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All Questions page 112

Name something where the bigger it is, the more it costs.
Name another word for "scared".
Name something your dog would eat if you let him.
Name a part of their own body that people bite.
Name something you do to make your home look occupied while you're away on vacation.
Who do you think is presently the greatest American athlete?
What do you like best about Sundays?
Name a food you sometimes accidentally swallow whole.
Name a quality you admire in others.
Name a word or phrase that ends with "bell".
Name a kind of grinder.
Give me the name of a fad diet that lots of people swear really works.
Name something about you peple might say was "sharp".
We asked 100 married women: Which one of your husband's relatives do you like least?
Past or present, name a singer people listen to when they're feeling romantic.
Name a good place to eavesdrop on people's conversation.
We asked 100 women: Name a place you'd hate to discover you were growing hair.
Name an animal that grunts.
Name a specific gift people give that they have made themselves.
Name something a woman might describe as gorgeous.
If there was a hidden camera at work, name something your boss might catch you doing.
Name an occupation whose members are no better than crooks.
Name something a seven year old takes with him when he runs away from home.
Name a vehicle people can stand up in.
Name something Atlantic City is known for.
Name a trick you do with a yo-yo.
Name a reason the Americans have less money to spend on Christmas this year.
Name something you'd hate to sit on, in a darkened theater.
Name a game kids play in kindergarden.
Name a famous movie director.
Name something people do in their cars if they think no one is watching.
Some people are called "horse faced". Name another animal people look like.
Name something new you just can't afford to buy right now.
Name something you would want to have if you were hunting a vampire
Name a hobby that's traditionally for women, but these days men are doing it too.
Name something you've lost weight for and as soon as it was over you pigged out.
Name a breed of dog that you're doggone nuts about.
Name something people do these days instead of reading books.
Name a punishment kids would love to give their parents.
Give me a Beatles song you think everyone knows.
Name an old fashioned dance where you actually touch your partner.
Name a U.S. city known for having great weather.
Name a way you can tell a person has a cold.
What do you think of when you hear the word, "Bond"?
Name something about their boss that workers make fun of behind their back.
Name a sign that people disobey.
Tell me an athlete that people name their pets after.
Name something people like to keep filled up.
Name something people do with a stick.
Name something a good life is chock-full of.
Name an animal whose breath could knock you out.
Name something a kid hopes he doesn't get for Christmas.
Name something you'd do if you were stuck in a plane on the runway for ten hours.
What do you think is the occupation of a man who's wearing a very expensive suit?
We asked 100 men to complete this sentence: "I just hate spending money on ____."
Name something that starts with the letter "C" that men don't like to do.
Name something women love to share with their friends.
Name something that only works with strings attached.
What's something waiting for you at home at the end of a hectic day?
Name something that only waits for VIPs.
Name another term for a swimsuit.
Name a kind of place that's not much fun to go to unless you have a lot of spending money.
Name something you might get free at a gas station.
Name something that's fluffy.
Name a day to display the flag.
Name something you'd hate to see a spider crawling out of.
Name something a coupld might spend money on for their fiftieth anniversary.
Women can never have too many purses. What's something men can never have enough of?
We asked 100 married women: Name something you almost have to force your husband to spend money on.
Name a movie classic where at the end the lovers go their separate ways.
Name something you've seen people chase.
Name something nobody wants living in their house.
We asked 100 women: Name something you wish your mate would do without having to be asked.
Name something that might be "runny".
Name something a motorcycle cop needs.
Name something pregnant women have trouble getting out of.
Name a man that TV has made very, very rich.
Where would be the worst place to find a bug?
Name something men find it hard to ask for.
Name an activity most husbands would rather their wife keep to a minimum.
Name something a woman pretends to be interested in to make conversation with a man she's interested in.
Name something specific a belly dancer shouldn't eat before she goes to work.
Name something kids make for their parents in nursery school.
Past or present, name a boxing champion who was respected outside the ring as much as he was inside the ring.
Name a reason you might switch doctors.
Name something a person who loses 100 pounds suddenly has more of.
What usually needs fixing in a "fixer-upper" house?
Name something a 10 year old hates more than anything else.
Name something people skip when they're feeling sick.
Other than rain, name a reason a person might close the top of their convertible.
Name something that could go wrong at a dog park.
Name an occupation whose members have a lot of interesting stories to tell.
Name a sign a little kid has been in a fight.
If you spent Christmas alone, name a traditional you might not bother with.
Who is the scariest movie monster of all time?
Name something you're not allowed to carry on planes that you think is ridiculous.
Name something money can't buy.
Name something valuable that people should never leave in plain sight in the car.
Name something that most kids would eat until they ate themselves sick.
Name something women do at least twice as much as men.
Name something it's nice to do in front of a fire.
WOMEN ONLY: Name a way you can tell that a guy is a bachelor.
Name a special day when a man is very proud of his wife.
Name something your seat-mate on a plane might be doing that makes you afraid they know something you don't.
Name something that has a valve.
Tell me how many sick days the average person takes in a year.
When the electricity goes out, name something it's hard to do in the dark.
Which city in America charges the most for parking?
Name something women want to do "before they're too old to do it".
Name something associated with Batman.
Name something a police car has that a normal car does not.
We asked 100 women to complete this sentence: "I can't stand my _____."
Name something with a ribbon.
Name something that has a horn.
Everyone wants the best for their kids; specifically the best what?
Name something people grope for in the dark.
Name something a person wishes he could fit into his cubicle at work.
Name a machine that lifts you up.
Name something you can no longer carry on to a plane.
Name something people do to maintain their lawn.
Name something you can often hear, when it's very quiet in church.
Name a kind of place where you see people constantly checking the time.
Name a type of vehicle that makes frequent stops.
Name a movie about a bride.
Name a decision people make that will affect their entire life.
Name something you'd hate to hit while playing golf.
Name a place in the house where sleeping dogs lie.
Name an activity people might do on a Hawaiian vacation.
