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All Questions page 2

Name a famous singer whose performances really create a "stir."
Name a plant that hurts if you touch it.
Name something California is famous for.
Name something people accidentally walk into.
Name something people try to peek through.
Name a symptom people have when they have a cold.
Tell me something a wife expects her husband to do on their anniversary.
Name a sport where you "serve" a ball.
Name something people register for.
Name a type of fish people order at fine restaurants.
Name a fruit you can eat for breakfast.
Name something you use to wash a car.
Name something people save.
Name something people wear that is white.
Name a reason a kid might wake up his parents in the middle of the night.
Name something a man would take off his toupee to do.
Name a job where you might have to work all night.
Name something parents cannot wait for their kids to be old enough to do.
Name something a bald person does not need to buy.
Name the hardest thing to teach a dog to do.
Name something you can rent.
Name a food you would find in a Mexican restaurant.
Name something you plan months in advance.
Name a country known for its ancient ruins.
Name a toy that both boys and girls enjoy playing with.
Which machine do you wish had never been invented?
Give me a boy's name that starts with the letter "A".
Name a type of business that has regular customers.
Name a dangerous snake.
Name a board game that brings out the most obnoxious side of some people.
Name a character from "The Flintstones."
Name something you would not want to break down before you host a big party.
Name something people gossip about in an office.
Name something people put plugs in.
Name something you might do if you saw your lottery numbers picked on television.
Name an occupation in which a man would meet a lot of women.
Name something a woman might keep in her purse.
Name a specific type of doctor.
Name an appliance you do not use often.
Name an ingredient used to make a cake.
Name something women get excited about.
Name something people do to pass the time when they are stuck in traffic.
Name the first thing a newly-married couple fights about.
Name something hikers carry in their backpacks.
Name a famous person known for having a lot of marriages.
Besides his wife, name a person a man might send flowers to.
Name something you would find on a donut.
Name the biggest gripe patients have about hospitals.
Name a food that has a hole in it.
Name a place where you might find a payphone.
Name a food people eat while watching the Super Bowl.
Name a toy you would give a baby.
Name something Philadelphia is famous for.
Name something that people associate with Hawaii.
What is the most boring sporting event to watch?
Besides Christmas, name a reason you might send someone a greeting card.
Name someone who is known for their cookies.
Tell me something you would not be able to do if your water was shut off.
Name a popular topping for ice cream.
Name something people eat or drink when they have a sore throat.
Name an awards show that is broadcast on television.
Name a board game that requires the most skill.
Who is the celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
Besides too much homework, name the biggest complaint kids have about their teachers.
Name a fruit often found in fruit salad.
Name something people associate with a nerd.
Name a breakfast food people might also eat for dinner.
According to women: What career would the perfect man have?
Name something specific that gets plugged.
Name something people fight about with their next-door neighbors.
Name a place where people try to sneak in line ahead of you.
Name something a woman likes a man to have plenty of.
Name an inventor kids learn about in school.
Name a lie people tell in order to get off a boring telephone conversation.
Name a ball that is hard to dribble.
Name an artificial body part a person might have.
Name a piece of information you would expect to be printed on a business card.
Besides chocolate, name something you would find in a candy bar.
Name an office responsibility that bosses consider to be "beneath them."
Name a type of cookie kids love.
Name a machine people use to really work up a sweat at the gym.
Name an item you buy that needs to be assembled. ("Furniture" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
Name a well-known character who is green.
Name another word for "smart."
Name a dangerous animal that some people keep as a pet.
Name a product that convenience stores sell the most of.
Name a food that goes great with potato chips.
Name something women do to their hair when they have a bad hair day.
Name something that gives off light.
Name an occasion when a wife would be upset if her husband did not give her a gift.
Name something that gives you goose bumps.
Name something people do and then feel guilty about.
Name a gift newlyweds often get doubles of.
Name something only a best friend would ask to borrow.
Name a place people stop on their way home from work.
Name something people wrap a present in when they are all out of gift wrap.
Name something people buy that is scented.
Name something parents do to get a baby to stop crying.
Name something men do not do as often as women.
Who was the most influential person of the 20th Century?
Name something a person might forget to put on if they leave the house in a hurry.
Name something people do before having their picture taken.
Name something that gets backed up.
Name something a man does in front of the mirror.
Name something that tastes best fresh out of the oven.
Name something your partner might say you do while you are asleep.
Name something pack rats have a hard time throwing out.
Name something New York City claims to have the very best of.
Name something adults do not miss about their teenage years.
Name the biggest complaint people have about their co-workers.
Name something new that kids might get at the start of a school year.
Name a place people keep a family photo.
Name something people label "Fragile" when moving.
Name something kids like to do on Saturdays.
Name something men think women do more of after they are married.
Name a place where you might find pushy salesmen.
Name something people climb.
Name a food people eat at a carnival.
Name something teenagers keep in their school lockers.
Name something people put a padlock on.
Name a place people put candles.
Name a country that is famous for fine automobiles.
Name a reason a kiss might be bad.
Name an electrical appliance most women want on a desert island.
Name a specific reason people get fired from their jobs.
Name someone a man relies on for advice.
Name an animal known for its speed.
Name another word for "great."
Name something people wear when they want to dress casual.
