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All Questions page 106

Name Something You Might Inflate
Name A Class That Most Students Take In College But Not High School
Name Something You Are Embarrassed To Do In Front Of People At The Gym
Name Something With A Face
A What Place Would You Not want To Be Seated Next To Someone With An Annoying Laugh
Name an act of high school rebellion that you cant imagine a kindergartener doing.
Name A Place Where You Might Find A Prediction About The Future
What Time Is The earliest You’re Willing To Get Up On A Saturday?
What’s The Worst Thing To Leave In Your Pants Pocket When They Go Through The Wash
If you moved to Los Angeles, what would be the first thing youd have to get used to.
Besides A Loaf Of Bread, Name Something You Might Buy In The Bread Section Of The Supermarket
Name Something Specific A Student Might Do In Oder To Become The Teacher’s Pet
Tell Me Something You Try To Avoid Hitting While Sledding Down A Hill
Name A Place Where Most Americans Go At Least Once For Vacation
Name Something That No Wedding Ceremony Should Be Without.
Name Something You Find Out About A Hotel Ahead Of Time, When Decided Whether To Stay There.
Name Something Politicians Always Say They’ll Improve.
Name something you would hate to find under your bed.
Name Something You’d Hate To Find Had Happened To Your Car While It Was Parked.
Tell Me A Specific Part Of Your Body That You Never Worry About Getting Fat.
Name A Word That You Might See Before Or After The Word “Wax”.
Name Something You Would Pack For Your Stay At A Hotel Made Of Ice
Name A Movie Based On A TV Show Or Skit.
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Wake Up Early In The Morning.
Besides Jelly, What Else Goes Well With Peanut Butter
Name Something That No Wedding Ceremony Should Be Without
Name Something You Might Wear To A Restaurant That Only Served Cereal.
Name Something A Taxi Driver Would Have To Stop Doing In Order To Be A Respectable Hearse Driver.
Name Something You’d Hate To Find Has Happened To Your Car While It was parked.
Name A Reason A Party’s Host Might Ask A Guest To Leave.
What Profession Would You Want Your Mate To Have Just Because It’d Be Useful Around The House
What Should Every Baseball Player Make Sure He Has Before The Game Starts?
Name A Hobby That Some People Can Make A Job Out Of.
Name Something A Man Does That Gets Him In The Doghouse With His wife.
Name A word YOu Might see Before Or After The Word “Wax”
Name A movie Based On A TV Show Or Skit
What Might A Kid Take Along If He’s Planning To Run Away Fro Home?
Tell Me An article Of Clothing Worm By Both Men And Women
Name Something That Prevents You From Seeing For Miles.
What Might A Date Do On Your Answering Machine That Would Keep You From Calling Them Back?
Name An Occupation That Adult Men Still Dream About Having
Name A Sandwich You Can Find In Most delis.
What Do Some People Refuse To Go Swimming Without?
Tell Me Something You Put In An Emergency Road Kit.
Name Something You Think America Or Americans Waste Money On.
Name Something You See In A Room That Tells You A Teenage Girl Lives There.
Besides Music, Name Something You Might Hear On A Morning Radio Show.
Name Something You Try To Avoid Doing When Posing For A Photo.
Name A Food Someone Might Use More Than One Hand To Eat.
During An Argument, What Might A Teen Do That Makes Their Parents Really Angry?
Name A Famous Dog?
Besides Throwing Them Away, Name Something You Can Do With Old Newspapers.
Name An Event A Child Closes Their Eyes For
What Might A Kid Take Along If He’s Planning To Run Away From Home?
After A Cop Pulls You Over, What Might You Try To Do To Avoid Getting A Ticket
Name Something Some People Wear While Mowing The Lawn, But You Wouldn’t
Name A Christmas Show That Is On TV Every Year.
Name Something That Might Physically Happen To Your Body When Scared
Name A Skill That A Person’s Resume Might Claim They’re Better At Than They Really Are.
Name An Occupation That Would Never drive A Small Car.
For Which Items Do People Wait In Long Lines To Purchase At The Holidays?
Which Spooky Halloween Character Would You Hate To Run Into In A Dark Alley?
Name A Cartoon Character Who Would Never Be Chosen To Narrate A Documentary.
Name A Food That A Parent Might Hide Their Child’s Pill In, To Get Them To Swallow It.
Name Something With An Expiration Date Goes Bad Before Use
Name A Hair Color That Isn’t Natural.
Aside From Other Movie Stars, Name A Common Profession For Movie Star Spouses.
Name A Sport In Which Competitors Wear Funny Looking Shoes
What Kinds Of Tasks Do We Now Handle Online That We Didn’t Use To 10 Years Ago?
Name A Subject That Often Comes Up In Family Feud Question
Name A Public Place Where You’re Likely To Catch A Cold Or Flu Bug
Name Something You’d Probably See At A Construction Site
Tell Me A Sign That It’s Time To Enroll Your Dog In Obedience School
Name A Celebrity Chef You Would Want Making You Dinner Every Night
What Was Your Worst Nightmare About?
Name A Type Of Alcohol You Expect Any Bar To Have
Name Something You Don’t Wash As Often As Should
TV Show With Womans Name In Title
Name A Tv Show Past Or Present That Has A Woman’S Name In The Title
Name Someone Specific You’d Be Nervous About Lying To
If You Dyed Your Hair, What Color Would You Hate To Turn Out
Name An Ice Cream Topping That Every Ice Cream Shop Should Have
What Can You Find Out About Person By Reading Their Bumper Stickers?
Product Advertised In Magazines
Finish This Sentence: Since I Got Married, I Have More_____.
Name Something That People Like To Show Off
Tell Me A Characteristic Of A Man Who’s Described As “Distinguished.”
Name Something That Doesn’t Have A Characteristic Of President
Name Something You See A Candidate Doing In TV Campaign Commercials
Name Something You Don’t Buy At Grocery Store With A Long Walk Home
Name Something Your Mother Said Would Cure Ailments
Name Something Your Toddler May Be Doing If She Is Very Quiet
Name Something That Goes “Round And Round”
If Someone Didn’t Trust Banks Where Would They Hide Cash
Name An Event That’s Often Held As A Fundraiser
Name Something That Wedding Ceremony Should Be Without
Name A Function You Have On Your Telephone, That Your Child Doesn’t Have On Their Tin Can Phone.
Which Man’s Name Are You Likely To Hear In Mafia Movie?
Name Something That Gets Saved
Name A Kind Of Doctor.
Name Something On A Car That Lets You Know The Owner Takes A Lot Of Pride In Their Ride.
Name Your Favorite Filling In A Valentine’s Day Chocolate.
Name A Specific Expense That You’d Save On If You Didn’t Have Any Kids
What Do You Find Out About A Hotel Ahead Of Time, When Deciding Whether To Stay There?
What Do You See In Someones Mouth Laughing Don’t Always See
Name Something You Do In The Morning, Before Anyone Else Is Awake
Other Than A Car, Where To Find A Horn
Name Something You Cut Tag Off Before Using
Which Terms For Weather Phenomena Could A Roller Coaster Be Named After?
Name A Cartoon Character Who Has Trouble Pronouncing Words
Name Something Co-Workers Talk About Around The Water Cooler
Name A Magazine You See At Supermarket Checkout Stands
Name Something That Has A Clock On It
Name Something People Spend THeir Tax Returns On.
Name Something In The Car 16 Year Old Should Know
Name Something Associated With A Teenage Girls Sleepover
Which Orchestra Instrument Would Be Most Effective If You Wanted To Wake Someone Up?
What Might You Find Out About Job Not Accepting It
What Might You Find Out About A Job That Would Keep You From Accepting It?
