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All Questions page 109

Name something you hold very carefully.
According to men: You should never interrupt a women when she is _______ .
According to single men: What is the one thing you might want to know when you meet a women, but do not have the nerve to ask?
Name something you would see a lot of at Kansas.
Tell me a women's name that starts with the letter "J."
Name a animal that you are surprised that some people keep as a pet.
Name something people do with snow.
Name something you wear that might be plaid.
Name a beverage that is served at kids birthday party.
Name Something Guests Do At A Wedding Reception
Name Something associated With “It’s A Wonderful Life”
Name A Brand Of Toothpaste You See In Just About Every Drugstore
Name A Wild Animal You’d Be Foolish To Keep As A Pet
Name The Hottest Month Of The Year
Name Something A Movie Director Might Yell Out In The Set
Name A Good Job For Someone Who Likes To Work Outdoors
Name Something You Make With Batter
Name Something People Put On A Bagel.
Name Something You Have Accidentally Locked Yourself Out Of.
Name A Reason Mothers Call Llittle Children In From Playing Outside
Name A Vegetable That Goes Great With Party Dip
Name A famous Doctor Whom You Wouldn’t Trust To Perform Surgery
Name Something You Might See A Hotel Maid Holding
Name A Reason A Whale Might Not Make A Good Pet For Kids
Tell Me What You’d Miss Most If You Were Stranded On The “Survivor” Island
Name A Pie Filling Often Used During The Holidays
Besides The Show E.R., Name A TV Program About Doctors
Name Something Associated With John Lennon
Besides Walking Name A Way To Get Around In Snowy Weather
Name Something People Put On Popcorn
Name Someplace Where You Might See A Movie Advertised
Name An Animal At The Zoo That might Go Beserk And hurt Someone
Tell Me A Manes Name That Starts With The Letter “T”
Name Something That Has The Word Pop In It
After Too Much Time Together, What One Thing Can Get On Your Nerves About Your Partner
Name Something a Visiting Alien Would Say Is A Huge Problem On Earth
Name something A Pet Might Do To It’s Owners Shoes
Name A Way To Make someone Laugh Without Speaking To Them
Name Something You Write A Note To Remind Yourself To Do
Name Something That Might Be Fruit Flavored
Name An Invention That Has Made Parents’ Jobs Much Easier
Other Than A Detergent, Name Something Around The House To Remove Stains
Name A Car That old People Like To Own
Name Something Kids Forget When Leaving For School
Name An Entertainer Who Often performs Live
Name Your Favorite Food With Peanut butter In It
Name A Way You Know Your Dog Is Happy To see You
Name Something A Wife Likes To Her From Her Husband
Name A “Christopher” You’ve seen On Television
Name Something That People Can Either Rent Or Buy
Name A Food That You Don’t Have To chew To Swallow
Name A Place That Has The Word “Square” In It
Name An animal Whose Head You Might see On The wall Of A Hunter’s Den
Name Something Your Dog Might Be Trying To Tell You When It Barks
Name Something You’d See At A Gas Station
Name Something That Would Be hard To Do If You Had Lockjaw
Name A Reason You Might Send Someone A card
On A Scale Of 1-10 How Happy Do You Think Most People Are
Name Something A Circus Performer Would Use On On A High Wire
Name A Reason Why A Student Would Raise His Hand In Class
Name A Part Of A Motorcycle That Would Be Hard To Ride Without
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Goose”
We asked 100 women: Name Something You’d Be Uncomfortable Wearing In Public when You Feel You Have 10 Pounds To Lose
Name A Job That in Most Households, A Man Is More Likely To Do Than His Wife
Name A Food That Be Made With Blueberries
Name a famous Helen
Name a famous bridge
Name a way you’d travel across country
Name something you need to play a game of ping-pong
Give me another word for zero
Name something parents wish a baby could do for himself
Name something you hope doesn’t happen when you’re holding a baby
Name an animal you’d see at Sea World
What would you do if you found a lost wallet at a store
Name a non-alcoholic drink you can get at a bar.
Name something you associate with Tinkerbell
Name a prop you would see in an Indiana Jones movie
Name someone who probably wouldn’t be invited to Batman’s birthday party
Name a sport that involves hitting a ball
Name something that people pitch.
Name something people spread on crackers
Name A Reason Why You Only See Someone At Night
Name A Good Gift For A Football Referee
Nmae The Best Drink To Have After Exercising
Name Someone Winnie The Pooh Is Good Friends With
Name a problem you’d have to deal with if you won the lottery
Name a type of person who would wear goggles
Name Something People Do To Prevent Getting Sunburned
Name a Thanksgiving side dish
Name Something Most Doctors Carry With Them On Their Rounds
Name something people keep near the kitchen sink
Name a reason you’d close your eyes
Name a type of entertainer you might see on a cruise ship
Name something people do with horses that they don’t do with cows
Name Something You Might Buy To Go With Your New Pool Table
Name something you wish you had in your backyard
Name A Color Movie Villains Never Wear
Name A Reason Why You Might Want To Change Seats On A Plane
Name Something You Grease
Name something other than an animal or a human that has an eye
If Teenagers Were In Charge Of The Remote Control, Name The TV Channel They Would Be On All The Time
Tell Me Something You’d Be Nervous About Loaning To A Friend
Name The Month When The Weather Starts To Warm Up
Name Something People Suck On
Which Term Is Most Overused In Internet chatting
Name Something The Average Person Might Have To Do If They wanted To Be A Sumo Wrestler
Name a job where’d you spend most of the day in the sun
Name something scientists wear in the lab
Name Something You Use Bricks To Build
Name an accessory that might be sold with a James Bond action figure
Name an appliance you keep plugged in all the time
Name a sport where people wear helmets
Name a state where they grow a lot of fruit
Name A Government Agency With A 3 Letter Abbreviation
Name A Way You Know A Cartoon Character Is Mad
Name Someone Associated With The Dico Era
Name An Animal You Might See Digging Through Your Garbage Can
Name someone who has to wash their hands frequently
Name something Kids Sell Door To Door
Name Something The Pit Crew Does When A Race Car Driver Pulls To The Side
Name a type of jewelry a man might wear
Name A Gift Children Create At School
Name an activity with sand kids like to do on the beach
Name Something You’d Need To Make A Sand Castle Besides Sand
Name something a bird watcher carries with them
Name a reason to see a movie at a theater rather than at home
Name A Reason You Might Walk Out Of A Movie
What Might A Fan Ask Their Favorite Musician If They Met In Person
Name another word for mistake
Name a famous woman named Paula
Tell me how many hours of sleep parents of a newborn baby get (numeric only)
What Kind Of Bagel Would You Avoid Eating Before An Interview
Tell Me Something Used In Hockey
Tell Me Something Specific You Should Drink A Lot Of When You’re Sick
Name Something You Wrap Dishes In When You’re Moving
Name Something You Trim
Name Something You Shouldn’t Add Too Much Of To Your Laundry
Name Something You Might Have To Do If You Got A Speeding Ticket
Name Something Used That A High School Student Might Buy
Name Something That Has An Ending
Name Something That Gets Plucked
Name Something Specific About A Kid That Changes As They Get Older
Name Something Someone Might Ask You To Take A Whiff Of
Name Something People Know About Big Bird
Name Something People Donate To The Red Cross
Name Something People Do To The Windows In Their Home
Name Something About Bugs Bunny That’s Different From Most Rabbits
Name Something A Suspicious Girlfriend May Check In Her Boyfriend’s Cell Phone
Name Something A Single Man Does A Lot More Of Than A Married Man
Name Something A Police Officer Might Wear Or Use For Protection
Name An Exercise That Ends With The Word “UP.
