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All Questions page 107

Name Something You’d Find At The Center Of Fancy Chocolates.
Tell Me A Profession That Works Long Hours.
Name Something Associated With The Movie “The Sound Of Music.”
Name A Phrase On Signs That Starts With The Word “No.
Name Some Reasons Why Teenagers Want To Get Older?
Tell Me A Holiday You Can Live Without
Name Something People Daydream About
Name Something That Might Really Annoy Santa When He Comes To Your House.
Name Something People Mean To Do In Their Spare Time, But End Up Watching TV Instead.
Tell Me A Place Where You Feel The Need To Get Up And Stretch Your Legs.
Besides Coke, Name Another Kind Of Soda.
Name A Dangerous Hobby You Wouldn’t Want Your Partner To Have
Name A Holiday You Might BBQ On.
What Animals Might You See If You Go On An African Safari?
Name Something Most People Bring With Them When They Go To Work
Name Something A Mobster Might Have A Tattoo Of.
Name A Term Or Phrase With The Word “Control” In It.
Name Something That Gets Delivered To Your Door.
Name An Appliance You Avoid Using When People Are Sleeping
Name A City In The U.S. That People Visit For The Holidays
Name Something Kids Play On In A City Park
If Superman Got Old Like The Rest Of Us, Name A Sign That It Might Be Time For Him To Retire
If A Restaurant Was Going Bankrupt, Name Something They Might Stop Giving Away Free.
Name Something Most People Try At Least Once In Their Life.
Name A Type Of Band.
Name Something That A Guy From Memphis Is Probably Better At Than A Guy From New York City.
Name Another Stringed Instrument That A Guitarist Would Probably Be Good At Right Away
Name An Item You’d Expect To Find In A Bathroom Cabinet.
Name Something Shampoo Commercials Claim Their Shampoo Does For Hair.
What Type Of Product Has Commercials That Make You Want What They’re Selling?
Name Something A Rockstar’s Dressing Room Is Probably Full Of.
Besides Clothes, Name Something People Pack In Their Suitcase When Traveling.
Name Something You Do At The Library.
Name One Of The Gifts From The Song “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”
Other Than An Airplane, What Might A Cartoon Character Use To Help Them Fly?
Name A Popular Children’s Food That’s Sold In Cups
Besides A Ring, Name Something Specific A Girl Might Give Back To Her Boyfriend When She Dumps Him.
Tell Me A Way That A Babysitter Knows The Parents Are Nervous About Leaving.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Nervous While Driving.
Name A Word That They Use At A Sporting Event That’s Also Used On Family Feud?
Name Something A Nervous Skydiver Might Do To Distract Himself Before A Jump.
When You Have A Headache, Name Something It Hurts To Do.
Name A Food Served With Melted Butter On It. (Vegetables Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something For Which A Mermaid May Be Jealous Of Barbie.
Name A Flower That Comes In Different Colors
Name A Way You Might Know Your Neighbors Are On Vacation
Name A Place Where Kids Go After School
Name A Room In The House People Like To Read
Name Your Favorite Type Of Girl Scout Cookie
Name Something You Squeeze Before You Buy It
Name A Part Of The Body Where People Sprinkle Powder.
What Would A Pirate Need To Do In Order To Look Presentable For A Job Interview?
We Asked 100 Married People: What Do You Do With Your Spouse That Reminds You Why You Fell In Love?
Name Something You Might Have To Wait For A While On An Airplane?
Name A Popular Elvis Presley Movie
Name Something You See A Lot Of In The Summer.
Name Something A Kid’s Moustache Is Often Made Of
Name An Animal With A Long Tail.
Name A Reason Why Someone’s Voice Might Sound Funny.
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Make You Tell Them They’re Turning Into A Squirrel.
Name A Beverage You Might Drink At A Typical Holiday Party
Name A Drink That Tastes Disgusting When It’s Warm.
Which Type Of Professional Would You Least Like To Get Into An Argument With, Because You’d Never Win?
Name An Occupation You’d Be Surprised To Find A Criminal Had As Their Day Job
Name Something Associated With David Letterman
Name Something You Might Find In The Godfather’s Basement.
Name A Brand Of Car That’s Made In America.
Name Something A Cowboy Wears That’s Made Of Leather.
Where Do Many People Go To Get Advice On Love?
Finish This Sentence: I’d Never Stay In A Hotel That Didn’t Have _____.
Name Someone Who You Wish Didn’t Have Your Address.
Name Something People Shouldn’t Leave Inside Their Parked Car.
Name A Type Of Magazine That You’d Be Surprised To See A Supermodel Browsing Through
What Christmas “Gift” Can You Give Someone, Without Going Shopping?
Name Something That People Go Through A Lot Of Obstacles In Order To Get
Name A Place Of Business That You Would Not Return To After Only One Bad Customer Service Experience.
Tell Me A Food That Has “Hot” In Its Name
Name An Animal That Would Be An Appropriate Mascot For A Team Of Marathon Runners
Name Something That Needs To Be Fed.
If There Were Prizes For Good Boyfriends, What Categories Would They Be Rated On?
Name A Piece Of Equipment That Was Once Considered Modern Technology, But Few People Even Own Anymore
Name A Word Or Short Phrase That Begins With The Word “High.”
Name An Instance When A Parent Might Try To Distract A Child
What Brand Of Candy Bar Would Make For An Unflattering Nickname?
Name A Holiday Song With A Fictional Character.
Name A Piece Of Information That Post People List In Their Personal’s Ads.
Name A Type Of Footwear That Doesn’t Have Laces.
Name Something People Think Rich Folks Do All Day Instead Of Working.
Which Extra Piece Of Clothing Might Wear To A Game Of Strip Poker To Delay Taking Off Your Essentials?
Name Something Specific That Can Smell Like Cinnamon (More Specific Than “Sweets.”)
Name A Place Where You Might See Lots Of Minivans In The Parking Lot.
Name Something You Buy To Save Money In The Long Run.
Name An Item You Might See In A Movie Star’s Home That Wouldn’t Be In Yours
What Kinds Of Things Might People Lie About At Their High School Reunions?
Name A Reason You Might Take Your Child Out Of A Movie.
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Being Tall.
Name An Animal That’s Known For Eating Garbage
Name An Activity Kids Do At Day Camp.
Name Something You Might Bite, But Wouldn’t Eat.
Tell Me Something Your Spouse Does That Makes You Suspect They’re Angry At You.
Name Something Celebrities Do When Their Children Are Born That Most Of Us Don’t Do.
Name A Cliche People Say About Beauty?
What Would Be The Best Thing About Having An Actress For A Mother?
What Might A Teenager Do That Causes Their Parents To Forbid Them From Using The Family Car?
If You Could Be A Rockstar For One Night, What’s The First Thing You’d Want To Do?
Name An Animal In A Pet Store That Probably Wouldn’t Attack Someone.
Name Something People Lie About In An Internet Chatroom.
Name Something People Say They’ll Have Time To Do Once They’ve Retired
Name Something A Child Might Cry Over Losing.
Name Something People Do With A Deck Of Cards
Name An Animal That Has Rough Skin.
Name A Present Most Boys Would Want For The Holidays
Name Something You Need In Order To Be Happy
Name Something A Married Couple Saves From Their Wedding Day.
Name Something That Is Known For Producing A Lot Of Offspring.
Name Something That Gets Delivered.
Name A Type Of Business That You Can Smell Before You See It.
Name A Sign That You Might Be Turning Into A Dog.
Name A Type Of Gymnastic Move Almost Every Kid Knows How To Do.
Name Something People Hate To Find On Their Windshield.
Name A Job Many Husbands Pretend They Don’t Know How To Do, Just To Get Out Of Doing It.