Name Something That Might Be Lying On A Teenager’s Floor
Name A Public Place Where Bathrooms Are Disgusting
Name A Mode Of Transportation That Is Hard Caring For Children
Name Something Dogs Get More Excited About Than People.
Name Something You Find In A Little Boy’s Pocket.
Name A Place You May Keep Your Keys While Swimming
Name Something Many Parents Want Children Learn Young Age
Name Something In Your House You Have Installed
Name Something Guests Do At A Wedding
Name A Reason a Person Might Get Rid Of A Pet.
Name A Good Job For Someone Who Asks A Lot Of Questions.
Name A Place Where You’d Find Colorful Neon Lights
Name The Worst Thing To Lose While On Vacation
Name Something That A Child Often Loses
Name Something A Leprechaun Would Have Made For Himself Out Of Gold
A Mans Name That Is 3 Letters Long
Name A Job That You’d Need A License To Do
Name Something Specific A Teen Might Do That Shows They’re Rebelling
Which Cartoon Character Would Make A Good Athlete If Real
What Might You FInd In A Briefcase That Would Make You Think It Belonged To A Spy?
If Adults Had Fight Like Toddlers Do, What Might Your Spouse Do The Next Time You Disagreed?
Name Something You’D Hate To See The Valet Driver Doing With Your Car
What Might A Date Do In The First 5 Minutes That Tells You They Have Bad Manners?
Name Something A Younger Brother Wants To Do
What Might Someone Do While Sleeping That Tells You They’re Having A Nightmare?
Name Something A Beauty Queen and A Figure Skater Have In Common
Name Something That Makes You Feel Better When You’re Having A Bad day.
Name Something People Do While Watching Fireworks
Name A Slang Expression The Mafia Uses For The Word Kill
Name An Article Of Clothing Never Wear Fancy Restaurant
Name An Activity Where You Wear Gloves
Name A Bad Job For Someone Who’s Accident Prone
Name Something California Has More Of Than Any Other State
Name Something You Wear That Is Invisible
Name Something That You Hate To Get In Your Eyes
Name Something Flashy Movie Spies Have
Name Something More Than Difficult To Do When Driving A Car With Stick Shift
If You Could Describe Yourself As A Shape, Name The Shape You Would Be?
What Might You Put In The Yard If You Had Nosey Neighbors?
Name A Public Place Where Least Romantic To Propose
Other Than Coins, Name Something People Collect
Name Something Embarrassing That Can Happen If You Laugh Too Hard.
Name A Kitchen Item That A Man Generally Does Not Own Until He Is Married
Where Do You Go,Specifically,To Find Peace And Quiet?
What Can Almost Everyone Cook
Name An Article Of Clothing Associated With A Foreign Country.
Name Something That Tastes Better Plain Than Fruit-Flavored
Name An Article Of Clothing That You Wouldn’t Wear To Bed
Name A Piece Of Information You’d Be Surprised To Find On Someone’s Business Card.
A Game You See People Playing In The Park
Name Something Specific That Piles Up Before You Can Get To It.
Tell Me Something You Close Your Mouth To Try To Keep From Doing
Name A Specific Complaint Many People Have About Bosses
Name Something You’d Be Shocked To See A Celebrity Wear On The Red Carpet.
Name Something Not To Run Away From Because It Makes Things Worse
Animal People Think Others Are Crazy For Eating
Other Than Talking, Name Something Shouldn’t Do While Eating
Name Something About Which Many People Have Phobias.
Name A Type Of Party
Name Something Your Child Knows About You That You Hope She’s Not Telling Strangers
Name A Hobby Or Activity In Which You’d Love To Get Lessons From A Pro.
Name Something Octopus Would Be Good At
Name A Reason Why You Wouldnt Answer Door
Name An Article Of Clothing That Many Men Think Women Look Attractive In.
Name Something A Person Might Accidentally Leave Behind In A Taxicab.
Name Something You Do Each Day, But You Never See Soap Opera Characters Doing.
Name Something Men Do Today, But Probably Didn’t Do 50 Years Ago.
What Does A Child Do More Of Once They Become A Teenager?
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Hear That A Celebrity Did For Herself
Name Something You’d Find In A School Lost-And-Found Box.
Name An Animal A Lion Likes To Eat
Name A Reason Why A Woman Wouldn’t Change Her Last Name After Marrying.
If You Requested Hamburger Garbled, What You Get
Name Something A Teacher Can Do To Ruin A Students Day
Name A 2-Word Phrase That Includes The Word “Secret”
Name Something Found At The Bottom Of The Ocean
Name Something You’d Hate To Have Happen While Driving A New Car Home
Tell Me Something That Is Impossible To Do With Freshly Painted Nails.
Name Something Begins With Great
Name A Cartoon Character Who Never Seems To Get Any Older
Name Soemthing You Can Never Find When You Need It
Where Might You Be If You’re Sitting In A Cramped Spot For A Long Time?
Name A Place Where Employees Might Spend A Whole Day Mowing The Lawn
Name A Place Where You Don’t Want Front Row Seats
Name A Public Place That You Can Almost Never Park Right In Front Of.
What Is Something On Your Body That Shows You’Ve Been Hurt
Name Something You’d Never Forget To Do On Christmas Day
Name A Type Of Business That Has Regular Customers
Name An Occupation You Associate With Having A Positive Attitude
Occupation With Positive Attitude
Name Something You’d Expect To Find On A Pirate’s Ship
What Hobby Or Activity Could Cause A Man To Have Missing Teeth?
Which Sports Are You Most Likely To Break An Arm Playing?
Name A Sign The Man You’Re Dating Is A Caveman
Name A Game That Has A Specific Type Of Table
Name Something Specific In A Hotel Handy To Have Camping
Name A Section You’D See At A Book Store
Name Something Women Put In Their Hair
Name Something Specific A Person Might Do During An Argument That Makes Their Partner Really Angry
Name Something Politicians Always Say They’ll Improve
Name A Workplace You Would Get Used To Stress
Place You End Up Spending More Money Than Planned
Name A Place That Gets Crowded At The End Of A Work Day
Name A Specific Type Of Business That Usually Has An ATM Inside
What Do Parents Most Like To Receive From Their Children?
Name Something A Drive-Thru Worker Might Forget To Give You That Would Be Annoying.
Name Something Kids Do Over Their Summer Vacation
Name Something That Both Men And Women Use To Get Ready For A Date
Name Something That Both Men And Women Use Get Ready For A Date
Name A Professional Football Team That’s Named For An Animal.
Fairy Tale Character In Shrek
Name A Color That’s Usually Included In Packs Of Fruit-Flavored Candy
Name A Kitchen Item That Might Be Used To Make Lava On A Volcano Model
Which Class Do Students Take In College Thinking It Would Be An Easy “A”?
Profession Where Talk To Strangers All Day
Name An Event That Would Cause News To Interrupt TV Show
In Movies, Name An Occupation That’s Almost Always Played By Men
How Tell Person Next To You Is Nervous Flyer
Name Something You’d Be Disappointed To Find Your Computer Came Without
Name One Kitchen Gadget Even A Single Guy Owns
Besides Curtains, Name Something College Student Cover Window
Tell Me Who Was At The Door The Last Time You Pretended Not To Be Home.
Name Something Kids Love To Eat That Adults Like Too.
Which Foods Are You Most Likely To Grab For A Late Night Snack?
Name Something A Batchelor Pad Needs
Tell Me A Place You Would Dread Being When Your Laxative Kicks In
Name Something That Even A Very Small Town Usually Has One Of
Name Something You Might See At A Crime Scene
Tell Me An Occupation That A Blabbermouth Would Fail At
Name A Famous Dog
Name Something You Can Use To Get Your Car Out Of The Snow.
Name An Activity Kids Do In The Car That They Can Also Do At Home.