Name A Toy That Might Be Operated By Remote Control
Name A Reason Why You Might Have To Get Change For A Dollar
Name A Reason Why A Married Couple May Have A Hard Time Getting Out For A Date Night
Name A Reason A Mail Man Might Have A Bad Day On His Route
Name A Place Where Most People Are Ticklish
Name A Homemade Gift People Enjoy Receiving
Name A Healthy Snack A Mom Might Feed Her Kid
Name A Fruit Put In Margaritas
Besides Paint, Name Something You’d Need If You Want To Become A Professional Artist
Besides Clothes, Name Something Most People Pack In Their Suitcase While Traveling
Besides A Mattress, Name Something People Sleep On
Name Something People Pay Money To Be Scared By
Name Something You’d Find In A Breakfast Sandwich
Name Something On Everyone’s Driver License
Name A Reason Why You Might Give A Waiter A Bad Tip
Name Something Some People Usually Brush Their Teeth Before Doing
Name Something People Buy As A Status Symbol
Name A Job Which You Need To Wash Your Hands Often
Name A Fabric That Would Make Terrible Bed Sheets
Name A Cable TV Channel That Is Watched Mainly By Kids
Name Something That Requires Your Signature
What Are Most Kids Afraid Of On Their First Day Of Kindergarten?
Name A Holiday That You Don’t Get To Miss Work For
Name Something A Parent Would Buy Their Child For A Sleeper Camp
Name Something A Kid Would Do To Celebrate New Year’s
Name Something A Cyclist Would Bring With Him Other Than His Bicycle
Name Something Indiana Jones Would Put Away In His Closet
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Cheers’
Name Someone Who Might Make A Speech At A Wedding
Name A Famous Rapper Who Became A Movie Actor
Name An Occupation Where You’d Hear A Lot Of Swearing
Name Something Every Farmer Needs
Name Something Associated With Albert Einstein
Name Something In Every Restaurant’s Kitchen
Name Something A Company Would Be Expected To Reimburse A Businessman For
Name Something Associated With Humpty Dumpty
Tell Me An Excuse People Give The Police for Speeding
Name Something You’d Hate To Forget If You Were Going Camping
Name A Form Of Transportation You Didn’t See A Lot Of 100 Years Ago
Which Part Of The Body Do People Injure Most When Exercising
Name Something A Bird Could Do To Ruin A Magician’s Act
Name A Specific Part Of Batman’s Costume
Name Something Associated With Goldilocks
If You Dared, Name Something About Superman You Might Make Fun Of
Name something Germans Are Famous For Making
Name Something Ugly That Can grow On Your Feet
Name something Icecream Might Be Served In
Name A Place Where It’s Always Rainy
Name A Fruit That Comes In A Can
Name A Way You Might Try To Stay Awake While Driving
Name Something That Has Speakers
Name Something A Person Wears Even If It Has Holes In It
Name A Place Where It Is Rude To Take Out Your Cell Phone
Need Something You Need To Wrap A Gift
Name A Game Show That Gives Away A Lot Of Money
Name Something You See In The Sky On A Clear Night
Name A Class Every College Freshman Takes
Name A Toy That You Could Buy Your Friend’s Child That Might Ruin Your Friendship
Name Something Birds Do That A Human Would Look Rediculous Doing
Name Something Parents Wish A Baby Could Do For Themselves
Name Something Adults Do Even Though They Know It’s Bad For Their Health
Name A vehicle Where Passengers Can Also Stand While Riding
Besides CD’s, Name Something A Music Store Might Sell
Name A Profession In Las Vegas That Makes really Good Tips
Name A Type Of Store You’d Find In Just About All Shopping Malls
Name Something You Might Need In Order To Do Your Laundry
Name Something People Put In Plastic Bags
Name A Type Of Cookie With Something In The Middle.
Name Something That Quenches Your Thirst
Name Something A Couple With A Baby Might Take Turns Doing.
Name Something That Might Hurt After Nose Surgery
Name The Worst Part About Going To The Beach.
Name Something You’d Give A Five Year Old To Make Him Stop Crying
Name Something You’d Hate To See Crawling Around Your Kitchen
Name A Home Appliance That Can Get hot.
Name A Bird That Has Good Eyesight
Name Something You’d See An A Postcard From Hawaii
Name Something You Can Do In Both A Bumper Car And A Race Car
Name Something You Hook Up To A TV
Name Something You Measure With
Name An Animal Associated With Christmas
Name Someone You’d See In A Hospital Delivery Room
Name Something A Football Player Wears That Would Look Ridiculous On A Tennis Player
Name Something People Know About Dumbo
Name Someone Who Might Carry A Torch
Name Something You’d Bring If You Were Going On An African Safari.
Name Something That Squirts.
Who In America Seems To Make The Most Money For The Least Work?
Name Something That Distracts You In A Car
Name A Reason School Might Be Closed
Name Something Associated with the movie “The Sound Of Music”
Name Something That Is Usually required to rent An Automobile
Name Something A Man With Very little Does To Make It Look Like He Has More
Name A Food You Would Never Cook On A Hot Day
Name Something A Kid Gets A Ride In That An Adult Would Ridiculous Inside
Name A form Of Transportation That Wouldn’t Make A Lot Of Noise
Name Someone Who Probably Wouldn’t Be Invited To Batman’s Birthday
Tell Me Something Food Might Come Wrapped In
Name A type Of Cheese Americans Like The Best
name Something A Person Might Do With Chewing Gum That Other People Think Is Rude
Name A reason Someone Might Call You In The Middle Of The Night
When People Quit Smoking, Name Another Habit they May Pick Up
Besides “Best Picture,” Name A Category They Give Oscars For
Name A Bug That people Actually Like
Name A Term You’d Use for Someone Who Has A lot Of Money
Name Something That Would Make You Self Conscious If You Were starring In A Movie About Ballet
Name Something They Do At A Bar That lets You Know It’s About To Close
Name Something Some People Buy And Others Rent
Name An Animal That Has large Eyes
Name A Food That Kids Often Refuse To Eat The Crust From
Name A Game Played at A Kid’s Party
name A Part Of The Body Men Have More Hair Than Women
Name Something Halle Berry Is Known For.
Besides Mickey, Nam A Character you’re likely to find on A T-Shirt At Disneyland
Name something you would thank your spouse for doing but prosecute a stalker for
Name an actress on the cutting edge of fashion
Name a snack with marshmallows in it
Name an animal that you might see at both the circus and the zoo
Which Thanksgiving food are you most likely to regret eating?