Tell Me A Way You Warm Up Your Hands When They’re Cold.
Name Something Secretaries Might Be Embarrassed To Say They Don’t Know How To Do.
Which Olympic Sport Would A Cow Look Most Funny Participating In?
Name Something On A Baby That Might Be Described As “Chubby”.
Name Something You Associate With Elvis Presley.
Name Something A Country Western Singer Sings About, That A Rapper Wouldn’t.
Name Something You Try To Avoid Getting Sand In While At The Beach
Name Something Of Yours That You Might Someday Change Its Color.
Name A Type Of Makeup That Most Women Don’t Wear On A Regular Basis.
Name Something You Hate To Find When You Open Your Freezer
Name Something Associated With The Cartoon Show “The Jetsons.”
Name Something You Might Hook Up To Your TV.
Name Something A Teenager Has A Lot Of.
Name Something People Do In An Engagement Photo, That They Don’t Do In A Mug Shot.
Name An Ingredient In A Casserole.
Name Something That People Are Bound To Do In Las Vegas
Name Something You’d Be Nervous To Do As An Actress For Fear That You’d Wind Up On A Tabloid.
Name Something People Do With Both Hands.
Name Something That Might Hurt After You Attend A Rock Concert.
Name Something About Hulk Hogan’s Appearance That Is Traditionally Female.
Name Something You’d Hate For Your Doctor To Forget Before Operating On You
Name Something A Professional Baseball Player Might Have A Nightmare About.
When It Gets Chilly Outside, But You Don’t Want To Turn On The Heat, What Do You Do?
Name A Famous Doctor (Real Or Imaginary, Living Or Dead) You Would Not Want To Operate On You.
Name Something A Student Has To Do When Running For Class President
Name A Character That Shows Up In Every Church Christmas Play
Name Something From Childhood That Many People Save.
Name Something You Wonder About An Ex Whom You Haven’t Spoken?
Name Something Found On The Bottom Of A Shoe.
If There Is A Doggy Heaven, Name Something It Probably Has A Lot Of.
If You Go To Sleep With The Windows Open, Name A Sound That Might Wake You Up.
What Would You Hate To Live Next To, Because The Noise Would Prevent You From Sleeping?
Name Someone Whose Orders Should Be Followed.
How Can You Tell One Car Apart From Another Of The Same Model And Year?
Name Something A College Student Might Hide Before His Parents Came To Visit
Name Something Kids Like To Throw At Each Other.
Who Do Many Celebrities Thank After A Win At An Awards Show?
Name Something People Associate With An Undertaker.
Name Something A Housekeeper Should Not Open
Name Something A Teen Might Cover Up So Her Parents Don’t See It.
Name A Book You Carry Around To Impress Someone Else.
Name Something People Do With Their Index Fingers
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Have Cake On Your Birthday.
Name An Actor Who Often Plays A “Bad Guy”.
Name Someplace A Child Goes That Might Be Traumatic The First Time
Name Something That’s More Important To A Teenager Than To An Adult.
Name An Actor Who Looks Better Bald
What Might A Mail Carrier Keep On Hand To Deal With Unfriendly Dogs?
In The Bible, Name A Creature Noah Would Have Had The Hardest Time Capturing Two Of For His Ark.
Tell Me Something In A Teenager’s Room That They Wouldn’t Want Touched
Name Something People Do When They’ve Lost Their Temper
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Starts With The Letter “T.”
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than Humans Do.
Name Something That Changes Every Year For A Kid In Elementary School
Name A Job In Which You Need To Dress Well In Order To Succeed.
Name Something That You Don’t Want Your Dog To Chew On Over The Holidays
Name Something You’d Find On A Cruise Ship, But Not On A Regular Boat
Name Something From The Ocean That You’d Never Find On A Restaurant Menu
Name An Occasion Where Parents Force Their Child To Wear A Certain Outfit.
Name A Sport That Takes Place In The Water.
Name A Toy That Might Be Operated By Remote Control.
Name A Type Of Sandwich You’d Expect To See In New York City.
Name Something A Person Does To Warm Up Their Hands.
If You Were In An Eating Contest, Tell Me The Food That Would Be Hardest To Eat Without Breaks For Water.
Name A Profession Where You Get To Wear Boots All Day
Name Something That Would Be Hard To Steal From A Hotel Room
Other Than Clothing Store, Name A Type Of Business You Find In A Mall
Name Something That A Person Might Change Many Times Throughout Their Life.
Name Something You Wish For While Waiting For The Doctor In An Exam Room
What Might You Find Out About A Man That Would Make You Think He Wasn’t Ready To Commit?
Name Santa’s Biggest Problem
Name Something That Plugs Into Your Computer.
Name The Magazine Cover You’d Most Like To Appear On
Name An Expression With The Word “Kick” In It
Name A Sauce You Put On Meat.
Name Something That Little Girls Do When They Get Together
Name An Accessory That Some People Want In A Designer Brand.
Name A Vehicle That Has A Loud Engine
What Might You See In A Personals Ad That Would Make You Think It Was Placed By Superman?
Which Of Your Usual Bills Increase Over The Holidays?
Name Something In A Woman’s Purse That She Might Lend Out And Not Get Back.
Name Something You Keep In Your Pocket Or Purse “Just In Case.”
Name A Household Appliance You Would Actually Enjoy Receiving As A Gift.
Name Another Word For Kiss
Name An Activity That Involves A Paddle
Name Something In Your House You Could Not Live Without
Name Something Noah Might Have Worried About During His Voyage On The Ark.
Name A Specific Smell From A Diner In The Morning That Makes You Want To Go In
Name A Profession Where An Engaged Woman Might Remove Her Extravagant Ring Before Work.
If You Were Friends With Nancy Drew, What Might You Buy For Her Birthday?
Name A Woman In A Man’s Life Who His Wife Might Not Get Along With.
Name The Best Place To Be On A Winter Night
What Might You Hear In A Weather Forecast That Would Keep You From Going Outside?
Name Something You Expect To See Inside Every Hotel Room
Name A Sound You Hear A Lot Of In A High School Hallway
Name Something People Usually Keep From High School
Name A Reason You Might Suspect You’re Becoming A Martian.
Name A Way You Know You’ve Arrived In New York City
Name Something Both Men And Women Use To Keep Their Hair In Place.
Name An Act Of High School Rebellion That You Can’t Imagine A Kindergartener Doing.
Name Something You’d Never Wear To Work Out At The Gym.
Besides A Camera, What Should You Pack For A Trip To The Rainforest?
Name Someplace You Might Hear An Echo
Name A Grown-Up Activity Kids Do When They’re Playing Pretend
Tell Me How Many Items They Allow In Most Supermarket Express Lines. (Numeric Only)
Name Something People Don’t Like To Start
Name A Word That You’d Probably See In A Vacation Brochure For Hawaii
What Movie Would You Never Watch Alone?
Name A Type Of Fish A Restaurant Might Feature As “Catch Of The Day.”
Name Something You Do To A Chicken Before You Cook It
Name A Specific Place Where It Usually Doesn’t Do Any Good To Argue
Name A Button You’d Find On A Video Camera
Besides Eat, Name Something A Person Might Do On Their Lunch Hour
Name Something That Teenagers Spend More Time Doing Than Adults
Name A Type Of Bread People Order Sandwiches On At A Deli
Name Something That Almost Anyone Can Cook.
Name A Fruit People Put In Cakes
Name A Shakespeare Play Which Was Made Into A Movie
Name Something You Shouldn’t Have For Lunch Right Before A Driving Test
Tell Me Something A Cab Driver Gets Sick Of His Passengers Doing.
Name A Phrase That Begins With The Word “Jump.”