Name something people own that is made out of glass.
Name a way you can tell someone is cold without them saying a word.
Besides fancy food, name something only expensive restaurants have.
Besides money, name the most important thing people carry on them.
Name something men say they hate to give up when they get married.
Name something you wait for in a restaurant.
Name something women talk about with their hairdressers.
Name something a babysitter might do after the kids are asleep.
Name something people say they would do if only they had the money.
Name something that people bring to a pawn shop. ("Jewelry" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
Name something that flutters.
Name something people buy by the roll.
Name a circus act that the crowd really loves.
Name a job in a supermarket.
Name a type of ring that people wear.
Name something about a man which impresses a woman.
Name a famous Joe or Joseph.
Name a famous Harry.
Name a famous George.
Name a famous Fred.
Besides the US, name a country where people speak English.
Name a famous David.
Name a famous Bob or Robert.
Name a famous Ben.
Name a famous Tom or Thomas.
Name a famous Paul.
Name a famous Mark.
Name a famous Susan or Suzanne.
Name a famous Shirley.
Name a famous Pat.
Name a famous Nancy.
Name a part of the body that usually shows signs of aging first.
Name a place on the body where people have liposuction.
Name a famous Michelle.
Name a famous Mary.
Name a famous Debbie or Deborah.
Name a famous Cathy.
Name a famous Carol.
Name a famous Ann or Annie.
Name something people do not always get right the first time.
Name a place where people air their dirty laundry.
Name an electrical appliance people use in the bathroom.
Name a food people dip in butter.
Name a sport that is not played on grass.
Name something people carry with them "just in case."
Name a fruit that is dried.
Name a job that requires a tuxedo.
Name the hardest part about being a homemaker.
Name something people do while watching television.
Name something you might see at the Vatican.
Name something people do to settle an upset stomach.
Name something you would see in a church.
Name something kids need to take with them to camp.
Name a fruit with lots of seeds.
Name a popular U.S. landmark.
Besides meat, name a specific ingredient found in a stew.
Name a type of bean found in a salad.
Name something people clean out of their cars.
Name something people add sugar to.
Name something that makes people sneeze.
Name a song parents sing to their children.
Name something a father teaches his son about.
Name something sold on a street corner.
Name something parents buy for their children when they are going back to school.
Name something men do more of when their mate is away.
Name a place you associate with palm trees.
Name an organ people donate.
Name something insomniacs do when they cannot sleep.
Name a word some people use to describe their mother-in-law.
Name something women love to do in the ladies room.
Name something people like to do at the same time every day.
Name a type of worker who often goes on strike.
Besides trash name something specific people throw away every day.
Name a magazine that is filled with pictures of celebrities.
Besides turkey name a dish served at Thanksgiving.
Name a family occasion where dad might bring out the video camera.
Name the first item people would take with them if their house was on fire.
Name something kids think their parents are clueless about.
Name something that has a chip in it.
Name a TV father who is a bad example of a dad.
Name something children need to memorize.
Name something people put on bagels.
According to women: What is the most important element in a relationship?
Name something people wish they were smarter about.
Name a holiday when people call their moms.
Name a world famous painting.
Name a kind of tape.
Name a type of dog you should not get if you live in a tiny apartment.
Name something a woman needs to know about a man before she marries him.
Name a profession where ethics really do not count.
Besides eating, name something people do with their mouths.
Name something people do to cool down on a hot summer day.
According to men: What animal are women often compared to?
Besides the planets, name something you would see in our galaxy.
Name a job that men can do shirtless.
Name an animal that is striped.
Name a vehicle that does not require gasoline.
Name a body part people wash often.
Name a piece of equipment you would find at a playground.
Name a city that is considered romantic.
Name an animal with spots.
Name a popular type of salad.
Name something people do more of on vacation.
Name something a hairstylist uses.
Name something that grows on a pregnant woman.
Name a reason someone might have a "bad hair" day.
Name a specific competition in the Miss America pageant.
Name something that sexy women are compared to.
Name something that might rattle.
Name a feature people pay extra for when buying a new car.
Name something specific that might delay a plane's takeoff.
Name a popular magazine which had a one-word title.
Name something in a person's house that stays on all night long.
Name a food or drink which comes in a low-calorie version.
Besides a car, name something that runs on gasoline.
Name a space you might land on in Monopoly.
Name something that squeamish people would not eat.
Name a sport where you might get your nose broken.
Name a movie starring a dog.
Name a popular flavor of lollipop.
Name something people do to kill time during a long airplane flight.
Name a famous hotel in Las Vegas.
Name a kind of wood.
Name a kind of product that can be "mild."
Name a game played at picnics.
Name a food served with melted cheese on it.
Name a place that begins with the word "north."
Name a part of a bicycle.
Name a U.S. national park.
Name a musical instrument that would not make sense in a marching band.
Tell me a sign that you are becoming middle-aged.
Name something people buy tickets for.
Name something college students stay up all night doing.
Name a magazine aimed at women.
Name a pet people would not take for a walk.
Besides food, name something that comes in a can.
Besides medicine, name something people keep in their medicine cabinet.
Name something telephone solicitors try to sell over the phone.
Name something kids borrow from their parents.
Name something that yellows with age.