Name something people enjoy doing under a tree
Name a way a kid might get around town
Name something women do to their hair more often than men do
How many times does the average person let a phone ring before answering it? (Numeric Only)
Name a food you might see a chef flipping
Name something you’d do if your upstairs neighbor was being too noisy.
In one word, name something that causes many couples to break up
Name a brand of wristwatch sold in every department store.
Name an appetizer served at an Italian Restaurant
Tell me something you might skip doing if you’re running late for work
How can you tell that 2 people are on a first date
Name a reason a married couple might sleep in separate beds
Name a complaint a woman might have about her cat that she would also have about her husband
Name a reason why a couple might live in 2 different cities
Tell me something you worry about when it starts raining unexpectedly
Name the age when a kid might go to his first school dance
Name A Holiday You Might Get Dressed Up For.
Name a place where you might get asked to dance
Name a good place to go for a date without spending money
Name something a pregnant woman gets asked about a lot
We asked 100 men: Name something about a beautiful woman that could make her unattractive.
Name something specific a divorced man might have to learn how to do when living by himself.
What’s the first question a person would ask after being dumped
Name A Lie A Woman Might Tell A Man To Let Him Know She’s Not Interested In Him.
Real or fictional, name a woman that a mugger might be afraid of
Name something couples exchange when they get married
Name Something You’d See In A Restaurant’s Kitchen
Name A Specific Kind Of Pepper People Put In Their Food
Name Something A Business Person Keeps In A Briefcase
If A High School Girl Was Really A Teenage Witch, Name Something She Might Use Her Special Powers For
Name Something That Would Be Impossible To Do In The Dark
Name Something Kids Like To Snack On Between Meals
Name Something You Might See On A Brochure Advertising A Trip To New York City
Name something that can happen that would ruin a romantic getaway.
Name the best place for single people to find each other.
Name something a woman would be foolish to apply makeup before doing.
Name something that people assume a great looking guy will be great at
Name something a woman might have done at a beauty salon she probably couldn’t get at a barber shop
Name someone a bride asks to be her bridesmaid
Name something a woman does right after a marriage proposal
Early in a relationship, what might someone do to play hard to get?
We asked 100 men: If you’re not interested in a woman after 3 dates, how do you let her know?
Name the one person who is always tough to choose a gift for
Name Something A Celebrity Might Go On A Talk Show To Promote.
Name A Food Item Typically Associated With Fall.
If You Turned Into A Kangaroo, Name Something You’d Have To Get Used To.
What Might A Man Have In His Bedroom That Tells You He’s Still Re-living His High School Days.
Name The Age When A Girl Starts Wearing Lipstick.
Name A Place People Go To Discuss Their Relationship Problems.
Name An Article Of Clothing Some Women Try To Wear As Tight As Possible.
Name A Famous Woman Who’d Probably Make Her Husband Sign A Pre-nuptial Agreement.
Name Something Pregnant Women Are Warned Not To Do.
Name Something A Man Does To Prepare For A Date.
Name Something A Bride Worries Might Happen On Her Wedding Day.
What Happens To Women In A Horror Movies That Prevents Them From Running Away.
Name Something You’re Expected To Do If You’re Attending A Wedding.
Which Subject Would Be Taboo For The Best Man To Bring Up In His Wedding Toast.
How Can You Tell That Two People Are On A First Date.
Name Something A Woman Might Do To Her 12 Year Old Son That Would Cause Him To Say, “Mom, I’m Too Old For This”
Name The Worst Thing You Could Forget On Your Wedding Day.
If They Did A Show Called “Who Wants To Marry A Billionaire” Name Someone They Might Get As The Groom.
Name Something One Person In A Relationship Does Too Soon That Scares The Other One Away.
Name Something Madonna Has That The Average Woman Might Envy.
Name Something About Wonder Woman The Average Woman Might Envy.
What Might A Teenager Do After Breaking Up With Their First Love.
Besides Dishes, Name Something You Might Put In Your Dishwasher.
Name Something You Might Expect To See A Lot Of In Beverly Hills.
Name Something You’d Probably Find In Most Mansions.
Name Something In People Do To Eliminate Body Odor.
A Real Man Would Breakup With His Girlfriend In Person. Tell Me A Way A Coward Might Do It.
Name Something A Man Might Do In His Sleep That His Wife Might Think Is Cute.
what might a jilted lover do after a breakup that lands them in court
Name Something A Man Might Still Do For A Woman When They Go Out On A Date.
Name Something Children Get In Their Hair.
Name A Type Of Fruit A Kid Might Have In A Lunch Bag.
Name A Place Where You Stand In Line, But Nobody’s In A Hurry
Tell Me Something You Wish Would Stop Growing So You Didn’t Have To Deal With It
Name An Instrument In An Orchestra.
On An Average Night How Long Does It Take You To Fall Asleep?
Name A Souvenir A Tourist Might Bring Home From Hollywood.
Name Something The Stars Eat That You Probably Would Not Find In middle America.
What Do People Do While While Watching A Sports Game.
Name A Foreign Country Known For Making Good Movies.
What Might a “Chain E-Mail” Urge You To Do.
What Is Something Associated With The Movie “The Exorcist”
Name A Reason You Might Send A Bowl Of Soup Back.
Name Something You Would Get On A Thanksgiving Pizza.
Name Something A Caveman Might Use To Fight A Sabre-Toothed Tiger.
Tell Me A Woman’s Name That Starts With The Letter “K”
If A Husband Found Out His Wife Had A Bad Day At Work, Name Something He Might Do To Make Her Feel Better.
If You Were Starting Your Own Business, Tell Me The First Thing You’d Need.
We Asked 100 Eleven Year Olds: Name A Game You Play In A Swimming Pool.
Name A Vegetable That Makes A Loud Noise When You Eat It.
Name A Famous Elizabeth.
Name A Home Appliance That Can Get Hot.
Name Something Sixteen-Year-Old Girls Might Do At A Slumber Party.
Name Something A Dog Might Be Wearing.
Name A place Where You’d See A lifeguard.
Name A Tourist Attraction That Offers A Great View.
Name A Beverage Served At Fancy Restaurants.
Name A Song Made Famous By The Beach Boys.
If A Woman Nicknamed Her Boyfriend Teddy Bear, What Might You Guess About Him.
Name A Place Where People Aren’t Afraid To Sing Really Loud.
How Might An Employer Find Out About An Application Even Before The Interview.
Name Someone That Uses Hand Signals.
Name An Itchy Fabric.
Name Something You Might Find On Your Lawn That You’d Hate To Find On Your Carpet.
Name A TV Soap Opera That’s Been On For Years.
Name Something People Remember About The TV Show “Cheers”
Name Something You’d Do Differently, If You Worked From Home Instead Of An Office.
Name a card game that takes a long time to play.
Name something you might need to buy if you worked from home.
Name something a man would miss most if he was stranded alone on a deserted island.
What kinds of foods and drinks do people acquire a taste for as they get older?
Name a state that begins with the letter “I”
Name something people do to start a bottle of ketchup flowing
Name something people do at a wedding that they would never do at a funeral
Name something for which you dress up to make a good first impression
Name something a woman keeps in her purse that a man might also have in his wallet
Name a reason why you might not want to marry a pilot
Name something that has channels
What would you name a boy born on Thanksgiving?
