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All Questions page 110

name an animal thats shown as cute in cartoons but is disgusting in real life
name an animal thats not loved by many people
name an animal thats black and white
name an animal thats associated with being dirty
name an animal that would make a good bodyguard
name an animal that some people think others are crazy for eating
name an animal that people ride
name an animal that many children want for a pet but seldom get
name an animal mentioned in the song 12 days of christmas
name an animal likely to perform tricks
name an animal a two timing boyfriend gets compared to
name an american state thats often visited on family vacations
name an aging rocker whos probably not the ladys man he once was
name an age that many people look forward to
name an age at which people dont want to get any older
name an advantage of renting a home versus owning one
name an adjective that describes both your spouse and a piece of fruit
name an activity you can learn to do while visiting hawaii
name an activity thats often described in christmas songs though people seldom do it in real life
name an activity thats more fun to do when its raining outside
name an activity thats hard to get through without losing your temper
name an activity thatd be hard to do by candlelight
name an activity that you must pass a test before doing
name an activity that you might wear goggles while doing
name an activity people used to do without knowing it was unhealty
name an activity people do hawaiian vacation
name an activity people commonly take up after retirement
name an activity nursing home residents look forward to
name an activity kids do in the car that they can also do at home
name an activity for which people wear gloves
name an action movie star who does no stunts
name an act of high school rebellion that you cant imagine a kindergartener doing
name an acitivity that brings you very close to clouds
name an accessory you might be given on your first day working at a factory
name a workplace whose employees must get used to dealing with stress
name a workplace where you would get used to stress
name a word used to describe someone whos funny
name a word thats used to describe attractive women but not attractive men
name a word that you might see before or after the word wax
name a word that you always see on the cover of celebrity magazines
name a word that moms say to their children many times a day
name a word that means the same as coward
name a word that means stop
name a word that follows holy
name a word or phrase that has the word key in it
name a word or phrase that ends in phobia
name a word or expression that describes someone whos inexperienced
name a word grooms say theyll do at the alter but probably never say after the wedding
name a website people often visit while they should be working
name a weather condition that often causes traffic jams
name a way you may show your boss that you are interested in them romantically
name a way you know your teacher is having a bad day
name a way tourists get around in a big city
name a way to tell that your boss is about to start yelling
name a way to remove hair if you can withstand the pain
name a way to recognize a tourist
name a way to let someone know that you love them
name a way to determine the age of the person on the other end of the phone
name a way that you wouldnt want your future boss to find out about you
name a way that you can tell someone has been kissing
name a way that you can tell a kids bedroom apart from their parents room
name a way that a mans voice might change when talking to his love interest
name a way kids know that its time to stop playing and come home
name a warning you hear on commercials for new drugs
name a vehicle people drive that makes them feel like they own the road
name a vegetable that isnt green
name a valuable possession that you cant bring with you on a road trip
name a us state whose residents say yall
name a us city with very aggressive drivers
name a us city thats on the ocean
name a us city thats known for a certain kind of music
name a us city known for having great weather
name a typical holiday casserole
name a type of work vehicle thats often seen as a childrens toy
name a type of weather warning that might interrupt your tv show
name a type of tv show that you wouldnt want to see your grandma on
name a type of tv commercial thats usually targeted at men
name a type of stone youd never put in an engagement ring
name a type of sign that hangs from a door
name a type of shoe that most women own at least one pair of
name a type of restaurant where you might not be able to pronounce anything on the menu
name a type of professional who could not get away with having dirty hands
name a type of professional that you seldom see joking around
name a type of product thats often advertised in magazines
name a type of product that olympic athletes do commercials for
name a type of product sold on tv infomercials
name a type of place where you wouldnt want to be known as a regular
name a type of payment that a parking meter doesnt usually accept
name a type of party where someone gets toasted
name a type of movie you would not want to watch alone
name a type of key that wouldnt help you get into your house
name a type of insurance that employers dont provide
name a type of hat that you dont see many people wear in real life
name a type of glasses that you dont wear all the time
name a type of footwear that you couldnt wear while bowling
name a type of exercise for which people wear a specific type of outfit
name a type of exercise class that would probably be attended by more females than males
name a type of entertainment you can find out about in the newspaper
name a type of entertainment provided on a cruise ship
name a type of doctor that wouldnt need to wear gloves
name a type of critter that scares you when you find it in your house
name a type of crisis that usually happens at least once in an action movie
name a type of company which does especially brisk business during the winter
name a type of clothing that comes with a matching top and bottom
name a type of cheese that almost everyone has eaten
name a type of candy that sounds like something youd dig up from the ground
name a type of business that has a kids section
name a type of belt thats not used to hold pants up
name a type of appointment a bride would have before her wedding
name a type of animal that can be found on a cereal box
name a type of alcohol that can quickly catch up to you
name a type of alarm most people have in their house
name a tv show youd never want your name mentioned on
name a tv show with the word love in its title
name a tv show past or present that has a womans name in the title
name a tv channel that people pay extra to get
name a trait thats essential for a high school teacher to have
name a traffic sign that you wouldnt see on the freeway
name a topic shouldnt bring up in a job interview
name a topic most men cant stand but many women could discuss for hours
name a tool you would use on a potato
name a time when you should not send a text message to your love interest
name a time when you exchange gifts
name a time when even a grownup wants their mom
name a time when a wife often chooses her husbands clothes for him
name a time in history that seems the most romantic
name a texting phrase you may use with someone with whom you are romantically involved
name a test that people get very nervous about taking
name a term youd expect a poker player to know
name a term that youd look like a fool for not knowing while bowling
name a term that starts with the word final
name a term or phrase with the word horse in it
name a term for little boy that a very old person might use
name a task that requires you to use a ladder
name a talent you wish you were better at
Name a symptom that would cause you to say: "I think I'm coming down with something."