Name something you would see in a city park.
Name something kids like to jump on.
Name a performer in the circus.
Name an occupation that requires a uniform.
Name something Michael Jordan is famous for endorsing.
Name something you should not do when you are tired.
Name something people have to be careful of when they are swimming in the ocean.
Name something married couples check with each other before doing.
Name a place people keep money on vacation.
Name an occupation where you hear a lot of people's problems.
Name a great toy for a child who likes to build things.
Name a job found in every school.
Name a TV show that had a famous theme song.
Name a place where people keep photos.
Name a professional who blows a whistle.
Name something men spray or rub on their bodies.
Name the first food people learn how to cook.
Name a famous female comedian.
Besides sleeping name something that people do with their eyes closed.
Name something people write down so they will not forget.
Name an illness that kids give to each other.
Name a celebrity who is famous for his or her nose.
Real or fictional, name a famous Queen.
Name a cut of steak.
Name a fruit that has a peel.
Name a wild animal that often becomes roadkill.
Besides a stereo, name something a thief might steal from a car.
Name a word used to describe the weather.
Besides sporting events, name a television show that is on once a year.
Name a sport that is considered graceful.
Name a tourist attraction that most Americans want to visit at least once in their lifetime.
Besides money, name something people work hard to earn.
Name a job that requires putting up with lots of grief from the public.
Name a section on a restaurant menu.
Name a service people cancel when they move.
Name a place where a woman might go to meet a rich husband.
Name a room in the house where accidents might happen.
Name a place where you see benches.
Name a place where you see lots of joggers.
Name something a person might give back to a lover when the relationship is over.
Name an extra charge you might have to pay when checking out of a hotel.
Name a possession a mother passes on to her daughter.
Name something that sparkles.
Name a current movie star known for having a great smile.
Name a type of pie not made from fruit.
Name something moms should not have to do on Mother's Day.
Name a right that all Americans are born with.
Name a music section you would see in a record store.
Name a country known for its wine.
Name an actress who should gain a few pounds.
Name a musical instrument which doesn't require lessons to play.
Name a musical instrument that seems easy to learn to play.
Name a food that denture wearers should avoid.
Name a celebrity with a big nose.
Name a comedian who is good looking.
Name a skill a secretary should have.
Name a city that has a subway system.
Name something people might wash once a week.
Name a popular imported European car.
Name something little kids are told not to play with.
Name a type of snake.
Name something men might lie about in order to get a woman.
Name something at home that people often run out of.
Name something that happens during most church services.
Name a dish that requires cheese.
Name a beverage that has bubbles in it.
Name a part of the body that is supposed to be soft.
Name something people file.
Name a performer or group whose music seems to span over generations.
Name a food that makes people thirsty.
Name the first thing people look for when they try to guess a woman's age.
Name something your body does without you knowing it.
Name something that has an antenna.
Name a specific place in the house where people keep cleaning supplies.
Name a reason a college student might call his or her parents.
Name something you might ask a landlord before renting an apartment.
Name a stain children get on their clothes.
Name something that used to be free that there is now a charge for.
Besides apple name a type of pie.
Besides a church, name a place where people get married.
Name a famous person named "Betty."
Name a job where you are required to smile.
Name something travelers are afraid to lose while on vacation.
Name a type of weather you are afraid of.
Name something school kids do that their parents brag about.
Name something people put on a fire to keep it going.
Name an injury people often get as children.
Name something people hang on their refrigerator.
Name a place people spend more money than they want to.
Name something people hate to clean.
Name something that makes you itch.
Name a European country Americans enjoy visiting.
Name something specific you check the date of before buying.
Name something a wife might change about herself that her husband would not notice.
Name a U.S. state where you do not want to be without your "long johns" in winter.
Name a type of key people have on their key ring.
Name a reason people take out a loan.
Name a city where lots of rich people live.
Name something they do in the Boy Scouts.
Name something that gets handed down from generation to generation.
Tell me how many days people go away for on vacation.
Besides fish, name something you put in a fish tank.
Name a way you get around when your car is in the shop.
Name something you would see in a cave.
Name something people kick.
Name a type of omelet.
Name a type of bird people keep as a pet.
Name a common last name.
According to women: What is the part of a man's body that women check out first?
According to men: What is something men look for when choosing a mate?
Name a female Disney character.
Name a famous TV detective.
Name something you might find under people's beds.
Besides water, name a drink that is clear.
Name something people clip.
Name a gift a woman might receive at a baby shower.
Name something children do when they are in the "Terrible Two's."
Name something people mistake for a U.F.O.
Name something people want to know when they are buying a used car.
Name a language you think would be hard to learn.
Name a flavor of juice kids love.
Name an object young children sleep with.
Name something men wish they could do every day.
Name something grandmothers like to knit or sew.
Name one of the basic necessities of life.
Name a type of nut everyone loves.
What is a problem most people have in their lives?
Name a part of the body that gives you problems as you get older.
Name something people eat while walking down the street.
Name a magazine you might find in a doctor's waiting room.
Name the profession that a woman's "dream man" would have.
Name an ingredient you would find at a fancy salad bar.
Name a famous person who is often imitated.
Besides salt and pepper, name a seasoning everyone keeps in their kitchen.