Name Something About A Celebrity’s Life Plastered Magazines
Someone You Hire For A Wedding
Name Something You Do Before You Go On Vacation
Name Something You’D Expect To See A Lot Of In Hawaii
Fruit Often Served In A Bowl
Name A Job Which Might Require Someone To Work On Xmas
Name A Job Which Might Require Someone To Work On Christmas.
Tell Me Something You Might Find In A Nurse’s Pocket.
Name Something You Take Back Home From Your Hotel Room
What Would A Taxi Driver Have To Stop Doing To Drive A Hearse
Name Something Nice Hotel/Motel Might Have In Lobby
Name Something In Your House That You’d Hate To Find Wasn’t Working
Which Items Are Most Commonly Found In A Restaurant’s Lost-And-Found Box?
When You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed In The Morning, Name Something That Gets You Up Anyway
Name Something That A Person Might Ask To Have Signed
Name Something You Would Hate To Find Under Your Bed
Name A Hygiene Product That You Hope Your Office Mate Uses Every Day.
If You Ordered A Pizza With “The Works”, Name A Topping That You’d Expect.
Name A Fruit That You Rarely See Made Into Juice
Name Something A Woman Might Wish Her Husband Had More Of
Name A Food That’s On Menu Of Every Restaurant
Name A Food That People Get Fed In A Romantic Situation.
Tell Me Soap Opera That Describes Your Love Life
What Places Are Most Likely To Get Tagged With Graffiti?
Name Something That A Child From A Large Family Never Has To Their Self
Name Something That Siblings Accuse You Hogging
Name Something A Wrestler Would Probably Never Wear During A Match?
Name Something A Child Might Sleep With
Name A Good Place To Study
Where Do People Usually Seek Parenting Advice?
Name A Musical Instrument That’s Difficult To Play
Name Another Word For A Person’s Brain
Best Way To Greet Friend Without Speaking
What Would You Be Disappointed In A Hotel In Hawaii
Name Something Mom Says That Kids Pretend Not To Hear
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Stay Up All Night
Name An Excuse Someone Might Give To Get Ahead Of You In The Check Out Line
Name Something That Fast Food Rarely Comes Without
Besides Dishes And Utensils, What Else Do You Need To Host A Fancy Dinner Party?
Name Something You Would Hate To Go On A Road Trip Without.
Name Something That Goes Well With A Juicy Steak
Name A Typical Holiday Casserole.
While Vacationing, What Might A Cheapskate Buy As Souvenirs For Her Friends?
Name A Place Where You’d Hate To Get A Case Of The Giggles
Name Something You See A Lot Of When You Look Out The Window On A Long Car Ride.
If You Were An Earth Tour Guide, Which Landmarks Would You Show To An Alien?
Other Than A Bull, Name A Big Clumsy Animal
Name A Stereotype About Teenagers Often Untrue
name A Slender Animal that Wouldn’t Make A Very Good Piggy Bank.
When Traveling In A Foreign Country, Name Something You’d Hate To Forget The Word For.
Name Something No Christmas Party Should Be Without.
Tell Me A Person You Wouldn’t Want See Batchelorette Party
Name A Job You Should Never Apply If You Don’t Like Wake Early
Job You Shouldnt Apply For If You Dont Like Waking Up Early
Name A Job Where You Wouldn’t Take Your Work Home
Name A Male Performer Past Or Present Known For Wearing Outrageous Clothing
Name A Famous Saint
Name A Famous Johnson
Tell Me A City In Which You’d Never Be Bored
Most Important Thing Couple Has To Pick Out For Wedding
If Serious About Camping, Name Something You Leave At Home
Name Something You Would Change If You Could In Your Life
Name Something That An Employer Not Allowed To Ask Interview
Name A Job Aquaman Could Do If He Couldn’T Be A Superhero Anymore
Name Something A Baby Can’t Do On Own At Birthday Party
Name Something That A Person From A Warm Climate Wouldn’t Know How To Do In The Snow.
Name Something Of Yours That You’d Be Angry To Find A Partner Snooped Into
Name A Food On Kids Menu
Name A Winter Sport That You Think Never Add To Olympics
Name Something You’D Hope To See One Of On A Trip To Hawaii
Name Something People Do To Let You Know They’re Bored
Name A Famous Beach
Name An “Extra” You Might Pay More For At The Gym
Food That Made You Nervous
Name Something Related To Finances That It’s Hard To Explain To A Kid.
Name Something A Little Kid Might Tell You About Santa Claus.
Name Something People Do To Help Them Fall Asleep At Night.
Name Something A Trucker Does More Than You Do
Name Something You Do To Calm Yourself After Becoming Very Angry.
If You Were Forming A Relay Race Team, Which Animals Would You Choose For Teammates?
Name A Type Of Animal That Can Be Found In The Cereal Box
Why Might A Cop Who Pulls Someone Over Not Give A Ticket
Name A Vegetable You Would Never Make Juice Out Of
Which Office Supply Is Most Likely Cause An Injury
Name Something People Associate With The TV Show “60 Minutes”
Garment In Dressing Room For Pro Wrestling Event
Someone Who Works With ‘Assistant’
Name Something Most Parents Can’t Wait Until Their Child Starts Doing On His Own
Name Something You Remember About The Tv Show “M*A*S*H”
Name An Animal That A Person Can Be Referred To As
What Do Parents Do As Part Of Their Children’s bedtime Routine?
Name Something You Might See At A High School Homecoming.
Why Might You Have To Stop The Car During A Long Ride?
Name A Word Or Phrase That Has The Word “Key” In It.
Name An Item A Company Might Put Their Logo On And Give Out For Free.
Name A Float You Might See At Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
Name A Celebrity Whose Records In Country Music Museum
Name A TV Show You’d Never Want Your Name Mentioned On.
Occupation You Are Either Loved Or Hated
Name An Activity That’s More Fun To Do When It’s Raining Outside
Name Something In America Slowly Vanishing
Name Something People Lose On Roller Coaster
Name A Gift You Might Buy If You’re A Secret Santa
What Might Some Women Love More Than Their Spouse?
Name Something A Beautiful Woman Might Flirt With Someone In Order To Get
Name Something That An Adventurous Person Might Try While At The Beach
Name Something You Bring With You To A Sporting Event.
Name Something People Might Put On Cottage Cheese
Name A Type Of Music Easy To Dance To
Where Do People Often Go For Their Honeymoons?
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Starts With The Letter “J”
If You Lived In Fairy Tale Land, Someone At Grocery
Which Website Would You Not Go A Day Without Visiting
Name A Complaint An Astronaut Might Have About Living On The Space Station
Name A Country American Kids Visit In Hope Lucky In College
Country That Does Well In World Cup
Name An Accent That Many Americans Consider Sexy
Name Something That College Students Get Stolen From Them On Campus.
Besides Alcohol, Drugs, Or Tobacco, Name Something That People Get Addicted To.
Name Something Two People On A Date Might Share
If Your Husband Could Get One Quality From James Bond, What Would You Want It To Be?
What Do You Find Out About A Person Right Away On An Online Dating Site, But Much Later If You Meet In Real Life?
Name A Place Where Wish People Wouldn’t Answer Their Cell Phones
Name A Place Where A Woman Would Hate For Her Husband To be When She Went Into Labor
Name A Way You Might Know Someone Is In The Secret Service
Which Animal’s Communication Sounds A Lot Like Crying?
Name People Used To Call Women In Old Days
Name A Chore People Had To Do During Colonial Times That We Don’t Do Any More
Name A Vehicle People Drive Makes Them Feel Own The Road
Name An Activity People Do Hawaiin Vacation
Name Something That Can Be Temporary Or Permanent
Name Something You Wouldn’t Miss About Daily Life If You Were Stranded On A Desert Island.
We Asked 100 Women: When You Should Be Focusing On Romance, Name Something Your Mind Is Often Distracted By Instead?