Name something you’d find in a hospital waiting room.
Name a place people go to discuss their relationship problems
Name a sport where it would look silly to wear a helmet.
Name the day of the week movie theaters are most crowded.
Name a pest you don’t want in your garden.
Name a word or phrase people use to say that they’re completely in love.
Name something that happens in October.
Name an occasion when you see a lot of people wearing red.
Name an actor who you think might be able to knock out Mike Tyson.
Name something you do in the summer that you usually don’t do in the winter.
Name something a doctor tells a woman in labor to do.
Name a reason why you might not let someone else drive your car.
Name a vehicle that requires a special license to operate
Name a place where a noisy person might hear “Shhh!”
Name a kind of muffin.
Name something associated with Princess Leia
Tell me a woman’s name that starts with the letter “K”
Name Something You Might Do When You Make A Wish
After how many months of pregnancy does a woman begin to show
Name A Food You’d Serve As A Main Course And Use To Make Sandwiches The Next Day
Name A Dessert You’d Find In Every Cafeteria
Name A Complaint A Person Might Have About Their Dance Partner.
Name The Best Type Of Cheese To Put On A Cheeseburger.
Name Another Word For Toilet.
Name A Reason A Hunter Might Say He Had A Bad day.
Tell Me Something You Use To Wrap Dishes When Moving.
Name A Color Most People Wouldn’t Want To Paint Their House.
name Something kids Wish Will Happen At A Baseball Game.
Name A Place In The House Where People Store Old Clothes.
Name A Part Of The Body Where Men Have More Hair Than Women.
In What Profession Might Someone Have Their Legs Insured.
Name A Monthly Bill Where The Amount Changes Every Month.
Name Something That Couples Should Do Together Regularly In Order To Stay Connected.
Name Someone, Real Or Fictional, Who Was Very Greedy.
Name A Term That Starts With “Fortune”
Name A Body Part That Begins With The Letter “L”
If Your Cat Went On Strike, Name Something He Might Demand Before Returning To Work As Your Pet?
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute Before Thanksgiving.
Name Something You Might Do On Vacation In Florida.
Tell Me Something A Store Owner Can’t Sell To A Minor.
Besides Alcohol, Name Something A Bartender Might Put In A Drink.
Name Something A Car Can’t Run Without.
Besides Clothes, Name Something That Has A Zipper.
How Would You Enter A Swimming Pool If You Wanted To Get Noticed.
Name A Term That Describes Someone Who Comes In At First Place.
Name Something That’s Shaped Like A Donut.
Name A Bird With Really Long Legs.
Name A Way You Can Tell There’s Someone At Your Front Door.
Name Something That Could Happen To A Man That Might Bring Tears To His Eyes.
Name Something You Might See In A Dark Alley.
Name Something You’d Find At Most Amusement Parks.
Name Something A Guy Might Take With Him To A Poker Game.
Name A Person, Real Or Fictional, Who Is Famous For Having Red Hair.
Name A Dairy Item That’s Sold As Non-fat.
Which Activity Would You Be Shocked To Find A Group Of Nuns Doing.
If Frankenstein Threw A Party, Name Someone Who Might Be On His Guest List.
Name Something That Lives Underground.
If Students Ran The Schools, Name Something They Would Probably Get Rid Of.
Name A Type Of Vehicles That’s Really Long.
Name An Excuse Married Men Give For Not Wearing a Wedding Ring.
Name Something That A Dog Hates Having Done To It.
Name Something You’d See At A Very Fancy Restaurant You’d Never Expect To See At McDonalds.
Besides A Motorcycle, Name Something Every Biker Dude Should Have.
In Addition To A Resume, What might An Actor Need To Send When Applying For A Job.
Name Something Somebody Might Do That Would Make Them A Grinch Or A Scrooge.
Tell Me A Pet That Lives A Long Time.
Tell Me What A Man Does To Cover Up His Bald Spot.
Name A Good Birthday Gift For A Kid Who Wants To Be A Cowboy.
We Asked 100 Married People: How Many Times In A Week Does Your Partner Say “I Love You”
What Are A Couch Potato’s Favorite Hobbies.
Name Something You Shouldn’t Take Away From A Baby, Unless You Enjoy The Sound Of Screaming.
What Kind Of Comments Do You Think Mike Tyson Had On His Kindergarten Report Card.
Name Something Fans Do At A Rock Concert That They Wouldn’t Do At An Opera.
Name A Fast Food Restaurant Kids Love.
Name A Football Bowl Game.
If You Were Married To An NBA Star, What Might You Have To Get On Your Tip Toes To Do.
Tell Me The Hour Of Day When a Grocery Store Is Busiest.
Tell Me How Much Money A Man Expects To Spend On A Date.
Name Something Associated With Winnie-the-pooh.
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Egg”
Name A Famous Person Named “John”
Name A Profession Where You Might Be Called A Shark.
Name An Article Of Clothing That Can Be Buckled.
Name An Ingredient You’d Find In Trail Mix.
Name A Vegetable That People Might Grow In Their Backyard.
Name A Movie You Walked Out On Or Wish You Had.
Name Something A Police Officer Might Ask For After Pulling Someone Over.
Name Something You See Horses Do At Horse Shows.
Name something adult women wear Elegantly, But Pre-teens Often Look Silly In.
Name Something Listed On A Wedding Invitation.
Name Someone A Rich Person Might Hire To Work For Them.
Name a Type Of Shopping That Many People Dislike Doing.
Name Something That A Hula Dancer Wears.
Name Something You’d See At A Thrift Store.
Name Something You’d See On A Coffee Table
Name Something People Know About Kangaroos.
Name Something Ugly That Can Grow On Your Feet.
Name A Reason A Student Might Have To Raise Their Hand In Class.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Be Up Late At Night.
Name Something Specific You Might Buy At A Lingerie Store.
Name Something Healthy That Might Be Found In A Cookie.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like A Rock Star.
Name A Country That Produces A Lot Of Oil.
Name Something You Can Adjust On Your TV.
Name Something That Comes In A Lot Of Flavors.
Name A Kind Of Cookie People Love To Dunk In Milk.
Name Something People Do In Their Car That You’d Be Surprised To See A Race Car Driver Do During A Competition.
Name A Sport That Can Be Played Both Indoors And Outdoors.
Name A Shakespeare Play Which Was Made Into A Movie.
Name Something People File For.
Name An Animal That Lives On Both Land And Water.
Name Something That Might Make Your Voice Sound Different From The Way It Usually Does.
Name A Gambling Game Where You Bet On A Certain Number Coming Up.
Name A Place Where A Teenage Girl Might Keep Her Diary.
Name A Noisy Food You’d Hate For Someone To Chomp Next To You At The Movie Theatre.
Name Something People Do In The Grand Canyon.
Name A Movie That A Dog Would Love To Watch.
Name Something Denver Is Famous For.
Name A Good Food To Throw In A Food Fight.
Name Something Little Red Riding Hood Suspected Was Different About Her Grandmother.