Name something someone might have a picture of on their winter sweater.
Name a meat you would buy in a deli.
Name a fruit that people pick off trees.
Name a famous TV doctor.
Besides chicken name a creature that lays eggs.
Name one of Santa's reindeer.
Name something specific a stuntman does.
Name something people learn by watching an instructional video.
Name something campers hate to find in their sleeping bag.
Name an animal that is also an astrological sign.
Name a food kids eat because their parents say it is good for them. ("Vegetables" is not an answer. Be more specific.)
Name something people wish they had more of.
Name something that makes a sound when you open it.
Name something a mother consistently reminds a child to do.
Name something a boss might do to thank his employees for a job well done.
Name a basic emotion a baby might experience in its first month of life.
Name something men obsess about.
Name something kids do to get attention from their parents.
Name an event where you see proud parents.
Name something people look at that can temporarily blind them.
Name someone people thank when they win an award.
Name something people usually do at 11:00 pm.
Name a word that most people yell at their dogs.
Name something you make for breakfast that requires eggs.
Name a lady known for her great legs.
Name a sport that requires a "good stroke."
Name something you might find in a freezer.
Name a dish you would cook for lots of people.
Name something you would find at a kid's birthday.
Name a place tourists visit in Los Angeles.
Name a part of the body people like to tattoo.
Name a kind of tree that streets are named after.
Name a common nickname for a grandmother.
Name a kind of bear.
Name a creature you might find living in your backyard.
Name something that people have blessed.
Name a classic toy that has been around forever.
What is something Dad always teases Mom about?
Name a complimentary item you would find in your hotel or motel room.
Name a place where people might get claustrophobic.
Which actor's specialty is playing "nut cases?"
Who often takes their sweet time when you are in a big hurry?
Name something that comes in nuggets.
Name a place where you can find a lot of sweaty men.
Name a reason a person might need to move.
Besides marriage, name the most important decision a person will make in their life.
Name a holiday that falls on the same day of the week each year.
Besides a house or car, name the most expensive purchase in someone's life.
Name a place where children often get separated from their parents.
Name a food that tastes as good cold as it does hot.
Name a famous sitcom family.
Name an electronic device people use today that they did not use twenty years ago.
What is a word people often use in place of "whatchamacallit?"
Name something that runs on a schedule.
Name something you spray out of a can.
Name a candy bar with nuts in it.
When it comes to raising kids, name something grown children say they are going to do differently then their parents.
Name a sport associated with another country.
Besides clothing, name a product you see advertised in a fashion magazine.
Name something kids learn in preschool.
Name something that was worn in the 1970's.
Name a word teenagers use in place of "really great".
Name something a single man might think a girl would be impressed by.
Name an Olympic event which is timed.
Name something people put in a safety deposit box.
Name something that chauvinistic males command their wives to do.
Name a TV show named for its lead character.
Name a landmark a pilot might point out when flying cross-country.
Name a board game guaranteed to start an argument.
Who would you love to see host the next Oscars?
Name a time when you have to have your picture taken.
Name someone Americans think of as one of our "Founding Fathers."
Name sport that does not use a ball.
Name a holiday when you give cards.
Name something you might see on a street corner.
Name a measuring device.
Name a type of martial art.
Name a game that is difficult to master.
Name a place where you might see someone playing the piano.
Name an appetizer you would find at a Chinese restaurant.
Name a part of a woman's body that men prefer to be small.
Name a type of drop.
Name a part of the body that frequently gets sunburned.
Name something it is okay for people to stare at.
Name a game kids play in kindergarten.
Name a U.S. state where people like to drive convertibles.
Name something people do when they are short on cash.
Name a job that requires a truck.
Name a vegetable people add to a salad.
Name something you put a patch on.
Name something that is sticky.
Name something people use to protect themselves from the sun.
Name an occasion when women wear corsages.
Name a musical instrument that is associated with another country.
Name a group from the Motown era.
Name a famous boxing champion.
Name an Ivy League university.
Name an artist whose paintings sell for millions.
Name a foreign country whose films are popular in America.
Name something people do in their sleep.
Name a place on the human body where people will find the most unwanted hair.
Name an occupation that someone with a fear of heights should never consider.
Besides math, name the most difficult subject in school.
Name something people do to let a member of the opposite sex know they are interested.
Name a food you can gorge on without getting fat.
Name something that people update regularly.
Name something people do to cheer someone up.
Name a professional who gets paid by the hour.
Name something you would send to somebody in the hospital.
Name a reason teenagers brag about their high school.
Name a kid's game you still enjoy playing.
Name a summer job a lot of teenagers get.
Name a sport which should be represented in the next Olympics.
Name a kind of boat that does not have an engine.
What is something women buy which men think is a waste of money?
Name something a woman might lie about when trying to impress a man.
What's the most boring occupation?
Name something you might find in a teenage girl's bedroom.
Name something specific that people make reservations for.
Besides in the bathroom, name a place where people might sing to themselves.
Name something people often lie about.
Name a famous person who lived in the Old West.
Name a famous person named "Jane."
Name a character from "Alice in Wonderland".
Name a place you bring a towel.
Name a specific type of cream.
Name a problem that could occur while kissing someone.
Name someplace where you might find lint.
