm.
Name A Way You Can Tell That A Guy Is A Bachelor.
Name Something You Have To Buy For A Wedding.
When You Start Dating A New Person, Name Someone In Their Life You’d Better Get Along With.
Name Something An Angry Girlfriend Might Do To Get Back At Her Cheating Boyfriend.
At A Bar, How Can You Tell That Someone Is Interested In You?
Where Might You Take Someone On A Date If You Didn’t Want To Spend Any Money?
What Traffic Signs Describe Your Love Life?
Name An Occupation In Which Your Spouse Might Have To Travel A Lot.
Name A Job Aquaman Could Do If He Couldn’t Be A Superhero Anymore.
What Might A Man Put On If He Was Going As A Woman For Halloween?
Name A Job That Many Biblical Characters Have.
Name Something You Might Do If You Had A Romantic Day With Your Partner.
Name An American State That’s Often Visited On Family Vacations.
Name Something Almost Every Bride Wants At Her Wedding.
Name a place on the body that women commonly perfume
Tell me something a wife likes to hear from her husband
Name a job someone with a foot fetish might love to have
Name a gift a man might buy for a woman that she’d show off to her friends (more specific than jewelry)
Tell me something specific that would be up for grabs during a celebrity divorce
Name Something That Might Fall From A Tree.
Name A Specific Type Of Family Function That Your Partner Doesn’t Always Want To Attend.
At A Movie Theater, Name Something You Hope Your Date Doesn’t Do.
We Asked 100 Men: What Might A Woman Discuss On A 1st Date That Would Prevent You From Asking For A 2nd?
Name The Last Person Who You’d Want To Catch You Smooching Someone.
Name A Type Of Party That’s Usually Held At Someone’s House.
Name Something A Really Smart Kid Probably Spends His Summer Doing.
Name A Sport Where Fans Are Encouraged To Make A Lot Of Noise.
Name A Movie Where The Plot Had More Twists And Turns Than A Corkscrew.
On An Airplane, What Do You Hope The Person Behind You Avoids Doing.
Name Something You Do When You’re Bored.
Name A Job In Which You’d Be On Your Feet All Day.
Name Something You Take Care To Hide From Houseguests.
Name Some Dangers Of Taking A Vacation To The North Pole.
Name An Event That Might Cause The Local News To Interrupt Your Regular TV Show.
Name Something Short People Can Do Better Than Tall People.
Give Me A Name Used For A Person Who Talks A Lot.
Name Something A 3rd Grader Doesn’t Use In School, But A 7th Grader Does.
Name A Type Of Clothing That Comes With A Matching Top And Bottom.
Name An Article Of Clothing That’s Often Itchy.
Name something you know will happen in every episode of cops
Name a famous person living or dead named Judy
Name a holiday song with a fictional character
Name Someone Famous Who Rode A Horse
Name A Food You Eat When Recovering From Stomach Flu.
Name Something You’d Want To Know About A Job Before Accepting It.
Name Someone Who Takes Care Of You When You Are Sick.
Name something women may spend more on than men in order to look good
Name something made of feathers
Name something that would be hard to do if you had lockjaw
How Many Times A Day Does A Mother Change Her Newborn Baby’s Diaper? (Numeric Only)
If You Dyed Your Hair, What Color Would You Hate For It To Turn Out?
Name Something That Should Be Forbidden At Theme Parks.
Name Something That’s Not As Great When In Its “Miniature” Form.
What Can You Use As Packing Material Instead Of Styrofoam?
Name A Rock Band Known For Wearing Costumes.
Name A Type Of Product That Olympic Athletes Do Commercials For.
Name Something Teens Do To Butter Their Parents Up Before Asking For A Favor?
Name A Birthday Party Game That Requires Music.
Name Something That Can Bring Back The Memory Of An Old Love.
Name Something Your Partner Has A Hard Time Doing After A Fight.
Name Something Specific You Might Have Insured.
Name A Rule You Get To Break If You’re An Ambulance Driver.
Besides The Bride And Groom, Name The Most Important Person At A Wedding.
Name Something That Would Ruin A Day At The Beach.
Name Something That People Blow Up.
What Might A Man Be Wearing That Makes You Suspect He’s A Burglar?
What Do You Do If You Can’t Pronounce Someone’s Last Name?
Name A Summer Job A Teenager Would Have To Get Training For.
Name Something You Tow Behind A Vehicle That Slows Down Your Trip.
Instead Of Home, Name A Place Many People Go After Work.
What Might Someone Hope To Get By Going On A Reality TV Show?
At Home, Name Something You Can’t Be Without For More Than An Hour.
Name A Reason You’d Stay Inside On A Saturday.
Name Something That Stars Do During A Divorce That You Wouldn’t Do.