Name A Company That Makes Sport Utility Vehicles
Name A Movie That Wasn’t Nearly As Good As The Book
Name Something That A Germophobe Would Hate To Share
Name Something You Do Before Party Guests Arrive.
Name One Thing People Wear On New Year’s.
Name Something That Gets Delivered By Trucks.
Name Something Your Mother Made You Do That You Would Also Have To Do In The Army.
Name The Hardest Musical Instrument To Learn How To Play
Name Something People Know About Luke Skywalker
Name The Room In Your House That’s Used The Least.
Name Something That Has A Tip
Name Something Specific A Woman Looks At When She First Meets A Man On A Blind Date.
Name Something Embarrassing That Might Happen While You’re Laughing
Name An Accessory That Might Be Sold With A James Bond Action Figure.
Name Someone You Wish Wouldn’t Call So Often
Name A Sport In Which The Athletes Don’t Wear A Lot Of Clothes.
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Cheers.”
Name A Gift A Child May Give To A Teacher For The Holidays
Name Another Word For “Fake.”
Tell Me The Worst Part About Going To The Beach
Name Something In Your House You Wish Were Just A Little Bit Bigger
Tell Me The Latest Hour You Could Drink Coffee Without It Affecting Your Ability To Fall Asleep.
Name Someone Whose Phone Calls You Try To Avoid.
Name Something That’s Taught In The First Grade.
Name Something People Dig Up.
Name A Color You See A Lot Of In Mobster Movies
Name Something A Baseball Player Might Be Holding During A Game.
Tell Me A Street Name Found In Almost Every Big City.
Name Something A Person Uses To Wipe Their Mouth With.
Name A Card Game That Takes A Long Time To Play.
Name An Occasion That A Man Might Propose To His Girlfriend
Name Something You Might Be Asked To Do At The Doctor’s Office
Name The Worst Part About The Lavatories On Planes
Name Something Associated With Donald Trump.
Name Something Specific That Doesn’t Get Cleaned Between Flights On An Airplane
In a large family,what often gets mixed up with that of your siblings?
Name A Sign That A Tornado Is Coming.
Name Something You’d Be Turned Off To Hear Your Date Bragging About.
Name A Famous Character Who Is Never Seen Without His Mask.
Name A Sauce You Wouldn’t Put On Ice Cream.
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear Their Pajamas Outside.
Name A Way You Can Tell That Someone Was Just At The Beach
Name Something People Wear To Protect Themselves.
Tell Me A Place Where It’s Easy To Make Friends.
Name Something A Grown Man Might Be Embarrassed To Admit That He Collects.
Name A Nickname For A Skinny Person
Besides Lights, Name Something In Your House That Wouldn’t Work If The Electricity Went Out.
Name Something Tarzan Might Do That Could Get Him Thrown Out Of A Nice Restaurant
Name Something Every Professional Boxer Needs.
What Might You Find Inside A Book That Tells You It Was Meant For Children?
Name Something You Might Find Under A Rock.
Name Something Parents Think Their Teenage Son Spends Too Much Time Doing.
Name Something A Person Might Read Everyday
Besides chicken,name something you associate with Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Name An Occupation Where You Work In A Studio.
Name Something You Might Do If Your Friend Got Bitten By A Snake
Tell Me A Girl’s Name That Begins With “S.”
Name A Reason A Casino Dealer Might Complain About Someone At Their Table
Name Something Associated With The Wizard Of Oz.
Name Something Cowboys Are Good At.
Name Something You Can’t Do Until You’re A Certain Age.
If A Movie Was Really Terrible, Name Something You Might Do In The Theater To Pass The Time.
Name Something You Use In The Bathtub, that You’d Look Silly Bringing Into A Jacuzzi
Besides Spaghetti, Name A Type Of Pasta.
Name something you might see at a bus stop.
Name A Job Where You Might Have Your Name On The Front Of Your Shirt.
Name Something You Do To Keep Yourself From Laughing.
Name something you don’t want to have happen during a moment of silence.
Name Something A Pirate Has To Take Off Before He Goes To Bed
Name A Job Which Is Busiest In The Summer Time
Name A Position Played In Baseball Game.
Which Style of Music Would Be Least Effective To Sing When Putting Your Baby To Sleep?
Tell Me Something That Responsible Adults Do On A Regular Basis
Name Something A Zombie Might See A Doctor About
Name Something A Kid Might Do That Would Get Them Kicked Out Of A Public Swimming Pool
Name An Advantage Of Working At Home.
Name An Occasion For Which People Often End Up Overspending
Besides Photos, Name Something Someone Would Include In Their Scrapbook.
Name An Occupation Where You Often See People With Stiff, Hairsprayed Hair.
Name Something That’s Expensive Even When It’s In Used Condition.
Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.
Name A Word People Use To Describe Someone Who’s In A Bad Mood
Give A Word Frankenstein Would Use To Describe Himself In A Personal Ad.
Name A Job, Often Depicted On TV, That You’ve Dreamt Of Having Yourself.
Something In A Woman’s Purse That’s Not In A Man’s Wallet.
Name Something A School Might Forbid Students From Wearing.
Name Something You Make For Dinner When You’re Short On Time.
As A House Guest, Name Something In The Host’s Bathroom That You Assume You Can Use
Name Something A Celebrity Might Discuss On A Talk Show
Grey Hair On Older Men Is Distinguished. What Happens To Aging Men That Isn’t Distinguished?
Name A Type Of Pet That People Rarely Take Out Of Their House.
Tell Me A Fictional Character Whose Name Includes The World “Little.”
Name Something In The House That You Might Not Use When People Are Trying To Sleep.
Name a good gift for a lifeguard.
Name A Way Children Submit Their Wishlists To Santa.
Name Something You Do At Home, But Not While Staying In A Hotel.
Name A Household Chore That You Do Your Best Thinking While Doing
Name A Person Who’s Last Name Is “Johnson.”
Name Something About Babies That Makes You Think Twice About Becoming A Parent.
We Asked 100 Women: Name The Item In Your Purse That A Germophobe Would Say Needs To Be Disinfected
Name Something You Eat By The Handful. (Be Specific Candy Is Not An Answer.)
Who Wears A Uniform With Shirt And Pants Of The Same Color?
By What Method Might A Woman Make The Announcement That She’s Pregnant?
Name A Weather Term That Can Also Describe Your Wife.
Name Something An Employee Might Be Scolded About That Isn’t Directly Related To Job Performance.
If Your Local Gym Was Run By 5-Year-Olds, What Classes Would You Take Instead Of Pilates?
Name Something A Truck Driver Might Have To Go Without For A While.
Which Sport At The Olympics Would The Average Person Off The Street Be Most Competitive At?
If A Woman Was To Marry Tarzan, Name Something She Would Have To Get Used To
Name A Design You Often See On Socks, But Not On Sneakers
Name Something Specific You Might Wear To Bed If You’re Really Cold
Name Something You’d Buy If You Wanted To Dress Up Like Fidel Castro
Name A Musical Instrument That Is Soothing.
Who In Your Personal Life Would You Least Expect To Swindle You?
How Can You Tell That Your Date Isn’t Interested In The Movie?
Besides Jewelry, Name Something A Person Might Wear Around Their Neck.
Name Something You Were Afraid To Do For The First Time.
Name Something About Winnie The Pooh That Is Different From Real Bears.
Name Something You Keep In An Ice Chest. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something Specific You’d Probably See On A Brochure For Las Vegas.
Name A Kind Of Cat You Probably Wouldn’t Keep As A Pet
Name A Measurement A Man Probably Doesn’t Know About His Wife’s Body.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To Happen When You’re In The Bathtub
Which Talk Show Host Would You Like To Have Interview You?