Name something or someone Dorothy encounters in "The Wizard of Oz."
Name a famous puppet.
Name a field of science.
Name an important American document.
Name a kind of test.
Name something that gets mixed.
Name an expensive item on a restaurant menu.
Name something people wait in line for.
Besides a bed, name something people sleep on.
Name an item a game show loser might win a lifetime supply of.
Name someone who deserves the title "True genius."
Name a word or expression that begins with the word "Power."
Name something a fireman always keeps with him at all times.
Besides food and drink, name something the French are famous for.
Name the first bill people pay after they get their paycheck.
Name a place people like to bring a camera.
Name a fear many people have.
Name a job that is hard to do when the weather is bad.
Other than your hair, name something that you shampoo.
Name the most common annoying habit among men.
Name a classic Disney movie parents watch with their children.
Name a specific food you should not eat on a queasy stomach.
Name something that is sold by pushy salespeople.
Besides a cop, name someone who carries a badge.
What is something that can get you labeled "cool" in high school?
Name a piece of information people include in a personal ad.
Name something that husbands think their wives spend too much money on.
What is something people wash their hands after touching?
What vegetable stinks to high heaven?
Name a celebrity who probably had plastic surgery.
Name a food that might get pickled.
Name a U.S. President you would describe as "handsome."
Name a common complaint people have about their boss.
Name an animal you can recognize just by its sound.
Name a place you would find a bell.
Name a food that gets stuck in people's teeth.
Name a Spanish word everybody knows.
Name someone famous for wearing a moustache.
Name a kind of singer.
Name a kind of bag.
Name a four-legged celebrity.
Name something you would see at a county fair.
Name something a prom queen might save as a memento.
Name something you can eat on a bun.
Name something that kids don't take very good care of.
Name a food that a really big guy could eat ten of in one sitting.
Name a computer term that everybody knows.
Name something a doctor carries in his bag when making a house call.
Name something a dieter might do after reaching their ideal weight.
Name a great American that kids learn about in grade school.
Name something people purposely buy damaged so they can get a discount.
According to women: Which male action star is no longer a sex symbol?
Name something wives say they want and husbands say they can't afford.
Fill in the blank: _______ loser.
Name an activity that burns the most calories.
Real or fictional, name someone who has big feet.
Name something most people can't handle more than one of at a time.
Name something you would put on a steak.
Name something you associate with sumo wrestling.
Name a word that starts with "mud."
Fill in the blank: Every girl wants to marry a _____.
Name something a woman needs to be a good mother.
Name the oldest thing in your parents house.
Name a word to describe Lady Gaga.
Name something a younger sister might hide if she didn't want her older sister to go out on a date.
Name the best thing in life that's free.
Fill in the blank: Mel Gibson is not getting older he is getting ______.
Name a part of your body you expect to have problems with when you get older.
What kind of person gets on people's nerves?
Name something you might forget to do in the morning if you did not sleep well.
Name something women fall out of.
Name something you know about Alaska.
Name an animal a man sounds like when he gets excited.
Name something a man might put on belonging to his wife if he got dressed in the dark.
Name something that costs more money if you have a daughter instead of a son.
Name an article of clothing that starts with the word "sweat."
Besides San Francisco, name a U.S. city that starts with the word "San."
Name a fictional character whose name includes the word "little."
What is the biggest party city in the USA?
Name a sandwich that tastes great on a roll.
Name something of yours that, if it could talk, would say "wash me."
Name an actress or actor today that would be perfect to star in a remake of "Psycho."
According to men: Name something you would be lost without.
When you are sick, name something that helps you make it through the night.
Name a kid's game you would be shocked to see old folks playing at a nursing home.
Name something a girl might bring on a date in case the guy is boring.
Name a celebrity who is no stranger to handcuffs.
Name a way you can tell if someone is lying.
Name something a person might cheat on that could get them into trouble.
Name something you turn on at the office.
Who was the most famous "gunslinger" in the Wild West?
Name a specific occupation in which you might have to hurt someone.
Name an occupation that has a lot of "quacks."
Name a movie that women think is romantic and men think is corny.
Name a complaint a man might have about a woman's lips.
Name something a woman is always shopping for.
Name a hairy animal a bald man might train to sit on his head.
According to married women: Name something your husband knows you spend money on but has no idea how much.
Name something that turns black.
Name something people reach for in the middle of the night.
Name something Sandra Bullock achieved in a very busy year.
Name a place people get all wet.
According to men: Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the sexiest fairy tale character of them all?
Name something a cowboy might sell if he was broke.
Name something you would do if your boss' bratty kid squirted you with a water gun.
According to men: Name the most annoying woman on daytime TV.
Name an occupation where it would be terrible to lose your license.
Name something in your home a ghost might turn on and off to scare you.
According to married women: Name something in your home your husband doesn't know how to clean.
Name a gift a woman expects to receive at least once in a relationship.
According to women: "I judge a man by his ______."
Name something around your house that might spring a leak.
Name the first thing someone does when they get home from work.
Name something that might be stolen from your car.
Name a phrase that ends with the word "mouth."
What excuse do people use when they do not return phone calls?
Name something you might put on your armpits if you ran out of deodorant.
Name a food that is crispy.