Name Something You’d Have A Hard Time Doing With Your Eyes Closed.
Where Might Women Go On A “Girls Night Out”?
Besides Music, Name Something You Might Hear On A Morning Radio Show.
Name Something Specific About An Old Friend That Makes It Easy To Recognize Him/Her.
Name Something Your Grandma Does To Her Hair, But You Don’t Do To Yours.
Name Something Kids Do To Their Dolls, That Changes Their Appearances.
If There Was A School For Training Rock Stars, Who Might Be The Principal?
Name Something Nice You Get Sick Of Saying During The Holidays.
Name Something You’d See A Lot Of In California.
Name Something That Jocks In High School Don’t Do The Same As Their Peers.
Which Items Are Most Commonly Found In A Restaurant’s Lost-And-Found Box?
Name Something Many People Have, And Always Think Their Own Is The Best.
Name A Childhood Fear That Many People Never Outgrow.
Name A Complaint An Astronaut Might Have About Living On The Space Station.
Name Something A Little Boy Might Do To Imitate His Dad.
Name Something A Car Dealer Wouldn’t Want Happening To One Of Their Cars On A Test Drive.
Name Something You’d Become An Astronaut Just To Try.
Name Something It’s Be Weird For A Divorced Couple To Continue Sharing.
Name Something You Do When You’re Driving Alone That You Wouldn’t Do While Riding The Bus.
Name Something You Would Have To Wear If You Worked At A 50s Themed Diner.
Name A US City That Probably Has A Lot Of Single People.
Name A Dessert Thats Not Baked.
Name A Type Of Entertainment You Can Find Out About In The Newspaper.
Finish This Sentence: My Greatest Success In My Life Is My _____.
Other Than Alcohol, Name A Beverage Kids Drink Less Of Than Adults.
Name A Noise In The House That Can Keep You Up When You’re Trying To Sleep.
Name A Workplace Whose Employees Must Get Used To Dealing With Stress.
Name A Way To Travel For Free.
Name Something Offered To First Class Passengers, But Not Others On The Airplane.
Name a singing group that has a number in its name
Name a natural wonder that is considered a romantic location
Name Something That Has A Horn.
Name a shape you’d probably see on a geometry class chalkboard
If You Could Pick A Comic Book Super Power, What Would It Be?
Name Something An Audience Might Do If They Dislike The Movie.
Name A Place Where People Are Asked Questions That Make Them Very Nervous.
At Your Physical, Name Something You Don’t Want The Doctor To Say Is High.
Name A Sport Associated With Senior Citizens.
Name Something An Adolescent Girl Might Be Forbidden From Wearing.
Name A Fruit You Peel Before Eating.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Go To A Family Reunion.
Name A Reason Why A Woman Might Like European Men?
Name Something Specific A Couple Might Do Together To Get In Shape.
Name A Type Of Alarm Most People Have In Their House.
Name Something A Beach Bum Might Spend The Whole Day Doing.
Tell Me A Type Of Character That Appears In Most Fairy Tales.
Name Something A Body Builder Wears Even When It’s Cold Out.
Name Something An Elevator Operator Probably Gets Tired Of Saying.
Unlike Flower Girl, name a role you’d be surprised to see a young girl in at a wedding
Name Something People Do To Their Eyebrows That Makes Them Look Fake.
Name A Good Topping For Waffles.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Has The Word “Key” In It.
Name A Reason Someone Might Step Outside For A Few Minutes.
Name A Part Of Your Body That You Can Shake.
Name A Room In Your House Where It Is Unnecessary To Have A TV.
Name something Santa’s known for doing, that seems likely to cause him an injury
Name a phrase that would scare someone off if spoken on a first date
Name a baseball player who’s famous for hitting homeruns
Name A Person Who Wears A Black And White Uniform.
Name An Item That You’d Pick Up At The Grocery Store On Your Way Home From Work
Name Something You Should Find In Most Banks.
Why Might You Change Clothes Before Leaving Work?
What Might A Shopaholic Do At The Store To Prevent Overspending?
Name A Profession In Las Vegas That Makes Really Good Tips.
Name Something People Use To Keep Their Dog In The Yard.
Name A Good Day Job For A Bodybuilder.
Name Something Roommates Fight Over.
When You Don’t Frame A Photograph, Where Do You Put It?
Name Something People Do When The Clock Strikes Midnight On New Year’s.
What Might A Man Feel Insecure About His Wife Doing Better Than Him?
Tell Me Something In Your Garage That Only A Very Pushy Neighbor Would Ask To Borrow.
Name Someone At A Rock Concert Who Fans Aren’t Excited To Meet.
Name A Language Spoken In Europe.
Name Something Specific That A Teenager Might Say Their Parents “Don’t Understand”.