At The Grocery Store, Name Something A Kid Is Told Not To Do.
What’s The First Symptom You Get When Starting A Cold?
Besides Pants, Name An Article Of Clothing That Might Be Made Out Of Denim.
Name A Really Long Movie
Why Might Someone Refuse To Use A Swimming Pool?
Name A Place You Wait Where It Could Be Awkward To Make Too Much Small Talk With Others
If You Went Back In Time 10,000 Years, Name A Luxury Item You’d Probably Miss.
If Which Profession Do You Often Find People With Wacky Hair?
Name A Christmas Movie People Are Tired Of.
Name Something Couples Do Months In Advance To Prepare For Having A Baby.
Name Something People Need Change In Order To Pay For.
What’s The First Thing New Parents Buy After Finding Out They’re Having A Baby?
Name Something Specific You Might Borrow From Your Coworker’s Desk That You’re Least Likely To Return
Name something a ballet dancer has that most people do not.
Name Someplace People Go To Help Them Think.
Name A Part Of Grooming That You’d Spend More Time On Before A Big Date.
Name A Child Star Who’s Still Famous Today.
What Might An Overboard Soccer Mom Do At A Game That Causes Her To Be Thrown Out?
Name A Beverage Served At Fancy Restaurants. (Alcohol Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name Something In Your Kitchen That You’d Use As A Musical Instrument.
Tell Me Something You Watch For Out Of Your Plane Window
Name An Animal That Could Probably Beat Carl Lewis In A Race
Name Something People Do To Cure An Aching Back.
Name A Comic Strip You See In Almost Every Newspaper.
According To Commercials, What Product Should A Man Buy In Order To Have Women Flock To Him?
Name Something That Kids Play In But An Adult Would Not.
Name Something Associated With Fabio.
What Might You Find Out About A House That Would Make You Back Out Of Buying It?
What Might You See Out Your Airplane Window?
Where Would You Find An Adult Hanging Out,If He Refused To Grow Up?
Name Something You Hope That The People You’re Housesitting For Have In Their Home.
Name A Phrase That Starts With “Life Is…”.
Tell Me How Many Days It Takes A Man To Grow A Beard. (Numeric Only)
Tell Me The Age That A Girl Stops Telling Her Parents Everything (Numeric Only).
Tell Me The Age When A Girl Should Be Allowed To Start Dating. (Numaric Only)
Name Something You Might Learn How To Do In The Boy Scouts
Name Something A Supermarket Keeps Refrigerated Or Frozen.
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Addams Family.”
Why Might Someone Dislike A Family Feud Question?
Name An Animal At The Zoo You Can Recognize Just By It’s Sound.
Name Something Specific Inside Your Car That You Might Ask The Car Wash Guys To Clean.
Name A Game That You See People Playing In The Park
Besides President, Name A Political Office People Run For.
If You Could Have A Movie Star Narrate Your Life, Whose Voice Would You Choose?
Name A Clothing Designer Who’s World Famous.
Which Class Do Students Take In College Thinking It Would Be An Easy ‘A’?
Name One Of Santa’s Reindeer
Name The Author Living Or Dead Who Writes The Scariest Stories.
Name A Toy Parents Have To Put Together.
Name a food that comes in a box.
Name A Place Where They Always Keep You Waiting.
Name A Place Where You Might Have A Friendly Conversation With A Total Stranger.
Name Something A Kid Might Need To Buy Before Starting A New School Year
Name Something You Put On Before Going Out Into The Snow.
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Partridge Family.”
Name Something People Keep In Their Car For Emergencies.
Which Country Would You Want To Become The 51st American State?
Name Something A Clown Might Be Carrying
Name Something Grown-Ups Have To Do That Babies Don’t.
If You Asked A Six-Year-Old, Name Something They’d Tell You About The Moon.
Name Something Baseball Players Do While They’re In The Dugout.
Who’s An Actor That Hails From Canada,Eh?
Name A Place Where You Nap Just To Pass The Time.
Name Something The Police Use To Identify A Criminal.
Name Something People Give As A Housewarming Gift.
Name A City With A Lot Of Pollution
Name An Actor Or Actress Who Commands A High Salary To Be In A Film.
Name Something You Wish People Wouldn’t Do In An Elevator.
Name A Place Where Beverages Are Always Overpriced
Name Something A Person On A Diet Might Eat For Breakfast.
Tell Me A Part Of A Bicycle That Would Be Tough To Ride Without.
Name A Celebrity Who Is Often Photographed Off-Screen With Children.
Besides The Star, Name Someone That Might Ride In A Rock Star’s Tour Bus.
Name Something Pilgrims Wear
Name A Vegetable That Is Not Green
Name Another Word For Toilet
Besides Toys, Name Something A Kid Might Receive At Christmas
Name A City That Has A Lot Of Hotels.
Name Something You’d See At A Gas Station.
If Madonna Were To Make A Snowman, Name Something She Might Put On It.
Tell Me How Long In Months A Couple Must Be Dating Before It’s Considered “Serious.”
Tell me the average temperature in Fahrenheit at which people set their thermostat.(NUMERIC ONLY)
Tell me an age when girls start thinking about boys.(Numeric only)
Name something about her infant son that a new mother talks about often.
Name something that might be hard to do while pregnant.
Name someone Dorothy met in the Land of Oz.
Other than actor,name an occupation you’d fail at if you had stage fright.
Name something that a woman might wear in bright colors.
Name something people brag about.
Name someone in your life who you hope never writes a tell-all book.
Name something you do at an office holiday party.
What might a wash machine do that would make you get rid of it?
Name something that even adults hate to share.
If someone hates to cook,name a dinner that they probably eat often.
Name an animal that weighs a lot.
Tell me something many wives encourage their husbands to do as they get older.
Name a common potato chip flavor.
Name a job you’d have a hard time doing if you couldn’t type well.
Name something you’d need if you were going to be a private eye.
Name something that gets thrown.
Name a type of business that does best during the summer.
Name something that many women wish their husbands could talk about.
How can you tell that a dog is still a puppy?
Name something you’d put on your table when having a dinner party.
Name a dangerous hobby you wouldn’t want your partner to have.
Name a specific place where you hated to run into a school bully.
Name something you see in every Star Wars movie.
Name something that starts with the word “Instant”.
If your body aches,tell me what a possible cause might be.
Besides clothes,name something the 50 Foot Woman might have trouble finding in her size.
Name a prop you may hold in an “Olde Time” photograph at the fair.
Name something a girl would need if she wanted to impersonate an elderly woman.
Name a fruit that people drink juice from in the morning.
Name a piece of protective gear that only a real klutz would consider wearing while walking.
Name something many people learned to do from their Dad.
Name a profession that would be most difficult to perform while 8 months pregnant.
Name an animal that you wouldn’t want to escape from the zoo.
Name something your wife asks you to do that your Mom also asks you to do.
Name something you do when looking in the mirror that you’d hate to be caught doing if it was a 2-way mirror.
Name someone who has/had many followers.
What do you do when having a bad hair day?
Name a characteristic of a pub that you wouldn’t want for your home.
Name a place where it would be rude to laugh.
In a Secret Santa exchange,what “gifts” might you get from an office thief?
Other than your family members,from whom would you accept criticism?
Name a New Year’s TV host.
Name something associated with Jiminy Cricket.
Name something you associate with Elmer Fudd.
Tell me a piece of information that your neighbors are more likely to know about you than your coworkers are.
Name a specific food that doctors tell patients to cut down on.
Name a U.S. city that begins with the letter “B”.
Name something women do to their hair.
Name a kind of boat that doesn’t have an engine.
Name a place in your house that you don’t bother decorating.