Name something a farmer has on his farm that he might end up eating.
Name something people like to look at when they are bored.
At what fast food chain do employees wear the dumbest looking uniforms?
Name a movie monster that should have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Name a wild animal that might come into your house through the "doggie door."
Name something that begins with the word "hand."
Name something you might walk out on.
Name a place you go where you don't want to sit behind someone with a big head.
Name an occupation where there is no room for error.
Name someone who is living proof that diets do not work.
According to men: What does George Clooney have that you don't?
Name a part of a baby's body that is chubby.
Name something kids take turns doing when they come from a big family.
Name something that people complain is too dry.
Name something that would be impossible to eat without teeth.
Name a subject you might still struggle with if you went back to high school.
Name something you would find at a laundromat.
Name an appliance that is noisy.
Name something people dump.
Name something a woman loves to see a man holding.
Name an animal you hope you could outrun if it were chasing you.
Name something that starts with "Bottom of the."
Name a famous person with "Taylor" in their name.
Name something that some people just cannot hold onto.
Name something men often carry in their pockets.
Name something you hope people say about you when you are gone.
Name someone or something that gives the Queen of England a big headache.
Name something every wife would like more of from her husband.
Name something you would find in a hair salon.
Name a reason a teacher might suspect a sick note was written by the student and not the parent.
Tell me a man's name that begins with the letter "F."
Name something a small man might buy that is big.
Name a country famous for its pastry.
Name something obnoxious that gum chewers do.
Name a tiny creature which frightens big people.
Name an occupation whose members are linked to scandals.
Name a creature with two legs.
Name something wives do to try to please their mother-in-law.
Name a good habit that little kids are encouraged to develop.
Name something that growls.
Name an occupation many woman fantasize about having.
Name an occupation that requires wearing gloves on the job.
Name something other than a person that could use a facelift.
Name something husbands and wives should take turns doing.
Name a holiday that might be nice to spend alone for a change.
Name the smartest woodland animals.
Name something that is hard for a woman to do when she is pregnant.
Name something you should always try to buy for less than the listed price.
Name something there would be a lot of at a celebrity wedding.
Name a way you can tell a house had been abandoned.
Name a wild animal you would find living in cities.
Name something that might be half-black and half-white.
Name a state where disaster could strike at any time.
Name something you would prefer to do on Sunday morning instead of going to church.
Name something that starts with "the gift of ______."
Name something a church might be filled with.
Past or present, name a TV show about police.
Name a magazine that has a lot of photographs.
Name something that married women might be sick of doing.
What female talk show host do you think is the most annoying to men?
Name a famous woman even Oprah might be jealous of.
Name a popular all-female singing group.
Name something you don't have to ask the boss for if you work for yourself.
Name a televised event that people throw parties to watch.
Name something kids might do for their very first job.
Name something at which many people fail the first time they try it.
Name a bad occupation for someone who easily gets the giggles.
Real or fictional, name a famous dog.
Name a famous woman who seems to intimidate American men.
Which U.S. President has provided comedians with the best material?
When you think of who made America great, which President comes to mind?
Name something you cannot bear the thought of doing when you have the flu.
Name a card game that is difficult to learn.
Tell me something the Queen of England has a lot of.
Name something you would like taken away from CEO's of big companies.
Name a thing that has a host.
Name an occupation where women are muscular.
According to women: What is the most beautiful thing you have?
Name a profession that people get overpaid for.
Name something America is running out of.
Name a foreign language that every President should know.
Name something people put in or on their ears to listen to it.
To whom do you give most of your hard-earned money?
Living or dead, name a celebrity that is a great dancer.
If you put food outside for a stray cat, name another animal that might eat it.
Name something specific you take off when you get home so you will be more comfortable.
What do you think your occupation would be if you had a genius IQ?
What do men and women wear the most during the summer?
Name something in your home you might catch in a trap.
Name a reason that church bells ring.
According to single men: What is the one thing you might want to know when you meet a woman, but do not have the nerve to ask?
Name a holiday that people wear special colors for.
According to men: You should never interrupt a woman when she is ________.
Name something a mother might give the kids more of than a father would.
Name a supply that office managers frequently re-order.
Name something it takes people years to save for.
Name the one thing that parents always say they want their children to give them.
Name a fruit you eat for dessert.
Name something that carries a big load.
Name a specific part of your body that looks terrible first thing in the morning.
In what country do Americans get the best buys when shopping for clothing?
Name an impulse purchase you might make because they are practically giving it away.
Fill in the blank: You may not get a job because the boss does not like your ______.
Name something that has a lot of twists and turns.
Name something a surfer would not want to hit with his surfboard.
Name a product that might be disposable.
Name something everyone has that breaks at some point.
Name something that receives a grade.
According to women: Name a place you'd want a gorgeous man to whisk you away to.
Name something people save because it has sentimental value.
Name something people do to get on their boss' good side.
Name an animal we eat that would never eat us.
Name something that is better when it is hot.
If you walked into a public restroom, name a reason you might walk right back out.
Name a reason why someone might start sweating.
A man divorces after 25 years of marriage. Name something that will be different about dating now.
Name something you would find on the floor of a movie theater.
Name something a woman never wants to see on her face when she looks in the mirror.