Name Something Robin Hood Wore, That Most Men Would Never Leave The House In.
What Activity Would Children Be Scared Of Doing In Summer Camp?
Name Something At A Circus That A Child Might Be Afraid Of.
Tell Me A Type Of Business That Stays Open Late.
Name One Word That You Always See On The Covers Of Celebrity Magazines.
Name Something Heart-Shaped That You Might Get For Valentine’s Day.
Name Something You Might Find In A Spook House.
What Can You Have For Breakfast That Is Liquid?
Name Something A Dentist Might Tell You That You Need.
Name Something A Kid Might Try To Get Away With While With A Baby-Sitter
Name Something Specific That Is Sold By The Bunch.
Other Than Lunch, Name A Type Of Break That Employees Take.
Name Something Parents Tell Their Kids Not To Do With The Electric Fan.
Name Something That Could Completely Ruin A Runner’s Morning Jog.
Fireworks Promote Weddings, Birthdays And Other Joyous Occasions, But For Which Life Event Would It Be Inappropriate To Set Off Fireworks?
Name Something Female Superheroes Wear That Male Superheroes Don’t.
Name SomethingThat Could Keep A Family Apart On Christmas.
Besides Food, Name Something A Caterer Brings With Them To A Job.
Name A Place That Advertises Their Prices On A Sign Out Front.
Name An Occupation That Would Cause Pinocchio’s Nose To Grow Constantly.
Name A Type Of Business In Which You Might See A Security Guard.
Name Something You Would Teach Your Dog To Do, But Not Your Toddler.
Name A Kids’ Game A Grown Man Would Look Pretty Silly Playing.
What Might Someone Move Out Of A Big City To Escape?
Name A Food That Some Bosses Bring In Free For Their Employees.
Name A Place Where A Couple Is Expected To Kiss.
You’re At A Red Light And Want To Race The Car Next To You. What Would You Notice About The Competition That Would Stop You From Even Trying?
Name Something Specific A Parent Wishes For Their Child On The First Day Of Kindergarten.
Tell Me A Reason You Might Change Your Name.
What Are Kids Told To Do, When Eating A Food They Don’t Like?
Name A Type Of School That Trains People In One Particular Profession.
Name A Piece Of Cowboy Clothing That Even City Slickers Wear.
Name Something You Check Online That You Wouldn’t Want Your Ex To Have Your Password For.
To Avoid Staining Your Clothes, Name Something You Might Consume In The Nude.
Name A Place Where Teenagers Would Be Embarrassed To Have Their Parents Show Up.
Name Something You’d Hate For A Beautician To Do To Your Hair Without Asking.
Name Something A Realtor Suggests You Do, In Order To Sell Your House.
Name Something Specific You Might Order At A French Restaurant.
Name The Best Flavor Of Popsicle.
Other Than A Police Officer, Name An Occupation That Has A Badge.
Name Something Associated With Cleopatra.
What Diaper Bag Item Would A Parent Hate To Be Without?
Name Something Found In Las Vegas That You’d Like To See More Of In Your Home Town.
Name Something You Might Have A Bad Dream About Being Late For.
Name A Fear That Most People Outgrow By The Time They’re Adults.
Name A Term For Jail That Tough Guys Might Use.
Name A Perfect Job For Somebody Who Wants To Spend All Day On A Golf Course.
Name Something Stressful That We Associate With Moving.
Name Something Children Climb On That Makes Their Parents Worry.
Name A Common Phrase For A Backseat Driver To Say.
Where Might An Animal Lover Decide To Get Married?
Name A Specific Event That You Would Hate To Have Rain For.
How Do You Know That Someone Is A Pet Owner, Before You’ve Seen The Pet?
Name A Print You’d Find On A Woman’s Dress, But Not On A Country’s Flag.
Name An Occupation Where You Might Use A Whistle.
Tell Me Something You Close Your Mouth To Try To Keep From Doing.
Name Something People Run Out Of Quickly While Having A Cold.
Name Something Parents Do To Their Kids, And Then Tell Their Kids Not To Do.
Name Something A Kid Does On A Saturday Morning, That You Wish You Could Still Do.
Name A TV Show That You’d Never Want Your Name Mentioned On.
Tell Me A Name People Used To Call Women In The Old Days, That They Might Take Offense To Today.
We Asked 100 Wives: Tell Me Something You Do To Get Some Sleep When Your Husband Is Snoring.
Name Something You Feel Before You Buy It. (More Specific That Food.)
Name Something A Parent Might Miss About Their Younger Years.
Name A Job Perk That Carnival Employees Might Brag About.
Name A Reason You Might Take A Child’s Halloween Candy Away.
Name The Best Dish To Order At A Mexican Restaurant.