Name A Profession Where You’d Have To Smile A Lot.
Keepsake People Put In Baby’s Scrapbook
Name An Activity For Which People Wear Boots
Name Something That Often Gets Tied Up
Name A Christmas Show That Is On Tv Every Year
If You Commuted To Work By Jet Pack, Name Something Dangerous That Could Happen. Be Specific.
Name Something That A Man Had Better Not Take Along On His Honeymoon
Name Something A Teenage Daughter Parent Hope Fromn Boyfriend
Name Something A Woman Might Want To Cover Up With Makeup
Name Something That Melts
Name A House Pet You Wouldnt Let Sleep End Bed
Name A Food Served In An Elementary School Cafeteria
Name An Extra Something You Add To Your Mac And Cheese To Make It More Satisfying
Name Something You May Have Once Worn With A Work Uniform, But Wouldn’t Wear For A Night On The Town
Name Something You Might See At A Country Western Bar
Name Something That A Person Doesn’t Remember As They Get Old
Name Something A Person Has A Hard Time Remembering When They Get Old
Name A Place Where You May Have To Stand For A Long Time
Color Of Car You Would Never Buy
Name An Article Of Clothing You Can’t Wash In The Wash Machine
What Would You Hate To Learn You Did After Drinking At Company Party?
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want Your Children To Do As You Do?
Name Something You Wear That Never Comes With Pockets
Name Something Almost Everyday Bride Wants At Her Wedding
Name Something That Might Make Your Road Trip Stressful
Name A Reason Why You Might Stay In A Hotel In Your Own City.
Complaint Circus Clown Might Have About Job
Name Something A Person Sitting Next To You At A Bar Might Do To Annoy You.
Name Something An Underage Teen Needs Their Parents’ Permission To Do
Tell Me Something A Grandma Passes On To Her Grandchildren
Which Animal Has The Best Chance Of Winning At The Hurdles?
What,Specifically Might Someone Do When They Walk Into Their Surprise Party.
Where Were You The Last Time You Felt You’d Been Ripped Off?
Name Something On TV That Causes People To Yell At Their Screens
Name Something The Three Stooges Do While Fighting That You’d Be Surprised To See A Pro Boxer Do
Name A Personality Trait You Hope People Use When Talking About You
Name Something Sold Door-To-Door
Name A U.S. City Known For Having Great Weather
Which Christmas Movie Is Played Most Often Over The Holidays?
Name A Breakfast Food That Could Just As Easily Be A Dessert
Name A Food That Usually Comes With A Particular Sauce
Name Something You Might Find On A Person’s Arm
Name The Thing You Most Fear Doing During An Important Job Interview
Name A School Subject That People Often Become Bad At In Adulthood.
Name A Skill That A Person’s Resume Might Claim Than Are
You Use Cheese To Catch A Mouse, But What Do You Use To Catch A Spouse?
Department At A Home Improvement Store
Name Something A Bartender Probably Tired Custmr
Name Something That Spies In Movies Always Carry
Name Something That You’d Want To Avoid If You Wore A Toupee.
Name An Expression That Begins With The Word “First”
Profession That Would Make Women Think Twice About Marrying
Name A Kid’s Movie That Most Adults Have Seen Too.
Name Something People Do At A Bar Besides Drink
Name Something A Disneyworld Character Forbidden Costume
Name Something A Parent Might Miss About Their Younger Years
Name Something Better In The 50?s
Name Something You Might Sign Up For If You Like To Receive Mail
Name Something That Can Make You Look Older Than Your Age.
Name Something A Male Rock Star Might Do To Make Himself Look More Rebellious.
Name The First Thing You Would Do If You Were Stranded On A Deserted Island.
Name The Most Stressful Job To Have On A Cruise Ship
At A Spookhouse, What Do You Do To Make The Experience Less Scary?
What Would Make You Leave Restaurant Before Ordering
In The Movies, Name A Specific Place A Damsel In Distress Might Get Trapped Or Face Danger.
What Profession Would You Want Mate To Have Useful House
Name A Term For Someone Who Thinks Very Highly Of Himself
Name A Food That Comes In Packs Of Six Or More
Name Something About His Job That Santa Claus Might Brag About.
Name Something Your Parents Look For In Your Date, Although You May Not
If You Went On A Camping Trip By Yourself, What Might You Spend The Week Doing?
Name Something A Kid Might Do At The Dinner Table That Would Probably Get Him In Trouble.
Name A Body Part That Gets Clothed In Winter, But Stays Naked All Summer.
Name Something You Would Need If You Were Putting On A Rock Concert.
Name A Cartoon Movie That Makes You Cry Even As An Adult
Besides An Office, Place To Find Copy Machine
Name Something People Like To Listen To Music While Doing
Name A Kid’s Game A Grown Man Would Look Pretty Silly Playing
Tell Me A Question That Twins Are Often Asked
Name A Dessert You Might Not Serve At A Fancy Dinner Party.
Name An Animal Character That Talks In The Movies
Name Something That Lives In The Ocean That Most People Wouldn’t Eat
Name A Famous Woman Who Speaks With An Accent To Americans.
Tell Me A Word People Use To Describe Female Babies But Not Male Babies
Name Something Specific That Takes Longer To Dry, Than To Wash.
Animal Shape In Box Of Animal Crackers
Name A Place Where You Nap Just To Pass The Time
What Occupation Might Someone Have If They Carry A Folder Marked “Top Secret”?
Name Something That A Couple Often Does Once The Kids Have To Move Out
Name Something That You Might Find Around A Pool
Name Something That Usually Comes In Sets Of 12
Name A Reason Your Eyes Might Water.
Name A Reason Your Eyes Might Water
Tell Me Something You Over-Did As A Teenager, That You Can Laugh About Today.
Name One Word That You Always See On The Covers Of Celebrity Magazines
Name Something You Should Always Keep Secret, Even From Your Partner.
What Might You Do After Eating Dinner?
Name Something A Health Nut Order Lunch Without
They’ve Cloned A Sheep: Name A Creature They Should Never Clone Because We Already Have Too Many.
Name Something You Might Be Hired To Do For A Wedding
As Newlyweds Name Something You Disagreed On How To Do
Name A TV Gameshow You Think You Have A Good Chance Of Winning
Name Something That Jocks In High School Don’t Do Same As Their Peers
If You Forgot Your Date’s Name, What Might You Call Them Instead?
Name Something Or Someone At A Nightclub
Name Something More Difficult To Do With Glasses On
Name Something About Rapunzel’S Hair She Might’Ve Worried About
What Word Would You Use To Describe A Very Attractive Person
What Is The First Thing You Would Do After A Fender Bender?
Name Something A Woman Might Complain That Her Husband Never Wants To Do
Name Something Specific Your Partner Did Early In Your Relationship That You Wish They Still Did Now?
What Does Las Vegas Have Per Capita That Other Cities Don’t
Name A Complaint A Pregnant Women Might Have
Name A Kind Of Bell
Name An Animal That Associated With Being Dirty
Name Some Place Where Not Allowed To Make Noise
Name A Place Where You’re Asked To Turn Off Cell Phone
Name A Place That You Wouldn’t Want To Go After Having A Few To Drink
Name Something A Man Wouldn’t Want To Have Happen To Him While He’s Giving A Speech
If There Was A School For Beauty Queens, Name A Skill That Would Be Taught There.
Name A Halloween Costume Adults Wear To Look Sexy.
Name A Pasttime More Respectable Than Watching Tv
Activity People Did More Of Before TV
Name A Food You Cook For Which You Don’t Need To Read A Recipe
Name A Job On Your Feet All Day
Name Something You Need In Order To Get A Great Job
Which Quality Do You Think A Boss Looks For First When Hiring A New Employee?