Name the day of the week men are most likely to get heart attacks.
Name a job in which you have to question the honesty of others.
Name something people might not want because it is too much responsibility.
Name something that can never be long enough.
Name something that people think is a man's job.
Name something about a person that might cause a judge to give him or her a break when sentencing.
Name the worst thing to fall off of.
Name something that people have "just one more" of.
Name a country that ends with "land."
Name a reason people all over the world want to move to America.
Name an animal sound you hear in a barnyard.
Name something that makes a man feel free.
Name a dream about the future that couples "pillow talk" about.
Name something a woman might want to keep hidden if she lies about her age.
Name a chore that gives people as good a workout as going to the gym.
After a dentist appointment, name something that is hard to do when your mouth is numb from novocaine.
Name something a woman can do in one day to make herself more attractive.
Name something you can do to have a good time when you are by yourself.
Besides his appearance, name something that makes a man seem sexy.
Name a reason you might suspect your friend is pregnant.
Name something in your home you might break if you were very upset.
Name a subject people know lots of trivia about.
Name something a newly divorced man might do for the first time in years.
Name something people buy that begins with the word "Back."
Name something you do every day that you hate.
Name something you are worried you do not get enough of.
Name something absent-minded people are always looking for.
Some men are placing want ads for wives. Name one of the job requirements that might be listed.
Name something that people in every country have their own way of doing.
Name something people use at night that contains the word "night."
What do you do when someone cuts in front of you in line?
Name a worry that causes you to eat non-stop.
Name something people do before getting out of bed in the morning.
What is your favourite part of a wedding?
Tell me something men do to combat hair loss.
Name something you hate waiting for.
Name something you should bring with you on a long flight to make the trip bearable.
Name a specific type of apple.
Besides an inch, name another measurement of distance.
Other than a doctor, name an occupation that makes house calls.
Fill in the blank: A woman should not judge a man by his ______.
Name something a man with a big belly looks like he just swallowed.
Other than money, name a reason you would switch jobs.
Name an animal with a color in its name.
Name a complaint people have about their hairdressers.
According to women: Name something you do to let your man know you are mad at him.
Name something New Yorkers make fun of Californians about.
Name something a person with long fingernails might hurt themselves doing.
Name something you might be holding in your hand at the airport.
What would people be forced to do if television did not exist.
Name something men put off doing for as long as they can.
Name someone who has to listen to problems all day long.
Name something a man should really avoid talking about with a woman.
Name something that will last a long time if you take good care of it.
Name a special feature people look for when renting an apartment.
According to single men: Name something you hate women giving you advice about.
Name something that dries up when it gets old.
Name something you thought existed when you were a child.
Name something your parents still give you.
According to women: What would you miss most if men disappeared from Earth?
Tell me something that comes in pairs.
Name an action star who could use acting lessons.
Name an occupation that might require you to be sneaky.
Name something a husband hopes his wife doesn't tell him to get rid of.
Give me a nickname short people get tired of hearing.
Besides bread, name something people put peanut butter on.
According to women: Name something you would hate to accidentally drop your ring into.
Name something associated with a witch.
Tell me one fact about Bond, James Bond.
According to single men: Name something you would hate to run out of on a date.
According to married women: If you did not cook for your husband, what would he do?
According to married men: Name something your father-in-law is most critical about.
Name a food you buy at a convenience store that looks like it has been under the heat lamp for weeks.
When a child uses a dirty word, name someplace or someone he might tell his mom he heard it from.
Name something people know about Fred Flintstone.
Name something men lose interest in when they fall in love.
Name something miners dig for.
When Paris Hilton was a baby, what do you think her first word was?
Name something you would hate to run out of when you go camping.
Name something most men cannot resist taking a look at.
Name something people worry about whether they are rich or poor.
Name an activity you use your hips to do.
According to men: When you see a woman smiling, name something she is probably smiling about.
Name a celebrity, male or female, who is openly gay.
Which U.S. state do you think has the most beautiful women?
Tell me a reason why a couple might fight on their anniversary.
Name something embarrassing that can happen to you when you go bowling.
Name a job that requires a name tag.
Name something bored dogs do when their owner is gone for the day.
A man can never have too many power tools. What is something a woman can never have too many of?
Name something that can turn itself on.
According to men: Name something a woman would have a hard time going a whole week without doing.
Name a sport where the athletes look like they should be in Weight Watchers.
Name something you would hate to see your cat using as a litter box.
Name a song with the color "yellow" in its title.
Name something audience members do when they hate a movie.
Tell me something people love to catch other people doing.
Name someone you lie to because they cannot handle the truth.
Name a food that you only eat at restaurants because you do not know how to cook it.
Give me another word for "mad."
Name something that Columbus needed to discover America.
Tell me a country that starts with the letter "A."
Name a reason why you might have to cut your vacation short.
Name something people do to make their feet feel good.
Name something you could ask during a job interview that might make the person think twice about hiring you.
What is the biggest complaint that people have about public transportation?
Name a place you wouldn't want to receive a cell phone call.
Past or present, name an educational TV program for children.
Give me a word or phrase that begins with "heart."
Name a job people apply for at a hotel.
Name something about their jobs that teachers hate.
According to women: What do men consider more important than marriage?