In these recessionary times, name an inexpensive food that many people have for dinner.
Name something people do to prevent wrinkles.
What do airline passengers do when they're stuck on a runway for hours?
Name someone who does your bragging for you.
What was your proudest achievement when you were a child?
Name a famous singer whose performances really create a "stir".
Name something that needs time to warm-up.
Name something Japanese that Americans love.
Name something people lose when they're not paying attention.
Even though is taste good, name a downside to eating peanut butter.
Name something you'd hate to drop if you were holding it.
Name an activity that could cause a heart attack.
Roses are red, violets are blue, tell me a poet who's famous to you.
Name a gift teenagers enjoy receiving.
Name the first thing a newly-married couple fights about.
Name a pet that doesn't live very long.
People move to California for the weather. Name a reason they move away.
Name a place where the men tend to outnumber the women.
Name a medical condition that ends in "itis".
Name an occupation in which you might have to act as a part-time shrink to your customers.
We asked 100 women: If you were to walk out on your husband, where would you go?
Tell me something about "Snow White".
Name something that some parents are very strict about, while other parents are very lenient.
People are always complaining about taxes; Name something our taxes pay for, that you approve of.
Name something Regis Philbin talks about that makes Kelly Ripa's eyes glaze over.
Name something that wakes you when you're camping out.
Name a piece of equipment a plastic surgeon might use if he was going to give Mount Rushmore a face-lift.
Name a trick kids use to make the veggies on their plates disappear.
Name something you'd hate discover you didn't have a clean one of, in the whole house.
Give me an expression that has the word "out" in it.
Name something that people like to do at night at the beach.
Name something dogs do to get acquainted that you'd never see people do.
Name someone in your life you've had to prove yourself to.
What would you trust your husband to fix around the house.
Give me another word for a "mistake".
Name something people criticize about Dr. Phil.
Name a reason kids love summer.
Name a food you could still eat even if you had no teeth.
Name an expression that contains the word "wheel".
Name one athlete you'd really love to meet.
Besides a Tyrannosaurus, name a type of dinosaur kids learn about in school.
Name a comedian who has, or had, a TV series. (full names)
Name something a person owns that reflects their personality.
Name somewhere you would go if you were a fugitive from the law.
Name a place where a lot of people wear sunglasses.
Name something you know about the Earth.
Name an occasion a woman thinks is important and a man thinks is a nuisance.
Name a famous Scott or Scottie.
Name a U.S. President you would describe as "handsome".
Give me a fruit or vegetable that is purple.
Name something that ends with the word "code".
Name something you worry you won't have money for.
Name a public place you wish people wouldn't take their dogs.
Name something people always have to cut.
Name something in your home that has to be replaced every few years.
Name something you can do while riding in a motor home that you can't do in a car.
Name an occupation in which you're likely to come home physically exhausted.
Name a breed of dog that needs doggie downers?
Name the country you think the most people come to America from.
We asked 100 women: Name a complaint you have about pantyhose.
Name the hippest city in the world.
Name something a man needs to really enjoy a football game.
Name something a woman does when she turns fifty.
Name something people buy where "bigger is better".
Name a tool in your garage that best describes your parenting skills.
Name something you could do in the waiting room of a hospital to pass the time.
Name an occupation that's not for the squeamish.
Name a place people go when they're troubled.
Name something people take with them to the basement when a tornado is coming.
Name something that makes the "fun" house in the neighbourhood so much fun.
Name something you should never buy without testing it first.
Name a good snack to have at a poker game.
Name a location where you had your first kiss.
Name something in bed you might fall asleep while holding.
In a large family, name something kids have to wait longer for.
Name an animal in the cat family that you would never keep as a pet.
Name something a person wearing a top hat would also probably be wearing.
Name an Olympic event in which speed is not important.
Name something a pet-owner might wish their cat did less of.
If King Kong were put in a zoo, name something the zoo would need.
Name something most people know about Lucille Ball.
Name something you associate with Bill Cosby.
Name your favorite flavor of Cambell's soup.
Name something specific that you'd love to wake up to the smell of.
Name a food that people give as gifts during the holidays.
Name something specific people skip.
Name something a reporter wouldn't want to happen while on air live.
Name something that a fisherman might keep in his garage.
Name a spy movie without James Bond in it.
Tell me a person you address using sir or ma'am.
Tell me something that you'd never consider eating without salt.
Name something that never lasts as long as you hope it would.
Name something an accountant might do the day after taxes are due.
Name a costume adults like to wear on Halloween.
Name something people might regret doing to their body.
Name a popular flavor of tea to drink when you have a cold.
Name a dance that you'd never see someone do at a dance club.
What is something you might do ahead of time to prepare for your high school reunion?
Name a profession in which you'd often go into strangers' houses.
What do many people think will change about their partner once they get married?
If Batman got put in jail, name the last person he woud call to bail him out.
Name a magazine that you wish your life was more like the pages of.
Name the age that a male would no longer like to be called a "boy."
We asked 100 wives: If you could be single again for one day, name something you'd do.
Name a snack food that has cream in the middle.
Name something an accountant stocks up on for tax season.
Name a chore that you try to get done before the rain comes.
Name the heaviest thing in your house.
If a 10-year-old became president, what's the first thing they would outlaw?
Name something you do to avoid smelling an odor.
On a scale from 1-10, how bad does your headache have to be before you call in sick to work?
Name something dogs hate having done to them.
Name an occupation in which a man would probably have to wear a tie every day.
Name something that might have a cherry on or in it.
Name something you might log onto the Internet to check everyday.
Name something people put on their cat for a silly photo.
Name something you do to keep your cool when you're upset.
Name something you can find out about a plane flight just by looking at an airport monitor.
Name a reason you might want to change seats on a plane.
Name something a stay-at-home parent might miss about working a regular job.
Name something a woman might ask her husband to get rid of once they have kids.
Name something you need to play Trivial Pursuit.
Name a reason you might be annoyed at the person sitting next to you on a plane.