Tell Me Something You’d Be Reluctant To Buy From A Rummage Sale
After A Week Of Camping, What Luxury Oh Home Are You Most Excited To Have Again?
Name Something A King Has That Other Men Don’t
Name Something A King Has, But Most Men Don’t.
Name Someplace Were You’d See A Lot Of People Gossiping
Which Luxuries Are People Least To Give Up When On A Budget
What Souvenir Would You Bring Back From Hawaii
Name Something A Teenager Couldn’t Live Without
Name Something A Patient Might Do That Would Make A Dentist Complain?
Which Profession is Least Likely To Have A Wild Night Life After Work
Name A Product That People Might Buy Only One Brand Of
Name Something The Doctor Begins To Check As You Get Older.
Name A Food You Eat With Your Fingers
Name Something Specific You Would Not Eat On Diet
Name A Sympton That Would Cause You To Say, “I Think I’m Coming Down With Something.”
If Santa Claus Had A Christmas Party, Name Someone He Might Invite
Name An Animal Or Person Who Might Spend Time In A Tree
Name A Food That Would Be Disgusting To Be Fed ‘Romantically’.
Name A Word Or Phrase Ends In Bone
Name A Drink Or Food That Can Be Eaten Either Hot Or Cold.
What Do College Students Do That Annoys Their Professors The Most?
Name A Fruit That People Might Add To Jell-o
Name A Game People Play At Picnics
A Mistake Determined Never To Make Again
Name Something An Experienced Parent Does Automatically When They Pick Up A Crying Baby.
Name Something In Your House Might Get Broken In Wild Party
Name Something People Associate With “A Christmas Carol” By Charles Dickens.
Besides Ice Cream, Name A Food That Can Be Scooped.
Name A Food Almost Everyone Knows How To Make
What Are Some Things Truckers Might Take With Them On A Trip?
What Traffic Signs Describe Your Life Style?
Name An Animal With Sharp Teeth
Name Something You Associate With Fairy Tales
Name A Male Comedian, Past Or Present, Known Funny Monologues
Name Something You Keep In Your Car’s Glove Compartment.
Name An Inappropriate Place For Couple To Start Smooching
When A Couple Break Up What Might One Want Back
Name The Worst Thing To Have To Share With A Sibling
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Cell Phones
Name A Food That Doesn’t Need To Be Refrigerated
Name A Holiday Food People Plan To Avoid, But End Up Eating Anyway.
Name Something You’d Be Afraid To Do By Yourself
Name A Profession Where People Go Into Strangers Houses
Name Something A Person Does That Slows Down The Checkout Line At The Supermarket
Name Something That, Once You Do It, Neighbors Start Doing It
Name The Worst Part About Riding The Bus.
Name a Rowdy Star Who Might Benefit From Going To Charm School
Name A Country Known For Having Beautiful Weather.
Name Something People Keep Money In
Name The Last Person You Go To For Relationship Advice
Name A Type Of Club
Name Something In A Submarine Sandwich
Name An Odor That’s So Distinct, You Know Right Away What It Is
Name A Movie Based On A TV Show Or Skit
If An Elvis Impersonator Had Rummage Sale, Find?
Name Something You’d See A Lot Of In California
Name Something That People Use Less In The Summer Than In The Winter
Name Something That Can Go Wrong During A First Kiss With Someone
Tell Me Something You Did In High School Still Do At Work
Name Something You Might Find On Top Of A Tall Office Building
Name Something You Might Take On African Safari
Tell Me A Persons First Name Could Be Man Or Woman
Name Famous Gospel Singer
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Not Want Their Phone Number listed In The Phone Book.
Why Might Someone’s Phone Number Be Unlisted?
If You Live In A City, Name Ways To Get To Work
Name Something Kid Takes If Planning To Run Away
If You Lived On Sesame Street, Which Character Would Get On Your Nerves?
Name an Article Of Clothing Worn By Both Men And Women.
Name Something A Family Uses In Their Home A Robot Family Wouldn’t Need
Name Something People Try To Get Out Of
Name An Animal That You See On A Motivational Poster
Name An Animal With A Terrifying Bite.
Other Than A Bar, Name A Place Where It’s Common To Get Hit On.
Name Something You Would Do If You Were A Supermodel
Name Something A Department Store Might Sell Out On A Hot Day
After Getting All Dressed Up, Date Is Taking You
Name A Sport Shaquille O’Neal Look Ridiculous Competing In
Unlike “Honey Bun”, Name A Breakfast Food That Doesn’t Make A Good Pet Name
Name Something You Try To Get Rid Of That Always Seems To Come Back.
Name Something A Police Officer Needs A Lot Of
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Seem Too Immature To Date
Name Something You Might Find In A Hospital
Name A Country That Is Known For Their Beer
Name A Celebrity From Decades Ago, Who’s Still Thought Of As A Style Icon.
Name A Us City On The Ocean.
Real Occupation A Kid Might Idolize Like Superhero
Name A Souvenir People Collect That Has A City’s Name On It.
Name Something Kids Get Away With In Schools Today, That They Wouldn’t Have 50 Years Ago.
What Would You Do In A Job Interview That Would Guarantee You Don’t Get The Job.
Name Something Specific You Often Run Out Of Space To Write On
Reason Someone Might Send You Flowers
Name A Food That Is Chocolate Covered
Name Something You Do Driving But Never On A Driver’s Test
Name A Vehicle That You Can Hear Coming Before You See It
Name Something That Makes An Otherwise Average Person Seem Very Atrractive
Something You’D Hate For Your Date To Be Allergic To
Name Something You’D Hate For Your Date To Be Allergic To
Real Or Fictional, Name A Famous Man With Long Hair
Name Something You Always Forget If You Don’t Write It Down
Name Something You Do More Of When Someone’s Taking A Home Video Of You.
Name A Type Of Professional That You Seldom See Joking Around.
Name Something A Teen Wouldn’t Be Able To Go Without For A Day.
What Grade Were You In School When You Developed Your First Crush?
How Much Does The Average Supermodel Weigh?
Tell Me How Much You’d Expect To Pay For A Bottle Of Wine At A Fancy Restaurant.
In Minutes, How Long Is Your Commute To Work?
How Much Do You Expect To Spend If You’re Taking A Date Out For A Nice Dinner? Please Round To Nearest $10.
Tell Me How Many Times Most Men Get Their Haircut In A Year (Numeric Only)
At What Age Do People Stop Looking Forward To Birthdays?
How Old Were You When You Had Your First Crush
Tell Me How Much A Room At A Cheap Motel Costs. (Use Money Format $0.00)
Tell Me The Age At Which Children Start Buying Their Parents Christmas Gifts.
At What Age Do People Usually Learn To Play Their First Musical Instrument?
How Many Pairs Of Pants Does The Average Man Own?
How Many Times A Mother Changes Newborns Diaper
At What Age Is It OK For A Child To Walk Home From School By Themselves?
Tell Me The Most Number Of People That Could Squeeze Into A Telephone Booth (Numeric Only)
Tell Me The Age When Boys Stop Playing With Stuffed Animals (Numeric Only).
Tell Me Something You’d Hear On The Radio That Would Lead You To Believe That The Host Is Inexperienced.
Name A Type Of TV Show A Man Might Be Embarrassed To Say He Watches A Lot Of.
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Fisherman
Name A Reason A Person Might Wear A Disguise.
Name Something In Your Car That Can Be Turned On And Off.
Name Something You Want To Know When You Run Into A Friend You Haven’t Seen In Years?
Name Something People Carry On Their Shoulders.
Name A Place Where People Are Asked To Rise
Name Something You Might Know Your Partner’s Password For
Name A Country To Which American Jobs Are Being Outsourced
Besides Chocolate Chip, Name A Popular Cookie
Name Something Cats Hate
Name Something People Associate With Niagara Falls.