Name Something You Might Serve A Dinner Guest Before The Main Course
Name A Famous Woman Tennis Player
Name A Souvenir A Tourist Might bBring Home From Hollywood
Name Something A New Parent Would Hate To Run Out Of
Name A Man, Past Or Present, Who’s Famous For Dancing In The Movies
Name Something People Find Under Their Sofa Cushions
Name Something A Man Might Do At A Bar That He’d Probably Get In Trouble For Doing At Work
Name A Class You Might Take If You Wanted To Go To Law School
Name A Bad Place For A Ball To Land On A Golf Course
Name Something Cher Is Famous For
Name A Comic Book Kids Love To Collect
Name A Type Of Yardwork That People Dread Doing
Name A Fruit That Is Considered Tropical
Name Something That Has A Horn
Name Something You’d See In The Back Seat Of A Car That Would Tell You They Have Children
Name A Phrase That Begins With the Word “Spanish”
Name A Food People Often Eat With Champagne
Tell Me A Decoration You Might See At Someone’s Birthday Party
Name An Article Of Clothing People Get Fitted For
Name A Fruit That Is Squeezed To Get The Juice
Name Something Very Important To Bring On A Long Hike
Name A Prop You Would See In An Indiana Jones Movie
Name A Way People Enter A Swimming Pool
Name Something You’d Do If You Were On Vacation In Florida
Name A Way To Get Rid Of Weeds In A Garden
Name Something Or Someone Associated With “The Addams Family”
Name A State That Has A Lot Of Desert
Name Something You Know About Kangaroos`
Name Something Kids Might Look Forward To At School In The Month Of December
Name Something Annoying That Men Often Do In Your Bathroom
Name A Word You Would Use When Addressing Royalty
Name A Sign You Might See In An Apartment Leasing Office That Begins With The Word “No”?
Name Something A Famous Actor Might Buy To Show Off Their Money
Name A Reason You Wouldn’t Want To Drive Behind A Bus
Name Something A Zoo Gorilla Might Do If He Wanted To Get Your Attention
Name Something You Do With Your Child To Get Ready For Bed
Name A Sound You Hear At A Boxing Match
Name Something That Happens To You When You Eat Too Much Sugar
Name Something Associated With Fran Drescher
Name A Present A Boy Might Ask For That Most Parents Would Never Give
Name Something A Bartender Might Remember About A Customer
Name Something You Worry About When It Begins To Rain
Name A Famous “Dan”
Name Something You Color
Name Something You Do On Weekday Mornings That Don’t Have To Do On The Weekend
Alive Or Dead, Name An Author Of Scary Stories
Name Something Annoying Kids Say On A Long Car Trip
Name Something Demi Moore Has More Experience In Than Aston Kutcher
Name Something A Man Would Wear If He Were To Impersonate A Woman
Name A Food You’d Expect To Find At A Super Bowl Party
Name The Most Important Part Of A Wedding Ceremony
Name Something People Get Removed From Their Body
Name A Bald Actor
Name Something People Often Skip
Name Something A Church Couldn’t Do Without
Name A Reason You Wouldn’t Want To Live In New York
Name Something You’d Find In A Hospital Waiting Room
Name Something You Would Complain About When You Receive A Pizza Delivery
Name An Occupation That Edward Scissorhands Would Be Good At
Name Something Irritating That Would Happen When Using A Pay Phone
Name Something You Would See A Lot Of In Texas
Name A Type Of Vehicle That You Would Ride In The Back
Name A Country That Was Involved In World War II
Name Something Donald Trump Probably Keeps With Him At All Times
Name A Place Where It Would Be Rude To Use Your Cell Phone
Name A Soft Drink Other Than Coke
What Funny Things Does Your Spouse Do In Their Sleep?
What Clubs Would You Imagine Bill Gates Was A Member Of In High School
Name A State Where You Could Go Swimming In The Winter
Name Something That Happens In The Fall
Name A Part Of A Car That’s Often Replaced.
Name A Sport In Which Athletes Don’t Have To Retire Young.
If Your Purse Was Stolen, Tell Me The One Thing In It That Would Be Hardest To Replace
Besides Cheer, Name Something Fans Do At A Baseball Game.
Name Something A Driver Might Do That Would Cause You To Write Down His Car’s License Number
Name A Word Or Phrase Beginning With The Word “Snow”
If A Ten-Year-Old Went On Strike, Name Something That Might Be Demanded From The Parents.
Name A Profession That Uses Scissors
Name A Song People Play Around Halloween
Name A Way People Might Greet Each Other
What Color Wigs Do You Suspect Cher Might Have
Name Something That Might Be Taught In “Table Manners 101?
Name A Drink The Designated Driver Might Order
Name A Reason Why A Kid Might Be Moved To The Front Of The Class
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do While You’re Driving
Name Something Gentlemen Used To Do For Ladies That They No Longer Bother With
Name An Animal That You Hear At Night
Name A Way You Can Tell Someone Is Skating At An Ice Rink For The First Time
Name Something People Know About The Titanic
How Many Pairs Of Shoes Does The Average Man Own.
Name Something Specific Associated With “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”
Name Something You Might Ask Directions From While Driving
Name Something A 10-Year-Old Boy Might Ask Santa For
How Can You Tell That Your Neighbors Are Out-Of-Town
Name A Type Of Test You Can’t Study For
Name Something Visitors Are Told Not To Do In A Museum
Name A Creature That Doesn’t Have Legs
Name Your Favorite Food With Peanut Butter Inside.
Name A Place In The Newspaper You Wouldn’t Want To See Your Name
Name Something People Check On A Used Car Before Buying It
Name Something About Airlines That Comedians Like To Make Jokes About
Name Type Of Event Where You Often See Scalpers Outside
Name A Singing Group That Has A Number In Its Name
Besides Football Games, Name An Event That Might Be Held In A Football Stadium
What Could You Find In A Garden Salad, But Not In A Garden
Name A Place You Might Whisper
Name Someone Who’s Is Famous For Playing The Trumpet.
Name Something Specific A Dancer Might Wear In An Old Hollywood Musical
Name Something That Some People Steal From Restaurants
Name Something Charlie Brown Likes To Do
Name Something You Might See When You’re Dead
Name Something You Might Drink On Christmas Eve By The Fire
Name Something You’d Buy At A Bakery For Christmas
Name Something That’S Sold At An Airport Gift Shop
Name A Present You Would Get Your Best Friend For The Holidays
Name A Famous Country Western Singer Living Or Dead
Name Another Word People Call Beer
Tell Me Something That Makes People Thirsty
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Be A Lawyer
Name A Type Of Business Where You Might Drop Something Off And Pick It Up Later
If You Could Only Eat One Food For The Rest Of Your Life, What Would It Be
Name A Vehicle You’D Hate To See A Man Pull Up In Before He Takes You On A Date
Name The Time Of Day A Person Is Likely To Take A Nap
Name A Color Leaves Turn In The Fall
Why Might Santa Claus Get Pulled Over If He Took His Sleigh On The Freeway
Name Something Cowboys Are Good At
Name Something Student’S Use In Math Class
Name Something People Do To Cows That The Cows Might Object To
Name A Place People Go To See Fireworks On New Year’S Eve
Name A Type Of Tv Program People Watch In The Afternoon
Name Something You’d Do Around The House That You’d Need A Ladder
Name An Advantage Of Being A Senior Citizen
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanted To Make A Teddy Bear
Name A Good Homemade Holiday Gift
Name A Holiday That’S More Fun For Adults Than Kids
Name A Board Game You’d Like To Get As A Gift
Name Something People Do With Snow
Name Something You Buy At A Hospital Gift Shop
Name Something That Probably Got On Jane’s Nerves After She Married Tarzan.