If you were driving someone else's car, name something that would be hard to get used to.
Name a part of the body that doesn't get sunburned.
How many movies do you see in a theater in one year?
Name something you wear that you don't replace or buy new very often.
Name something you peel. (BE MORE SPECIFIC than FRUIT)
Name an instance where a teenager might get sweaty palms.
Name an occasion for which people might include cash in a card.
If you were dating someone 10 years older, about what might you have different tastes?
Name a specific reason kids give for not wanting to eat a vegetable.
Name something women might leave lipstick marks on.
Instead of the usual instrumental music, what kind of music would you be surprised to hear playing in an elevator?
Name something a baby will not remember about their first birthday party.
Name a gift that you'd never buy for your workplace secret Santa exchange.
In the old days, name something a doctor probably removed without putting you to sleep first.
In art class, name something a kid might use cotton balls to make.
Name something that would keep you from going back to a restaurant if it was bad.
Name a food that's good with almonds.
Name something that gets adjusted.
Name something you might see floating in the sky.
What might a man tell his girlfriend that he's waiting for before proposing marriage?
Name something Detroit is known for.
Tell me something in a library that you can't check out.
If a business woman were retiring, name something she'd be thrilled to never have to wear again.
Name an ingredient that is gross on its own, but makes desserts delicious.
Name a punishment children get for bad behavior that wouldn't be very effective to use on criminals.
Name a place that's fun to take a date, but not to take a baby.
Besides a police officer, name a profession where it's important to carry identification.
Name an image that might accompany an article about teachers.
Name a sport that you have to be in great shape to play.
Name a reason why a person might be jumping.
Name a place where it would be inappropriate to tell a dirty joke.
Name an article of clothing you don't wear two days in a row.
If you were a stand-up comedian, who would you not want to have in your audience?
Name something mothers nag their grown children to do.
Name something you'd hate to see your dentist holding.
Name an animal with sharp teeth.
Name a place where a woman might be embarrassed to leave lipstick marks.
Name something that goes around the world.
Name an auto part that people often have replaced.
Tell me a woman's name that starts with the letter "J".
Name something people always say when they're trying to end a relationship.
Name something a child might sleep with.
Name something in your house that you wouldn't want to get stuck moving by yourself.
Name something rude people do while smoking.
Name an ingredient you find in most Italian food.
Name something you might see smoke coming out of.
Name something that's described "smoky".
Name an animal that carries its babies.
Name a good way to teach children the value of money.
Name something a car thief might see inside a car that might make him think twice about stealing it.
Name an animal that has scales.
When you hear the words "music legend", what performer comes to mind?
What animal is the most important to mankind?
Name something teenagers teach their parents how to use.
Name an occupation whose members use the expression "Off Duty".
Name a college you'd like to send your children to.
Name an occupation where you don't have to look your best.
Name a sound you'd hate to hear in the middle of the night.
Name a way in which parents spy on their teenagers.
Which breed of dog is the supermodel of dogs?
Name something a king might insist he be buried with.
Name something your mother-in-law complains about when she visits your house.
Name something Donald Duck does that most ducks don't.
Tell me something about a duck.
Name something that gets heated.
Name something some men still consider unmanly to do.
Name a bad habit that kids pick up from their older brothers and sisters.
Name a precious stone or gem.
Name a reason someone turns off all the lights in their house.
When you need information fast, what do you do?
Name a reason Simon Cowell should be happy, not cranky.
Name a celebrity famous for wearing glasses.
If Martians landed on Earth, which animal might they think runs this planet?
Real or fictional, name a famous family you'd like to see on Family Feud.
We asked 100 women: "Past or present, if you could have a famous woman's face for a day, whose face would you choose?"
Name a practical but unromantic gift that husbands buy their wives for Christmas.
Give me a phrase that uses the words "out of".
Without speaking, tell me a way people say thank you.
Name a vehicle that's harder to operate than a car.
Name a food that's difficult to eat with a fork.
Name something that begins with "feel the ____".
Name something you might find at an oasis.
Name something a nudist wouldn't want to sit on.
Name something you "pull" out.
Name a kind of test you'd never want to fail.
Name something you worry about the condition of.
Name something rich people might sell if they need to raise cash.
When you were a kid, what would happen if you brought home a bad report card?
Name something that gets fragile when old.
Name a food you lick off your fingers.
Name a kind of place where time seems to pass very slowly.
Name something that's hard to stay on.
Name a famous guy who really might be the "most interesting man in the world".
Name something that takes time to grow on you.
We asked 100 women: Name something there's a shortage of.
Name something you "check" every day.
Name another word for a fight.
Name a man who thinks he's the greatest.
Name an animal that would just love to rip you apart.
Name a kind of jam.
Tell me something that wins a blue ribbon at a state fair.
Real or fictional, name someone who married a prince.
Name a person who is paid to make decisions.
Name a way you can tell the person you're talking to is losing interest.
We asked 100 women to complete this sentence: "My guy would never believe how much I spend on _____."
Name a musical instrument people see being played on a street corner.
Name something a waitress should never be without.
The number one food item in the world is a fruit. Which one is it?
Name something of yours that's falling apart.
Tell me something that you might accidentally throw into your garbage that would send you digging for it.
Tell me something warm and soothing you hate to get out of.
Tell me something you pay people to find for you.
Name someone who can tell you good news and bad news.
When kids don't want to go to school, name an illness that's easy for them to fake.
Name something that loses its elasticity.
Name something that gives a woman support.
Tell me the type of music a teenager might play to annoy a senior citizen.
Name someone who might ask to see your driver's license.
Name a fruit you could still eat if you didn't have any teeth.
Name a slang expression for the phrase "Be quiet"!
Specifically, what are you doing every morning at 8 a.m.?
Name something that people "pull down".
Name a pasta dish that ends with the letter "i".
Name a place where you make sure to use your best manners.
Name a subject in which a 5th grader may be smarter than you are.