name a symbol associated with the 1960s
name a summer job a teenager would have to get training for
name a substance of which animals make homes
name a subject that often comes up in family feud questions
name a stereotype about teenagers thats often untrue
name a state that youd hate to live in during summer
name a state that many people live in when they retire
name a spot on the body that you like massaged after a long day
name a sports uniform that many men look sexy in
name a sport you cant compete in while wearing shoes
name a sport whose athletes youd least like to get in a fight with
name a sport where most of the athletes face is covered by a mask or a helmet
name a sport thats thought of as sophisticated
name a sport that youre likely to get cold while watching
name a sport that you wouldnt play without protective equipment
name a sport that you dont usually see small people playing
name a sport that you could play in sandals
name a sport that you can still play when youre out of shape
name a sport that parents would worry about their child participating in
name a sport that might be played at a family reunion
name a sport that doesnt require a lot of equipment
name a sport that does not have the word ball in it
name a sport shaquille oneal look ridiculous competing in
name a sport associated with senior citizens
name a spooky place that people might visit around halloween
name a specific type of product you often see pro athletes selling
name a specific task restaurant staff does for you that youd be surprised to get charged extra for
name a specific sign of affection that a woman would like to get more often from her husband
name a specific rule that kids might try to fool their babysitter about
name a specific reason youd get fired from your job as a zookeeper
name a specific reason why youd give your waitress a lousy tip
name a specific reason why a person gets a dog
name a specific reason co worker drinks after work
name a specific person youd ask to help you move if you were in a jam
name a specific part of the body that people try to tone by working out
name a specific object on which you might see the word caution
name a specific night of the year that you hope to be kissed
name a specific item in your house thats too big to throw away in the trash can
name a specific food that youd never put in the microwave without covering it
name a specific food that someone with high cholesterol might give up
name a specific expense that youd save on if you didnt have any kids
name a specific complaint that many people have about their bosses
name a specific article of clothing that often comes in itchy fabric
name a souvenir people collect that has a citys name on it
name a sour fruit that few people would eat whole
name a sound that youd often hear if you lived next to an amusement park
name a sound that you might hear in the background of a scary movie
name a song that has the word christmas in the title
name a small space where you feel compelled to make small talk with a stranger
name a small kitchen appliance that a bachelor might not have
name a slow moving vehicle that you hate to get stuck behind
name a slender animal that wouldnt make a very good piggy bank
name a slang term for a car
name a skill thats more important for teens to learn today than previously
name a skill that a persons resume might claim theyre better at than they really are
name a skill kids are taught so that theyre able to make friends
name a skill a cowboy would put on his resume that wouldnt apply to your job
name a situation when its better to ride a bike than take a taxi
name a singer who inspires romance
name a sign youre at a really cheap birthday party
name a sign the man youre dating is a caveman
name a sign of aging that some people consider attractive
name a shakespeare character who most people have heard of
name a service that used to be just for humans but people now get for their dogs too
name a section youd see at a book store
name a section you see in most greeting card stores
name a section thats listed on most restaurant menus
name a school subject that people often become bad at in adulthood
name a sandwich you can find in most delis
name a salutation that you wouldnt use to end a letter to your significant other
name a salty food thats hard to stop eating once you start
name a safety device that older cars didnt have
name a rule thats posted outside of many parks
name a rule thats often posted near a swimming pool
name a room in your house where it is unnecessary to have a tv
name a room in your house thats only clean when you know companys coming
name a room buyers inspect most closely when touring a house
name a requirement for someone who wants to be in a boy band
name a relationship move that even a strong woman might wait for her partner to make first
name a reason youd stay inside on a saturday
name a reason you would want to avoid a friend
name a reason you would not want to live on a houseboat
name a reason you might take a childs halloween candy away
name a reason you might dread going to a new years party at a club
name a reason you might be driving more cautiously than normal
name a reason you may quickly go on an unscheduled vacation
name a reason you may leave a blind date without even saying goodbye
name a reason you may get a tattoo removed
name a reason you may dread going to your childs parent teacher conference
name a reason why your partner calls you at work
name a reason why your kids teacher might call from school
name a reason why youd check out of a hotel early
name a reason why you wouldnt want a soap opera character for your best friend
name a reason why you wouldnt recognize someone at your high school reunion
name a reason why you wouldnt enter an eating contest
name a reason why you wouldnt answer your door
name a reason why you would buy a convertible
name a reason why you might suspect that your blind date is actually a robot
name a reason why you might stay in a hotel in your own city
name a reason why you might skip lunch
name a reason why you might run out of candy before trick or treat has ended
name a reason why you might return the sweater you got for christmas
name a reason why you might not like a photo of yourself
name a reason why you might not get a good night of sleep while staying at someone elses house
name a reason why you might get introduced to many people at once
name a reason why you might be stuck in the house all day
name a reason why you might be forbidden to ride a roller coaster
name a reason why you dont answer the phone when youre home
name a reason why workers might go on strike
name a reason why someone might send you flowers
name a reason why someone might not get their hair cut
name a reason why someone might avoid their high school reunion
name a reason why people return something theyve bought
name a reason why people move to california
name a reason why people dread going to the dmv
name a reason why parents want to find out the sex of their baby
name a reason why most store bought cakes arent as good as homemade
name a reason why its hard to talk to an attractive person
name a reason why its hard to slow dance with a ghost
name a reason why its good to live near your in laws
name a reason why employees might get to go home early
name a reason why another driver may flash their headlights at you
name a reason why a workplace might not have their annual christmas party
name a reason why a woman wouldnt change her last name after marrying
name a reason why a restaurant might have a very long wait
name a reason why a person might prefer to own a dog over a cat
name a reason why a partys host might ask a guest to leave
name a reason why a man might not want his wife to have a girls night out