Name A Reason Someone Would Return A Gift.
Name Someone Who Might Wear A Pointy Hat
Name A Practical Joke You Might Purchase From A Joke Shop
Name Something That Might Get Frozen In The Winter
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Invite Your Partner To Your Company Party.
Name A Musical Instrument You Blow Into.
Name Something That Kids Fight Over During The Holidays.
Name Something You Might Ask A Bathroom Attendant For
What Should You Never Forget To Take To The Beach?
Name Something People Buy By The Roll
Name A Popular Wedding Gift.
Name Something A Teenager Might Try To Get Away With When Their Parents Are Out Of Town
Name An Insulting Thing Someone Might Do With A Gift You Sent Them.
Name A Place To Avoid During The Holidays.
Besides Christmas, Name A Holiday Most People Get Off From Work.
Name A Holiday When You’d See A Parade.
Name A Fruit You Can Buy In The Frozen Food Section
Tell Me Something That’s Hard To Do While Driving In The Snow.
Name The Best Movie Score
Name Something Baseball Players Do While They’re In The Dugout
Name A Gift You Might Bring Back With You From Mexico.
Even Though He’s Normally Jolly, Name A Gripe Santa Claus Might Have About A House He’s Delivering Toys To.
Name Something Santa Probably Does The Other 364 Days A Year.
Name Something People Ride On Snow.
Name A Snow-Related Activity Santa Might Do To Stay Healthy.
Name Something That Starts With The Word “Santa”
Name An Image That Might Appear On Christmas Wrapping Paper.
Name An Animal Traditionally Associated With Christmas.
Name Something You Would Need To Dress Up Like Santa.
Name Something A Person Might Use To Clean Their Belly Button
Name A Movie Where The Plot Had More Twists And Turns Than A Corkscrew
Name Something People Buy At The Last Minute For Christmas.
Name Something You Dip In A Fondue
Name A Beauty Procedure A Woman Wouldn’t Do Herself
Name A Public Place You Might Sing Out Loud With Other People
Name Something Many Houses Smell Like Around The Holidays.
Name Something You Usually Can’t Use If You Don’t Have Any Change.
Name Something The Godfather Probably Consumes Every Day
Name Someone Specific You Send A Holiday Card To.
Name An Animal That Looks Cuddly, But Would Probably Eat You Alive.
Do On Christmas Eve ( Wording Not Exact )
Name A Food That Gets Chopped
Name A Place That’s Usually More Crowded On Fridays Than The Rest Of The Week
Name A Relative You’d Rather Not See During The Holidays.
Name A Good Gift For A High School Graduate.
If All Else Fails, Name Something People Get For Mom For The Holidays.
Name Something Romantic About Christmas.
Name A Common Holiday Craft.
Superman Christmas Card ( Key Words Only )
Name The Loudest Animal In The Zoo
Name Something People Turn Off Before They Go To Bed
Name The Most Common Christmas Tree Decoration.
Name Something You See In From Yards During The Holidays.
Name An Advantage Of Owning A Fake Christmas Tree.
Name Something People Apply For.
Name A Christmas Song People Are Tired Of.
Name The Most Popular Christmas Song.
Name A Christmas Song That Everyone Knows The Words To
Name Something A Sailor Has To Worry About Crashing Into.
Name An Expression Little Kids Use When They Have To Go To The Bathroom
Name Something People Have In Their Cars That Santa Might Like To Have In His Sleigh.
Name A Way You Could Tell That The Person You’re Dating Is A Snowman.
Name Something A Man Makes Sure To Do Before His Wedding
What Happens To Fairy Tale Princesses, But Not To Most Regular People In Love?
Name A Holiday That You Don’t Get To Miss Work For.
Name Something You Use Tweezers To Remove
Name Something You’d Hate To Get In Your Hair.
Name The Least Offensive Sport If You Forget Your Deodorant
Tell Me Something You Can’t Drive Your Car Without
Name Something That’s Weighed On A Scale
Name Something A Man Gives His Wife On Valentine’s Day.
Name An Activity People Like To Do At A Lake
Give Me A Slang Term You’d Use To Describe A Really Good-Looking Guy
Other Than Santa Claus, Name Someone Else Who Lives At The North Pole.
Name A Beverage You Might During At A Typical Holiday Party.
Name Something You’d Be Surprised To Find That An Exercise Instructor Did
Name Something You Find On A One-Dollar Bill
Name Something Embarrassing Your Parents Might Do During The Holidays.
Name Someone Who Writes The Funniest Stories About Christmas.
Name A Pet That Makes A Good Holiday Gift.
Name Something In Your Home That Makes A Lot Of Noise.
Name Something People Stop For On Their Way To Work
Name A Gift You Received In The Past That Seems Really Out Of Style Now.
Name A Place A Parent Hides Presents So Children Won’t Find Them.
Name Something Associated With The Month Of December.
Name A Holiday You Would Go Out To A Theater To See A Movie On.
Tell Me A Holiday When Stores Have Special Sales.
Name Something Specific A Child Can Do To Get On Santa’s Nice List.
Name A Kind Of Cookie People Leave Out For Santa.
Name Something You Use To Decorate A Snowman.
Name Your Favorite Filling In A Holiday Candy.
Name A Gift Children Create At School And Give Their Parents.
Name Something Expensive A Teenager Might Ask His Parents For
Name A Type Of Dealer
If A Grown Man Sat On Santa’s Knee, Name Something He Might Tell Him He Wanted For Christmas.
Name A Good Gift For Someone Who Just Graduated From College.
Name A Present A Girl Might Ask For That Most Parents Would Never Give.
Name Something People Forget To Do Before The Holidays.
Name A Type Of Pancake
Name Something The City Of Atlanta Is Known For
Name A College Major That Ends In “Ology”
Name A Singer Of Classic Holiday Standards.
Besides “Big”, Name A Movie With The Word “Big” In The Title
Name Something You Might See At A Church Gift Shop.
How Many Toys Does A Child Get For The Holidays.
Name Something A Couple Stops Sharing After They Get Divorced.
If You Were In A Forest Camping Out, Name A Sound That Might Keep You Up All Night
Tell Me Which Superhero Has The Coolest Costume
Name A Relative You Only See During The Holidays.
Name A Pie Filling Often Used During The Holidays.
Name A Kind Of Animal You Might See In A Swamp
Name A Reason A Kid Might Want A Specific Breakfast Cereal
Name A Holiday That’s Considered Patriotic.
Tell Me The Age When A Kid Is Too Old To Sit On Santa’s Lap.