We asked 100 women: Name a way your husband is different from the way he was on the day you married him.
Name a subject people talk about when they're just getting acquainted?
We asked 100 men: What do you most enjoy shopping for?
Name something a rich person has that's bigger than what other people have.
Of all the television talk show hosts, who would you most like to have over for dinner?
Name an aisle in the supermarket where you spend a lot of time.
Name a famous person with Nelson in their name.
Living or dead, name a celebrity who's notorious for having lots of marriages.
Name something a person needs to host a game show.
If a matador is too wimpy to fight a bull, name an animal he might fight instead.
Name a reason people don't like living next door to an airport.
Name a situation in which it's really important to make a good first impression.
Name something a hospital patient likes to have nearby.
When you rush out the door for work in the morning, name something you are apt to leave behind.
It takes two hands to play a musical instrument. Name something else it takes two hands to do.
Name something people take in.
Name something specific everyone complains about.
Real or fictional, name a famous male who wears tights.
Name something no fairy tale would be complete without.
Name a school function at which the school band performs.
We asked 100 married women: Tell me something your spouse makes too much noise doing.
Name something specific that you were late for because you overslept.
Give me another word for "zero".
Name something kids threaten to do when they're mad.
Name someone Superman might send a Christmas card to.
Name a music performer who goes by one name.
Name a Hollywood's biggest "Mama's Boy".
Name a kind of place where people are herded-in like cattle.
Name something you need relief from on occasion.
Name a big problem with owning a big car.
Name something you hate to use it it's not clean.
Name something that can blow a fuse.
Name something that has flippers.
Name a quality a single man needs in order to get on the most eligible bachelor list.
Name an action star who can also be funny.
We asked 100 women: Fill in the blank: "I want a new ____."
Name something children do at the movies that irritates the older patrons.
Name an ordinary item people carry that they can use for self-defense in a pinch.
Name something you'd hate to leave on in the house if you went on vacation.
Name something you say to people when you take their picture.
Name something you've done and now wish you'd never done it.
Tell me the age when a person falls in love the first time.
Name a sport where your main goal would be to stay alive.
Tell me a kind of shoe you would never wear to a formal wedding.
Name an occupation you put your trust in and hope they know what they're doing.
Name something in your house that's over fifty years old.
Name the most obnoxious person on TV.
Tell me a way you've finished this sentence: "I'm so mad I could ____."
Tell me a phrase that starts with the words, "Get to".
Name a job where it doesn't matter if you're ugly.
Give me the name of a store that's in almost every mall in America.
Name a professional who often keeps his clients waiting.
Name a worry you have now that you didn't when you were 10 years old.
Name something a babysitter would hate to discover your house didn't have in it.
Name something that your neighbor has that you're jealous of.
Name a fruit not used for juice.
Name a reason a person might call into a radio show.
We asked 100 married men: What was hard to share when you moved in with your wife?
Name something a slob throws on the floor when he's done with it.
When you hear a strange noise in the house during the night, exactly what do you do about it?
Name something people drink at Christmas.
Name something someone on a diet might do once every day.
Name something people do to pass the time while cooking.
Name something that's fun to do on a cold, rainy night.
Name a device that you seriously think you could not live without.
Name a sport that recently became popular with women athletes.
Name something you'd love to wake up to the smell of. (More specific than "food.")
Name something you find hidden under a person's mattress.
Name something that might come in your drink, if you order a fancy cocktail.
Name something a Radio DJ does more often than most people.
Name a reason why you might go a whole day without watching TV.
What hotel feature do children often get excited about?
Name something you wouldn't want to lose on the dance floor.
Name something in your daily routine you could still do even if you're wearing a strait jacket.
Name a holiday that falls on a certain day of the week.
Name something you didn't have to worry about when you were a kid.
Name something about a celebrity's life that gets plastered on magazine covers. (More specifice than "love life.")
Name a phrase parents use to make their kids feel better about losing.
Name something that a woman often wears tighter than a man.
Name something a mom says that her kids pretend not to hear.
Aside from athletes, name someone who sports fans complain about.
Name a reason why a car would be pulled over on the side of the road.
Why might you wear shorts in the Winter?
Name an event where you get more pictures taken in one day, than during the rest of the year.
Name the part of a secretary's job you would probably find the most annoying.
Name a type of vehicle where you usually sit in the back.
Name a question that gets asked on just about every first date.
What sight would make it obvious that you are in an Old West Saloon and not your neighborhood bar?
Name something kids say they'll never do like their parents.
Name a car that old people like to own.
Which part of your body might be sore after a night of dancing?
Name an occupation that would be bad for someone who hates physical contact with others.
Name something you'd see in a person's closet that would tell you they lived in a cold climate.
If you were in the Army, name something you might get yelled at for not doing.
Besides their beds, where else do college students fall asleep?
Name something a professional athlete might do to land on Santa's naughty list.
Name something a kid might leave behind on a school bus.
Name a characteristic of an actor's girlfriend.