name a reason why a mail carrier might refuse to deliver to someones house
name a reason why a kid might not trick or treat
name a reason why a child you dont know might come to your door
name a reason why a child might not want to have a long last name
name a reason why a child may not want to give a valentine to another child
name a reason why a boss calls an employee into his office
name a reason other than hard work that your boss would give you a raise
name a reason a young boy would quickly adopt a nickname
name a reason a person might get rid of a pet
name a reason a model may be told not to smile
name a reason a couple might not want to have kids
name a reason a couple may keep a close watch on a calendar
name a reason a college student would stay with their parents for the weekend instead of their own dorm room
name a reason a college student might not finish school
name a real occupation a little kid might idolize like a superhero
name a real life person whos famous for something courageous they did
name a question your server usually asks at least once at a restaurant
name a question that would be rude to ask a stranger
name a question a taxi driver must hear a lot
name a quality thats important in a friend and even more important in a spouse
name a quality people look for in their favorite news anchor
name a public place where youre likely to catch a cold or flu bug
name a public place where youd expect married couples to show affection
name a public place where towels are provided
name a public place where there is often a line for the bathroom
name a public place where it would be least romantic to propose
name a public place where it would be easy to fall asleep
name a public place that you can almost never park right in front of
name a professional you may come in contact with but should never flirt with
name a professional who you hate to call because the bill is always expensive
name a professional football team thats named for an animal
name a profession youd shoot for if you wanted to be famous
name a profession where youd often say good job to someone
name a profession where youd have to smile a lot
name a profession where you talk to strangers all day
name a profession where you can lay down on the job
name a profession that youre careful to treat with respect
name a profession that would make women think twice about marrying
name a profession that would help you be good at solving crossword puzzles
name a profession in which you might drive a van
name a profession in which a man might go by a title other than mr
name a pro sports team thats named for a bird
name a prize that you might win from a carnival game
name a print youd find on a womans dress but not on a countrys flag
name a print people wear on clothing but you would hate as wallpaper
name a present that a woman probably wouldnt appreciate receiving from her husband
name a popular topic of a blog aimed at women
name a popular pickup line
name a place youd visit more often if it wasnt so crowded there
name a place youd get a dirty look for falling asleep
name a place youd expect to go if former us president bill clinton took you out on a date
name a place youd expect to get your hair wet but not the rest of your body
name a place youd expect even a tough guy to be crying
name a place you wouldnt want to be alone at night
name a place you visit where you arent allowed to touch anything
name a place with a drive thru
name a place where youre asked to turn off your cell phone
name a place where youd least expect to see a superhero
name a place where youd hide your mess if company arrived unexpectedly
name a place where youd hate to get a case of the giggles
name a place where youd hate to be in line on the day before thanksgiving
name a place where youd find lots of celebrities in one room
name a place where youd find colorful neon lights
name a place where youd be mortified if your cell phone went off
name a place where you would see lots of beautiful women
name a place where you wish people wouldnt answer their cell phones
name a place where you take a number before being served
name a place where you rush to if youre late
name a place where you might end up dancing with a stranger
name a place where you might be waited on hand and foot
name a place where you might be given a ticket
name a place where you might be asked whether youre married
name a place where you hate to see litter
name a place where you get very thirsty
name a place where you get antsy from sitting too long
name a place where you find yourself watching the clock
name a place where you end up spending more money than planned
name a place where you dont want front row seats
name a place where they should have public bathrooms but dont
name a place where theres often a line for the womens restroom
name a place where the average person wouldnt last a day
name a place where school children often go for field trips
name a place where people lay out to get a suntan
name a place where people hope not to have a baby seated near them
name a place where people are afraid to go for the first time
name a place where people always seem to have to cram into
name a place where people 50 years ago dressed up to go but people today dress casually for
name a place where once you enter you cant leave right away
name a place where many people would feel uncomfortable going without a date
name a place where many kids have their birthday parties
name a place where kids ask their parents how much longer
name a place where kids are instructed to sit still
name a place where its okay to be loud
name a place where itd be smart for a lawyer to advertise
name a place where it would be strange to go if you didnt have kids
name a place where a woman might not want her partner to spend too much time
name a place where a mom might go when she says i need peace and quiet
name a place where a couple is expected to kiss
name a place where a child might get separated from her parents
name a place thats meant for kids but adults love it too
name a place that you wouldnt want to go after having a few to drink
name a place that only the worlds dumbest thief would try to rob
name a place that never closes
name a place that almost no parent would forbid their child from going
name a place that a teenager might try to sneak into
name a place people might go for peace and quiet
name a place on your tax form where youd better not make a typo
name a place on your body that you cant scratch when it itches
name a place on your body that might be sore after a day of shoveling
name a place on the body that women tattoo but men usually dont
name a place it would be strange to go if you didnt have kids
name a place in your house that you would not show a first date
name a place in your car that you are likely to find something thats gone missing
name a place in the house where only a real tv lover would put a televison
name a place from which you wouldnt want to drink the water
name a piece of personal information that youd never list on facebook
name a piece of information youd include in personals ad
name a piece of information youd be surprised to find on someones business card
name a piece of information that may be revealed on someones coffee mug
name a piece of information listed on a baseball scoreboard
name a piece of info on your drivers license that changes by the time you get it renewed
name a piece of furniture thats too big to fit in a vw bug
name a piece of exercise equipment that you might find in someones house
name a piece of exercise clothing that people wear outside the gym
name a piece of equipment many bikers dont use but ought to
name a piece of clothing youd see in romeo and juliet