How Many Days After Christmas Do People Take Down Their Decorations.
Name Something About Their Job That Most People Would Change If They Could.
Name Something That Might Accidentally Get Caught In A Paper Shredder.
Besdies A Diaper, Name Something You Might Need When Changing A Baby.
Besides Fly, Name Soemthing Birds Do A Lot Of.
Name An Activity People Do On Christmas Eve.
Name Something That A Child Star Has To Do That The Average Kid Doesn’t.
Name Something A Person Might Read Everyday.
Name A Good Material For A Winter Coat.
We Asked 100 Women: What Do People Often Say About Men That Isn’t True In Your Experience?
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do While Driving.
Name Something You Worry About Before Falling Asleep At Night.
Name A Reason A Hunter Might Say He Had A Bad Day.
Name A Complaint People Have About Their Computers.
Name Something Teenagers Did In The 50?s.
Name Something That People Hang Outside.
Name Something A King Has That The Average Person Doesn’t.
Name Something That’s Sold At An Airport Gift Shop.
Name Something A Student Might Buy That Has Their School Emblem On It.
Name A Way The Incedible Hulk Is Different From Most Other Superheroes.
Name An Activity Kids Like To Do That They Need To Wear A Helmet For.
If You Were Invited To Speak At A Roast For Arnold Schwarzenegger, Name Something About Him You Might Make Fun Of.
Name Something Every Tight Rope Walker Needs To Do Their Job.
Name Something You’d Need If You Wanter To Look Like The Grim Reaper.
Name A Place Where People Like To Go Skiing
Name Something You Might Find On Someone’s Doorstep.
Name A State That Has Lots Of People.
Name Something You Hold Very Carefully.
Name Something That Spins.
Name A Reason Why Someone Might Prefer Eating At A Drive-Thru Restaurant.
What Movie Would You Need Plenty Of Kleenex In Order To Watch?
Name An Occupation In Which You’d Be Very Embarrassed To Get An Embarrassed Ticket.
Name Something You Might Cut Out Of Your Morning Routine If You Were In A Big Hurry.
What Might A Bankrobber Do In Order To Make An Escape?
Name Something You Would Need If You Wanted To Dress Up Like The Statue Of Liberty.
Name Something That’s Usually Required To Rent An Automobile.
Name Something That’s Made Of Cotton (Be More Specific Than Clothes).
Name Something That You’d Test Out Before Buying Second-Hand.
Name Something Parents Tells Their Kids Not To Waste.
Name Something Associated With Lucy From The Peanuts Comics.
Name Something Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Look Silly In.
Name Another Word For “Small.”
Name An Occupation That Ends With The Word “Man.”
Name A Superstition That Many Brides Follow On Their Wedding Day.
Name A Popular Brand Of Men’s Underwear.
Name A Food You Might Wash Before Eating. (Be More Specific Than Fruit)
Name A Famous Book Of The Bible That People Study In Bible Class.
Name A City In Florida.
Name A Movie With The Word “Cat” In The Title.
Name Something You’d Need If You Were Making Pancakes.
If A Clown Had A Garage Sale, Name Something You’d Probably See For Sale.
When Ordering A Pizza, Name Something Extra You Might Ask For.
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Wouldn’t Wait For A Man To Do First If You Liked Him.
Tell Me Something You’d Expect Mobster Don Vito Corleone To Do At A Wedding.
Name Something You Might Need To Get A Permit Before Doing.
Name Something You Might Fold.
Name Something You Might Find In An Igloo.
Name Something You Might Find At A Seance.
Name Something People Do On The Day After Thanksgiving.
Name Something Kids Can Do To Celebrate The New Year.
Name Something At Home That People Might Trip Over.
Name Something A Biker Dude Would Look Silly Riding.
Name Someplace Where You’d See A Diamond.
Name Someone You’d Be Embarrassed To Be Drunk In Front Of.
Name Someone Whose Job It Is To Make Problems Go Away.
Name An Alternative To Turkey On Thanksgiving.
Name A Type Of Music You’d Probably Never Hear At A Retirement Home.
Name A Specific Button On A Clock Radio.
Name A Sign That The Person You Are About To Fight Knows Karate.
Name A Reason Why You Might Be Driving Slower Than Usual.
Name A Reason Why The Speed Limit Might Suddenly Go Down In One Area.
Name A Person Associated With England.
Name A Job That’s Still Primarily Held By Women.
Name A Form Of Transportation You Wouldn’t Want To Use In A Rain Storm.
Name A Famous Group Of Three Characters.
Name A Country That Has Lots Of Cafes.
Name A Circus Performer Who Can’t Make A Single Mistake.
Name A Circumstance That People Say Only Happens To One In A Million.
Name A Cartoon TV Show That Everyone’s Seen.
Name A Beverage You Can’t Imagine Drinking On A Hot Day.
Besides A Bird, Name Something You’d Find In A Birdcage.
Name A Fruit People Put In Cakes.
Name Something A Woman Might Do To Her 12 Year Old Son That Would Cause Him To Say, “Mom, I’m Too Old For This!”
Name A Profession That Has A Nerdy Reputation.
Name Something A Baseball Fan Might Do At A Game That Would Get Him Kicked Out Of The Stadium.
Who Is The Funniest Animated Character Of All Time?
Who Is The First Person You Would Tell If You Got A Date?
We Asked 100 Married People: What Was The Single Hardest Thing To Start Sharing Once You Moved In With Your Partner?
Name Something You Shouldn’t Do Right Before Going To Sleep.
Name Something You Might Blame On A Headache.
Name Something You Know About Alcatraz.
Name Something Specific A Child Does To Get On Santa’s Naughty List.
Name Something On Grandma That Might Be Fake.
Name Something New Dads Do Immediately After The Birth Of Their New Baby.
Name Something A Person Does Often When They’re Sleepy.
Name Someone Who Works On Movies, But Never Gets Enough Credit When A Great Movie Is Made.
Name An Animal That Makes A Lot Of Noise.
Name A Specific Reason A Person Might Buy A Satellite Dish.
Name A Place You Associate With Palm Trees.
Name A Place Where It’s Good To Be Tall.
Name A Piece Of Technology That People Hate, But Need.
If A Man Goes By The Name “Al,” What Might It Be Short For?
How Might An Employer Find Out About An Applicant Even Before The Interview?
Why Do Most People Never End Up In Movies?
What Do You Suspect About A Person Who Doesn’t Smile Much?
Tell Me The Age A Man Might Start Losing His Hair.
Tell Me Something You Could Avoid By Staying Young Like Peter Pan.
Tell Me Another Name Santa Claus Goes By.
Name Something You Find In The Game Monopoly.
Name Something You Drink At The First Sign Of A Cold To Try To Ward It Off.
Name Something You Associate With Brad Pitt.
Name Something They Sell In A Survival Store.
Name Something The Cartoon Characters The Jetsons Had That You Wish You Had.
Name Something That’s Found In Just About Every Desk Drawer.
Name Something That Has A Captain.
Name Something People Suffering From Colds Always Seem To Be Doing.
Name Something Associated With Diana Ross.
Name Something A Water Skier Might Crash Into
Name Something A New Couple Does More Often Than A Couple That Has Been Together Awhile.