youve had a bad day name something youre told to do to make you feel better
youre at a red light and want to race the car next to you what would you notice about the competition that would stop you from even trying
you use cheese to catch a mouse but what do you use to catch a spouse  
without the uniform how can you tell that someone is in the military
without saying anything what might your date do to make you worry that you have bad breath
without ever seeing it how can you tell theres a mouse in the house
with eight arms name something an octopus would be good at
why wouold your spouse make a good private eye
why would your spouse make a bad co worker
why would someone want to be employee of the week but not student of the week
why would someone prefer to own a camera instead of a camcorder
why would a woman refuse a ride in a convertible
why would a cheerleader say she had a bad day
why might you want to crash someones wedding
why might you re read a book
why might you leave a restaurant before even eating there
why might you have to stop the car during a long ride
why might you fly home for the holidays instead of driving
why might you change clothes before leaving work
why might you ask to be moved to a different room in your hotel
why might someones phone number be unlisted
why might someone who doesnt like reading go to the library
why might someone ride their bike to work
why might someone avoid raising their arms
why might parents wait til after babys born to give it a name
why might a door to door salesperson skip a particular house
why might a cop who pulls someone over not give them a ticket
why might a child go to bed early without being asked
whose car would a thief be unlikely to steal
whose call might you wait by the phone for
who would you find at a high school football game
who or what might you see pulling a sleigh
who might a person be with if both people are dressed identically
who is the first person a man goes to if hes considering proposing
who is a childs most anticipated visitor
who in your partners life were you most nervous to meet
while vacationing what might a cheapskate buy as souvenirs for her friends
while at the weddding name a way you can tell that the marriage wont last
which words do you dread hearing at the dentists office
which type of place do you associate with being smoky
which terms for weather phenomena could a roller coaster be named after
which tattoos must tattoo artists be tired of giving
which superhero would you most like to have for a bodyguard
which superhero would you least trust to babysit your children
which superhero has the coolest costume
which subject would most elementary school kids say is their favorite
which state do you think of first when you think of the south
which sports are you most likely to break an arm playing
which spooky halloween character would you hate to run into in a dark alley
which section of the department store do you avoid visiting if you have a kid along
which school grade would a teacher need most patience in order to teach
which profession would a clean freak never take up
which person in your life were you most nervous to introduce a partner to
which part of your morning routine would you refuse to leave home without doing
which part of your grooming routine would be easiest to skip on doing
which part of your body can be used to flirt
which part of parenting do many parents have trouble doing
which part of a newspaper would a teenager likely read first
which orchestra instrument would be most effective if you wanted to wake someone up
which office supply is most likely to cause an injury
which items are most commonly found in a restaurants lost and found box
which item of clothing will you wear more than once before washing it
which group of people in a persons life might have given him/her a nickname
which former president would look funny wearing a dress
which foods are you most likely to grab for a late night snack
which food that gets stuck in your teeth should be avoided on a date
which food is most likely to make someone lose a tooth
which flavor of ice cream do shops probably sell most of
which festive holiday was more fun when you were a kid
which country might an american woman fantasize about finding romance in
which color would you be surprised to see a bride wearing on her wedding day
which color of makeup is almost never flattering
which class do students take in college thinking it would be an easy a
which circus or sideshow performer had better have a good insurance policy
which christmas movie is played the most often over the holidays
which celebs autograph would sell for the most money
which beverage would you be most surprised to see served with a fancy meal
which bad work trait would be hard to detect while interviewing someone
which baby product comes in male and female versions though it wouldnt need to
which article of clothing must you try on 100 of before finding one that fits
which animals communication sounds a lot like crying
which animals are likely to be considered evil
which animal has the best chance of winning at the hurdles
where were you the last time your legs fell asleep from sitting too long
where were you the last time you felt youd been ripped off
where specifically would you most hate to find ants
where might you take someone on a date if you didnt want to spend any money
where might you find the word caution
where might you find people rooting for the underdog
where might you be if youre sitting in a cramped spot for a long time
where might a man take you on a first date that would keep him from getting a second date
where might a man sleep if his wife is snoring
where might a man be required to wear a suit
where might a child have to sit during a time out
where might a cheapskate take you on a first date
where in your house might you hide a christmas gift
where in your house might you find something labeled poisonous
where does a woman try to avoid leaving lipstick marks
where do you think its appropriate for men to go shirtless
where do you hear people say good luck
where do you hear christmas songs throughout december
where do you go specifically to find peace and quiet
where do you get you christmas tree from every year
where do people usually seek parenting advice
where do people often go for their honeymoons
where do celebrities hide out when they want to avoid the press
where can you safely see animals that are usually dangerous
when youre footing the bill at a restaurant name something you hope your date doesnt order
when your husband gets home after a long day work what is he ready to do
when you want to get off the phone what reason do you give to hang up
when you dont want to get out of bed in the morning name something that gets you up anyway
when you dont frame a photograph where do you put it
when visiting your hometown name a place you would definitely visit
when traveling in a foreign country name something youd hate to forget the word for
when spring comes name something youre excited to see the first one of
when sitting next to someone she likes name something a woman does to flirt
when shopping for a new pair of jeans name something that never fits quite right
when shes run out of money what might a gambler put on the table
when researching their family tree what are people happy to find out about their ancestors
when living in an apartment name something you can often hear your neighbors doing
when learning to drive what might your teacher do that indicates shes afraid
when its cold outside name something you dream about doing on a sunny beach
when in a place of business how can you identify the boss
when hosting a dinner party what might you ask a friend to bring
when falling in love what words might someone say to end this phrase i love you will all my ____