Tell Me Something About Their Parents That A Teen Finds Embarrassing
Tell Me The Most Number Of People That Could Squeeze Into A Telephone Booth. (Numeric Only)
What Can You Find Out About A Person By Searching For Their Name On The Internet?
Name A Place Where Kids Ask Their Parents, “How Much Longer?”
Name The Part Of His Job That A Teacher Probably Hates Most.
Name A Business That You Wouldn’t Mind Getting Locked In At Night.
Name A Sport That You Don’t Usually See Small People Playing.
Name A Place Where It’s OK To Arrive 5 Minutes Late.
Name Something Annoying That Happens To You On A Very Windy Day.
What Would You Be Surprised To See On The Compatability Questionnaire For A Dating Service?
Name A Place A Housekeeper Usually Forgets To Clean.
If You Were On Vacation In London, What Would Be On The Postcard You Sent Home?
Name A Hobby Some Men Have, That Takes Up A Lot Of Their Time.
Name A Celebrity With A Famous Mug Shot.
Name something you associate with Sylvester Stallone.
Name someone who works in a courtroom.
Name Something You Might Put On Your Eggs.
Name A Cartoon Character Whose Funny Voice Would Prevent Them From Working As A News Anchor.
Name A Type Of Music That Is Easy To Dance To.
Name A Profession Where You Can Lay Down On The Job.
Name A Specific Reason Why A Person Gets A Dog.
Name A Relationship Move That Even A Strong Woman Might Wait For Her Partner To Make First.
Name a game show who gives away a lot of money.
Besides “Family Feud” name a game show who has “returning champions”
Name A Type Of Store That You Wish Would Have A Going Out Of Business Sale.
Name Something You Wonder About Before A First Date.
Tell Me A Word Or Phrase That A Surfer Might Use.
Name Something That’s Worth More As It Gets Old.
Name A Man From History That You Consider Hot Enough To Time Travel Back To Be With.
When Sitting Next To Someone She Likes, Name Something A Woman Does To Flirt.
Name A Food That Someone Who Hates Tomato Would Avoid.
Name The Last Place On Earth You’d Want To Go On A Honeymoon.
When Making A Horror Film, What Could You Use As Fake Blood?
Name Something That People Quit.
Name A Person In Their Life Who Many Young Boys Have A Crush On.
Name Something A Boy Scout Learns To Do That Won’t Exactly Prepare Him For A Future Occupation.
Name A Problem That A Bankrobber Would Hate To Have While Making His Escape.
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Be On The Phone All Day.
Even As An Adult, Name Something You’ve Asked For Your Dad’s Advice On.
Name Something People Don’t Want To Be Caught In.
Name A Place You’d Expect To Go If Former U.S. President Bill Clinton Took You Out On A Date.
Name Something On Her Body That A Woman Might Change The Color Of.
We Asked 100 Moms: On A Scale From 1-10, How Much Have You Become Like Your Own Mom With Age?
Name Something Kindergarteners Use To Help Them Count.
Which Part Of Your Holiday Preparation Can You Take Care Of Online?
Name Something That People Use Less In The Summer Than In The Winter.
What Might A Man Complain That His Wife Treats Him Like?
Besides Curtains, Name Something A College Student May Use To Cover Their Windows.
Name Something A Really Tall Person Has To Think Twice Before Buying.
Name Something That Happens To You After Drinking Too Much Coffee.
Name A Type Of Doctor That Wouldn’t Need To Wear Gloves.
Tell Me Something You’d Find In Your Food That Would Make You Send It Back.
What Do You Do To Help Out The Less Fortunate At The Holidays?
What Are Some Things Truckers Might Take With Them On A Trip?
Tell Me A Place Where You Know You’ll Never Get A Bill For Your Meal.
At What Age Is It Ok For A Child To Walk Home From School By Themselves?
Name A State That You’d Hate To Live In During Summer.
Name Something That People Associate With Health Food.
Which Part Of A Newspaper Would A Teenager Likely Read First?
Name Something Annoying About Sleeping With A Partner.
Name Something That Makes You Sleepy On The Afternoon Of Thanksgiving.
Name Something Babies Are Born With Little Or None Of.
Name Something That People Put On Their Dogs.
Name something people go to a professional to have cleaned.
Name something you can roast in, or over, an open fire
Name a piece of personal information they might ask on a job application.
Name something people know about the incredible hulk.
Why Might Someone Avoid Raising Their Arms?
Name a place where people don’t want to end up.
Name a famous man whose first name is Glenn.
Name something you make with batter.
Name something a doctor tells a woman in labor to do.
Why Might You Leave A Restaurant Before Even Eating There?
When Sleeping On The Bottom Of A Bunk Bed, What Might The Person Above You Do To Keep You Up At Night?

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