name a physical sign of aging that many peopl work hard to prevent
name a phrase that ends with the word dating
name a pet some people have that youd be too afraid to own
name a person who youd never trust to set you up on a blind date
name a person who wears a black and white uniform
name a person who might look deep into your eyes
name a person in their life who many young boys have a crush on
name a perk that would make you accept a job despite a lower salary
name a perfect job for somebody who wants to spend all day on a golf course
name a pastime youd know someone has just by looking at their shoes
name a pastime more respectable than watching tv
name a part of your body that feels stuffed up when you have a cold
name a part of the body that starts to ache when you get old
name a part of table manners that most people learn from their parents
name a part of good manners that you follow at a restaurant but not at home
name a part of a magazine that you dont read
name a part of a dolls body that might be movable
name a part of a body people moisturize
name a painful procedure that a woman might do for the sake of beauty
name a number thats associated with being lucky or unlucky
name a number in a womans life that youre not supposed to ask about
name a nuisance most people have to deal with if they work downtown
name a non living thing that is made to look like a human and often clothed
name a non edible item that people have in their freezers
name a noise your neighbor might complain about if you were hosting a new years party
name a noise in the house that can keep you up when youre trying to sleep
name a musical instrument thats difficult to play
name a movie or tv show that has the word diary diaries in the title
name a movie or tv show about gangsters
name a movie based on a tv show or skit
name a morning stop that many adults make first before going on to work
name a month in which you have an expensive heating bill
name a mode of transportation that is hard to use while caring for children
name a mistake youve made in your life that you are determined never to make again
name a millionaire who could never be rich enough to make you want to date him
name a messy food that you can tell a kid has been eating
name a meal youd never serve at a fancy party
name a meal that doesnt cost much
name a material thats often used in sexy clothing
name a man from history that you consider hot enough to time travel back to be with
name a male comedian past or present known funny monologues
name a magazine you see at supermarket checkoutstands
name a magazine or tabloid headlines you dont always believe
name a liquid that youd never take a sip of
name a less interesting part of the job that the tv show cops probably doesnt show
name a language spoken in europe
name a kitchen item that might be used to make lava in a volcano model
name a kind of pants you cant wear to work
name a kind of drink you wouldnt want to have spilled on you
name a kind of doctor
name a kids toy your parents might have played with thats still around
name a kids movie that most adults have seen too
name a kids game a grown man would look pretty silly playing
name a keepsake that people put in their babys scrapbook
name a johnny depp movie that most everyone has seen
name a job youd suspect a muscular person might have
name a job you would only do at night
name a job you should never apply for if you dont like waking up early
name a job you need a license for
name a job you might have if you worked at disneyworld
name a job which might require someone to work on christmas
name a job where you wouldnt take your work home
name a job that youd want your husband to have just for the sexy uniform
name a job that requires you to knock on a strangers door
name a job that gets more work in winter
name a job that a robot wouldnt be entertaining enough to do
name a job that a man might get just to be surrounded by female co workers
name a job in which youd stand in one place all day
name a job in which youd have an easy time getting dates
name a job in which youd be on your feet all day
name a job in which youd be exposed to a lot of germs
name a job aquaman could do if he couldnt be a superhero anymore
name a hygiene product that you hope your office mate uses every day
name a human food that many zoo animals eat
name a household item that can be used as a musical instrument
name a household chore that you do less frequently because its barely noticeable when its done
name a household chore that a kid would find fun but an adult would put off
name a household activity that people wear gloves while doing
name a house pet that you wouldnt let sleep at the end of your bed
name a hollywood man who would have no trouble getting dates if he were single
name a holiday no one cares about
name a holiday food people plan to avoid but end up eating anyway
name a hobby whose participants are also called geeks
name a hobby that you wouldnt expect a vegetarian to have
name a hobby that would make a person go broke quickly
name a hobby that some people can make a job out of
name a hobby that only the very wealthy take up
name a hobby or activity in which youd love to get lessons from a pro
name a hobby better suited for country living than city living
name a highly respected occupation that deserves a higher salary than they earn
name a hidden cost when buying a car
name a healthy choice that young people may put off til theyre older
name a halloween costume you see on babies but rarely see on their parents
name a halloween costume that young girls often wear
name a halloween costume people wear if they dont want to go all out
name a halloween costume adults wear to look sexy
name a hair color that isnt natural
name a grocery store item that you buy by weight
name a good topping for waffles
name a good place to put your hands while kissing someone
name a good place to people watch
name a good job for someone who asks a lot of questions
name a good excuse for being caught talking under your breath
name a good day job for a magician
name a gift you might buy if youre a secret santa
name a gift thats great to give to children if you dont live with them
name a gift that adults often give to each other that would be weird to give a kid
name a genre you find in the video store
name a garment youd probably find in the dressing room for a pro wrestling event
name a game that requires you to psych someone out in order to win
name a game show that has been around forever
name a gag store item that a jokester should leave home on a first date
name a function you have on your telephone that your child doesnt have on their tin can phone
name a fruit thats often served in a bowl
name a fruit thats always expensive
name a fruit that you wouldnt want to carry home from the grocery store
name a fruit that you usually find in a fruit salad
name a fruit that you squeeze to see if its ripe
name a fruit that people might add to jell o
name a fruit that changes color as it ripens
name a foreign language a large corporation may require its employees to learn
name a food you would never see in a vending machine
name a food you eat when youre sick that isnt very filling
name a food you cook for which you dont need to read a recipe
name a food you can cook without the recipe
name a food thats on the menu of almost any restaurant
name a food thats often sold in a mall food court
name a food thats hard to eat without making a mess
name a food thats even better when paired with chocolate
name a food thats baked in the oven but cant be cooked in the microwave
name a food thats associated with romance
name a food that youd never eat with your bare hands
name a food that you wish was healthy so you could eat it every day
name a food that you like to eat on a very hot day