when a teenager breaks up name a memento she might throw away
when a person wants to sneak a cigarette where do they usually hide it
when a kid says im bored name something a parent often suggests
when a couple breaks up what might one partner want back
when a celebrity is spotted in public name something they probably hate for fans to do
whats the worst thing to leave in your pants pockets when they go through the wash
whats the worst thing that can happen when youre eating outside
whats the messiest thing you eat at a baseball game
whats the messiest thing to clean up after the christmas holiday
whats the first thing you do when a cop pulls you over
whats the first thing you do after getting your christmas tree into the house
whats the first thing a husband does when he finds out his wife is pregnant
whats the first question you ask the babysitter after walking in the door
whats the best way to order your eggs
whats the best thing about going to the drive in
whats a term used to describe someone who is very careful with money
what would you wear to a job fair but not to a county fair
what would you see hanging from a rearview mirror in a car
what would you see at the rummage sale of someone was not planning to have more kids
what would you pat on a babys body that you would never pat on an adult you dont know
what would you need if you wanted to dress as rocky balboa for halloween
what would you hear on the radio that would make you turn the station
what would you hate to learn that you did after a couple of drinks at the company holiday party
what would you hate to have happen when driving home in a brand new car
what would you expect to find in an enchanted forest
what would you do in a job interview that would guarantee you dont get the job
what would you do if your suit was wrinkly and your iron broke right before a job interview
what would you be surprised to hear that a married couple does separately
what would you be surprised to have happen while riding a stationary bike
what would you be surprised to find in the vending machine at your gym
what would you be disappointed to find out about your hotel in hawaii
what would you be annoyed to find that the valet parker had cranked up in your car
what would most people find hard to do when there is loud noise
what would make you leave a restaurant before ordering
what would compel a consumer of a food product to call customer service
what would a taxi driver have to stop doing in order to become a respectable hearse driver
what would a new parent dread having to do
what would a clown have to remove in order to fit in a clown car
what will a child do during a love scene in a movie
what was your worst nightmare about
what type of vehicle might a family with lots of children want to own
what type of prize are game show contestants most excited about winning
what type of pet might a person have if they lived in a small apartment
what type of establishment should never have a drive thru window
what traffic signs describe your love life
what time is the earliest youre willing to wake up on a saturday
what sticks in your head most from an irritating but memorable commercial
what stereotypical features might a nerd have
what specifically might someone do when they walk into their surprise party
what specifically keeps you from getting a degree
what song do you think santa claus has as his cell phone ringtone
what should every baseball player make sure he has before the game starts
what should a man dress as if he wants to get a lot of dates on halloween
what reasons would prevent you from becoming a teacher
what reason would most people give for why they drink coffee
what reason might a teen give for why theyre dropping out of college
what quality do you think a boss looks for first when hiring a new employee
what profession would you want your mate to have just because itd be useful around the house
what places are most likely to get tagged with graffiti
what olympic sport would be most fun to watch live
what occupation might your blind date say they have that would make you guess they were attractive
what occupation might someone have that makes you think theyd have a flair for romance
what occupation might someone have if they carry a folder marked top secret
what novel did you hate reading in highschool
what name would you give your daughter if you wanted to name her after a queen
what musical instrument might require you to purchase an extra seat for it if you took it on a flight
what might your partner be doing while talking to you that makes them hard to understand
what might your co worker do to let you know she is very excited about christmas
what might you want to have handy after eating an ear of corn
what might you see inside a bag of chips that would make you stop eating them
what might you see in a personals ad that makes you think it was placed by a barbie doll
what might you put in the yard if you had nosey neighbors
what might you notice about a car that would make you suspect it was stolen
what might you find under couch cushion
what might you find out about a job that would keep you from accepting it
what might you find out about a date that would make you fear he was much younger than you though
what might you find on your new car that would make you suspect its not really new
what might you find in a closet from the 1970s
what might you find in a briefcase that would make you think it belonged to a spy
what might you do in your sleep that someone else would find cute
what might you do at a party that youd regret the next day
what might you do after eating dinner
what might you buy with you favorite sports team logo on it
what might you bring to the stadium if you wanted to be featured on the jumbo tron screen
what might you be afraid of while sleeping in a tent
what might you ask to borrow from someone at the laundromat
what might someone use while cutting their own hair
what might someone hope to get by going on a reality tv show
what might someone do while sleeping that tells you theyre having a nightmare
what might someone at the symphony do that tells you theyre enjoying the music
what might somebody do that would annoy fellow theater goers at a play
what might some women love more than their spouse
what might be outside a house in order to keep trespassers out
what might authorities ask to see when youre crossing an international border
what might an adult wear that has their name on it
what might a woman try to keep dry while at the waterpark
what might a woman have to do in order to become a supermodel
what might a woman brag that her husband is better at than most
what might a rockstar do at a concert hall that prevents him from getting hired again
what might a professional athlete do just after a sports game to avoid getting sore muscles
what might a mobster do that gets him kicked out of the family
what might a man refuse to do early in a relationship that would make his new girlfriend suspect he was married
what might a man have on his body that some women consider a turn on and others consider a turn off
what might a man complain that his wife treats him like
what might a man be wearing that makes you suspect hes a burglar
what might a man ask a woman who hes trying to pick up
what might a mail carrier see in someones yard that would prevent him from delivering their mail
what might a library start offering if they really wanted to attract patrons
what might a kid want to do all day long during summer break
what might a kid take along if hes planning to run away from home
what might a kid have a hard time doing while in their halloween costume
what might a kid get in trouble for writing on
what might a kid forget to bring to the pool that would prevent him from being able to swim
what might a kid bring home that would cause their mom to say get that out of here!