Name something you might do if you heard a burglar in your house.
Name something tourists see while visiting Italy.
Name an animal whose head you might see on the wall of a hunter’s den
Name something you wear that you should never spend more than $20 on?
Name something that Godzilla would crush at Disneyworld.
Name a takeout food a family might have for dinner.
Name another word for “Tired”.
Name a movie character you would hate to be stuck with in a broken elevator.
Name a U.S. city that starts with the letter “P”.
Name a movie featuring a horse.
Tell me something you’ve accidentally dropped in the toilet.
Name something you probably would see in New York’s Central Park.
Name something you might see in a High School shop class.(Tools is not an answer,be more specific)
Name something that’s sold at an airport gift shop.
Name something specific you might have insured.
Name a fish that tastes good grilled.
Name something that takes a long time to dry after it gets wet.(Clothes is not an answer,be more specific.)
Name something campers might take with them for emergencies.
When ordering pizza,name something extra you might ask for.
In the heat of the moment,what might happen that could ruin it?
Name a smell typically associated with Christmas.
Tell me how many months it takes before a dog is house trained.(Numeric Only)
Name A Place That You Need An ID To Enter.
Name A Famous Cartoon Animal That You Wouldn’t Want In Your House If It Was Real.
If You Were Filling In For Santa, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do.
What Should A Spy Avoid Wearing, If He Doesn’t Want To Be Identified By His Profession?
Name The Heaviest Item You Buy At The Supermarket.
Name A Company That Uses An Animal In Its Logo.
Name something you associate with Mickey Mouse
Name Something People Remove From Their Lawn.
We Asked 100 Wives: If Your Husband Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Would Turn Him Into A Monster.
Other Than Swimsuits, Name Something People Wear To The Beach.
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About A Bar They’re At.
What Item Do People Always Keep Inside Their Cars?
Name An Animal That’s Often Described As “Beautiful.”
Name Something Models And Wrestlers Both Do.
Name Something You Would Wan’t To Run Over With Your Lawnmower.
Name Something You Might Do To Make Yourself Feel Cozy After Playing In The Snow All Day.
Name A Reason A Kid Might Get Sent Home From School.
Name Something A Mother-To-Be Might Ask Her Friends’ Advice On Before The Baby Is Born.
Which Activity Would A Celeb Least Like To Be Photographed Doing?
Name Something Your Dog Might Do That Would Make You Think He Was Part Cat.
Name Someone Who Has To Wash Their Hands Frequently.
Name A Modern Device That Older People Have Trouble Using
Name Biggest Event In A Teenager’s Life
Name A Phrase That Starts With The Word “Prime.”
Name Someone Who Wears White Gloves.
Name Something You Did As A 5-Year-Old That You’d Be Embarrassed To Do Now.
Name Something Contagious That Kids Sometimes Catch, But Adults Seldom Do.
Name Something Every UPS Driver Should Have
Name Something You Wear That Might Be Plaid
Finish The Sentence: Hold Your _____.
Name The Month When TV Networks Start Airing Reruns.
Name Something A Small Town May Lack.
Name Something That Begins With The Word “Dirty.”
Name Something Some People Do By Hand, While Others Use A Machine.
Name A Legendary Creature That Would Be A Huge Hit If Featured At The Zoo.
Name Something An Amusement Park Has A Lot Of.
Instead Of Get A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After College.
Name A Food That You Become Very Thirsty While Eating.
Unlike Dogs, Name A Type Of Pet That People Don’t Count On To Guard Their House.
If Or Out Of The Dentist’s Chair, Name Something The Dentist Warns Not To Do.
Name Something You Might Buy For A Golfer.
If You Went Out With Santa Claus, What Might You Do On Your First Date?
If You Played Superman In A Movie, Name Something Specific You’d Have To Wear.
When Drawing A Person, Which Specific Part Is The Hardest To Draw Believably?
Name Something You Might Cut Out Of Your Morning Routine If You Were In A Big Hurry
Name Something A Gardener Might Use On The Job.
Name something a parent criticizes their child for doing too fast
Name Something People Keep Near Their Favorite Easy Chair.
Name A Food You May Find In Someone’s Home Garden.
Name A Job That Ends With The Word “Guard.”
If “American Idol” Had An Animal Competition, Which Animal Would Have The Best Chances?
What Might An Actor Do To Cure Stage Fright?
If A Husband Found Out That His Wife Had A Bad Day At Work, Name Something He Might Do To Make Her Feel Better.
Name Something That You Have To Do Sometimes That Billionaire Has Probably Never Done.
Name Something People Do When They Want To Look Better. (Makeover Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name A Chore People Do Most Often.
Name A Celebrity Who Could Teach A High School Dance Class.
Besides Maple, Name A Flavor Of Syrup.
Name A Board Game That You Wouldn’t Play If You Only Had An Hour.
Name Something A Little Girl Needs To Look Like A Princess.
Name Something People Buy, And Then Don’t Know How To Use.
Name An Animal With Really Long Legs.
Instead Of A Horse, Which Animal Is It Hard To Imagine A Cowboy Riding?
What Is The Worst Thing To Forget On A Camping Trip?
Name A Person In Your Life Who It Would Be Unwise To Live With.
Name A Sport In Which The Announcers Get As Excited As The Fans.
Name A Pubic Place Where You Take Off Your Shoes.
Name A Pet That Makes A Good Holiday Gift
Who Or What Would You Not Want To Meet In The Middle Of A Hiking Trail?
If You Were Stranded On A Tropical Island, Name Something You Might Have To Eat.
Name A Type Of Service Person Who You Never Know How Much To Tip.
Name Something College Roommates Might Argue About.
Name An Animal That Children Are Excited By At The Zoo.
Name An Activity That Could Be Described As “Wholesome.”
If You Wanted To Impersonate Mary Poppins, What Would You Do?
Name Something People Guess The Weight Or Volume Of In Order To Win A Prize.
Tell Me A Name That Could Be Used For Either A Man Or A Woman.
Name A State People Visit During The Winter.
Name The Most Stressful Holiday.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Miss Their Exit While Driving On A Freeway.
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Dad For The Holidays.
Tell Me A Reason Why A Person Might Be Awake At 3AM.
Name Different To Use Left Over Turkey
Name Something You Might Use Bricks To Build.
Name Something You Find On A Fast Food Burger.
Besides numbers,name a button on a calculator
Name Something Hawaii Is Known For.
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Kiss Under The Mistletoe.
Name A Type Of Beverage You Are Allowed To Drink While Driving.
Name Something Specific You Need If You Want To Make Coffee For Your Guests.
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Afraid of Dogs.
Name Something People Put Toothpicks In. (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Name The Best Flavor Of Popsicle.
Besides On The Job, Name Another Life Situation Where You’ve Wished You Had Earplugs.
Besides White Christmas, Name A Song On Big Crosby’s White Christmas Album.
Name A Famous Movie Monster You Might See In A Black And White Film.
Name A Food That It’s Hard To Keep Your Face Clean While Eating.
Name Something A Movie Star’s Kid Might Get As A Birthday Present.
Name Something You’ll Find On The Breakfast Menu, No Matter What Kind Of Restaurant You’re At.
Tell Me A Reason You Exit The Freeway.
Name Something The President Might Say Is Too Long.
Name Something Hawaiians Do To Celebrate Winter
Name Something That’s Often Brought Into A Pawn Shop.
Name A Gift That Most Women Like To Get.
What Animal Would You See At A Farm, But Never Consider Keeping For A Pet?
At The Beach, Name Something That Might Protect You From Sun.
Besides “Biographies,” Which Section Of A Bookstore Would A Memoir About Your Life Belong In?