name a food that you keep in the house for a night when you dont feel like cooking
name a food that you can buy either frozen or not
name a food that would be hard to eat if you were missing your 2 front teeth
name a food that would be disgusting to be fed romantically
name a food that usually tastes so so but tastes fantastic once fried
name a food that tastes better when its grilled
name a food that someone might use more than one hand to eat
name a food that people get fed in romantic situations
name a food that kids eat more of than adults
name a food that is better with ketchup on it
name a food that goes well with ketchup
name a food that dogs love just as much as humans do
name a food that doesnt need to be refrigerated
name a food that comes in a sugar free variety
name a food that comes in a shell
name a food that can be lumpy
name a food that appears on the kids menu of most restaurants
name a food that a parent might hide their childs pill in to get them to swallow it
name a food someone might use more than one hand to eat
name a food or drink you can usually still consume a few days after its expiration date
name a food or drink that makes a sound the first time its container is opened
name a food or drink that can be eaten either hot or cold
name a food or beverage that you wouldnt consume after itd been sitting out in hot weather
name a float you might see at the macys thanksgiving day parade
name a flavorr that kids toothpaste comes in but adults doesnt
name a fish that is canned
name a figure of speech people use to describe what their heart is doing
name a fierce animal that is trained and tame at the circus
name a feature that an executives fancy office must have
name a feature people like to have in a master bedroom
name a feature of some cars that youd be surprised to find inside a bus
name a feature of most parades that frightens children
name a fear parents have for their child when she moves out of the house
name a fast food restaurant people would recognize by their sign
name a famous woman who speaks with an accent to americans
name a famous tv show or movie that features a vampire
name a famous robert who many women consider handsome
name a famous person who is known for the way their mouth looks
name a famous marilyn monroe wannabe
name a famous gospel singer
name a famous doctor you wouldnt want as your physician
name a famous criminal twosome
name a famous comedian who loves to use filthy language
name a famous building thats big enough to house a dinosaur
name a fairy tale character who makes an appearance in shrek
name a drink you get at a cafe that most people cont make at home
name a drink thats sometimes given out free at restaurants
name a drink or food that can be eaten either hot or cold
name a dessert you might not serve at a fancy dinner party
name a dessert thats not baked
name a department youd find at a home improvement store
name a decision that people dont make lightly
name a day of the year that some people dont want to spend alone
name a day of the week when you get the most work done
name a daily activity thatd be hard to do if you broke your arm
name a culture or religion that celebrates a different new year than the west
name a cuddly animal
name a crime that some people probably commit every day
name a creature that has a shell
name a country with a large population
name a country thats always pictured with green rolling hills
name a country known for having beautiful weather
name a country american kids visit in the hope of getting lucky while they are in college
name a costume that would not make you popular at a halloween party
name a cosmetic brand that you bet was named after a real person
name a complaint someone might have about camping
name a complaint people have about shoes with laces
name a complaint people have about late night tv
name a complaint a customer might have about their hotel room
name a complaint a customer might have about a bar theyre at
name a complaint a circus clown might have about his job
name a comedian who probably doesnt write their own jokes
name a color thats usually included in packs of fruit flavored candy
name a color most people wouldnt want to paint their house
name a college major that might be useless when looking for a job
name a coffee drink thats easy to mispronounce
name a coffee drink people order while theyre out but cant make at home
name a clothing item that takes up too much space in your closet
name a class that most students take in college but not high school
name a class offered at gyms now that wasnt offered 20 years ago
name a city that starts with san
name a christmas item so tacky even mrs claus wouldnt wear it
name a chore that people may dance while doing
name a chore people had to do during colonial times that we dont do any more
name a childrens character whos associated with being small
name a childhood fear that many people never outgrow
name a characteristic of childrens cereal that adults are less interested in
name a celebrity whose records you might see at a country music museum
name a celebrity whos so handsome he could make a santa suit look sexy
name a celebrity who youre pretty sure has had plastic surgery
name a celebrity who was proven not guilty but probably is
name a celebrity from decades ago whos still thought of as a style icon
name a cartoon character who would never be chosen to narrate a documentary
name a cartoon character thats been around forever
name a car part that most gas stations keep in stock
name a breakfast food thats not really food until its cooked
name a breakfast food thats hard to cook just right
name a brand of jeans that most people know
name a brand of car that youd expect a wealthy person to drive
name a bowl that you dont eat from
name a body part that gets clothed in winter but stays naked all summer
name a board game that takes a long time to play
name a birthday party game that requires music
name a bird you wouldnt want to eat
name a bird you would never think of eating
name a bird that cant fly
name a big expense that some parents plan for years in advance
name a beverage youd never serve to frosty the snowman
name a beverage that youd like to see sold in vending machines
name a beverage that you wouldnt drink right before bed
name a beverage that people often carry around with them
name a beverage that is clear or almost clear in color
name a beverage people often have with brunch
name a beauty secret for aging gracefully
name a bad job for someone whos accident prone
name a bad habit associated more with men than with women
name a baby item that you wouldnt want to buy from a rummage sale
name a 2 word phrase that includes the word secret
married people only how many guests did you invite to your wedding numeric only please
many hunters wear camouflage in the woods name a pattern youd be surprised to see a hunter wear
living or dead name a man named ted
like a colored easter egg which holiday is fun to have when its fresh but not fun to find months later
its said there is a seven year itch after how many years do you think the itch really comes
its said that theres a 7 year itch after how many years do you think the itch really comes
instead of money what might santa give his reindeer as pay
instead of magazines name something you wish your dentists waiting room had
instead of getting a job name something a person might do after college
instead of courage or a brain what quality would you ask the wizard of oz for
instead of a veil what type of headwear would you be surprise to see on a brides head
instead of a schoolbus how might a wealthy kid get to school
instead of a fish name something you accidentally catch while fishing
in which sport is an athlete most likely to break a leg