what might a hitchhiker take with him in order to seem less dangerous
what might a fan ask their favorite musician for if they met in person
what might a driver fail to do that could cause an accident
what might a date do on your answering machine that would keep you from calling them back
what might a date do in the first 5 minutes that tells you they have bad manners
what might a daring thrill seeker suggest you do for a first date
what might a cowboy do in order to catch a womans eye
what might a cowboy be ridiculed for being bad at
what might a child do in the grocery store that embarrasses their parent
what might a child bring to summer camp in case they get homesick
what might a bicyclist use to keep safe at night
what makes a taxi driver say he has ahd a lucky day
what kinds of tasks do we now handle online that we didnt use to 10 years ago
what kind of trouble might the teenage lead character in an afterschool special be in
what kind of tasks do we now handle online that we didnt use to 10 years ago
what kind of message do people put into a bottle
what kind of food should not be served at a wedding
what jobs do you associate with teenagers
what items are probably stolen most often from a hotel
what item that you wear year round gets exceptionally gaudy during the holidays
what item might a person who cant cook be asked to bring to thanksgiving
what is the worst mode of getting home when carrying a lot of groceries
what is the most romantic city in the world
what is the most memorable night of a teenagers life
what is the maximum number of times its okay for your partner to call you at work
what is the first thing you would do after a fender bender
what is the first song you learn how to play when playing the piano
what is something your spouse does to prevent you from sleeping
what is something youd be embarrassed if your dog did to someone
what is something on your body that shows youve been hurt
what is something in your house that needs to be replaced regularly
what is something a divorced couple will stop sharing
what in a crime scene would an investigator check for fingerprints
what hobby or activity could cause a man to have missing teeth
what happens to a couch that lest you know its time to get rid of it
what grade were you in school when you developed your first crush
what everyday activity burns the most calories
what domestic activity would you be surprised to find mrs claus couldnt do
what does las vegas have more of per capita than any other city
what does a person with bad eyesight do first thing in the morning
what does a human have that a robot doesnt
what does a child do more of once they become a teenager
what do you worry about when bringing a date to your company holiday party
what do you think a high school mascot wears under his costume
what do you see in someones mouth when theyre laughing hard that you dont ordinarily see
what do you see at a rodeo
what do you need to see in order to feel like the holidays are coming
what do you need in order to find buried treasure
what do you find out about a person right away on an online dating site but much later if you meet in real life
what do you find out about a hotel ahead of time when deciding whether to stay there
what do you do when your host for dinner serves something you dont like
what do you do when you want to sing along with a song but dont know the words
what do you do when reading to kids but not when reading by yourself
what do you do if you cant pronounce someones last name
what do you do at the first sign of sickness to try and prevent it from getting worse
what do you check before going to bed
what do tourists ride in or on that makes them stand out
what do thieves most commonly steal
what do teenagers do with their families at the christmas holiday that they probably would be embarassed to have known
what do some women say about men as a reason for why they cant get dates
what do some people refuse to go swimming without
what do some people need in order to feel comfortable dancing in public
what do soap opera characters and wealthy people have in common
what do santa claus eater bunny and the tooth fairy have in common
what do roommates fight about most often
what do politicians claim to understand though most have never experience it
what do people use to keep their place in a book if they dont have a bookmark
what do people pay to have guessed at the carnival
what do people miss about their youth
what do people do with their cell phones thats annoying
what do people do to avoid getting parking ticket
what do people do more on the 4th of july than on the 5th of july
what do people bring back as a souvenir from disneyworld
what do parents most like to receive from their children
what do parents do as part of their childrens bedtime routine
what do most people hope to accomplish by the time they are 30
what do most parents use to quiet their baby
what do many people do on the day after thanksgiving
what do drivers do when they see a police car behind them
what do college students do that annoys their professors the most
what do cats have the we dont have
what did you do as a baby that youre glad you dont do in public anymore
what diaper bag item would a parent hate to be without
what day or occasion are you most likely to eat brunch
what daily activity would the queen of england have trouble doing in her crown
what could your computer run without but it would be a bummer not to have
what complaints do people make about the christmas holiday
what complaint might a rockstar make about his life
what can you use as packing material instead of styrofoam
what can you find out about person by reading their bumper stickers
what can you do to get shown on the jumbo screen at a football game
what can students do to make their teacher like them
what can some birds do that other birds cant
what beverage might the bride be afraid to drink in her gown before the wedding
what are some things truckers might take with them on a trip
what are kids told to do when eating a food they dont like
what ailment might you have the morning after a wild party
what activity do truckers do daily that they couldnt do if driving a school bus
what about a man might cause his girlfriends family to say hes not good enough for her
we asked 100 womenwhich accessory or piece of clothing do you buy most often
we asked 100 women where do you wish your partner was more willing to go with you
we asked 100 women when you should be focusing on romance name something your mind is often distracted by instead
we asked 100 women what might you get 2 tickets for in order to entice your crush into a date
we asked 100 women name something you would not like to have a man do for you on a date
we asked 100 women name something you like to see a man do because it expresses his gentle side
we asked 100 women name a place where you see lots of handsome men
we asked 100 women name a gift that youd alwasy be happy to get from your partner
we asked 100 women if youre underdressed for a party what can you put on quickly to look dressed up
we asked 100 wives tell me something you do to get some sleep when your husband is snoring
we asked 100 unmarried couples where does your partner sleep when you stay at your parents house
we asked 100 singles describe last date with movie genre
we asked 100 single men what would you love for a woman to love as much as you do
we asked 100 parents what was the hardest change to make when you had kids
we asked 100 parents name something youd tell your children to do first before getting married
we asked 100 moms how much are you like your mom
we asked 100 men what is the best place to have a bachelor party
we asked 100 men what excuse might you make up to start a conversation with an attractive stranger at a bar
we asked 100 married women name something your husband does that causes him to be too distracted to listen
we asked 100 married women name a chore youd rather do yourself because you like it done a particular way
we asked 100 married people after how many did you know your partner was the one
we asked 100 married men name something your wife can pick out for you because she knows you so well
up late at a sleepover what might kids do when they hear mom coming to check on them
unlike the mustang or cougar what slow moving animal would never have a car named after it
unlike poker what card game would grown men be unlikely to play on a set night each week
unlike honey bun name a breakfast food that doesnt make a good pet name
unlike his jacket name a part of your husbands suit that you wouldnt borrow even if you were cold
unlike coffee name a beverage that you could never make money off selling by the cup
unlike age or weight name a number that youd be surprised for someone to offer before a blind date
unlike a car name something of his dads that a teen wouldnt want to borrow
to avoid staining your clothes name something you might consume in the nude
to appear stong what might a person avoid doing after being dumped
theyve cloned a sheep name a creature they should never clone because we already have too many
tell someone who parents tell their kids to have respect for