Name An Instrument That You’d Need To Be Really Coordinated To Play.
Name Something You Can Get From Your Parents, But You Can Change As An Adult.
Name A Subject You Count On Your Partner To Give You Advice On.
Name Something Adults Buy That Can Be Very Small Or Very Large.
Name Something That A Man Teaches His Grandson To Do.
Name Something That Makes You Burp.
Name Something You Need In Order To Make A Garden.
Name Something That Grows On Trees, But Isn’t Fruit.
Name Something That Kids Can Use In A Pool To Help Them Float.
Name A Reason Why A Child Can’t Wait To Grow Up
Name A Punishment That A Misbehaving Kid Might Get At School.
Name Something Besides Food And Drinks That You Can Buy At Starbucks.
For Which Occasion Would You Hate To Forget To Buy A Gift?
Tell Me A Creature That You’d Hate To Hear In Your Room At Night.
Name Something Rude People Do While You’re Trying To Talk To Them On The Phone.
Name A Store Or Type Of Store That Sells Expensive Merchandise.
When Sitting Close To A Date, What Clue Might They Give That They Like You?
Name Something You’d See On The Back Of A Car.
Besides Utensils, Name Something That’s Already On The Restaurant Table When You Sit Down.
Name A Television Star Who Has Successfully Transitioned Into Feature Films.
Name A Reason Why It’s Harder To Get Out Of Bed On Some Days Than On Others.
Name Something A Kid Passes Out To All Of His Classmates.
Name A Way People Try To Stop A Bloody Nose.
Name Something You Do At Least Twice In The Course Of A Long Car Ride With Family.
Name A Good Place To Spend The Day When It’s Raining Outside.
Name A Sign That Your Girlfriend Might Be Turning Into A Cat.
Name Something Teenagers Did In The 50?s.
What Worldly Topic Would You Be Surprised To Learn That Britney Spears And Jessica Simpson Talk About When They’re Alone
Name Something That Could Ruin A Romantic Dinner.
Name Something Teenagers Do That They’ll Kick Themselves For Later In Life.
Name An Activity You Wouldn’t Want To Do In The Rain
Name A Place Where It’s Usually Not OK To Wear Jeans.
Name Something A Craft Lover Would Have A Lot Of.
Besides Coughing, What’s Something You Can’t Stop Yourself From Doing?
We Asked 100 Married People: Name The Thing That Your Spouse Most Often Complains About.
Name A Breed Of Dog That Everyone Has Heard Of.
Name A Word That Begins With “Con.”
Name Something You’d Expect To See In A Boardroom Meeting.
Name Something Sister Borrow From Their Brothers.
Name Something That Might Be Ruined If It Had A Scratch On It.
Tell Me Something You Hate To Discover That You’re Missing A Piece From.
Name A Reason Why You Might Not Participate In Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day.
Name Another Word For “Courage.”
Name Something That Would Keep You From Snuggling Up To Your Spouse In Bed.
Name Something You Expect To See In A Martial Arts Movie.
While Looking For A New Home, What Would You Be Surprised To Find That A House Didn’t Have?
Name A Job That A Clumsy Person Would Be Fired From Immediately.
Name A Famous Store In New York City.
Name A Food You Find Raisins In.
Name The Vegetable That Tastes The Worst When it Comes From A Can.
What Might A Financial Expert Tell You To Put Your Money Into?
Name An Animal That Might Pester You On A Camping Trip.
How Many Credit Cards Does The Average Person Have? (Numeric Only)
Name Someplace You Might Expect To Find A Snake.
What Sport Would Become Disastrous If The Regular Ball Was Replaced With A Bowling Ball?
Name Something That Would Be Annoying For Your Roommate To Forget To Do.
Name A Tourist Attraction That Offers A Great View
Name A Dessert That’s Made With Fruit.
Tell Me Something At A Beach That Begins With “S.”
Name Something You Might Chase If You Were A Dog.
Name Someone You Don’t Want To Get A Phone Call From.
Name Something That Can Stink Up Your Car
Name Something You Need To Bake A Cake.
Tell Me Something That Is Plugged Into An Outlet In A Hotel Room.
Name A Room In Your Home That’s Hard To Keep Clean.
Name Something The Indians Taught To The Pilgrims.
Name A Type Of Tree That Looks Pretty In The Fall.
Name Someplace Where They Sell Cotton Candy.
Name Something That’s Often Sold At A Swap Meet. (Be More Specific Than Junk Or Stuff)
Name Something That Is Folded.
Tell Me The Number Of People Who Can Ride Comfortably In A Van. (Numeric Only)
Other Than Work, Name Something You Often Find Yourself Talking To Co-Workers About.
Name Something You Do To Try And Wake Up Your Leg After It Has Fallen Asleep.
Name A Food Item Typically Associated With Fall
Name A Winter Activity That Makes You Sweat.
Name Something Parents Photograph Their Baby Doing For The First Time.
Name Someone You Wouldn’t Want To See You Nude.
What Do You See At The Olympics That You Might Also See At A Spelling Bee.
Name A Computer Program Or Skill That You Wish You Were Better At.
To Feel Safer At Night, Name Something You Would Go To Sleep With.
Name A Reason A Person Might Complain About A Cup Of Coffee That’s Served To Them.
Name Something That Might Happen If You Had Bad Luck On Your Honeymoon.
At An Awards Show, Name Something Celebs Might Be Doing When The Camera Pans On Them.
How Can You Tell Your Co-Worker Has Started Dating
Name A One Word Card Game
Name A Popular Christmas Candy.
Name Something Everyone Knows About The Dog “Lassie.”
Name A Part of A Fish That Most People Don’t Eat.
Name Something Parents Say Is Too Short.
Name Something People Use To Help Them Find A Lost Item.
Name The Job You Wouldn’t Want To Have If You Worked At The Circus
Name Something People Might Do With A Rental Car That They Wouldn’t Do With Their Own Car.
Name An Animal That Travels In Groups.
Name Something Babies And Puppies Have In Common.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Hear A Six Month Old Baby Has Already Learned How To Do.
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Known For Having A White Beard.
When You’re Stressed Out, Name The Part Of Your Body Where You Feel It Most.
Name An Occupation In Which One Spends His Day Cutting.
Name Something A Husband Might Forget To Take To The Hospital When His Wife Is Having A Baby.
Name Something That’s Hard To Hold Onto
Name A Sport Where Athletes Often Wear Short Shorts
Name Something A Telemarketer Probably Hates About Their Job.
Tell Me Why You’d See An Adult Hiding
Name Something That Probably Drops In Sales In The Winter.
Name Something Women Do While Their Husbands Watch Monday Night Football
Name Something A Ten Year Old Boy Might Ask For
Name A Popular New Year’s Resolution
Name The Most Popular Halloween Masks
Name A Souvenier People Buy At Disneyland
Name A Candy That Comes In Different Colors
Name A Part Of The Body That Often Itches.
Name A Complaint A Circus Clown Might Have About His Job.
Name Something Snow White And Cinderella Have In Common.
Name Something People Do To Keep Warm In The Winter.
Tell Me The Longest You’ve Ever Gone Without Eating.
Name Something You Don’t Feel Comfortable Doing At A Neat Freaks House
Name A Form Of Technology That Some People Refuse to Use
Tell Me Something You Only Do When You’re Sick.
Name A Household Item That You Would Take To A Special Facility To Throw Away
Name a feature that an executive’s fancy office must have
Name Something You’d Like to Have In Your Backyard
Name Someone The Groom Might Not Want At His Bachelor Party
Other Than A Hand-Buzzer, Name Something You’d Be Sure To Buy At A Gag Shop
Name Something Your Mom Always Told You To Keep Clean
Name a city in the United States with a busy airport
Name Something Every Movie Theatre, Fancy Or Not, Has
What Might Someone At The Symphony Do That Tells You They’re Enjoying The Music
Complete This Sentence. I’d Never Date Someone Who had bad ___________ .