Name Something People Don’t Want To Do In Front Of Somebody They’re Dating, Until They Get Serious.
Name Something You See Cheerleaders Do That Would Look Strange To See People Doing Otherwise.
Name Something A Camper Does While Camping That He Wouldn’t Do At Home.
Name Something You’d See At A Dog Show, But Not At A Beauty Pageant.
Name Something You’ve Ridden On Only A Handful Of Times In Your Life.
Name A Reason Why Some TV Commercials Are More Irritating Than Others.
Name Something Specific Farmers Grow In Their Fields
Tell Me A Name That’s Common For Cats To Have.
Give Me A Person’s First Name That Rhymes With “Silly.”
Many Hunters Wear Camouflage In The Woods, Name A Pattern You’d Be Surprised To See A Hunter Wear.
Name A Kind Of Ticket People Wait In Line To Buy
Name Something That Your Spouse Has Accused You Of “Stealing.”
If You Were Going To Be A Contestant On Jeopardy, Name A Specific Subject Area You’d Want To Memorize Beforehand.
Tell Me The Worst Thing To Have Break If You’re Stuck In Bed On Doctor’s Orders
Name A Type Of Sport That Might Be Cancelled Because Of Rain.
Name An Occupation Where People Are Paid To Tell Others What To Do (More Specific Than Boss).
Name Something People Like To Drink At Bedtime.
If A Person Is A Driver For A Living What Specific Type Of Vehicle Might He Drive?
Name Something Kids Use For Fun, But Adults Use For Exercise.
Name Something That Causes Your Spouse To Snore Worse Than Usual.
Name Something A Bachelor Might Buy For His Bedroom To Make It More Romantic.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like A Cowboy.
Name Something A Person Might Do With Chewing Gum That Other People Think Is Rude.
What Do People Start Having More Of In Their Car Once They Have Kids?
Which Item Of Clothing Will You Wear More Than Once Before Washing It?
Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Move.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Makes You Feel Like You Can’t Move
Name Something You Hope Doesn’t Happen When Holding Someone’s Baby.
Other Than Drink Coffee, What Do People Do While At A Cafe
Name Something You Hope Your Friend Doesn’t Do When House Sitting For You.
Name Something A Baby Learns To Do Even Before It Can Talk
Tell Me Something That Kids Ride With Ease, But An Adult Would Be Afraid To Ride.
Name A Sport Whose Athletes Wear Hats.
Besides Video Games, Name Another Kind Of Game You Can Play At An Arcade.
Name Something Parents Let Their Kids Do In The Past, That Would Make Them Seem Like Bad Parents Today
Name Something A Family Might Do On Vacation At A Winter Lodge.
Name Something You Do On Christmas And Your Birthday
Name Something A Boy Might Wear That Is Likely To Get Him Kicked Out Of Prep School.
Name A Habit That Would Be Impossible To Hide From Your Spouse
What Is The First Thing People Do If They Encounter A Bear In The Woods?
Name Something A Knight Needs For A Jousting Match
When Wading In A Lake, Tell Me Something You Feel Against Your Feet
Name Something You Buy To Go With A Guitar.
Name Something A Costume Character May Have To Remove Their Head To Do
Tell Me An Occupation In Which It Could Be Disastrous To Fall Asleep On The Job.
Name An Occupation Where Women Are Often Portrayed As Sexy?
Name A Two-Word Term That Starts With “Secret.”
Name Something You Take A Deep Breath Before Looking At
Name Something People Know About Spiders.
Name A Instrument That Can Sound Whiny
Name Something At A Restaurant That Might Keep Getting Refilled
Name An Actor Who Also Has A Rock Band?
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Probably Go Through A Lot Of Sunscreen.
Name Something You Cut With Scissors.
Name A Place Where It’s Hard To Talk Because Of All The Background Noise
Name A Fruit They Put In Ice Cream
Name Something You Might Have To Put Up With An At Outdoor Cafe That You Wouldn’t When Eating Indoors
Name A Place Where You Can Always Find A Taxi
Name Something You Might Drive Over That Would Cause A Bumpy Ride
Name Something A Caveman Might Do To Impress A Cavewoman
Name Someone Bart Simpson Would Block From Becoming His Friend On Facebook.
What Topic Would You See In A Women’s Magazine That’s Never In A Men’s Magazine?
Name Something That Politicians Would Be Better Off Without
Name A Business That You Wish Stayed Open Later.
In Order To Seem Like A “Regular Guy,” Name A Place Where A Politician Might Hang Out.
Name A Good Occupation For Someone Who Likes To Be The Center Of Attention
Name A Type Of Book That You’re Not Expected To Read All Of.
Name The Best Thing That Is Now Available Digital, But Hasn’t Always Been
Name Another Word For “Little.”
Name Something A Woman’s Doctor Might Advise Her Not To Wear.
Besides Passengers, Who Might You See At A Subway Station?
If You Were The Incredible Hulk, Tell Me What Part Of Your Day Would Most Likely Turn You Into A Monster.
Name Something That A Game Show Host And A Good Teacher Have In Common
Name A Food Item A Restaurant Might Offer As “All-You-Can-Eat.”
Name Something A Couple Might Worry About Having Less Of Once They Have Children
Name Something Construction Workers Wear
Name A Shakesphere Character Who Most People Have Heard Of.
Name A Place Where It’s Always Rainy.
Name A Movie Involving An Elephant.
Name Something At A Rock Concert That You Don’t Pay To See, But See Anyway.
Name Something You’d Find On The Cover Of A Novel.
Name A Food That You Rinse Off Of A Dish Immediately Or It Becomes Hard As A Rock
Name A Sign You Might See Posted In A Restaurant.
Name Something You Would Buy A Lot Of When Hosting A New Year’s Party.
Tell Me A Reason Why A Kid Would Not Go Swimming All Summer Long
Name Something You’ve Come To Realize You’re Too Old To Put Up With.
Name Something Every Newlywed Hopes Their Mother-In-Law Will Be Like
Name A Reason You’d Go By A Nickname Instead Of Your Full Name
What Words Do Kids Usually Use To Describe Something They Like?
Name Something A Boy Scout Wouldn’t Need To Start A Fire, But You Do
Name Someone In Her Life That A Woman Might Have A Crush On?
Name Something That You Can Adjust The Volume On
Name A Place Where There’s Often A Line For The Women’s Restroom.
Name A Word Or Phrase That Begins With The Word “Mouth.”
Name Something Football Players Wear For Protection.
Which Type Of Creatures Is Often The Villain In Fairy Tales?
Name A Type Of Profession Where You’d Be The Most Surprised To See Someone With A Tattoo.
Name Something You Are Always Tempted To Steal From The Doctor’s Office.
Name A Professional Who You Hate To Call Because The Bill Is To Expensive?
Name A Food That Can Be Molded Into A Shape
Name An Extracurricular Activity That Parents Say Is Good For A Child.
Name Something Naughty That Children Living In The White House Would Never Be Able To Get Away With
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Look Like The Grim Reaper.
Name Something Of Yours That A Snoop Might Try To Get Access To.
Name Something A Boss Might Ask His Secretary To Remind Him Of.
Name Something That Is Personalized
Name Something A Job Ad Should Tell You About The Job.
Name Something People Do In The Woods That Probably Annoys The Animals Living There
Name A Famous Phrase From The Wizard Of Oz?
Name A Gift That A Very Practical Woman Would Not Be Impressed By Receiving From A Man.
Name Something That Might Be On A Toothpick Inside A Fancy Drink
Other Than Cotton, Name A Material Many Clothes Are Made Out Of.
Which Occupation Would You Expect A Guy Named Poindexter To Have?
Name A Type Of Business That’s Convenient To Have In Your Neighborhood
Name Something Twins Might Always Share.