tell me who was at the door the last time you pretended not to be home
tell me the worst way for someone to wake you up
tell me the title of a movie that used clay motion or puppets
tell me the soap opera title that best describes your love life
tell me the noisiest household chore
tell me the most number of people that could squeeze into a telephone booth
tell me the iq a genius might have
tell me the first thing you remember spending a lot of money on
tell me the first big itme you buy when moving to a new house
tell me the age when someone should start saving for their retirement
tell me the age when boys stop playing with stuffed animals
tell me the age kids stop believing in the tooth fairy
tell me the age at which young people think they have it all figured out
tell me the age at which children start buying their parents christmas gifts
tell me something your teenager washes less often than you do
tell me something your spouse does that makes you suspect theyre angry at you
tell me something youd hate to find on the end of your nose
tell me something youd find in your food that would make you send it back
tell me something youd be reluctant to buy from a rummage sale
tell me something you wouldnt want to do while in the front row at church
tell me something you would never borrow from your close friend
tell me something you use at work everyday but would hate to have to use on vacation
tell me something you use at least 20 times a day
tell me something you take to work only on special occasions
tell me something you put in an emergency road kit
tell me something you over did as a teenager that you can laugh about today
tell me something you only do when youre sick
tell me something you need in order to win the lottery
tell me something you must teach a new puppy not to do
tell me something you might lie to a friend about
tell me something you might find in a nurses pocket
tell me something you might find behind the clerks counter in a convenience store
tell me something you might find at a crime scene that could be a major clue
tell me something you look for in a potential roommate
tell me something you have paid too much for
tell me something you hate to wear too short
tell me something you find in the first few pages of most magazines
tell me something you feel before you buy it
tell me something you do when you stay up late at night
tell me something you do to make yourself comfortable after youve eaten too much
tell me something that youd only bring to a rock concert if youre starting to get old
tell me something that makes you mad when youre watching tv
tell me something that is impossible to do with freshly painted nails
tell me something that gets passed around
tell me something that gets announced in the newspaper
tell me something that comes with a remote control
tell me something that can fit in your hand but is very expensive
tell me something spies wear to disguise their identity
tell me something specific that a barbe must get sick of doing
tell me something specific a detective might look for at a murder scene
tell me something rude that people do in the checkout line
tell me something people do with horses but no other farm animals
tell me something on your body that has an arch
tell me something most people check on the internet
tell me something in your house that beeps when its finished doing its job
tell me something in your hotel room that youd be disgusted to find dirty
tell me something in your garage that only a very pushy neighbor would ask to borrow
tell me something co workers talk about on their lunch break
tell me something about their parents that a teen finds embarrassing
tell me something about a boys appearance that might make his dates father disapprove of him
tell me something a woman might do to spoil herself
tell me something a woman having a midlife crisis might buy
tell me something a rich person might have bigger than most peoples
tell me something a person sees that causes them to scream
tell me someone you might hire for a wedding
tell me someone you might address as sir or maam
tell me someone who charges you for advice
tell me how much youd expect to pay for a bottle of wine at a fancy restaurant
tell me how much a room at a cheap motel costs
tell me how much a beer costs at a bar
tell me how many times most men get their hair cut in a year
tell me another word or phrase that means kiss
tell me an occupation where you wouldnt wear high heels
tell me an invention that probably led to people having much less spare time
tell me an excuse youd use to avoid singing at a karaoke club
tell me an article of clothing worn by both men and women
tell me an activity you might do to prove you arent afraid of heights
tell me a womans name that starts with the letter j
tell me a way to get exactly what you want for your birthday
tell me a way to communicate without technology
tell me a type of work vehicle thats often seen as a childrens toy
tell me a type of public place that always overuses their air conditioning
tell me a theme park someone might visit while in orlando florida
tell me a specific type piece of clothing that many women stop wearing after a certain age
tell me a specific part of your body that you never worry about getting fat
tell me a specific part of the body that you wish people would stop tattooing
tell me a sign that its time to enroll your dog in obedience school
tell me a rebel who many women adore
tell me a reason why your phone conversation might end suddenly
tell me a reason people give for wearing black
tell me a question people ask right away when they find out a woman is pregnant
tell me a place where you might sing
tell me a place where you might accidentally walk off with a pen
tell me a place where you know youll never get a bill for your meal
tell me a place where the employees sometimes talk down to you
tell me a place in the newspaper where you wouldnt want to see your name
tell me a place in the house where a nosey house guest might snoop
tell me a phrase used for getting fired that sounds like it would hurt
tell me a persons first name that might make it hard to tell if its a man or a woman
tell me a persons first name that could be man or woman
tell me a person you wouldnt want to see at a bachelorette party
tell me a hairstyle that nobody should attempt after age 16
tell me a good place to people watch
tell me a game that might be played on guys night
tell me a food thats often fried
tell me a food that made you nervous
tell me a famous nick or nicholas
tell me a decor item on a fast food restaurant that you wouldnt want on your house
tell me a color of car you would never buy
tell me a city known for its ski resorts
tell me a city in which youd never be bored
tell me a characteristic of a man whos described as distinguished
tell me a breakfast item that only tastes good if its crispy
tell me a body part strong as arnold schwarzenegger
real or fictional name a famous man with long hair
real or fictional name a famous cowboy
posing for wedding photos what might a bride who is taller than her groom do
past or present name a presidential couple whose dinner conversations youd love to eavesdrop on
past or present name a famous tv dad
past or present name a famous tennis player
past or present name a famous character whod have to remove their mask before a date
parents shout and yell at football games but at which of your childs activities or events would it be inappropriate to cheer loudly
other than your parents who gave you dating advice when you were a teen
other than working name something you could stop doing if you became a millionaire
other than turn letters name something vanna must get tired of during a wheel of fortune game
other than to buy books why might someone go to a bookstore
other than teeth name something people use a toothbrush to clean
other than talking name something you shouldnt do while eating
other than speeding name a reason a cop might pull you over
other than sickness what excuse would a kid use to stay home from school
other than santa name a character who stars in a christmas show
other than reading name an activity that people did more of before tv was invented
other than raise a hand what does a kindergartner do when she knows the answer
other than presents what might you find under a christmas tree
other than pizza name a food that has melted cheese on it
other than movie tickets name something a crowded movie theatre might run out of
other than love name something that people marry for
other than love name something that money cant buy
other than love name a word thats in almost every love song
other than looking up numbers name something a phone book gets used for
other than himself name something a man cleans before a big date
other than hallowee name a reason why you might wear a costume
other than haircare name something that must be difficult for someone with extremely long hair
other than gumballs name something specific you get out of a gumball machine
other than growing vegetables name something a farmer probably does better than most people
other than good food name something a great restaurant has to have

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