Name Something Warm Served At An All-You-Can Eat Buffet.
Name Something A Kid Would Do After School To Make An Extra Buck
Name Something A Person With Extra Long Arms Would Be Good At
Name Something Made with Ginger
Name Something You See Or Hear That Reminds You Of An Ex.
Name The Part Of The Wedding That The Bride And Groom Might Do More Out Of Tradition Than Choice
Name something you’d need to eat a lot of if you needed to gain a quick 10 pounds
Name Something You shouldn’t Squeeze too Tightly
Name Something That’s Sometimes Cheaper To Replace Than Fix
What, Specifically, Keeps You From Getting A Degree?
Name Something A Person Might Do While Playing Cards That Would Annoy Everyone Else At The Table
name a Profession Where You Might Be Fired If You Lost Your Voice
Name A Talent You See Street Performers Doing
Name Something That You Probably Don’t Wash As Often As You Should
Name Something You Might Find In A Kids Lunch Box (Food Is Not An Answer, Be More Specific)
Real Or Fictional Name A Famous Family That Has A Lot Of Kids
Name Something People Do On The Day After Thanksgiving
Name something you might see at the North Pole
Name something you can do to your nose
Name Something People Do For Fun Even Though It Scares Them
Name A Sport That Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Equipment
Name A Specific Food Or Drink That Vendors Walk Around Selling At Sports Games
Name Something That’s Different In Different Regions Of A Country
At What Place Might A Celebrity Get Special Treatment
Name a famous Ghost
Tell me something you’d hate to find on the end of your nose
Name A Color Most People Wouldn’t Want To Paint Their House
Name An Alternative To Turkey On Thanksgiving
Name A Character From The Lord Of The rings
Name Something That People Put In Their Ears
Name Something People Consider A Snack Food
Name a way you might be able to tell a woman is really a man in drag
Name Something That Looks Attractive On A Woman, But Not A Man
If You Were Stranded On An Island, Name Something You Might Do To Get The Attention Of A Search Plane
Name An Organization That’s Only For Females
If You Didn’t Have To work, Name Something You’d Spend Your Life Doing
Name A Pair Of Something You Cannot Wear
Name A Gift That’s great To Give To Children If You Don’t Live With Them.
Name Something You’ll Find On The Breakfast Menu No Matter What Kind Of Restaurant You’re At
Name Something That A Very thrifty Person Would Re-Use after A Birthday Party
Name Something People Look For In Their Dream Car
Tell Me A Place Where You Often Have To Pay For Parking
Name A U.S. State Whose Residents Say “Y’All
Name Something That May Be Found Washed Up On The Beach
Name something a little boy might do that would make you suspect his father is Tarzan
Name Something Your Dog Does Around The House, That You’d Kick A Roommate Out For Doing
Name An Animal A Person With Chubby Cheeks Might Resemble
Name Something A Hotel Guest Calls The Front Desk To Ask About
Name a household item that children turn into a toy
Name Something You Need In Order To Be Popular In High School
Name A Football Bowl Game
Name A Product That Might Be Disposable
Name Something That Both A Dental Office And A Spa Might Have
Name Something You’d See More Of At A Wrestling Match Than A Tennis Match
Name something associated With The Game Show “Hollywood Squares”
Name something a rockstar’s dressing room is probably full of
Name a talent you see street performers doing
Name a tv show with the word “love” in its title
At A party where You Don’t Know Anyone, How Might You Pass The Time?
Name An Activity People Commonly Take Up After Retirement.
Instead Of Getting A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After College
Name a piece of person info that you’d never list on Facebook
Name A Food That Some People Prefer To Eat Burnt
Name A Piece Of Info That May Be Revealed On Someones Coffee Mug
Name Something You Fold, Be Specific
Name An Instrument In An Orchestra
Name Something Your Neighbor Might Ask To Borrow
Tell Me The Title Of A Movie That Used Clay-Motion Or Puppets
Name something you fold, be specific
If Your Cat Went On Strike,Name Something He Might Demand Before Returning To Work As Your Pet
Name A Singer OF Classic Holiday Standards
Name An Occupation Where You Might Work All Night
Name Something A Teenage Girl’s Parents Would Hope Thet Her Boyfriend Didn’t Have
Name Someone Big Bird Might Invite To His Birthday Party
Name Something You’d Find In A Scientist’s Lab
When A Person Wants To Sneak A Cigarette, Where Do They Usually Hide
Name Something A Person Might Reach For At The Dinner Table
Name A Reason A Person Might Pretend To Be Older
Name Something Or Someone You’d See At A nightclub
Name A Cartoon Character That’s Been Around Forever
If Students Ran Schools,Name Some Things They Would Probably Get Rid Of
Name Something You Might Want To Buy If You’re Hosting A Halloween Party
Name A Good Gift For A High School Graduate
Name A Kevin Bacon Film
Name A Public Place Where You’d Expect Married Couples To Show Affection
Name A Pair Of Something That You Can Not Wear
Name Something Many people Buy With Credit Card Instead Of Cash
Name Something That Comes In A Can
Name Something A Kid Might Use To Slide Down The Stairs
Name A Reason You May Not Be Able To Get Home For The Holidays
Name Something That Tastes Better With Salt On It
Name Something That’s Fake On WWF Wrestling
Name Something Romantic You Hope To Still Do With Your Partner When You’re 80
Name Something That People Keep On Their Kitchen Table Most Of The Time
Name An Animal Mentioned In The Song “12 Days Of Christmas”
Name Something That You Would wear To A Wedding In The Dessert
If You Got A New Puppy, Name Something You’d Teach It
Name A Drink That Often Comes With A Spoon
Besides Swimming, Name Something People Do To Stay Cool In The Summer
In The Store, Name A Product That You Might Choose Because It’s Soft
Name Something Associated With John Travolta
Name Something About A Teddy Bear That’s Different From A Real Bear
Name A Food That’s Baked In The Oven, But Can’t Be Cooked In The Microwave
Name A Piece Of Equipment Many Bikers Don’t Use, But Ought To.
Name Something Your House Is Full Of After Christmas
Name A Reason A College Student Would Stay With Their Parents For The Weekend Instead Of Their Own Dorm Room.
Name Something Most Parents have Pictures Of Their Child Doing
Name A Child Actor Who Is Still Acting Or Working In Hollywood As An Adult
Name Something That Is Rude To Do When Someone Is Taking TO You
Instead Of Magazines, Name Something You wish Your Dentist’s Waiting Room Had?