in which profession are you most likely to find lots of people with tattoos
in which occupations might you take care of someone
in which job would a single person have an easy time getting dates
in which cities do most movies take place
in the store name a product that you might choose because its soft
in the movies name a specific place a damsel in distress might get trapped or face danger
in one word whats the best thing about being married
in movies name an occupation thats almost always played by men
in minutes how much time do you spend in front of the mirror each morning
in minutes how long is your commute to work
if youre serious about camping name something you leave at home
if youre driving in the middle of nowhere what animal might you see crossing the street
if your work wanted people to stick around the office more what should they bring in
if your taking a hawaiian vacation name something youd need to buy before you go
if your pizza was delivered very late what would you expect in order to make up for it
if your neighbor was really nosey name something she wouldnt want you to put up at your house
if your husband could get one quality from james bond what would you want it to be
if your company was saving money name something that might not be at the holiday party
if your cat went on strike name something he might demand before returning to work as your pet
if your boss was ebenezer scrooge name something you wouldnt dare ask for around the holidays
if your boss finds you sleeping on the job what excuse might you give for having your closed eyes
if your blind date walked in and you didnt feel a spark what would you do
if you were stranded on an island name something you might do to get the attention of a search plane
if you were out of town and forgot to pack a change of clothes what would you do
if you were on vacation in london what would be on the postcard you sent home
if you were married to a pirate what might you often receive for a gift
if you were in jail who would you call to bail you out
if you were forming a relay race team which animals would you choose for teammates
if you were dating someone 10 years younger name something specific you might have more experience with
if you were creating the perfect small town name a type of business youd probably have at least one of
if you were an earth tour guide which landmarks would you show to an alien
if you went on a camping trip by yourself what might you spend the week doing
if you wanted to see your date in less clothing where might you take them
if you want to read a book without paying for it where might you spend too much time
if you took a class called cooking 101 name something youd probably learn how to make
if you sent a postcard from china what would be pictured on the front
if you see pink frosting on a cake what flavor would you expect it to be
if you requested a hamburger through a garbled drivethru speaker what might you end up with instead
if you ordered a pizza with the works name a topping that youd expect
if you order pasta at a restaurant what do you assume it will come with
if you moved to los angeles what would be the first thing youd have to get used to
if you met the real life prince charming how would you know it was him
if you loan a car to a friend name something you hope they dont do
if you lived with a bodybuilder name a word youd often hear around the house
if you lived on sesame street which character would get on your nerves
if you lived in soap opera land name something that would happen a lot more often
if you lived in fairy tale land name someone you might run into at the grocery
if you lived in cartoon land who would you least like to have as your neighbor
if you live in the country name a type of lights that you dont see at night
if you live in a city name ways to get to work
if you had to live in a department store which department would be best to live in
if you had to live at the zoo what type of animal would be the easiest to have as your roommate
if you had to go into the witness protection program name something youd do to disguise yourself
if you had to be locked inside a building for a year which place would you want it to be
if you got to be fearless for one day name the first thing youd try
if you got stuck in the desert what would you want to have with you
if you got a new puppy name something youd teach it
if you forgot your dates name what might you call them instead
if you dyed your hair what color would you hate for it to turn out
if you dont look like cindy crawford what clothing item might you still be able to model
if you didnt have to work name something youd spend your life doing
if you could pick a comic book super power what would it be
if you could describe yourself as a shape name the shape you would be
if you could choose your neighbors which traits would you look for
if you could choose what would be an ideal place to meet your mate
if you commuted to work by jet pack name something dangerous that could happen be specific
if you became a millionaire which job around the house would you hire a professional to do
if you ate at a roadkill restaurant what would you likely find on the menu
if theres a blizzard outside whats the best thing to spend the day inside with
if there were no clean plates what might you eat over
if there was no speed limit how fast would you drive on the way to work each morning
if there was a waitressing 101 class what should every waitress learn not to do
if there was a school for training rock stars who might be the principal
if there was a school for beauty queens name a skill that would be taught there
if there was a gourmet cafe for dogs which coffee flavors would likely be on the menu
if students ran schools name some things they would probably get rid of
if stuck with not diapers what might a desperate parent use instead
if something is made of glass what words might be written on the sign next to it
if someone looks like your spouse from faraway what do you look at to be sure that its himher
if someone has taken their karaoke hobby too far what might they begin doing
if someone didnt trust the bank where might they hide their cash
if santa showed up at your work holiday party what might your co workers request for christmas
if santa retired which of his possesions might he sell
if santa claus had a christmas party name someone he might invite
if paris hilton went trick or treating what might she request instead of candy
if one of the 3 stooges got married what action might replace a kiss at the altar
if money isnt an object who do people hire to help make their life easier
if cinderella went to a therapist what might she complain about
if an elvis impersonator had a rummage sale what would you expect to find there
if an auctioneer had a baby what might be her first words
if an alien landed at christmas time name a christmas tradition that would be hard to explain
if an alien gave you a guided tour of outer space what would be must see stops
if adults had fights like toddlers do what might your spouse do the next time you disagreed
if a wrestler had a garage sale name something youd find there
if a woman had a wish list for what she wants in a partner what might be on it
if a woman had a mid life crisis what might she do
if a skeleton went trick or treating what might he request instead of candy
if a person is raised on a farm name something you expect them to be better at
if a person doesnt cook well which thanksgiving food might they buy instead of bake
if a mouse pad were a place where bachelor mice lived what would you likely find inside
if a mannequin could speak what complaint might they make about their job
if a man is trying to get a date with a woman what might he do in order to woo her