When toddlers feed themselves where does most of the food go?
Name a food that has a lot of fiber.
Name something a wife might be desperate for.
Name something people eat that starts with the letter "P."
According to men: What do some women do way too fast?
Name the most famous couple in America.
Name something that people hang up.
Name a bird with a color in its name.
Name something you would find on a hotel maid's cart.
Name a sea creature you should be afraid of.
Name a sport that is criticized for being too violent.
Name a type of junk food.
Name a famous "Willy" or "Willie."
Name something teenagers are embarrassed to be seen doing with their families.
Name something a woman should change after getting divorced.
Name the most germ-infested object in a household kitchen.
Name something in your wallet that has your name on it.
Name something some wives are criticized for doing in the middle of the day.
Name something you spend far too much time doing.
Name something in your house that has faded.
According to married women: Name something a husband better not buy without consulting them first.
Name a place that might have a waiting list.
Name a famous person, living or dead, whose last name is "Collins."
Name a kind of place that is easier to get into than to get out of.
Name something that people twist.
Name something people yell at that cannot yell back.
Name a word that rhymes with "first."
Name something that you can find in the sky that God did not put there.
Give me a word that rhymes with "Pun."
Name America's most famous department store.
Name a sport where people wear helmets.
Name an occupation whose members wear business suits.
Name something a five year old might pray for.
Name an occupation which requires wearing something on your head.
Name a happy occasion when people propose a toast.
Name a sport where you still see athletes playing after they are forty.
Name something people try to keep when they get divorced.
Name an animal which is often used to describe a person.
Name something schools sell to raise money.
Which U.S. city would you most be afraid to live in?
Tell me an animal that has a reputation for being slow.
Name a type of transportation that has less than 4 wheels.
Name a sport that requires running very fast.
Name something that falls from the sky.
Name a famous "Jerry."
In one word describe your feet.
Name a famous judge.
Name something that may be too hot to touch.
Name something you would do if you were imitating a cat.
Name something many people postpone doing for as long as possible.
Name something that has a seat.
Besides buying one, name a way someone might be able to get a car.
Name something you would hate to find out the hotel you are staying in just ran out of.
Name something people sterilize.
Name a popular way for people to exercise.
Tell me a slang word or phrase used to refer to husbands.
If you won the lottery, name something you might go to your job to do.
Name a subject on which people are always giving unwanted advice.
Name one thing about Harry Potter.
In your fantasies, name something you do to your boss.
According to women: Name something your husband hates about your friends.
Name something people do while driving even though they know they should not.
Name something minor that to a teenager seems like a major disaster.
When Batman retires, name something he will probably give to Robin.
Name a kind of place that kids must be reminded to mind their manners.
Name a titled section in a video rental store.
Name a holiday whose true meaning people forget.
Name an occasion or event after which you might be broke.
Name something Chicago is famous for.
Name a sport that does not contain the word "ball."
Name something specific that you turn over.
Name something you might "settle" for even if it is not the perfect one for you.
Name a play written by Shakespeare.
According to married women: What do you do while your husband watches sports on TV?
Name something the family takes turns using.
Name a job where your clothes get really dirty.
Name something you hang in your house.
Besides food and drink, name something that people serve.
Name an occupation where people always ask you for free advice.
Name something you try out before buying.
Name a reason people prefer to live in small towns rather than big cities.
According to college students: Name the one thing from home you miss the most.
Name something your kid could trade with another kid.
In your opinion, which occupation has the most masculine men?
According to women: What is something that makes a man unsexy?
Name something a police officer had to give up when they retire.
Name a place on a man's face he often nicks while shaving.
Name a national holiday where no gifts are exchanged.
Name something the police might use when searching for something.
Name something you had better know how to do if you want to pass the 2nd grade.
Name an animal that many people think of as a pest.
Name something a person might lie about in their resume.
Name a type of fruit you could grow on a tree in your backyard.
Name something an actress has done for her by other people that the average woman might envy.
Name something you would need to make spaghetti sauce.
When someone says they are visiting 'The South,' tell me a state they might be going to.
Name a fruit that lollipops are flavored like.
Name something people know about Bart Simpson.
Name something people use a coupon for.
Name a famous beauty pageant.
Name something kids buy at a college campus store.
Name something a kid in kindergarten might come home with all over his hands.
Name a reason a baby might be cranky that is also a reason some grown-ups are cranky.
Name a character Bugs Bunny has been known to fight with.
Name something a hospital uses to transport patients.
Name a purchase you should consult your spouse about before making.
Name something a news reporter might carry on the job.
Name a company that makes batteries.
Name the most expensive item in an office.
Name something students sell to raise money for a class trip.
Name something in your house you might program to automatically turn on.
Name an American city that foreign tourists love to visit.
Name something a germ freak might take from his own kitchen so he does not have to use the one at a restaurant.
At a fancy party, name something you would expect to find served on a cracker.
Name something on your face that you have two of.
Name a type of shoe you might not wear socks with.
Name a tool a tow truck driver carries with him.
Name a feature on your car that would be nice to have on a supermarket shopping cart.
Name something you might take with you for an overnight stay at the hospital.
Name something you might do when your hair is a mess.
Name something about a person you might describe as "sweet."

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