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who’s Associated With A Lamb
Name A Downside To Being The Youngest Child In The Big Family.
Name Something People Drink A Lot Of In The Summer
Name A Product Door-To-Door Salesmen Used To Sell.
Name A Product Door-To-Door Salesman Used To Sell
Name A Specific Part Of Your Body That The Doctor Might Say To Take Better Care Of
Name Something Mick Jagger Does A Lot
Name A Drink People Put Ice In.
Name Something That’s “As American As Apple Pie.”
Name Something You’re Better Off Spending Too Much Money On Than Too Little.
Name A Person You Wouldn’t Want To Get Tipsy In Front Of.
Name A Fictional Character With Two Identities
Name Something A Teen Might Take Off Before Going To Grandma’s House For Dinner.
Name Something You Wear That Covers Your Ears.
Name Something A Shy Man Might Wear To Hide His Face.
On “Family Feud,” Name Something The Host Asks Players About.
Name A Room That You’d Find In A Mansion, But Not A Regular House
Name A Mountain Range Known For Skiing
Name Something That People Often Write On The Back Of Postcards
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Is Staring At You Over A Holiday Dinner, What Might She Be Telling You With Her Look
Name A Type Of Wave That You Can’t Ride On
Name Something You Might Lose As You Get Older.
Name Something You’d Learn To Do In Your First Swim Class
Name Another Word Or Phrase People Use To Say Good-Bye
Name A Specific Way That You Wish Your Life Were Like A Hollywood Movie
Name A Part Of A Boxer’s Body That Might Be Swollen After A Match
Name A Type Of Party That’s Bound To Get A Little Out Of Hand.
Name Something A Cheerleader Has Lots Of.
Name A Weather Condition That Is 4 Letters Long
Name A Reason Why You’d Wake Your Spouse Up In The Middle Of The Night
Name A Public Place Where You Might Be Spotted Wearing Less Clothing Than Usual.
Name A Food That’s Made From Corn.
Name Something You Might Pay Extra For When Renting A Car
Name A Word That People Use To Avoid Swearing.
Name Something A Real Estate Agent Needs To Do His Job.
Duct Tape Can Fix A Lot Of Things, But Name An Expensive Item That It Would Probably Be Useless To Fix.
Name A Heavy Animal That A China Shop Owner Wouldn’t Let Into Their Store.
Name A Foreign Language That Is Not Usually Offered In High School
Tell Me A Smell Most People Hate.
Name Someplace That Kids Need Their Parents To Drive Them
Name Something At Your Company Holiday Party That Could Lead You To Embarrass Yourself.
Name Something That Supermodels Would Rather Do Without.
Name Something You Might Use A Flashlight While Doing
Name A Good Occupation For A Woman Who Was Head Cheerleader.
Name Something Boy Scouts And Girl Scouts Both Learn To Do
Name Something You Might See In A Hunting Lodge
Name Something You Order At McDonald’s That You’d Never Order At A Fancy French Restaurant.
Name Something You’d Wear To A Roaring ’20s Themed Party.
Why Might A Person Use Stairs Instead Of The Elevator?
What Is The Most Used Room In Most Homes?
Name A Place On Your Body That You Can’t Scratch When It Itches
Name Something Specific People Put Salsa On
Name Something That A Circus Performer’s Parents Would Cringe At Seeing Him Perform.
What Kind Of A Weather Event Makes The Front Page Of The News?
Name A Place A Baby Sticks His Fingers That He’s Not Supposed To
In The Heat Of A Passionate Moment, Which Disney Character’s Name Would Be Hardest To Say With A Straight Face
Name Something That Would Prevent A Person From Becoming A Pilot.
Name Something Doctors Are Always Telling People To Stop Doing
Name A Talk Show You Might Go On To Tell About Your Disaster Wedding.
Name Something Kids Insist On Doing By Themselves Even If It Takes A Long Time.
Name A Piece Of Information That Can Be Found On A Prescription Bottle.
Name A Public Place Where You Undress
What Might A Celebrity Do That Causes People To Criticize Him?
Name Something That Has Bubbles In It.
Name Something That Might Get You To Watch A New TV Show
Name Something An Auto Racer Hopes Won’t Happen To Him During A Race.
Name Something People Use Pins For.
Name Something You Spray On Yourself That Would Sting If It Got In Your Eyes.
Name Something The Government Knows About You, But You Wouldn’t Talk To A Co-Worker About.
Name Something That Would Cause You To Quit Your Job On Your First Day
Name Something A Rock Musician Might Do During A Concert That Would Look Funny For A Classical Musician To Do.
Name Something Snoopy Does That Your Dog Would Not
If Peter Pan Had A Phone, Name Someone He’d Probably Have On Speed Dial.
Name A Type Of TV Show That You Can’t Imagine Having An Audience Laugh Track.
Name A Reason Why Basements Are Often Less Cozy Than The Rest Of A House
Name Something You Might Need If You’re Eating A Lobster
Name Something People “Run” For.
Name A Place Where You Would Not Be Allowed To Chew Gum.
Name An Occasion That It Would Not Be Fashionable To Arrive Late To.
Name A Place Where Someone Might Practice Driving For The First Time.
Name A Magazine Teenagers Buy.
Name An Image That’s Often Used In Ads At Thanksgiving.
Name Something Your Mom Told You Was The Key To A Happy Marriage
What Can You Consult For Directions When You’re Lost?
Where Were You The Last Time You Had A Bit Too Much To Drink.
Why Might A Person Refuse To Remove Their Shoes At A Party?
Name Something A Person Sits Next To On A Hot Day
Name A Reason Parents Might Want Their Kid To Go To A Particular College.
Name Someone Who Might Make A Speech At A Wedding.
Name Something A Housekeeper Uses As Part Of Her Job
Name A Specific Bowl Game That Takes Place During The Holidays
Name Something That Can Make An Ordinary Dinner Romantic.
Name Someone Who Might Work At A Mansion.
Name Something You Can Test In The Store Before Buying It
Name A Creature That, Until It Moves, You Don’t Know Its Head From Its Tail.
Name Something A Student Might Turn On When They’re Studying.
Name Something That Might Have Nuts In It?
Name A Feature TV Sets Have Today That They Didn’t Have 50 Years Ago
When You Were A Little Kid, Where Did You Think Babies Came From.
Name A Part Of The Body That’s Often Sore After Exercise.
Besides A Waiter, Name A Job At A Restaurant.
Name Something You Might See In A Museum About The Old West.
Name Something Specific That Must Be Really Hard For Astronauts To Do While In Space.
Name Something People Do To Make Their Breath Smell Good.
Name Something A Bird Watcher Carries With Them
Name Something People Eat With Chili.
Name A Famous Past Or Present Couple Who You’d Hate To Live Next Door To.
Name Something Cindy Crawford Is Known For
Name A Sport That Can Only Be Played Outdoors In The Winter?
In Order To Solve A Crime, What Does An Investigator Need To Find?
Name The Last Thing You Read On The Internet That You Wish You Hadn’t.
Name Something People Do To Their Hair That Makes Them Look Silly.
Tell Me Something You Would See In A Blues Brothers Movie.
Name Something Dogs Are Trained To Find
Besides Books, Name Something People Read.
Name Something A Goldfish Might Complain About
Name A Place Where Everyone Seems To Be In A Good Mood.
What Do You Do If You’re Eating At A Friend’s House, And Don’t Like The Food?
Name Something You Can’t Be Afraid Of If You Want To Become A Vampire
Name A Situation Where You Wouldn’t Want Someone Looking Over Your Shoulder.
We Asked 100 Wives: Name A Place In The House Where Your Husband Spends More Time Than You Do
Name A Chain Store That’s Put A Lot Of Mom And Pop Stores Out Of Business
Name A Type Of Event That Adults Dress Up To Go To But Kids Would Find Boring?