if a man had a very full beard what part of his face might be invisible
if a group of senior citizens formed a punk rock band what might their songs bark about
if a fashion designer were inspired by football players what new style might they encourage
how old were you when you had your first real crush
how old were you when you babysat for the first time
how much does the average supermodel weigh
how much do you think a wedding should cost number only please
how much do you expect to spend if youre taking a date out for a nice dinner please round to nearest $10
how many women does an average single man ask out before one says yes
how many times a day does a mother change her newborn babys diaper
how many pairs of pants does the average man own
how many hours of sleep does the average person need in order to wake up refreshed
how many dates should you go on before kissing someone
how long do you usually wait in a doctors waiting room
how do you know without doubt that your jeans are too small
how do you know that youre tuned into a country radio station
how do teachers mnake sure parents find out that their kid failed a test
how could you recognize a figure skater off the ice
how can you tell the show youre watching is made for kids
how can you tell the person youre talking to is not interested in listening
how can you tell that the person next to you is a nervous flyer
how can you tell that somebody just got back from a camping trip
how can you tell that a family member has picked up a phone to eavesdrop on your call
how can you tell somebody is angry at you from their text messages
how can you let your partner know that youre thinking of them when youre out of town
how can you identify the bad guy in a movie even before he does anything wrong
how can you identify someone who really loves the super bowl
how can you identify a pizza delivery car
he may forget their anniversary but name something a man would never forget about his wife
give me a mans name that's 3 letters long
give a reason a person would be afraid to change careers
for which items do people wait in long lines to purchase at the holidays
for which holidays do you eat too much
for what reason might a store refuse to refund your christmas gift
fireworks promote weddings birthdays and other joyous occasions but for which life event would it be inappropriate to set off fireworks
finish this sentence since i got married i have more_____
finish this sentence my greatest success in my life is my ____
even though its a beautiful place to visit name a reason why you might not want to live in hawaii
even as an adult name something youve asked for your dads advie on
during your morning routine name something youd hate to discover wasnt working
during an argument what might a teen do that makes their parents really angry
despite its beauty name a reason why you wouldnt want to live in hawaii
complete this sentence id never date someone who had bad ___________
complete the sentence my spouse married me for my____
by what method might a woman make the announcement that shes pregnant
besides watching it name something people do in front of the television
besides throwing them away name something you can do with old newspapers
besides the blade name something youd find on a swiss army knife
besides swimming name something people do to stay cool in the summer
besides phone number name a set of numbers that most people must remember
besides music name something you might hear on a morning radio show
besides jelly what else goes well with peanut butter
besides ice cream name a food that can be scooped
besides ice cream and popsicles name something you need to be a neighborhood ice cream man
besides go on rides name something people do at disneyland
besides gamble name something people do in las vegas
besides food name something you buy at a supermarket
besides family feud name a tv show with family in its title
besides dishes and utensils what else do you need to host a fancy dinner party
besides curtains name something a college student uses to cover a window
besides an office name a place you can find a copy machine
besides alcohol drugs or tobacco name something that people get addicted to
besides a professional cyclist name a job that involves riding a bicycle
besides a loaf of bread name something you might buy in the bread section of the supermarket
besides a horse which animal is used for transportation
being in hot water is one way of saying youre in trouble name another
before you see any fighting how do you know youre watching a kung fu movie
before visiting a new city name something for which you might get a recommendation
before cds what did people listen to music on
before a part time job name a way that kids earn money
at your physical name something you dont want the doctor to say is high
at which place would it be most embarrassing to have your date wear sweat pants
at what place would you not want to be seated next to someone with an annoying laugh
at what age might a man have a midlifecrisis
at what age is it ok for a child to walk home from school by themselves
at what age do people usually learn to play their first musical instrument
at what age do many people stop looking forward to their birthdays
at a spookhouse what do you do to make the experience less scary
at a rock concert name something people do when a song is over
at a restaurant what do customers do while waiting for a table to open
at a public pool what might you pay extra to rent
at a party where you dont know anyone how might you pass the time
at a nightclub name something you wouldnt want to be doing when the music suddenly stopped
at a movie theater name something you hope your date doesnt do
at a bar how can you tell that someone is interested in you
aside from other movie stars name a common profession for movie star spouses
aside from animals name something people hunt for
as newlyweds name something you and your spouse disagreed about how to do
after too much time together what one thing can get on your nerves about your partner
after overeating during the holidays name the first place where you gain weight
after having kids name something that happens that interrupts a couples alone time at night
after getting pulled over what might a driver do that makes the cops really angry
after getting all dressed up name a place youd hate to find that your date was taking you
after a family dinner name something your family might stay up late doing
after a date name a reason why you might not call the person right away
after a cop pulls you over what might you do to try and avoid a ticket
about what topic do couples most often fight
We asked 100 women to answer this sentence: "I judge a man by how he takes care of his ___"
Name a star whose movies you'll go see no matter how bad the reviews are.
As a man gets older, name a part of his body that seems to get more hair.
Name something a fireman keeps with him at all times.
Name something you think of when you hear the word "boxers".
At what place might a celebrity get special treatment?
Name a cartoon with big ears.
Name a place some men have hair on their bodies that others don't.
Name a type of person who carries a sword.
Name something kids and their parents usually don't share the same taste in.
Name a place that begins with the word "South".
Name something associated with the state of Alaska.
Name something a friend has that they brag is better than yours.
Fill in the blank: It's hard to find a good _______.
Name something every teacher needs.
Name a pet that isn't much work, but also isn't much fun.
Name something that might be cancelled because of cold weather.
Name an animal that spends as much time in the water as on land.