Name A Food Or Beverage You Wouldn’t Consume After It’d Been Sitting Out In Hot Weather
Name A Place That Single People Travel To For Its Party Atmosphere
We Asked 100 Parents: Name Something You’d Tell Your Children To Do First Before Getting Married
Instead Of Get A Job, Name Something A Person Might Do After College
Name A Culture Or Religion That Celebrates A Different New Year Then The West
Which Olympic Sport Would Be Most Fun To watch Live
Name Something A resourceful Person Might Use To Hang A Picture If They Didn’t Have A Nail
Which Color Of Car Do You Think Gets Pulled Over Most Often
Name A Movie Or TV Show about Gangsters
Name A Public Place You Immediately Want To Wash Your Hands Immediately After Leaving
What Might Your Cell Phone Provider Charge Extra For
Name A Club A High School Student Might Belong To
Name Something Grocery Stores Keep In A Glass Case
Name Something That Usually Stops After A Couple Gets Married
What Is The Maximum Number Of Times It’s Okay For Your Partner To Call You At Work
What Is The Best Part Of A 4th Of July Parade
Name Something Women’s Magazines Give Advice On
Name Something A Person Might Do In Order To Stay Attractive
Name Something You Would Do In A Public Restroom That You Would Never Do In Your Own Bathroom
Tell Someone Who Parents Tell Their Kids To Have respect For. (More specific Then “Elders”)
Name An Employee You’d Find At A Fancy Hotel, But Not At A Budget Motel
Name Something You Do After returning Home From A Long Vacation
Name A Specific Item In Your House That’s Too Big To Throw Away In The Trash Can
Name A Place You Would Go With Your Wife Just To Make Her Stop Nagging
What Might Some People Do While Playing Cards That Would Annoy Everyone Else At The Table
It’s Said There Is A Seven Year Itch, After How Many Years Do You Think The Itch really Comes
On Average, How Many Hours Does A Couple Sleep On Their Wedding Night
Name Something Pros Do On A Golf Course, That You’d Look Silly Doing For Mini Golf
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your date To Talk Too Much About
Name Something People Proudly Share On Facebook
Name Something Men Probably Lie About Most
name Something You Carry with You Just In Case, But Hate to Get Stuck Carrying
Name A Complaint A Customer Might Have About A Bar They’re At
You’ve Had A Bad Day, Name Something You’re Told To Do To Make You Feel Better
Name Something A Fan Might Collect From Their favorite Singer
Name A type Of Dance People Do In A Dance Competition
Name Something Babies Do That You Would Be Embarrassed To Have Someone See You Do As An Adult
Name a Meal You’d Never Serve At a Fancy Party
Other Than Food, Why Do You Like Going To A Chinese Restaurant
At which Type Of Place Would You Be Surprised To See A Neon Sign Hanging In The Window
Name something Many People Would Love To Live Next To
What Do Tourists Ride In Or On, That Makes Them Stand Out?
Name something That’s forbidden In Most Swimming Pools
What Is The First Thing You Would Do If You Won A Million Dollars
Name Something Around The House You Might Keep Spare Batteries For
Name An Item Jugglers Often Juggle
Name A Man Women Love Just For His Accent
Other Than A Ball, Name Something That A Baseball Player Gets Asked To Sign
Name Something You Try To Avoid Hitting While Sledding Down A Hill
Name A Place Where A Mom Might Go When She Says, ” I Need Peace And Quiet.”
name A Place You’d Visit More Often If It wasn’t So Crowded There
Name A Print People Wear On Clothing, But You Would Hate As Wallpaper
Name Something Teens May Be Afraid Of When Moving Away To College
Besides The Blade, Name Something You’d Find On A Swiss Army Knife
Name An Occupation In Which Someone With A Baby Face Might Have A Hard Time Providing Their Authority
What Might An Adult Wear That Has His Name On It?
Name a Type Of Document That You Might File And Save For Years
By What Method Might A Woman Make The Announcement That She’s Pregnant
Name A Popular Pick Up Line
Name Something On Your Body That You Wiggle
Name Something A Slob Might Never Clean
Name Something A Magician Might Make Disappear
What Might somebody Do That Would Annoy Fellow Theater-Goers At A Play?
name A Way You Might Be Able to Tell Your Baby Is really An Alien
Name A Specif Food That Someone With High Cholesterol Might give Up
Name A Job Where Employees Must get Tired Arms
Name A Reason Your Bathroom Is Better Than An Outhouse
Name A Term You’d Expect A Poker Player To Know
name something You Often Feel Sleepy while Doing
Name Something You Do In A Booth
name Something A Celebrity Hopes Won’t Happen While On Stage To Accept An Award
aside From Animals, Name Something People Hunt For.
Name An Expression That Ends With The word “House”
Name Something That it’s Hard To Do While Listening To Music
Name Something A Child Might Never Do If They weren’t Forced To
Name Something That often Has Magical Powers In fairy Tales
What Do People Do That Could Get Them Kicked Out Of A Museum
Name A Sport In Which Participants Use A Specific Kind Of Headwear
Name A Pastime You’d Know Someone Has, Just By Looking At Their Shoes
Name A Job Where It Would Be Okay To Yell At Work
If A group Of Senior Citizens Formed A Punk Rock Band, What Might Their Songs Bark About
We Asked 100 Married people: After How Many Did You Know Your Partner was The one?
Name Something That Becomes More Active After Dark
Name An Excuse People Give For Not Seeing Their Dentist
Name A Part Of A Beauticians Body That Probably Gets Tired By The End Of The Day
Name An Animal You Can Teach Tricks
Name Somewhere You Would Look If You Wanted To Find A Spider
Name A Movie Or TV Show That Has The word ‘Diary/Diaries’ In The Title
Name Something Men In Fairy Tales Fight Against, That Real Men Don’t
Name Something You Try To Do before It Starts To Rain
Name Something You Should Never Wear As The Guest At Someone’s Wedding
What Might A Rock Star Do At A Concert Hall That prevents Him Form Getting Hired Again
Name A Specific Place Where You Often Find The Parking Lot Full
Other than Acting, Name A Profession That Celebrity Actors Might Take Up
Name Something A Hobo Does To Pass His Time While Ridin’ The Rails
Name Something A Girl Wants As A Gift That Most Guys Would Never Want.
Name A Food That Comes In A Sugar-Free Variety
Name Something That Young Children Memorize
Name A State Where Leaves Change Color In Fall
Name A Sign You’re At A Really Cheap Birthday party
Name An Instance When You Fake A Smile
Name Something You Can Do At A Bowling Ally, But It’s Not The Reason Most People Go
When Sitting Close To A Date, What Clue Might They Give That They Like You
name A fear parents Have For Their Child, When She Moves Out Of The House
Name Something In the House That YounMight Not Use When People Are trying To Sleep
Name A Spicy Food Some People Love To Eat
Name Something Your Likely To Find At A Fall Harvest Fair
Tell Me Something Your Spouse Does That Makes You Suspect They’re Angry At You
Name A Food That Goes Bad In Your Fridge
Name Something That You Can Tell Is Fake In A Cheesy Movie
How Can You Identify The Bad Guy In A Movie, Even Before He Does Anything Wrong
Name A Place A Housekeeper Usually Forgets To Clean
Name Something You Do In Front Of A Mirror You Wouldn’t Want Anyone To See
Name An Item Stores Probably Have A Hard Time Selling After Christmas
Name Something Millionaires Might Shop For Just For Fun
What Kind Of Gift Would You Get Somebody That Spends A Lot Of Time At The Beach
Name A Christmas Song That Most People Forget Some Of The Words To
Which Mans Name Are You Likely To Hear In A Mafia Movie
Name Something That Gets Described As Cheesy
If You Were Creating The Perfect Small Town, Name A Type Of Business You’d Probably Have At Least One Of
Name Something You Should Always Have Handy In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency
Besides Go On Rides, Name Something People Do At disneyland
No Matter What Your Age, Name Something That Can Make You Feel Like A Kid Again
Name Something Your Spouse Might Get Mad At You for Doing Too Much
Name A Place Where You See More Cops Than In A Jail
Which Former President Would Look Funny Wearing A Dress?
Name something your shampoo promises to do.
Name Something A Child Might Carry Along Everywhere
Name Something A Pilot Tells You On A Cross Crountry Trip That You Bet She Doesn’t Tell Her Kids On The Drive To School
Name A Boring Topic That A Person Should Not Talk About On A Date
What Do Some Women Say About Men As A Reason For Why They Can’t Get Dates
Name an ingredient some people would say makes all food taste better.
Tell Me Something About A Boy’s Appearance That Might Make his Date’s Disapprove Of Him

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