Name Something You Know About Shaquille O’Neal.
Name Something Karaoke Singers Use For Help, But A Real Singer Shouldn’t Need.
Name Something A Shoe Salesman Might Complain About.
Besides Your Mother, Name A Female Who Told You What To Do While You Were Growing Up
Name Something You Would Do In Front Of Children, But Would Be Embarrassed To Do In Front Of Other Adults
Name An Occasion Where You Might Send Out Invitations.
If You Were Turned Into A Bird, Name Something You’d Have To Learn How To Do
Name A Profession You’d Shoot For If You Wanted To Be Famous.
Name Something A President Probably Has With Him Everywhere He Goes?
What Part Of The School Day Might A Kindergartener Look Forward To?
Name Something Your Physician Asks That Would Be Strange To Ask A Person Who You Just Met.
Name A Fruit That You Might Accidentally Swallow The Seeds Of.
Name A Sound You’d Hear At A Boxing Match
Name Something People Might Buy For Their New Goldfish.
Name A Way In Which Sitcom Characters Are Typically Different From Real People
Name Something A Reality Show Is Incomplete Without.
Name Something A Firefighter Needs A Lot Of
Name Something A Person Might Change After Breaking Up With A Partner.
Name Something Your Spouse Does To Let You Know They’re “In The Mood For Love.”
Name A Profession Where Neatness Counts
Name An Occupation Where You Have To Be Really Smart
Name A Controversial American President
When Traveling Overseas, Tell Me The Ideal Amount Of Time To Be Away From Home
Name Something You Do When Approached By A Salesperson At A Store.
Tell Me How Fast Most People Drive On The Freeway. (Numeric Only)
Which North Pole Resident Is Most Likely To Become Jealous Of Santa’s Power?
How Many Days Does A Cold Last?
Name Something That Gets Rolled Out.
Name Something A Teenage Boy Might Ask His Dad For.
Name Something You Might Do After Your House Has Been Robbed.
Name Something People Do On Ice
Name Something That Might Cause A Real Life Family Feud Among Neighbors.
Name Something That Has Springs In It.
Name A Way You Might Be Able To Tell What Someone Just Had For Lunch.
Name Something That Superstitious People Believe Will Bring Bad Luck.
What Did 100 Wives Say Their Husbands “Always Think They’re Right About” In An Argument?
Name A Specific Quality That Would Make Your Buddy A Bad Wing Man
Tell Me An Activity That Some People Are Told To Do More Of, And Others Are Told To Do Less.
Name Something That Comes In A Bottle
Name Something That You Could See On An Alaskan Cruise That You Probably Wouldn’t See On A Caribbean Cruise
Tell Me Something You Would Let Your Dog Do, But Not Your Child.
Name Someone You Might Tip At A Hotel
Name Something People Do While Telling A Lie That Gives Them Away.
Name Something You Do To Your Lawn That You Would Never Do To Your Wall-To-Wall Carpet.
Name A Way That You Wish Your Life Was More Like Your Cat’s Life
Name A Fruit That Starts With The Letter “P.”
Name A Reason Why Parents Say That Childhood Is Better Than Adulthood.
Name Something People Go To That Might Be Sold Out
Name A Beverage That’s Not Sweet
Name A Famous Male, Real Or Fictional, Who Wears Tights
We Asked 100 Husbands: If Your Wife Had A Personal Assistant, Name Something They’d Be Asked To Do.
Why Might Someone Who Doesn’t Like Reading Go To The Library?
Name Something About Wonder Woman The Average Woman Might Envy
Name Something Ugly That Can Grow On Your Feet
Name Something A Kid Might Do To Get Out Of Taking A Bath
Name A Word That Starts With “F” That Best Describes Your Cat
Other Than Sleep, Name Something You Do While Lying Down
Name A Specific Food That’s Hard To Cook Well, Without Burning
Name A School Supply That You Haven’t Used Since You Were Young.
Name An Occasion Or Place Where You Would Not Admit That You Don’t Like The Food.
Name A Type Of Sauce That You’d Never Put On Pasta
Other Than An Alarm, What Do People Use To Wake Them Up?
Name A Way That People Spoil Their Pets.
Name Something In Your Wallet That Might Be Used For An ID
Name A Baby Farm Animal That A Child Would Probably Want To Keep As A Pet.
Name A Movie About Baseball Players
Tell Me Something A Woman Might Do To Spoil Herself (More Specific Than “Spa”).
What Might A Girl Wear For The First Time To Her Junior High Dance?
Name A Minor Ailment You Can’t Stop Your Body From Doing, But Would Dread Having Happen At Your Wedding Ceremony.
Name Something People Do With Their Dogs That They Don’t Do With A Pet Goldfish.
Name An Activity Some Men Do With Their Buddies Where Wives Aren’t Invited
Name A Reason Why A Student Might Be Moved To The Front Of The Class
If Your Cat Learned To Speak, Name Something It Would Ask For
Which Traditional Dish Would You Prepare For Somebody Learning About American Culture?
Name Something People Put On The Outside Of Their Car.
Name A Patriotic Song
Name A Sport Where Players Lose Teeth.
Name Something That Farmers 100 Years Ago Did By Hand, But Now Do With Machines.
Name A Way People Get To Work In The Morning.
Name A Service A Hotel Provides That You With You Had At Your House.
When Living In An Apartment, Name Something You Can Often Hear Your Neighbors Doing.
Where In Your House Do You Look For Something That’s Been Packed Away For Winter?
Name Another Word For “Ugly.”
Name Something People Take Along To Make A Long Car Ride Go Faster.
What Might You Find In Your Food That Belongs To The Cook?
Name Something You Should Always Carry Extra Of When Flying By Plane.
Name A Department Store Where People Shop During The Holidays.
Name An Expensive Food That You Wouldn’t Serve At A Kid’s Birthday Party
What Might A Bankrobber Wear In Order To Keep His Identity A Secret?
Name Something Oprah Winfrey Has That The Average Woman Admires.
Tell Me A Reason You Might Be Low On Sleep.
Name Something People Do With Pennies.
Name A Job From Which You Would Come Home Smelling Really Good.
Name Something A Deejay Needs To Play A Gig.
Name A Reason Why A Man Might Delay Proposing To His Girlfriend.
Name Something That Might Be Carved Into A Christmas Ice Sculpture.
If You Were Designing An Airport, Name Something You’d Make Sure There Was A Lot Of.
Name Something About You That Has Not Changed As You’ve Gotten Older
Name Something A Pet Might Do To Its Owner’s Shoes.
Name A Specific Occupation Where They Wear Sneakers.
Name A Piece Of Information That Might Be On A Dog’s Tag.
Name Something Kids Look Forward To
What Does A Businessman Use When Making Speeches, But Pastors Don’t During Their Sermons?
Name A Door That You’d Hate To Leave Unlocked Accidentally
What Would You Be Surprised To See A Child Do At A Bowling Alley?
Name Something You Tap.
Besides Your Plane Ticket, Name Something You Can Spend Money On At An Airport
Name An Office Supply That You’d Be Surprised To See On Your Kid’s List Of School Supplies.
Name Something A Driver Might Do When He Sees A Police Car.
Name A Member Of The Celebrity Elite Who Is Famous For No Apparent Reason.
Name A Reason You Might Have To Get A Change For A Dollar
Other Than A Canvas, Name Something That You Put Paint On.
Name An Appetizer You Might Find Served At A Bar
Name Something You Need When You’re Moving.
Name An Animal That’s Usually Not Dangerous, But Many People Are Afraid To Touch
Which Piece Of Playground Equipment Has Probably Resulted In The Most Injuries?
Name Something You Wave In The Air.
Name a profession that would help you be good at solving crossword puzzles.
Name Something A Baby Doesn’t Have That Most Adults Do

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