Name Something A Magician Might Make Appear Out Of Thin Air.
Name Something A Bathroom Attendant Might Offer You.
Name One Of Bugs Bunny’s Pals.
Name An Occasion When People Might Have Their Picture Taken.
Name An Ingredient A Baker Would Hate To Be Allergic To.
Name An Annoying Bug A Person Might FInd In Their House.
Name A Way People Get Rid Of Mice.
Name A US City Where It Snows A Lot During The Holidays.
Name A Reason Why You Wouldn’t Invite Your Partner To Your Company Holiday Party.
Name A Reason The Audience Might Start Booing At A Movie Theater.
Name A Popular Christmas Story For Children.
Name A Nut You’d Find In Ice Cream.
Name A Modern Day Holiday Movie.
Name A Kind Of Ring Not Worn On A Finger.
Name A Company That’s Famous For Making Car Tires.
Name A Casino Game Most People Don’t Know All The Rules To.
Name A Beverage You Might Drink At A Typical Holiday Party.
If You Ran Out Of Kleenex, Name Something You Might Wipe Your Nose With.
Besides Students, Name Something You See In Most High School Hallways.
Besides His Bicycle, Name Something A Cyclist Might Take With Him On A Ride.
As Early As October, How Can You Tell Christmas Is Coming?
Tell Me The Youngest Age When Someone Should Get Married
Name Something You’d Buy For A Dog You’d Never Buy For A Cat.
Name A Place That’s Visited Often, That You Can’t Imagine Going For A Business Trip.
Name A Mistake A Pizza Chef Might Make The First Day On The Job.
Which Tool Would You Not Want To Be Without When Building A House?
What Part Of Your Body Gets Tired When You Swim?
What Are You Always Disappointed To Find In Your Chirstmas Stocking.
Name The Thing In A Movie That Always Makes You Close Your Eyes.
Name The First Person You Call When You Have Great News.
Name Something You’d Find In Every Hotel Room.
Name Something You’d Find In A Hotel Bathroom That You Wouldn’t Find In Your Own.
Name Something You Wouldn’t Want To AccidentallyPut In Your Garbage Disposal.
Name Something You Would Dress Your Ipod As On Halloween.
Name Something You Wish People Wouldn’t Do In Your Car.
Name Something You Need To Play Scrabble.
Name Something You Might Take With You When Walking Your Dog.
Name Something You Might Have To Watch Out For While Skiing The Slopes.
Name Something You Expect People To Do At Halloween, But Not At Christmas.
Name Something You Do At An Office Party.
Name Something That Shines At Night.
Name Something That People Post Flyers For.
Name Something That Crawls.
Name Something Superman Does That Clark Kent Doesn’t.
Name Something Students Would Not Want The Teacher To Catch Them Doing.
Name Something Stars In The Sky Have In Common With Criminals.
Name Something People Take Out Of Storage In The Fall.
Name Something People Put In The Microwave That They Shouldn’t.
Name Something People Get A Newborn For The Holidays.
Name Something People Associate With Malibu, California
Name Something Found In Santa’s Workshop.
Name Something Every Dentist Needs To Do His Job.
Name Something Embarrassing That Can Happen When You Sing Karaoke.
Name Something About The Holidays That Is A Source Of Stress.
Name Something About A Teddy Bear That’s Different From A Real Bear.
Name Something A Rapper Might Wear That You’ll Never See Al Gore Wearing.
Name Something A Kid Gets A Ride In, That An Adult Would Look Ridiculous Inside.
Name Something A Highway Crew Might Use On A Snowy Road.
Name Something A Child Might Do For Or Give Santa.
Name Someone Who Might Knock On Your Hotel Room Door.
Name Someone Famous Who Used To Play For The New York Yankees.
Name An Occupation With “Collector” In Its Name.
Name An Occasion For Which You Might Rehearse A Phone Call Before Making It.
Name A Way People Get Around In New York City.
Name A Way Children Submit Their Wish List To Santa.
Name A State Where It Hardly Ever Snows.
Name A Sport Where The Athletes Don’t Look Very Athletic.
Name A Sport Many People Think Is Boring.
Name A Specific Way A Couple Might Show Affection In Public.
Name A Specific Task A Kid Might Want To Do While Helping To Bake Cookies.
Name A Specific Bowl Game That Takes Place During The Holidays.
Name A Product Advertised On TV That’s Aimed At Old People.
Name A Place A Kid Might Store Their Toys.
Name A Never-Ending Song That Some People Sing On Road Trips.
Name A Movie Character With A Skintight Costume.
Name A Mistake People Make When Driving In The Snow.
Name A Mean Prank Kids Play At Halloween.
Name A Jelly Bean Flavor.
Name A Holiday Dessert With Cinnamon In It.
Name A Good Gift For Someone Who Takes A Lot Of Photographs.
Name A Famous “Douglas.”
Name A Family Member You Might Have On Your Team When Playing Family Feud.
Name A Comic Book Superhero Who Could Have Used A Little Therapy.
Name A Color A Teenager Might Dye Her Hair That Would Annoy Her Parents.
Name A Bug That Has Many Legs.
If You Were Stranded At The Bottom Of The Grand Canyon, Name Something You Would Hope To Have With You.
If You Produced A Monster Movie, In Which City Would You Shoot It?
Besides White Christmas, Name A Song On Bing Crosby’s White Christmas Album.
Besides Weights, Name A Good Gift For A Body Builder.
Besides Skis, Name Something People Use On A Ski Slope.
Name Something People Consider A Snack Food.
Who Would Santa Claus Not Invite To His Christmas Party?
We Asked 100 Women: Name Something You Feel Uncomfortable Wearing In Public, When You Feel You Have 10 Pounds To Lose.
We Asked 100 Men: Where Do Women Just Hate To Go?
We All Know The Grinch Stole Christmas, Name Another Holiday He Might Want To Steal.
Tell Me The Age When A Child’s Last Baby Tooth Falls Out.
Tell Me Something Sharks Are Known To Eat.
Tell Me A Man’s Name That Starts With The Leter “B.”
Real Or Fictional, Name Someone Who Has A Lot Of Muscles.
Name The Person You Spend The Most Money On At Christmas.
Name The Holiday People Gan The Most Weight After.
Name Something You’re Asked To Do At The Eye Doctor’s Office.
Name Something You Take Extra Time To Do When Guests Are Coming Over.
Name Something You Need To Knit A Sweater.
Name Something You Might Take With You On A Long Plane Flight.
Name Something You Might See In A Bathtub.
Name Something You Might Need When Serving Corn-On-The-Cob.
Name Something You Might Do Just Before Someone Snaps Your Picture.
Name Something You Like To Smell Around Your Neighborhood In Summer.
Name Something You Find At A Carnival That Comes On A Stick.
Name Something Willie Nelson Is Famous For.
Name Something Water Skiers Need That Snow Skiers Don’t.
Name Something Twins Do As Kids, But Probably Not As Adults.
Name Something That’s In A Bookstore, But Not In Most Libraries.
Name Something That People Try To Avoid Doing In An Elevator.

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