Name a movie that starred Denzel Washington.
Name a person you don't necessarily like, but are obliged to get along with.
When it comes to raising kids, what's the one thing you need the most of?
Name something someone does to keep from laughing.
Name something people do to "get smart".
Name something you might see someone doing on the side of a road.
Name something a person might buy to go with their swimming pool.
Name something you might put in your backyard to decorate if you were having a beach theme party.
Name something cars have today that they didn't have 50 years ago.
Tell me something you'd hate to find on the end of your nose.
Name a women who's not afraid to say what she thinks.
Name a job that, for one reason or another, would be too hard for you.
We asked 100 men: If we had a women president, what do you think she'd spend most of our tax dollars on?
Name an occasion when a women might be especially nervous and excited.
Name something that people get removed from their body.
Name something at home that people might trip over.
Give me a two word expression that starts with the word "Love".
Name an office responsibility that bosses consider to be "beneath" them.
Name someone who usually wears a cape.
Name a place you see men crying.
Name your one possession that gives you the most hours of enjoyment.
Name an occupation whose members you hope are smarter than you.
Name a place where it's important for children to sit still.
Besides clothes, name something that has a zipper.
What breed of dog might be called "Precious"?
Name something you measure with.
Name something that only happens once every 4 years.
Name a kind of place where you're treated more like a number than like a human being.
Name something people think is a man's job.
Name something you might strap down if you live in earthquake country.
Besides a napkin, name something a person uses to wipe their mouth with.
Name something about a man that might make other men jealous.
Tell me a food that starts with the letter "L".
Name an actress or actor today that would be perfect to star in a remake of "Psycho".
Name an event in the Summer Olympics.
Name a place where you're sometimes bothered by the person sitting behind you.
Name a place where shoplifters stash the goods, until they're out of the store.
Name something that might make you dizzy.
We asked 100 single women: Tell me something you have that has lasted longer than most of your relationships.
Name another word for motion picture.
Name something you double-check before you go to bed.
Name something the oldest child gets more of than the other kids in the family.
Past or present, name any famous western movie star.
We asked 100 men... Name an actress whose affection would have you jumping on Oprah's couch too!
Name something a child might do right before bed.
Name a musical instrument that's difficult to play.
Name something most burglars never steal during a home robbery.
Name something that might take a nosedive.
Name America's most famous department stores.
Name a sport where the fans might yell "Crush 'em!".
Name something you'd be very excited about spotting in the ocean.
We asked 100 women: Name an animal some men look like when they dance.
Besides a mattress, name something people sleep on.
Beside people, name something you'd try to save if your house was on fire.
Name a word that rhymes with "first".
Name something a cheerleader has lots of.
Name a type of structure that is sometimes named after dead people.
We asked 100 men: Name something you don't do today, if you can put it off until tomorrow.
Name a song by Madonna that everyone knows.
Name a famous person, living or dead, whose last name is "Collins".
Name a happy event that can also be stressful.
Name a kind of store a woman should spend time in if she wants to meet a man.
Name something you might do if you found out your house was haunted.
Name a phrase that starts with "Follow the _______".
Name something you reach for when the toilet overflows.
Name a famous person who died in a place crash.
Name something that starts with the word "snow".
Name a reason people give to their bosses, when they ask for a raise.
Name an occupation where there’s no sitting down on the job.
Name someone who wears white clothes.
Name something you'd expect to see in psychiatrist's office.
Name the only thing you need to make your dog happy.
Name a part of the average person's body that weighs 3 pounds.
Name a fruit that's messy when you eat it.
Name an activity that people wear gloves for.
Name a famous "Jerry".
Name something associated with "David Hasselhoff".
Name something men say they hate to give when they get married.
Name something that for safety's sake, everyone should know how to do.
Name something Miss America probably takes off her tiara to do.
Name something you might do on a cruise ship that you can't do on a submarine.
Name something you waste.
Tell me a name you might give your pet that you'd hate to have as your name.
Name something that most American people would die for.
Name something that's rude to cancel at the last minute.
Besides skis, name something people use on a ski slope?
Name a way people get rid of mice.
Name someone who wears white gloves.
Name a type of vehicle where you usually sit in the back.
Name a word that ends with "scope."
Name something people dislik about a sleeper sofa.
Name something people eat with chili.
Fill in the blank: A women should not judge a man by his _______.
Name an occupation many women fantasize about having.
Besides a chicken, name a creature that lays eggs.
Name an occasion when people take a lot of pictures.
Name kid's game that a grown man would look pretty silly playing.
Name something you might find on a miniature golf course.
Name the most difficult part of learning to drive.
Name something a married couple saves from their wedding day.
According to men: Name something a women would have a hard time going a whole week without doing.
Name a city in Florida.
Name a reason a husband might send his wife flowers.
If you made a Zoro doll, name something it might come with.
Name something you might see in the jungle.
Name a country that belongs with the letter "S."
Name something in your car you can control with a push of a button.
Name a city in Canada everyone has heard of.
Name something who is famous for being a chef.
Tell me a boy's name that starts with the letter "M."
Who is a celebrity you would most hate to sit next to on a long flight?
Name something that starts with "the gift of _______."
Name something an artist uses.
Name a gift for a friend who travels a lot.
Name something that might be stuffed inside a ravioli. ("Meat" is not a answer. Be more specific.)
Name something a women might keep in her purse.
Name something they give away free to attract fans at a baseball game.
Name something people put in their yards to attract birds.
Name something you might cut out of your morning routine if you were in a big hurry.
Name a good food to throw in a food fight.
Name a U.S. city that begins with the letter "L."
Name a kind of muffin.
Name a part of a women's body that men prefer to be small.
Name one fact about Janet Jackson.
Name something a women might put in her hair.

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